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AU Man [) TMU LOMLA AERO TMA a cat BY TOM ATU ePA IN AAILES MUTCD wacteonardD §=©6»- MUSIC THEORY GUITAR METHOD About the Author .. Acknowledgments Introduction . . About the Recording Tuning Notes .. . CHAPTER 1: The Frethoard . CHAPTER 2: Theory Basics . = CHAPTER 3: Scales and Key Signatures .........seseeseeseeeeeeeeeeene 1B... 212 CHAPTER 4: Intervals 13-17 CHAPTER 5: Triads . . -- 18-20 CHAPTER 6: Harmonizing the Major Scale . 21-22 CHAPTER 7: Chord Construction ‘ CHAPTER 8: Harmonizing the Minor Scale .... 2... 222. 022-seeee teers eee’ AQ... 23-26 CHAPTER 9: Determining Key Conters ...........+eseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen es «+ 27-34 CHAPTER 10: Blues Harmony and Pentatonic Scales «35-48 CHAPTER 11: Modes and Modal Harmony - 49-62 CHAPTER 12: Other Scales and Modes; Chord/Scale Relationships; Arpeggios ..... . 79... 63-81 CHAPTER 13: Chord Substitution and Reharmonization ..........-...-2e2e-0-5 88... 82-94 Index of Musical Terms ....... Answer Keys for Quizzes and Ear Trai Guitar Notation Legend ‘Copy 200 by HAL LEONARD CORPONATION {nersena CapytntSecuied AON Reser No prot sy ba epee ey fm or by ay means with po! writen parm the Fubar Vit al Lcnaré Orne ol wna haloonardcom ABOUT THE AUTHOR Agee of over 6,000 live performances and recording sessions world wide, Tom Kolb has found himself in just about every musical situation imaginable. He currently maintains a busy schedule of gigs and sessions with a wide variety of artis's (including his own band, The Gurus) in the Los Angeles area and abroad. {An instructor at the world famous Musicians Institute (6.1.7) since 1989, Tom is also the author of the instructional bocks Amazing Phasing, Modes for Guitar, and Chord Progressions (101 Patierns from Folk fo Funk), all available through Hal Leonard, He has also written countless magazine articles and currently holds a position as an Associate Editor and monthly columnist for Guitar One magazine, In addition to his playing and writing career, Tom is also the featured artist (on many Star Licks and Hal Leonard instructional videos and OvDs, including: 50 Licks Rook Style, Fender Stratocaster Greats, Modes for the Lead Guitarist, the Starter Series, Best of Lennon and McCartney for Flectric Guitar, Famous Rock Guitar Riffs and Solos, ‘60s Psychedelic Guitar, Advanced Chords and Rhythms, and the Hal Leonard Guitar Method. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS “dike to thank my wite Hedy and my daughter Fiynnie for their unconditional love and support; my parents for their encour= agamont in my formative yoars; Hal Leonard Corporation; all at Guitar One magazine; the statf and students at Musicians Institute, Hollywood; and all the musicians | have had the privilege of playing with over the years.