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Ex 4 ‘Vl See The Light Tonight’ vst]. 8 . tr (Om) (rveughewr "gu2 Oise vans ro1esrewheu (wo (amie) (Gram) ise) L0c0 (to ena) ‘ (erie) e702) (Gaim) 04s (edimiay — (OVGVAIB Gg) (Stam —(GeamiB)—(@zedmD) (GRAVE GHAI) Tegny 8) (E7183) Am] as P GT ed Enng Ta 8 ° F 8 e > a5 en - z e H y a - Sm (o-pna Ex 5 4 Am A Viking’ - And the E aeolian mode ~ which incidentally, against the intro/main riff... An avefully naff title - but what a great riff. This one features ‘hwo guitar parts played in harmony pretty much throughout and it offers a great work-out in scale sequencing and picking/slurring techniques. Musically it contains elements of both the E harmonic minor scale: E FAG AB CDFE 1253451671 accompanying C, functions as C lydian BPRGABCDE 12 845.657 Lib) 244 56 71 23 (fC) During bars 1-3 of this one you should watch your timing - its very easy to rush things at this slow tempo. In bar 4 try to follow the accents [>) as doing so should help you in regards to keeping it ‘tight’,