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Airbus Abbreviations

ATA 00

Abbreviation List

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

ACCL Acceleration
A ACCS Avionics Cooling Control System
ACCU Accumulator
A Amber
ACE Altimeter Control Equipment
A Ampere
ACFT Aircraft
Angle of Attack
ACHC Aft Cargo Heat Controller
AA Airworthiness Authorities
ACIA Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter
AAAH Airbus Approved Abbreviation Handbook
ACID Aircraft Identification
AAC Airline Abbreviation Code
ACID Aircraft Tail Number
AAD Airbus Abbreviations Dictionary
ACJ Airbus Corporate Jetliners
AAL Above Aerodrome Level
ACK Acknowledge
AAP Aft Attendant Panel
ACM Abbreviation Component Maintenance Manual
AAP Additional Attendant Panel
ACM Aircraft Conversion Manual
AB Abort
ACM Air Cycle Machine
ABBR Abbreviation
ACM APU Condition Monitoring
ABD Airbus Directives
ACMM Abbreviation Component Maintenance Manual
ABM APU Built-up Manual
ACMS Aircraft Centralized Maintenance System
ABM Abeam
ACMS Aircraft Condition Monitoring System
ABN Abnormal
ACN Aircraft Classification Number
ABNORM Abnormal
ACOB Automatic Call Out Box
A / BRK Autobrake
ACOC Air Cooled / Oil Cooler
ABV Above
ACP Altimeter Check Point
ABS Absolute
ACP Area Call Panel
ABS Airbus Standard
ACP Attendant Control Panel
ABSORB Absorber
ACP Audio Control Panel
ABV Above
ACQ Acquire
AC Advisory Circular
ACQ Acquisition
AC Analogue Common
ACRT Additional Cross Reference Panel
A / C Aircraft
ACS Access
AC Airplane Characteristics (for Airport Planning)
ACSC Avionics Cooling
AC A / C Alternate Current
ACT Active
ACA Airline Customization Analysis
ACAC Air Cooled Air Cooler
ACARS Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting
ACT Additional Centre Tank
ACTD Actuated
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System
ACTG Actuating
ACC Acceleration
ACTN Action
ACC Accessory
ACTR Actuator
ACC Aero Control Centre
ACTR Aircraft System
ACC Active Clearance Control
ACTVT Activate
ACCEL Accelerate

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

ACU Alpha Call Up ADS Air Data System

ACU Antenna Coupler Unit ADS Automatic Dependent Surveillance
ACV Alternating Current Voltage ADU Air Data Unit
ACVR Alternating Current Voltage Ratio ADU Alignment Display Unit
ACW APU Control Word ADV Advisory
ACYC APU Start Cycles Advisory Message
AD Aerodrome AEA Association of European Airlines
AD Aircraft Datum AEB Airline Engineering Bulletin
AD Airworthiness Directive AECMA Association Europe‘en des Constructeurs de Materia Aerospatial
A / D Analogue / Digital AEEC Airline Engineering Electronics Committee
ADAU Auxiliary Data Acquisition Unit AEMS Aircraft Electronic Management System
ADB Area Distribution Box (Audio / Video) AERO Aviation Routine Weather Report
ADBR ARINC Data Bus Reader AEVC Avionics Equipment Ventilation Computer
ADC Air Data Computer AEX Access Authorized
ADC Analogue / Digital Converter AF All Freighter
ADC Automatic Drive Control AF DME Arc to Fixed Waypoint
ADD Addition AF Audio Frequency
ADDR Address A / F Auto Flight
ADF Automatic Direction Finder AF Automatic Frequency Control
ADG Air Driven Generator AFB Antifriction Bearing
ADI Attitude Director Indicator AFC Automatic Flight Control System
ADI Attitude Direction Indicator AFCS Automatic Flight Control System
ADIRS Air Data and Inertial Reference System AFE Analogue-digital Front End
ADIRU Air Data and Inertial Reference Unit A-FLOOR Max. Angle of Attack, Stall
(Includes: ADRU & IRU) AFR Airframe
ADIZ Air Defence Identification Zone AFRP Aramid Fibre Reinforced Plastic
ADJ Adjust AFS Auto Flight System
ADJMT Adjustment AFS Air / Fuel Separator
ADM Air Data Module AFT Aftward
ADM 19 FP 2 AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
AD Note Airworthiness Directive Note AGB Accessory Gear Box
ADPM Aircraft Deactivation Procedure Manual AGB APU Generator Contactor
ADPTN Adaptation AGB Auxiliary Generator Contactor
ADPTR Adapter AGC Automatic Gain Control
ADR Address AGCM Aircraft Ground Check Module
ADR Advisory Route AGE Aircraft Ground Equipment
ADR Airborne Data Loader AGL Above Ground Level
ADR Air Data Reference AGLC APU Generator Line Contactor
ADIRU Air Data and Inertial Reference Unit AGMT Augment
ADRES Aircraft Data Retrieval System AGW Actual Gross Weight
ADRES Aircraft Documentation Retrieval System AH Ampere Hour
ADRS Address AHM APU Health Monitoring
ADRU Air Data Reference Unit AHMS APU Health Monitoring System

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

AHRS APU Operating Hour ALIM Alimentation ( Supply )

AHRS Attitude and Heading Reference System ALPH Airframe Life History Program
AHRU Attitude and Heading Reference Unit ALPHA Angle - of - Attack
AI A / I Airbus Industries / Airbus Industry ALPHA Alphabetical
AI A / I Anti-ice ALS Approach Light System
AIA Aerospace Industries Association ALT Alternate
AIB Airbus Industries ALT Altitude
AIB Attendant Information Bulletin ALT Engine Alternator Stator
AICC Avionics Industries Computer Committee ALT Engine Alternator Rotor
AIC Access Illustration Cards ALTI Altimeter
AID Aircraft Installation Delay ALTM Altimeter
AIDS Aircraft Integrated Data System ALTN Alternate
AIG Accident Investigation ALTPN Alternate Part number
AIL Aileron ALTR Altitude Rate
AIL Airbus Information Letter ALTU Annunciator Light Test Unit
AIM Acknowledgement / ISO-Alphabet ALU Arithmetic and Logic Unit
No. 5 / Maintenance a. m. Above Mentioned
AIM Aircraft Integrated Maintenance a. m. ante meridian
AIMS Airbus Inventory Management System AM Amplitude Modulation
AIMS Aircraft Integrated Management System AMA Aerospatiale Matra Airbus
AIMS Airplane Information Management System AMAGAS Aircraft Malfunction and Ground Action System
AIP Attendant Indication Panel AMB Ambient
AIP Attendant Indicator Panel AMC Acceptable Means of Compliance
AIP Attendant Indication Panel AMC Aerodynamic Mean Chord
AIP Airbus Industries Publication AML Aircraft Maintenance Licence
AIRCOND Air Conditioning AMM Aircraft Maintenance Manual
AIS Aeronautical Information Service AMM Ammeter
AIS Anti-Ice Sensor AMP Airline Maintenance Procedure
AIS Air Information Service AMP Ampere
AIS Airline Information Service AMP Amperage
AIS American Iron and Steel Institute AMP Amplifier
AIT Automatic Integrity Test AMPL Amplifier
AIU Audio Interface Unit AMS Aircraft Modification Status
AIV Anti-Ice Valve AMS Aircraft Malfunction System
A / L Airline AMS Aerospace Material Specification
ALC Already Connect AMS Aeronautical Material Specification
ALC Automatic Load Control AMTOSS Aircraft Maintenance Task Oriented Support System
ALERFA Alert Phase AMU Audio Management Unit
ALHP Aircraft Life History Program AMV Air Modulating Valve
ALF Aft Looking Forward AN Air Navigation
ALI Aircraft Loadability Interface AN A / N Alphabetical / Numerical
ALI Alignment AND Aircraft Nose Down
ALIGN Alignment ANI Analogue Input

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

ANN Annunciator APS Auxiliary Power System

ANNCMT Announcement APU Auxiliary Power Unit
ANN LT Annunciator Light APURDY APU Ready
ANNU Annunciator AR As Required
ANO Analogue Output A / R Approved Repairs
ANPT Aeronautical National Taper Pipe Threads A / R Audio Reproducer
ANS Area Navigation System ARALL Aramid Reinforced Aluminium Laminate
ANS American National Standard ARC
ANS American National Standard Institute ARCCS Automatic Rotor Clearance Control System
ANT Aircraft Nose Up ARG Arresting Gear
AOA Angle Of Attack ARGA ARINC Receiver Gate Array
AOA Angle Of Attack sensor ARINC Aeronautical Radio Incorporated (Specification)
AOA PROT Angle Of Attack Protection (429 Typical Digital Bus)
AOAS Angle Of Attack Sensor American Radio Incorporation
AOB Angle of Bank ARLL Aramid Aluminium Laminate
AOC Airline Operational Control ARM Aircraft Recovery Manual
AOC Approach On Course ARM Armed
AOG Aircraft On Ground ARMD Armed
AOL All Operators Letter ARMG Arming
AOM Aircraft Operating Manual ARMT Armament
AOT A Operation Test ARN Aircraft Registration Number
AOW All Operators Wire ARND Around
AP Airborne Printer ARO After Receipt Order
AP A / P Auto Pilot ARP Aerodrome Reference Point
AP Aromatic Polyamide (Kapton TM) ARP Aeronautical Recommended Practices
APC Aircraft Positive Control ARPT Airport
APD Approach Progress Display ARR Arrival
APEX Advanced Project for European Exchange ART Active Repair Time
AP / FD Auto Pilot / Flight Director ART Artificial
APIC Auxiliary Power International Corporation: ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Centre
Sundstrand (USA) ARTF Artificial
Turbomeca (France) AS Accomplishment Summary
APM Aircraft Performance Monitoring AS Aerospace Standard
APM Airport Planning Manual AS Aerospatiale
APL Airplane AS Air scoop
APP Appearance AS Airspeed
APP Approach A / S AS Airspeed
APPR Approach AS Air Starting unit
APPROX Approximately A / S AS Auto Stabilisation
APPU Asymmetry Position Pick off Unit ASA Airborne Separation Assurance
APS Aircraft Prepared for Service ASA All Speed Aileron
APS Auxiliary Power Supply ASAP As Soon As Possible

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

ASB Alert Service Bulletin ATG Airbus Terminology Glossary

ASCII American Standard Code of Information Interchange ATH Auto Throttle
ASD Accelerate Stop Distance ATHR Auto Thrust
ASD Airline Service Data Collection A / THR Auto Thrust (function)
ASD Auto Shut Down A / THR Auto Throttle
ASE Airborne Support Equipment ATI Air Transport Indicator
ASE Amperes per Square Foot ATIMS Air Traffic and Information Management System
ASI Airspeed Indicator ATIS Air Traffic Information System
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit ATLAS Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems
A / SKID Anti - Skid ATLAS Alitalia Trans European Lufthansa Air France Sabena
ASM Aircraft Schematic Manual ATM Aircraft Transportability Manual
ASM Airline Specific Manual ATM Air Turbine Motor
ASM American Society for Metals ATM Available Ton-Mile
ASN Aerospatiale Norme ATMS Advanced Text Management System
ASN APU Serial Number ATN Aeronautical Telecommunication Network
ASP Audio Selector Panel ATO Aborted Take Off
ASPSU Autonomous Standby Power Supply Unit ATP Acceptance Test Procedure
ASR Airport Surveillance Radar ATP Atlas Program
ASSY Assembly ATPL Air Transport Pilots Licence
ASYM Asymmetrical ATRIM Auto Trim
ASYM Asymmetric ATS Administrative Terminal System
AT Adjustment / Test ATS Air Traffic Sector
Auto throttle ATS Airbus Technical Specification
Auto thrust ATS Auto Throttle System
A / T Adjustment / Test ATS Auto Thrust System
ATA Air Transport Association of America ATSU Air Traffic Service Unit
ATARF ATA - Reference ATT Attitude
ATB ATA - Breakdown ATTEN Attenuation
ATBA ATA - Breakdown A (A 300-600 / A 310) ATTN Attention
ATBF ATA - Breakdown A (A 330 / A 340) ATTND Attendant
ATB ATA - Breakdown A (A 319 / A 320) ATZ Aerodrome Traffic Zone
ATC Air Traffic Control AUD Audio
ATC Approved Type Certificate AUTH Authorize
ATCB Air Traffic Control Board AUTO Automatic
ATCE Airline Test Cell Equipment Manual AUTOCAL Auto Calibration
ATCH Attach AUTOLAND Automatic Landing
ATCK Attack AUW All-Up Weight
ATCRB Air traffic Control Radar Beacon AUX Auxiliary
ATCRBS Air traffic Control Radar Beacon System AVAIL Available
ATCSS Air Traffic Control data link Signalling System AVG Average
ATE Automatic Test Equipment AVIONICS Aviation Electronics
ATEC Automatic Test Equipment Complex AVIOLAN Avionics Local Area Network
ATF Activity Test Failure AVL Automatic Volume Control

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

AVLAN Avionics Local Area Network BBJ Boeing Business Jets

AVNCS Avionics BBRG Ball Bearing
AVOD Audio-Video On Demand B / C Baggage Container
AVOR Airway-VOR B / C Business Class
AVRS Audio / Video Recording System BCAS Beacon Collision Avoidance System
AWB Airway Bill BCD Binary Coded Decimal
AWB Audio Warning Box BCD Binary Coded Decimal Data Word
AWG American Wire Gage BCDS Bite Centralized Data System
AWG Audible Warning Generator BCEPC Balance Control Envelope Protection Computer
AWL Aircraft Wiring List BCEPS Balance Control Envelope Protection System
AWLS All Weather Landing System BCL Battery Charge Limiter
AWM Aircraft Wiring Manual BCN Beacon
AWS American Welding Society BCU Brake Control Unit
AWY Airway BCV Bleed Control Valve
AX Access Authorized B / D Bottom of Descent
AX Longitudinal Acceleration BDD Bite Description Document
A / XMFR Autotransformer BDDV Brake Dual Distributor Valve
AY Lateral Acceleration BDLI Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrt -Industrie
AZ Vertical Acceleration BDY Boundary
AZ Azimuth BEL Bell
AZFW Actual Zero Fuel Weight BEL CRK Bellcrank
BER Beyond Economical Repair
B BETW Between
BEV Bevel
B 25 Booster stage Bleed Valve Actuator
BEW Basic Empty Weight
BF Brought Forward
B Blue
BFDAS Basic Flight Data Acquisition System
B Bottom
BFE Buyer Furnished Equipment
B / A Bank Angle
BFO Beat Frequency Oscillator
BAABI Basic Approved ATA Breakdown Index
BFR Buffer
BG Built Group
1 = N 1 mode
BG Built Group Component
BAE British Aerospace
BGM Boarding General Music
BAF Baffle
Boarding Music
BAFO Best and Final Offer
BAL Basic Assembly Language
BGS Built Group Stack-up
BAMC Bleed Air Monitoring Computer
BHD Bulkhead
BARC Barometric Altitude Rate Computer
BIRDY Indication for Maximum Angle of Attack
bar 102 kPa
BISAM Broad - Band Integrated Service for Aircraft
BARO Barometric
BARP Barometric Pressure
BIST Built In Self Test
BAT Battery
BIT Binary Digit
B / B Back Beam
BIT Built in Test

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

BITE Built In Test Equipment BRT Bright

BIU Bite Interface Unit Brightness
BK Black BS Backspace
BK Brake BS British Standard
BL Bleed BS Burner Staging
BL Bulk Loader BSBV Booster Stage Bleed Valve
BLC Battery Line Contactor BSCU Braking and Steering Control Unit
BLK Black Brake System Control Unit
BLKT Blanket BSHG Bushing
BLOW Blower BSI Boroscope Inspection
BLST Ballast BSI British Standards Institute
BLST Bleed Status BSV Burner Staging Valve (CFM Engine)
BLT Bolt BT Bus Tie
BLV Bleed Load Valve BTC Bus Tie Contactor
Bleed Valve BTL Bottle
BM Beam BTN Button
BM Built-up Manual BTMU Brake Temperature Monitoring Unit
BMC Bleed air Monitoring Computer BTR Bus Tie Relay
BMC Bleed Management Computer BTS Bleed Temperature Sensor
BMCE Base Maintenance Certifying Engineer BTU Bus Termination Unit
BND Bonded BU Battery Unit
BNDG Bonding BU Ballast Unit
BNDRY Boundary BUS Busbar
BNR Binary data word BWL Bulk Material List
BO Blocking Oscillator BW Beam width
BO Body Odour BYP Bypass
BOG Bogie
BOT Begin Of Tape C
BOW Break-Of f Weight
C Centigrade / Degrees Celsius
BP Banf Pass
C Cadre (French), Frame (English)
BP Bottom Plug ( AC )
C Capacitance
BPS Bits Per Second
C Celsius
BPV Bypass Valve
C Centigrade / Celsius
BR Brown
C Chime
BRC Brace
C Clear
BRD Braid
C Close
BRDG Bridge
C Cold
BRG Bearing
C Common
BRK Brake
C Comparator
BRKR Breaker
C Configuration
BRKS Brakes
C Convertible
BRKT Bracket
C Cyan ( blue )
BRKNG Braking

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

c Equal Margin CAOM Cabin Attendant Operation Manual

C Fault Classification CAP Capacitor
C Flight Control System ( FIN ) CAP Capture
CA Cabin Address CAP Computer Aided Publishing
C / A Cabin Attendant CAPLTY Capability
CA Cable CAPT Captain
C / A Course Acquisition Capture
CAA Chromic Acid Anodizing CAR Cargo
CAA Civil Aviation Authorities (GB) CAR Continuing Airframe Review Program
CAATS Computer Assisted Aircraft Trouble Shooting System (on CD Rom) CARB Carpet
CAB Cabin CARC Carcinogen or Potential Carcinogen
CAB ALT Cabin Altitude CAS Calibrated Air Speed (Corrected, Calculated)
CABLAN Cabin Local Area Network CAS Computed Air Speed
CAB PRESS Cabin Pressure Corrected Air Speed
Cabin Pressurization Calculated Air Speed
CAD Cadensicon CAS Collision Avoidance System
CAD Computer Aided Design CAS Column Address Strobe
CADABAS Civil Aircraft Data Base System CAT Category (of Weather for Landing)
CADAM Computer Augmented Design And Manufacturing CAT Clear Air Turbulence
CADC Central Air Data Computer CATEX Computer Aided Text Processing System
CADENSICON Capacitive Density Condensator CATH Cathegory
CADETS Computer Assisted Documentation Tutorial System CATIA Computer Aided Three dimensional Interactive
CADRA Computer Aided Drafting Application
CADV Controle Automatique Du Vot (= AFS) CATIS Computer Aided Technical Illustration System
CAGA Controller / Arbitrator Gate Array CAUT Caution
CAI Combustion Area Inspection CAUT LT Caution Light
CAL Calibration CB C / B Circuit Breaker
CAL Cockpit Audio Loudspeaker CB Conveyor Belt
CAL Cockpit Amplifier Loudspeaker CBAL Counterbalance
CALC Cargo Acceptance and Load Control CBMS Circuit Breaker Monitoring System
CAM Cabin Amendment Module CBMU Circuit Breaker Monitoring Unit
CAM Cabin Assignment Module CBO Cycles between Overhaul
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing CBORE Counter bore
CAM Customer Acceptance Manual CBP ( HP ) Compressor Bleed Pressure
CAM Computer Aided Maintenance CBSV Cycles between Scheduled Visits
CAMSOS Commercial Aircraft Modular Sieve Oxygen System CBSV Cycles between Shop Visits
CAN Cancel CBT Computer Based Training
CAN Cancellation CC Cargo Compartment
CAN Canopy CC Club Class
CAN Command Analogue CC Communication Computer
CANC Cancel CC Compass Coupler
CAO Cargo Aircraft Only CC Confidence Check
CAOA Corrected Angle Of Attack CCC Chemical Conversion Coating

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

CCC Components Change Cards Centralized Fault Data System

CCC Crash Crew Cart CFE Custom Furnished Equipment
CCC Crash Crew Chart CFH Cubic Feet per Hour
CCDL Cross Channel Data Link CFIT Controlled Flight Into Terrain
CCG Cabin Configuration Guide CFLB Cargo Floor Beam
cc / h Cubic Centimetres per Hour CFM Cable Fabrication Manual
CCIR Comité Consultatif International DES Radio CFM Commercial Fan Motors:
CCITT Comité Consultatif de Télégraphie et Téléphonique — General Electric - Commercial Fans (CF) and
CCITT Consultative Committee on International Telephone and Telegraphy — SNECMA Motors (M)
CCL CIDS Caution Light CFM Cubic Feet per Minute
CCQ Cross Crew Qualification CFMI Commercial Fan Motor International:
CCRC Centre Crew Rest Compartment — General Electric
CCS Centralized Cabin Station — SNECMA
CCS Cabin Communication System CFMLR Cam Follower
CCSW Confidence Check Switch CFN Customers Fleet Number
CCW ccw Counter Clock Wise CFP Computerised Flight Plan
CD Cold Drawn CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CD Compact Disc CFRP Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic
CD Container Dolly CFS Cold Finished Steel
CD Control Display CG C / G Centre of Gravity
CD Control Drag CGCC Centre of Gravity Control Computer
CDE Consumption Data Exchange card CGCS Centre of Gravity Control System
CDG Command Digital CGFCC Centre of Gravity and Fuel Control Computer
CDIM Component Data Instruction Manual CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
CDL Configuration Deviation List CH Centre Hat rack
CDP Compressor Discharge Pressure (HP) CH Chapter
CDR Chip Data Ready CH Charge
CDR Critical Design Review CH A Channel “A “
CDS Cold Drawn Steel CHAN Channel
CDS Component Documentation Status CHAS Chassis
CDS Compressor Discharge Sensor CHATV Channel Active
CDT Compressor Discharge Temperature CH B Channel “B “
CDU Control and Display Unit CHC Cargo Heat Controller
CDX Control Differential Transformer CHC Control Heating Cargo Compartment
CECAM Centralized Cabin Monitoring CHG Change
CED Cooling Effect Detector CHG - OV Change Over
CEL Component Evolution List CHK Check
CEV Clutch Electro Valve CHM Chime
CF Carried Forward CHMBR Chamber
CF Course to a fixed waypoint CHNG Change
CFDIU Centralized Fault Data Interface Unit CHRO Chronometer
Centralized Fault Display Interface Unit CHTAV Cargo Heat Trim Air Valve
CFDS Centralized Fault and Display System CI Curie

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

CI Cast Iron CLSG Closing

CI Conversion Instruction C / M Command / Monitor
CI Corrosion Inhibitor CLTM Component Location Training Manual
CI Cost Improvement CLU Charge Limiter Unit
CI Course Indicator CLV Clevis
CI Course to an Intercept CM Call Maintenance
CIC Capacitance Index Compensator CM Collective Modification
CICS Customer Information Control System CM Conversion Manual
CID Certification Index Document CM cm Centimetre
CIDS Cabin Intercommunication Data System CM Crew Member
CIM Continuous Image Microfilm cm2 Square Centimetre
CIP (HP) Compressor Inlet Pressure cm3 Cubic Centimetre
CIS Cockpit Information System CMC Central Maintenance Computer
CIS Compressor Inlet Sensor CMD Command
CIT (HP) Compressor Inlet Temperature cm. g Centimetre x Grams
CK Check CML Consumable Materials List
CKD Checked CMM Calibration Memory Module (WBS)
CKPT Cockpit CMM Components Maintenance Manual
CKT Circuit CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CL C / L Centre Line CMP Customer Maintenance Program
CL Check List CMPLRY Complementary
CL Climb CMPNT Component
CL Clip CMPRD Compressed
CL Cloud CMPS Compass
CL Clutch CMPT Compartment
C / L Check List CMPTD Computed
CLB Climb CMPTG Computing
CLD Closed CMPTR Computer
CLG Ceiling CMR Certification Maintenance Requirements
CLG Centre Line Landing Gear CMRLR Cam Roller
CLK Clock CMS Cabin Management System
CLM Component Location Manual CMS Code Material Society
CLM Column CMS Component Maintenance Sheet
CLN CMU Communication Management Unit
CLOG Clogged CNA Common Nozzle Assembly
CLP Clamp CNCTD Connected
CLP Control Law Processor CNCTN Connection
CLPR Clapper CNCTR Connector
CLR Clear CNCTRC Concentric
CLR ALT Clearance Altitude CNCV Concave
CLRD Cleared CND Second
CLS Cargo Loading System CND Conduit
CLSD Closed CNS Civil Navigation System

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

CNS Communication & Navigation System CONDTN Condition

CNT Count CONDTR Conditioner
CNTL Control CONF Conference
CNTNR Container CONF Configuration
CNTOR Contactor CONFIG Configuration
CNTR Counter CONT Contamination
CNV Converted Continue
C / O Care Of Continuous
CO Colour Contour
CO Company Control
CO Cut-Of f Controller
CO RTE Company Route CONTR Control
C / O Care Off CONV Converter
C / O Change Over COO
C / O Cut Off COOL Cooler
C / O Cut Out Cooling
COC Care Of Crew COORD Coordinate
Customer Originated Changes COPI Co-pilot
COD Components Operating and Storage Data CORCTD Corrected
CODEP High Temperature Coating CORR Correct
COHO Coherent Oscillator CORR Corrugate
COL Column CORR Corrugation
COLAN Cockpit Local Area Network CO RTE Company Route
COM Command COS Compressor Outlet Sensor
COM Common COS Cosine
COM Communication COSL Component Operating Storage Limits
Combl Combustible Liquid COT Compressor Outlet Temperature (Pack)
COMD Command COT Cotter
COMP Compass COWL Cowling
COMP Compensator CP Centre of Pressure
COMP Compressed CP Central Processor
COMPASS Condition Monitoring & Analysis Software C / P Cleaning / Painting
System (IEA ENG) CP Control Panel
COMPSN Compartment Controlled Pressure
COMPT Compartment CPA Closest Point of Approach
COMPTR Comparator CPC Cabin Pressure Controller
COMPT TEMP Compartment Temperature CPCP Corrosion Prevention and Control Program
COMPUT Computer CPCS Cabin Pressure Control System
COMTN Commutation CPCU Cabin Pressure Control Unit
COM UNIT Command Unit CPCU Cabin Pressure Controller Unit
CON Condition CPIP Continuous Product Improvement Package
COND Conditioning CPIP Continuous Production Improvement Program

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

CPL Control Panel CS Call Switch

CPL Couple CS Centre Spar
CPLD Coupled CS Centistokes
CPLG Coupling CS Certification Standard
CPLR Coupler C / S Cycles per Second
CPM Component Maintenance Manual CSCU Cargo Smoke Control Unit
CPM Consumable Products Manual CSD Constant Speed Drive
CPMS Cabin Passenger Management System CSD Control Synchro Differential
CPMS Cabin Passenger Management System Unit CSDB Common Source Data Base
CPNOH Compressor Pneumatic Overheat Sensor CSE Course Set Error
CPRSR Compressor CSG Constant Speed Generator
CPS Cycles per Second CSI csi Cycles since Installation
CPS Command Power Supply CSK Countersink
CPT Captain CSK Countersink Head
CPT Capture CSL Console
CPT Cockpit CSM Computer Software Manual
CPTR Computer CSM Constant Speed Motor
CPU Central Processing Unit CSMG CSM / G Constant Speed Motor / Generator
CPU Command Processor Unit CSN Catalogue Sequence Number
CR Carriage Return Chapter Sequence Number
CR Cold Rolled Cycles since New
CR Cruise CSO Cycles since Overhaul
CRC Camera Ready Copy CSP Command Slave Processor
CRC Continuous Repetitive Chime C / SSR Cost / Schedule Status Report
CRC Crew Rest Compartment CSTG Casting
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check CSTR Constraint
CRE Corrosion Resistant CSU Command Sensor Unit
CRES Corrosion Resistant Steel CSU Control Sensor Unit
CRF Circuit Fault CSV Cycles Since last Shop Visit
CRG Cargo CT Catering Truck
CRL Collar Centre Tap
CRS Cold Rolled Steel Control Thermostat
CRS Certificate of Release to Service Control Transformer
CRS Cost Repercussion Sheet Current Transformer
CRS Course CTA Control Area
CRS ERROR Course Error CTC Cabin Temperature Controller
CRSN Corrosion CTF Central Test Facility
CRT Cathode Ray Tube CTK Capacity Ton-Kilometre
CRT Cross Reference Table CTL Central
CRU Card Reader Unit CTL Control
CRV Clapper Return Valve CTLD Controlled
CRZ Cruise CTLG Centre Landing Gear
C / S Call Sign CTL PNL Control Panel

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

CTLR Controller D Demand

CTR Centre D Deutschland (Germany)
CTR Contour D Diode
CTR Control D De-Icing (FIN)
CTR Control Zone DA Deutsche Airbus
CTRD Centred D / A Digital to Analogue
CTR TK Centre Tank DA Drift Angle
CTR TK XFR VLV Centre Tank Transfer Valve DABS Discrete Address Beacon System (ATC-Mode 5)
CTR XFR VLV Centre Transfer Valve DAC Design Aperture Cards
CTS Clear to Send DAC Digital to Analogue Converter
CTS Control Temperature Sensor DAC Drawing Aperture Card
CTSK Counter Sunk DADC Digital Air Data Computer
CTWT Counter Weight DADS Digital Air Data System
CU Control Unit DAF Damping Alleviation Function
cu Cubic D.A.H. Dowty Aerospace Hydraulics
cu cm Cubic Centimetre DAM Data Acquisition Module
CUDU Current Unbalance Detector Unit DAMP Damper
CUR Currency DAMV Double Annular Modulating Valve
CUR Current daN. Dekka Newton ( Load )
CVC Cargo Ventilation Controller DAN Deutsche Airbus Norm
CVD Control Valve Detent DAR Digital ACMS Recorder
CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder DAR Digital AIDS Recorder
CW cw Clock Wise DASA Deutsche Aero Space
CW Control Wheel DAS / STC Designated Alteration Station / Supplemental Type
CW Continuous Wave Certificate
CWG Cockpit Working Group DATAC Digital Autonomous Terminal Access Communication ( ARINC 629 )
CWS Central Warning System DB Data Base
Control Wheel Steering DB Data Bit
CX Control Transmitter DB / N Data Base / Number
CY Calendar Year dB Decibel
CY Current Year db (A) A - Weighted Decibel
CYAN Blue DBLR Doubler
CYL Cylinder D & C Delays and Cancellations
DC Device Control
D DC Digital Common
DC Direct Current
DCD Decode
DCD Double Channel Duplex
ΔP Δp. Differential Pressure
DCDR Decoder
PSC Pre-selected Course Error
DCDU Data link Control and Display Unit
D Density Cadensicon
DCF Document Composition Facility
D (Pages) Deleted
DCH Discharge
D Deleted
DCP Discrete Coding Panel

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

DCPU Data Link Control & Display Unit DET Detection

DCS Double Channel Simplex Detector
DCS Designated Certification Specialist DET Detent
DCVR Direct Current Voltage Ratio DEU Decoder / Encoder Unit
DDA Digital Differential Accumulation DEV Deviation
DDD Design Description Document DEVN Deviation
DDI Design Drawing Instruction DEX Access Demanded
DDI Documentary Data Insert DF Direction Finder
DDM Depth of Differential Modulation DFA Delayed Flaps Approach
DDM Digital Data Module DFCS Digital Flight Control System
DDRMI Digital Distance and Radio Magnetic Indicator DFD D
DDS Declination (= VAR) DFDAMU Digital Flight Data Acquisition and Management Unit
DDT Down Link Data Transfer DFDAU Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit
DEC Decrease DFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder
DEC Digital Data Module DFDRS Digital Flight Data Recorder System
DECEL Decelerate DFRS Digital Flight Recording System
Deceleration DFT Drift
DECR Decrease DG Directional Gyro
DEDP Data Entry and Display Panel DGA Delegation Generale pour I‘ Armement
DEF Definition DGAC Direction Generale de L‘ Aaviation Civile
DEFDARS Digital Expandable Flight Data Acquisition and DGAC Design Organisation Approval No. CO 1
Recording System DGI Digital Input
DEFL Deflect DGO Digital Output
DEG Degree DGPS Differential Global Positioning System
deg C degree Celsius DGTL Digital
deg F degree Fahrenheit DH Dead Head
DEL Delays Decision Height
DEL Delete DI Data Input
DEL Deletion DI Display Interface
DELTA Differential DI Drop In
DELTA P Differential Pressure DI DSDL Interface
DEM Digital Electronic Module DIA Diameter
DEMOD Demodulator DIAPH Diaphragm
DEMUX Demultiplexer DIFF Differential
DEP Data Entry Plug DIFFLT Differential Fault
DEP Departure DIGI Digital Input
DEPL Deploy DIGO Digital output
DEPRESS Depressurization DIL Dual In Line
DEPT Department DIM Dimension
DES Descent DIM Dimming
DESC Descent DIN Deutsche Industrie Norm
DESCR Description German Industrial Standard
DEST Destination DIPLXR Diplexer

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

DIR Direct D / N Data Base Number

Direction DN Down
Director DNC Do Not Correct
Directory DNI Drawing Numerical Index
DIR TO Direct To DNLK Downlink
DIS Disagreement DNG Data No Good
DIS Discrete DNLK Downlock / Downlocked
DIS Display DO Data Output
DIS Distance D / O Description and Operation
DISC Disconnect DO Drop Out
DISCH Discharge DOA Design Organisation Approval
DISCO Disconnect DOC Document
DISCR Discriminator DOC Direct Operating Costs
DISCTN Disconnection DOC DATA Documentary Data
DIS IN Discrete Input DOD Department of Defence
DISK Diskette DOS Disk Operating System
DISRMD Disarmed DOW Dry Operating Weight
DIST Distance DP Differential Protection
DISTR Distribution DPCT Differential Protection Current Transformer
DITS Digital Information Transfer System (Arinc 429) DPDT Double Pole / Double Trough
DIU Digital Interface Unit DPI Differential Pressure Indicator
DL Data Loader DPI Dots per Inch
DLC Direct Lift Control DPL Detailed Parts List
DLE Data Link Escape DPL During Deploy
DLF Document Library Facility DPLD Deployed
DLH Deutsche Lufthansa DPM Design Program Meeting
DLS Data Link System DPSK Differential Phase Shift Keying
DLY Delay DPU Display Processing Unit
DM Design Manual DQL Document Query Language
DMA Direct Memory Access D / R Deactivation / Reactivation
DMC Data Management Computer (AIDS) DR Dead Reckoning
Demand Measuring Computer DR Door (A340)
DMC Design Modification Committee DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DMC Display Management Computer (EIS) DRF Drift Failure
DMCU Drain Mast Control Unit DRG Drawing
DMD Demand DRIP Design Response Intended for Playback
DME Distance Measurement Equipment DRM Duct Repair Manual
DMP Display Management Processor DRMI Distance Radio Magnetic Indicator
DMPR Damper DRVG Driving
DMU Data Management Unit (ACMS) DRVN Driven
DMU Data Management Unit (AIDS) DRVR Driver
DMU Design Mock-Up DSAPP Disappearance
DMU Display Management Unit DSCRM Discriminator

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

DSCRT Discrete EBU Engine Build up Unit

DSCS Door (and escape) Slides Control System EC Electronic Compartment
DSDL Dedicated Serial Data link (800kbit / sec; HI-Speed Bus) EC Electronic Control
DSENGD Disengaged EC Engine Control
DSF Dual Sensor Fault EC European Commission
DSI Discretes Input ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference
DSO Discretes Output ECAM Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring
DSP Display ECB Electronic Control Box (APU)
DSP Digital Signal Processor ECC Entertainment Control Centre
DSPL Display ECDB Equipment Centralized Data Base
DSR TK Desired Track ECDS Electronic Chart Display System
DT DAR Tape ECH Emergency Control Handle
DTD Dated ECM Engine Condition Monitoring
DTE Data Terminal Equipment ECMS Electrical Contactor Management System
DTG Distance to Go ECMS Environmental Condition Monitoring System
DTK Desired Track ECMU Electrical Contactor Management Unit
DTMF Dual Tone Multiple Frequency ECON Economic / Economy
DTMS Damage Tolerance Monitoring System ECP ECAM Control Panel
DTP Desktop Publishing ECP EFIS Control Panel
DU Display Unit ECS Environmental Coding System
DUM Dummy ECS Environmental Control System
DV Directeur de Vol (= FD) ECS Environmental Conditioning System
DVM Digital Voltmeter) ECU Electronic Control Unit (CFM Engines)
DWG Drawing ECU Engine Control Unit (CFM Engines)
DWN Down ECU AIR ECU Air Ejector Solenoid
DX Access Demanded ECUCV Electronic Control Unit Cooling Valve
DYNMTC Dynamometric ECUDSG Electronic Control Unit D
ECW Engine Control Word
ECYC Engine Start Cycles
ED Edge Distance
E EDA Engine Dedicated Alternator
E East EDMC Engineering Drawing Microfilm Card
E Engine Monitoring (FIN) EDO-DRAM Extended Data Out-Dram
EADI Electronic Attitude Director Indicator - PFD EDP Electronic Data Processing
EADS European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EDP Engine Driven Pump
EAPROM Electrically Alterable Programmable Read Only Memory EDPIS Electronic Differential Pressure Indicator Switch
EAROM Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory EDTA Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetate
EAS Equivalent Airspeed, Engineering Value, EE Electric and Electronic
Not Indicated in Cockpit EEC Engine Electronic Control (IAE Engine)
EASA European Aviation Safety Authority EEC Electronic Engine Computer
EAT Expected Approach Time E / E COMP Electric and Electronic Compartment
EBL Electronic Bearing Line EECU Engine Electronic Control Unit
EBS Engine Build Specification EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

EEGS Emergency Electrically Generator System Engine Instrument System

EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only EIS Entry Into Service
Memory EIU Electronic Instrument Unit
EFCC Electronic Flight Control Computer EIU Engine Interface Unit
EFCS Electronic Flight Control System EIU 1 FAD Engine Interface Unit 1 FADEC
EFCU Electronic Flight Control Unit EIVMU Engine Interface and Vibration Monitoring
EFDU Engine Fire Detection Unit Unit (A340)
EFF Effective EL Electro Luminescent
EFH Engine Flight Hours EL Elevation
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System EL Elevator
EFIS CP EFIS Control Panel EL Equipment List
EFIS SGU EFIS Symbol Generator Unit ELA Electrical Load Analysis
EFM EPROM, Fixture Manual ELAC Elevator and Aileron Computer
EFOB Estimated Fuel on Board ELAN Etemet Local Area Computer
e. g. EG exempli gratia (lat) ELAPS Elapsed Time
Example Given ELC Electronic Library Computer
For Example ELDOR Electronic Document Retrieval
For Instance ELEC Electrics / Electronic / Electrical
EGC Emergency Generator Contactor ELECS Electronics
EGCIU Electrical Generator Interface Unit (GE Engine) ELEM Element
EGCU Electrical Generator Control Unit ELEV Elevation
EGIU Electrical Generation Interface Unit Elevator
EGP Exhaust Gas Pressure ELM Extended Length Message
EGPWC Ground Proximity Warning Controller ELS Electronic Library System
EGPWS Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature ELV Elevation
EGTA Exhaust Gas Temperature APU EM End of Medium
EGTP EGT APU Peak EM Engine Manual
EGTR EGT APU Reference EMC Electro Magnetic Compatibility
EHA Electro / Hydrostatic Actuation EMER Emergency
EHF Extremely High Frequency EMER GEN Emergency Generator
EHFDP Engine Health Fixed Data Panel EMF Electromotive Force
EHRS Flight Hours Engine EMI Electro Magnetic Interferences
EHL Elevator Hinge Line EMLS Emergency Lighting System
EHM Engine Health Monitoring EMP Empennage
EHMS Engine Health Monitoring System EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse
EHRS Engine Hours (between Wheel off / Wheel on) EMRG Emergency
EHSI Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator - ND EMU Engine Maintenance Unit
EHSV Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve EMU Engineering Mock-Up
EIA Electronic Industries Association EN Euro Norm
EICAS Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System ENB Enable
EIPC Engine Illustrated Parts Catalogue ENBL Enable
EIS Electronic Instrument System ENCD Encode

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

ENCDR Encoder EPR L EPR Latch

ENCL Enclosure EPRI Engine Pressure Ratio Indication
END Endurance EPROM Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory
ENG Engage EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
ENG Engine EPSU Emergency Power Supply Unit
ENGA Engage EPU Emergency Power Unit
ENGD Engaged EQ Equipment
ENGR Engineer EQID Equipment Identifier
ENG OUT Engine Out EQPT Equipment
ENGSN Engine S/ N from Identification Plug EQPTS Equipments
ENQ Enquire EQT Equipment
ENRGZ Energize ER Elevator Rib
ENT Entry ER Expanded Range
ENTR Entrance E / R Emitter / Receptor
ENV Envelope ERECT Erection
EO Engineering Order ERL Economic Repair Life
EO Engine Off ERS Erase
EO Engine Out ERT Engine Running Time
EO ACCEL ALT Engine off Acceleration Altitude ESC Escape
EOH Engine Operating Hours ESD Electronic System Display
EOP End of Part ESD Electro Sensitive Device
EO SID Engine off Standard Instrument Departure ESD Electrostatic Sensitive Device
EOSID Engine out SID ESD Electro Static Discharge
EO THR RED Engine off Thrust Reduction ESG Equipment Support Cargo
EOT End of Tape ESLB ECAM System Logic Book
EOT End of Transmission ESM Engine Shop Manual
EO THR RED Engine out Thrust Reduction ESN Engine Serial Number
EP Entry Panel ESP Electrical Standard Practices
EP External Power ESS Essential
EPA External Power A EST Estimated
EPB External Power B ET Elapses Time
EPC External Power Contactor ET E / T Electrical Trim
EPCP External Power Control Panel ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
EPCU External Power Control Unit ETB End of Transmission Block
EPD Extended Principal Diagram ETC Essential Transfer Contactor
EPE Estimated Position Error etc. et cetera (Latin ). // and so on
EPGS Electrical Power Generation System ETD Estimated Time of Departure
EPLD Electronically Programmable Logic Device ETE Estimated Time En route
EPLD Erasable Programmable Logic Device ETI Elapses Time Indicator
EPR Engine Pressure Ratio (P4.9 to P2) (IAE Engine) ETO Estimated Time Over
EPR Engine Power Ratio ETOPS Extended range Twin Engine Operation
EPR Exhaust Pressure Ratio ETP Equal Time Point
EPR D EPR Descent ETS Equipment Technical Specification

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

ETX End of Text EXTN Extension

EU European Union EXT PWR External Power
EUC Engineering Unit Conversion EXT PWR RCPT External Power Receptacle
EUROFLAG European Future Large Aircraft Group EXTR Extractor
EV Electro Valve Extrusion
EVAC Evacuation EXTRACT Extraction
EVM Engine Vibration Monitoring EZ Electrical Zero
EVMU Engine Vibration Monitoring Unit
E / W Engine / Warning F
EWD E / WD Engine and Warning Display
F Degrees Fahrenheit
EWS Electronic Warning System
F Fahrenheit
EX Example
F False
EX Extractor
F Fault
EXC Excitation
F Flap
EXCD Exited
F Flight Instrumentation (FIN)
EXCESS Excessive
F minimum Flap Retraction Speed
EXCG Exiting
F Force
EXCN Excitation
F Forward
EXEC Execute
F France
EXH Exhaust
F Frequency
EXP Expansion
F Fuel
EXP Expedite
Fuel tanker
EXPED Expedite
FA course from a fixed waypoint to an Altitude Termination
Expl. Explosive
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (USA)
EXT Extended
FAA Federal Aviation Agency
FAC Flight Augmentation Computer
FACS Flight Augmentation Computer System
FAV Fan Air Valve
EXT Extinguish
FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control (System)
FAF Final Approach Fix
FAIL Failed / Failure
EXTC Extract
FAIL OP Fail Operative
EXTCD Extracted
FAIR Fairing
EXTCG Extracting
FAL Final Assembly Line
EXTCN Extraction
FANS Future Air Navigation System
EXTD Extended
FAOM Flight Attendant Operating Manual
EXTG Extending
FAP Forward Attendant Panel
EXTI Extinguish
FAR Federal Airworthiness Regulations
EXTIG Extinguishing
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations (USA)
EXTIN Extinction
FAR Fuel / Air Ratio
EXTING Extinguish
FAS Flight Augmentation System
FAV Fan Air Valve
EXTIR Extinguisher

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

FAWP Final Approach Waypoint Fuselage Datum

FBS Fixed Base Simulator FDAU Flight Data Acquisition Unit
FBW Fly By Wire FDB Floor Disconnect Box
FC F / C First Class FDBK Feedback
FC Flight Cycle FDDC Floppy Disc Drive Control
FC Freight Container FDDI Fibre Distributed Data Interface
F / C Flight Crew FDDU Floppy Disc Drive Unit
FC F / C Fully Closed FDDVA Flow Divider and Drain Valve Assembly
FCA Fuel Control Assembly F. DES Final Descent
FCB Floor Cross Beam FDEP Flight Data Entry Panel
FCC Flight Control Computer FDIU Flight Data and Interface Unit
FCC Forward Cargo Compartment FDR Flight Data Recorder
FCCS Flight Control Computer System FDS First Delivery Standard
FCCU Flight Control Computer Unit FDSU Flight Data Storage Unit
FCD Flight Control Display FDU Fire Detection Unit
FCD Full Colour Display F / E Flight Engineer
FCD55 Full Colour Display 5 x 5 inches FE Flight Envelope
FCDC Flight Control Data Computer FEC Flight Envelope Computation
FCDC Flight Control Data Concentrator FEP Fluoro Ethylene Propylene
FCHC Forward Cargo Heat Controller FET Field Effect Transistor
FCL Flight Crew Licensing FEW Fuel Empty Weight
FCMC Flight Control Monitoring Computer FF Form Feed
FCMS Fuel Control Managing Computer FF Fuel Flow
FCMS Fuel Control and Monitoring Computer FFCC Forward Facing Crew Cockpit Concept
FCO Function Code Output FFCCV Fan Frame Compressor Case Vibration
FCOC Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler FFL Flip Flop Latch
FCOM Flight Crew Operation Manual FFP Fixed Form Price
FCPC Flight Control Primary Computer FFS First Flight Standard
FCPI Flight Control Position Indicator FFS Full Flight Simulator
FCRC Forward Crew Rest Compartment FG Flight Guidance
FCSB Flight Computer System Bus FGC Flight Guidance Computer
FCSC Flight Control Secondary Computer FGN Foreign
FCST Forecast FGS Flight Guidance System
FCTL F / CTL Flight Control FH Flight Hours
FCTN Function FHD Fuel Hydrant Dispenser
FCU Flight Control Unit FI Fault Isolation
FCU Flush Control Unit FI Fault Isolation & Detection System
FCU Fuel Control Unit FIDS Fault Indication and Detection System
FCV Flow Control Valve FIDS Failure Information Detection System (Display)
FD Course from a fixed waypoint to a DME-Distance FIF First In / First Out
FD Flight Director FIFO First Input / First Output
FD Fuselage Datum FIG Fig Figure
FD F / D Flight Director FIL Filament

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

FIL Fillet FLTPH Flight Phase

FILH Fillister Head FLTR Filter
FIM Fault Isolation Manual FLWD Followed
FIM Fault Isolation Memory FLX Flexible
FIM Fault Isolation Monitor FLX / MCT Flexible Take Off / Maximum Continuous Power
FIMA Future International Military Air lifter FLX TO Flexible Take Off
FIN Functional Item Number FM course from a fixed Waypoint with a Manual Termination
Functional Identification Number FM Fan Marker
FIR Flight Information Number FM Flight Management
FIR Full Indicator Reading FM Flight Manual
FIS Flight Information Service FM Frequency Modulation
FIX Approach Points (Initial, Intermediate and Final Approach Fix) FMA (APD) Flight Mode Annunciator (Panel)
FIX Fixed FMC Flight Management Computer
FL Flight Level FMCS Flight Management Computer System
FL Flood FMCU Flight Management Computer Unit
FL Flow FMEA Failure Mock Effect Analysis
FL Fluid FMGC Flight Management and Guidance Computer
FLA Forward Looking Aft FMGEC Flight Management and Guidance and Envelope
FLA Future Large Aircraft Computer
Fla. G Flammable compound Gas FMGES Flight Management and Guidance and Envelope
Fla. G Flammable Liquid System
Fla. S Flammable Solid FMGS Flight Management and Guidance System
FLAG Warning Indication for Failed System FMMS Fuel Manifold Modulating Valve
FLC Feel and Limitation Computer FMS Flight Management System (FMC & AFS Sensors)
FL CH Flight Level Change FMU Fuel Metering Unit
FLDK Flight Deck FMV Fuel Metering Valve
FLEX Flexible FN Engine Thrust
FLG Flange FN Failure Number
FLH Flat Head FNA Final Approach
FLIR Forward Looking Infra-Red FNCP Flight Navigation Control Panel
FLLT Flashing Light FNSG Flight Navigation Symbol Generator
FLMPRF Flameproof FO Failed Open
FLOW Fuel Flow Meter FO Filter Output
FLP Flap F / O First Officer
FLRU Failed Line Replaceable Unit FO Fully Open
FLSA Fuel Level Sensor Amplifier FOB Fuel on Board
FLSCU Fuel Level Sensing Control Unit FOC Free Of Charge
FLSS Fuel Level Sensing System FOD Foreign Object Damage
FLSS Fuel Level Surge Sensor FOD Fuel over Destination
FLT flt Flight FOM Figure of Merit
FLT Conversion Fault FON Fokker Norm
FLT CTL Flight Control FOR DET For Detail
FLTN Flight Number FORDRS Flight Operational and Reliability Data Retrieval

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

System FSCM Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers

FPA Flight Path Angle FSK Frequency Shift Keying
FPAC Flight Path Acceleration FSN Fleet Serial Number
FPD Flight Path Director FSOV Fuel Shut Off Valve
FPEEPMS Floor Path Emergency Escape Path Marking System FSR Flight Summary Report
FPEEPMS Floor-Proximity Emergency Escape Path Marking FSTNR Fastener
System FT ft Feet
FPI Failure and Performance Indicator (AFCS-Ind./..A300) FT ft Foot
FPI Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection FT Fuel Temperature
F-PLN Flight Plan FT Function Test
FPM Facility Planning Manual FT / Min ft / min Feet per Minute
FPM Feet per Minute FT / MN ft / mn Feet per Minute
FPPU Feed Back Position Pickoff Unit FTG Fitting
FPRM Fuel Pipe Repair Manual FTI Flight Test Installation
FPT Flight Path Target FTK Freight Ton Kilometre
FPV Flight Path Vector FTK Fuel Tank
FQ Fuel Quantity FTR Flight Test Request
FQI Fuel Quantity Indicating FTRNG Feathering
FQI Fuel Quantity Indication FTS Frame Time Select
FQI Fuel Quantity Indicator FTU Flasher Timer Unit
FQIC Fuel Quantity Indication Computer FU Feedback Unit
FQIS Fuel Quantity Indication System F / U Follow-Up
FQS Fuel Quantity System FU Fuel Used
FQU Fuel Quantity Unit FUSLG Fuselage
FR Fatigue Rating FV Flux Valve
FR Frame FV Flight Visibility
FR From FW F / W Failure Warning
FREQ Frequency FW Fire Wall
FRM Fault Reporting Manual FWC Flight Warning Computer
FRM Frame FWD Forward
FRQ Frequency FWS Flight Warning System
FRS Flight Resident Software FWSD Flight Warning and System Display
FRSOV Fuel Return Shutoff Valve FY Fiscal Year
FRT Front
FRTO City Pair From / To G
FRU Frequency Reference Unit
G g Earth Acceleration (Symbol)
FRV Fuel Return Valve
G Gain
F / S Fast / Slow
G g Gram
FS File Separator
G Green
FS Flow Sensor
G Grid
FS Fuselage Station
G Gyro
FS Front Spar
G Landing Gear and Hydraulics (FIN)
FSB Fasten Seat Belts

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

GA General Application GLONAS Global Navigation Satellite System (UDSSR)

G / A Ground to Air GLR Generator Line Relay
GA G / A Go Around GLS Glideslope
GAIR General Assembly Inspection Report GM Group Modification
GAL gal Gallon GmbH Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
GAL Generic Array Logic GMC General Modifications Committee
GALV Galvanize GMC Geometrical Mean Chord
GALY Galley GMR Ground Movement Radar
GAMMA-A Slope GMT Greenwich Mean (Meridian) Time (UTC)
GAMMA-T Potential Slope GMTBF Guaranteed Mean Time between Failure
GAS Ground Action System GNADIRU Global Navigation Air Data Initial Reference Unit
GATE Glossary of Airbus Terms and Expressions GND Ground
GATT General Agreement on Traffic and Trades GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
GB Great Britain GP Glide Path
GBX Gear Box GPCP Ground Power Control Panel
GC Ground air preconditioning unit GPCU Ground Power Control Unit
GC Ground Course GPIP General Purpose I / O-Port
GCA Ground Controlled Approach GPIRS Global Positioning-Inertial Reference System
GCA Generator Control Relay GPR Ground Power Relay
GCR Generator Control Relay GPS Global Positioning System (NAVSTAR)
GCS Generator Control Switch GPSSU Global Positioning System Sensor Unit
GCU Generator Control Unit GPU Ground Power Unit Electrical Ground Power Unit
GDNC Guidance GPWC Ground Proximity Warning Computer
GDS Ground Support Equipment Data Sheet GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
GE General Electric GR Gear
GEM Graphic Enhanced Management GRD Ground
GEM Ground Equipment Manual GRN Green
GEM Ground Based Engine Monitoring GRN Ground
GEN General GRND Ground
GEN Generator GRND Ground
GENL General GRP Geographic Reference Point
GFE Government Furnished Equipment GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic
GFRP Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic GRP Ground Reference Point
G / G Ground Guidance GRR Ground Run up Report
GFTM General Formalisation Training Manual GRU Ground Refrigeration Unit
GIC General Instruction Cards GRV Groove
GIM General Introduction Manual GRVTY Gravity
g. in Gram x Inches GS Galley Service truck
GL Ground Loader GS G / S Glide Slope
GLA Generator Load APU GS G / S Ground Speed
Gust Load Alleviation GS Group Separator
GLC Generator Line Contactor GSE Ground Support Equipment
GLE Generator Load Engine GSM General Structure Manual

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

GTA General Terms Agreement HIL Hold Item List

GTE Ground Test Equipment HI LVL High Level
GTHRG Gathering HIRF High Intensity Radiated RF Fields
GTCP Gas Turbine engine Compressor Power HL Highlights
GTI Ground Test Instruction HLAC High Level Alternating Current
GTR Ground Test Requirements HLCL Helical
GW Gross Weight HLD Hold
GY Grey HLDC High Level Direct Current
G-X Galley-X HLDG Holding
HLTY Healthy
H HM Holding pattern with a Manual termination
HMC Hydro Mechanic Control
HMDU Head rack Mounted Display Unit
H Air Conditioning (FIN)
HMIS Hazardous Materials Identification System
H Heading
HMM Heavy Maintenance Manual
H Height
HMSU Hydraulic Monitoring System Unit
H Hexadecimal
HMU Hydro Mechanical Unit
H Hot
HNG Hinge
H h Hour
HOD Hold Open Device
HA Holding pattern to an Altitude termination
HOL High Order Language
H-ARM Horizontal Arm
HOLD Holding
HARDOVER Undesired Sudden Movement of A / C by Faulty A / P Signal
HORI Horizon
HAS Heading and Altitude Sensor
HORIZ Horizontal
HAS Heading and Altitude System
HOS Heat Exchanger Outlet Sensor
HB Brinell Hardness test value
HOT High Oil Temperature
HC Harness and Connector
HP High Pressure
Harness Cable
HP Horse Power
HCF High Cycle Fatigue
hPa HPA Hecto Pascal (100 Newton per Square Metre)
HCU Hydraulic Control Unit
HPC High Pressure Compressor
HD Heading
HPCR High Pressure Compressor Rotor
HDG Heading
HPSOV High Pressure Shutoff Valve
HDG / S Heading Selected
HPT High Pressure Turbine
HDG TRK LAT Heading Track
HPTACC High Pressure Turbine Active Clearance Control HPTACCS High Pressure Turbine
Active Clearance Control
HDL Handle
HDST Headset
HPTC High Pressure Turbine Clearance
hbar Stress (Hecto Bar)
HPTCC High Pressure Turbine (Active) Clearance Control
HEGS Hydraulic Electrical Generating System
HPTCCV High Pressure Turbine Clearance Control Valve
HEX Hexadecimal
HPTR High Pressure Turbine Rotor
HF High Frequency
HPV High Pressure Valve
HF Holding pattern to a fixed waypoint
HR Hot Rolled
HHL Horizontal (stabilizer) Hinge Line
HR Hour
HI High
HR Rockwell Hardness test value

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

HR Height Radio Altimeter IAS Indicated Air Speed (Necessary for Aerodynamics)
HS High Speed IATA International Air Transport Association
HS 429 ARINC Standard 429, High Speed, 100 KBAUD IAW In Accordance With
HSG Housing IAWP Initial Approach Waypoint
HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator IB Interface Board
HSI Hot Section Inspection IBN Identification Beacon
HSMU Hydraulic System Monitoring Unit IBU Illumination Ballast Unit
HSP High Speed IC Inbound Coarse
HSS High Speed Steel I / C Inspection / Check
HT Hard Time IC Integrated Circuit
HT Heat IC Interchangeability Code
HT Horizontal Tabulation IC Invoice control Card
HT Horizontal Tail ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
HTD Heated ICCAIA Intentional Coordinating Council of Aerospace
HTG Heating Industries Association
HTP Horizontal Tail Plane ICD Interface Control Document
HTR Heater ICE Institution of Civil Engineers
HUD Head Up Display ICL Illustrated
HUDC Head Up Display Computer I-CMS Index of CMS fault messages
HV Vickers Hardness test Value ICT International CMOS Technology Inc.
HV High Voltage ICTV Intercell Transfer Valve (Outer Cell / Inner Cell)
HVDV High and Very high Direction Finder ICY Interchangeability
HVPS High Voltage Power Supply ID Identification
HW Hardware ID Inside Diameter
HWBPT Hardware Breakpoint IDC Instrument Display Catalogue
HX Heat Exchanger ID / PL Identification Plate
HYD Hydraulic IDENT Identification
HYDR Hydraulic Identifier
Hz Hertz (Cycles per Second) Special Identification for ATC
IDG Integrated Drive Generator
I IDG IDG Control Valves
IDG HX IDG Oil / Fuel Heat Exchanger
IACU Instrument Attitude Comparison Unit
IDP Integrated Data Processing
IAE International Aero Engine:
ID TOBI Tangential Onboard Injector
JAEC (Japanese Aero Engines Corporation)
i.e. id est (Latin) ( that is )
Rolls Royce
IEC International Electro technical Commission
Pratt & Whitney
IECCA Inter Establishment Committee on Computer
IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers
IAF Initial Approach Fix
IEEE Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IAM Inter Active Mode
IEEIE Institution of Electrical and Electronic Incorporated Engineers
IAOA Indicated Angle of Attack
IEM Interpretative / Explanatory Material
IAOP Individual Air Outlet Panel
IEPG Independent European Program Group

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

IERC International Electronics and Radio Commission INCON channel In Control (FADEC) 1 = YES or 0 = NO
IERE Institution of Electrical and Radio Engineers INCR Increase
IETM Interactive Electronic Technical Manual INCR Increment / Incremental
I / F Input Processing & Fault Logic INCREM Increment
I / F Interface IND Indication / Indicator
IF Initial Fix INDG Indicating
IF Intermediate Fix INFO Information
IF Intermediate Frequency in Hg INHG Inch of Mercury
IFA INHI Inhibit
IFR Instrument Flight Rules INHIB Inhibition
IFSD In Flight Shut Down INIT Initial
IFTB In Flight Trouble Initialization
IFTT Integrated Flight Test Team INL Inlet
IGB Inlet Gearbox in lbs Inch / Pounds
IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification INMERSAT International Maritime Satellites
IGN Ignition (Engine Igniter Exciter 1 / 2) INOP Inoperative
IGV Inlet Guide Vane INP Input
IGVA Inlet Guide Vanes Actuator INPH Interphone
ILF Input Latched Failed INR Inner
IIPD Illustrated Initial Provisioning Document INRTL Inertial
ILCB Indicator Light Control Box INS Inertial Navigation System
ILL Illustration INSM Instruction Manual
ILLUM Illumination in situ test
ILLUMD Illuminated INSP Inspection
ILS Instrument Landing System (LOC and G/S) INST Instinctive
IM Inner Marker INST Instruments
IM Installation Manual INSTL Installation
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions INSTLD Installed
IMI Imbedded Message Identifier INSTM Instrumentation
IMM Immediate INSTR Instrument
IMO International Maritime Organisation INSUL Insulation
IMR Interlock Monitoring Relay INSUL Insulator
IMS Information Management System INT Interphone
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit INT Integral
in2 Square Inch INT Interface
in3 Cubic Inch INT Interrupt
IN in Inch INT Intersection
INA Initial Approach INT Integrity
INB Inbound Intcon Interconnection
INBD Inboard INTCP Intercept
INBO Inboard INTEN Intensity
INC Increase INTER Intermittent
INCLG Including INTFC Interface

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

INTG Integral IRQ Interrupt Request

INTGT Integrate Irr.M Irritating Material
INTIPF Interrupt In Progress Test Failure IRS Inertial Reference System
INTL Internal IRU Inertial Reference Unit
INTL Initialize ISA International Standard Atmosphere (ICAO)
INTLK Interlock ISB Inter System Bus
INTM Intermittent ISB Inspection Service Bulletin
INTMD Intermediate ISDN Integrated Service Digital Network
INTMT Intermittent ISDU Inertial Sensor Display Unit
INTPH Interphone Inertial System Display Unit (IRS )
INTPN Interchangeable Part Number ISGU Instrument Symbol Generator Unit
INTR Interior ISLN Isolation
INTRF Interrupt Return Test Failure ISN Item Sequence Number
INTRG Interrogator ISO International Standards Organisation
INTRPT Interrupt ISOL Isolation
INU Inertial Navigation Unit ISP In Service Problem
INV Inverter ISS Inertial Sensor System
INWP Intermediate Waypoint ISS Issue
I / O Input / Output IST
IOGA Input / Output Gate Array ISU Inertial Sensor Unit
IOR Immediate Operation Requirement ISV Inertial Vertical Speed
IOT In Operating Test IT Interruption
IP Initial Point ITEM Illustrated Tool and Equipment Manual
IP Intermediate Pressure ITF Instruction Test Failure
I / P Input or ITO I
Intercept Point or IVS Instantaneous Vertical Speed
Intercept Profile IVS Inertial Vertical Speed
IP Invoice Packing Card IVV Inertial Vertical Speed
IPC Illustrated Parts Catalogue I-W / M Index of Warnings / Malfunctions
IPC Intermediate Pressure Check Valve
IPCT Initial Provisioning Coordination Team J
IPCV Intermediate Pressure Bleed Check Valve
J1 - J16 Engine Harness 1 to 16
IPD Illustrated Provisioning Document
J Ignition (FIN)
IPL Illustrated Part List
J Joule
IPL Interrupt Priority Level
J Junction
IPPU Instrumentation Position Pick off Unit
JAA Joint Aviation Authorities (Europe)
IPS Inch Per Second
Joint Airworthiness Authority (old explanation)
IPS Incorrect Phase Sequence
JAAB Joint Aviation Authorities Board
IPT Inadvertent Paralleling Trip
JAAC Joint Aviation Authorities Committee
IPV Indicator Para Visual
JAAHQ Joint Aviation Authorities Head Quarter
IR Inertial Reference
JAM Jammed
IR Infra Red
JAMF Jet Aircraft Maintenance Fundamentals
IRAN Inspection and Repair as Necessary

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

JAMG Jamming L Lavatory

JAR Joint Aviation Requirements (Regulations) (Europe) L Left
JB Junction Box L Length
JCT Junction L Litre
JFET Junction Field Effect Transistor L Lighting (FIN)
JIC Job Instruction Cards LA Linear Accelerometer
JK Jack LAB Label
JOG Joggle LAB Laboratory
JPD Jamming Protection Device LADCNG Left Air Data Computer No Good
JVPVIC JAA Validation Procedures based on Validation LADGPS Local Area Differential Global Positioning System
Item Concept LAF Load Alleviation Function
LAG Lagging
K LAM Laminate
LAMM Lights, Audio and Miscellaneous Module
ºK Degrees Kelvin
LAN Local Areas Network
K Engine Control and Starting (FIN)
LAND Landing
K Kelvin
LAP List of Applicable Publications
K Kilo
LAT Lateral
K Permittivity
LAT Latitude
KA Cathode
LAT REV Lateral Revise
K / A Keep A Live
LAT REV Lateral Reversion
Kb kB Kilo Byte (1,000 Bytes)
LATG Lateral Acceleration
KB Kilo Byte (1,024 Bytes)
LATP Present Position Latitude
KCAS Knots Calibrated Air Speed
LAT REV Lateral Revise
Kd Permittivity Cadensicon
Lateral Revision
KEAS Knots Equivalent Air Speed
LAU Linear Accelerometer Unit
KG kg Kilo
LAV Lavatory
LB lb Pound
kg / cm3 Kilograms / Cubic Meter
LB Left Bottom
kg / kw. h Kilogram per Kilowatt per Hour
LBA Luftfahrt Bundes-Amt (German FAA )
kg. min Kilogram per Minute
lbf Pound Force
kg / s Kilogram per Second
lbf. ft Pound Force-Foot
KHz kHz Kilo Hertz
lbf. in Pound Force-Inch
KIAS Knots Indicated Air Speed
lbf / in 2 Pounds Force per Square Inch
kPa Kilo Pascal
LBL Label
KRUG Kruger (Krüger)
LBP Left Bottom Plug (AA)
KT Knot
LBS Lateral Beam Sensor
KTS kts Knots
LBS lbs Pounds (Weight)
KV Kilo Volt
LBSF Pounds Force
KVA Kilo Volt Ampere
LC Labour Coast
kW Kilo Watt
LC Load Compressor
LCA Logic Cell Array
L LCC Life Cycle Cost

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

LCC Logic Control Cell LGCIU Landing Gear Control and Interface Unit
LCD Liquid Crystal Display Landing Gear Control and Indicating Unit
LCD RTD Load Compressor Discharge Resistor Temperature Detector LGCPU Landing Gear Central Processing Unit
LCDT Load Compressor Discharge Temperature (APU) LG / CTL Landing Gear Control
LCTR Locator L / G CTL LEVER Landing Gear Control LEVER
LCF Low Cycle Fatigue LGDW LGCIU Discrete Word
LCFS Load Compressor Flow Sensor LGND Legend
LCH Latch LGPIU Landing Gear Position Indicator Unit
LCIT Load Compressor Inlet Temperature (APU) LGPIU Landing Gear Position Interface Unit
LCL Line Check List LH L / H Left - Hand / - Side
LCN Load Classification Number LHCP Left Hand Circular Polarization
LCSD Line Check Support Data LHMLG Left Hand Main Landing Gear
LCV Load Control Valve LHS Left Hand Side
LD Left Display LEP List of Effective Pages
L / D Lift / Drag LFT Lufthansa Flight Training
LD Load LIF Low Insertion Force
LD Lower Deck LIFO Last In / First Out
LD Load Device LIM Limit
LDA Localizer-type Directional Aid LIM Limitation
LDCC Lower Deck Cargo Compartment LIMG Limiting
LDG Landing LIP Lift Improvement Package
LDG Landing Gear LIS Laser Inertial Sensor
LDG GR Landing Gear LIS Localizer Inertial Smoothing
LDI Landing Direction Indicator LK Lock
LDMCR Lower Deck Mobile Crew Rest compartment LK Locked
LDR Light Dependent Resistor LKD Locked
LDU Left (Lift?) Display Unit LKG Locking
LE L / E Leading Edge LL Latitude / Longitude
LE Log Entry LL Low Level
LEBU Large Eddy Break up Device LLAC Low Level Alternating Current
L ECAM DU Left ECAM Display Unit LLDC Low Level Direct Current
LED Light Emitting Diode LLG Lufthansa Leasing GmbH
LEL Lower Explosive Limit LLRA Low Range Radio Altimeter
LEP List of Effective Pages LLS Left Hand Select key
LER Leading Edge Rip LLS Left Line Select Key
LETR List of Effective Temporary Revision LLS Liquid Level Sensor
LF Latched Failed LLSK Left Hand Line Select Key
LF Line Feed LM Left Middle
LF Low Frequency L & M Logic and Monitor
LFE Landing Field Elevation LMC Least Material Condition
LFES Landing Field Elevation Selector l. min. Litre per Minute
LFR Low Frequency Radio range LMLG Left Main Landing Gear
L / G LG Landing Gear LMM Compass Locator at Middle Marker

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

LMP Left Middle Plug (AB) LRU Line Replaceable Unit

LMP Line Maintenance Parts LS 429 ARINC Standard 429, Low Speed, 12 - 14 KBAUD
LMS Leakage Measurement System LS Lavatory Service truck
LMT Local Mean Time LS Line Select key
LN Luftfahrt-Norm (German standard ) LS Loud Speaker
LNAV Lateral Navigation LS Low Speed
LNG Long LSA Low Specific Activity
LO Low LSA Low Speed Aileron
LOAP List Of Applicable Publications LSB Last Significant Bit
LOC Localiser LSB Least Significant Bit
LOC Logarithmic LSB Lower Side Band
LOG Logic LSB Low Significant Bit
LOGO Logogram LSC Low Significant Character
LOM List of Modifications LSC Least Significant Character
LOM List of Materials LSH Least Significant Half
LOM Compass Locator at Outer Marker LSI Large Scale Integration
LONG Longitude LSK Line Select Key
LONG Longitudinal LSP Low Speed
LONG Body Longitudinal Acceleration LSR Label Steering RAM
LONGN Longeron LSR Last Significant Bit
LONP Position Longitude (Present) LSR Load Shedding Relay
LOP Line of Position LSU Lavatory Service Unit
LOP Low Oil Pressure LT Lead Time
LO PR Low Pressure LT Left Top
LORAN Long Range Air Navigation LT Light
LOX Liquid Oxygen L & T Load and Trim
L. P. Limited Partnership LT Local Time
LP Low Pressure LT Tele Loading
LPC Low Pressure Compressor LTG Lighting
LPF Low Pass Filter LTK Load Ton–Kilometre
LPF Long Power Failure LTM Livestock Transportation Manual
LPP Loss of Primary Power LTP Left Top Plug (AA)
LPSOV Low Pressure Shutoff Valve LTR List of Temporary Revisions
LPT Low Pressure Turbine LTS Lights
LPTACC Low Pressure Turbine Active Clearance Control LTT Learning Through Teaching
LPTACCS Low Pressure Turbine Active Clearance Control System LTT Lufthansa Technical Training
LPTC Low Pressure Turbine Clearance LV Lavatory Vehicle
LPTCC Low Pressure Turbine Active Clearance Control LV Low Voltage
LPTR Low Pressure Turbine Rotor LVDT Linear Variable Differential Transducer (Transformer)
LP VALVE Low Pressure Valve LVDT Linear Voltage Differential Transformer
LRE List of Radioactive and Hazardous Elements LVL Level
LRI Line Replaceable Item LVL / CH Level Change
LRRA Low Range Radio Altimeter LVR Lever

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

LVR Louver MAL MCDU Address Label

LW Landing Weight MALS Medium intensity Approach Light System
LWD Left Wing Down MALSR Medium intensity Approach Light System with
LWR Lower Runway alignment indicator light
Lx Lux MAN Manual
MAN Monitoring Analogue
M MAP Mapping
MAP Missed Approach segment
m2 Square Meter
MAP Master Annunciator Panel
m3 Cubic Meter
MAPS Management System Product Support
M Interior Arrangement (FIN)
MARBUS Memory Addressed Register Bus
M Mach
M. A. R. S. Maintenance And Reprogramming System
M Mach number
MAS Milli–Amperes per Second
M Magenta
MAS Modification Approval Sheet
M Mass
MASI Mach Airspeed Indicator
M Mega
MAST Maintenance Standardisation Teams
M m Meter
MATOW Maximum Allowable Take-Of f Weight. The lower value of MTOW or PTOW
M Mode
MAWP Missed Approach Waypoint
M Model
MAX max Maximum
M Modification
MAX CLB Maximum Climb
M Motor
MAX DES Maximum Descent
MA Magnetic Annunciator
MAX END Maximum Endurance
M Maintenance Annunciator
MB mb mbar Millibar
ma Milli-ampere
MB Mega Byte (1024Kb)
MAA Maximum Authorized IFR–Altitude
MAC Maintenance Action Classification
Mb/s Megabyte / second
MAC Mean Aerodynamic Chord
MBSV Main Burner Staging Valve
MADAR Malfunction Detection Analysis and Recording subsystem
M / C Main Class
m. daN Metre Deca Newton
MC Master Caution
MADC Matsushita Avionics Development Cooperation
MC Master Change
MAG Magazine
MC Matrix Code
MAG Magnetic
MC Mission Centre
MAG DEC Magnetic Declination
MCA Missing Crossing Altitude
MCBF Mean Cycles Between Failures
MAGIC Machine–Aided Graphic for Illustration and Composition
MCC Modification Customer Chart
mag. M magnetized Material
MCD Magnetic Chip Detector
MAGN Magnetic
Master ( Magnetic ) Chip Detector
MAGN Magnetron
MCDU Multifunction Control and Display Unit
MAG VAR Magnetic Variation
Multipurpose Control and Display Unit
MAI Mach Airspeed Indicator
Mci Millicurie
MAIDS Multipurpose Automatic Inspection and Diagnostic
MCL Master Caution Light
MCL Maximum Climb
MAINT Maintenance
MCP Mode Control Panel

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

MCR Manufacturer Change Request MH Magnetic Heading

MCR Maximum Cruise MHSU Magnetic Heading Sensor Unit
MCR Mobile Crew Rest MHz Mega Hertz
MCQ Multi Choice Questionnaire MI Magnetic Indicator
MCT Maximum Continuous Thrust MIC Microphone
MCU Modular Concept Unit MID Middle
MCVL Master Configuration Variation List MIL MILS Measurement: 1/1.000 of an Inch
MCW Modulated Continuous Wave MIL Military
MD Maintenance Data MIL Military Inventory (Standard) List (Sheet)
MDA Minimum Decision Altitude MIN Minimum
MDA Minimum Decent Altitude min MIN Minute
mdaN Metre Dekka Newton MIN ALT Minimum Altitude
MDAU Modular Data Acquisition Unit MIN FUEL Minimum Fuel
MDDU Multipurpose Disk Drive Unit MIN TIME Minimum Time
MDF Medium frequency Direction Finding station MIP Maintenance Information Printer
MDG Monitoring Digital MIPO Manual Issued Purchase order
MDH Minimum Decent Height MIPS Million Instructions Per Second
MDH Minimum Decision Height MISC Miscellaneous
MDRS Maintenance and Data Recorder System MKR Marker (Radio) (Beacon)
MDT Mean Down Time MIL Mid Line (CIDS Bus)
MDU Multiplier Divider Unit ML Machine Language
MEA Minimum En route IFR–Altitude mi Millimetre
MEA Minimum Equivalent Altitude MIST Maintenance International Standardisation Teams
MEC Main Engine Control MLA Manoeuvre Load Alleviation
MECH Mechanic MLCV Manifold Leakage Control Valve
MED Medium MLD Moulded
MEDAS Maintenance Engineering Data System MLG Main Landing Gear
MEL Minimum Equipment List MLI Magnetic Level Indicator
MEM Memory MLS Microwave Landing System
MES Main Engine Start (for APU mode) MLW Maximum Landing Weight
MET Metrological MLW Maximum design Landing Weight
MEV Main Electro Valve MM (Aircraft) Maintenance Manual
MEV Million Electron Volts MM Memory Module
MEW Manufacturer‘s Empty Weight MM Middle Marker
MF Medium Frequency mm Millimetre
MFA Memorized Fault Annunciator mm2 Square Millimetre
MFD Multifunction Display mm3 Cubic Millimetre
MFG Manufacturing MMC Maximum Material Condition
MFP Main Fuel Pump MMEL Master Minimum Equipment List
MFP Maintenance Facility Planning MMH Maintenance Man Hour
MFP Multifunction Peripheral MMH Maximum Man Hours
MFR Manufacturer MMI Manual Magnetic Indicator Dip-, dip-Stick )
MGT Management MMKR Middle Marker

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

MMO MMO Maximum Mach Operating MPU Micro Processor Unit

MMR Multi Mode Receiver (e.g.: ILS) MPU Monitoring Processor Unit
MN Mach number MQPB Minimum Quantity Price Break
MN mn Minute MRA Minimum Reception Altitude
MNF Monitor Failure MRB Maintenance Review Board
MO Magneto-Optical MRBD Maintenance Review Board Document
MO Maintenance Organization (JAR 145) MRDS Maintenance and Recording Data System
MOCA Minimum Obstructions Clearance Altitude MRIU Maintenance and Recording Interface Unit
MOD Modification MRS Maintenance and Recording System
MOD Modular MRS Malfunction Reporting System
MOD A Transponder Mode A: 4 Digits Octal Code Transmission MRT Maintenance Release Tool
MODE B Transponder Mode B Multi-Role Transporter
MODE S Transponder Mode D MRW Maximum Ramp Weight
MODE S Transponder Mode S : Selective, Necessary for TCAS MS Maintenance Schedule
MODE C Transponder Mode C: Altitude Reporting MS Microsoft (Trade Mark)
MODE - S Mode Selected MS Military Specification
MON Monitor / Monitored / Monitoring Military Standard (Book)
MONG Monitoring MS ms Millisecond
MOP Main Oil Pressure MSA Minimum Safe Altitude
Maximum Oil Pressure MSB Most Significant Bit (Byte)
Minimum Oil Pressure MSC Most Significant Character
MOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor MSCN Manufacturer Specification Notice
MOT Motor MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
Motor Oil Temperature MSG Maintenance Steering Group
MP M / P Maintenance Practice MSG Maintenance Study Guide
Maintenance Procedure MSG Message
Modification / Proposal MSH Most Significant Half
MP Maintenance Procedure MSI Maintenance Significant Item
MP Maintenance Proposal MSI Medium Scale Integration
MP Modification Proposal MSL Maintenance Significant item List
MP Micro Processor MSL Mean Sea Level
MP Middle Plug ( AB ) MSN Manufacturer Serial Number
MP Motor / Pump MSP Mode Selector Panel
MPA Module Performance Analysis MSP Monitoring Slave Processor
MPB Micro Processor Bipolar MSPT Mean Shop Processing Time
MPD Maintenance Planning Document MSTR Master
MPDS Maintenance Planning Data Support MSU Magnetic Sensor Unit
MPL Maximum Permitted Life MSU Mode Selector Unit ( IRS )
MPR Multi Purpose Register MSW Micro Switch
MPS Maximum Performance Specification MT Mount
MPS Multiplex Power Supply MTBD Mean Time between Defects
MPS Monitoring Power Supply MTBF Mean Time between Failure
MPU Magnetic Pick-Up MTBI Mean Time between Inspection

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

MTBIFS Mean Time Between in Flight Shutdown N1 Engine Fan Speed or

MTBPR Mean Time between Premature Removal Low Pressure Rotor Speed
MTBR Mean Time between Removal N1ACT N1 Actual
MTBUR Mean Time between Unscheduled Removal N1C N1 Command
MTE Manual Test Equipment N1CMD N1 Command
MTG Mounting N1.D N1 Decent
MTGC Mounting Centre N1K N1 Corrected to Grade Kelvin
MTH Month N1.L N1 Latch
MTI Multi Tank Indicator N1L N1 Limit
MTI Moving Target Indicator N1MX N1 Maximum
MTN Motion N2 High Pressure Rotor Speed (GE & PW)
MTOE Maintenance Training Organization Exposition N2 Intermediate Pressure Rotor Speed (RR)
MTOGW Maximum Take Off Gross Weight Core Speed
MTOP Maintenance Task Operating Plan N2ACT N2 Actual
MTOW Maximum Take-Of f Weight N2K N2 Corrected to Grade Kelvin
MTOW Maximum design Take-Of f Weight N3 High Pressure Rotor Speed (RR)
MTP Maintenance and Test Panel (AFS) N Negative
MTR Meter N Neon
MTS Maintenance Training Simulator N New (Pages)
MTSC Maintenance Training Sub - Committee N Normal
MTTF Mean Time of Failure N North
MTTR Mean Time to Repair N Rotation Speed in RPM or %
MTV Mean Theoretical Value NA No Acquisition (Not Acquired)
MTW Maximum design Taxi Weight Not Available
MTXW Maximum Taxi Weight NA RPM (APU)
MU Management Unit (ACARS) N / A Not Applicable
MUX Multiplex / Multiplexer NAA National Aviation Authorities
mV Milli-volt NAA Non Airbus Aircraft
MV Multi-vibrator NAC Nacelle
MVT Movement NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
MW Maintenance Data NAI Nacelle Anti-ice
MW Maintenance Word NAK Not Acknowledge
MW Master Warning NAS National Aerospace Standard
MWARN Master Warning NAS Navy and Army Standard
MWC Master Warning Computer NASA
MWE Manufacturers Weight Empty NAV Navigation
MWL Master Warning Light NAVAID Navigation Aid (VOR / DME)
MWP Master Warning Panel NAVSTAR Navigation System with Time And Ranging (USA)
MWS Master Warning System NBPT No Brake Power Transfer
MZFW Maximum (design) Zero Fuel Weight NBR Number
NBS National Bureau of Standards
N NC Normally Closed
NC Not Connected

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

NCD Non Computed Data NRV New Row Value

NCREM Increment NRZ Non Return to Zero
NCV Navigation Computer Unit NS National Standard
ND Navigation Display - EHSI NS NO SMOKING
NDB Non Directional Beacon NSA Norme Sud Aviation
NDD Nominal Detection Distance NSDW Non Specific Design Works
NDM Noise Definition Manual NS / FSB PANEL NO SMOKING / Fasten Seat Belt Panel
NDT Non Destructive Test NSRM Nacelle Structural Repair Manual
NE No Effect NSS Neutral Shift Sensor
NEG Negative NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient
NFC Not Fully Closed NTM Non-destructive Test Manual
NFF No Fault Found NTP National Toxicology Program
NFO Not Fully Open NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
NHA Next Higher Assembly NTSC National Television Standards Committee
NGV Nozzle Guide Vane (APIC APU) NTSC National Television System Committee
NLG Nose Landing Gear NUL Null
NLGDUU Nose Landing Gear Door Uplock Unit NUM Numerical
NM nm Nautical Mile NV Non Volatile
Nm Newton-meter NVM Non Volatile Memory
NMI Non Makeable Interrupt NV ROM Non Volatile Read Only Memory
NMOS Negative Metal Oxide Semiconductor NW N / W Nose Wheel
NNSS Navy Navigation Satellite System (USA) NWS N / WS Nose Wheel Steering
NO Normally Open Nz Vertical Load Factor (Load Factor on “Z “Axis)
NO Normal Operation
NO No Number
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric O
Administration (USA) O2 Oxygen (Symbol)
NonflaG Non-flammable compressed Gas O Open
NOPT No Procedure Turn required OAP Outside Air Pressure
NORM Normal OASI Operation and Service Instruction Manual
NOTAM Notice To Airmen OAT Outside Air Temperature
NOVOL Non Volatile RAM OBCO On Board Cargo Operating System
NOVRAM Non Volatile Read Only Memory OBD Overboard
N / P Next Page OBRM On Board Replaceable Module (Memory)
NP Non Procurable OBS Omni-directional Bearing Selector
NPA N APU Peak OBSR Observer
NPN Negative-Positive-Negative (Bipolar Transistor) OBSV Observation
NPT National taper Pipe Thread OBSVR Observer
NRC Non Recurrent Cost O / C Not Closed
NRD Nominal Release Distance OC On Condition
NRP Navigation Reference Point OC On Course
NRV Non Return Valve O / C Open Circuit
NRV Non Return Value OC Order Card

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

OC Outbound Course OM Outer Marker

OC Over current OM Overhaul Manual
OCCPD Occupied OMS Onboard Maintenance System
OCCPNT Occupant ONS Omega Navigation System
OCL Obstacle Clearance Limit OOOI Out-Off / On-In
OCR Object OOT Oil Outlet Temperature
OCR Optical Character Reading OP Opalescent
OCR Optimum Character Reading OP Open
ODU Optical Display Unit OP Operational
OEB Operations Engineering Bulletin O / P Output
OEC Overhaul Equipment aperture Card OP CLB Open Climb
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer OP DES Open Descent
OEW Operational Empty Weight OPER Operating
O / F Output Processing & Fault Logic Operation
OF Off Frequency Operative
OFFR Off / Reset OPNG Opening
OFF / R Off / Reset OPP Opposite
OFM Overall Follow-up Management OPR Operator
OFP Operational Flight Program OPS Operating Speed
OFST Offset OPS Operations
OFV Old Filtering Value OPT Optimum
OFV Outflow Valve OPTL Optional
OG Operational Group OPTPN Optional Part number
OGV Outlet Guide Vane OPV Over Pressure Valve
OH Opposite Hand OQAR Optical Quick Access Recorder
OHSC Overhead Stowage Compartments O.R. Operational Reliability
OHU Optical Head Unit O / R On Request
OI Operational Instruction ORF Orifice
O / I Operational Interruption Org per Organic Peroxide
OIK Oil Quantity Corrected ORM On Board Replaceable Module
OIL HX Engine Oil Heat Exchanger ORZ Omni Range Zero
OIP Oil Pressure OS Overspeed
OIQ Oil Quantity OSC Oscillator
OIQH Oil Consumption OSG Operation Support Group
OIT Oil Inlet Temperature OSG Overspeed Governor
OIT Operator Information Telex OSH On Board Software Handling
OK Correct OSI Open System Interconnection
OLAN Onboard Local Area Network OSS Over Station Sensor
OLIVER Output Intended for Very Excellent Reproduction OT Over Temperature
OLMC Output Logic Macro Cell OTA Oil Sump Temperature (APU)
OLMS Onboard Load Measuring System OTOW Operational Take-Of f Weight
OLMS Operational Load Monitoring System OUT Outlet
OLW Operational Landing Weight OUT Output

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

OUTB Outbound PS3 - High Pressure Compressor Discharge static air

OUTBD Outboard Pressure (CDP) or- Burner Pressure (Pb, IAE) or - ENG No. 4 Bearing Pressure (IAE)
OUTR Outer PT2 Fan Inlet Total Air Pressure (Primary Flow) (PS12, CFM 56)
OTA Oil Sump Temperature (APU) P DC Power Supply and Distribution (FIN)
OV O / V Outflow Valve P Plug
OV Over P Positive
OV Over Voltage P Pressure
OVBD Overboard P Precision
OVF Over fly P Purple
OVF Over Frequency P Roll Rate
OVFL Overflow P (p) Net Power
OVHD Overhead Pa Pascal (pressure absolute)
OVHT Over Heat PA Passenger Address
OVLD Overload PA Pilot Automatique (Auto Pilot)
OVLPN Over length Part number PA Poly Amide
OVP Outflow Valve Position PA Power Amplifier
OVP Overpressure PA Public Address
OVP Overpressure Valve PAD Private Address Bus
OVPRESS Overpressure PAL Printer Address Label
OVRD Override PAL Phase Alternate Line
OVSPD Overspeed Pal Programmable Array Logic
OVSP PROT Overspeed Protection P.ALT Profile Altitude
OVV Over voltage P - ALT Profile Altitude
OW Outer Wing PAM Plug-in Adapter Module
OWE Operating Weight Empty PAM Pulse / Amplitude Modulation
Operational Weight Empty Pamb Pressure Ambient
OXY Oxygen PAR Precision Approach Radar
Oxy M Oxidizing Material PARAM Parameter
oz Ounce ( fluid ) PARK Parking
PAS Path Attitude Sensor
P PAS Pitch Attitude Sensor (WBS)
PASS Passenger
ΔP Δp Differential Pressure
PATS Passenger Air-to-ground Telephone System
Delta Pressure
PAX Passenger
P0 Ambient Static Air Pressure
PB Page Block (A. B. etc.)
PS12 Fan Inlet Static Air Pressure, CFM 56 (P2, IAE)
PB Passenger Bridge
PS13 Fan Outlet Static Air Pressure
Pb Pressure Bypass
P2 Fan Inlet Pressure, IAE (PS12, CFM 56)
Pb PB Burner Pressure
PB P / B Pb pb Push Button (switch)
P23EST Function of Booster Pressure Rise Schedule
PBE Protective Breathing Equipment
P25 - Low Pressure Compressor Exit Air Pressure or
PBM Power Plant Build up Manual
High Pressure Compressor Inlet total Air
P / BSW Push Button Switch
Pressure (CIP) or - Booster Air Pressure
PBV Pack Bypass Valve

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

PC Pack Controller PEEL Programmable Electrically Erasable Logic

PC Packing Card PEM Performance Engineering‘s Manual
PC Percentage PEP Performance Engineering Program
PC Personal Computer PERC Percussion
PC Printed Circuit PERF Performance
Pc Pressure Case P.EPR Profile EPR
P / C Printed Circuit PES Passenger Entertainment System
Pc / Pb Pressure Compressor / Pressure Burner PES Production Engineering Specification
PCA Positive Control Airspace PESC Passenger Entertainment System Controller
PCB Printed Circuit Board PES CTRL Passenger Entertainment System Controller
PCD Performance Compliance Document PF Pack Flow
PCE Personal Consumption Expenditures pF Pico Farad
PCE Precooler Entrance PF Pilot Flying
PCL Pallet Container Loader PF Power Factor
P - CLB Profile Climb PF P / F Pre-Flight
P - CLIMB Profile Climb PFAD Performance Adjustment
PCM Pulse Code Modulation PFD Primary Flight Display
PCR Pressure Case Regulated PFDVC Pressure Flow Divider Valve Cartridge
PCSW Pitch Control Wheel Steering PFR Performance data Report
PCSW Pressure Control Status Word PFR Post Flight Report
PCT Percent PG Page
PCU Passenger Control Unit PG BUS Prom Bus
PCU Power Control Unit PH Phase
PD Pallet Dolly PH Pounds per Hour
PD Pitch Diameter PHC Probes Heat Computer
PD Pressure, Duct PHI Position and Homing Indicator
PD Precooler Inlet Pressure P / HP. H Pounds per Horse Power Per Hour
PD Principal Diagram PHR Pound per Hour
PDB Private Data Bus PI Procedure turn to an Intercept
PDC Performance Data Computer PIA Peripheral Interface Adapter
PDC Procurement Data Card PIC Pilot In Command
PDD Provision Description Data PIM Programming and Indication Module
PDDC Provision Description Data Card PIP Performance Improvement Package
PDES Production Data Exchange Specification PIPC Power Plant Illustrated Parts Catalogue
P.DES P - DES Profile Descent PIPC CSN Power Plant Illustrated Parts Catalogue, Catalogue Sequence Number
PDL Portable Data Loader PIPS Pack Inlet Pressure Sensor
PDM Post Delivery modification Material PIR Pressure Inter-stage Return
PDME Precision DME PIREP Pilots Report
PDRC Production Data Reference Card PIU Passenger Information Unit
PDS Pack Discharge Sensor PIX Picture
PDU Pilot Display Unit PK Pink
PDU Power Drive Unit P / L Pay Load
PED Pedestal PL Plate

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

PL Plug P / P Pre-Processor
PL Programming Language PPB Provisioning Parts Breakdown
PLA Programmable Logic Array PPBU Power Plant Build-Up
PLATF Platform PPC Phosphor Protection Circuit
PLD Programmable Logic Device PPD Provisioning Procurement Data
PLS Pulse PPDC Provisioning Procurement Data Card
PLT Pilot PPDES Product Performance Data Exchange Specification
PLYWD Plywood PPH Pounds Per Hour
PM Phase Modulation PPI Planned Position Indicator
PM Permanent Magnet PPI Plan Position Indicator
PM Pump / Motor PPL Private Pilot Licence
PMA Parts Manufacturing Approval PPM Parts Per Million
PMA Permanent Magnetic Alternator PPM Performance Program Manual
P.MACH Profile Mach PPM Pulse Position Modulation
P - MACH Profile Mach PPOS Present Position
p. m. post meridian PPS Pounds Per Second
PMC Power Management Control PPU Position Pick-off Unit
PMC Power Management Controller PQAS Program Quality Assurance System
PMC Process Material Control P & R Optical Character Reading
PMDB Production Management Data Base PR Power Ready (-Relay)
PMG Permanent Magnetic Generator PR Pressure
PMP Performance Monitoring Program PR Pressure, Regulated
PMR Performance and Maintenance Recorder PR Regulated Pressure (downstream of bleed valve)
PMS Process and Material Specification PR Pressure Regulated Transducer
PMUX Power Plant Multiplexer PRAM Pre-recorded Announcement and Music
Propulsion Multiplexer (Reproducer)
PMV Pressure Maintaining Valve PRCSG Processing
P.N1 Profile N1 PRCSR Processor
PN P / N Part Number PREAMP Pre-Amplifier
PNEU Pneumatic PRECOOL Precooler
PNF Pilot Non Flying PRED Prediction
PNL Panel PRE FLT Pre Flight
PNP Positive - Negative - Positive (Bipolar Transistor) PREPN Preferred Part number
PNTS Pneumatic Temperature Sensor PREREC Pre-Recorded
PO Po Ambient Static Pressure PRES POS Present Position
PO Pick Off PRESEL Pre-selector
POB Pressure off Brake PRESS Pressure / Pressurization
POR Point of Regulation PREV Previous
POR Power on Reset PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency
POS Position PRGM Program
POSN Position PRIM Primary / Flight Control Primary Computer (FCPC)
POST Power on Self Test PRL Parallel
POT Potentiometer PRN Pseudo Random Noise

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

PRNT Print PSNSRF Pressure Sensor Failure

PROC Procedure P.SPD Profile Speed
PROC T Procedure Turn P - SPEED Profile Speed
PROCU Processing Unit PSR Primary Surveillance Radar
PROF Profile (Vertical) PSRM Power Plant Structural Repair Manual
PROG Progress PSS Passenger Service System
PROM Programmable Read Only Memory PSS Pressure Subsystem (ECU)
PROT Protection PSU Passenger Service Unit
PROTEC Protection PSU Power Supply Unit
PROX Proximity PSUD Passenger Service Unit Decoder
PROX SNSR Proximity Sensor PSV Planned Shop Visit
PRPHL Peripheral PSW Pressure Switch
PRR Power Ready Relay PT Pallet Transporter
PRSEL Pre-selector PT Part
PRSOV Pressure Raising and Shutoff Valve PT Point
PRSRZ Pressurize PT Power Test
PRSRZN Pressurization PT Power Transferred Transducer
PRTR Printer PT Pressure Total (Total Pressure)
P / RST Push to Rest PT Price Type
PRV Pressure Reducing Valve PTA Pitch Trim Actuator
PRV Pressure Regulator Valve PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient
PS Passenger Stairs PT Pt Total Air Pressure
PS Power Section PTB Programming & Test Panel
PS Power Supply PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient
PS Pressure Switch PTCH Pitch Angle
PS Process Solution PT CODE Part Code
PS Pressure Static (Static Pressure) PTCR Body Axis Pitch Rate
PS Pump Supply Pressure PTD Provisioning Technical Data
PSAC Procedure and Results PTDC Provisioning Technical Data Card
PSB Bearing Pressure PTE Portable Test Equipment
PSC Pre-selected Course PTFE Poly - Tetra - Fluoro - Ethylene (Teflon)
PSCU Proximity Switch Control Unit PTLU Pedal Travel Limitation Unit
PSDU Power Supply Decoupling Unit PTM Performance Training Manual
PSH Pre-selected Heading PTOT Total air Pressure (Pressure air Total)
PSHR Pusher PTOW Performance (limited) Take Off Weight
PSI psi Pounds per Square Inch (14.5037 psi = 1 bar) PTP Programming and Test Panel
PSIA psia Pounds per Square Inch Absolute P & T Panel Programming and Test Panel
PSIC Proximity Switch Interface Card PTR Printer
PSID Pounds per Square Inch Differential PTR Push To Reset
PSIG psig Pounds per Square Inch Gauge PTS Pack Temperature Sensor
PSIU Passenger Service and Information Unit PTT Push To Talk
PSN Position PTT Push To Test
PSNR Positioner PTU Power Transfer Unit (Hydraulic)

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

PU Panel Unit QFE Field Elevation Atmosphere Pressure

PU Pick Up (Question Field Evaluation)
PU Polyurethane Atmospheric Pressure at Airport level
PU Power Unit Pressure Setting for Airfield Altitude
PUB Publication QFF Runway Heading
PURS Purser QFU Magnetic Runway Heading (includes deviation correction )
PUT Power Up Test QFU Runway Heading
PV Priority Valve QM-S Quality Manual Supplement
PVB QNE Sea Level Standard Atmosphere Pressure
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride (1,013.25mb)
PVD Para Visual Director Altimeter Indication Related to Standard
PVI Para visual Indicating Pressure of 1.013.25 hPa
Para visual Indicator QNH Pressure Setting for en Route Altitude (Question Normal Height)
PVIS Passenger Visual Information System QNH Sea Level Atmosphere Pressure
PW Pratt and Whitney QPL Qualified Products List
PWA Printed Wiring Assembly QRH Quick Reference Handbook
P & WA Pratt & Whitney Aircraft QT Quart (US)
PWB Printed Wiring Board QT Quantity
PWCU Potable Water Control Unit QTE True Bearing from VOR station to Aircraft
PWM Pulse Width Modulator True Direction to Station
PWR Power (Electrical / Engine / Hydraulic / Pneumatic) QTY Quantity
PWR SPLY Power Supply QTZ Quartz
PWS Predictive Windshear QUAD Quadrangle / Quadruplet
QUJ Magnetic Direction from Station
Q Dynamic Pressure R
Q Flow R Radio
Q Fuel (FIN) R Radio (Navigation and Communications) (FIN)
QA Quality Assurance R Rankin
QAD Quick Attach / Detach R Red
QAD RING Quick Attach / Detach Ring R Refuel
QAR Quick Access Recorder R Reset
QC Quality Control R Resistor
QC Quick Change R Reverse
QD Quick Donning R Revised
QDM Magnetic Bearing to Station (Question Direction Magnetic ) R Rib
QDM Magnetic Direction to Station R Right
QDR Magnetic Bearing from VOR station to aircraft R Rotor
QDRNTL Quadrantal R Yaw Rate
QDR True Direction from Station RA R / A Radio Altimeter
QEC Quadrantal Error Correction Radio Altitude
QEC Quick Engine Change Radio Height

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

RA Resolution Advisory (TCAS) RCVR Receiver

RAC Rotor Active Clearance RCWS Roll Control Wheel Steering
RAC Rules of the air and Air traffic Control R / D Rate of Descent
RACC Rotor Active Clearance Control R / D Refuel / Defuel
RACCS Rotor Active Clearance Control System R / D PANEL Refuel / Defuel Panel
RACON Radar Beacon RD Right Display
RAC / SB Rotor Active Clearance / Start Bleed RDDMI Radio Direction Distance Magnetic Indicator
RAD Radio RDL Radio Dual Distance Magnetic Indicator
RAD Roll Anticipation Distance RDNG Reading
RAD / ALTI Radio Altimeter RDS Drive Shaft Housing
RADAR Radio Detecting and Ranging RDU Right Display Unit
RAD OPR Radio Operator RDY Ready
RadM Radioactive Material REC Recovery
RAI Ram Air Inlet (Pack) REC Receiver
RAIL Runway Alignment Indicator Light system REC Recommended
RALR Radio Altitude Rate REC Recommendation
RALT Radio Altitude RECIRC Recirculate
RALTU Reprogrammable Annunciator Light Test Unit RECOG Recognition
RAM Random Access Memory RECT Rectifier
RAO Ram Air Outlet (Pack) RED Reduction
RAOC REDUND Redundancy
RAPCON Rear Approach Control REF Reference
RAS Row Address Strobe REF Refer
RAT Ram Air Turbine REFLNG Refuelling
RAX Random Access Transfer Memory REFR Refrigerator
R / B Reset Breaker REFR Refresh
RB Right Bottom REFUEL Refuelling
RBN Radio Beacon REG Register
RBP Right Bottom Plug ( AF ) REG Regulation
R / C Rate of Climb Regulator
RC Recurrent Cost REIL Runway End Identification Lights
RC Reference Chord REL Release
RC Regional Centres REL Reluctance
RC Repetitive Chime REM Remark
RCCB Remote Control Circuit Breaker REM Removal
RCDR Recorder REP Report
RCL Recall REPBY Replaced By
RCLM Runway Centre Line Marking REPLNT Repellent
RCLS Runway Centre line Lift System REQ Request
RCP Reverse Current Protection RES Resolution
RCPT Receptacle RES Resistance
RCPTN Reception RESANA Results of Analysis
RCTFR Rectifier RESP Respectively

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

RET Retard RLSED Released

RET Retract RLSK Right Line Select Key
RET Return RLTD Related
RETR Retract RLY Relay
RETRD Retracted RM Right Middle
RETRG Retracting RMCU Remote Magnetic Compensation Unit
RETRN Retraction RMI Radio Magnetic Indicator
REV Reverse RMP Radio Management Panel
REV Revise RMP Right Middle Plug ( AE )
REV Revision r / min Revolutions per minute
RF Radio Frequency RMR Replaceable Memory Reprogrammer
RFC Request for Change RMS Root Mean Square
RFI Request for Information RMS Radio Master Switch (A 300)
RFID Radio Frequency Identification RMT Remote
RFL Reflected RMU Radio Management Unit
RFP Request for Proposal RMU Radio Magnetic Unit
RFR Request for Revision R / NA Radio Altimeter
RFS Reason for Selection R / NA Radio Altitude
RFS Regardless of Feature Size RNAV Radio Navigation
RFW Request for Work RNG Range
RGLTD Regulated RNGLL Range Fault Limit
RGLTG Regulating RNI Radio Navigation Indicator
RGLTR Regulator RO Ram Air Outlet Door (Pack)
RGTR Register R / O Roll Out
R / H Radio Height ROC Rate of Climb
RH R / H Right - Hand / - Side ROLL Roll Angle
RHCP Right Hand Circular Polarization ROLR Body Axis Roll Rate
RHL Rudder Hinge Line ROLS Remote Oil Level Sensor
RHMLG Right Hand Main Landing Gear ROM Read Only Memory
R / hr Roentgens per hour ROR Record of Revision
RHS Right Hand Side RP Reporting Period
R / I Radio / Inertial RPDR Reproducer
RI Ram Air Inlet Door (Pack) RPG Report Program General
R / I Removal / Installation RPLNT Rain Repellent
RIL Retrofit Information Letter RPLNT Repellent
RJB Radio Junction Box RPLS Replaces
RK Rack RPM Revolutions per Minute
R / L Reading Light Rotations per Minute
RLG Ring Laser Giro RPT Regulated Pressure Transducer
RLMG Right Main Landing Gear RPT Report
RLPSU Reading Light Power Supply Unit RPTG Repeating
RLS Remote Light Sensor Reporting
RLS Right Line Select key RPTR Repeater

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

RPU Receiver Processor Unit (ONS) RTNR Retainer

RPU Reservoir Pressurization Unit RTO Rejected Take Off
RQ Recommended Quality RTOK Retest Ok or
RQRD Required Test Result Ok
RR Ram Rise RTOL Reduced Take Off and Landing
RR Rolls Royce RTOLW Regulated Take Off and Landing Weight
RR Rudder Rib RTOS Rejected Take Off‘s
RR low or medium range frequency Radio Range station RTP Right Top Plug (AD)
RR Requirements Review RTOW Regulatory Take Off Weight
RRI Removal Rate Indicator RTR Record Of Temporary Revision
RS Rear Spar RTRSW Rotary Switch
RS Record Separator RTRY Rotary
RS Repeating Stroke RTS Request To Send
RS232C Recommended Standard N -232 Version C RTS Return To Seat
RSA Request for Service Allowance RTS Return To Service
RSLXF Resolver / LVDT Excitation Failure RTV Room Temperature Vulcanizing (Material)
RSP Spoiler RUB Rub Out
RSR Route Surveillance Radar RUD RUDD Rudder
RSS Root Sum Square RUDT Rudder Trim
RST Reset RVC Remote Volume Control
RSTR Restriction RVDT Rotary Variable Differential Transducer
RSU Raster Shading Unit (Transformer)
RSV Reserve RVR Runway Visibility Range
RSV Reserves RVS Reverse
RSV Reserved RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minima
RSVR Reservoir RVSN Reversion
RT Radio Transmission RVT Rivet
RT rt R / T Receiver - Transmitter RVT Rotary Variable Transducer
RT Right Top RWD Rearward
RT Rudder Trim RWD Right Wing Down
RTA Receiver / Transmitter ARNC RWK Rework
RTC Real Time Clock RWY Runway
RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics RX Receive
RTD Resistance Temperature Detector (Sensor) RX Torque Receiver Synchro
RTD Resistance Temperature Device RZ Return to Zero
Resistive Thermal Device
RTE Route S
RTF Radio Telephone
S Minimum Slat Retraction Speed (EFIS)
RTG Rating
S Radar Navigation (FIN)
RTK Revenue Ton-Kilometre
S s Second
RTL Rudder Travel Limitation
S Servicing
RTLU Rudder Travel Limitation Unit
S Slat
RTN Return

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

S Socket SCMC Single Chip Micro Computer

S Solenoid SCMP Software Configuration Management Plan
S South SCN Specification Change Note
S Stator SCO Section Control
S Status SCP Short Circuit Protected
S Switch SCR Screw
S Synchro SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier (Thyristor)
S System SCR Specification Change Request
SA Single Aisle SCS Single Channel Simplex
SA Stress Analysis SCV Solenoid Controlled Valve
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers Surge Control Valve
SAF Safety SD S / D Shut Down
SAFD Safetied SD Split Display
SAI Standby Attitude Indicator S / D Step Descent
SAL System Address Label SD Shut Down
SALS Short Approach Light System Supporting Data
SAM Stress Analysis Manual SD S / D System Display
SAR Smart Access Recorder SDAC System Data Acquisition Concentrator (A 320)
SAR Smart ACMS Recorder System Data Analogue Converter (A 310)
SAR Smart Airborne Recorder SDAU Special Data Acquisition Unit
SASPO Soon As Possible SDC Synchro Digital Converter
SAT Static Air Temperature SDCU Smoke Detection Control Unit
SATCOM Satellite Communication (1.533 - 1.544GHZ) SDD Serial Digital Data
SAV Starter Air Valve SDD Software Detailed Description
SAW Surface Acoustic Wave SDI Source Data Identifier
SB Service Bulletin SDI Source / Destination Identifier (Bits) (CF ARINC SPEC )
SBEW Standard Basic Empty Weight SDI Spares Data Improvement
SBI Service Bulletin Index SDMU DMU Status Word
SBL Symbol SDN Shutdown
SBS Service Bulletin activity Schedule SDN System Description Note
SC Scale SDS Discrete Status Word
SC Scrap rate SDS Software Design Standard
SC Selected aft Cabin Compartment temperature SDTM Structure Description Training Manual
SC Servo Control SDU System Display Unit
SC Single Chime SE Simplified English
S / C Step Climb SEB Seat Electronic Box
SC Sub Component SEC Flight Control Secondary Computer (FCSC) Second
S / C Service Control SEC Secondary
SC Source Code Spoiler & Elevator Computer
SCAV Scavenge SECAM Sequentielle a Memoire
SCE Source SECT Section
SCFM Standard Cubic Feet per Minute SEG Segment
SCH Schematic SEI Special Event Identification

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

SEL Select SHM Shop Manual

Selected SHN Scratch Hardness Number
Selected Value SHP Shaft Horse Power
Selection SHRD Shroud
Selector SHT Short
SELCAL Selective Calling system SHT Shunt
SENS Sensitivity SI Shift In
SEQ Sequence SI Slip Indicator
SER / PRL Serial / Parallel S.I. Systemè International dè Unitè
SERNO Serial Number SIA Standard Instrument Arrival (Procedure)
SERV INT Service Interphone SIAP Structural Inspection Adjustment Program
SERVO HX Servo Fuel Heater SIC
SES Societè Europeènnne des Satellites SIC System Isolation Contactor (A330 / 340)
SES Support Equipment Summary SID Standard Instrument Departure (Procedure)
S / F Slats / Flaps SIF Selective Identification Feature
SF Spot Face SIG Signal
SF Sub Frame SIL Service Information Letter
SFC Specific Fuel Consumption SIL Speech Interface Level
SFCC Sideway Facing Crew Cockpit SIL Speech Interference Level
SFCC Sideway Facing Crew Configuration SIM Simulation
SFCC Slat and Flap Control Computer SIM Serial Interface Module (ARINC 629)
SFCS Slat and Flap Control System SIN Since
SFDR Solid Flight Data Recorder SIP System Integrator Program
SFE Seller Furnished Equipment SIS Service Interphone System
SFE Supplier Furnished Equipment SIS Spares Investment Study
SFPI Slats and Flaps Position Indicator SITA Societè Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautique
SFPM Surface Feet per Minute SIV Standard Item Variations
SG Specific Gravity SJB Seat Junction Box
SG Stroke Generator SKT Socket
SG Symbol Generator SL Sea Level
SGML Standardised General Make-up Language SL Sensitivity Level
SGML Standard Generalized Make-up Language SL Service Letter
SGP Stroke Generator Processor SLFT Sea Level Feet
SGU Symbol Generator Unit SLP Space Limited Payload
S / H Sample and Hold
SH Sheet SLS Sea Level Standard (29.92 in. Hg / 59_ F = 1013.25 hPascal)
SH ABS Shock Absorber SLS Side - Lobe Suppression
SHF Super High Frequency SLT Slat
SHDBL Sheddable SLW Super cooled Liquid Water
SHED Shedding SM Scheduled Maintenance
SHF Super High Frequency SM Sign Matrix
SHKR Shaker SM Standard Manual
SHLD Shield, Shielding SM Status Matrix

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

SMD Surface Mounted Device SPLC Splice

SMK Smoke SPLR Spoiler
SMO Synthesizer Master Oscillator SPLY Supply
SMP Software Management Plan SPM Standard Practices Manual
SMP Sump SPMC Service Process Material Control
SMR Scheduled Maintenance Report SPMG Shorted Permanent Magnet Generator
SMT Surface Mount Technology SPOP Service Process Operation Procedure
SN S / N Serial Number SPR Service and Performance Report
SNECMA Société National d‘Etude et de Construction de Moteurs d‘Aviation SPS Service Process Solution
SNSG Sensing SPS Sundstrand Power System
SNSR Sensor SPST Single Pole Single Through
SO Shift Out SQ Squelch
SO Shutoff SQAP Software Quality Assurance Plan
SOD Start Of dynamic Data SQ FT Square Feet
SOH Start of Heading SQL Squelch
SOIM Specific Operation Instruction Manual SQL Structured Query Language
SOL Solenoid SQP Software Quality control Plan
SOL VLV Solenoid Valve SQRT Square Root
SOP Standard Operation Procedure SQW Square Wave
SOTM System Operation Training Manual SR Senior
SOV Shutoff Valve SR S / R Service Request
SOW Statement Of Work SR Shear Rate
SP Space SRAM Static Random Access Memory
SPAD Scratchpad SRD Shorted Rotating Diode
SPASE Single Point Audio System Earth SRD Software Requirement Document
SPBK Speed Brake SRD Spares Recommended Distribution
SPC Spare Parts Classification SRE Surveillance Element of GCA
SPD Speed SRF Structural Repair File
SPD BRK Speed Brake SRKM Structural Repair Kit Manual
SPE Seller Purchased Equipment SRM Schedule Maintenance Report
SPD LIM Speed Limit SRM Structural Repair Manual
SPEC Specification SRQ Spares Recommended Quantities
SPEX Sperry Exchange SRS Speed Reference System
SPF Specific Pathogen Free SRU Shop Replaceable Unit
SPF Super Plastic Forming SRU Shop Repairable Unit
SPFK SRVL Survival
SPFL Spring Failed S / S Sign / Matrix
SPI Additional Pulse for” Ident” (ATC) SS Sky / Shading
SPI Surface Position Indicator (A 300) SSALS Simplified Short Approach Light System
SPID Short Power Interrupt Detector SSALSR Simplified Short Approach Light System
SPIP Ident Pulse Runway alignment indicator light
SPKR Speaker SSB Single Side Band
SPL Sound Pressure Level SSC Single Stroke Chime (= SC)

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

SSC Static Source Correction STGR Stringer

SSCVR Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder STIFF Stiffener
SSDA Synchronous Serial Data Adapter STL Steel
SSE Static Source Error STL WARN Stall Warning
SSEC Static Source Error Correction (-Coefficient) STOM System Operation Training Manual
SSFDR Solid State Flight Data Recorder STRG Steering
SSG Single Stroke Gong Stringer
SSI Small Scale Integration STRL Structural
SSIP Supplemental Structure Inspection Program STRUCT Structure
SSLC Single Shaft Load Compressor STS Status
SSM Sign / Status Matrix STWG Short Term Working Group
SSM Solid State Memory STX Start of Text
SSMM Solid State Memory STYPPLE Sensitive Typical Phone Power Level
SSP Significant in-Service Problems SUB Substitute
SSR Secondary Search Radar SUCNL ACTN Success ional Action
SSR Secondary Surveillance RADAR SUM Summing
SSRP Significant Service Related Problem SUPPR Suppressor
SSSV Solid State Stored Voice SUPSD Superseded
SST Status SURF Surface
SSTU Side Stick Transducer Unit SV Servo Valve
SSV Solenoid Servo Valve SV S / V Shop Visit
ST Stairway SV Solenoid Valve
STA APU Start Time Solenoid Controlled Valve
STA Sta Station SVA Stator Vane Actuator
STA Short Time APU SVCE Service
STA Straight-in-Approach SVMTR Servo Motor
STAB Stabilizer SVN Servo Valve Normal
Stabilization SVR Shop Visit Rate
STALL Breakdown of lift, ICAS / CAS below minimum speed SW ECU Status Word
STAR Standard Terminal Arrival Route (Producer) SW Software
STARTG Starting SW Switch
STAT Static SWO Sine Wave Oscillator
STARTER Engine Air Starter SWR Standing Wave Ratio
STAT INV Static Inverter SWTG Switching
STBD Starboard SW - TO Switch Take Off
STBY Standby SWY Stop way
STC Supplemental Type Certificate (FAA) SYM Symmetry
STD Standard Standard (Atmospheric Pressure : 29.92 inch HG or 1013.25hPa, Temperature SYN Synchronous idle
15ºC ) SYNC Synchro
STD Special Tool and equipment Drawings Synchronisation
STDBY Standby Synchronize
STDY Steady SYNTHR Synthesiser
STEER Steering SYS System

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

TAV Trim Air Valve

T TB Terminal Block
TBC Tie Bus Contactor
T12 Fan Inlet Total Air Temperature
TBC To Be Confirmed
T2 Fan Inlet Air Temperature
TBD To Be Defined
T25 Low Pressure Compressor Exit Air Temperature or
TBD To Be Determined (Done)
High Pressure Compressor Inlet Total Air Temperature (CIT)
TBD To Be Done
T3 High Press Compressor Discharge Air Temperature
TBO Time between Overhaul
T41 T4.1 Turbine Inlet Guide Vane Inlet Temperature
TBSV Time between Scheduled Visits
(CFM 56 Engine)
TBSV Time between Shop Visits
T4.9 EGT, Exhaust Gas (Total) Temperature Behind LPT (IAE Engine Station)
TBU Time Base Unit
T49.5 EGT, Exhaust Gas (Total) Temperature, Between 1st and 2nd Stage LPT (CFM Engine
TC High Pressure Turbine Case Temperature
TC Take Off Charts
T5 Low Pressure Turbine Discharge Total Air Temperature (CFM Engine Station and on
TC Temperature Coefficient
V2500 Engine EGT position rounded)
TC Thermo Connector
T Special Electronics (FIN)
TC T / C Thermo Couple
T Task
T / C Top of Climb
T Temperature
TC Type Certificate
T Temperature Sensor
TCA Terminal Control Area
T Thickness
TCA Turbine Case Cooling Air
T Time
TCAS Threat Alert and Collision Avoidance System
T Top
Threat-Analysis System or
T Total
Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System or
T True
Traffic-Collision Alert System or
T Turn
Traffic-Collision Avoidance System or
TA Traffic Advisory
Traffic-Identification and Collision Avoidance System
TA Traffic Alert (TCAS)
Tcase High Pressure Turbine Case Temperature
T / A Twin Aisle
TCA Turbine Cooling Air (Make Up Air)
TAB Test and Bite panel
TCAV Turbine Cooling Air Valve (Make Up Air Valve)
TACAN Tactical Aircraft Navigation
TCC Thrust Control Computer
Tactical Air Navigation
TCC Turbine Case Cooled Temperature
TACH Tachometer
HPT Shroud TEMP Sensor R / H - L / H
TACT Tactical
TCC Turbine Clearance Control
TACS Taxi Aid Camera System
TCCT Turbine Case Cooling Temperature
TAD Terrain Alertness Display
TCF Terrain Clearance Function
Terrain Awareness Display
TCFL Thermo Couple Failed
TAI Turbine Anti-Ice / Valve
TCFN Two‘s Complement Fractional Notation
TAN Tangent
TCI Time / Cycle Indicator
TAPRV Trim Air Pressure Regulating Valve
TAR Terminal Area Surveillance Radar
TCJC Thermo Couple Cold Junction Temperature (EEC Internal Temperature ºC )
TAS True Air Speed
TCM Technical Coordination Meeting
TAT Total Air Temperature
TCP Take Off Computer Program
TAT Turn around Time
TCT Temperature Control Thermostat

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

TCV Temperature Control Valve THR Thrust

TCXO Temperature Controlled X-tal Oscillator Throttle
TD Time Delay THR LK Thrust Locked
T / D Top of Descent THRM Thermal
TDC Time Delay Closing THROT Throttle
TDD Technical Design Directive THS Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer
TDO Time Delay Opening THS Thermostat Solenoid
TDP Touch Down Point THSA Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator
TDR Torque Differential Receiver TI Technical Incident
TDR Trend Data Report TI Technical Instruction
TDS Technical Data Sheet Ti Titanium
TDU Time Display Unit TI Track to an Intercept
TDX Torque Differential Transmitter TIA Type Inspection Authorization
TDY Temporary Duty TIR Type Inspection Report
TDZL Touch Down Zone Lights TIPIS Tire Pressure Indication System
TE T / E Trailing Edge TIT Turbine Inlet Temperature
TEC Turbine Exhaust Case TK Ground Track Angle
TECU Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Internal Temperature TK Tank
TED Tool and Equipment Drawing TK Track
TEI Toll and Equipment Index Track Angle
TEL Telephone TKE Track Angle Error
TEM Tool and Equipment Manual TKE Track Error
TEMP Temperature TKF Track Check Failure
TEO Temperature Engine Oil TL Top Line (CIDS-Bus)
TER Trailing Edge Rib TL Transmittal Letter
TF Task Force TLA Throttle Lever Angle
T / F Track to a Fixed waypoint TLA Thrust Lever Angle
TFC Transfer Contactor TLB Technical Log Book
TFR Transfer TLD Third Line of Defence
TFU Technical Follow Up TLR Thrust Lever Resolver (Angle)
T / G Type and Gauge TLS Toulouse
TGB Transfer Gearbox TLT Temperature Limitation Thermostat
TGL Touch and Go Landing TLU Travel Limit Unit (Rudder)
TGT Target TM Torque Motor
Transfer Gearbox TM Training Manual
Turbine Gas Temperature TM Turbomeca
TH True Heading TMA Terminal Control Area
THC Thermostat Control TMC Torque Motor Current
THD Thread TMG Timing
THDG True Heading TMR Timer
THI Track to an Intercept TMR Timer Reset (PB)
THMS Thermistor TN Nacelle Temperature (Engine)
THP High Pressure Fuel Temperature TN Technical Note

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

TNR TN Reference TR T / R Thrust Reverser / Thrust Reverse

TO T / O Take-Of f TR Torque Receiver
TOBI Tangential Onboard Injector TR Transformer Rectifier
TOBI ID Tangential Onboard Injector TR Transistor
TOGA TO / GA Take-Of f / Go Around TR Transmitter / Receiver / Transceiver
TOA Time of Arrival TR Turn Radius
TOC Table of Contents TRA Throttle Resolver Angle
TOC Top-Of Climb TRACON Terminal Radar Control
TOD Top of Descent TRANS Transition
TOD Take-Of Distance TRANSF Transfer
TOGW Take-Off Gross Weight TRBL Trouble
TOH Total Operating Hours TRC Thrust Rating Computer
TOL Time Over Limit TRCP Thrust Rating Control Panel
T oil Oil Temperature TRDV Thrust Reverser Directional Valve
Engine Oil Temperature T / REV Thrust Reverser
TOR Take-Of f Run TRF Turbine Rear Frame
TOR Total Runway (length) TRIG Trigger
TORA Take Off Range Available TRK Track / Track Angle
TOT Total TROPO Tropopause
TOW Take-Of f Weight TRP Thrust Rate Panel
TOW Towing Thrust Rating Panel
TP Pack Outlet Temperature TRP Total Radiated Power
TP Technical Publication TRPV Thrust Reverser Pressurizing Valve
TP Test Point TRQR Torquer
TP Tire Pressure TRR Test Result Review
TP Top Plug (AA) TRS Technical Repercussion Sheet
TP Turn Point TRT Turnaround Time
TPC Technical Publication Code TRU Transformer Rectifier Unit
TPG TRV Travel
TPG COC TPG Customer Originated Changes TRV LIM Travel Limitation
TPIB Technical Publication Instrumentation Book TS Trim Sheet
TPIC Tire Pressure Indicating (Indication) Computer TS T / S Trouble Shooting
TPIS Tire Pressure Indicating System TSD Trouble Shooting Data
TPIU Tire Pressure Interface Unit TSFC Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption
TPO Precooler Outlet Temperature TSH Trouble Shooting Handbook
TPRD Technical Publication Reference Document TSI Time Since Installation (Hours)
TPS TSLSV Time Since Last Shop Visit
TPT Transfer Pressure Transducer TSM Trouble Shooting Manual
TPWD Technical Publication Worksharing Document TSN Time Since New (Hours)
TQFP Thin QUAD Flat Pack TSO Technical Service Order (FAA)
T / R Tape Reproducer TSO Technical Standards Order (USA)
TR Temperature, Regulated TSO Time since Overhaul
TR Temporary Revision (number) TSP Thrust Setting Parameter

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

TST Test ULD Unit Loading Device

TT Tell Tale UNBAL Unbalance
TT Total Time UNCPLG Uncoupling
TTG Time to Go UNCRCTD Uncorrected
TTK Trim Tank UND Under
TTL Transistor-Transistor-Logic UNIV Universal
TTN Time To Nav UNLK Unlock
TTP Time To Peak UNLKD Unlocked
TTR Technical Trouble Report UNRGLTD Unregulated
TTS Total Technical Support UNSD Unused
TU Tapping Unit UP Upper
TURB Turbulence UPD Update
Turbulent UPD / MSEC Updating in Milliseconds
Turbine UPLK Uplock
TVOR Terminal VOR (Short Range) UPR Upper
TW Water extractor Temperature (pack) UR Utilization Rate
TW Twisted US Unit Separator
TWR aerodrome control Tower US Under Speed
TWR Tower US United States
TWY Taxiway US Ultra Sonic
TX Transmitter USA United States of America
TX Torque Transmitter USB Upper Side Band
TYP Typical USB Upper Side Band
TYPPLE Typical Phone Power Level USD US Dollar
USD US Dollar
U US G US Gallon
Us gal US gal US Gallon
U Voltage
Us gal / min. US Gallon per Minute
UAC Upper Area Control Centre
USR. Under Speed Relay
UAL Unitè Arithmetique et Logique (= ALU)
USS Under Speed Sensor
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter
UTA Upper Control Area
U / C Undercarriage
UTC Universal Time Coordinated (replaces former GMT)
UDC Upper Deck Cargo
UUT Unit under Test
UDL Unit Detail Listing
UV Ultra Violet
U / J Universal Joint
UV Under Voltage
U / S Unserviceable
UVEROM Ultra Violet Erasable Read Only Memory
UER Unscheduled Engine Removal
UWY Upper Airway
UF Under Frequency
Uplink Format
UFD Unit Fault Data V
U / FULL Under full V1 Decision Speed (start abort)
UHF Ultra High Frequency V1 Critical Engine Failure Speed
ULB Under Water Locator Beacon V2 Take-Of f Safety Speed (= VR Rotation Speed)

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

V2 Safety Start Speed (Target Speed) VCR Video Cassette Recorder

V3 Minimum Flap Retraction Speed (flaps to zero) VCR Voltage Controlled Rectifier
V4 Minimum Slat Retraction Speed (slats to zero) VCTREND Airspeed Tendency
V Speed VCU Video Control Unit
V Valve VD Design Diving Speed
V Velocity VD Heading to a DME Distance
V Vertical VDC Voltage, Direct Current
V Fictitious Circuits (FIN) VDD Drift Down Speed
V Violet VDEV Vertical Deviation
V Volt VDF Very high frequency Direction Finding station
V Voltage VDR Voltage Dependent Resistor
V Volume VED Vendor Equipment Drawings
Va Actual Speed VEL Velocity
VA Design Manoeuvring Speed VENT Ventilation
VA Heading with an Altitude termination VERT Vertical
VA Volt-Ampere VERT REV Vertical Revision
VAC Vacuum VF Cabin Temperature FWD
VAC Voltage Alternating Current VF Design Flap Speed
VACBI Video And Computer Based Instruction VFC Final take-off Climb Speed
VACC Vertical Acceleration VFE Maximum Flap Extended Speed
VAL Validity VFE Maximum Velocity Flap Extended
VALDN Validation VFE Maximum Flap & Slat Extended Speed
VAP Visual Approach Procedure VFEN Predictive VFE of Next Flap / Slat Position
VAPPR Visual Approach Speed VFEN VFE Next
VAR Variable VFO Variable Frequency Oscillator
VAR Variation (= declination) VFR Visual Flight Rules
VAR Visual-Aural Radio Range VFTO Final Take-Of f Speed (clean configuration)
VARI Variable Velocity Final Take-Of f
VASIS Visual Approach Slope Indicator System VG Vertical Gyro
VB Valve Block VHF Very High Frequency
VB Vibration VHV Very High Voltage
VB1 N1 Vibration Engine VIB Vibration
VB2 N2 Vibration Engine VISV Variable Inlet Stator Vane
V - BARS Type of Flight Director Indicator Pointers VG Vertical Gyro
VBS Vertical Beam Sensor VHF Very High Frequency
VBV Variable Bleed Valve VI heading to an Intercept
VBV Variable Bypass Valve VIB Vibration
VBVF Variable Bleed Feedback VIM Vendor Information Manual
VC Vc Calibrated Airspeed, Computed Airspeed VIM Vendor Interface Module
VC Design Cruising Speed VIP Very Important Person
VC Ventilation Controller VIS Visibility
VCC Video Control Centre V / L VOR / LOC (VHF Omni-directional Range / Localizer)
VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator VLE Maximum Landing Gear Extended Speed

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

VLF Very Low Frequency VRS

VLLDC Very Low Level Direct Current VRTG Body Normal Acceleration
VLO Maximum Landing Gear Operating Speed Vertical Acceleration
VLS Lowest Selectable Speed (= VMIN) VS Stalling Speed
VLS Minimum Approach Speed VS Stalling Speed at which the Airplane is controllable
VLS Minimum Selectable Speed
VLV Valve VS Minimum Steady Flight speed at which aircraft is controllable
VM heading with a Manual Termination VS V / S Vertical Speed
VM Manoeuvring Speed VSBN Vendor Service Bulletin Number
Vm Minimum Recommended Manoeuvring Speed VSBT Vendor Service Bulletin Title
VM Recommended Manoeuvring Speed VSC Vacuum System Controller
VM Voltmeter VSCB Cabin Vertical Speed Cabin
VMAN Manoeuvring Speed VSCF Variable Speed Constant Frequency
VMAX Vmax MAX Allowable Air Speed VSCU Video System Control Unit
VMAXOP Maximum Operating Air Speed VSD Vertical Situation Display
VMAXOP Maximum Operational Speed VSEL Selected Approach Speed
VMC Visual Metrological Conditions V / S FT / MN Vertical Speed Feet / Minute
VMC Minimum Control Speed V / S FPA
VMC Minimum Control Speed with one Engine Inoperative VSI Vertical Speed Indicator
VMCA Minimum Control Speed in the Air VSL Vertical Speed Limit
VMCG Minimum Control Speed on the Ground VSO Salling Speed or Minimum Steady Flight Speed in the
VMIN Vmin Minimum Operating Speed (VLS) Landing Configuration
VMO VMO Maximum Operating Speed VSS Stick Shaker Speed
VMS Minimum Selectable Speed VSV Variable Stator Vane
VMU Minimum Unstick Speed Compressor Stator Vane Actuator
VNAV Vertical Navigation VSW Stall Warning Speed
VNE Never exceed Speed VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
VOD Video on Demand VT Vertical Tabulation
VOL Volume VT Vertical Tail
VOR VHF Omni directional Range VTP Validation Test Procedure
VOR Very High Frequency Omni directional Range VTP Vertical Tail Plane
VOR-D VOR / DME VTR Video Tape Reproducer
VORTAC VOR / TACAN VTZ Vertical Stabilizer Reference Axis “Z“ (“ 0 “starts at a horizontal image extended line of
VOT Voter the upper fuselage skin. Not, at the all ready tapered fuselage skin.
VPSA Vendor Product Support Agreements VV Vice Versa
VPSN Valve Position VW Cabin Temperature
VR Rotation Speed VWM Vendor Warranty Manual
VR Voltage Regulator VX Speed of best Angle of Climb
VRCD V VY Speed of best Rate of Climb
VR-HDG Heading to a Radial
VREF Landing Reference Speed W
VRM Variable Range Marker
W1 Word 1
VRMS Volt Root Mean Square

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

W Fire Protection and Warning System (FIN) WGC Woodward Governor Company
W Watt WGD Windshield Guidance Display
W Weight WGDC Windshield Guidance Display Computer
W West WDGS Windshield Guidance Display System
W White WGS World Geodetic System
W Wire WHC Window Heat Computer
WA Wind Angle Windshield Heat Computer
WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System WHL Wheel
WAF Wrap - Around Failure WHT White
WAI Wing Anti-ice WI Water Injector
WAIV Wing Anti-ice Valve WIA Wing Inner Aileron
WARN Warning WIP Water / Ice Protection
WASG World Airline Suppliers Guide WIPCU Water / Ice Protection Control Unit
WATOG World Airline Technical Operation Glossary WIPDU Water / Ice Protection Data Unit
WAYPOINT Enroute Navigation Fix WIRC Warning-Inhibition-Recall-Clear
WB Bleed Air Flow WL Water Line
WBC Weight and Balance Computer WLDP Warning Light Display Panel
WBM Weight and Balance Manual WLP Weight Limited Payload
WBS Weight and Balance System WM Wattmeter
WBS Work Breakdown Structure WM Wiring Manual
WC Wording Change WMC Warning and Maintenance Computer
WCR Weight and Balance Compliance Report WMS Warning and Maintenance System
WD Warning Display WN Warning Number
WD Watchdog WNDW Window
WD Wind Direction True WO Wash-Out
WD Wind Drift WOR Wash-Out Rate
WD Wing Datum WOR Wing Outer Rear
WD Word WORM Write Once Read Memory
WDB Wall Disconnect Box WOW Weight on Wheels (Ground)
WDI Wind Direction Indicator WP Waypoint
WDM Wiring Diagram Manual WPF
WDO Window WPS Words per Second
WE Water Extractor WPT Waypoint
WF / Wf Fuel Flow WQEC
Weight of Fuel WR Weather Radar
WFM Fuel Mass Flow WR Weighing Report
Rate of Fuel Flow Metered WRF Water Repellent Fluid
Rate of Fuel Flow Monitored WRMS Wow and Flutter
Weight of Fuel Metered WRN Warning
WFQ Total Fuel Quantity WR / PWS Weather Radar / Proximity Warning System
WG Working Group WSHLD Windshield
WGC Windshield Guidance Computer WS Wind Speed

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

WSCG Warning System Control Generator XLTR Translator

WSCP Warning System Control Panel XMSN Transmission
WSHLD Windshield XMITTER Transmitter
WSR Weekly System Report XMTR Transmitter
WSSG Warning System Symbol Generator XPDR Transponder
WT Weight XPONDER Transponder
WTB Wing Tip Brake XREF Cross Reference
WTR Water XTAL Crystal
WUC Work Unit Cost XTALK X-TALK Cross Talk
WV (portable) Water Vehicle XTE Cross Track Error
WV Portable XTK Cross Track
W / V Wind / Velocity XTK Cross Track Deviation
WWS Windshear Warning System XTKE Cross Track Error
WX Weather XVALVE Cross Valve
WX Weather Mode (ND)
WXR Weather Radar Y
WXR Weather Radar Transceiver
Y Horizontal Reference Axis
WY Wing Reference Axis (starts on reference axis “ Y “ 1.868mm or 73.54in of Centre Line “
Y Yellow
0 “)
Y-ARM Lateral Arm
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
Y / N Yes / No
YC Economy Class
X Tourist Class
X AC Generation (FIN) YCF Economy Class Front
X Cross YCR Economy Class Rear
X Longitudinal Reference Axis YD Yaw Damper
X Trans YEL Yellow
XARM Cross Arm YES Yankee Escape System
XBAR Crossbar
XBLEED Crossbleed Z
XCEIVER Transceiver
Z Altitude
XCF Cross Check Failure
Z Vertical Reference Axis
XCVR Transceiver
Z Interior (panel)
XDCER Transducer
Z Time (GMT)
XDCR Transducer
Z Zone
X-FEED X-FD Cross feed
ZA Pressure Altitude
X-FEED V Cross feed Valve
ZAJB Zone Audio Junction Box
XFER Transfer
Z-ARM Vertical Arm
XFMR Transformer
ZC Zone Controller
XFR Transfer
ZCB Cabin Altitude
XFR VLV Transfer Valve
ZD Zenner Diode
XG Centre of Gravity (Xg)
XLINE Cross line
ZFCG Zero Fuel Centre of Gravity

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

ZFW Zero Fuel Weight

ZLD Landing Elevation
ZOTC Zone Temperature Controller
Zp Pressure Altitude
Zpi Indicated Pressure Altitude
ZULU Zulu Time = UTC Universal Time Coordinated

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training


Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

S.I. Measurement to US Customary System

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

US Customary System to S.I. Measurement

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

US Customary System to S.I. Measurement

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002

Technical Maintenance Training Ltd
Worldwide Aeronautical Engineering Training

Version 1 Dated 3rd Apr 2002