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At the end of the lesson students must have:

a. Identify suitable literary genres contributed by the south and west Asian
b. Appreciate literary text.

II. Subject Matter

A. TOPIC: The Anatomy of a Filipino by Professor Felix Bautista

B. REFERENC: Changing Perspective Learning Module for English 8
C. VALUE FOCUS: Nationalism

III. Materials

Manila paper
Hand Outs

IV. Procedure
A. Activity
 Review

1. What was your lesson last time?

2. What activities did you perform?

 Motivation

Activity #1: Asking Questions

1. What does it takes to be a Filipino?

2. What are the qualities of a Filipino?
3. How can you say that you are a Filipino?
 Presentation

This morning I am going to discuss to the selection which

is entitled “The Anatomy of a Filipino” by Professor Felix Batista

B. Analysis

The Teacher will present and discuss the selection “The Anatomy of a

C. Abstraction

Activity #2:

1. In the selection “The Anatomy of a Filipino” what does the author feel
in writing the selection?
2. What line in the selection struck you most? Why?

V. Evaluation

D. Application

Activity #3:

1. According to the text, how does a Filipino feel whenever he/she hears the
national anthem being sung or sees the national flag?
2. What is the anatomy of a Filipino? Use the table below to write down your

Table A:

Culture Name History Arts

3. What perspective of being a Filipino does the writer provide? Is there a
change in these perspectives in the latter part of the text? Can this be
observed in the other reading text? Plot this using the table found. Cite
lines from the reading text to prove your answers.

Table 4: Plotting Changes in Perspective

Changing Perspective African The Anatomy of

David Diop Filipino by Prof. Felix



4. What should be considered in choosing the text for choral interpretation?

What makes this test suitable in terms of its message, musicality and
ability to stimulate imagination?

Table C

The Anatomy of A Filipino

By: Prof. Felix Bautista
What message does it express? Is it
Is there a sense of musicality in the
selection? How does the writer
achieve this?
Does the text stimulate
imagination? How?

VI. Assignment

Search for the Elements of Speech Choir.