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Montana 1948

The Prologue Answers


Part One Answers

3. The characteristics of Mercer County may consist of a rough terrain, strong and capable winds
and overall a semi rough condition. But this is considered relatively normal and tranquil for the
inhabitants of the land. Survival depends on the individuals needs and wants and what the land can
provide. Conditions that require some degree of up keep and order for stable control. This is
reflected in the people’s behaviour and their living conditions or life styles. They have adapted to the
way things need to be and these conditions differ between ranks in the people. The higher the rank,
the more valuable things they have available such as fresh water, or the money to afford fairly
nutritional foods, something considered to be a privilege by those below them.

4. David imagined a ‘Western Sheriff’ as some noble figure of authority who travelled through
endless amounts of adventure with courage and strength to fight for what’s right. Someone who no
matter the conditions, calls for justice. David’s father did not live up to this image because he is
never seen doing courageous or at all exciting things. Instead, his job was rather quiet. His father
also barely ever carried his gun, and is seen with a considerably more formal attire rather than that
of a western hero. This disappointed David because of how complacent and average his career
ended up being. There was no excitement to be had.


6. (i) it suggests that Indians were treated not as highly as everyone else. That in this specific
scenario, she wanted to have a brave front but ultimately failed due to the place she and her people
held in the community. The Indians want to be treated equally and to do so, she must prove herself
worthy of such treatment with courage, like a bird who wants to find the courage to be mature and
independent, but doesn’t succeed only to presume being at the bottom once more.
(ii) This reinforces the bold statement that the Indian people were below and incapable. Instead,
they had different odds in favour to them. Talents varied and therefore, different things are better
for different people all depending on their interests and what they are considerably good or not so
good at.

7. Wes not liking Indians was demonstrated by his response to Marie not wanting a doctor.
“That’s superstition, David,” “Indian Superstition” p. 22. This was followed up on with