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Match the idioms with their meanings

1. Baby Cindy is definitely the apple of a. A person who supports the family with
her father’s eye. money.
2. The driver was as cool as a b. to be crowded tightly together in a
cucumber when the police small space
stopped him
3. Please don’t spill the beans about c. To flatter someone to gain something
my plans, I don’t want anyone to find in return.
4. The students at this university are d. To reveal something secret.
the cream of the crop.
5. Our mother has always been the main e. crazy. to become very angry.
6. She’s always trying to butter up her f. the best of all.
boss. She wants a promotion.
7. I don't want my little brother to hang g. One’s favourite person or thing.
around with the bad eggs on the
8. People on the evening train are h. A dishonest or ill-behaved person..
packed like sardines.
9. I think that man's behaviour is a bit i. relaxed, calm.
fishy. Call the police, please.
10. I'm going to go nuts/bananas if I j. suspicious.
don't get a new job soon.
11. We went to the meeting and they told k. In a few words ; very briefly.
us in a nutshell what would be
happening to everyone next year.
12. Sheila is full of beans this l. something very easy.
13. Rock isn't my cup of tea. I prefer m. embarrassed.
14. I guess Ken is becoming a real n. full of energy.
couch potato.
15. John was red as a beetroot when o. something that you don't like much.
he noticed that he hadn't enough
money to pay the bill.
16. The exam was piece of cake. I p. somebody who spends a lot of time
finished it in twenty minutes! sitting and watching TV.