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STATE BANK OF INDIA The Chief General Manager, 05.11.2018 State Bank of India, HRIIRIRKS 1/9 lp Local Head Office, All Circles. Madam / Dear Sir, ‘STAFF: AWARD INCREASE IN C, ITY LEVI In the recent past Bank has come across many frauds, which have been perpetrated due to unfettered increase in capability level of Award Staffin CBS. In such cases Award Staff employees are being allotted Capability Level of 7 or 8 in CBS, which is not only a grave security risk for the Bank but also against their service conditions. 2. Inthis context, we advise thatthe duties of clerical staff members (Associate to Chief Associate) are decided through industry level and Bank level settlements with the recognized and representative unions/ union of workmen. The duty ist of all categories of Clerical employee is available in HR Volume- II, updated version of which is available at SBI Times. 3. Further, the CBS team has fixed different capability levels for different categories of clerical fae, 28 Per their duty list. Presently in CBS an Associate should work on capabilty level 2, Senior Associate on capability level 3, Special Associate on capabilty level 4 and Chet Associate on capabilly level 8. Officiating in higher positions should generally not be permitted at branches on Permanent basis. However, in case of an emergency, if any Associate has to hold the charge of epsh, he can be alloted capablity level 4, as the charge of cash at branches van be tae, by Special Associate or Chief Associate only. 5. Controllers should take immediate action whenever an Award Staff member is assigned Capability level above 6, without due approval and justified grounds, Yours fi KT Chief General Manager (HR) ® ater tau for, abs ete rr, Industrial Relations Dept., % 022 2274 1620/28 ite bs, ete a, etic oy, ee ve, Corporate Centro, State Bank Bhavan, 022 2274 2622/20 Fen Ba, FR a a, Madame Cama Road, IP NO. : 100425 / 100552 yg Yoo 024 BRE ¥00 029 Mumbai - 400 021 1