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Action Plan

Goal!: Eat Healthier

Why? Eating a clean and healthy diet full of nutrients reduces the risk of heart

disease, diabetes, obesity, and some types of cancer. I also want to be able to feel my

best, and cannot do that while continuing an unhealthy diet.

*There is no targeted date. Eating healthy is a lifestyle and a habitual process.


Step 1:

Create a list of healthy foods that I like. Research healthy snacks that are pre-made.

*This creates accountability and allows for me to brainstorm and plan meals before I

go to the store.

Step 2:

Go to the grocery store and purchase those items

*Doing this requires money. Knowing that money will be spent, I will be encouraged

to use/eat all of the ingredients and products that I buy. Going to the grocery story

myself allows me to choose the healthiest options.

-Barriers may include pricing. Some organic foods are more expensive than regular

items. Try to avoid this by finding similar items that are not as expensive.

Step 3:

Research meals/create a meal plan for the week

*This makes it easier for me to know what and when I am going to eat. Often, I find

myself struggling to find something to eat, so I turn to something unhealthy and fast.

I could also use a delivery service such as hello fresh.

-I am a vegetarian; so finding meals that I enjoy and also provide me with proper

nutrients may be difficult. Also allotting time for meal cook times may be difficult.

To account for this, I can prepare meals on the weekend for the upcoming week, or I

can plan specific times to cook each night.

Step 4:

Continue these habits

*Do not forget to listen to my body and not restrict my diet. I should eat when I am

hungry and stop when I am full.

-Laziness can definitely come in the way. If I do not feel like cooking, I will either go

out to eat or choose an unhealthy snack item. I should always keep healthy snacks

readily available.

Step 5:

Resist going out to eat as often as possible

*Restaurant food often contains many unnecessary additives and unhealthy

ingredients that can be avoided by cooking at home. It also saves money.

-Sometimes I go out to eat for fun, which is not the best choice. I can set one to two

times per month to go out to eat.

Note: I am accountable for all of my dietary choices

Measuring Progress:

I can record all of the unhealthy choices I make each week and with progress, I

should see a decrease in frequency. I am self-motivated, as I want to see positive

changes in my mindset and overall happiness.


Meal Delivery Service:

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