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FAQ - For Independent Software Vendors (ISVs

1. What are the various ways for a Malaysian broker to access the Exchange’s Trading Engine? There will be 3 ways (front end solutions) to access the trading engine: (a) The Exchange hosted solution – where the server is installed at the Exchange and brokers each ‘own’ a portion of the server/DMA Gateway. (b) The broker can also opt to develop its own solution (in-house) or (c) The broker may even opt to purchase a solution from an ISV, who must be an “Approved Vendor”. 2. What is the trading front end system that is currently in use? In the derivatives market, a dummy terminal is used. Conversely, for the equities market, a dealer trading terminal (WINSCORE) is used. 3. When can I start to sell my software to Malaysian brokers? You may approach our brokers, i.e., Trading Participants and Participating Organizations once you have been appointed as an “Approved Vendor”. 4. How do I become an “Approved Vendor”? • • • • • Firstly, send in the completed application form (Appendix A), whilst complying with all the terms and conditions stated therein Contact the Exchange’s IT department to confirm testing period Perform the test Submit test results The Exchange will then evaluate the results and appoint the ISV as an “Approved Vendor” if all the criteria is successful fulfilled

5. When can I start testing my software on Bursa Malaysia’s testing platform? If you are connecting to the testing platform via MMTP – the platform is already available. Conversely, if you are connecting via FIX 4.4, the testing platform is expected to be available from 1Q 2008 onwards. 6. What are the hardware and software requirements (to test)? To connect to the testing platform, a Certified Access Point (CAP) is required. The ISV would also need to secure an ISDN line and an ISDN router. The ISDN call charges during the testing period will be borne by the ISV. Please refer to explanatory notes and diagrams found on pages entitled “connection via MMTP” or “connection via FIX” of this manual for a detailed explanation.

7. What is the cost to connect to the testing platform? Access to our testing platform (via MMTP) is absolutely free up to the end of 2007. However, you will have to incur costs in terms of obtaining a CAP, an ISDN line and an ISDN router. Please note that from 1st January 2008 onwards, you will have to pay to connect to the testing platform. For those opting to connect via FIX 4.4, access to the testing platform will be free until the end of 2008. From 1st January 2009 onwards, connection to the testing platform will be chargeable. 8. Once I am an Approved Vendor, who can I sell my software to? Please refer to the list of Trading Participants and Participating Organizations contained in our directory. 9. What is MMTP? The MMTP Open Interface Solution is the hardware and software protocol between the Exchange's systems and external or independent software applications (front end trading, order routing or data vendor systems generally). The goal of the open interface is to provide approved participants and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) a mechanism to easily build customized requests and market data feed systems that interface with Bursa Trade. Through a set of standardized API functions, technical staff have the mechanism to build applications that submit requests to as well as receive responses (e.g. order acknowledgement, trade notice) and market data information.