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Beginners - Student’s that can't construct sentences accurately. Mostly, they use phrases and clauses.

Pronunciation is very basic.

80% kids

✩Listen and repeat

✩Speak slowly

✩Send pictures if necessary

✩Give praises

✩Show them your enthusiasm

☯Intermediate - Student’s who can construct sentences but with grammar lapses. Though, their
sentences expresses a thought or an Idea. Pronunciation and diction is limited to simple and common

✩ Adjust your speaking speed

✩Always keep on rephrasing

☯Advanced - Students who can construct a complete sentence, can pronounce the vocabularies
accurately but with minor corrections.

Tell me something about yourself.

Hi. My name is Alvy Faith Pel-ey. I’m 26 years old and I’m from Baguio City. I am a graduate of
Bachelor of Arts major in political Science.

The only job that I had was with Beci International Language Academy where I work as ESL Tutor
for 1 year. I have been teaching Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese students who want to learn and master
the English language. Aside from that, I like singing, watching movies and playing volleyball.

ACADSOC provide standard ESL courses to Chinese students (from children to working adults) using
online teaching system.

✩Toys and activities (for kids)

❥Stuffed animals, Action Figures, Puppets, Art Materials, Songs and Nursery Rhymes, ESL Online Flash
games, Flash Cards

How do you accommodate students of varying levels? I will accommodate students of varying levels by
attending to their needs. If it is a beginner, I will Speak slowly, Give praises and Show them my
enthusiasm. If it is an intermediate student, I will adjust my speaking speed and always keep on
rephrasing. Lastly, if it is an advance student, I will correct minor corrections.
What strengths do you have to be a future ESL Teacher?. Well, I am very passionate about teaching and
willing to work during weekdays and weekends.

What is the difference between ... (2 homonym words) HOMONYMS are words that sound alike but
have different meanings. see(with your eye)sea …(the ocean)

I choose ACADSOC because I believed that it is an opportunity for me to teach and continue teaching
English to Chinese people.

Why did you choose to be a Homebased Online English Tutor?

I choose to teach as home based English tutor because I will be able to experience the
convenience of working from home while providing the best online learning experience for the students.
Aside from that, it saves time, energy and money.