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Statement of Purpose

Elder Roscoe Owens is a teacher, trainer, orator, ordained Minister and affirmed Servant for the

Kingdom of God. My area of expertise is Evangelism while encountering Spiritual Warfare in

which I have over 20 years of experience. I have traveled and ministered with other men and

women of God in preparing the Body of Christ in truly understanding Organizational Leadership,

Spiritual Warfare and how to be effective in faith and family as Christ has mandated.

Also, I have a relationship with the community to mesh the two together in building an

effective community and is not only concerned with the Kingdom of God but the salvation of the

unsaved as well. I have not only been active in church but as a loan officer in a local group,

United Way. I believe that ignorance is a tool and weapon the enemy of our salvation uses to

keep us divided as a Kingdom. When we as Christians demonstrates unity, “the gates of hell

shall not prevail.”

Perhaps my most important work will be achieved with greater skills, knowledge, and gained

credentials from the. Your program will be sufficient for enlighten, while homing in, on my

abilities in ministry, and project a positive image. For those church members seeking knowledge,

by my shared knowledge; this will be fostered in the modern era of theology. Therefore, when

ecclesial leaders request a professional doctoral degree from a clergy; the opportunity will be to

my advantage in overseeing the development of those already in leadership.

Your institution presents a wide range of professional degrees, for anyone pursuing great

accomplishments in theological or religious skills, it will also broaden my skills in those

positions in church such as: senior pastor; executive, worship, small group; education; youth;

outreach; children; including missions pastors. Also, as directors in communications, technology,

finance, stewardship, human resources, and operations. The enhanced skills for managers in

social media, inbound marketing as well the executive assistant to the pastor.

As a sixty-five-year-old scholar, educator, and minister, it gives me the assurance of

accomplishment with the process of higher learning from some of the most dynamic professors

at Union University such as Dr. Kendall Easley, Dr. Frank Anderson, and Dr. Mark Morris. I

also look forward in learning in shared knowledge from renowned Christian scholars and

ministry professionals in the Liberty University School of Divinity, such as Dr. Elmer L. Towns,

Dr. Harold Willmington, and Dr. Gary R. Habermas, which those will teach practical ministry

while imparting deep theological views.

These expected acquired developed practical ministry skills will help me personally, as fore

stated will help families in ministry which are connected in the church and assure church growth.

I understand Liberty University Online Doctor of Ministry program is a research based online

degree that will equip me with the training I need to focus on creative ideas and solutions for my

ministry setting.