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Škoda Superb

The Škoda Superb is a large family car that has been produced by the
Czech car manufacturerŠkoda Auto since 2001.
Škoda Superb

The first generation of the modern Superb, produced from 2001 to 2008,
was based on the VW B5 PL45+ platform. The second generation Superb
used the B6 A6/PQ46 and was introduced in 2008. The third, and current,
generation using the MQB platform, entered production in 2015. It is
currently the flagship model in Škoda's model range.

Manufacturer Škoda Auto
First generation (B5,Typ 3U; 2001–2008)
Engines Production 2001–present

Second generation (B6,Typ 3T; 2008–2015) Body and chassis

Selected acknowledgements Class Large family car
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-
drive or four-wheel-drive
Third generation (B8,Typ 3V; 2015–present)
Selected acknowledgements
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First generation (B5, Typ 3U; 2001–2008)

Škoda Superb B5 (3U)

Pre-facelift Škoda Superb

The first generation of the modern Škoda Superb used the Volkswagen
Group B5 PL45+ platformfrom the 1999 Shanghai–Volkswagen Passat B5
LWB, whose wheelbase is 10 cm (3.9 in) longer than the standard Passat Overview
B5. In 2005, Shanghai Volkswagen imported the Superb B5, rebadging it Also called Volkswagen Passat Lingyu
as the Volkswagen Passat Lingyu.[2] (China)
Production 2001–2008
In 2009, one year after Škoda Superb B5 had been discontinued in Europe,
[3] In 2011, SVW
the facelifted SVW Passat Lingyu was unveiled in China. Assembly Kvasiny, Czech Republic
Passat Lingyu was discontinued, succeeded by SVWPassat NMS. Anting, China (Shanghai
Several petrol and diesel internal combustion engines are shared with the Solomonovo, Ukraine
rest of the Volkswagen Group range; and like the B5 Passat and B6/B7 (Eurocar)
Audi A4 which use the same automobile platform, they are mounted at the Oskemen, Kazakhstan[1]
front, and orientated longitudinally. Body and chassis

The base model, the 'Classic', included the 1.9litre inline four cylinder (I4) Body style 4-door saloon
Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) turbodiesel producing 74 kilowatts Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-
(101 PS; 99 bhp), or a 2.0 litre petrol inline four rated at 85 kW (116 PS; drive
114 bhp). The 'Comfort' and 'Elegance' models offered with a 1.8 twenty
Platform Volkswagen Group B5
valve Turbo petrol I4 rated at 119 kW (162 PS; 160 bhp), or either a
142 kW (193 PS; 190 bhp) V6 2.8 litre petrol engine, or a 2.5 litre V6 TDI
Related Volkswagen Passat Lingyu
rated at 120 kW (163 PS; 161 bhp).
Transmissions included a five speed or a six speed manual gearbox, or a
Engine 1.8 L I4 turbo
ZF sourced five speed tiptronic automatic. In addition to the 1.9 litre
2.0 L I4
"Pumpe Düse" (PD) Unit Injector engine, the Superb eventually gained the
2.8 L V6
103 kW (140 PS; 138 bhp) 2.0 litre TDI.
1.9 L TDI PD I4
The Superb received a minor facelift in August 2006[4] incorporating 2.0 L TDI PD I4
Škoda's new radiator grille, headlights, side repeater indicators integrated 2.5 L TDI PD V6
into the door mirrors, and C-shaped tail lights in the style of Škoda Transmission 5-speed manual
Roomster and latest Škoda Octavia. 6-speed manual
5-speed automatic
An interior redesign completed the upgrades. A 'Laurin and Klement'
model became the top of the range, replacing the 'Elegance' model. A
range of new engines was introduced and the interior featured real wood as Wheelbase 2,803 mm (110.4 in)
part of some trim levels. The 'Comfort', 'Elegance' and 'Laurin & Klement' Length 4,803 mm (189.1 in)
models feature an umbrella stowed in the rear door panel.
Width 1,765 mm (69.5 in)
Škoda considered an estate version of the Superb, but it never proceeded Height 1,489 mm (58.6 in)
to production. The reason it wasn't put in production was that Volkswagen
feared that an estate would take too much market share from its own Passat Variant and Audi's A6 Avant. When the Superb was
released in the United Kingdom in May 2002, the most expensive variant was priced at only £1,000 more than the cheapest Jaguar X-

Facelifted Škoda Superb Facelifted Škoda Superb

Engine 0–100 km/h
Engine Top
code Displacement Max. power Max. torque (0–62 mph)
designation speed
(family) (s)
150 hp
1,781 cc 155 lb⋅ft (210 N⋅m) 134 mph
1.8 T[5] AWT
(108.7 cu in)
(112 kW) at
at 1750 rpm (216 km/h)
5700 rpm
AZM 1,984 cc 115 hp (86 kW) 127 lb⋅ft (172 N⋅m) 122 mph
2.0 11.6
(EA827) (121.1 cu in) at 5400 rpm at 3500 rpm (196 km/h)
190 hp
2,771 cc 207 lb⋅ft (281 N⋅m) 147 mph
2.8 V6 ACK/APR (142 kW) at 8.0
(169.1 cu in) at 3200 rpm (237 km/h)
6000 rpm
AVB 1,896 cc 99 hp (74 kW) 184 lb⋅ft (249 N⋅m) 117 mph
1.9 TDI-PD 13.2
(EA188) (115.7 cu in) at 4000 rpm at 1900 rpm (188 km/h)
BLS 1,896 cc 104 hp (78 kW) 184 lb⋅ft (249 N⋅m) 119 mph
1.9 TDI-PD 12.3
(EA188) (115.7 cu in) at 4000 rpm at 1900 rpm (192 km/h)
BPZ 1,896 cc 114 hp (85 kW) 184 lb⋅ft (249 N⋅m) 119 mph
1.9 TDI-PD 12.3
(EA188) (115.7 cu in) at 4000 rpm at 1900 rpm (192 km/h)
AWX 1,896 cc 128 hp (95 kW) 215 lb⋅ft (292 N⋅m) 127 mph
1.9 TDI-PD 10.4
(EA188) (115.7 cu in) at 4000 rpm at 1750-2500 rpm (204 km/h)
138 hp
BKD 1,968 cc 236 lb⋅ft (320 N⋅m) 133 mph
2.0 TDI-PD (103 kW) at 9.6
(EA188) (120.1 cu in) at 1900 rpm (214 km/h)
4000 rpm
161 hp
2,496 cc 258 lb⋅ft (350 N⋅m) 139 mph
2.5 V6 TDI AYM/BDG (120 kW) at 9.2
(152.3 cu in) at 1250 rpm (224 km/h)
4000 rpm

Second generation (B6, Typ 3T; 2008–2015)

An all new Škoda Superb (B6, Typ 3T) was unveiled at the Geneva Motor
Show in early March 2008.[6]
Škoda Superb B6 (3T)

Based on a stretched version of the latest A5 Octavia platform, the

Volkswagen Group A6 PQ46, this Superb is a four door five seater sedan,
with an innovative rear door that can double as a regular separate sedan
trunk, and 'Twindoor'.

Being based on the Octavia A5 platform, this Superb now uses a

transverse engine layout. A Superb Combi – five door estate with 633
litres in the boot – was presented to the press in June 2009, and debuted at
the Frankfurt Motor Showin September 2009. Production 2008–2015
Assembly Kvasiny, Czech Republic
When launched, petrol engine options included four Volkswagen Group
Anting, China (Shanghai
sourced units; consisting of an entry-level 92 kilowatts (125 PS; 123 hp)
1.4 litre inline four cylinder (I4) TFSI (with a turbocharger and Fuel
Aurangabad, India (Škoda
Stratified Injection), and a 118 kW (160 PS; 158 hp) 1.8 litre I4 TFSI. The
flagship 3.6 litre 191 kW (260 PS; 256 hp) FSI VR6 engine (a detuned
Oskemen, Kazakhstan
version of that fitted in the Passat R36) comes with four-wheel drive and
Body and chassis
six speed Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG). The Škoda Superb 3.6 FSI 4x4 has
a top speed 250 km/h and acceleration of 0–100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. Body style 4-door sedan
5-door estate
Diesel engine options included 2.0 litre I4 Turbocharged Direct Injection
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-
(TDI) with Pumpe-Düse injection which was rated at 103 kW (140 PS;
drive or four-wheel-drive
138 hp), 2.0 litre I4 TDI 125 kW (170 PS; 168 hp) with common rail, and
a 77 kW (105 PS; 103 hp) 1.9 litre I4 TDI available also for the Greenline Platform Volkswagen Group A6
version with reduced fuel consumption. (PQ46)
Related Volkswagen Passat Mk6
In 2010, the engine range was updated. The car was now available with a
147 kW (200 PS; 197 hp) 2.0 litre TFSI petrol four cylinder. Changes in Powertrain
diesel offer included two switches: 103 kW two litre with Pumpe-Düse Engine 1.4 L EA111 TSI I4
injection was replaced with common rail engine; the 77 kW 1.9 litre PD 1.8 L EA888 TSI I4
unit was replaced with 1.6 litre common rail engine of the same power
. 2.0 L EA888 TSI I4
3.6 L EA390 VR6
Transmissions include five and six speed manual gearboxes, and the
1.6 L EA189 TDI CR I4
popular automatic Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG) with either six or seven
1.9 L EA188 TDI PD I4
speeds, as an option on almost all engine/trim combinations. In addition to
2.0 L EA188 TDI PD I4
the standard front-wheel-drive, the Superb and Superb Combi were both
2.0 L EA189 TDI CR I4
available with all-wheel-drive with a fourth generation Haldex clutch. The
wheels were choice of 16", 17" and 18".
Transmission 5-speed manual
6-speed manual
Trim levels available in the majority of Europe were named the 'Comfort', 6-speed automatic (DSG)
'Ambition', 'Elegance', 'Greenline', 'Exclusive' and 'Laurin & Klement' 7-speed automatic (DSG)
(May 2012) – with Laurin & Klement being top of the range. In the United Dimensions
Kingdom, the levels available were 'S', 'SE', 'Elegance', 'Laurin &
Wheelbase 2,761 mm (108.7 in)
Klement' and 'Greenline'. In Sweden, an important market for Škoda, a
version of the four-wheel-drive Superb Combi with off-road pretensions Length 4,838 mm (190.5 in)
went on sale in June 2012.[7] Analogous to the Subaru Outback and Volvo Width 1,817 mm (71.5 in)
XC70 it was called the "AllDrive." Based on the Elegance equipment level Height 1,462 mm (57.6 in)
it features black plastic cladding around the lower parts of the car and
around the wheelwells. Its ground clearance is also increased to the tune of 20 mm (0.79 in) and a front skid plate is added.[8] In
Sweden it was only available with the three different engines (one petrol, two diesels) and four-wheel-drive, but when the model was
made available across Europe as the "Škoda Superb Outdoor" one month later (reaching the United Kingdom in October 2012) it
was also available with front-wheel-drive, and most of the engine range.

For the Superb there is an extensive list of standard and extra equipment, including bi-xenon headlamps with AFS, front/rear
proximity sensors, automatic park assist system, tyre pressure monitoring system, navigation system with large 6.5" colour touch
screen display and 30 GB hard drive, television broadcast receiver, electrically adjustable seat and mirrors, rain sensor, sunroof with
solar panels that allow circulation of air in parked car, front/rear heated seats, ventilated front seats upholstered in leather. For the
Superb Combi a large tilt/slide two piece panoramic sunroof was an option.

Škoda Superb sedan Škoda Superb Combi Interior Škoda Superb Combi
AllDrive (Sweden)
Euro NCAP test results

Škoda Superb[10] 2009

Test Score
Adult occupant: 90%
Child occupant: 81%
Pedestrian: 50%
Safety assist: 71%

Selected acknowledgements
2009: Luxury Car of the Year in 2009 by Top Gear Magazine[11]
WD Category) by UK Caravan Club[12]
2009: Towcar of the Year 2009, and Class Winner 2010 (over 1800 kg A
2012: Best imported car survey in the German magazineAuto, Motor und Sport[13]
2012: Highest score in the JD Power customer satisfaction study (UK) in the mid-size segment
2011-13: Best-Value Family Car in Australian Money magazine[15]

In April 2013, Škoda unveiled a facelifted
Superb in Shanghai. It was released for sale in
the European market in June 2013. Updated
exterior design features Škoda new design
language elements. Headlights are fitted with
integrated LED daylight running lights;
diodes are standard for tail lights, too. The 2013 facelift
Twindoor opening mechanism was changed in
order to provide easier operation: one button
opens just the lid, while the other opens whole tailgate.

Up to now, one button was dedicated just for opening, while the other had shifting function. With the facelift, a combination of all
wheel drive and DSG automatic transmission appeared on offer for the 125 kW two litre diesel engine. Starting from January 2014,
design Outdoor package is available for the Superb Combi.

List of feature was slightly expanded, too. Facelifted Superb received latest generation of Automatic Parking Assistant: add to
parallel parking (entering/exiting the spot), the system is capable of perpendicular parking (just entering the spot).

From now on, the passengers in the rear seats can adjust the passenger seat from the back. The electrical control is located on the side
of the passenger seat near the centre console and is thus easy to operate from the back. Passengers in the rear can move the front seat
forward and back and adjust the seat height and angle.

Overview of engines available for the second generation Superb (B6, yp
T 3T), incl. facelifted model.
Engine 100 km/h
Engine Top
Production code Displacement Max. power Max. torque (0–
designation speed
(family) 62 mph)
200 N⋅m
92 kW
CAXC 1,390 cc (148 lb⋅ft) at 204 km/h
1.4 TSI 92 kW 2008– (123 hp) at 10.5
(EA111) (84.8 cu in) 1500–4000 (127 mph)
5000 rpm
112 kW 250 N⋅m
1.8 TSI CDAB 1,798 cc (150 hp) at (184 lb⋅ft) at 219 km/h
2009– 8.8
112 kW (EA888) (109.7 cu in) 4300–6200 1500–4200 (136 mph)
rpm rpm
118 kW 250 N⋅m
1.8 TSI CDAA 1,798 cc (158 hp) at (184 lb⋅ft) at 219 km/h
2008– 8.4
118 kW (EA888) (109.7 cu in) 4500–6200 1500–4200 (136 mph)
rpm rpm
147 kW 280 N⋅m
2.0 TSI 1,984 cc (197 hp) at (207 lb⋅ft) at 240 km/h
2010– (EA888) 7.7
147 kW (121.1 cu in) 5100–6000 1700–5000 (149 mph)
rpm rpm
350 N⋅m
191 kW
3.6 FSI VR6 3,597 cc (258 lb⋅ft) at 250 km/h
2008– (EA390) (256 hp) at 6.4
191 kW (219.5 cu in) 2500–5000 (155 mph)
6000 rpm
250 N⋅m
77 kW
1.6 TDI CR CAYC 1,598 cc (184 lb⋅ft) at 194 km/h
2010– (103 hp) at 12.1
DPF 77 kW (EA189) (97.5 cu in) 1500–2500 (121 mph)
4400 rpm
250 N⋅m
1.6 TDI CR 77 kW
CAYC 1,598 cc (184 lb⋅ft) at 197 km/h
DPF 77 kW 2010– (103 hp) at 12.2
(EA189) (97.5 cu in) 1500–2500 (122 mph)
GreenLine 4400 rpm
77 kW 250 N⋅m
1.9 TDI PD 1,896 cc 190 km/h
2008–2010 (EA188) (103 hp) at (184 lb⋅ft) at 12.5
77 kW (115.7 cu in) (118 mph)
4000 rpm 1900 rpm
1.9 TDI PD 77 kW 250 N⋅m
1,896 cc 193 km/h
77 kW 2008–2010 (EA188) (103 hp) at (184 lb⋅ft) at 12.5
(115.7 cu in) (120 mph)
GreenLine 4000 rpm 1900 rpm
320 N⋅m
103 kW
2.0 TDI PD 1,968 cc (236 lb⋅ft) at 207 km/h
2008–2010 (EA188) (138 hp) at 10.0
DPF 103 kW (120.1 cu in) 1800–2500 (129 mph)
4000 rpm
320 N⋅m
103 kW
2.0 TDI CR CFHC 1,968 cc (236 lb⋅ft) at 205 km/h
2010– (138 hp) at 10.0
DPF 103 kW (EA189) (120.1 cu in) 1750–2500 (127 mph)
4200 rpm
350 N⋅m
125 kW
2.0 TDI CR CFJA 1,968 cc (258 lb⋅ft) at 228 km/h
2010– (168 hp) at 8.6
DPF 125 kW (EA189) (120.1 cu in) 1750–2500 (142 mph)
4200 rpm

Third generation (B8, Typ 3V; 2015–present)

The third generation Superb, (using the MQB platform),[18][19] was
announced in February 2015 in time for the Geneva Motor Show, with
Škoda Superb B8
volume production intended to start in the middle of the year
The new model is larger than the second generation. The Škoda Superb
appeared in the Tour de France as a Referee car.[21]

The new generation of direct injection turbocharged engines consisting of

four cylinder units, was to include five petrol engines ranging in size from
1.4 to 2.0 litres, and three diesels of 1.6 or 2.0 litres. The Škoda Superb 2.0
TSI 4x4 200 kW is currently Škoda's fastest production car, with a top
speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) and acceleration of 0–100 km/h (62 mph) in
5.5 seconds.[22]
Production 2015–present
Dealer deliveries of the sedan began in June 2015, with the estate wagon
Assembly Kvasiny, Czech Republic
followed in September.[23]
Nanjing, China
In the United Kingdom, the trim levels available were named the 'S', 'SE', Aurangabad, India (Škoda
'SE Technology', 'SE L Executive', 'SportLine' and 'Laurin & Klement', India)[17] Oskemen,
with Laurin & Klement being top of the range. As of 2016, price ranges Kazakhstan
from £19,060, to the most luxurious L&K trim with all equipment for Body and chassis
£42,385. Body style 4-door sedan
5-door estate

Selected acknowledgements Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-

drive or four-wheel-drive
The Superb received very positive reviews in all foreign tests. British
newspaper The Telegraph rated the new Superb with an overall rating of Platform Volkswagen Group MQB
9/10, Autocar 4/5, Top Gear 8/10, Auto Express 5/5, and in the German platform
magazine Auto Bild, the Superb received 588 points. The Superb has also Powertrain
scored highly in Australia, where Car Advice awarded an overall rating of Engine 1.4 L I4 turbocharged
9/10 highlighting key areas of value for money, features, performance and
cabin space where the car has excelled.[24] The Superb also defeated its
1.8 L I4 turbocharged
rivals, in AutoBild test the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (E220 CDI)[25] and in
Auto Express the Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI.[26]
2.0 L I4 turbocharged
The Škoda Superb was also awarded the title of Car of the Year in the (petrol)
Czech Republic[27] and in Macedonia.[28] 1.6 L I4 turbocharged
It also became the 2016 World Car of the Year finalist,[29] the best
compact executive car and estate car in 2016 on What Car? (the United 2.0 L I4 turbocharged
Kingdom’s leading car buying website)[30] and the Auto Express Family (diesel)
Car of the Year 2016.[31] Transmission 6-speed manual
6-speed automatic (DSG)
7-speed automatic (DSG)
Wheelbase 2,841 mm (111.9 in)
Length 4,861 mm (191.4 in)
Width 1,864 mm (73.4 in)
Height 1,468 mm (57.8 in)
Euro NCAP test results

Škoda Superb (2015)[32]

Test Points %
Adult occupant: 32.7 86%
Child occupant: 42.2 86%
Škoda Superb III Sedan Škoda Superb III Combi
Pedestrian: 25.7 71%
Safety assist: 9.9 76%


Since September 2016, the 1.4 TSI (92 kW) and 1.6 TDI (88 kW) engines are no longer available, leaving 110 kW as the weakest
Engine specifications:[33]
Petrol engines
0–100 km/h (0-
Model Engine Power Torque Gearbox Top speed
62 mph)
1,395 cc 92 kW 200 N⋅m 208 km/h
1.4 TSI 6-speed manual 9.9 s
(85.1 cu in) (123 hp) (148 lb⋅ft) (129 mph)
1,395 cc 110 kW 250 N⋅m 6-speed manual / 7- 220 km/h
1.4 TSI 8.6 s
(85.1 cu in) (148 hp) (184 lb⋅ft) speed DSG (137 mph)
1.4 TSI 1,395 cc 110 kW 250 N⋅m 215 km/h
6-speed manual 9.0 s
4x4 (85.1 cu in) (148 hp) (184 lb⋅ft) (134 mph)
1,798 cc 132 kW 320 N⋅m 232 km/h
1.8 TSI 6-speed manual 8.0 s
(109.7 cu in) (177 hp) (236 lb⋅ft) (144 mph)

1.8 TSI 1,798 cc 132 kW 250 N⋅m 230 km/h

7-speed DSG 8.2 s
DSG (109.7 cu in) (177 hp) (184 lb⋅ft)[34] (143 mph)

1,984 cc 162 kW 350 N⋅m 245 km/h

2.0 TSI 6-speed DSG 7.0 s
(121.1 cu in) (217 hp) (258 lb⋅ft) (152 mph)
2.0 TSI 1,984 cc 206 kW 350 N⋅m 250 km/h
6-speed DSG 5.8 s
4x4 (121.1 cu in) (276 hp) (258 lb⋅ft) (155 mph)
2.0 TSI 1,984 cc 200 kW 350 N⋅m 250 km/h
7-speed DSG 5.5 s
4x4 (121.1 cu in) (268 hp) (258 lb⋅ft) (155 mph)
Diesel engines
0–100 km/h (0-
Model Engine Power Torque Gearbox Top speed
62 mph)
1,598 cc 88 kW 250 N⋅m 206 km/h
1.6 TDI 6-speed manual 10.9 s
(97.5 cu in) (118 hp) (184 lb⋅ft) (128 mph)
1,968 cc 110 kW 340 N⋅m 6-speed manual / 6- 220 km/h
2.0 TDI 8.8 s
(120.1 cu in) (148 hp) (251 lb⋅ft) speed DSG (137 mph)
2.0 TDI 1,968 cc 110 kW 340 N⋅m 215 km/h
6-speed manual 9.0 s
(4x4) (120.1 cu in) (148 hp) (251 lb⋅ft) (134 mph)
1,968 cc 140 kW 400 N⋅m 6-speed manual / 6- 237 km/h
2.0 TDI 8.0 s
(120.1 cu in) (188 hp) (295 lb⋅ft) speed DSG (147 mph)
2.0 TDI 1,968 cc 140 kW 400 N⋅m 230 km/h
6-speed DSG 7.6 s
(4x4) (120.1 cu in) (188 hp) (295 lb⋅ft) (143 mph)

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