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Moscow 2010
Victor A. Korniloff
Technology of creation. Introduction in the theory of
world order / V. А. KORNILOFF. – М.: «ONTOPRINT», 2010. - 370 P : FIG.

Readers are offered a hypothesis of the structure of the Universe in the broadest sense of the word.
The author uses technological analysis to gain an insight into the unknown spheres of Creation. Analyzing
the way in which the World, consisting of heterogeneous things, is united into a balanced entity - the author
finds answers to questions such as: how the Universe is organized, who created it and for what purpose. The
book is so unusual that it resists standard classification. The language of a popular science volume is coupled
with the conclusions and generalizations that attempt to change the scientific paradigm and revolutionize
religious consciousness.
The reader is presented with a dramatic, but quite understandable picture of the World, where Matter and
Spirit, Freedom and Necessity, Belief and Knowledge interact in harmony, but leave no place for mysticism
or magic.
The book is addressed to those people who want to know about how the World is constructed.

This second edition, revised and supplemented, holds on based on the first edition, published by the
Canon + ROOI «Rehabilitation» in 2007 under ISBN 978-5-88373-148-7. UDK 14, BBK 60.5; H 52

© Victor A. Korniloff, 2010

All rights are reserved and protected by law. Copying of the text and illustrations without the written
permission of the author and publisher is prohibited. References to the author and the edition must be made
in any quotations or reproduction of drawings.
The matter world is a part Wold order use the same means. Logic, mathematics,
at the head, which there is a Lord. geometry, ethics … Learning these parties
Invisible and unknown to the person. of the World order, the person starts to use
Universe part – the Radio world, that the same tools, as the Lord.
not less, exists quite really and in many To me has opened that in an arsenal
respects defines existence Material world of the Founder there is a special shelf,
and the person. on which in all Divine completeness
Moreover all Universe, including a and to beauty there is a System analysis,
matter and the person is created only by the Designing, Designing, Technology,
Lord from a unique resource, which Lord Modelling, Manufacture… Toolkit for the
too is. Stars, a stone, a human soul... All is full cycle of Creation from a plan to an
things created Miro – Building which was embodiment.
created by the Lord. Certainly, the technological judgement
The universe at all mystery and of the Universe doesn't apply for its
incomprehensibility for human reason, exhaustive explanation, but that Not less
nevertheless, has one through property, gives unexpectedly much. The opened
one cut on .To which it is ready to open logic Interrelations of material objects has
to human understanding. The universe is deduced me on main principles devices
result of the Divine creation, something of the Radio World where takes place a
created by the Lord for the purposes known difficult cycle of preparation for matter
to It. In this connection the universe can occurrence.
be considered as the en-gineering object As a whole all design of the Universe
so to approach to its knowledge, using combined from material and radio
an arsenal of engi-neering-technological parts, has opened system character of
concepts, well-known to the person the Universe, also has allowed to judge
thanking its rough creative activity. its purposes and a role of the person in
As to a plant not to become ani- it. Once in a youth I almost didn't know
mals,as to an animal not to rise level God, then in mature years I have come
with the person, and to the person during to sincere BELIEF in the Lord, and now
lifetime not to become God. But the reason I. It is assured in Its existence, thanks to
is given the person, the logic, ability and the understanding found by me and TO
interest to knowledge, also isn't present an KNOWLEDGE. Religion, and Divinity
interdiction to learn the World created by in mine with -Knowledge not only haven't
God. There are areas where the animal and trembled from technological judgement of
the person are almost equal – some features the Universe, but have received one more
of an organism, memory, reactions to many stunning certificate of wisdom, beauty and
irritants, feeling grieves and pleasures etc. omnipotence of the Creator.
But are in the nature even more interesting Whether to a conclusion: isn't present
areas where the person and the Founder in the world of miracles, they simply


aren't necessary, as the world is thin a spark of God in a shower. The sum of
enough and various. Its device sometimes representations about a Universe, saved up
in addition it is deliberately hidden from by Divinity and natural-science thought
the person for the sake of its blessing. has reached for the first time that level
There are no obstacles to science and when becomes possible, so Necessary to
Divinity cooperation if the scientist and build the UNIFORM The GENERAL
the Seminary student bear in a shower a THEORY of the WORLD ORDER and to
spark of God. Long researches have led take the first step to godlike PANSOPHY!
to a conclusion: isn't present in the world
of miracles, they simply aren't necessary,
as the world is thin enough and various. P.S. For the first perusal and the general
Its device sometimes in addition it is understanding of sense of the book, it is
deliberately hidden from the person for the possible to pass the ma-thematical safely
sake of its blessing. There are no obstacles formulas, technological terms,tables and
to science and Divinity cooperation if the schemes – they are addressed a small
scientist and the Seminary student bear circle of professional opponents.



In the second edition some wishes of my own I in its following reincarnation.

readers have been considered. First of all, Thirdly, this reference of my reason to my
the title of the book demanded specification soul, Logosa to Sofia, scientific thinking
as the word «Creation» has two senses to the divine Omniscience hidden in
– «the World Created by the Lord» and our souls and human egoism, to Divine
«Process of creation of the World». The to the spark enclosed by the Founder in
term put in the title, assumes the second, depth of soul of each person. But time
less use – My value, but becomes clear it such expression seemed to readers too fa-
only after book perusal, especially if the miliar, I have replaced it with the direct
reader isn't familiar with a technology reference to my soul («My soul»), leaving
subject. However it would not be de- the reader the right to join conversation or
sirable to change the name. Therefore to to observe of my internal dialogue from
the title «Technology of creation» as slo   – outside. The second edition is added by the
to were brand the subtitle «In-troduction terminological dictionary which included
in the World order theory» – the name all key concepts and them definitions. It
strictly adequate to the maintenance has is made for an explanation of the terms,
been added. Unex-pectedly many remarks which else were never considered in a
has caused the reference «My Soul». context of the system analysis and the
Someone even has seen in them a shade technological approach. As in some
of the superiority and condescension of cases I had to think out neologisms for
the author in relation to the reader. The a designation before unknown persons
reference «my Soul» usually is ad-dressed subjects and the phenomena. I thank you,
to the loved one, but allows to enclose in my deeply dear readers, and I wait for your
it some more senses. For me it, first, the new questions and remarks.
reference to the reader close to me on spirit.
Secondly, if such readers .Will be a little or E-mail:
it will not appear at all, this reference to

Prayer I

Is it really the lot of humans to be You presented us with the ability to create
vegetating grass? and taught us crea-tive activity, among
other things.
You gave us reason and will and conferred
upon us the responsibility of the moral In the last two to three hun-dred
choice between good and evil, but made the years, people discovered the laws of the
spiritual connection with You invisible and technology of creating; we learned not
limited life with death. only to create sepa-rate objects, but also
multifunc-tional systems with properties
We do not even know the mean-ing of of self-regulation, self-development and
our existence. definition of objectives.
That is why our life is saturated by And then one day I understood. You are
bitter envy and venal egotism. just the same as I – an en-gineer. The World
We are more removed from You than created by You is one complex system,
anything in this World, but we are also and in order to understand it, we can
what is most similar to You. make use of the categories of the systems
approach known to humans: defi-nition
Allow our souls to accept Your Light of objectives, hierarchy of goals and tasks,
and to become intelligent as-sistants in the structuring, the methods of information
matters of Your crea-tion. storage, transfer and processing, manage-
I know that the depth of Your purity ment principles of control, optimi-zation,
and wisdom is unattainable for humans. construction, functioning, conservation of
You establish order and do not violate resources, etc.
what has been established. But since the universe exists and
But there is no magic, miracle or so accordingly works, this means that
anything irrational in Your Ho-liness and somehow, somewhere, someone thought
in the World You created – only hints at it out technologi-cally, someone created it
the cause and effect of Your infinitely wise and someone is still running it.
laws. So I decided to understand the
The universe You have built is immense technology of creation. To gather the
and still hardly is open for us – the people knowledge about the universe accumulated
populating the Earth. by science and to analyse it in a
technological aspect.
Neither the purpose nor the concept of
creation is visible to us so far. The world visible and invisible, known
and unknown, so complex and so balanced,
Religion shed some light on Your so multifaceted and so harmonious, so wise
appearance for humans, but blind faith and beautiful! What it is made of? How is
and religious rituals for the contemporary it arranged? Why does it not stop? Where
person no longer serve to bring us closer to does it move? Who created it? When was it
You. created and for whom?
After immersing us into the mate-rial Lord! From an early age, these
World and distancing Yourself from us, questions have given me no rest. I do not


Forgive me, Lord, for the in-voluntary

want to say that I would sacrifice everything sin of declaring myself the author of what
to answer them. On the contrary, work on was written. Do not doubt that only by Your
the solution of the problem to which I have will was it was given to me to describe the
dedicated the better part of my life, has smaller part of Your acts and Your truth.
given me and continues to give me great
satisfaction. Moreover, I barely believed in Now my task, if I understand You
suc-cess, was not published and told no one correctly, is to describe to people what I
what I was doing because it is ridiculous have come to under-stand.
and immodest to declare that you are going ***
to explain in modern scientific language
how and why the World was created and I address this book to You my soul, to my
who created it. thoughtful reader, to my spiritual twins.
To those who want to overcome the sin
Lord! Father! Creator! I thank You!
of atheism; those whose sense of self-
It came about by Your will in me! My respect overpowers slavish dependence
naive dream came true! on temptations and passions; those
After the first six decades of my life whose reason opposes blind idola-try;
passed, the mosaic of the di-vergent facts those who are ready to see in the Lord
began to fall into amazingly clear pictures, the Secondly, I address this book to You,
the indi-vidual parts of the system started to to my spiritual twins. Those who want
come alive and soon merged into a unified to overcome the sin of atheism; those
overall diagram, where there is a place for whose sense of self-respect overpowers
each thing and phenomenon of this World. slavish dependence on temptations and
As I expected, the system of Creation passions; those whose reason opposes
according to its funda-mental concept proved blind idolatry; those who are ready to
to be com-pletely accessible for human under- see in the Lord the Way, the Truth and
standing, harmonious and beautiful even in the Life.
graphic form. And as with any system, the
system of Creation serves as a gnostic key to Lord! Do not leave me until I have
under-standing of the nature of its parts, i.e. described Your creation to the generations to
all phenomena and the objects of Creation. come after me!
Lord! I understood how You create the


Some 40 years ago, when I started [110, p. 375].

gathering materials for this book, I did not
have the slightest inkling how it would turn Indeed, throughout human history,
out, my soul. There was neither any idea there have been so many wise men, phi-
about a technological view on creativity losophers, theologists and seers who
nor any other approaches to the issue. have touched upon the subject of our
The only motive was the desire to ruminations. And they have had much to
understand how the world works and how offer. Some offered the canopy of heaven
one needs to live one’s life in it. on three elephants while others offered the
Such questions, asked in earnest by a Thunder-bearer, Logos, First Cause and
grown man, mostly elicit a negative reac- dialectical materialism…
tion from others. This reaction is fraught There was a lot of chaff, but a lot of
with a deeply suppressed vexation at not wise thoughts as well. Much of what was
being able to find the answers. In others’ said even in ancient times is not fully
eyes, you are simultaneously a fool – since comprehended. To be sure, how many
you are asking childish questions – and a aphorisms by renowned wise men and
high-brow if you take to thinking about spiritual authorities remain riddles even
that which many people smarter than you now! Maybe this is not a matter of our
have not found an answer for. ignorance, but of the systemic vision that
came to them as a revelation being inac-
«Harp upon wine, upon song – cessible to us.
Do not touch the secret of eternity: So to start with, we need to see what
This dark charade does not submit to wise the wise men of times past and our con-
Hafiz [54, p. 355].
temporaries said about dispensation and
the role of man in the world.
It is an understandable thought. One What is God? How does the Uni-verse
can even relate to it in some ways. work? What is Life and Death? Who rules
On the other hand, how can you take the world and how?
life and oneself seriously and wish for You will see, my soul, that before us
happiness, when you do not even under- there was so much that was discovered
stand who you are and why you were born? and understood so much and so pro-
Cicero quite specifically commented on foundly that only one drop is lacking;
this: one additional turn, one divinely inspired
idea that would make the cloud of in-
«First we must find out what the comprehension to dissipate, opening up
essence of nature is and who we are before the structure of the universe in all of its
we can say how we can become happy.» divine wisdom, simplicity and beauty.



Probably as soon as man acquired the But we are now talking about the be-
capability of rational thought, he felt his ginning of beginnings and the First Cause,
disconnection from the universe and the understanding God to be that which is
limitations of his half-animal existence. higher than all causes and effects. This
same name of God is used for other, less
«Does not the soul languish so much lofty levels of the spiritual world. I am
because it does not feel the other world, not able to give a classification of gods of
which exists somewhere nearby, colouring the various levels, but in one way or another
meaning of everyday life?»
we will touch upon this issue on more than
Guberman, [34, p. 298].
one occasion.
Is a human able to find out anything
Let us start with the most important
about God, to judge or analyze informa-
question: «Is there a god?» This is not
tion about him? Able or unable is not an
such a simple question. The sun sets in the
issue. Man has been holding discourse
evening. Is the sun still there at night? At
about God since the Fall of Man. The
first glance, no, since it is dark. But it is
search for god and knowledge of god are
still there, and nothing happened to it even
preordained in man, but there are limits to
though its light is inaccessible to us.
this path:
The key word is «is» We distribute
this word throughout our perception in our «Verily, verily, I say unto you, the ser-vant is
material and transitory world. There is no not greater than his lord; he that is sent is not
God in this world and cannot be, or else he greater than he that sent him. If ye know these
would be just as transitory and would need things, happy are ye if ye do them» [John
his own Creator. But the ma-terial world 13:16–17].
that is familiar to us is quite possibly the
lowest link in the chain of creation, at the According to theologists [Encyclo-
top of which is First Cause – that which pedic Dictionary of Christianity, 123, p.
is born of itself and produces everything 337], exceptional qualities and character-
from itself without limits. This is God as istics are inherent to God. First of all,
understood by hu-mans. He has existed Love, Grace (Goodness), Truth, Beauty
for all time and within everything. In this and Omnipotence are characteristics so
sense, He is. close to His essence that they are some-
The Material World, every object, times used as His name.
every living thing and movement is not Secondly, there are the unique char-
God, but they carry within themselves acteristics: absolute self-sustainability, a
the operant motive and determinism the level of freedom not limited by anything
source of which is God’s will. In this other than one’s own manifestations, per-
sense, God is present in every atom of the fect thought and full knowledge.
material world. Furthermore, one gets the impression that


the Creator of the universe is wise, kind, giving everything and receiving noth-ing in
exacting and hard. He is a brilliant director return is intrinsic to Goodness. In other words,
not without a sense of humour. However, God gives everything and receives nothing
in return. God is Goodness, and Goodness is
the latter characteristics are more readily
God»[22, p. 27].
associated with other, lower hierarchies of
Divine powers governing the realm of the
material world. «None of those who are called gods, no
people or demons could ever be called good:
Great thinkers in times past said such this definition fits only God Himself. He is
profound, beautiful and poetic words about Goodness and nothing else. All other beings
the highest Divinity, that it is better to just are not capable of containing the nature of
quote them without commentary. Goodness. They are the essence of body and
Separated from us by centuries, but soul and have no room for Goodness» [22, p.
absolutely familiar and understandable, 27].
Hermes Trismegistus said of God, «Glory radiates in all directions from the
divine essence. It is possible that is specifi-
cally in this essence that glory manifests it-self
«If He were visible, then He would not in clearest and most authentic way. We are not
exist. All visibility is created or manifested, afraid to say, O Asclepius, that the essence
but the invisible exists for all time without of God, if He has an essence is Glory, and it
need for manifestation. He exists for eternity, impossible to attribute Glory-and-Goodness to
and he makes all things clear. He is invisible anything else in the world» [22, p. 39].
because He is eternal. By not manifesting
himself, he leads to the advent of everything.
In not revealing Himself, He leads to His own «This is what God is – Goodness has the
revelation. Uncreated, He manifests all things full might to create everything that exists [22,
into visibility. Visibility is inherent only to p. 80]».
things that are created» [22, p. 33].
«His essence consists of birthing and
creating all things. And since nothing can
The following text is also Hermes. exist without the Creator and He Himself
would not exist if he were not creating con-
«Since Unity is the origin and root of all stantly, in the air, on the earth, in the depths
things, there is an origin and root in all things. of the sea, in the entire Universe, in existence
There is nothing without origin, and origin and nothingness. There is nothing in the World
does not originate from nothingness, but only that is He Himself. He is contempora-neously
from itself, as everything originates from Him. what is and what is not, since what He is, He
It is the origin of itself, since it has no other. has already manifested, and what He is not,
Unity, which is the origin, contains in itself He contains within Himself. Such is God – to
all numbers... But it is no born of any other great to have a name, invisible and apparent,
number. All that is born is imperfect, divisible, He who opens in the soul, He who opens to the
subject to increase or decrease. The perfect has eyes, He who does not have a body, since there
none of these qualities. Such is… the image of is nothing that is not Him and all is He Alone.
God, as much as I am able to imagine it» [22, с That is why He is the bearer of all names,
33]. since he is the only Fa-ther, and that is why
he does not have a name, since He is Father of
«God and Goodness are the same in es- everything». [22, p. 36].
sence. Together they comprise a unified im-
age from which all other things originate, since «There is no hope that the name, no mat-


ter how complex it is, can signify His great- the very fact of the persistence of repeti-
ness, Father and Lord of all things. He has no tions from century to century, from mil-
name, or rather, He has all names, since He lennium to millennium.
contains everything within himself; one ought
Grigor Narekatsi (Armenia, 951–1003) has
to either call all things with His name or call
Him with the names of all things»[22, p. 111]. given us a wonderful song:

«O Lord of everything that exists, giving

Or here is the view that is closest to my us priceless gifts,
heart among the ancient Greeks – that of Lord, creating everything from nothing,
the philosopher Plotinus: Unknown, all-knowing, frightening,
Both merciful and inexorable,
«God is one, indivisible, unified origina- Infinite and unattainable,
tion, the unified consciousness of all and the Invisible, eternal, immense,
only number. On his own, he is greater and Both horrifying and gracious,
mightier than all that has passed, and there is Impenetrable are You, intangible,
nothing now and nothing that could be greater Both without beginning are You, and
or better than him. It follows from this that without end,
he is beholden to nothing and no one neither You are the only thing that is
in his existence nor in his perfection, but he immeasurable,
is what he is, all on his own, for him-self and The only thing in the world that is genuine
in himself, independent of anything external and reliable,
or otherwise, and faced only towards himself» You are that which bestows a blessing
[82, p. 292]. upon us».
[86, p. 69].
The ancient Indians, just as the more
recent Judean Cabbalists, placed empha-sis The book of explanations of old tes-tament
on the continuity of the concepts of Supreme texts – the Zogar, is highly re-vered in
Being and happiness or satisfaction. Judaism:

«We strive toward happiness because «Sovereign of the Universes! You are the
happiness is the natural state of the soul. The Cause of Causes, the Inspiration of Inspira-
soul is an integral part of the Supreme Being, tions… There is nothing comparable to You
which by its very nature is sach-chid-ananda- neither above not below. And you created
vigraha – knowledge, bliss and eternity in- the Heavens and Earth. And from them, you
carnate. “Even the name Krshna, by no means brought out the Sun, Moon, planets and con-
sectarian in its meaning, means ‘greatest stellations. And on the Earth – the trees and
satisfaction.’ ‘Krsh’ means ‘great-est’ and grasses, the Garden of Eden, the animals, the
‘na’ means satisfaction. Krshna is satisfaction birds and the fish. And the sons of man, in
incarnate, and we, in being inte-gral particles order for them to perceive the divine. And how
of Him, also thirst for satisfac-tion» [27, p. the divine and the underlings are gov-erned.
143]. And how the underlings attain the divine.
But no one knows about You. And apart from
You there is no unity of the divine and the
At some point, we start to notice the
underlings. And You are known as the Cause
repetitions. But nuance also appear. The of All Things and Lord of All» [51, p. 271].
beauty of words does not cease to spell-
bind, but it is even more interesting that Each pronouncement is accompanying by


an emotional outburst. love, but do not worry. You are jealous, but are
Rabbi Solomon Beh Yehuda Ibn Ge- not troubled. You repent, but are not sorrowful.
birol  – philosopher and cabbalist, You show temper, but are not frustrated. You
change circumstances but not intentions. You
11th century:
perceive, but do not lose track. You want for
nothing, but in acquiring, you rejoice, are
«You are one, the number of all numbers not self-serving, but demand interest. You
and foundation of all structures; You are one, are given recompense to be inclined towards
and the wisest of people is in the secret of generosity, but who has something that is
your oneness, since they do not know it. You not from You? You reward by paying money,
are One, and Your Oneness is never dimin- but to whom do You owe? By forgiving, you
ished and never expanded and cannot be relinquish debts, but do not lose anything» [21,
changed. You are One, but not as an element of p. 471].
counting, since Your Oneness does not allow
multiplication, changes or forms. You exist,
but the understanding and vision of mortals With time, attitudes towards the
cannot reach Your existence or de-termine issue of God begin to turn to the plane of
Your Where, How and Why! You exist, but analysis.
in and of Yourself, since nothing and nobody Yes, it is obvious that God exists, but for
can exist with you. You exist before all times full credibility, we attempt to prove it
and outside of any place. You exist and Your logically.
existence is so deep and secret that no one can
The 13th century. The theologist
penetrate your secret and discover it. You are
Alive, but outside of time that can be defined Thomas Aquinas. I am sorry for the
or known. You live, but not by the power of lengthy quote, but now I see that all five
the soul, since You Yourself are the Soul of all proving points turned out to be true. It will
souls!» [16, p. 542]. also become obvious to you, dear heart.

And here are the words of St. «The existence of God may be proven in
Augustine, the father of Latin-based five ways:
Christianity, enthu-siastic and in love with I. The first and most obvious way stems
God to the point of self-abnegation: from the concept of movement. In truth, there
can be no doubt that something moves in this
Universe, and this is confirmed by the evi-
«Who are you, My Lord? Who or what
dence of sensation.
other than the Lord God. Since who is God,
All that moves has to have something else
but the Lord and who is the protection except
as the source of its movement. Conse-quently,
for the Lord Our?» (Ps 17, 32). The highest,
as soon as a moving object moves by itself,
most perfect, almighty, all-good and all-
it moves another object and so on. But it is
merciful, just and fair to the highest degree,
impossible for this to go on to infin-ity, since
inaccessible and essential to everything, true
in such a case there was no primary mover,
beauty and undefeated strength, unchange-
so consequently, no other mover. Secondary
able, but changing everything, without age
propulsion devices transmit movement only
and unrenewed, but renewing everything and
because they themselves are moved by the
aging the proud in their ignorance, always
primary mover. For example, a staff imports
restive and always creating, all-gathering and
motion since it is moved by the hand itself.
not needing anything, all-carrying, filling and
Consequently, it is necessary to go to some
supporting, feeding and improving, taking
primary mover, which is driven by nothing
care of everything and wanting for naught. You
else but what everyone understands to be God.


II. The second way stems from the con- God has been replaced in people’s con-
cept of original cause. It is inconceivable that sciousness with empirical scientific
a series of original causes stretches back to knowledge, there are thinkers for whom
infinity. Consequently, it is necessary to place
a picture of the Universe is incomplete
a primary original cause, which every-one
calls God. without God.
III. The third way stems from the con-cepts Modern-day philosopher Richard Ni-bur
of capability and necessity. It is impos-sible for says:
a series of necessary essences that give rise to
the necessity of one another to stretch back to «Whatever we call it, this rule of the way
infinity (in the same manner as with original things are, this reality, this world order  – it is
causes, which was proven above). Therefore, it all something with which we must consider.
is necessary to place some necessary essence We may not be able to give it a name, merely
that is necessary in and of itself and does not calling all of this “emptiness”, from which
have an external cause for its necessity, but everything originates and to which every-
is a component of the necessity of all other thing returns, even though this is also a
essences. In my opinion, this is God. name. However, it exists – this last nebulous
IV. The fourth way stems from various and unclear reality, the mystery of existence,
stages that are present in things. We find by virtue of which things originate and are
things that are more or less perfect, or true, themselves, and arrive. There is no protection
or honourable; and it is the same with other from it. This reality, this nature of things
relationships of this kind. But that which the remains, when all other things have passed. It
maximum of a particular quality is the cause is the source of all things and the completion
of all other manifestations of this quality. of all things. It surrounds our life like a great
Thus, fire, as the limit of heat, is the source chasm into which all things descend and from
of all heat, as has been said in that same book. which all things originate, as if from a great
It follows from this that there is some essence spring. What it is – we do not know, apart from
that is for all essences the cause of good and all that it exists and that is the higher reality with
manner of perfection, and we call this essence which we must settle accounts». [77, p. 345].
V. The fifth way stems from the order This is the state of affairs with regard
of nature. We are convinced that objects that
have no consciousness, such as natural bod- to the idea of God. But in all times, there
ies, are subservient to purposefulness. This was the parallel issue of belief in God.
follows from their actions always or most of Belief in God itself can be of a minimum
the time being directed at the best possible of two different types.
outcome. Out of this it follows that they In one case, humans only need to
reach their goals not by accident, but by the know that God exists and nothing better
guidance of a conscious will. Because they than him exists. Spinoza has given us a
lack comprehension themselves, they can be
subservient to purposefulness only in that
classic formulation:
they are directed by something gifted with
reasoning and understanding, like an archer «We see that Jeremiah, Moses and John
aims an arrow. Consequently, there is a sen- limit the acquisition of knowledge about God
tient being deciding the aim of all that is tak- that every person must have, and not many
ing place in nature, and we call it God» [111, p. imagine him to be as we wanted to show only
20, 21]. in the following light, specifically: that God is
fair and merciful to the highest degree and He
is the only example of true life» [104, p. 281].
Even in our atheistic century, when


Since things are this way, then there the right choice, use the freedom given by
is no need to strive towards knowing God God wisely, like a subtle, be-nevolent hint
and the Universe. Live in fear of God and pointing out the right Path. With regard
enough philosophising: to all objects of creation, Goodness is the
absolute and sole struc-tural material –
«We have shown that true knowledge of information.
God is not a command, but a Gift from God, With regard to God, Goodness is His
and God does not require any other knowl- body, His essence, perpetually pouring
edge from people other than knowledge of his into the Universe and creating the Uni-
divine fairness and love, knowledge which
is necessary not for the sciences, but for
submission» [104, p. 283]. God’s Love. This is love of the Genius
Creator to His Creation. However, in
But there is another choice that is observing the universal law of cyclic
more agreeable and, by the way, more occurrence and one can notice that in
ancient. God must be known, one must both God’s and God’s Creation there is a
go to God and in general all expansion of sequence of active and passive periods and
knowledge is welcomed. Faith in this case internal and external manifestation of these
is understood to be filling in the un-known qualities is possible. More importantly,
part of the general picture of the Universe. there are times when Love looks like hate
From Judah’s epistles to the He-brews: and creativity like destruction.
Truth. Only the being that knows
«Therefore we ought to give the more all reasons and consequences can pass
earnest heed to the things which we have judgment on Truth. One of the most vivid
heard, lest at any time we should let them of the poetic lines in the New Testament is
slip. For if the word spoken by angels was a God-inspired phrase from Jesus that is
steadfast, and every transgression and dis- also super-emotional in a human way:
obedience received a just recompense of re- «I am the way, the truth, and the life».
ward; How shall we escape, if we neglect so
[John 14:6].
great salvation; which at the first began to be
spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto Beauty. All that is created by god is
us by them that heard him» [Hebrews 2:1-3] beautiful?!? No. Not everything and not all
the time. In any case, in terms of hu-man
There is probably no sense in citing perception. It is possible that that is why
more quotes. They are legion. The entire creation, even though it is a highly divine
Bible, from cover to cover, is 1200 pages process, includes an element of play,
of first class quotes about God. unpredictability, risk and allows for the
But what is the dried residue like? Which possibility of discoveries, finds and losses.
intuitively understood concepts could be But the main instrument of beauty  –
used in a technological image of Creation? Harmony – the only true relationship of
A whole series of concepts characterising parts to the whole, is always inherent to
God the Creator. God, and any game of creation ultimately
Grace, Goodness. With regard to ends in beautiful Creation.
humans this is the advent of the opportu- Omnipotence. It exist in a specific
nity to come closer to God, an offer to make relationship with Freedom. Even though


both of these powers are unlimited, mu- subjective and ideas and reality, because
tual inhibition is built in to their very thought, material and action are combined
nature. Indeed, if in creating, God brings within it in a primordial, perfect,
a certain order to the world, with laws, syncretised whole.
rules, dependencies, then He takes it upon Full knowledge. This probably is
Himself not to violate these, i. e. He even some kind of Knowledge – Feeling –
limits His Freedom and His Omnipotence, Cognizance, absolutely inaccessible to
but having done that does not lose anything humans, who, after the Fall, have only
and does not detract from them at all. been left table scraps from its rich pie:
Absolute self-sufficiency of the «genetic memory»   – knowledge at the
person of God. If it is possible to ascribe level of physiology, «scientific knowl-
human qualities to God, then this is the edge» – answers, ripped from silent
case when «I» is not limited by anything, na-ture and the «voice of conscience» –
as every object is part of the Divine «I» awareness of good and evil, which gives
and does not signify something external rise to more questioning than understand-
for Him. Therefore, the characteristic outer ing. Full knowledge, which is inherent
limitations of humans and incomplete to God, is unlimited in the depth of its
awareness of the depths of their own «I» do penetration into objects and their cause-
not apply to God by definition. However, and-effect connections; it is unlimited in
full introvertedness (directedness inward) the area of its spread, as there is nothing
does not mean solitude as it implies endless that cannot be an object of knowledge. It
variation of games and activities, including has neither time limits nor uncertainty of
within itself mental contact and links with what is to come. As distinct from human
an infinite number of included parts, full knowledge, Divine Knowledge is true and
introvertedness turns out to be equal to full objective, free from emotions and bias,
extravertedness, i. e. interaction without does not need deduction and induction,
limits in terms of quality and quantity. analysis and synthesis, it is not divided
Perfect thought. Thought – is the main into theoretical and empirical, and is
and most beautiful quality in hu-mans. «beyond good and evil». This knowledge
One can only imagine how beauti-ful is absolute, exhaustive and efficacious.
this quality is in God! However, say-ing God almighty and wise. Because
that perfect thought is thought that is not only an Almighty and Wise Being could
limited by anything is wrong. I imag-ine create such a huge, complex, and harmo-
an analogy with chess: in this game, strict nious Universe, where there is a place and
rules leave an infinite freedom of choice way of existing for one and all.
and combine elements of predestination and Benevolence. It manifests itself in
unpredictability. One can conjecture that God’s infinite patience and the power to
Perfect Thought, a pale imprint of which forgive our sins, our stiff-necks – stub-
we see in human thought, also combines bornness in unbelief. God’s benevolence
elements of de-liberate limitations of consists of preserving up until the last
Freedom. Further-more, Perfect Thought minute of life the chance for repentance,
knows no time-space limitations, has no spiritual rebirth and the chance to be heard
conflict between the objective and the and comforted.


The Creator is demanding and Fearing sin, I want to emphasise one

firm. Evil and despicable deeds are ac- more time: humans should and must seek
counted for and measures for retribution the image of God, but should not think
are taken, regardless of person and merits. themselves capable of reaching the image
God has his own judgment and meth-ods of God. Let us remember that the gift of
of reprisal. The logic of these is often far consciousness given to us is not a pretext
from understandable for us, but after all, for self-aggrandisement and pride.
we know all of the circumstances. The With regard to today’s science, in the
Lord gives multiple warnings and leads best case, it does not “notice” the phe-
us away from ungodly acts, but humans, nomenon of God, and in many cases
by violating God’s moral laws, can already takes up a rigidly atheistic position. This
expect punishment in this life – illnesses, specifically is the sin of pride. The tiny,
misfortunes, spiritual emptiness, etc.   – superficial, barely apparent human em-
the types of punishment are even too pirical knowledge thinks itself the abso-
numerous to enumerate. lute judge of the surrounding Universe.
God’s punishment of humans. It This is the illusion and fallacy of a small
consists of a cessation of Grace. Loss of child. Science, which grew out of ex-
Grace means that a person loses God’s perimental experience, cannot be other-
support and remains one on one with both wise. Many scientists are atheists.
the internal and external Satan, which rules
the material world. Punishment may be «He adamantly knew that there was no-
applied to the person in question, his loved body behind the dome of the clear skies,
ones, a generation, a country, a family, But yesterday God called out to him
and quietly called him an arsehole».Guberman
several generations and a people. And
[35, p. 511].
the firmness of the punishing hand does
not leave any hope for a pre-determined
But the child grows up and becomes
smarter, as he or she is wont to do. And
God is a brilliant director. His Genius
science will become smarter.
lies in the most primitive and complex
And so what will transpire tomor-row?
contortions of human fates ultimately
A paradigm shift is in store. The
leading to a human being faced with his
concepts of Experience, Practice, Theory
or her sins or good works in personified
and Method, on which the modern im-
form. In other words, in the course of life,
pression of scientific knowledge rests,
we meet people or are faced with events
must undergo a fundamental evolution and
that consist of the answer to our good
will be filled with more profound content.
and bad deeds and thoughts. In this way,
The God-Creator will enter them.
by not limiting us in self-determination,
One will have to accept the fact that
God does not deny Himself the pleasure
experience given to humans in the form of
of leading us up to a spiritual mirror and
feelings is able to encompass only a small
showing what we have done with ourselves
part of the phenomena occurring in the
in forgetting about Him.
The Ten Commandments say, «Thou
Any theory describing part of the
shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain».


universe is always incomplete, because life and the capability to definitively resolve
the universe is unified. Without under- issues of religion, philosophy, morality and the
standing the general theory of the uni- capability of giving directives for the creation
of spiritual culture», Berdyaev [12, p. 441].
verse, all private knowledge is partially
The methods of the natural sciences And there is more. The antithesis of
are predicated on human notions of the scientific knowledge to religious knowl-
material world, or more exactly – that edge itself is an archaism of the Iron Age
part of the material world accessible to and the time of the industrial revolution.
experiments and reproducibility. But the There is no real contradiction between
Universe is far more vast and varied. A them. Knowledge of the universe that
broader methodological base is necessary. God created and the path to experimental,
Methodology needs instruments capable of natural-science knowledge of the universe
operating with objects of the non-material lie on one and the same path – the path to
world, as well as transitory objects that the Creator.
related both to material and non-material Many brilliant minds have long since
phenomena. noticed that Faith and really any form of
orientation towards God leads humans on
«Science is searching for truth, and Logos the path of learning about the universe. By
is reflected in Science. But it has certain coming to know God, you come to know
boundaries and there are questions which not the Universe created by Him.
only does not have the capacity to resolve, but
even to pose. The conflict is created in the false «The only way to save mankind is knowl-edge
claims of science to dominion over human of God». Hermes [22, p. 51].




One day you have to stop and look Here is the significant dialog on
around to find the way to a decent life this topic from the work of Hermes
through all the vanity that surrounds you. Trismegistus:
The world we spend our lives in – what
kind of world is it, where did it come from, « – If you think about it, o King, you
where is it going, does it have a goal, ends will see that among the bodies there are also
and boundaries? aethereal ones.
–Which ones? – the King asked.
«The Mind is a secret ambassador to you, – Bodies appearing in mirrors – don’t they
human seem aethereal to you?
It dwells in your heart for a reason – Indeed, o Thoth, your opinion is wonderful,
It is questioning you about dozens of - the King answered.
secret things – But there are other aethereals. For example,
When it is alone with you» shapes: doesn’t it seem to you that they really
Nasir Hosrov [54, p. 84] exist, although bodiless, shapes of beings, not
only the animate ones, but also inanimate?
– Thy words speak the truth, o Thoth.
Let us presume that there exist 2 – Thus the ethereal reflects in bodies, and
approaches to the problem of the origin bodies reflect in the ethereal, which means that
of the World: on the level of matter and the sensual world reflects in the comprehensible
on some higher level, where the material world, and the comprehensible world reflects
world is a part of broader World view. in sensual world. Therefore you should honor
Not to go into details for now, let us the statues, o King, as they also embody forms
from the world of the extra-sensual».[22, p. 87]
consider the World and its origin in the most
general and broad interpretation known by us
and intelligible to us. For some reason two contrary visions
Back in the ancient times humans noticed, have been formed in people’s consciousness.
that not everything in the environment could Some think that there is a material World,
be perceived by the five senses that they which can be sensed, measured and the rest
possessed. There are many things which is «of evil», but in fact «evil forces» are a
markedly affect our material life, but at the fiction too. Others say that all the material
same time their existence is not obvious. things are perishable. They come into
The simplest example is the reflection in the being and disappear, they are constantly
mirror. Does it exist or not? Perhaps, it is a changing and do not equal themselves, they
kind of evil spirit? In Ancient Russia mirrors are illusions, and consequently, they do not
were equipped with a small door or a curtain, exist.
to keep it closed, out of harm's way, when it When scientific knowledge was
was not used. practically non-existent, thinkers had no
And what about thoughts, and life, and choice but to depend on general logic and
death? What are they? They cannot be touched God-given common sense. This was the
or seen, but they rule the entire world. opinion of Plato:


«…existence refers to birth the way truth spirit in the spiritual world and a body in the
refers to faith…we, considering many things world of nature» [95, с. 379];
such as gods and birth of the Universe, in many
respects, will not achieve complete accuracy considered that:
and consistency in our speculations. On the
contrary, we have to be happy if our judgment
turns out to be no less believable than that of «Everything in the Universe has been
created by the love of God and Heavenly
another, and moreover remember, that even I
Wisdom of the Human God. The Universe, in
myself, the reasoning one, and you my judges,
the great and the small, in the first and the last
are just human, and thus we have to settle for
instance, is so full of love and the wisdom of
a believable myth, not demanding anything
God, that it can rightly be called the actual love
more» Plato [81, v.3, p. 433] . and wisdom of God» [95, p.425].

It is amazing how the human mind But nevertheless, while humans knew
is drawn to extremities and how difficult so little about the World, their natural
it is for it to judge calmly, thoughtfully desire was to hide from uncertainty behind
while weighing all the pros and cons. The the phantom of wonder.
human mind is constantly afraid of losing However, there is hardly so much
the collected understanding of the World. magic and miracles in this World as the
How great is this fear, and how persistent number of beautiful tales about them. Both
is the unwillingness to understand that the this and other Worlds are ruled only by
One, who created our world and humans, laws and the will of Creator. This Material
will never turn His back on them. World is explainable and understandable
Later somehow appeared the opinion for humans, just as the non-material
about the step-by-step process of creation. world is explainable and understandable
The Lord, composed of the imperishable, for the creatures living in it. Moreover,
non-material substance, created amorphous a human being also possesses potential
matter, and then shaped all the objects of understanding of the higher world, if
the World from it. the level of his own spirituality is high
enough. And, using a technical word,
«All has been created by You from
“nothing”, and not from Your substance, but
we can say: everything depends on the
from the matter, also created by You, initially system approach. The Material World is a
shapeless, but formed by You at the same portion, a subsystem of a greater system
moment that it appeared». Augustinus Sanctus called the spiritual-material World, with a
[21, p. 739]. universal set of laws. The Material World
is a subsystem of a lower, derivative kind.
At times there appears a fascinating If considered conditionally independent, it
theory: The World is the materialized love can be understood as self-sufficient, living
and wisdom of God. In a way - materialized by its own rules. However, upon closer
information, the source of which is God. examination, it becomes obvious that the
The learned visionary of the 18th century relations of the Material World and the
Emanuel Swedenborg, who said: super-system are predetermined not only
by the rules of its organization, but by the
«God has given me an opportunity to be a very sense of its existence.


An outstanding Russian theologist in seen snow, denied its very existence, this
the beginning of the 20th century Sergey would not mean that the snow did not
Bulgakov wrote the following about this exist. Even if none of the people had ever
topic: seen the snow.
Another situation: if a mentally ill person
«An autonomous, withdrawn into itself, has visions, delusions, undistinguishable
all-sufficient world is godless, atheism is its from the reality, than it is his true reality,
natural state. Of course, it does not mean that irrespective of the opinion of others.
there would be no God in the world and the The opinions that the material World
world would not reflect Him in itself as His
creation – we are far from such absurdity and
is illusive, and that the spiritual world does
blasphemy; but the world is autonomous, it not exist, are both incorrect in their very
has an independent, self-governed so to speak, presentation. And some people’s lack or
scientific-natural existence which according underdevelopment of spirituality is not a
to the famous expression of Laplace, does case against the existence of the spiritual
not need the hypothesis of God, and it is not world.
possible to recognize a personal God in it In fact we know very little about the
without coming to Him, breaking through the
origins of the material world, and even
world (transcensus) in a mystical, direct way of
religion, by the boldness of faith. Only then the less   – about the spiritual World. The
world comes alive, its dead mask disappears, Material World is open for human cognition,
laws of nature become thoughts of the Creator, although it can hardly be cognized fully.
beauty of the world becomes His robe, history The cognition of the spiritual world is very
– His true revelation» [25, p.173]. difficult, if not totally impossible. It can be
assumed that the spiritual World is larger
Nearly the same thoughts were and more complicated than the material
expressed by the Russian philosopher one, that it has a multi-level hierarchical
of the same period Vladimir Solovyov. structure, inviolately obeys its own rules
Meaning the divine World, he says: (we can feel their echo in the rules of
the material world) has a complicated
«The reality of that world is, by perforce, control system. Cyclicity is peculiar to its
incomparably richer than our visible world, processes. It is inhabited, or even formed,
the reality of that divine world can apparently by some phenomena (creatures) – bearers
be reachable for only those truly belonging
to that world. But since our natural world is of intellect, information and will.
also unfailingly bound up with that divine Blessing, knowledge, beauty, love
world, since there is no, and there cannot be and harmony have great meaning in the
any insurmountable obstacles between them, spiritual world, as well as the Law, which
some rays of light, some reflections of the does not mean total absence of conflicts or
divine world should penetrate our reality and a static position. The higher we rise to the
constitute all the ideal matter, all the beauty Origin, Causa Causans, or to God the more
and depth we find in it». [103, p.141] indivisible seems to us the World. And
also the other way, the lower we descend
Not knowing and not willing to know on the stages of hierarchy of the spiritual-
about something are insufficient grounds material World, the more distinct become
for denying it. If someone, who had never the features of separateness. The limit


for both is the same point – chaos. The own lessons and its own responsibilities.
material World comes to a state of chaos as Any World is necessary and beautiful just
a result of extreme internal separation, and because it is the creation of God.
the spirit of creation is born from chaos. How and when has the World been
Our material World is probably one of the created? What can science say about this?
stages of world view. We humans, feel that Here it is necessary to add one comment
it is not perfect. Obviously the degree of right away, one about such gigantic time
separation is extremely important in it. spans, that the idea of believability loses
Contradictions and unsolvable problems any sense.
follow people throughout their entire lives The main idea is that worlds of all
and end with the greatest of all secrets – levels, including the World as a whole, are
death. Blessings, granted by God hardly involved in a cyclic process of emergence
break into this World and people can feel and vanishing.
it only in the best moments of their lives. Our civilization, being about 10,000   years
From an extremely pessimistic point of young, makes up an inappreciable time span
view, and cannot possess any experimental findings
on this matter.
«Blessing is not compatible with the Science asserts that the Universe has
material body, surrounded by evil, pain and been created or appeared as a result of the
suffering, lust, anger, mistakes and obsessions. Big Bang 15-20 billion years ago. What
But the worst part is…that evil is taken for a
kind of explosion was it, for what reason
blessing on Earth…» [22, p.39]
did it appear and what was its purpose – it
is not known. The age of the Sun and of
Be that as it may, a lot still depends on
our solar system is about 5 billion years.
the individual, on what his/her regards are
The Earth as a geological body appeared
turned towards. If the person is looking up
4.7 billion years ago. Human ancestors   –
to God in his/her mind, then blessings can
the Hominid   – appeared about 30 million
reach him/her easier. If the head is inclined
years ago. The life cycle of a star, and
and all thoughts are turned to the material,
consequently, of its planets with everything
blessing is out of the question!
on them is 9-11 billion years.
Probably there is a measure of
The life cycle of a Galaxy is unknown.
problems and complexities for each level
How many times does the number of stars
of creation, and our World is hardly an
refresh in this cycle is also a secret.
Stars form as the consequence of gas-
God grants every one of his
dust cloud condensation, but where do
creatures as much strength and as many
these clouds come from is unknown to
opportunities as are required for survival,
but does not forgive the sins of laziness
Almost nothing is known about the
and despondency.
Metagalaxy – the galactic network. What is
It probably would not be correct to say
its life span? How many changes of galactic
that our material World is bad, and that
structure does it have to experience? Zero
there are other Worlds where life is easier
information. There is an estimation of its
and more pleasant. Any World brings its
dimensions, average density and some


other parameters of the Metagalaxy. For social, rules. People creating science, are
example, it is known that the Metagalaxy subordinated to the laws of their society
is expanding and that the gravity force is and are limited by these. Any step over
minor or non-existent. the boundaries is punished, if not with fire,
Black holes – places where stars then with ostracism and loss of material
collapse and kind of funnels which suck resources. And the most powerful factor is
in matter appear – have also become a that of self-censorship and overwhelming
scientific fact. As well as the contrary pietism towards the current paradigm
phenomena – evidence of “superfluous” which weighs upon all scholars. Yes,
matter appearing when solar flares on objectively there are boundaries, beyond
the Sun burst. Very interesting are the which starts the unknown, and there is
processes in the center of the Galaxy, a collective scientific cognition vector,
which is supposedly the source of the flow which gradually extends those boundaries.
of matter… But standing on the edge of the unknown
The basic theory about the origins of is not within the forte of every person. The
the Universe rests on the hypothesis of the risks and the required talent are great, and
Big Bang, which supposedly produced all the material outcome is, as a rule, negative.
the proto-matter of the Universe and gave it Nowadays «the window to the universe»,
the initial impulse for movement. However, opened by science, has approximately the
in the opinion of many scientists, this following limits.
theory leaves many things unexplained. The maximum time span in which
science operates – several dozen billions
«The model of a “hot” beginning explains of years. We consider the life span of the
the origin of chemical elements, their current universe to equal 400,000 billion years.
proportions; however, it does not explain the The minimum time span is 10-23
formation of large scale space crowding or seconds – the fundamental time unit for
existence of quasar objects.
And why is the Universe homogenous on some
the material world. Or the frequency of
scales and heterogeneous on other ones, what 1023 MHz.
was the source for the expansion of space in The actual «bottom» of the World’s
the Universe? time sliding rule is at the 1080 Hz or 10-80
The Big Bang model hardly explains the seconds mark.
homogeneity of the observed Universe on The opinion of science about the
a large scale and isotropism of vestigal maximum linear size (diameter of the
radiation» Dubnischeva T. Y. [45, p. 239, 240,
Metagalaxy), 1025 meters, corresponds to
reality. The smallest object of the universe
is also known. It is the quark – 10-35 meters.
And where did the explosion itself
However, experimental knowledge, based
come from, what kind of material
on perception by the human sense organs,
exploded, by whom and for what purpose
even multifold intensified by technological
was it detonated – is not even asked.
tools can cover the range from 1021 to 10-19
Anyway, one cannot be offended by
science or complain about it. It is a young meters, which is, in general not all that bad.
social institution of a still very young Tacitly, but widespread, science holds
rational humanity living by its own, mainly to its opinion that humans should be


considered the only bearers of reason in of the World and human beings. And worse
the Universe, until there is some evidence than that is today’s scientific paradigm.
to the contrary.
Daring, isn’t it? Yes! Ten billion stars «…the visible Universe, or firmament,
in each of ten billion Galaxies. Each star alighted by countless stars, being suns in their
has several planets and only on Earth there essence, was just a tool, by medium of which
appeared something intelligent. Quite a could the lands be created, and on them –
people who could form the kingdom of heaven.
nice simplistic theory – the foundation of With such rationale, a person of intelligence
the World! cannot imagine such a huge instrument to be
But this is the logic of scientific meant for the creation of human kind only on
cognition. As they say: «Don’t shoot the our Earth.
professor – he is playing the best he can». There are spirits, whose only occupation is the
Moreover – be thankful to him. He is acquisition of knowledge.
not playing so badly. He is still just very These spirits come from Mercury; they told
me that there were lands, inhabited by humans,
not only in our world, alighted by the Sun, but
The reason for this mistake is also beyond it, in the starry heaven, and those
godlessness. The scientific paradigm lands were countless» Swedenborg E. [95, p.
excludes God from the scenario of creation 256-257].



So how is the great universal spiritual- the same degree and in the same relationship,
material World, one component of which that it is to human beings, and through human
is our material World) constructed? beings to God from Whom it originated» [95,
p. 583].
A very strange thing: the older a
hypothesis is – the more power it possesses.
Probably the reason is the syncretism of In fact, very little has been written on
the ancient human being and the World, in the topic about the structure of the universe
his strong bond with God. The main sources are Ancient-Hindu
Again, the deepest idea belongs to Vedas, Cabbala, and vague retellings of
Hermes. books (not quite clear which ones though)
by E.P. Blavatskaya.
«The universe is a living entity, comprising Information on this matter in Judaism
matter and soul» [22, p.50]. and in most other religions is fuzzy,
mythologized and fragmentary. It is
In fact, the notions of God, World and interesting that Jesus Christ had never
Life are synonymous because they refer to touched upon this. John the Baptist
approximately the same subject. devoted the first five lines to the general
The World structure is hard to World view. Wise Confucius even avoids
understand for a human being, there are answering all questions of his pupils
many engineering solutions, unknown regarding the organization of the spiritual
to the average human mind, and thus not world.
accepted by it. If we select the most consistent and
frequent details, we can get this outline:
«Your mind cannot embrace and heart a) The World consists of a number of
cannot hold all that you see in the outer world» levels (worlds, plans, manifestations, etc.),
Ferdousi [128, p. 384] with different degrees of spirituality and
As always, an original vision about the b) Usually seven levels are counted,
structure of the Universe is suggested by where the highest one is the Divine First
E. Swedenborg. Abstracting away from Cause, and the lowest is our material
the specifics of the structure, he draws World;
attention to its basic principle – each part c) In some specified sense, worlds
of creation is included by its function in of different levels are autonomous, kind
a single pyramid, in which the hierarchy of closed within themselves, live by their
of relationship goes from God to human own internal rules, but this is true only
beings and then from human beings to from the point of view of someone «from
God. This is the way it really is. within»;
d) In fact, all the levels, all the things
«…everything created by God forms and spiritual objects are interpenetrated,
Devotion, and exactly in the same order, to


inter-connected with each other and whole hierarchy of the Worlds;

form a single system with a multi-level i) And each object, be it a material
management system; object or a spiritual phenomenon, is
e) It is inherent for any of the seven influenced by the rest of the World and
Worlds, and even any of their parts, to influences the whole World as well. Thanks
combine the material and the spiritual. to this, the World possesses harmony.
There is a potential for spiritual ascension Let us stop at this point, as listing all the
from our inferior earthly seventh material characteristics of eternity and infinity is
World, just as the highest, spiritual World above our strength.
has the potential for division and moving So, how does the general pattern of the
towards the material world; seven worlds, forming a united spiritual-
f) The World, the Big World, is material World, look like? Which worlds
constantly in motion. And this motion is does it include and in which order?
undulatory. The single spiritual order, It is considered that the three highest
dividing and differentiating, «descends» planes of the World are so far from the
to the worlds belonging to the material comprehension of humans, that explaining
class, and then ascends back to a single them is senseless and even dangerous. It
spiritual order, whereupon follows the is only known that the highest, 1st World
pause «for rest», when the external activity does not contain neither a thought, nor a
is stopped. After this the cycle is repeated; figure, nor light, nor time, - nothing, but
g) I do not know why, but since it is an emptiness which can create and
ancient times the prevailing opinion is that devour the World.
the more spiritual the World is, the better Worlds of the 2nd and 3d levels prepare
it is, because this way it is closer to God. the appearance of the socalled 4th Worlds
But the levels of Worlds do not make any of existence. Highest of the 4 Worlds
difference to the Creator, He loves his of existence is the World of prototypes,
creations equally. But the possibility to second one is the creative World, third one
receive goodness and reach Harmony is is the forming World, and fourth and last
hardly equal for the different Worlds. But one is the World of shells, that is our own
at the same time the material World gives material World.
humans such freedom of choice which The general pattern is this: from the
neither Satan, nor the Angels have; initial spiritual state the World goes through
h) It is very hard to imagine this, stages, on which material characteristics
but probably it is really so: each, even the gradually displace the initial luminescence
smallest, part of the World contains this and purity, i.e. spirituality, from which the
whole World in itself. But it cannot be in material Universe appears, than follows
a different way, as otherwise the World ascension from the material to the spiritual
would not be eternal, infinite, spiritual World.
and material at the same time. Just as A person, reading about such things
each cell contains the scheme of the whole for the first time, can ask quite sincerely:
organism, each atom of the material how do you know about something which
World, each monad of the spiritual World cannot be seen or sensed at all? Why there
contains surrogate characteristics of the are exactly seven World-stages, why such


an evolutionary scheme? And after all, can clarity» [22, p. 259].

there be any kind of proof of all this? Yes, In other words, from time to time some
there are proofs, and there are many of lucky people are given an opportunity to
them. But let us examine the phenomenon see beyond the shell of the material World.
of «Vision» first. Nowadays these phenomena are
Everyone has had a feeling of described in literature and it appeared that
«revelation». It comes to us at the moments, many people have experienced this occult
when some kind of insight adds to visual moment. This happened two times to me
impressions, and true, deep connection as well. It lasted only two or three seconds,
between objects opens to us and the but what seconds!
meaning of events is revealed. All the witnesses agree that the most
Human eyes perform only a small important impression in such moments is
part of the function of sight. They fixate the feeling of being able to «cross the whole
outer shells of close material objects in the space of glowing World of Light «.You get
brain. The concept of «vision» is superior: a feeling of joy, exultation, belonging to
it includes opportunity to perceive objects omniscience. At the same time you need
in their entirety, in interaction, in time; complete readiness, maximum tension
to see and assimilate their deepest sense and concentration of efforts, feeling like
at the same time. Not just «from all sides a spring stretched to the maximum. The
and throughout», but at the same time same is written in Theosophical works.
perceiving, what happened to the subject
before and what will happen to it in the «Lights (lights of life) are constantly
future, how and for what purpose it has sparkling around the conarium, but when
been created, what is its destiny, when it Kundalini, (the power, giving rise to light of
began and when it will end. spirituality) lights them up for a short while,
the whole Universe can be seen. The third
The human brain is considered to have eye opens even in deep sleep. This is useful
a kind of rudimentary organ – a «third for Manas (mind and moral conscience) which
eye», which performed the function of uses this, although we do not remember it»
«visioning» in the past, the function of E.Blavatskaya [19, p. 555].
direct connection with the World as a
whole; but as humans become more and Many ancient legends tell about the
more material, this organ almost died out. moment, when free ethereal souls had to
However, there are people who take shape, come into the human material
preserved the ability to use their «third eye» shell for the first time. They had not only
in extraordinary circumstances. For a few to suffer all the severities of a mortal
seconds, sometimes only once in their life, body, but which is even more terrible,
they have a «vision». At such moments, a lose immediate contact with the spiritual
human, still earthly and material, gets an Source that gave rise to them, refuse the
opportunity of seeing the Divine World, happy life they had been spending with the
consisting of Light, Omniscience, Plenum, gods, and furthermore, lose the ability to
Might, Joy and sense of flight. immediately see the spiritual World.
Or, according to Hermes Trismegistus,
the World of «golden rays of inexhaustible «Our eyes will not leave much space


for souls, not belonging to God, anymore. mysticism and even not an absolute secret.
Through those wet circles we will, constantly Construction of the World on all seven,
lamenting, see the sky of our ancestors as very or how many are there, levels lives by its
small; sometimes we will not even be able to
own (level) and general laws, and there
see it at all. Poor creatures, we are doomed
to lose the direct sight, as without light we is no witchcraft or magic in it, only strict
cannot see anything – that is because these are order, still not perceived by humans. This
windows that we have, and not eyes» Hermes order is set by God, and is totally clear and
Trismegistus [22, p. 177]. known to Him. A human, while being just
a human, cannot totally behold it.
But still, the rare opportunity of Natural sciences have not formed
momentary insight into the structure of a single concept of the structure of
the Universe, is given to humans not by Universe yet. This fact was formulated
chance. Probably to wake up their atheistic most precisely by V.I. Vernadskiy, who
souls, probably to support those being brilliantly combined encyclopedism - the
on the hard path of spiritual ascension, ability to generate ideas, and high ethics of
probably as a valuable gift. scientific thinking.
Such direct evidence gives almost no
specific information about the structure of the «The scientific world view is not a
World in our earthly understanding; however, scientifically absolute vision of the Universe
they are signals for our conscience, letting – we do not have this vision. It consists of
us know that the spiritual World does exist, separate truths of science that we know,
of opinions, drawn logically, as well as by
and contact with it brings us glory; that the studying material, historically mastered by
Material world is perishable and secondary, scientific thinking, of concepts of religion,
that the Law and Connection of things rule philosophy, life and art, which came to the
everywhere, that Omniscience is not a fiction, science from outside» [28, p. 232].
but an instrument of controlling the World.
And many. many other things can There are many spheres of matter
be drawn from eye witnesses' account, particularly in the microcosm (down to
especially if you think, compare and size of 10 –19 m), macro world and mega
analyze, or better – love the God and His world (up to the level of objects with
creation, because there is nothing more size of 1021 m), in which science has
interesting, beautiful and informative. accumulated understanding of many
However, there is no point in idealizing processes and phenomena, without the
neither the results nor the process of necessary system coordination, without
creation. In these are contained quests, deep insight into these processes and
mistakes, imperfections, successes and phenomena in the general system of the
failures. Universe, no correlation with the non-
The structure of the World is immense, material part of universe. No one has
magnificent, complex, ever changing, ever seen the Metagalaxy, an atom, its
multi-dimensional and multi-systemic. core, an electron… The structure of the
Creative and destructive powers are unit of matter, its «building block» in
always side by side in it; the main thing all its manifestations – mass, energy,
is that it does exist; its existence is not information, – is still unknown… Total


range of sizes in the universe spreads from so much about the World view that it could
10 –34.8 to 1025.62 m. go a long way. And when humans are
As a matter of fact, in spite of being mature enough spiritually to understand
a scientist himself, the author must the other, finer Worlds, they will discover
confess that science does have its faults, themselves there in all their beauty, and
the aversion to admitting the limitations this beauty, shown by humans, will please
in its scope of knowledge, an ambitious the Creator. However, these will not be
inclination to claim omniscience. flesh and bone human beings anymore, but
What a shame! It would be easier to in some degree parts of God.
move forward. Humans still have to learn



The next question of insatiable human we may say, according to the percentage of
curiosity is what life and death are. Is there their spiritual and material components.
a goal, purpose and result? And the most In the highest of planes the material
important question of all is: what is the element is only considered (intended),
World – a piece of scenery, a machine or a while in the lowest, on the contrary, the
living creature? spiritual is almost entirely displaced by
Three higher Planes originating from the material.
the First Cause are very far removed We say «life» to denote the existence
from human logic. Most likely, no law or of a plant, an animal and humans, but we
principle known to us can be applicable mean quite different things. It is evident
to them. Are there such notions as life, that the notion of life can be applicable to
activity, goals and the very concept of «a any of its manifestations in descending or
concept»? However, we will not consider ascending lines of development but each
these just yet. time the very essence of life will differ
We will discuss the four planes of more and more.
the material and spiritual World, which The human mind gravitates towards
include the material world partially and definitions. Can we give a definition of
directly perceived by man, and the three such a concept as life? The answer is both
higher planes, where spiritual entities – the yes and no.
prototypes of material objects exist. Everything we are surrounded with
So what is this four-planed, material- and made of is matter and spiritual
spiritual world or Universe, partially seen phenomena. Both components are in
and perceived by us? constant movement and active formation.
We know the main features of the The essence of God, the Creator
Universe from many trustworthy sources.
The Universe is the world born and «consists in the birth and creation of all
subject to constant movement: making, things. And since nothing would exist without
changes in quality and quantity. The the Creator, so He would not exist if He would
Universe is not self-sufficient – it takes into not create constantly in the air, on the earth, in
the depths, in every part of the world, in the
itself the Goodness and Fohat (life force), entire Universe, in everything that is existence
coming from higher planes. The Universe and non-existence. For there is nothing in
can return cleansed spiritual Beings to the the world which is not Himself…» Hermes
Higher Planes. Trismegist [22, p. 36].
The Universe consists of matter and
souls, on the basis of which suffering Thus God is everything, and there is
and death are inherent to it, though it is nothing beyond God – neither connection,
beautiful and immortal, i.e. eternal. How nor quality, nor form, nor time, – as He is
can these qualities be combined? omnipresent and all-embracing. And now
The four planes of the Universe differ, let us ask ourselves the following questions:


is there anything in the Universe that does Emergence and destruction are
not go through a life cycle, and is death inherent to any form of life. The first, main
absolute? and obligatory property of life consists
in repetition, through regeneration of an
«The entire world is a big God… He is endless chain of interrelated circles –
profusion of life. And there is nothing in it…, cycles, every one of them – birth, growth,
which is not a living thing. Nothing dead is death and disappearance. Why should this
there in the world, and was not there and will order exist? Is there any explanation for it?
not be …nothing dies but if something was
composed it should be divided. Living beings
Yes, there is one explanation, and it is not
decompose, as they are composite. The process so complicated.
of decomposing is not death but separation of Life is a form of world existence and
components. Its goal is not destruction but that it looks just this way and not another is
renewal. What is this life energy? Is it not not accidental. It is because life is subject
movement? And what is unmovable in the to a wider law, it is the result of a more
world? Nothing, my son» Hermes Trismegist covert reason, or antilogy as philosophers
[22, p. 68].
say. This antilogy consists in the necessity
to combine unity and separateness.
Thus, everything is Life, everything is As soon as the First Cause starts
the Universe and everything is God, that to divide itself into independent parts
is the concepts of God, Life and Universe (differentiated entities) the problem of the
have the same meaning while they whole and the part emerges.
only present different sides of the same The Part strives for independence and
phenomenon. self-sufficiency intending to become the
So what is the World then and the thing that gave it birth, i.e. the only and
Universe – a living being capable of single First Cause. But that is impossible,
thinking and feeling? Yes, exactly. for the First Cause was one, and parts were
many and they are interdependent due to a
«The world… has its own perception
certain necessity. The part cannot occupy
and thought that differ from similar feelings
of human beings... but they are stronger and an endless amount of spiritual or material
easier. The world has only one perception, only space because there are other parts that
one thought: create all things and partition prevent it from this.
them in itself …As a good sower of life, it At the same time the whole, living
renews its creations, reshaping them with its in every part cannot stand limitation, it
movement, gives birth to all life, contains all gravitates to unite parts into a harmonious
living beings, at the same time it is the place whole that existed before partition took
and the creator of life» Hermes Trismegist [22,
p. 45]. place. Without partition, the world would
not emerge, but any, even the most skillful
The concept of life is much deeper than we partition always leads to imperfectness.
could ever imagine. All things that we can And a complete perfection, the absolute
see and which cannot be seen by us are just can exist only as a form of a complete
different manifestations of life. There are unity: without parts, without qualities,
many forms and ways of life, but they all without time and space, i.e. without the
have certain universal features. World. What should we do then?


The divine solution to the antilogy has the World’s existence. Life is the content
been found. It is Life. and the sense of all that is done in the
Every object of this world, both world.
spiritual and material, has to go through a This analogy can be extended even
life cycle of its own: it is born; it develops in more. In the ancient Hindu epos there is
its self, experiences contact and influence a wonderful legend about how the god
of other objects – selves, weakens and dies, Vishnu ordered the sons of the heaven
having left its offspring and its Karma to and the dark demons to churn the cosmic
the World. ocean. The holy mountain was used as
Every idea strives for world domination, a churning staff, and the Great Snake
every man thinks himself an angel or a Ananta played the role of a rope. The very
demon…, and every brick wants to become analogy with churning is very exact, as
the Dome Cathedral. And that is very good, it captures the main point: the repetition
but to each of them there is an allocated and the cyclic character of the process,
time, the time of their life. rotational movement, a great number of
The part and the whole are absolutely repetitions of churning as the condition for
opposed to each other. There cannot be the movement of life.
an object that is at the same time a part An idea of a ring, a chain made of
of the whole and the very whole itself. rings, and then rings made of chains and
Nevertheless, they have to be united so forth lies in the basis of life.
somehow. The cyclic character of the process,
Methods to unite particular things repetitions, series of repetitions, cycles of
having a disposition not to combine (for series of repetitions, etc are present in every
example two mutually insoluble liquids) activity and every process. Actually, the
are quite well-known in nature and in very concept of «time» we cannot express
human practice. This is the dispersion in any other way than by using cycles. A
method, which is mixing of liquids until certain elementary cycle or its part can be
they turn into minute drops, the mixture used as a measuring unit. People took the
of which is called an emulsion. In this way, period of the Earth going around its axis as
we can prepare a mixture of water and oil. a primary cycle. A one twenty-fourth part
Emulsion has many of the characteristics of this time is called an hour, and just a
of both of its components. But if the bit more than 365 of such cycles comprise
mixing process is stopped, the mixture one year – the time it takes the Earth to
will separate itself back into the initial complete one full rotation round the Sun.
liquids after some time. Hindu sources provide us with quite a
The alternation between life and non- sufficient scheme for measurements of
life has some resemblance to dispersion. large time cycles [17, p. 89], based on the
The period of life is the time when the Earth year. The first cyclic unit – Maha
separated part exists; this period is changed Yuga – includes 4,320,000 years and
into the period of non-existence, when this consists of four periods, different in their
part is in some united, non-separated state. duration:
Thus Life is the way to combine Krita Yuga – the brightest period –
separateness and unity. Life is the form of 1,728,000 years;


Treta Yuga – 1,296,000 years; found now not only on Earth but on other
Dvapara Yuga – 864,000 years; planets as well. We may consider it more than
Kali Yuga – time of quarrels and possible» [28, p. 416].
suffering   – 432,000.
Maha Yuga – one thousandth part of There were two trees in the Garden
the Brahma’s day (day of the Universe), of Eden. One was the tree of knowledge
that is why one Brahma’s day equals: of good and evil of which Adam tasted
4,320,000·1,000 = 4,320,000,000 years. and for that he was banned from heaven,
The calendar day of Brahma includes and the second was the tree of life that
the night – remained untouchable for the heavenly
the state of Pralaya, equal to the period couple.
of daylight, that is why it is equal to: This story suggests one simple
4,320,000,000·2 = 8,640,000,000 years. conclusion. That man is mortal as long as
The year of Brahma is 8,640,000,000·360 = he is far from God. In other words the way
=3,110,400,000,000 years. to the desired immortality lies through
The age of Brahma is one hundred man’s turning to God.
times longer – 311,040,000,000,000 years. Again, the ultimate Hermes expressed it
We will come back to the topic of large best:
time cycles later, for now we shall turn to
the main peculiarity of time, its relativity. «Man’s love for the divine Mind frees him
from the mortal part of his nature and gives
Measuring time by cycles puts the result
him hope for future immortality. You can see
of the process into a direct dependence on how large is the difference that divides the
the constancy of the cycle itself. The Earth good from the evil! The one who has been lit up
calendar day being the same interchange with godliness, religion, wisdom and worship
of night and day was one and a half times for God can see the true sense of things as if he
shorter at the beginning of our planet’s could see them with his eyes…» [22, p. 120].
evolution because the Earth had smaller
weight and rotated more quickly. It is Mankind will be granted immortality
evident that if cycles can contract or stretch when people sincerely devoted to God
the same can happen to time. appear.
Life is the way of existence of First
Cause (the absolute) in the world, and the «…God will put forth his new priest to
cyclic character is an attribute of all life whom all God’s words are revealed, and he will
processes. commence a trial of truth on earth for many
a day... Heaven will triumph in his days, and
So what do we know of human life and the earth and the clouds, and the knowledge
life of the human soul? of God will spread across the earth, like sea
First of all, it is naïve to think that humanity water, and angels of God’s fame will delight
is just an accidental caprice of evolution at in that…sin will stop, and the lawless will stop
one point of creation. their evil deeds, and the righteous will find
Let us cite a passage from V.I. Vernadsky peace. Then he will open the heaven’s gate and
once more: take away the sword threatening Adam. And
he will let the saints taste of the tree of life, and
the saint spirit will be over them» Apocrypha
«…many things indicate that life can be of the Old Testament [29, p. 284].


Immortality and God-oriented ethics mind» S.N. Bulgakov [25, p. 256].

of man’s behavior are not just connected
Yet science has thoroughly studied
with each other but they are a single unity.
many biological manifestations of the
Naturally scientific knowledge cannot
phenomenon of life. It has even accepted the
see the attributes of the Creator and the
postulate of abiogenesis according to which
subject of his Creation in the phenomenon
it acknowledges, «the living appears from
of life, until the providential aspect of life
the dead». A sign of life is the capability of
is considered.
biological objects to change, excite, grow,
Science cannot see this because it
develop, reproduce, self-regulate and adapt
ignores God.
to the environment in which they live.
Achievements of genetics, the science
«To the last questions about life and death,
good and evil, science today still cannot about nature and ways of transferring
provide the answers, as it could not provide ancestral features are especially interesting.
these in the past. Only one step separates them from laws of
Noteworthy is the fact that science as spiritual evolution of humans.
a concrete unity exists only as a complex For traditional science, the category of death is
of sciences, or even endlessly expanding seen as the termination of biological processes
scientific specialties. It is like a machine built as a result of the aging of a biological organism.
from a great number of wheels or parts. The
entire knowledge, the world mind, or the book
And that is all. It does not mention any system
of nature opens up to humankind only a few function, ethical aspect, a transformation of
moments of its history, and every individual the soul or contacts with non-material world…
can only read some pages or even only some A human being dies, and it is all over.
lines from that book, however strong his Why he lived and who he was, how much
intellect may be. That is why the assumption good or bad has he brought into this world –
that science can really solve all questions all of these questions are not yet subjects of
might be based only on the general belief in
scientific knowledge. And this is unfortunate!
the power of science, scientific method and
scientific mind, but this belief does not allow
«I came into this world – is it richer because of it?
for an experimental verification. And if I leave, – is that of any great loss to it?
Thus science can neither replace nor abolish I wish that someone could explain, why I,
religious faith and cannot even defend its own Once born of dust, am bound to return there»
existence against wanton skepticism without
the silent or open admission of certain religious Such are the words of the unequalled
preconditions, namely faith in the objective Omar Khayam [54, p. 102].

KEYWORDS: scale, metrics, classification,
attributes of classification, parameter, multiplicity
Dear Heart! Let's try to list and in the material world, we will not talk about
describe the things from which the World other Worlds for the moment, happens
is made. Too hard, right? Actually it is not through time. Everything has a moment of
so difficult. It is necessary to list the largest appearance, a life span and a moment of
categories of things and to show their most disappearance. The most universal unit of
important characteristics. And we must measurement is the second.
start from the list of characteristics and The fifth parameter is frequency. It is
their metrics. related to time and means the quantity of
Metrics is a method of measurement oscillations - cyclic changes of state per
and a way to present the results. unit of time. It is calculated in hertz. One
The first parameter is the characteristic hertz is equal to one full oscillation within
of size. A particle, an atom, a human one second.
being, a star. Everything has a size. And The sixth parameter is the quantity
though it can fluctuate for each specific of elements entering into an object as
object, in comparison with the differences a system. How many cells there are in a
in size between classes of objects, these human being, how many stars there are in
fluctuations are negligibly small and the Galaxy, etc.
consequently the category of the size can There is one more important parameter
serve as the basis for the classification – the complexity of objects in the World.
of objects of the World. For the unit of But this parameter as we shall see later,
measurement, to start with we shall use the can be shown only after the analysis of the
meter. previous characteristics.
The second parameter is mass. In general the number of parameters
This characteristic, as well as the size and approaches to the description of objects
characteristic, can be measured and in the World is boundless and depends
described for the majority of objects in only on the capabilities and interests of the
the World known to humans. The simplest researcher. Therefore we shall stay with
unit here is the gram. the six parameters listed above.
The third parameter derived from the Now about the way we should build
first two is density. It defines the weight the scales of these parameters.
of one unit of volume of an object. By The question is not easy. The scales
density it is possible to get an idea about should be compact, visible and readable,
the physical nature of an object. Density i.e. convenient to use. But the values of
in calculated in grams per one cubic parameters of the micro and macro worlds
centimeter. differ very much. The size of an atom is
The fourth parameter is time. Everything 0.00000000001 m., and the size of the


nucleus of the Galaxy is 1,000,000 billion.   m. in the notation of the size or another
Therefore the scientists studying the parameter, for example:
micro-world use a unit of measurement
called an angstrom, comparable to the 1,000,000 = 106 = lg106 = 6
size of an atom, and astronomers use the 0.000001 = 10 –6 = lg10 –6= –6
concept of a light-year, proportionate to
the dimensions of Galaxies. Please note, here we are talking about
In our situation the most suitable is the how to measure, and not about what to
logarithmic scale based on the factor of 10. measure. This is not by accident. We do
This means that each subsequent division not know yet, what objects of the World
of the scale differs from previous one by to accept as representative, which it is
10 times. Two notches upward means a possible to consider as typical examples,
100-fold increase, 3 notches downward and which are modifications. All objects
means 1000-fold reduction. Such a are still of equal value to us, and there is
gradation scale will allow the placement no basis to classify them.
in one table of the largest and the smallest The natural grouping of the objects
items that exist in the World. Opposite the of the World by parameter scales should
points of the scales we will put the values suggest the classification divisions and
of decimal logarithms which, essentially, bring us further towards the laws uniting
show the quantity of zeros after the unit the World into a single system.

1.1. The scale of linear sizes

1.1. The scale of linear sizes

KEYWORDS: size, dimension, diameter, distance.

1025,62 m The biggest object known to 108 m The diameter of a dwarf star.
us is the Metagalaxy. This is its It turns out, that the size of stars
diameter now, 15-20 billion years fluctuates in a range from 108 to
after its appearance. 7·1011 m. But here are not included
1025,2 m The diameter of the the neutron stars consisting of
Metagalaxy at the moment of its atoms, missing electron shells.
appearance. It is defined simply 1,2∙107 m The diameter of the Earth.
as: the recession of Galaxies The diameters of the planets of
multiplied by the period of the Solar system are in the range
existence of the Metagalaxy (10- from 104 to 108 m. The diameter
15 billion years) and the derived of the biosphere of the Earth
path subtracted from today's is approximately equal to its
diameter. This implies that during diameter.
its existence the Metagalaxy has (4–6)∙104 m The diameter of a neutron
grown approximately 3.5 times. star.
1021 m The diameter of the largest 1,6∙100 m The average human height is
known Galaxy. 1.62 m.
9,5∙1020 m The diameter of our Galaxy. 1m The length of the «wave
Generally the diameters of packet».
known Galaxies are in the range
from 1018 to 1021 m. 10 –4–101 m The dimensions of animals.
2,6∙1019 m The distance from the Sun to 2∙10 –4–102 m The dimensions of plants.
the center of our Galaxy.
1018–1017 m The diameter of cluster of 0,9∙10 –2 m The gravitational radius of
stars inside of the Galaxy. the Earth.

3,1∙1016 m 1 parsek is a unit of 10 –3 m 1 mm

measurement of astronomical 10 –4 m The average size of a cell.
distances. The cell size varies in a range
9,5∙1015 m The light year is the distance from 5·10 –8 to 5·10 –3 m. Except
which light travels in one Earth for an ostrich's egg – 160 mm.
year. The whole egg is one cell, and
ancient giant pangolins laid eggs
1015 m The diameter of the nucleus
one meter in size and even larger.
of the Galaxy.
5∙10 –5 m The size of a human sperm
1,2∙1013 m The diameter of the Solar
cell and of the majority of
system by the orbit of the planet
animals does not depend on the
size of the adult, and this applies
7∙1011 m The diameter of a super-giant to the size of the nucleus of a
star. female reproductive cell. And it
3∙1011 m The diameter of the orbit of is interesting, that a sperm cell
the Earth. head, which in a little smaller
than the whole, after penetration
1010 m The diameter of a giant star. into the female reproductive cell
1,4∙10 m
The diameter of the Sun. at first grows inside it to the size
of 5·10 –5 m., becomes equal


to the size of the female reproductive the range between the size of the
cell and only then merges with nucleus of the Galaxy and height
it, forming a new single nucleus, of a human being. There, inside
which is the actual fertilization. In of this area is the electron, which
the World all is secondary to the no one has seen and whose nature
harmony of scale. is not fully understood, there is
the nucleus of the electron if it
10 –6 –10 –4 m The dimensional range exists at all, there is the photon
in which biological objects – an elementary particle of light,
gravitate to the spherical form there is also as much variety,
with a single center of symmetry. as in the dimensional interval
10 –6 m The micron is a unit of between the Solar System and
length used in the description of the Metagalaxy.
microbiological objects. 1,6∙10 –35 m The so-called maximon is
5∙10 m–8
The sizes of viruses, the minimal length of a material
formations which already object calculated by M. Planck,
possess a number of properties having physical sense and
similar to living objects, but are capable of existing in the World
more similar to robots, than to of matter.
living creatures.
10 –9 m The size of a molecule, the When it became clear to scientists, that
average size. in the material World there is a natural
10 –10 m The size of a hydrogen atom. limit to the speed of movement of any
5∙10 ––14
The sizes of the nuclei of
object and this is equal to the speed of
–10 –15 m atoms of various chemical light, it became possible to also determine
elements. the limiting values of length and time.
10 –15 m The maximum distance Lowest possible dimension:
necessary for the retention of
protons and neutrons in an atom M= hG /c 3 = 1,6158×10 –35 m
nucleus. or 10-34,8 m.
10 –15– The range in the size of
10 –  17   m «strange particles».
The elementary time unit:
10 –19 m The dimensional limit
of modern instruments for Тэ = е2/мэс3 = 10 –23 sec.
experimental scientific research.
Subjects smaller than 10 –19 m
not only cannot be viewed on The postulations of the relativistic
powerful electron microscopes, theory formulated about a hundred years
but still cannot be investigated ago, have proved to be true in practice
even by indirect methods.
and are accepted by science. Therefore,
10 –19–10 –34 m A huge piece of the scale Planck's sizes can also form the basis
ladder in which it is possible for serious scientific constructions and
to glance only by means of
mathematic modeling. This area conclusions.
of 15 ten-fold steps is equal to

1.2. Mass scale

1.2. Mass scale

KEYWORDS: mass, weight, gravity.

1053 g The mass of the Metagalaxy textbook, but I will recap that the weight
3∙1044 g The mass of the Galaxy. and mass differ or coincide depending on
the speed of movement of the body.
1,2∙1035 g The mass of a giant star. The
mass of stars fluctuates in a range
In the material World there is a limit
of 1032 – 1035 g. to speed of movement of bodies that is
2∙1033 g The mass of the Sun. equal to the speed of light in a vacuum
Practically the same value as which is slightly less than 3·105 km/sec.
the mass of the Solar System as At speeds close to the speed of light, the
the mass of the Sun constitutes mass is manifested through energy. So
99.8  % of the mass of the Solar
System the weight (mass), the speed of movement
and the energy appear connected to each
8∙1031 g The mass of a dwarf star.
other. The lower one goes down into the
5,9∙10 g 27
The mass of the Earth. depths of the matter, the smaller value the
(5–9)∙10 g 4
The mass of a human being. mass has. Its place is occupied by energy;
1,66∙10 –24
g The atomic mass unit – 1/2 if one goes further away, the concepts
of carbon mass С12 is accepted of time and space are involved. They
for calculation of masses of are connected in some non-separable
elementary particles in atomic
and nuclear physics.
way with the displacement velocity of a
substance and its energy.
1,671∙10 –24 g The mass of an atom of
hydrogen Н1. It is interesting that
Well and what will be there if one goes
the atomic mass is less than sum further to the limits of matter? To the level
of masses of the particles making of a real atom, an indivisible primary unit
up the atom. The difference of the matter - the maximon? There, where
occurs because the mass defect
goes to the interaction energy.
no device created by human beings has yet
been able to peek, there appears one more,
1,670∙10 –24 g The mass of a proton.
the last, transition from the weight, energy,
5,5∙10 –28
g The rest mass of an electron. speed, space, time - to information. But it
is too early to speak about this, dear heart
I do not wish to paraphrase a physics


1.3. The scale of density

KEYWORDS: density, specific gravity.

1018 g/cm3 The density of the substance Obviously, the further we go into the
of an electron (presumably). micro world, the higher the density. And
1015 g/cm3 The density of the substance vice versa, rising up the structural levels
of atomic nucleus. to larger objects, we see that the density
1015 g/cm3 The density of neutron stars. falls down to insignificant values. The
106 g/cm3 The density of a «white general range of values of density from
dwarf» star. the Universe to the atom differs by 1046
1,2∙101 g/cm3 The density of the substance times. And it is falls with 35 degrees of
of the nucleus of the Earth. the dimensional scale. But this is not the
5,5 g/cm3 The average density of the limit. We do not know, how the density
Earth. increases further as we go down into
1,4 g/cm3 The density of the substance microcworld, as from the atom to the
of the Sun. maximon there remain 25 degrees of the
1,3∙10 –3 g/cm3 The average density of the dimensional scale, and no one yet knows
Earth’s atmosphere. what is happening to density there.
10 –6 g/cm3 The average density of the And now we will continue with you
Solar System. to make our first acquaintance with some
10 –25 g/cm3 The density of the Galaxy. «initial data». The next parameter is
7∙10 –31 g/cm3 The average density of probably the most complex – time.
the substance of the Universe

1.4. The time scale

1.4. The time scale

KEYWORDS: time, time periods, cycles.

Apparently, by virtue of the (4,7–5)∙1016 sec The age of the Sun and the
predetermined mortality given to humans, Solar System, including all the
time as a category is difficult for us. Now, planets and Earth.
at the start of our journey with you, dear
heart, only two concepts are accessible And what came before? From what
to us: time periods and frequency; as a and when have they arisen, and how much
matter of fact, they are one and the same, time did they need, to be created in their
but for our initial investigation it is more present form? People still do not know
convenient to separate them. Repeating precisely. So far. Yet while you are reading
processes with durations in excess of one this book, they will probably already
second we shall call periods, and those know.
phenomena which repeat one or more 10 –23 sec The elementary particle
times within a second - frequency. of time. According to the
calculations of M. Planck,
Let's go, and as always start with biggest processes of smaller duration
numbers: cannot happen to objects of
the material World.
1022 sec The Age of Brahma - as
the ancient Hindus named the
entire life span of the World. But certainly there is also a non-
1–2∙10 sec
10-20 billion years - the age material part of the universe. And does
of the Universe (Metagalaxy) time exist there? Is there any way at all to
as of today. How much life is define the beginning and the end, before
given to it, no scientist knows.
Though, in opinion of the and after, and not only in the material
ancient Hindus, the Universe World, but also by and large in the
has thus far only existed for universe? Let it be inaccessible to humans,
0.000001 of its life span. but to the Lord it is, probably, necessary!


1.5. A scale of frequencies

KEYWORDS: frequency, fluctuations, waves, radiation, light,
sound, Herz.
You probably know, that in the Universe what it will be in your
there are all kinds of oscillatory processes, lifetime?
i.e. repeating alternating movements of
objects. Undulating changes are an inherent 108–1011 Hz the MWF range –
characteristic of practically all objects and microwave frequencies
– electromagnetic
processes in the Universe. Fluctuations from fluctuations used in
the minimum to the maximum if they last technology.
one second or less are calculated in Hertz
(Hz) – called after the scientist of that name. 109–1013 Hz the frequency of
1 Hz is equal to 1 fluctuation hypersound.
per second. If an object
makes 10 fluctuations 1011–1013 Hz the frequency of
per second then its fluctuations of an atom
frequency is equal to in a molecule.
10 Hz.
10 Hz infrasound – the low- 1014 Hz the light visible
frequency oscillations by humans; more
which are not heard precisely this range is
by the ear, but are (0.4–0.72)·1014 Hz.
very harmful to an
3·1015–1017 Hz ultra-violet radiation.
5·102–104 Hz the range of
frequencies perceived 2•1018–1019 Hz X-rays.
by humans. And a
mouse, for example, 1020 Hz gamma rays.
can hear frequency
fluctuations of 105 Hz.
Further knowledge of fluctuations is
10 –10 Hz
4 9
ultrasound used in missing in the size of more than 20 orders.
engineering, can But certainly there is something there as
destroy concrete and well. Nature is continuous. There are no
metal. empty places in it.
5·106 –109 Hz electromagnetic However, the blanks in our knowledge
fluctuations in the are aplenty. One pleasant fact: their
radiofrequency range number is constantly decreasing.
(radio communications).
However there is a bottom point in this
10 Hz
the working frequency line, the frequency of a maximon. The
of computers manu- life span of a maximon cannot last longer
factured in 2004. Inte- than the time of passage of light through
resting, what it will
its section – 10 –43 sec. A maximon exists

1.5. A scale of frequencies

in one point of space during this or even the life of the Universe, but how long
smaller time. It is not known, with what this lasts, who knows! The most frequent
periodicity (frequency) it appears in the fluctuation, right now I shall not say which
next point of space, but one thing is clear: one, is not less than 1081 Hz.
a maximon exists in one point of the space However everything is not so dreadful.
for no more than 10 –43 sec. Later we shall see that there is a technology
Frequency is such a characteristic for handling time which enables the
for which, perhaps, it is not necessary removal of all problems no matter how
to analyze ranges. Here we can speak little or great the time is. It is possible to
not about 60 orders, but about absolutely move on the time scale. True, this is not
incomprehensible numbers. The «longest» allowed to humans…
fluctuation is the term of recurrence of


1.6. The scale of quantity of elements

forming things
KEYWORDS: quantity, number, element, structure, part and

What quantity of parts is an object of atoms (of chemical

composed of? Or more precisely: how elements)
many structural elements form a system? 10n The number of different
Why this number, and not another? kinds of molecules and their
You will see, the systems are absolutely components is practically
different, and the number of elements
coincides! Not once, not twice, but many
Strictly speaking, to be able to judge
times. Why? Because there is a reason,
any law, the selection should be at least
and it is necessary to understand it.
a hundred times bigger. But even this
1010 (105×105) The number of Galaxies in
the Metagalaxy.
is not enough. There has to be some
reasonable selection criteria for objects
1010 The number of stars in the
Galaxy. being examined. We have neither of these
for now. Be that as it may, but then why
1014 (107×107) The number of cells in a
newborn human. do humans have five fingers on each limb?
4∙1012 The number of nucleotides
Perhaps to make us learn counting to
in a cell. ten and then invent the decimal number
2∙108 The number of sperm cells system after looking at our hands?
in one full-fledged ejaculation For now, dear heart, we only instinctively
of a man. feel, that among the rational numbers there
1010 The number of neurons in a are those to which the Creator paid special
human brain. attention to:
1014 (107×107) Number of different kinds
of cells in a human body. • Five and 105;
1020 (1010×1010) Number of planets, able • Ten, 1010, 1020;
to sustain a biosphere in the • Seven;
Universe (presumably).
• Twelve, six, three, one and 122 = 144.
105–107 Number of star clusters in These are probably the most important
the Galaxy.
numbers when it comes to combining
102 Number of different kinds parts into a whole.

1.7. Scale of complexity or level of organisation

1.7. Scale of complexity or level of


KEY WORDS: complexity, functionality, parameters, structure,

organization, synergy.

Complexity is an important term, quite sufficient for arranging objects

but it is badly formalized. According to of the World in orderly cubbyholes of
V.  Dal’s dictionary, the etymological complexity.
sense of complexity is an item composed We will not consider the providential
of multiple parts, with complex and aspect, or Divine plan, for now – it will
intricate interrelations, i.e. the stress is be revealed to us later; but the structural
laid upon the structure, that it is composed and functional characteristics are already
of multiple and different elements. But available to us.
what if two objects are made of similar There are a number of objects in the
components: for example a pile of bricks World of which can be said: this object
and a house built of the same number of was constructed of some other objects
those bricks? And what about two houses of lower complexity levels and it in itself
built of the same number of bricks? And is an element used in the construction
one of these being comfortable and the of other objects of even higher levels of
other – not? What's to be done then? complexity. It is even possible to construct
I found almost nothing on this such a series:
subject. The closest is the two-word term
«organization level» or the relatively new Protons and neutrons → atomic
concept of «synergy». But none of them nuclei → atomic nuclei and electrons→
has taxonomy - units of measurement. atoms → molecules→ complex organic
However, a unit of measurement is substances→ cell nucleus → cell → living
not the goal in and of itself. It helps to organism.
arrange objects in a row, where they
are placed according to incrementing Protons and neutrons form atomic
parameters chosen as a criterion or aspect nuclei. Atoms of the same kind in larger
for examination. But objects can also be quantities represent elementary chemical
arranged another way – by comparing substances.
them with each other. Complexity is a Atoms, combined in different ways,
multiple-aspect category. This means form molecules.
that the complexity of World’s objects Molecules in mass, i.e. in great
can be observed through of prism of quantities, form substances of organic and
many facets and each section will bear inorganic nature.
some information. I suggest we consider Large masses of elements and
the following three aspects: structural, substances form cosmic bodies.
functional and providential. These are Complex organic substances form cells.


Cells, organized in specific ways, can form about one hundred chemical elements.
form biological objects – plants, animals, One hundred different kinds of atoms in various
humans. combinations can form practically unlimited
It is obvious that the structural approach amount of molecules and substances of the
cannot be separated from the objective organic and inorganic World.
approach. Notably in a specific area: on the Atomic nuclei, atoms, molecules form
level of atoms and molecules. It is from these substances from which space objects can
that the matter of the Universe is composed, be formed. Cosmic bodies can generate the
as it can be seen by humans. The amount Metagalaxy, Galaxies, stars and systems of stars
of matter, concentrated in the same place, and planets.
determines the size, rest mass and intrinsic Planets, situated at a certain distance
energy of the object. The mass of the body is from their star, can sustain an atmosphere,
determined by the gravitational force, which in create a hydrosphere and generate
its turn influences the shape of the body and its biological life.
interaction with surrounding bodies. Such chemical elements as hydrogen,
It is interesting that with the growth in size oxygen, carbon, etc. can form the so called
(mass) of cosmic bodies up to approximately organic molecules and substances, from
300 km in diameter – the bodies have arbitrary simple to very complex ones, capable of
shapes, but when the size increases to more managing oxidation-reduction processes
than 300 km they become spherical. This is and preserve their structure.
explained by strength of materials laws – the Biological substances can develop into
science dealing with the principles of resistance living cells, whose function is to survive
of materials to external loads. A stone or iron and self-reproduce.
asteroid has its own strength, which preserves Cells can form complex biological
its initial shape, but it is also influenced by objects – from bacteria and protozoa to
gravitational forces having vector structures, plants, animals and humans.
directed toward the center of gravity of the Plants can process inorganic
body. If the mass of the cosmic body reaches substances, i.e. turn them into organic substances,
a diameter of approximately 300 km, and and radically change the atmosphere and
density is close to that of iron, these forces biosphere of a planet, preparing it to become
are equalized, and if size and weight increase populated by animals. Animals, feeding on plants
further, the body starts to sag and cave in, and other animals that live in the biosphere, can
assuming a spherical form as a result. evolve and give birth to Homo sapiens.
Further growth of the mass leads to a Homo sapiens, living on the flesh of animals
temperature increase at the center of the space with vegetable side-dishes and brazenly
object, and if the mass grows further there appear making use of the biosphere and all the
thermo-nuclear processes with emissions of blessings of God's World, can live and
energy and light into space. That is now a star. consider themselves to be the masters of
Another approach to the concept of complexity nature. But such is not the case. We do not
is the functional one. According to this, we will know what the function of humans is yet.
divide objects of the World by their functionality. Let But we will certainly get to know this, and
us ask of each object: «What can you do?». not some day, but very soon, towards the
Protonsandelectronsinvariouscombinations middle of this book.

1.8. Providentiality or scale of destinations

1.8. Providentiality or scale of destinations

KEY WORDS: Providentiality, predestination, course, target

function, target, task, meaning, providence, determinism, hierarchy
of functions and tasks.

The word «providential» means World. This is precisely why it would be

«foreseen by someone» and «specially so interesting to understand the overall
intended for a definite purpose». Usually design: then it will be possible to truly
such designs of things of the World belong discover the most important thing about
to attributes of the Creator, Demiurge, every, known or newly discovered, item.
Lord (these words are almost synonyms). It’s just like in Mendeleev's table: for an
For now we can not draw the scale of element that has yet to be discovered, its
World’s objects based on providentiality. It basic characteristics are already known.
is not clear yet to us, what the World was For now we can only make some
created for, and we cannot judge the end- assumptions about the level of common
purpose each of its parts has. But! sense and practical knowledge accumulated
The very fact, the very character of by humanity. Providentiality of things
providentiality shines through and glows also shines through their hierarchical
in every object of the World. And let us relations. We still do not know the whole
seriously turn our attention to it. hierarchical chain of functions, but part of
Once again, our favorite example with this structure is comprehensible.
the pile of bricks and a beautiful cozy Somehow, there appeared maximons,
house built of the same bricks. In what, particles, electrons, protons, neutrons,
essentially, lies the difference? atoms, molecules, i.e. substance of matter.
In the second case there was someone, A substance has two functions:
who thought of destination (functions а) creating space, time, heavenly
of the house), created its architectural bodies and energy, and consequently, - the
concept, design and technology. That is, conditions for existence and evolution of
there had been a thought at the beginning biological life;
and the first thing it formed was a function, b) creating more and more complicated
the destination of the object. organic constructions – molecules,
Everything in the World has its biological substances, and systems
destination that is the reason each thing from these – and as a result, to generate
exists. Destination of things, i.e. their biological life.
providential meaning, is the fundamental Biological life builds complex bio-
pillar on which the Word is constructed. systems, in which the biosphere of the
But there are many things we do not know host-planet is intermixed with flora, fauna
the purpose of. And by no means do we and humans.
know all the objects of this World. And Obviously human beings are the
we are unaware of many things of this providential task of biological life.


But what is the providential task of humans? This is done out of necessity, in order to
That’s the mother of all questions. We are cover the gaping chasm of our ignorance
needed for something and will somehow of the most important phenomena of the
be used for creation and prosperity of World.
the next providential stage. And what Is there anyone who has the answers?
were you thinking!? That we would be Probably the One, who created the World?
eating, drinking, propagating and solving Maybe He is the one we should turn our
crossword puzzles forever? No. The brain eyes, souls and minds to?
of Homo sapiens matures for a reason, and
we are placed above living and non-living «Our Father, for the sake of our fathers,
matter for a reason. Some very serious who hoped for you to teach them the laws of
mission is planned for humans. But what life, teach us as well (give us desire to follow
Your path and the strength on this path and
kind of mission? By the way, please notice mind to understand Your path). Have pity on
that we have already drifted from the us and give our hearts (wicked by nature) an
simple and understandable characteristics opportunity to understand, to hear, to learn
of size, weight, density etc., - from the and to observe all your Laws (so unnatural for
things which can be touched, measured us) with love, (not forcedly, but consciously, for
and described. the sake of our loved ones – that is selflessly).»
Complexity, function, providentiality, Cabbala [64, p. 110].
are different things, they cannot be
touched. What is life and death? How do laws
In addition to things, or subjects, of the Universe work? What is universal
there is a great number of processes and attraction? How is the visible light
phenomena, happening to them in this organized? What is an electric charge?
World. What is good and evil? And fate? And
Life, death, thought, energy, luck?
interaction, laws of nature, the voice of The world of phenomena is just as real
conscience – these are all phenomena. and providential as the world of things. We
Science and everyday awareness offer a will remember this, but will not go further
great number of labels and euphemisms to for now. Everything in its own time, dear
denote the essence of these phenomena. heart.

1.9. Which two scales to choose?

1.9. Which two scales to choose?

KEY WORDS: Scale range, distribution, concordance of
scales, law, heuristic potential.

To understand what an apple is, you the simplest and most understandable
can: diagram. And then we will add other
1) cut it and see what is inside; dimensions to it.
2) make a chemical analysis of the Of course, the eight parameters we
apple; have analyzed cannot provide a full
3) Put a piece under a microscope and description of the World, but they provide
see the cells; enough excellent initial data.
4) Bury it in the ground and see what The first five scales are obviously
comes up; concordant on the scale ranking. The
6) Eat it and enjoy. scale ranking shows how many times
The last way sounds the most greater is the value on this scale than its
appealing to me. Maybe, dear heart, the neighboring smaller one. Scale range
most essential way to learn about the is a relative value; it does not depend on
World and Life is to just live your life in units of measurement. We are going to
dignity (as best one can) and enjoy it? measure the scale range in “degrees”, that
It turns out that the Ancient-Hebrew is in increments of 10 times. One degree
Cabbala even ranks pleasure and represents a 10-fold difference in size
enjoyment almost as high as the purpose between objects, two degrees – 100-fold
of Creation: etc.
Total scale range of the measurement
«…the Purpose of Creation is bringing joy and scale is 60 degrees, included is that portion
pleasure to creatures. Desire for pleasure is a of the scale from an atom nucleus to the
vessel, and the soul gets pleasure according to Metagalaxy which is 40 degrees.
its growing desires» [64, p. 22]. The scale range on the mass scale,
taken within the interval from an atom
There is some kind of Ancient-Hebrew nucleus to the Metagalaxy is 77 degrees.
secret here. Who has the desire, who gets On the density scale from an atom
pleasure and, most importantly, which of nucleus to the Metagalaxy is 46 degrees.
them is a vessel? We only know the minimum period on the
Only one thing is clear: our pleasure time scale; or rather scale of time spans,
will hardly be complete without but the longest period – life time of the
understanding the structure of the World. Metagalaxy – is unknown. But is there an
The universe bears many properties, and end to the life of the Metagalaxy? So let
each of them provides information that us start from the age of the Metagalaxy
can be studied and described. But for us at present. Then the scale of time spans
only two parameters are essential in order has the range from 1017 seconds (age of
to draw a diagram on paper. The first, Metagalaxy) to 10–23 (elementary unit


of time for the material world), i.e. 40 to humans, all the varieties of chemical
degrees. But if we use the maximum life agents of biological life, flora and fauna,
span of a maximon 10 –47 , the total scale fits just within the range of 10–10 to 102 m
range is 64 degrees. What concerns the microcosm, from the
Please notice that the numbers 40 and maximon to an atom, this large scale range
60 are repeated. We intuitively feel that from 10 –35 to 10 –10 has not been studied well
they dominate. Later you will see that this enough to make the dependence between
happens for a reason. the kinds of objects and their position on
It is interesting to analyze the character the size scale obvious. At the same time it
of the distribution of objects of the World does not mean that there isn’t any or there
over various scales. How are they placed on cannot be such a dependence. Obviously
the scales of various metrics – uniformly size categories, the correlation of sizes of
or clustered in groups, - are there areas not the World’s objects represent one of the
occupied by them? fundamental categories of structure of the
The characteristic of the size scale is universe in its material part.
the uniform filling. There are no breaks The weight index takes up a huge
or gaps in it, except for the microcosm. range from the weight of the Metagalaxy,
In other words, there is always an object which equals 1053 g to the rest mass of an
that can be found for any size. However, electron (10 –28 g), i.e. the first one is 1081
(which is very important), each object of times larger than the second. And that’s
the material world has a certain size, or not counting the range from electron to
to be more precise, quite a fixed position maximon. But the very concept of weight
on the scale plus some dimensional range, in this world may be quite different from
which intersects or makes contact with the the one which exists in the macroworld.
linear size dimensional range of the next Density is an index, representing the
object. This law is especially obvious, if correlation of mass and volume of a body.
we compare the objects of Mega-universe: Density is intriguing because it obviously
Metagalaxy – 1025 m; depends on the size of objects in the
Galaxy –1020 m; material World. The smaller an object is
Galactic nucleus– 1015 m; the higher is its density. Atom nucleus
star – 1010 m; is 1015 g/cm3 i.e. 15 degrees heavier than
planet, star nucleus – 105 m. gold, and the Metagalaxy is 10 –31 g/cm3
It is interesting that the size range i.e. 28 degrees lighter than air. However,
of the spatial objects listed above has a neither weight, nor density can be used
distinct increment gradient - 105 m. And as basic system-forming concepts in the
the intervals between these scale levels structure of the World – because they are
are filled with scattering dimensions of derived.
objects or their adaptations. Time scale and frequency scale are
Filling up of the macroworld, where subjects of same nature. If there are no
objects larger than an atom and smaller objects and no events – there is no time either.
than a planet are located, is not so obviously But nevertheless, the temporal characteristic
distributed on the size scale. The whole gives a mass of information in comparative
World that surrounds us, from atoms analysis of processes and phenomena.

1.9. Which two scales to choose?

The category of time was obviously used b) If an unknown object is qualified as

by the Creator as one of the structure- a rung in world order hierarchy, then its
forming factors of the universe. First of all, structure is composed of 1010 elements.
time is an all-powerful tool for the division And particularly interesting is the fact that
of the World. Objects, living their life objects and their elements line up into a
within one millionth of a second cannot chain, in which each inferior object is an
be brought into line with objects which element in the structure of a superior one:
can live millions of years. Secondly, the There are 1010 Galaxies in the
notion of “frequency”, derived from time, Metagalaxy;
is closely connected with the nature of There are 1010 stars in the Galaxy;
information. Volume of information and There are 1012 cells in a human
the rate of its transfer directly depend on (newborn);
frequency. For now, dear heart, remember Cell contains 1010 nucleotides;
that “In the Beginning there was the Word” There are 1010 neurons in the human
and vaguely surmise that this information brain.
is the foundation of the World’s structure. And what about microcosm? From
Otherwise how would the whole thing how many elements is an electron or a
work and not go to pieces? photon composed of? It is not clear how
Thus time is a very important thing, these fragments of order are connected
but it is not quite clear how to deal with with each other, but there is certainly
it. But it looks like this is not the thread some kind of law. Is there a single “ladder”
we should be pulling to solve the tangle. of structural inclusion with rungs, which
After all, time is something secondary and equal to 1010 elements?
derived, even though it is very important A scale of complexity, like that, can
for the structure of the World. Time is hardly exist. There is no such taxonomy
inseparably connected with weight and as «degree of complexity», just as there is
energy in the material World and can no complexity unit. However, we can find
transform into these for a reason. what we really need somewhere close to
Quantity scale gives us just one the concept of «complexity».
message. But what a clear and distinct If object «A» consists of structural
message! «Any considerable object of elements «B», we intuitively say that
the Universe consists of 1010 elements of «A» is more complicated than «B».
which it is composed». Consequently, «A» is hierarchically
This way or something like this. higher and more complicated, and, at the
Regardless of the object’s size – same time, less stable than «B».
Metagalaxy, Galaxy, a human, a cell… Or the second type of relationship,
Why not continue? when «A» consists of «B» nucleus and
Why not use this feature to describe some periphery. Here «B» is an essential
and classify elements of World structure? condition for the existence of «A»,
An all-powerful heuristic index: but properties of «A» can vary due to
a) If an object consists of 1010 variation of its periphery up to its muting.
elements, it is a valid rung of the world And here «B» core is more stable than «A».
order hierarchy; And, finally the third type of


relationship: by its existence «B» The functional-structural level of

creates certain conditions that is organisation is obviously the indicator,
the environment necessary for the which can be used in the analysis of the
existence of «A». Then we can say that structure of the universe.
«A» exists thanks to «B». It follows So, from all the scales listed above, let
from this that «B» can exist without us choose the two which would help us go
«A», but «A» cannot exist without «B». about creating a graphical diagram of the
And in this case «A», the superior and world order. Fisrt of all, it’s the dimension
more complicated object, is less stable scale ranking, and secondly, it’s the scale
than «B». of matter organization levels.
This approach includes concepts As for other scales and approaches,
of function, levels, organization, including the providential approach, they
synergy, structure, hierarchy and are none the less important and interesting.
stability. These notions are applied not But we cannot start explaining the World
to everything, but to the key objects starting with them. They are not on the
forming the World: atom, molecule, «ends of the ball of twine», and if we pull
planet, star… It would be nice to shed these like threads too early the whole thing
light upon their full and exact list! will get even more tangled.

KEY WORDS: scale, scale-measurement concept, increment of
the scale ranking, basic scaling factor, evolutionary scaling factor,
stability wave, focus of evolution, seed of the World Spirit, scale
symmetry of the universe.

In the mid 1970’s there was a scientist, «Sizes of natural bodies are not just
who noticed and started researching indifferent phenomenon; but on the contrary,
one, seemingly obvious, regularity. He they are probably the most characteristic
noticed that sizes of objects, which form phenomenon in the system of reality. For living
bodies, the range of these phenomena is quite
our World, take a strictly defined place large. From the first order with large chemical
on the decimal logarithmic scale. With combination molecules, in the order of 10 –6 cm
an extremely high accuracy, a number of parameters it goes to the large life forms – the
objects of the Universe line up in a row, plants and animals with a parameter of 104 cm.
where each stage differs from the previous The range is 1010 » [28, с. 441].
one in a magnitude of 100,000 times, or
105 times, or to the 5th order. Moreover, the Having studied the scale-measurement
total number of such objects is 13, and the concept of S.I. Sukhonos, I saw many
length of the chain is 1060 – or 60 orders. incontestable facts, serious analysis of
The author of this important discovery is these facts and very profound conclusions
a Russian scientist, a person with a basic drawn from them. To cut a long story
technical education, a researcher and short, if my concept of the structure of
philosopher Sergey Ivanovich Sukhonos the universe is based on any foundation,
[109]. then a good half of this foundation is based
He managed to describe the regularity on the regularities that were described by
of scale connections in detail. This Sukhonos. I don’t think, my dear friend,
Sukhonos, a man capable of impartial that you will immediately rush to study
vision and comparing facts from widely the works of this outstanding author, thus
different areas of knowledge, managed I will explain only what I have taken from
without trepidation, to bring into line all his ideas for my own model.
objects defining the structure of the World First of all, as I have already
– from the maximon to the Metagalaxy. mentioned, he compared the biggest and
To be fair, I need to note, that back the smallest things in the Material World
in the beginning of 20th century V.I. – the Metagalaxy and the maximon, and
Vernadskiy had also focused attention on it turned out that the one is bigger than the
the category of size and, using his special other 1060 times, or by 60 orders, or lg1060  =
intuition, called it the most characteristic 60. Moreover the unit of measurement is
feature in the system of reality. not important, be it a meter, a centimeter or


the maximon itself. To compare things in other interesting peculiarity. Objects in

mathematics means to divide one into the the known range can, at a certain stretch,
other. If we imagine a thread, pulled from may be divided into two ranges, nuclear
one end of the Metagalaxy to another, 1060 and structural, moreover these interchange
maximons can be placed on this line side next but one, and therefore each range has
by side. If we draw a line, divided into 60 the increment of 10 orders: atom nucleus
equal sections on a sheet of paper we will and atom, star nucleus and star, Galaxy
get the scale ranking of the Universe. The nucleus and Galaxy. It is obvious that the
outer junction 100=1 is the maximon, the core of the system is always more stable
next one 101=10, i.e. corresponds to objects than its superstructure – the system. An
being 10 times bigger than the maximon, atomic nucleus can exist without electrons
the next one 102=100 is hundredfold more (neutron base) and remain an atom, but
than the maximon and so on up to the size electrons without the nucleus are no longer
of 1060 - the Metagalaxy. an atom. Further Sukhonos introduced
Further it becomes clear that many the notion of “stability”. The vector of
structure-forming objects of the World, stability is in a perpendicular direction to
although having variations in size, in their the scale axis and has two extreme values:
average size occupy certain places on maximum for nucleus objects, and for
the scale ranking within a strictly fixed system objects – minimum. As a result,
interval of 105, or lg = 5: a sinusoid curve with an increment of
Metagalaxy – 1025 m; 10 orders aligns along the scale axis, on
Galaxy– 1020 m; the peaks of which the above mentioned
Nucleus of the Galaxy– 1015 m; objects of the World are located: seven on
Star –1010 m; one side and six on the other side of the
Star nucleus – 105 m; scale axis (figure 1).
Human– 100 m; Then the author divides the whole
Cell nucleus– 10 –5 m; scale into 12 classes, at the intersection
Atom – 10 –10 m; points of the sinusoid curve and the axis.
Atomic nucleus– 10 –15 m; Further the author analyzes the way
Electron (presumably) – 10 –20 m; some real objects being among those that
Electron nucleus (presumably) –10–25 m; have been thoroughly studied by science,
Photon (presumably) – 10 –30 m; fill the scale classes, the way they transfer
Maximon – 10 –35 m. from one class to another, the way their
Thus, the non-dimensional coefficient stability changes, the way the structure of
of 105 is present, and this is a known fact. the systems changes from mono-centrism
Uncertainty still exists in the extremely to poly-centrism with the change of place
small objects which are cannot yet be on the scale ranking, the way symmetry
reached by research, such as the electron, and form of objects fluctuate.
its nucleus and the photon, and if it is It is obvious that a great number
exactly these things that are represented of scientifically established facts and
on the scale or some other things are phenomena fall on the scale ranking and
located here. behave according to its internal laws. Here
Further the author has noticed one are some of these.

№ Class
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Fotons? Electrons Atoms Human being Stars Galactics

Lg L, сm

33 28 23 18 13 8 3 2 7 12 17 22 +27 М-scale




20 20 20
10 10 10


Figure 1. The scale classification of objects and forces of the Univerce


It is evident that all material objects division into 2·1012 cells, which constitute
have certain size and distinctive features, the organism of a new-born, and then
which allows distinguishing them among the number increases to 1015 cells, which
the host of other objects. For example, makes up the necessary volume of an
an atom has variations which determine adult organism. As a result, humans
the chemical element it forms, and in and animals travel on the scale ranking
connection with this it varies in size. The over a distance that is equal to one class
same can be said about a star, as well as (from sixth to seventh) or the distance
about any of the cosmic bodies, including from the center of the measurement scale
the Galaxies. (10 –5) to 100 m. 100 m is 1 m, however
Molecules, cells, plants and many after more detailed research the middle
other objects of the material World of seventh class corresponds to the size
fluctuate in size and type. The question is of 161.58  cm. In the author’s opinion,
the following: how does the junction point, this size practically coincides with the
the border of dimensionally neighboring average height of human beings. However,
objects on the scale ranking, look? The to the same seventh class belong two
author clearly shows that in the points of other kingdoms of biological life – plants
junction of two objects there are zones with and animals. Probably, 161.58 cm is the
the size of one order, filled with an object average size of all biological objects. In
possessing combined characteristics, any case, the author presents us with that
some hybrid, and tambour systems. incontestable fact, that humans appear not
Such structures separate the star nuclei just somewhere, but right in the middle of
from the stars, stars from Galaxy nuclei, the scale ranking of the World, and he sees
Galaxy nuclei – from the Galaxies. The in this the basis for certain resurrection
main conclusion is that there exist neither of ideas on the central place and special
blank spaces nor impenetrable borders role of humans in the Universe. There is
on the scale ranking. That is to say: the nothing for us to do but to sincerely thank
functional-measurement range of objects him for that.
of the World has a continuous nature. Studying the behavior of objects in
The next important point is the center the areas of intersection of the stability
of the measurement scale – these are sinusoid and the scale axis, the author
the objects with the size of 10 –5 m, or provides interesting computations with an
50 mm. Such objects as the female cell example of planets in our Solar system.
nucleus, male cell – spermatozoid, as well The point is that with their size, the planets
as spermatozoids of most of the animals of our Solar system fall on the border zone
fall exactly onto this size category. So the between class No. 8 «Star nuclei» and
spermatozoids of a human, an elephant, class No. 9 «Stars». That is exactly the
fox and cachalot are practically equal in 109.5 cm mark on the M-scale.
size. As you know, the gamete cell bears Why is Pluto, a member of the solar
all the information on the structure and system, not gaseous, like the other planets
peculiar features of humans and animals. of Jupiter group? The answer is obvious, if
In the process of prenatal development we look how the planets are located on the
the first fertilized cell forms by means of M-axis (figure 2).


By the size parameter Pluto belongs to is connected with the expansion of the
the class No. 8, where the planets of the Universe. The author rightly believes
Earth group are located, and that is the that the expansion of space, taken by the
reason for its high density. Therefore, the Metagalaxy, is somehow connected with
classification of planets depends not on the change of the metrics of this very same
degree of remoteness of their orbits from space. Or, in other words, the M-axis
the Sun, but on their place on the M-axis. changes to some extent. The hypothesis
All the objects of class No. 8 – star nuclei is the following: The Metagalaxy at the
and some of the planets are solid bodies, moment of its appearance, and this was
and all the objects of class No. 9 – stars over 15 billion years ago, has had the scale
and some of the planets are liquid and ranking from a maximon to the diameter
gaseous bodies. of Metagalaxy – 1060 times or 60 orders,
The next important regularity unites and the scale structuring of the World has
the phenomena of synthesis, fission and rested upon the crystal clear dimensionless
energy emission with the two characteristic coefficient of 105. Expansion with the
stability points on the M-axis. speed, close to the speed of light, the
The meaning of these dependencies Metagalaxy has grown, according to the
can be understood from figure 3. author’s opinion, approximately 10-fold,
The peaks of the stability sinusoid and the M-scale started containing 61
have a neutral position – the «saddle», in division lines. In connection with this
which object-systems can exist in relative it is recommended to calibrate (mark,
stability. But a much more stable position graduate) the M-axis on the basis of the
is at the bottom parts of the sinusoid curve two dimensionless coefficients. One is first-
– the «depressions». begotten and permanent - 105 and the second
Transfer from a «saddle» to a «depression» one, by the fact of the current increased size
is performed by means of synthesis, and of Metagalaxy, i.e. 61:12 =   5.083, according
from a «depression» to a «saddle» – by to the diagram, shown on the figure 7.
means of fission. In both cases there is As a result two stability sinusoids
an output of energy. Whatever we study are obtained – the one which existed
–  growth of a cell or the growth of a at the time of creation of the world, and
star, – in any class of the M-axis the same the one which is at work now. There is
regularities are found. There are only two a shift between their peaks; it is small,
technologies of progress on the M-axis but extremely important for explanation
in the stability zone: with maintenance of the many phenomena in the history
of integrity of the system (figure 4) and of development of the Material World.
without maintenance of the integrity of The point is that for 15 billion years the
the system (figure 5). The author provides stability points on the M-scale have been
numerous examples of this and also facts moving and are still moving to the right.
from different spheres of the natural The Metagalaxy has increased over this
sciences. One of these, relating to cytology, period. Ordinates of all «depressions» and
is shown in (figure 6). This requires no «saddles» of the M-scale have changed
additional explanations. along with it, except for the ordinate of the
The next very interesting observation maximon, which has been and stays equal


Star half wawe

Klass 8

II Lg L, см

М-axe I  group of solid planets with
8 9 9,5 10 10,5 11
density over 2 SGU.
Mercury I II  group of gaseous planets
Earth with density under 2 SGU.
Klass 9 A scale periodicity equal to 0,5
orders is evident.

System half-wawe of macro bodies

orbit No. Planet Size, cm Density

1 Planets of the Earth Mercury 0,485·109 Solid bodies having
2 group Venus 1,210·109 2 to 5.5 SGU

3 Earth 1,276·109
4 Mars 0,679·109
5 Asteroid ring – remains of a planet which was not able to come into existence.

6 Planets of the Jupiter Jupiter 1,426·1010 Liquid and gaseous

7 group Saturn 1,202·1010 bodies under 2 SGU

8 Uranus 0,490·1010
9 Neptune 0,502·1010
10 Pluto 0,640·109 Solid body approx.
2.8 SGU

Figure 2. Location of planets in our Solar system on the M-scale.

(S.I. Sukhonos)





a) Potential stability “depression” diagramm;



№0 №1 №2 №3 №4 №5 №6 №7 №8 №9 №10 №11 №12

Depressions Lg L, сm

33 23 13 3 7 17 +27 М-axe

b) Stability points, synthesis (S) and fission (F) zones indicated;

PS — “hole” stabiliy; SB — stable balance; S — synthesis; D — division; E — energy

Figure 3. Stability points, synthesis and fission zones (S. I. Sukhonos)


Expansion Compression

1 2


Figure 4. Diagram of motion in the potential stability field

with maintenance of integrity of the system: 1 — expansion of the
2 — compression of the system (S. I. Sukhonos)

Synthesis Fission

1 2


Figure 5. Diagram of motion in the potential stability field without maintenance

of integrity of the system: 1 — synthesis of the system; 2 — fission of the
system (S. I. Sukhonos)


А SF barrier B SF barrier

2 1
1 2

М-axe М-axe

Figure 6. Two types of cell fission (multiplication) process (S.I. Sukhonos)

а) If a cell has a size smaller than the synthesis-fission barrier, than before fission it
initially grows (1-2) to the size,
which exceeds the SF barrier, then divides
(2-3) to the original size and further continues functioning with this size(3).b) If a cell in
. b) If a cell in normal condition has a size larger than the SF barrier, than before fission
it does not grow. The fission process
takes place (1-2), and then “fragments” that have appeared grow to the initial normal
condition (2-3)

0 Base wave “the diapason”, /2=10 С

БВУ Expanding border

of the Metagalaxy

33 5,083
10 сm Stationary wave of evolution, /2=10 28
10 сm

Figure 7.Evolutionary and base stability wave.

Characteristic stable points on the M-axis (dimensions) for the second ESW
depend on the radius of the Universe. With the extension
of the Universe the second sinusoid, unlike the first one (BSW),
will stretch to the right, as a harmonica, and all the stable points, which it presets,
will shift to the right along the M-axis. ESW -evolution stability wave BSW base
stability wave (S.I. Sukhonos)


to itself. Acts of creation cannot be confused

This hypothesis perfectly explains a with the acts of birth, i.e. reproduction
great number of events in the history of of already existing systems. The wave of
creation, but the initial numbers require acts of creation has moved and is moving
some adjustment. now along the M-axis from the elemental
to more complicated systems. The author
Size of the maximon (was 10 –34,8 m calls this the place where the wave of
and remains so) creation acts and the M-axis touch the
Size of Metagalaxy scaling focus of the creation process. In
– was at the time of creation 1025,2 m the part of the M-axis, where the focus
– is at present 1025,62 m
of creation process has already passed,
the optimal arrangement of objects of the
Size of the M-scale:
World is found, and evolution is replaced
– was at the time of creation 60 orders with self-reproduction.
– is at present 60,42 orders Evolution of objects of the subatomic
Basic scaling factor levels, atomic and molecular levels, has
– was and is 105 probably ended on the scale of the whole
for n-class adopts the value 10n∙5 Universe, and that was the first stage of
of evolution.
Evolutionary scaling factor At the second stage the evolution
– was at the time of creation 105 has been moving in the direction of
mechanical building up of objects and the
creation of cosmic bodies – from Galaxies
– at present (60.42:12) 105,035 to the planets.
We can judge of the third stage only
Evolutionary scaling increment for each from the experience of our own planet.
of the 12 classes is calculated by the It is connected with the multi-stage
following formula: evolution of biosystems and the parallel
creation of the biosphere, which in its turn
∆n= n·0.035 has facilitated this evolution.
In the opinion of the author, the
where n is the class number. focus of evolution now are the social
Absolute value of the evolutionary systems, comprising the societal scale,
scaling factor for n-class is 10n·5.035. the biosphere, and on the Universal scale
But the numeric specifications do not –  «population systems». Now the main
prevent us from seeing the beauty and the task of evolution is the creation and
meaning of the main idea of this point: processing of the «social level».
the Universe is evolving; the evolution It is hard to disagree with the author. Wars,
vector is directed from left to right on the revolutions, incompetence of ruling authorities,
M-axis. The history of evolution of the imperfection of social institutions – how much
Universe is connected with the acts of evil and pain they bring to the World, how
creation, i.e. creating such objects of the much wasted human energy, what harm to
universe, which have not existed before. one’s soul and the whole planet!


I have now recapped almost the such «seeds of the world spirit» fill the
entire book of Sukhonos, but there is one whole volume of the Metagalaxy without
more, and perhaps the most important exception and quite compactly, being the
hypothesis  – on the existence and nature carrier and the medium of information
of the non-material World. of practically unlimited volume. It is
All things that the author talks about interesting, that also 1090 of such «seeds of
have a wave nature: the M-scale with fixed the spirit» can fit into the volume of the
periodicity of junction points, stability Metagalaxy.
sinusoid… This is the Spiritual world in all its
The author proves quite convincingly beauty!
that all the junction points on the M-scale, The second overtone – points of 10 –15 and
i.e. all the structure-forming objects of 105 m on the M-axis are the atom nuclei
the World are the results of fluctuations and star nuclei. Pay special attention: not
between the extreme sources – maximons photons – electrons, but at first – atom
and Metagalaxy. By their character they nuclei.
are stationary waves in a four-dimensional The third overtone – points, corre-
space: three-dimensional physical space sponding to the dimensions of an electron and
plus a scale axis as the fourth dimension. a star, etc, including the eleventh overtone,
Fluctuations in this space give rise to i.e. 12 harmonics with due account for the
junctions – three-dimensional objects of fundamental tone, give us the broad picture
the material World. There appears the new of the non-biological objects of the World, and
vision of a world order as the consequence the 120th overtone, in the author’s opinion,
of scale-harmonic resonance, in which gives rise to the physical matrix of human
values and functions of various tones can beings.
be analyzed. S.I. Sukhonos has granted us a
A fundamental tone is given by new universal law of nature – the scale
marginal points of the interval – maximon symmetry of the Universe. Apparently, this
and Metagalaxy. This tone corresponds law can be characterized as fundamental
to a physical vacuum, in which there are for the explanation of the construction of
no physical objects, but only energy and the World. Of course, both the author and
fluctuations. Just like this – energy without we realize that the World structure does not
a carrier! We don’t understand everything come down solely to the M-axis. Stability
in this World after all! vector, located orthogonally towards the
The first overtone gives rise to a M-axis appears for a reason, as well as the
junction in the center of the M-axis with seemingly facultative speculations of the
the size of about 10 –5 m. These are objects, author about the place and direction of the
composed directly of maximons, and complexity axis and dimensionality of the
their size, as is known, is 10 –35 m, thus the systems of the Universe.
above-mentioned aggregates can number In the author’s opinion, on the edges
1090 units of maximons, staying invisible of the M-axis the dimensionality of
and imperceptible for human being and all structures of the Universe equals zero, i.e.
devices. the maximon and Metagalaxy are zero-
Nothing prevents the assumption that dimensional objects, i.e. points.


«From the micro-world, gradually, with on the M-scale), - that’s exactly where the
movement along the graduated scale, the author sets forth a perpendicular ending
complexity of systems of matter accumulates, at infinity (figure 8) and practically states
reaches a maximum in the center of the M-axis,
that this is the direction which further
manifesting itself through the fantastic variety
of life forms, and then starts to gradually evolution of objects of the World will take,
decrease, until it reaches the basic types of and the human and social systems will
morphological variety in area of Galaxies, and come closer to the Divine ideal.
then decreases impetuously down to linear Here, my dear friend, I have reached the
structures, ending with a zero-dimensional place of passing the baton, I would like to
object» S.I. Sukhonos [109, p. 114]. thank the author once again for what he
has revealed to me, and will continue my
Right next to the middle of the M-axis, search for the truth, now using my own
where the cell, or an adult human being, strength and intellect, in as much as God
or biosphere (by the way, still not shown grants these to me.


Dimensionality ?
of the objects
of the Universe

33 3 +28

Figure 8. Dimensionality of the objects of the Universe rises as you move away from its
edges (where the dimensionality tends towards zero) and approaches
to the Scale Center of the Universe (S.I. Sukhonos)

It would be desirable very much, my a sinusoid, are invariable – irrespective of
dear friend, to draw such a diagram on the class number.
which all the material World and all its But it is also obvious, that the graduated
main parts would be shown. And that the scale is insufficient for an exhaustive
basic laws of its structure would be seen systematization of objects of the
and that the diagram would include both material World. There are a number of
those things known to science and the still system-forming objects which are either
unknown part (dotted line), and thus this «superimposed» by their size on the
diagram would be simple, obvious and others, or are absolutely not a multiple on
easily fit onto a notebook page… the scale division of 105.
From the previous reasonings we Molecules and biomolecules are
discovered, that the difference between somewhere between the 5th and 6th classes
the smallest and the largest objects of the and the 7th class – except for human beings,
Material world is of 60 orders, i. е. one is which seems to be occupied by plants and
greater than the other by 1060 times. We animals. They cannot be thrown out in
also discovered that to each interval, in any way, without them we wouldn't exist.
the size of 105, there corresponds a precise The class allocated for the nuclei of stars,
and average size of structure-determining has the same dimensional borders, as the
objects of the material World. Well in any class for planets and biospheres.
case, for the majority of these. The nuclei And in general the correct scheme is
of these objects are subject to the same the one in which everything known to us
periodicity with a half-phase shift. is placed on shelves, there is a place for
It is also obvious that inside of the the unknown and there are no superfluous
classes with a five order increment the shelves.
same regularities repeat, irrespective of the Therefore we search for the scheme of
class number or its place on the graduated classification where any object known to
scale. The processes of division, synthesis, us in the material World will easily enter.
absorption and liberation of energy, the Apparently, it will be a scheme drawn on a
correspondence of a nucleus and the notebook page…
structure concerning the same points of


3.1. Five attributes for classification of the

material World objects
KEYWORDS: attributes of classification, a classification cell, class-
forming objects.

To see a clear picture, i. е. an image on of some magnitude which is already a

a plane, we need to have two orthogonal property of self-classification of objects
axes. On one of these the graduated scale having multitude. Or, putting it more
will be placed, and yet on the second one simply, in each object of the material
something does not turn out so well. World there are some features (attributes)
There are a lot of objects in the material which unequivocally put it in a certain
World, and each one has its size, at least classification pigeonhole. You will not
within the limits of one inertial system. confuse an atom with a star, a molecule
But where to take the second attribute with a plant, a human being with the
from, an attribute which is also equally Galaxy.
inherent in every object? What is there Inventing the classification pigeonho-
in common between an atom, a human les is not necessary at all because they
being, and a star? Where is this attribute exist from the moment of God's plan;
that equally exists in every object of the another matter is the understanding of
material World? This attribute does exist, what attributes were used by the Creator
but is expressed in a different degree and for the differentiation of classes.
does not change its nature? All in all, five such attributes can be
Search though, as much as you want, found.
you will not find it! Because, except for the The first attribute is scale-dimensional,
size attribute, no other physical attribute and it has already been discussed. The
which extends throughout the graduated other four attributes are represented as if
scale, remains the same. In the transition they were facets of a uniform parameter
from a microcosm into a macrocosm, and and the hypothetical name «the functional
then into a megaworld, the parameters and structural level of organization of the
of weight, density, movement speed and material World», in short – the level of
any other physical properties lose their organization.
universality. If you, my dear friend, come up with
But, as is well known, never say a more precise and easy name I will not
«never»! There is still a certain special object.
parameter or attribute that is equally Material objects occupying key places
characteristic to every material object. in the Creator's plan and in the construction
The fact is that each material object has of the universe are of primary interest to
connections defining its place, value and us. The scale of the organizational level
origin in the system of the material World. with such an approach turns out to be
The characteristic of an object is that it discrete (discontinuous): as many system-
occupies a certain, strictly fixed place forming objects that exist, there are so


many points on the scale. What is an atom made of? Of a nucleus

Between the system-forming objects and electrons. A molecule is a combination
are intervals. There are objects of a of atoms. Human beings, animals and
transitive kind. In this connection we plants are made up of cells, but animals
shall divide all material objects into class- and plants create the conditions without
forming and those that are transitive which human beings cannot survive.
(fig.  9, attribute 2). Attribute No. 4 shows three possible
The next attribute is the physical cases of correlation of subordinate with
nature of an object, again not the best higher objects of the material World which
name to use, but here is what it means. All we recently mentioned.
objects of the material World are divided The first case is «a nucleus and
into three groups. structure». For example: a nucleus of a cell
The first group: non-organic and a cell, a nucleus of a star and a star. In
substances of the material World – these cases the higher structure basically
chemical elements and their compounds is defined by a subordinate structure
(except for organic compounds), a nucleus which plays the role of a nucleus.
of an atom, an electron and all that is even The second case is simpler, «an
smaller, including a maximon. element of n+1 level completely physically
The second group: aggregations from consists of the elements of the n-level».
the nuclei of atoms, atoms, molecules, i.е. A molecule is a combination of the sum
their congestions in local space; these are of the atoms; the Metagalaxy is the sum
space bodies, from space balls in the size of the Galaxies. In this case the role of
of 10-5 m up to planets, stars, Galaxies construction or organization of the sum
and the Metagalaxy itself. An ice asteroid of the elements is especially important.
and a star, billions of years letting out Namely the method of their combination
an unbelievable quantity of energy, as a provides a new quality.
matter of fact are the same. Their radical The third case is similar to a
distinction is only in quantity of substance, corresponding «foundation and a
mass: the bigger it is, the more active are construction on the foundation». The
the intra-nuclear processes which produce foundation without a house can exist,
light and energy. but the house without the corresponding
The third group: biological objects, foundation cannot. Humans eat vegetative
from the organic compounds and fibers up and animal food, breath oxygen which
to human beings. comes from the flora and evolution of
Attribute No. 4 (fig. 9) describes the way the biosphere. The biosphere, in turn,
of communication between the lower and is impossible without its carrier – the
higher standing material objects. If we planets  – and without an energy source -
look closely, it is possible to see, that all a star (the Sun), i. е. without the center of
objects of the material World are built in the planetary system.
some hierarchical chain. Those that are And now at last, attribute No. 5
located below, serve as a building material (fig.  9) is the function of the object in the
or as a condition of existence for those that hierarchical structure of the universe. Here
are at a stage above. the scheme is simple up to the zoologism.

Signs distinguishing
Material World
Symptom scale Functional-structural features

№1 №2 №3 №4 №5

The relationship Function object

Size On the role of the scale Physical nature a hierarchical
between neighboring
Object structure of the universe

Class №0 Inorganic
Class-forming Kernel -
10351032,5 м substance
objects structure
with kernel Aggregate level n

creates some
Class №1 new quality
1032,51027,5 м necessary
to create
Space Elements - Level n+1
Transient body structure
Class №2

objects and their system element
1027,51022,5 м

3.1. Five attributes for classification of the material World objects

Foundation -
Biological building
objects on the foundation
Class №12
1022,51025 м

Fig. 9. Five features distinguish objects Material World


The object of the «n» level exists owing Somethingvaguelyfamiliarismentioned

to 100 % sacrifice of objects of the «n - 1» by E. P. Blavatskaya. Making comments on
level and possibly to lower levels, and the the concepts of nidan  –  cause-and-effect
object of the level «n» itself exists only for concepts of Buddhism, she draws attention
serving in the creation of an object of the to their number – 12 – and their hierarchical
level «n + 1». structure.
So, an integrated parameter is offered, the
functional-structural level of organization. «Exoterically and esoterically there are twelve
This means that structure-forming objects nidans, this is the fundamental doctrine of
of the material World really do exist and Buddhism. Also there are twelve exoterical
Buddhist suttas, named nidans, and in each is
really form three converging hierarchical provided with one nidan.
chains – substance, space bodies and bio- Nidans have a double meaning. They
objects. The point of convergence is in the themselves represent:
field of atoms and molecules. Chains really • Twelve reasons of sensual existence
have graduated or hierarchical structure: through twelve connections of the
each object is a building material or a subjective nature with the objective, or
condition needed for the formation for an between subjective and objective natures;
object of the next higher level. Each object • Interrelation of causes and effects.
is a step in the general structure, each one Each reason holds a consequence, and this
consequence, in turn, becomes a reason.
bears its function in the general scheme,
Each of them has as an upadha (base) one
and each structure-forming object steadily subdivision of one nidan and also some
occupies the central place in its class (level). consequence, or a sequel»
The levels in the aggregate form a scale of [19, p. 560].
12 classes. But this will become obvious a
little later.

3.2. System-forming objects of the material World

3.2. System-forming objects of the

material World
KEYWORDS: an object of classification, a unit, a system-
forming unit, a functional-structural level of organization, a natural

Now we shall nevertheless attempt to «A human, the biosphere, the earth’s

make a list of the basic material objects. crust, the Earth, the Solar system, its galaxy
The problem is not new. In their time a (the island world of the Sun) are natural bodies
indissolubly connected together» [28, p. 427].
number of researchers already touched
upon this question. V. I. Vernadsky wrote:
This is very close to what we need.
«It is convenient to use one logical concept But, perhaps we should not include into
in concrete natural sciences. the classification of material objects those
This concept is all about a natural body. A objects and phenomena of the social order
natural body in a biosphere we shall call each not having the attribute of size.
object which is logically delimited from its Within the limits of our research we
surroundings and which has formed as a result shall include the system-forming objects
of regular natural processes that occur in the of the material World the things which
biosphere or originate in the earth's crust.
bear properties of size and structure.
Such a natural body will be each rock (and all
forms of its occurrence – as a batholite, a rod, Neither seeking the approval
a layer, etc.), any mineral (and all forms of its of philosophers nor the applause of
occurrence), any organism as an individual philologists, we shall name these
and also as a complex colony, biocenose aggregates, because their first distinctive
(simple and complex), any ground, silt, etc., a feature is structure, participation in the
cell, its nucleus, a gene, an atom, a nucleus of hierarchical system of structurization,
an atom, an electron and the like, capitalism, a in the functional evolution on the basis
class, a parliament, a family, a community and
the like, a planet, a star and the like – millions of graduated hierarchy of structures.
of millions of possible “natural bodies”. As Eventually, these should somehow be
can be seen from the above examples, we named.
distinguish here two categories of concepts. On fig. 10 the grouping of basic (and
One concept is an answer to objects that really some not basic) units of the material
exist in nature and are not only a creation World is presented in attachment to the
of the logic process: for example, a certain measurement scale. The graduated scale
planet, certain ground, an organism and the
like. And on the other hand, the concept which
developed by S. I. Sukhonos and accepted
entirely or in the basic part is a creation of a by us with gratitude totals eleven full-size
complex logic process – the generalization of and two half-size classes (classes No. 0
uncountable set of facts or logic concepts: for and 12). The first five classes, from zero to
example, ground, rock, a star, a state and so the fourth one, are mono-objects, i.е. they
forth« [28, p. 418]. include one system-forming aggregate,
each with the following sizes:
And further in the same place:


35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 5 10 15 20 25

10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

sinusoid of

stability 35 32,5 30 5  5  5 0 5 10 15 20 25
























of classes, m
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
м=10 0,425

№ of class 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12



Lg L, сm

33 28 23 18 13 8 3 2 7 12 17 22 +27 М-axe


C  core C S C S C S C S C S C S C С  structure
E  energy around core
F  fission E E E E E E E
S  synthesis

№ of class 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Base material
Planet system

Galaxy’s core

Atom’s core

Star’s core

Cell’s core


(are placed





at the peaks



of the sinusoid)

Some transitional
stars, pulsars, minor planets, satellites
plants, animals and people, asteroids,
Population and social aggregations of

White dwarfs, black holes, neutron

Star systems, galactic black holes

Unicelluar plants and organisms

Dwarf galaxy, galactic systems

(are placed
nucleic acids, polynucleotide,

Proreins, viruses, bacteria

the peaks
of the sinusoid)
Cells, galactic clusters
Isotopes, mesoatoms,

Starry host, quasars


“Strange particles”

amino acids, lipids

Space balls


Borders oh experimental knowledge

Fig. 10. Placement of units of the material world to the M-scale

3.2. System-forming objects of the material World

basis or submit only in the secondary

No. 0 a maximon – 10 m; –35
level, and in the first level they answer to
No. 1 (a photon)? – 10 –30 m; the functional-structural parameter level.
No. 2 (a nucleus of an electron)? – 10 –25 m;
No. 3 an electron – 10 –20 m; No. 5 An atom, a molecule 10 –10 m
No. 4 a nucleus of an atom – 10–15 m. No. 6 Biomolecules, a nucleus of a 10 –5 m
cell, a cell
The units of classes 1 and 2 have
tentative names. Objects of such a size No. 7 Plants, animals, humans 100 m
are still not accessible to experimental No. 8 A nucleus of a star, a planet, 105 m
research and therefore hereinafter their bio-sphere
names are given in brackets and with No. 9 A star, planetary systems 1010 m
a question mark. However it does not
prevent us from affirming that between Classes No. 10–12 are again mono-objects
the theoretically described maximon and
the electron there are scaled steps which
No. 10 The Galactic nucleus 1015 m
are occupied by certain quite real material
objects. No. 11 The Galaxy 1020 m
However, even with the electron all is No. 12 The Metagalaxy 1025 m
still not so clear. What is it: a «ball» flying
around a nucleus, or an «energy sphere»? Why is there such a set of system-
It is understood that the electron is still forming representatives of the material
100 times smaller than the smallest object World? Why are there not more and not
accessible to modern means of visual less of them? Why are there these ones and
observation. not others? Perhaps, something should be
In general the material World of the deducted or added?
micro-level with sizes of objects less than I added and deducted ten times
10-15 m is not only poorly explored, but is already, estimated this way and that way
also extremely hard to explore. And the and it turns out that: 21 aggregates, one is
reason for this is probably the absence the base (a maximon) and 20 derivatives
of an adequate scientific paradigm. Yet I kept constant within all schemes; there are
shall not go deep into this question and not no superfluous ones and also there are no
afflict upon nuclear physicists the measure empty spaces. The material World looks
of my ignorance; but I shall risk assuming like that, as much I can understand it at the
that many strange things of the microcosm moment.
can become clearer within the framework Now let's have a look at how these
of our concept of the universe. base aggregates correlate among each
Classes from Nos. 5 to 9 include other (fig.  11). The correlation of the type
several aggregates each. This means that «a nucleus – structure» requires some
to the central size of these classes two or explanations. «A nucleus of an atom –
more base material aggregates correspond. an atom», here is the classic case: this
These objects obviously do not submit to nucleus of a construction and periphery
classification in accordance to the scale around the nucleus, and in aggregate it is


a construction with a strongly pronounced Atoms of various kinds in various

nucleus. «A nucleus of an electron – an combinations form molecules and complex
electron» and «a maximon – a photon» organic compounds (biomolecules). A
these are two pairs which nobody has seen nucleus of an electron and photons make
and they are only thought to exist. The an electron (this is an assumption also).
basis to it is only the general rhythm of Collectively the stars form Galaxies
change of a nucleus and structure on the though other logic is also possible: the
M-scale. «A nucleus of the Galaxy - the Galactic nucleus gives rise to matter, and
Galaxy», «a nucleus of a star – a star», of this matter the stars are formed which
these two pairs do not provoke objections. collectively form Galaxies.
And the Metagalaxy according to the The metagalaxy is the sum of the
logic of the M-scale is a nucleus without Galaxies. Who forms whom and how
a construction. What can that mean? is still a question. The stars and their
In the opinion of M. A. Markov, the planets form planetary systems like the
Metagalaxy as a whole plays the role of a Solar one. An atom is the most striking
point - a maximon for the following part representative of the material World. It
of the M-scale in the size of 60 orders. forms all space bodies: nuclei of Galaxies,
And maybe the construction exists, but nuclei of stars, planets, their satellites and
it is outside of the material plane and all the minute space bodies, down to space
consequently is there no place for it on the balls in a diameter of 10-5 m. The nucleus
M-scale? Most likely, this is so. of a cell in a combination with complex
We, my dear friend, must ask the organic compounds (biomolecules) forms
question: «Where does a maximon come a cell. Plants, animals, human beings
from and where does the Metagalaxy consist of organic cells of different kinds
disappear?» But let us wait a while. and carrying out a lot of various functions
Regarding biological objects there necessary for life.
is one nucleus - a nucleus of a cell. If it The third and the last form of mutual
is a question of a sexual cell its nucleus relations is «the base – construction»works
is a nucleus of the future biological when the objects of the «n-1» level serve
organism  – a human, an animal or a plant; as life-support systems for an object of
and if this means cells from which the the n level although not being part of its
organism is built up then in their basis lays construction.
the endocellular nucleus owing to which A maximon is a primary elementary
the cell lives and self-replicates. brick of all constructions at all hierarchical
The second type of mutual relations levels of the material World, including the
among aggregates, neighbors in the Metagalaxy, i.е. the material World itself.
hierarchy is the complete integration The maximon, most likely, bears in itself
in which the construction of the higher all information necessary for creation of
aggregate entirely consists of aggregates the material World. As in the DNA of a
of one or several lower levels. The sexual cell the code of the future organism
nucleus of an atom plus electrons forms is written down, so possibly, the maximon
the construction of an atom. Maximons knows what the material World should
develop in a photon (this is an assumption). be. Therefore the maximon is the main

Physical nature Relationships between neighboring aggregates
of aggregates
Core structure Elements structure “Basis Construction”

Atom’s core
Atom’s core Atom ? Maximon Material world -
Substance ? Maximons (photon)?
/as genetic Metagalaxy
of the material world (Electron’s core) Electron
Atoms Molecule, data medium/
Maximon (photon)? biomolecule

? Electron’s core
? Photons

Stars Galaxy
Galaxies Metagalaxy
Galaxy’s core Galaxy

Stars Planet system
Space bodies Star’s core Star Planet Planet Biosphere
and their systems
Metagalaxy  material Galaxy’s core
core of non-material structure? Star’s core

Cells Plant
3.2. System-forming objects of the material World

Cell’s core Cell Biomolecule Biosphere

Cells Animal
Human Flora Fauna
Biological objects Cells Human
Gamic cell’s Animal Flora
/chromosomal Biomolecule Cell’s core Biosphere
Plant Fauna
component/ Biomolecule
Cell Biosphere Human
Cell’s core

Figure 11. Classification of the basic material aggregates according to the type за physical
nature and caracter of correlation

providing subsystem of the Metagalaxy. will be no me or you either.

The next similar pair is the planetary These are all clear things. But an
system and the biosphere. The surface unpleasant and sobering question arises:
of the planet constantly receiving the maybe we are created not for our own
necessary quantity of heat and light from pleasure, but for becoming the «base» of
the central star, at a combination of some the next level of the universe? Perhaps, we
geological and space conditions is capable are just ripening? For now! But at some
to form the basis for the formation of the time will someone begin to use us for the
biosphere and to support its evolution benefit of the general design? And maybe,
as a carrier of the conditions needed for already does so?
development of organic life. So, there are basic aggregates of
Biomolecules are the primary base of the material World, there are pairing
the biosphere. Flora is the base of the living communications between them. Division
ability of fauna. The flora and fauna of the of the aggregates into three groups is
planet form the biosphere; and vice versa: obvious: substance, space bodies and
the biosphere develops the conditions for objects of organic life. In addition the
evolution of the flora and fauna. general hierarchical construction of the
And how human beings are so tied objects is seen through, is expressed in the
to the biosphere! Here is full and direct hierarchy of functional-structural levels.
dependence! In the morning you got up According to attribute No. 5 fig. 9 the
from a wooden bed, breathed a full chest system-forming units of the material
of air. Where is this oxygen from? The World are established one after another
plants gave it. Then you dressed yourself in an ascending order of the functional-
in flax, cotton, wool, silk. Had a breakfast structural level of problems and tasks of
of vegetables, fruit, bread, meat, milk. Put the material World solved by them, as a
on leather shoes, adorned yourself with system.
furs, went to the street, not being afraid It would be desirable to somehow
of the hard ultraviolet rays through the represent all that graphically.
ozone layer. Got into your car and drove But at first it is necessary to imagine,
on hydrocarbons. Beautiful! Human what the hierarchy of the levels of
beings are on top of the pyramid of world- organization of the material World might
structure. And try to remove the flora and look like.
fauna: there will be no biosphere, there

3.3. The material world as a uniform large system

3.3. The material world as a uniform

large system
KEYWORDS: a system, a subsystem, system levels, the graphic
diagram of the material World

Now, my dear friend, the time has The first model is illustrated on picture
come for us to assume, that the material 12. System-forming material objects are
World is no other than a system object formed up in two vertically converging
existing under the laws and rules of large chains. The two top ends embrace the
and complex systems, and moreover, that aggregates of two types – the substance
the material World is a certain functional and cosmic objects. The lower joint part
part, a subsystem of a system of a higher of the chains is filled with the aggregates,
level which we will reach in due course belonging to the organic life. Opposite
too. each aggregate, on the left and on the
And time a material world - a subsystem right, you can see the name of its system
the beginning and the end of a chain and object function which characterizes
which we will eat now incoming place the aggregate's main quality and its
with places with an bigger system, and us mission within the system's limits. The
while can not confuse misunderstanding first aggregate in the chain of «Substance»
of that, whence has appeared the first level group is a maximon. We only know for
and what purpose is served by last level sure that its size is 10-34,8 m and that there
of the organization of a material world. Us are no smaller objects in the material
various degree of scientific awareness on World.
objects of a material world also shouldn't Without going into particulars
stop. describing maximon's possible
A variable degree of scientific characteristics, let's mention that it plays
awareness of the material World's objects an essential role of the material World.
also shouldn't stop us. Indeed, up to the As a result it acquires two fundamental
present moment science hasn't offered us qualities. Firstly, it bears all the genetic
an image of the material World on scale information about the structure of the
levels varying from 10-20 to 10-35 m. The material World. Secondly, it is self-
nuclei of planets and stars have also been identical in time and space. In other
poorly researched. We know almost words, maximon is completely similar
nothing about the nature of Galaxies' to itself always and everywhere, i.e. it's
nuclei and the structure of Metagalaxy. absolutely invariable. Maximon is not a
Nevertheless the experience, accumulated tiny bit of substance matter, it's not even
by science, and the knowledge of other the protosubstance, it's something of what
objects of the material World give us the protomatter is made.
grounds to regard it as a system object and The substance matter and its attributes
to continue the research, using the methods probably emerge at the next three levels
of systems analysis and modeling. of functional and structural scale (so far


Space objects
Level number
System objective function System obiective function

Material world - Material world - realization

genetic information 0

? ? 1 ?
/The appearance
Electron atom nucl

of material substance

/The appearance of cosmic

attributes: energy, mass, bodies, their evolution

motion, space, time, ? 2 ? and the forming
powers and ieractions/ of cosmic bodies systems/

? 3 ?

Basic set of substance system


Conditions for
physiochemical properties 4 biosphere emergence

Physiochemical properties
variation 5

Control of chemical and


metabolic processes 6

Self-replication mechanism Set of conditions for biological


life emergence and evolution

Primary form of biological life



Autotrophy and photosyntesis 9


and active mobility 10

Cogitation and workmanship


? 12

Organic life

Fig. 12. Levels of organization of matter

3.3. The material world as a uniform large system

beyond the reach of scientific research). pellicle covering the surface of a planet,
Energy appears, light flares, mass carrier biosphere should have the appropriate
emerges, as well as motion, space and combination of solar heat, cosmic cold,
time. Electrons and the prospective atomic periodicity of axial rotation, the right
nucleus are born. axial tilt to the ecliptic plane and lots of
The forth level is the atom. Its function other factors, determined by the celestial
is to give the system the basic set of mechanics, geology and biological activity.
substances (chemical elements) with hard- Biosphere is the result of emerging of
set characteristics. Altogether the science primary forms of biological life and the
knows 109 types of atoms. reason why the developed forms of life
The fifth level is the molecule which appeared, such as plants, animals and
attaches diversity to the qualities and the human being. These forms, in their
characteristics of material substances. The turn, caused biosphere to step further
number of atoms forming the compound in its evolution. As a consequence,
may vary from two to a few thousand biosphere is the only object of the material
atoms of different sorts. The quality and World, which does not have any stable
quantity of the derivable substances are classification binding on the function and
virtually unlimited structural level scale.
Then the organic life sphere appears, Originated in prebiotic mineral level
but let's go back first to the zero level of № 5, biosphere was permanent in its
the substance organization and look at the evolution and now, being under pressure
cosmic objects group. of human factor, seems to turn into some
The zero level of the «cosmic other form, obviously not the best one –
objects» aggregates chain is occupied by technosphere and partly into noosphere,
Metagalaxy. It may seem a paradox, but which corresponds to level №11.
Metagalaxy, in a system and object sense Later we will see how it happened,
is a univariate object. It just exists or not, and now let's go back to the transition
as well as a maximon. If maximon is a from the molecule of the inert substance
concept, then Metagalaxy is the realization to biomolecule – the primary specimen
of the concept of the material World. of organic life. Biomolecules – level
The next three levels, as well as the № 6 (pic. 12) – are complex molecular
ones in the «Substance» group are poorly formations, showing ability to affect the
investigated by the science, nevertheless it chemical processes, in which they emerge
is clear that cosmic bodies emerge there, and participate. At this organization level
evolve and form systems of different scale. substance acquires the ability to control
The forth level is occupied by planetary metabolic processes, to accelerate and slow
systems resembling the Solar System. The down the course of chemical reactions
system and object function of the planetary and even to change their direction.
system is to create the conditions under Very complex and multifunctional
which biosphere will emerge and evolve at organic matter appears: proteins, nucleic
least on one planet. acids, nucleotides and other bioactive
Biosphere itself is quite troublesome. compounds.
This object is too peculiar. A superfine The next, seventh level – cell nucleus   –


is a complex biological mechanism with the were changing, and quite recently a human
ability for self-replication. One of the major being was born.
attributes of life – the ability to reproduce The age of the Earth is about 4,7
objects identical to the creator – is reso- billion years. The biological life appeared
lved with the help of cell nucleus. nearly 3,5 billion years ago, and the first
The eighth level – cell – gives the anthropomorphous beings endowed with
material World the first elementary signs of intellect – about 200 thousand
organism. The cell as an independent years ago. The civilized man, like you
organism is a primary form of biological and me, is obviously not older than 10.000
life, but the cell as a biological building years.
material gives birth to all the diversity Hence, we can draw interesting
of species, including plants, animals and conclusions. The evolution history of man
human being. as a biological species makes up 0.006%
The ninth level provides substance from the history of the biological life on
with the qualities of autotrophy and the Earth, and the whole history of the
photosynthesis, inherent in vegetative civilized world constitutes an extremely
world. These qualities are essential for short moment – nearly 0.00002% from
the fundamental change in biosphere the period of our planet's existence.
and its preparation for the appearance Different steps of substance organization
and development of the fauna. The vital required various time periods for their
functions of animals are based on the evolution.
oxidation processes in which the oxygen But that's not the point. It is important
is derived with the help of chlorophyll and that there are certain levels of the material
photosynthesis of plants. World organization that have already been
The tenth level – animal world passed by the «evolution wave», where
-implements heterotporhy and the the units and their interconnections are
mobility of biological objects. An active already found and perfected, and there is
intraspecific and interspecific struggle for an area where the evolution wave passes
survival helps to develop animals' mental right now.
capacity, preceding the next step in the You got me right – it is a human
hierarchy of substance organization. being. He is now ruthlessly twisted by the
The eleventh level – human being   – evolution wave. Quoting an anonymous
makes the substance cogitative and minnisinger of medieval Germany:
capable of workmanship.
Here we should digress a little and «In the glory of light God defined
again turn to the notion of «Evolution That reason, spirit and flesh Must harmonize»
[87, p. 448].
wave» introduced by S.I. Sukhonos. The
thing is that at a certain moment each of
So far a man treats his mind and
the levels described was the utmost one.
workmanship as toys. Like a child, he
There were times when the substance was
doesn't think about how and why he has
forming, cosmic bodies and their systems
got these abilities. He applies them to the
were developing, then, roughly replacing
detriment of himself, he can't control his
each other, the species of flora and fauna

3.3. The material world as a uniform large system

ambitions, he can't (and doesn't want to) be Only then you'll be able to judge. Now
in harmony with the World. let's try to supplement the scheme of
The evolution is omnipotent, and aggregates' distribution according to the
there is no reason to be afraid that it won't levels of substance organization with pair
affect man. As well as on the previous bondings (pic. 11). Thus we'll be able to
levels, there will be different variants, see if the structural connections between
unviable ones will be eliminated. Human units coincide with the hierarchy built on
species fully complying with the system the basis of system and object function.
and object function (yet unknown to us) The result is graphically demonstrated at
of the level № 11 will be brought to the the pic. 13.
foreground and will form a firm base for Maximon is the primary construction
the next and probably the last level of the element and material.
material World organization. In some way, yet unknown to the
science, it produces photon (?) and electron
«…having reached its intellectual step, nucleus (?), and they produce electron and
life cannot go on without further structural atom nucleus. Then something clears up
development... in future we'll not only see the slightly: an atom is formed by a nucleus
continuation of life, but also the superlife!» and atomic shells.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin [126, p. 240]. The chemical compound of atoms
forms molecules - the substance units with
The hierarchy of substance an unlimited set of physical and chemical
organization levels starts from the zero characteristics. Further the substance
semi-level – maximon, which belongs evolution follows two paths: qualitative
to the substance only by half, and ends and quantitative. The increase in the
up with the twelfth semi-level, so far number of atoms in one place results in the
nameless – its forming aggregate which formation of cosmic bodies – from cosmic
also belongs to the material World only dust to stars and planets.
partly. Atoms, as it is seen on the scheme,
Indeed, it's difficult for you to constitute the substance of the nuclei of
understand and for me to explain. The Galaxy and stars, form Galaxies, stars,
world is not so complicated – I mean the planets which in the aggregate form the
general scheme – but it is self-secluded. Metagalaxy.
All the levels and aspects are interrelated The pair «planet-star» is an essential
and transform from one to another. It's prerequisite for the formation of biosphere,
impossible to separate them and examine which is a thin pellicle on the surface of a
separately. It's easier for me: I've traced planet with favorable conditions. Complex
the whole scheme from the beginning molecular formations appear, such as
to the end many times and I understood biomolecules, then cell nucleus and the
why each aggregate was given a definite cell.
and fixed position. But it's impossible to As an independent primary biological
explain everything right away, that's why unit the cell takes part in the process of
so far you'll have to accept something on biosphere formation initiated by the first
faith, until the whole picture emerges. organic substances – biomolecules.



Maximon Metagalaxy

Galaxy nucleus

(Electron nuclears)? ?
(Photon)? Galaxy

? ?

Star nucleus
Atom nucleus



Atom Planet system





Cell nucleus






Spirituality subject

nucleus-structure elements-structure “base-construction” connection

connection connection

Fig. 13.Рис.
Structural connection
13. Структурные of unitsнаon
связи агрегатов theихbackground
фоне of their
организационной organizational

3.3. The material world as a uniform large system

As a construction element of plants Scale classes are located horizontally: one

and animals, an organic cell, together with class has a range of 2,5 orders astride the
complex organic substances, forms the center. The interval between the centers
organisms inhabiting biosphere – flora, of classes is 5 orders, i.e. there's a 100000
fauna and the human being. Note that the times increase to the right and a 100000
characteristics and structure of biosphere decrease to the left.
and its inhabitants are inseparably linked. There are 21 basic units in the material
If we look at the 12* level from the World field, excluding the hypothetic
structural point of view, we can make «suprahuman» aggregate presumably
the following assumption. Firstly, human located within the 7th class which is less
is not the last link in the material World likely, within the 8th or, one.
evolution chain. Secondly, human must Most aggregates are located right
become a basis and lay the foundation of in the centers of classes on the measure
the 12th level unit. So far, since we are scale. According to their dimensions
people, we are unable to understand or four aggregates – molecule, biomolecule,
explain the essence of this aggregate. Just cell and planetary system – take up the
like a dog, even the most clever one, can't intermediate position between the centers
explain the essence of man. of the neighboring classes on the measure
The aggregate of level 12 (let's call scale.
it «spirituality subject») can extend the The scale classes are filled with
structural line of human being or biosphere. aggregates in the following way. There are
These units are both in the active area of no void scale classes. There can be from
the evolution wave, they haven't yet taken one to three (or four) aggregates in one
shape, and both come right up to the 12th scale class.
level limit. There are eleven filled squares located
Aggregates № 0 and № 12 are frontier vertically on the functional and structural
by definition. It means that their sense can level axis. Each square contains from
be understood only when the connection one to four aggregates, and there's one
between the material World system conventionally void square in the class №
and the higher-order system becomes 12. The object located there, by definition,
transparent. Then we will see the origins exceeds the human being. It's difficult to
of maximon and understand the purpose understand and describe something that
of «spirituality subject» № 12 fostered by you haven't seen and that surpasses you in
the material World. complexity.
Now, having the picture of basic material Finding ourselves on the 11ш
units distribution on a caliber scale and matter organization level and having
on a matter scale, we can logically build acquired thinking ability, we are bound
a two-dimensional graph and see how to understand the structure of the lower
all the material World specimen will be levels. Only after analyzing this and using
distributed there (pic. 14). the scientific extrapolation method, we'll
13 squares across and 13 squares be given the right to grasp the essence
down. The square numeration from 0 to of level № 12. In fact, we'll be able to
12 complies with the class numeration. enter this level, otherwise our existence


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Scale axis



(Electron nucleus)? Galaxy nucleus

(Photon)?; Atom nucl. 2 Star nucl.; Galaxy


Planet; Star


Planet system



Cell nucleus






(Spirituality subject?) ? ?
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Figure 14. Basic material aggregates distribution in the coordinates

«scae — functional-structural organization level»

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Scale axis


(Electron nucl.)? Galaxy nucleus


Star nucleus; Galaxy


(Photon)?; Atom nucl.



Planet; Star


Planet system



Cell nucleus






12 11

12 11

(Spirituality subject?)
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
level axis

Fig. 15 A graph connecting the centers of basic material units’ classes

3.3. The material world as a uniform large system

wouldn't make any sense. axis, then it belongs to the material World
The organization level axis is discrete by only by half. Therefore, zero and twelfth
definition, that's why there are no such system- classes on both axes should be graphically
forming aggregates that are placed between represented with an outer frontier passing
the centers of squares (levels). However, through their centers.
beside system-forming aggregates, there The thing is that the M-axis doesn't
are also transitional units. Moreover, have the material area with objects
the overwhelming majority of material smaller than maximon and larger than
objects are transitional ones, in the terms Metagalaxy. There are also no objects
of scale and organization level. They more elementary than maximon and
are apparently placed along the lines, Metagalaxy on the organization axis. And
connecting the centers of the system- in the material World there's nothing more
forming units' classes. highly organized than unit № 12
As a matter of fact, the graph on pic. 14 So, let's make the axes calibration more
clearly resembles a complex sinusoid or a precise and connect the centers of classes
surge of the oscillogram. using straight lines, taking into account
Only one «floating» object makes an the structural bonds defined earlier (pic.
exception - the biosphere. The thing is that 15).
all the other aggregates were developing The freaky result that we have is a sort
according to the following scheme: «I of a skeleton of the required graph.
develop some new quality, then, at some Broken lines are not inherent to the
point I cease being myself, turning into World and are not aesthetically beautiful.
some other object». This is a traditional On the contrary, we know from experience
quantitative and qualitative transition. that the World is unlimited, it has no sharp
The biosphere follows a different path. In bounds, it consists of smooth lines and
the process of evolution the biosphere is gradual flows of quality, forms and sense.
changing in its structure but its function Let's go back for a while to the initial
remains the same – it serves as a placental scheme (fig. 10). The main characteristic
system, ensuring the birth and development of the M-scale is the pitch with 105-fold
of biological life. Later we'll examine this periodicity. The corresponding
phenomenon more profoundly. And now characteristics of material objects are:
let's state that the planet's biosphere, while the «nucleus-structure» correlation,
staying in the 8th class on the M-scale, the paramount ability for division and
evolves from the 4* to the 11th (probably, synthesis, the energy excretion and
to the 12,h) class on the organization scale. absorption in the structure formation
There's one more inaccuracy on the processes. The main thing is that these
scheme, (pic. 14). The frontier classes phenomena oscillate around the M-scale
contain frontier aggregates or objects. If according to the undulatory laws.
an object is located on two frontiers, like The World is woven from waves – in
maximon and Metagalaxy, then only a the ordinary and in a figurative sense. The
quarter of it belongs to the graph. If an picture that we have now is the scheme
object is located merely on the frontier line, of a complex sinusoid, of an undulatory
like class № 12 on the organization level line reflecting the patterns of organization


and scale relations between the objects of «… We've followed, in the line of
material World. ascent, the consecutive progress of
Let's replace the straight lines on the consciousness in the forming matter.
graph with sinusoidal curves and we'll Having reached the peak we can now look
finally get what we were looking for – a back and try to grasp at once the general
graphic scheme of the material World in order in the line of descend. Indeed, the
the coordinates «scale-organization«. inverse verification provides the key
Pic.  16 – a graphic model of the material evidence of the perfection of harmony»
World which shows the area of the material [126, p. 228].
World objects (units) in the coordinates
«dimensions -organization level». Everything The «organization level» charateristic
that exists in the material World is located includes consciousness, the display of reason
on one of the curves of this graph and and spirituality by the subjects belonging to the
nowhere else. higher levels of matter organization.
The graph provides the necessary and Only the combination of such
sufficient information on contents and organization characteristics as measure
structure of the material World elements. and level gives us the opportunity to
It displays all the structure-forming build a viable model of the material
elements – units, their functional and World structure. All the other attempts
structural hierarchy and their distribution were ineffectual. As it turns out later,
on the basis of scale and dimension. the graph is obviously close to the object
De Chardin followed a similar path of modeling and reflects a number of
in his research. However, he considered its essential regularities, i.e. possesses
the degree of consciousness as the major heuristic possibilities and can serve as a
characteristic. From the inert matter to the virtual instrument for further penetration
cogitative matter – the human being. into the mystery of Creation.

3.3. The material world as a uniform large system

aggregates dimensions,
Meter 34,8 29,8 24,8 19,8 14,8 9,8 4,8 0,2 15,2 20,2 25,2
5,2 10,2
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10









0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Maximon ? Metagalaxy scale 

(Electron nucl.) М-scale
Galaxy nucl.

Atom nucleus Star nucleus


(Photon) Gal-
? axy



Functional-structurial level of matter organization



(complex biological

Cell nucleus


Organization level classes

Plants  Flora The number of material world


1/4 + 1/4+ 1/2 +19 = 20 by
Animals  Fauna


conventional 19 material

and 3 transitional



(Spirituality subject?)


Numbers and
frontiers of scale
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 classes

Directions of
Interchange of nuclei “N” and structures “S”
division  “D”,
synthesis  “S”, D S D S D S D S D S D S
and energy
excretion “E”

Figure. 15. Graphic model of the material World


Well, alright, we have at last drawn a framework of experimental science, and

simple scheme on a notebook page, well we know very little about the Metagalaxy.
what next then? Yes, something in it has This is not a model, but an empty picture.
been correctly observed, but there are Yes, my (hi soul, probably it is so.
some obvious and essential shortcomings. Unlike prophets and those who have seen
If it is still somehow possible to agree with God I did not hear a voice from above.
the axis of scale, the axis of organization Illumination and understanding of essence
actually has no metrics. Where is the of things visited me naturally when the
unit of measurement for the level of quantity of accumulated facts made their
organization of matter? If a molecule internal motive obvious. Probably, all is
composed from atoms is considered as arranged differently but why in the further
a class higher than an atom, why is the researching the graph of the material world
Metagalaxy composed from Galaxies we are allowed to go with confidence to
considered a class below in organization? the next system levels and in the end to
Why on the organization axis there are as see logically the finished scheme of the
many classes, as on the axis of scale? For universe?
reasons of symmetry perhaps? And the The time immemorial problem of
set of so-called system-forming objects? knowledge: to understand the composition
Why these and not others? Especially it of the system as a whole it is necessary to
is not clear with the nuclei. Yet the atomic understand the composition of its parts,
nucleus can existas an independent object, but the composition of the parts can
but how about the nucleus of a cell? Stars? be understood fully, only after having
Galaxies? And then, why above human understood the composition of the system
beings in organization there is only one as a whole. Believe me: the Lord has
class? And maybe there is none, – who can created me and you with the confidence,
know this? that we can understand His design to
Some of the objects from a maximon become assistants in its execution.
to an electron are fully beyond the


4.1. Graphic features of the model

KEYWORDS: microcosm, macroworld, megaworld,
forces and interactions

Division of the World objects into is the most complex and important part of
those which are bigger than human beings the system of the material World. But this
and those that are smaller is known for a is from the area of assumptions.
long time. The things comparable in size However there is a firm scientific fact
with the human concern the macroworld. confirming the assumed division of the
The megaworld is called everything that material World on the M-scale into three
is bigger, although the prefix «mega» equal parts.
has mathematical sense of 106 times. Physical science has studied and
And everything that is smaller is called described the forces (they are called
the microcosm, although this prefix also interactions) which are shown between
means six orders, but with a minus - 10-6 the objects of the material World at
times. various scale levels. It was found out that
It seems nobody has established exact space bodies submit to gravitational laws.
and standard borders of the three Worlds. Scientists know how these laws work, but
Following S.I. Sukhonos, let's divide the what the nature of this force is - is still not
axis of scale and the whole graph into known.
three parts by 20 orders (fig. 17). Then the The macroworld is managed by
microcosm will occupy the range from electromagnetic interactions. Here the
the maximon to the atomic nucleus, the laws are described in detail even better, the
macroworld – from the atomic nucleus to nature of electricity is more or less clear,
the star nucleus, and the megaworld -from but the nature of magnetism is so far still
the star nucleus to the Metagalaxy. not clear.
I do not know, whether it is necessary, A third kind of force operates in the
but it seems desirable to count how many microcosm – inside the nucleus and at
aggregates form each of these three lower scale levels, up to the maximon.
Worlds. We'll agree that into the sums both Regardless of the fact that nuclear
fractional and whole parts will enter. power stations work and nuclear bombs
If the aggregate lies on the border of the are being tested, there actually is no theory
Worlds a half is counted for everyone and yet about interactions for objects of the first
if in the grid's corner, as the maximon and four classes of the M-scale. And there is no
the Metagalaxy, - then by 1/4. In the result adequate name for such forces. Therefore I
it is found that the microcosm consists will conditionally call these the subatomic
of 3.25 aggregates, the macroworld – forces.
of 10.5 aggregates, and the megaworld For the sake of justice it is necessary
– of 5.75 aggregates. More than a half to mention that precisely in this field the
of the aggregates – 52.5% – fall on the most considerable and expensive research
macroworld. is being done, and I believe that in 100-150
Probably it testifies that the macroworld years the microcosm and its interactions


max A max E max G

0 0 0 0
Dominance Dominance of the electro- Dominance
of subatomic forces  A magnetic forces  Е of gravitation forces  G
Coordinates of the М-axe

34,8 4,8 5,2 25,2

10 m 10 m 10 m 10 m
At the 20 orders 20 orders 20 orders
of creation 34,8 4,66 5,48 25,62
10 m 10 m 10 m 10 m
20,14 orders 20,14 orders 20,14 orders
At the

Classes 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Scale axis


Maximon Metagalaxy
(Electron nucleus) Galaxy nucleus

Atom nucleus Star nucleus


(Photon) Gal-




Cell nucleus





(Spirituality subject?)

1/4 +3+ 1/2 =3 3/4 + 1/2 +8+ 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 =10 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 +4+ 1/4 =5 3/4
level axis Of the agragate Of the agragate Of the agragate

Makes 18,75% Makes 52,5% Makes 28,75%

Figure. 17. Decomposition of the model of the material World on the scale axis


will enter into school textbooks. 105,2 m, and now occupies the point of
But the most interesting thing is that it 1014,66 m. The displacement has made 100,14
is now fully and authentically known what orders on the M-scale.
the size of material objects is on which The border between the macro- and
action of electromagnetic forces stops and megaworlds passed through the point of
action of subatomic forces begins. 105 m on the M-scale, and now occupies
In other words, science knows the point the point of 105,48 m. The displacement has
on the M-scale where the border between made 10 ~ orders.
micro- and macroworlds passes. It equals The external border of the megaworld
to 10-14,66 m. This is the exact radius of or its size made 1025,2 m at the moment
action of the so-called «strong» interaction of creation, and now has grown to the
which many times exceeds all other kinds size of 1025,62 m. The displacement on the
of forces including electromagnetic ones. M-scale has made 100,42 orders what
If to consider that the exact size of corresponds to the physical increase of the
the maximon is 10-34,8 m, and overall the size of 2.62 times.
M-scale consists of 60 orders and is divided Knowing the increase of the linear
into three equal parts, the border between size of the Metagalaxy and the speed of
the micro- and macroworlds must be at this process, one can't help counting the
the point of 10-14,8 m. A divergence in the time which has passed from the moment
size of 100,14 is evident. A very interesting of creation until today, i.e. the age of the
divergence. Metagalaxy. This comes to about 15 billion
Let's assume, that at the moment of years which approximately coincides with
finishing of creation, and the duration of the opinion of modern science.
the act of creation was practically instant The points of transition of interactions
by human measures, the Metagalaxy had are interesting. There, where the border
the size 60 orders greater than the size between the micro- and macroworld
of the maximon, i.e. 1025,2 m. However lies, two interactions are met. Two kinds
science has proven that the Universe of forces: subatomic (so-called strong
constantly expands with the speed close to interactions) and electromagnetic forces.
the speed of light – the «red shift» effect. Owing to change of scale and mutual
It is logical to assume that the border counteraction, these forces decrease as they
between the micro- and macroworlds is approach the border dividing them and are
also displaced and the received divergence equal in value close to the point 10»1466
in the 0.14 order is the result of the «red m on the M-scale. Electromagnetic forces
shift». behave similarly in meeting with forces of
But why then not count also the values gravitation at the point of 105,48 m of the
of other boundary points on the M-scale M-scale.
and to establish what they were in the It is logical to assume that the
beginning and what they have become maximum domination of each of the
now! three forces falls to the middle of the
The following is revealed. The border corresponding intervals, i.e. on the 2nd,
between the micro- and macroworlds was 6th and 10th classes of the M-scale.
at the moment of creation at the mark of It seems to be really this way. In the


macroworld the maximum domination the curve is always one.

falls on the aggregate – the nucleus of And the last assumption concerning
the cell which, as a rule, exists in fluid forces. They hardly ever coincide on
environments, in suspension, poorly feeling the vector. More likely in any placing of
the gravitational pull, but completely one against another they appear directed
depending on the electrochemical, differently, to be exact – oppositely
electromagnetic and electro-physical directed. And if so, on the borders the sum
interactions. And if to take the biological of their action is equal to zero.
objects located in classes 7 and 8 – from Most likely, the maximons and the
plants to the biosphere they substantially Metagalaxy, extreme external points do
depend on gravitation and the natural not make an exception in this sense. In
phenomena generated by gravitation. a sense these objects are all the same. If
In the scale center of the megaworld the maximon bears all information on
«nuclei of Galaxies» are placed. This the material World and serves for it as a
object unfortunately has been very little unique and universal building material,
investigated until now, but our scheme the Metagalaxy is a realization of the
allows us to assume that exactly there, «project», and is created finally from the
in the center of the 10th class, in full and maximons. If to assume that the points
classical cleanness the gravitational laws of the maximon and the Metagalaxy join,
prove, and probably the channels are then the areas of domination of their forces
deployed there by which the maximons - subatomic and gravitational also join,
come to the material World and the first and their sum in the place of contact is also
steps of synthesis of proto-matter are made. equal to zero.
Perhaps, not casually the center of the 2nd Something to think about.
class with the object conditionally named Now let's look what will happen if we
«an electron's nucleus» is so symmetric to look at our diagram from one side, from the
«the Galaxy's nucleus». As the processes side of the axis of the level of organization
of formation of the substance proceeding (fig. 18). There's also food for thought here!
on micro-levels exists not somewhere in From the zero until the fifth classes
emptiness, but in quite concrete points of inclusive is located lifeless matter. Here
the Universe: in stars, Galaxies, and first the substance of the material World
of all in their nuclei. gradually ripens. And in the left part of the
In this connection it is worth turning diagram the evolution of «aggregates» of
our attention to the complete similarity, substance from a maximon to an atom and
to be exact the symmetry, of the sinusoid a molecule is seen through, and in the right
of the microcosm with the bottom (on part – various space objects created from
the axis of organization) sinusoid of the this matter. It is possible to assume that
megaworld. the «aggregates» of substance and space
It is also interesting that the centers objects are created in parallel-consistently
of the micro-, macro- and megaworlds by a certain uniform technology.
include only one aggregate each, which is The basic, larger part of the life cycle
generally characteristic for the points of of the stars is known to science, and it
extremum of functions. The top point of is really a stage-by-stage process with

4.1. Graphic features of the model


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Classes Scale axis

Maximon Metagalaxy
(Electron nucleus) Galaxy nucleus

Atom nucleus Star nucleus

Non-living matter


(Photon) Gal- Matter of the material

axy world and its attributes
/information, energy,

Electron mass, space and time/




Elementary forms
Biological mortal life

Cell nucleus of biological life

Living matter

Flora Vegetable



Human life
(Spirituality subject?)

imperishable life

level axis

Figure. 18. Decomposition of the model of the material world on the axis of organization


duration of 7-10 billion years in which one is the bearer of the reasonable form of
phase of a substance's condition is replaced biological mortal life. The nature of reason
by another from the moment of occurrence itself is universal. The Universe is rational
of the star until its collapse. But this is not from the beginning to the end. As much
so bad. the science dug in the body of the universe,
Obviously, before the substance takes it will never face something deprived
the form of chemical elements (atoms) of sense, or with something special, not
familiar to us and their compounds included in the general fabric of the logic
(molecules), it passes the stages of proto- of the universe. Hence, the reason can
matter and proto-energy. serve as a high-grade tool of acquaintance
At the zero level, there where with the World, and including with that
the maximon is located, possibly the higher than human beings, and generally
information is seen only or nearly so; at any levels of its organization.
the following levels all attributes of matter But reason, ratio in the universe
known to us are formed: energy, mass, system is only a means, a way of execution
space, movement, time. Later we will of tasks and purposes of another, non-
return to this question many times. material level.
The second half of the axis of As everything in the World, transition
organization - from the 6th to 12th class – from a aggregate of the 11th level to
is occupied by live matter. The 6-11th class a aggregate of the 12th level occurs
also shows evolution of biological life: 6, gradually, through development and
7, 8 – elementary mono-cellular, further perfection of the aggregate of the lowest
on the 9th - plants, 10th -animals, and at level, through some transitive forms, and
last the 11th, yet not quite finished, – «the further, already to the 12th class, - again
wreath of creation» – human beings. through evolution up to the aggregate No.
Unlike plants and animals human 12 (we'll name it conditionally '4he subject
beings carry out the function of a reasonable of spirituality»), which, as the maximon
life, until now people have not realized all and the Metagalaxy, borders on the non-
the potential of their intelligence. material World and thus half belongs to it.
About the 12th, boundary class it is It is possible to assume that the aggregate
possible to speak purely in speculation, No. 12 is the phenomenon of super-
relying on the general logic of the scheme. biological, imperishable life, the subject of
Each following class on the axis of spirituality, the bearer of spiritual life. And
organization relies on the previous scheme, on this we'll stop for now. Here only the
but it bears an absolutely new quality, biosphere remains without comment.
generates such property of matter which An interesting result is given by the
was not present at the lowest levels. section of the model of the material World
Wasn't present or almost wasn't? Some on the scales' centers (fig. 20).
plants have the traits peculiar to fauna. If to trace perpendicular lines through
And among the animals there are some the center of the scale ranking and the center
kinds of traits which closely come to the of the scale of the level of organization,
border of reasonable life. then the graph will be divided into four
The human occupying the 11th class equal parts. On the drawing they are

4.1. Graphic features of the model

marked for convenience with letters of the The fact itself is remarkable. Biological
Latin alphabet. life and the human beings appear from
The aggregates which have fallen into the scale center of the universe. It is quite
the same part, concern the same group reasonable to think in this connection,
according to their purpose. that the material World is created for the
A – subjects of substance. sake of biological life, to be exact - for the
В – space bodies and their systems. sake of the evolutionary chain of biological
С – biological automations (viruses, etc.). subjects: – plants, animals, human beings
D – subjects of biological life. (and the subject of spirituality?) where to
Parts A, B, D include the overwhelming human beings the second by importance
majority of aggregates of the material role is given.
World which are distributed in them As for displacement of the diagram
approximately fifty-fifty. to the right, this is a consequence of
Part С is almost empty. Generally, it is ontogenesis and growth of organic subjects
possible to notice, that the whole graph is as the adult organism in its size is more
as if displaced from the center of the axis than a cell's nucleus by approximately
of scale to the right towards the megaworld 105 times, i.e. exactly by one class on the
by one class. In this sense it is interesting M-scale.
to pay attention to the aggregate which The middle of the level scale of the
is at the level of the middle of the scale organization passes through the aggregate
ranking - this is the cell's nucleus. «Bio-molecule». It is that object of
What is the nucleus of a cell and what matter which divides it into the live and
sense does it bear in the chain of evolution lifeless nature. It's also a rather important
of the matter from the maximon to the differentiating line.
hypothetical aggregate No. 12 (the subject A little more information can give
of spirituality)? quantitative analysis of distribution of the
As is known, the nucleus is an aggregates of the material World on the
obligatory part of a cell in the majority axes of scale and organization level (fig.
of mono-cellular and at all multi-cellular 21). As seen, from the diagram on the scale
organisms. Separated from the cytoplasm axis, the maximum of aggregates falls on
of a cell with a capsule, the nucleus bears in the 7th and adjoining to it from the 5th to
itself the basic mass of the genetic material 8th.
of the cell which supervises its vital Most likely, this is a consequence of the
processes, and first of all is responsible central position of the center of the scale
for reproduction of the cell organism as a axis. The micro- and megazones of the
whole. scale axis, possibly serve as the necessary
It does not matter what size an adult and vital base for the macroworld where
organism reaches. The sexual cell of a the most important events develop and the
human, a fox, a whale and an elephant magnificent building of biological life is
practically have the same size (4-5)∙l0-5 m, built topped with reason, over which even
i.e. closely approach to the center of the 6th higher shines the spirituality aura.
class or, if expressing more considerably, The center of the maximum of
is in the scale center of the material World. aggregates is obviously displaced to



Coordinates on the М-axis

/information, mass, 2 3/4 3 3/4 SYSTEMS OF SPACE BODIES

space and time/

4 1/2 2 1/2


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 axis

Maximon Metagalaxy
(Electron nucl.) Galaxy nucl.

Atom nucl. Star nucleus


(Photon) Gal-




Cell nucleus

Organization level axis




(Spirituality subject?)

Fig. 19.
Fig.Decomposition of of
19. Decomposition thethemodel
the material World
material World simultaneously
on on
scaleand organization
and organization

4.1. Graphic features of the model

Large-scale center
material world

А Subjects (6 3/4) Space bodies (6 1/4) В

substance and their systems
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Scale
Classes axis

Maximon Metagalaxy
(Electron nucl.) Galaxy nucl.
Orrganization scale center

Atom nucleus Star nucleus


(Photon) Gal-


Atom Planet

6 5


Cell nucleus



9 10


(Spirituality subject?)

Biological Subjects of biological life (6)

Organization automations (1)
С level axis D

Fig. 20. Section of the model of the material World on the centers of the scales
Fig. 20. Section of the model of the material World on the centers of the scales


the beginning of the axis of the level of Now, my my soul, let's pass from the
organization – to the second and adjoining formal-graphic research to more detailed
classes to it, and the minimum, on the and substantial consideration of the model
contrary, is displaced to the opposite part of the material World.
of the scale where the level of organization Let's divide the diagram into four
is at maximum. zones for convenience and possibility
Probably, there where substance is to increase the image scale (fig. 22). Our
born, space bodies are built and their purpose is to see more in detail how real
systems are formed, there necessarily the objects of matter lay down on these curves,
variety of aggregates is great. and not only system-forming aggregates,
But the higher the level of organization but everything that is between them and
of the matter is, the more is required the that should, by the idea make gradual,
concentration of forces and attention of qualitative transitions from one to totally
the Founder. The specific variety of fauna another qualitative object of matter. Is it
of the Earth is less, than of the flora, and so?
human beings are single-specific creatures. Are there any border, joints, and
Even stronger, probably, is specialized qualitative leaps between the objects of
specificity of the superhuman spiritual adjoining classes lying on one curve? So,
being. let's search for the seams and joints in the
The interesting result is obtained if we design of the universe! And there we'll
count how many aggregates fall on each understand, from which parts and how
half of the axes. the material World was assembled. And
On the first half of the axis of what? Imagine such an analogy. To take a
scale 7 3/4 aggregates fall, and on the competent worker from the 15th century,
first half of the axis of organization 13 some arbalester, to give him a steam
aggregates. For the second half of the axes locomotive or a steam car invented 300
almost a symmetrical inverse variant is years after his time, the tools to create the
characteristic. On the axis of scale there conditions. He will disassemble, assemble
are 12 1/4, and on the axis of organization and even where necessary, will improve.
are 7 aggregates. Certainly, there is Maybe, we can also do the same? What
an explanation for this. What is the do you think? If, of course, to give him a
explanation? I don't know. steam locomotive and not a computer.

4.1. Graphic features of the model

7 3/4 12 1/4

3 1/2
3 3
1/4 2 11/2 11/2 1/4
1 1 1 1 1
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Scale axis
11/2 Maximon Metagalaxy

(Electron nucl.) Galaxy nucl.


Atom nucleus Star nucleus


(Photon) Gal-



2 Atom

1 Molecule

1 Biomolecule

2 Cell nucleus

1 Cell

1 Flora


1 Fauna

1 Human

11/2 (Spirituality subject?)


level axis

Fig. 21 Distribution of aggregates of mater of matter

by the classes of scale and level of organization


Macro world
the inorganic part
Micro world Mega world

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Maximon Metagalaxy
(Electron nucl.) Galaxy nucl.

Atom nucleus Star nucleus


(Photon) Gal-


Planet system


Cell nucleus






(Spirituality subject?)

Fig. 22. Four conditional pars of the graphic model

of the material World for detailed consideration

4.2. Microcosm

4.2. Microcosm
KEYWORDS: microcosm, a maximon, recession of
Galaxies, quantum of space, quantum of time.

We have to begin again from the exact - silent and instant occurrence of the
most little-known to science part of the Universe nearby 15 billion years ago, the
M-scale  – from a maximon to a nucleus of Metagalaxy has increased in diameter by
an atom. On fig. 23 the area of the graphic 2.5–3 times, to be exact – from 1025,2 m to
model of the material World that we are 1025,625 m.
interested in is represented. At the left The Metagalaxy increase is realized
the M-scale in two units of measurement through the so-called recession of the
is given. More to the left – the column Galaxies. It means, that the structural
of numbers from 0 to 22 corresponds to elements of the World themselves – a
the values of the size expressed through maximon, an atom, a star, a Galaxy – do
the size of the maximon in logarithmic not change their size.
calculation with the basis of 10, i.e. Ig But their linear position relative to
(MH). Or more simply: the numbers mean the sinusoid of stability. The size of the
the degree of the number 10 multiplied by atom from the moment of creation has not
the maximon as a unit of length. changed, but the borders and the center of
The right column of the figures along the the class «Atoms» have been displaced.
vertical M-scale with the sign «minus», the Everything would be good, if the
value of the decimal logarithm of the classification was but a really objective
number of meters. So, for example, the fact not dependent on us.
center of class No. 1 on the maximon scale The sinusoid of stability shown in
has the value «5», and on the meter «-30». the right part of the drawing precisely
However both those values are corresponds to the grid of classes. These
approximate. The maximon measured in are 12 segments on the axis of scale, each
meters gives non-integral decimal fraction of which equals to l\j of the actual modern
and some quantity of characters after the size of the M-scale: six segments on which
comma are truncated which leads to an the division processes dominate, and six
error. segments where synthesis dominates. The
To express the size through the sinusoid tops, whence the division and
maximon itself as a unit of length is synthesis originate, are called points of
possible, but all the same it will be needed saddle stability. These points correspond
to pass to metric expression that will cause to the centers of classes and, hence define
error. But the matter is not even in this. The their borders – 2.5 orders to the left and to
M-scale itself as was mentioned earlier, the right on the M-axis.
is changeable. The Universe, expanding, If the material aggregate at the
changes its dimensions. moment of the World's creation is near the
During the period of its existence class center, for example to the right of it in
from the moment of the Big Bang, to be the synthesis zone its creation proceeded

lg(Mx) lg(m)
22 13
21 14 from
27 98%

Kernel of atoms
Border of Kernel of atom  nuclon 1,6 .10 kg 1015 Energy
15 =0,145 14,655
20 15 skiled knowel- 1,6 .10 m proton+neyton) Weight 14,8
to g/сm3 of Universe
edge 25
19 16 4 .10 kg

Class №4
Strange particles
18 17
17 18

16 19
31 18
15 20 Electron 9,1.kg10 10 =0,105 19,695
g/cm3 19,8
14 21

Class №3
13 22
12 23

11 24
10 25 Kernel of electron ? =0,07 24,73

9 26

Class №2
8 27 Gives rise elecrtomagnetic
7 28 interaction

6 29 Weight of rest = 0

Foton ? but he has a
5 30
velocity of light 8 =0,035 29,765
10 sec 29,8
4 time of

Class №1
31 which his weight  1052kg emission a
quant of
3 32 light

2 33 10 sec

35 34,8
1 time unit

34 Mx Maximon 1,6.10 m=10 m

34,8 Energy
0 35 34,8
1 2 3 =0
1) Exact co-ordinats
Scale of the organisation level of classes
2)   displacement


of saddle points of
Time or



Fig. 23. MicroWorld

4.2. Microcosm

thanks to a processes of synthesis, the evolutionary process and will be once

connection of parts into the evolution of the capable to complete the life cycle of the
universe the grid of classes has moved so material World with the same inevitability
that the point of saddle stability has moved with which it was once begun.
over the object and appeared to the right of The aggregates occupying the
it, the object appears in the division zone. microcosm, very little is yet known about
The synthesis processes become forbidden these. Two of them, an electron's nucleus
to it, and the division processes - real and and a photon, have conditional names.
even inevitable. But a similar collision can Nobody has seen the electron either, and
happen only with the aggregates precisely about its size in academic publications
getting to the zone of displacement – ∆ is dryly told that: «It ha the size less
which as seen from calculations on fig. 23, than10-18   m» .
isn't large. Strictly speaking, an atom's nucleus
The lowest points of the sinusoid has no final theoretical description. A
of stability are also some kind of a dead hundred years has not passed yet since it
zone where the tendencies of synthesis was discovered, that addition to a proton in
and division counterbalance each other, the nucleus there is also a neutron, and what
and the exit of the object from this zone is else is placed there and how it is arranged
accompanied by energy output. there – there's still no clear picture. Nuclei
Transition points (the sinusoid's of atoms occupy a range from 10-13,5 m to
middle) correspond on the M-scale to 10-15 m. Objects of smaller sizes – »strange
the points of borders of classes, and for particles» from 10-15 to 10-17,5 m – just finish
the objects of the material World, these the area of experimental knowledge of the
are small areas of the so-called vestibule microcosm.
type. The objects occupying these are It is known, that the mass of an atom's
equally remote from the system-forming nucleus makes 99.9 % of the mass of the
aggregates of adjoining classes and bear entire atom and comes to 10-27 kg. Likely
in themselves a mixture of their qualities. not much, but the size is such – 1.6∙10-15 m,
Usually the boundary, transitive systems therefore the density of the nucleus makes
occupy on the M-scale areas of not more 1014 g/cm3. That is a one centimeter cube
than one order. like that used in a game of dice, made of
And nevertheless it is necessary nuclei of atoms, will weigh 100 million
to talk once again about the value of tons. You cannot roll these!
the mechanism of displacement of the The mass of the Universe is 98%
grid of areas of synthesis and division. composed of the mass of atom nuclei.
Thanks to this phenomenon the process of All processes of formation of the stars,
evolution of the material World is realized. space bodies and their systems directly
Priorities in the processes of creation depend on gravitational forces and are
of the substance vary, the epochs of star inseparably linked with the mass of the
formation are interchanged, the Galaxies world substance.
evolve, transformations in biological life An electron, about which it is known even
and biosphere evolution happen. Possibly, less, has the size of 10-20 m, mass of 10-31 kg and
elf and the mechanism of the future end of an absolutely fantastic density of 1018   g/cm3.


The unit forming class No. 2 on M-axis time, according to theory of relativity,
with the conditional name «electron consist of absolutely small pieces, more
nucleus», in general is unknown to science. finely than fine. Compton quantum of
But, logically, it should exist in series with space-time corresponds to minimum
system forming M-scale units. wave parameters. Its length is 10-34,8 m,
The unit «photon» is a quantum of and period – 10-43 sec. Space quantum and
elec-tromagnetic radiation, including light. time quantum correspond to these sizes.
Science delicately avoids the question on In other words, there are no objects of size
size of a photon, but rather confidently less than m and process shorter than sec
asserts that it moves with the speed of sec. in the field of material world.
light and has mass to the order of 10-52 kg.
It is the photon, in particular, that gives «In microscopic section of the World one
rise to electromagnetic and, probably, heptalliointh part of a centimeter is the measure
gravitational interactions. It is also known, of a proton and there is the same reality filled
that quantum (photon) emission of light by content, as ten-billionth part of a second,
when the atom of polonium, passing through
lasts 10-8 seconds. At speed equal to speed atom of bismuth, gives atom of lead. Each of
of light, the path covered by a photon, or these atoms in this insignifi-cant time interval
length of light «straw», appears equal to gets its most complicated, sharply varying
be 1 m. For the size of a photon it is quite structure, exhibits its natural movements.
a big path - all the same as though man In this microcosm phenomenon of our bot-
displaced from edge to edge of the Galaxy. tomless consciousness we approach the divi-
About maximon it is known, that sion of our personality: how many uncon-
scious and conscious experiences do each of
its size 10-34,8 m is the smallest size
us go through in hairbreadth, in an instant!
admissible by material physics. The There are instants in everyone's life, when it
general theory of relativity combines is obviously and definitely admitted» Ver-
gravitational interaction with metrics of nadsky V.I. [28, page 515].
space-time. In other words, space and

4.3. Macroworld – inorganic part
KEYWORDS: macroworld, atom, molecule, minerals.

Macroworld in its inorganic part (fig. three kinds of atoms. But sometimes tens
24) begins with the second half of class of kinds of atoms participate in reactions.
No. 4 the atomic nucleus. The size of And the same kind of atom repeatedly
nuclei depending on the kind or atomic participates in designing various parts of a
weight varies in range from 10-15 to 10-14 m. complex molecule.
The following unit – atom, as it is Moreover, some variation, because
known, consists of a nucleus and electron of the variable number of the neutrons
shell. Its size is defined by diameter of these comprising their structure that influences
shells which nobody has seen, and is from physical characteristics of substance,
10-12,5 to 10-9 m. The size of atom exceeds while preserving chemical properties, is
the size of its nucleus ap¬proximately peculiar to atoms. Such atoms – isotopes,
by 100,000 times (105), however there -being a part of molecules have given rise
are conditions at which the atom loses its to an even greater variety of complex
electron shells and there remains only its substances. Chemically pure water can
nucleus. A similar condition of matter, have tens of versions on the molecular
arising under influence of ultrahigh structure:
temperatures and pressure is referred to as
plasma. In conditions of plasma, the size of «…complexity of the structure of all sorts
atoms is equal to the size of their nuclei. of water, in the beginning associative, then in-
In the boundaries of habitual physical evitably leading to electrolytic decomposition
conditions atoms in mass represent of its molecules and. at last, the physical and
chemical difference of its molecules, owing
chemical elements, i.e. elementary to existence of several hydrogen and oxygen
substances. About 100 kinds of atoms are has been revealed –in a limit of 18 different
known to science. combinations and if we consider the possible
The distance between separate associations of molecules and their electrolytic
atoms is adjusted by parity of kinetic disassociation, then hundreds of varying in
and potential energy. At small distances structure chemically pure water» Vernadsky
matter is in a firm or crystal condition. At V.I. [28, page 425].
greater distances in the liquid phase and at
distances even more in gaseous state. The And nevertheless atom is the basic
essential influence on modular conditions building unit of inert matter. The Universe
is caused by temperature and pres¬sure. is basically built of atoms of hydrogen and
A majority of atoms (chemical elements) helium. How durable is the atom? What is
show chemical activity, i.e. ability to enter its life duration in comparison with lives of
with each other into different chemical a star or the Galaxy?
reactions and form molecules of complex
substances with new properties. The «It is found out, that for each kind of atom
there is a certain period of their life. On an
elementary molecules can develop two to
average each atom exists, maintaining a cer-


Lg(Mx) Lg(m)
41 6 Nucleus of
star Planets 5,485 Energy
40 5 =0,285 5,2

300 km
39 4 106:102

Class №8
Boundary of
cosmic bodies
of spherocity of
38 3 g/sm3
37 2

36 1
35 0 =0,250 0,45
34 1

Class №7
33 2

32 3

31 4
Middle of Cosmic Energy
30 5 =0,215 4,585
M-Scale balls 4,8
29 6 Interstellar

Class №6

in one molecule:
7 10 24 g/sm3

Quantity of Atoms
from 2 to 10


27 Atoms

26 9 g/sm3
25 10 Atom =0,180 9,62
Molecule Atoms 9,8
11 ftom

Class №5

1,6 .1027kg
23 12 to 4 .1025 kg
22 13

21 14
Atomic Atomic nucleus Energy
20 15 =0,145 14,655

nucleus 1) Exact
16 coordinates

Class №4

of classes


2)   offset of



18 stability saddle points

2 3 4 5
Organization level scale

Fig. 24. Macroworld — inorganic part

4.3. Macroworld – inorganic part

tain structure, strictly for a certain period. approximately, have the same density.
The minimum average period of existence The evolution of mineral material of the
for ThC1, considered now as one atomic form Universe comes to an end on atoms and
of the chemical element polonium, is equal
inorganic molecules and begins the con-
to a little hundred billionth part of a second.
This number cannot be considered as finally struction of cosmic bodies.
established. But for other form of the same In other words, atoms and molecules
polonium, for atoms RaC1. it has been estab- col-lected in large number in one place of
lished precisely: these atoms, each on an av- space, form gas, liquid or solids.
erage, exist for around three millionth part Cosmic gas clouds consist of dispersed
of a second. On the other hand, the greatest molecules or atoms of gas.
measured average duration for a chemical The liquid fraction in conditions of
element – for thorium: its life is near about 50
billion years. For all other chemical elements, cosmic vacuum does not exist.
except for the highly radioactive, the average From solids, the finest cosmic objects are
life is much more. For heavy elements, micrometeorites. They occupy the di-
proceeding from thermal effects, is roughly mensional ranee from 10-8 to 10-2 m.
estimated to be 10l7–1023 years» Vernadsky Meteorites occupy the dimensional
V.I. [28, page 485]. niche from 10-2 m to 1 m. Larger cosmic
bodies – asteroids – can be in size from 1
If one is to consider that life cycle of up to 105 m.
Metagalaxy hardly exceeds 4∙1014 years, A special place among small cosmic
then it is possible to not worry about atoms. bodies is occupied by cosmic balls  –
A majority of atoms, including hydrogen spherical formations of diameter ranging
and helium, have a half-life period more from 10-5 to 10-4 m. It is interesting to
than life of the Universe. note, that this size, corresponds to the
The quantity of atoms in one molecule geometrical center of the M-scale. The
fluctuates from 2 to 105. It is obvious, origin and reason of sphericity of cosmic
that variety of molecules is incomparably balls is unknown to science until now.
more than for hundred initial atoms Micrometeorites, meteorites and
-chemical elements. The number of kinds asteroids look as improper form of
of molecules is practically indefinable. stones or whole blocks, splinters of some
However there exists division of matter unknown rocks. They are basically made
into two kinds: organic and inorganic, or, of iron, stone, and ice. Their orbits in the
otherwise, minerals. Solar system run between orbits of Mars
Cosmic bodies are constituted and Jupiter that gives the basis to assume
from atoms and minerals, and organic the reason of their occurrence as cosmic
substances are used for construction of accident that occurred with a planet, which
bio¬logical objects – plants, animal, man, had once occupied its place in the Solar
and biosphere. system.
The mass of atom depends on its At the boundary of macroworld in the
nuclear weight and fluctuates from 1.6∙10-27 center of class № 8 are located two full-
kg to 4∙10-25 kg, and density in comparison fledged cosmic units – nucleus of a star
to the nucleus is absolutely insignificant and planet. To not repeat, we shall speak
– from 102 to 10-6 g/cm3. The molecules, about them, when we shall study the


Mega-universe. kind of material there is a certain load

But the boundary of macroworld is above which the material collapses. An
inter-esting in one more unique feature. It increase in dimensions of cosmic bodies
is particularly her, there passes an invisible is accompanied by increase in their weight
distinction at the mark 105 m, up to which and force of gravitation directed towards
cosmic bodies have a casual form and after the center. Natural iron or stone (minerals)
which get the form of a sphere. out of which the cosmic body is made,
As it has already been said, at about on an average have such resistance to
the mark of 300 km space bodies become a destruction, which does not exceed the
sphere irrespective of the material they are forces of gravitation of the Starting from
made of. The reason of this phenomenon, this size, force of gravitation pulls down
in our opinion, is very simple. Under minerals, evens roughness and brings a
laws of resistance of materials for each cosmic body to the form of a sphere.

4.4. Mega-universe

4.4. Mega-universe
KEYWORDS: Mega-universe, Metagalaxy, Galaxy,
stars, planet, planetary system.

As is known, atomic hydrogen and and the size of the whole Metagalaxy will
helium constitute more than 90% of all constitute about 100 m.
matter that forms large space objects, like For Metagalaxy gravitational and
stars, gas fogs, nuclei of Galaxies, etc. moreover electromagnetic forces are
The space between stars is filled up almost insignificant or are totally not felt.
with rarefied gas, dust, magnetic fields and The number of Galaxies comprising it is
space radiations. more likely constant, than dynamic.
The architecture of the Mega-universe The unique and universal movement
is more convenient to examine from the peculiar to Metagalaxy is the recession
maximum unit of M-scale – Metagalaxy of galaxies in it. The question, what is
(fig. 25). outside Metagalaxy, is ontologically
In modern understanding Metagalaxy incorrect. Metagalaxy is a material world
is a denuclearized, weak structured cosmic with peculiar attributes like space, time,
formation of insinuate form, having, pos- movement, mass, and forces of interaction.
sibly, a cellular structure and consisting of The sources of attributes are units of
1010 Galaxies. the material world. There, where there
It is possible to assume from this that i-universe is no material world, there are
Metagalaxy had increased by 2 to 3 times no attributes of it. Something else may be
during its existence. The increase had there, but the habitual properties of matter
taken place and is continuing to take place are not present.
due to recession of Galaxies. From the point of view of organization
The total mass of Metagalaxy is about or, more precisely, definition of the place of
1050 kg, and average density is lighter Metagalaxy on the scale of organizational
than the lightest – 7∙1031 g/cm3, that being level it is the zero point.
by seven orders less than the density of Metagalaxy like the maximon rests at
interstellar gas – 10-24 g/cm3. Interstellar the beginning of the organizational scale
gas, on an average, is distributed so, that and represents a zero-dimensional object.
on one cubic centimeter there is one gas It means that for creation there are only
atom. And if density of Metagalaxy is to two states of Metagalaxy: either it is, or not
be considered, then one atom of matter is present. More differentiated functions are
on a volume hardly more than one cubic not assigned to it. It is possible to say the
meter. same about maximon. Both units occupy
At the same time distances between half the class both on the M-scale, and
adjacent Galaxies are rather insignificant. on the organizational scale. And if one
If the size of Galaxy is taken as equal to is to assume, that maximon is the carrier
one millimeter, then the nearest Galaxy of genetic information about the material
will seem to be at a distance only 10 cm, world, then Metagalaxy is an embodiment


Lg(Mx) Lg(m)
Metagalaxy  4,2 х1025 m = 1025,625m Metagalaxy life circle ~400 000 billion years Energy
60 25 =0,425 25,625
50 . 31 1010 Age of
59 24 10 kg 7 10 3 galaxies
g/sm in Metagalaxy

58 23 М-galaxy 1,52.1010

57 22

of galactic

Nucleus of

56 21 Galaxy 3 .1041 kg 1 rotation in
Galaxy 20,59
55 20 =0,39 20,2

Distance between 1025 108 years

Dwarf galaxies
Galactic L.C. g/sm3

Class №11
54 19 40 000 billion years galaxies = 1022 m

53 18 In one
52 17 105 107


51 16 stars
Galactic =0,355 15,555 Energy
50 15 nucleus 15,2

49 14 30

Class №10
2: 3 .10 106

Galactic nuclei
48 13 Planetary kg г/см3 1 rotation

systems 10 in 2х102 years
47 12 10


stars in
46 11

“Galactic black
Distance between 1029 1032 galaxy
16 kg
stras10 м Star

Stellar systems
45 10 =0,32 10,52
20 10,2

Star material 1,4 10

Class №9
44 9 98% composed of Neptune 2 .1030
Jupiter г/см3 stars in
Н, Не Saturn kg Meta-
43 8 Uranus  2 г/см3 galaxy
42 7  2 г/см3 Planets
in Metagalaxy 4,7.109 years

3 1021, inclu-
41 6 Mercury 1023 1026 5,5 г/см ding with
Biosphere 1020

White dwarfs
Nucleus Venus Composition kg Energy

incl. pulsars

40 5 of star Earth Fe, O, Si, Mg

Neutron stars
Neutron Pulsars 5,485

Mars star 1060 from 3.1027 Hz 5,2

of stars

Class №8
39 4 Pluto Nucleons to 3 .107 Hz

6.1024 kg 10 15 g/sm3 in NS
38 3

“Black holes”
1) Exact
0 1 2 3 4 coordinates of classes

2)   offset of stability
Organization level scale

saddle points

Fig. 25. Mega-universe

4.4. Mega-universe

of this information, and zero and the 10 billion stars. It is easy to assume, that
twelfth half classes of the M-scale is one during the first period of activity, when
whole. Then the M-scale is looped back emission from the Galactic nucleus was by
and the relativity concept of the sizes of one to two orders greater there took place
material objects gets some theoretical initial star formation.
substantiation. The theory of Galactic nucleus is
However, to say that Metagalaxy practically absent. And the reason for that
is not absolutely structured would be is simple – the answer to the question is
incorrect. In the process of movement unknown: where from matter and energy
downwards on the M-scale to the level of come to the Galactic nucleus?
1024 m we encounter the so-called cells of Actually the answer exists, and is not
Metagalaxy, viz. niches, or emptiness not such a complex one, but it is behind the
occupied by Galaxies. frameworks of today's scientific paradigm.
In the bar from 1022 up to 1023 m there Therefore it is not accessible for the time
can be found clusters or condensation of being.
Galaxies and even galactic systems. The Science has already recognized the
dimensional dispersion of Galaxies is possibility of transformation of mass to
rather insignificant – only of two orders: energy, and vice versa, at speeds close to
from 1021 to 10l9 m. speed of light, space and time can also be
Dwarf Galaxies (10l9–1018) are singled out compressed and stretched from zero to
in a separate class by astronomers. infinity.
Our Galaxy is one of largest – 1021
m. The mass of Galaxies on an average is «"Space", "time", "mass" and "energy" in
3∙1041 kg, density – 10-25 g/cm3, i.e. about modern physical models should be relative to
1 atom on 10 cubic centimeters. However, an equal measure. They are commensurable
by values G and С (gravitational constant and
the density by section of the Galaxy is non- speed of light» Chesnokov C. [2, page 99].
Galaxies represent lentiform congestions Meanwhile the most important
of stars and star gases, rotating around the category in this series is missing:
central nucleus. «information» and its source.
The nucleus of the Galaxy – 1015 m – The size of nucleus of the Galaxies
is five orders less than the size of Galaxy. is from 1013 to 1017 m. In the center of the
Most likely, nucleus of the Galaxy is source nucleus is observed a brightly shining
of matter, forming a star and other bodies nucleolus of size lower than the nucleus by
of the Galaxy. two-three orders.
From the nucleus of our Galaxy Temperature and pressure inside the
hydrogen of mass one and a half times nuclei of Galaxies are huge. Eruption
more than mass of Sun is thrown out of dense gas clouds from the nucleus at
annually now. Even if one is to consider times resembles an explosion. The speed
this intensity constant during the existence of the proceeding gas reaches thousand
of Galaxy it turns out, that its nucleus has kilometers a second, and is accompanied
left a building material for 1.5 billion stars. by powerful electromagnetic radiation and
And in the whole of Galaxy there are only release of gigantic energy. The volume of


singular emissions in some nuclei consists reaches tens of millions degrees. As a

of tens and hundreds of solar mass. result there is a thermonuclear reaction of
Around the Galactic nucleus are transformation of hydrogen to helium or
located aggregates of stars, sometimes in helium to car¬bon, and the star becomes
the form of shapeless clouds, sometimes in a powerful and constant source of energy,
the form of spiral formations. Stars appear radiating light and heat continuously
as a result of condensation of gas which during 7–10 billion years.
emanates from the Galactic nucleus. The The substance of stars by 98% consists
life cycle of a star has been studied in of hydrogen and helium. How and when
detail, and we shall return to it again, when other elements are got is not quite clear.
we shall consider the model of material But it is somewhere closer to the star's
world in dynamics. If a star is equated to nuclear oven.
one millimeter, the size of a poppy seed, Possibly, the star's nucleus is this oven.
then the average distance between stars However almost nothing authentically is
will constitute about one kilometer, and known about the nuclei of stars.
the size of Galaxy – 10000 km. actually, Not knowing the exact sizes of nuclei
the average size of a star is 1010 m, distance of stars, we can only assume, that it lies
between stars – 1016 m, and the greatest within the limits of class № 8, i.e. from
linear size of Galaxy - 1020 m 102,5 to 107,5 m.
Stars differ by their nature and sizes. Besides to the eighth class are related
Black holes, neutron stars, pulsars are cosmic bodies accompanying stars, viz.
unique space bodies consisting only of planets and their satellites.
atomic nuclei of atoms without elec¬tronic It is necessary to emphasize at once, that
clouds. Their density – 1015 g/cm3 – is modern science does not have an opinion
practically equal to density of atomic regarding existence of planets at other
nucleus, and sizes – from 103 to 106 m – stars, except for the Sun. It is considered,
can be less than the sizes of planets and that though the Sun, an ordinary by many
nuclei of ordinary stars. Thus the neutron parameters average star of our average and
star consists of a huge number of – 1060 – quite ordinary Galaxy has ten planets with
nucleons. satellites, it represents an exception among
The white dwarfs (from 106 up to 108 1020 stars constituting Metagalaxy, because
m) together with black holes and neutron of the presence of planets. The probability
stars make a group of stars in the final part of a similar judgment is defined by number
of their life cycle. 10-20. The possibility of our originality, we
Actually young stars occupy the shall directly say, is insignificant. More
dimensional niche from 108 to 1012 m. likely, it is to the contrary. Rarely does a
As a matter of fact, a star is a cosmic star have any planets revolving around it,
body made of gas, compressed to a sphere and a planet – its satellites.
by forces of its own gravitation. Mass of a Planets (we shall understand hereafter
star is 1029–1032 kg, and density – 1–2 g/cm3, under this concept also their satellites) fall
i.e. a little denser than water. However this in the dimensional range from 104 to 108
is average density. The density increases m. Objects of smaller size are asteroids or
in the bowels of stars, and temperature smaller planets. And everything that is less

4.4. Mega-universe

than 300 km in diameter is not spherical in should be above 2 g/cm3. The process of its
form and is not called «planet». consolidation has begun i.e. compression.
Planets consist practically of all the Thereof its diameter has decreased, that
chemical elements, but a major part of the constant twisting moment has caused
their mass is iron, oxygen, silicon and an increase in speed of rotation around its
magnesium. own axis, and the planet, already having
Our Sun has, at least, nine planets and become iced-iron-stone, has been torn off
one ring of asteroids between the orbits of by centrifugal forces and swept as a belt of
Mars and Jupiter. Quite reasonably it is asteroids along its orbit.
considered, that a ring of asteroids are the It is possible to tell more about known
remains of a planet, which had collapsed planets, that their mass oscillates from 1023 to
for some reason. Probably, as a result of 1026 kg, density – from 0.7 up to 5.44 g/cm3,
collision with a meteorite that flew from and distribution of density is non-uniform.
interstellar space. But the probability The temperature and density sharply
of such collision is low. Probably there increase to the center of planets.
is another explanation connected with A majority of planets and large satellites
M-scale and expansion of the Metagalaxy. have atmosphere.
It has been already said that planets of the Planets in aggregate with a star, around
terrestrial group plus the extreme planet of which they rotate, represent a planetary
Solar system Pluto have density more than system.
2 g/cm3 and, as a matter of fact, they are It is known to science, that our star  –
solids. And planets-giants of the Jupiter Sun  – exists about 5 billion years, and
group are gaseous, and their density is planets, in particular the Earth, – not
below 2 g/cm3. And these two groups more than 4.7 billion years. It is logical to
of planets by their sizes occupy on the assume, that during the moments of origin
M-scale two areas divided by a point of and fading of a star, planets do not exist.
transition on curve (half wave) of stability. But the stable condition of a star constitutes
This point has a value 107,9975 m. obviously 80-90% of time of its life cycle. Therefore
planets that exceed this point in size are in we have the right to assume, that not less
a gaseous or liquid modular condition, and than 80% of stars in the Metagalaxy,
planets which are less in size, exist in the namely 0.8·1020, have planetary systems.
form of solids. In comparison with a star and more
The critical point during the existence so in comparison with the size of external
of Solar system has changed its place on orbit of the last planet, the own sizes of
the M-scale. Its initial coordinate was planets are very small.
10  m. If the Earth is taken as a millimetric
If one is to assume, that the unhappy grain, then Sun will have a diameter of
planet by its size was hardly more than 109 mm, the distance to it – 11.6 m, and
107,7  m and, accordingly, had a density less diameter of the orbit of the extreme planet
than 2 g/cm3, i.e. was liquid or gaseous, – Pluto – will constitute 1 km.
then in due course the critical point «has The mass of planetary systems is close to
crept» through its dimension and the planet mass of the central star and accordingly
has appeared in the field, where the density lies in the range (2/3)·1030 kg.


The size too can be specified presumably, days.

by analogy with Solar system and taking Planets in planetary systems get
into view the dispersion in the sizes of light, heat, radiation from their central
stars  – from 1011 up to 1014 m. About star. Intensity and density of the stream
density of planetary system it is possible of energy depend on affinity to the star,
to judge differently, depending on how inclination of its own axis of rotation of
to consider its volume: if, as a sphere the planet to the ecliptic plane and from
with diameter of the extreme planet, then the period of rotation of the planet.
density constitutes about 10-6 g/cm3, if, as a The Earth is the third planet from the
cylinder of the same di¬ameter and height Sun, inclination of its axis is 23,45°, and
to the size of Sun, then 10-5 g/cm3. frequency of rotation is 365 rotations for
The rotation time of planetary system one rotation around Sun.
about its axis, if to judge by the extreme The Sun radiates 3.8·1020 MW energy.
planet, depends on its orbit. Pluto – the most From this energy the Earth's share is
remote planet – does a full turnaround of half of billionth share – 1.9·1011 MW that
the Sun in 247 terrestrial years. At that Sun quite suffices existence and evolution of
has a period of rotation about 30 terrestrial biological life on our planet.

4.5. The Organic World
KEYWORDS: Organic World, biosphere, Ыо-molecule, biopolymers,
DNA, cell, animate and inanimate, plant, animal, man, super-biological

In due course, not so long ago, it was high-molecular compounds containing

considered, that living beings are born chains of repeating links. Thousands
only from living beings. Therefore such a and even millions of identical molecular
dichotomy was established: the inanimate structures are joined together.
nature consists of minerals or inorganic Biopolymers by natural selection and
compounds and molecules, and animate extremely long search of trials and errors
matter consists of organic compounds and «have learned» many remarkable things:
bio-molecules. There was as though an to influence the oxidizing and reducing
impassable division between the animate chemical reactions taking place in them,
and inanimate nature at the lowest to combine into coacervate drops, to
molecular level. However, in the 50s of XX isolate from the external environment by
century it was found out, that if through a membrane, to maintain and improve
a mixture of hydrogen and hydrogen its internal structure, to replenish energy
containing compounds electric charge through adoption of elements from the
(in nature -lightning) was to be passed, external environment and discard to the
then some kinds of organic acids and external environment products of exchange.
amino acids are formed in quite a natural They have developed ability to reproduce
way, and in an oxygen free environment, its own matter and maintain structure at
like what the Earth's atmosphere was mechanical division into parts, for which
4.5 billion years ago, more complex purpose the DNA matrix mechanism was
organic compounds are also synthesized used, and further had shown ability to
– amino acids, organic acids, sugar, basic reproduce. It took 750 million years for
nitrogen… formation of the elementary denuclearized
It is interesting to note that bio- cell prokaryotes. They were heterotrophs,
molecules and organic compounds can be i.e. absorbed more primitive organic
found in the structure of meteoric matter. compounds.
There is a characteristic splash on the Heterotrophs have oxygen-free
graphic model of material world, where metabolism, ineffective from the energy
objects of the organic world are quartered. point of view, and moreover leading
At the base of this pyramid lies the to exhaustion of the Ocean's waters,
biosphere and bio-molecule, man stands at where biological life is born and where
the top, while above there is yet unknown heterotrophs soon have nothing to eat.
half-biological, or super-biological object Then autotrophs – organisms, capable
with the conditional name «subject of of synthesizing organic substances from
spirituality» (fig. 26). inorganic matter – appear and start
Bio-molecules and biopolymers are spreading all over. They use solar energy

Lg(Mx) Lg(m)
43 8
42 7 Earth’s Biosphere
biomass - 3,5 billion years
41 6 1015 kg Fission
of dry =0,285 5,485
40 5 5,2

Biosphere matter
or 10 8
39 4

Class №8
of Earth’s

1-2 millions species

38 3

2 000 г.  6 billion people

1900 г.  1,6 billion people
1000 г.  275 million people
37 2

Above biological

one species
three races
36 1 subject of spirituality
35 0 Plants Animals Human ,2

1 =0,25

Class №7

Size of
germinal cell
of a man
2 .10 in
an ejaculation
350 000 species
2 Newborn

2 .1012 2,0725
32 3 cells

Biological life

31 4 Unicellular organisms Adult Energy

Middle of 1014 =0,215 4,585
30 5 Cell plants cells 4,8
М-scale Cell

nucleus The are exist for
29 6

Class №6
Bacteria 1010 nucleotide 3,8 billion Brain 
28 7 in a cell years cells
Viruses 7,1075
27 8

Biomolecules, Bio-matters
26 9 More than 10 millions varieties
=0,18 9,62
25 10 9,8
6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Organization level scale

1) Exact coordinates
of classes
2)   offset of stability

saddle points


Fig. 26. Organic world

4.5. The Organic World

and photosynthesis for getting vital organic including ocean, land and atmosphere.
compounds. Through photo catalysis
hydrogen sulphide is oxidized to sulfates. «98,6% of mass of the physically accessible
The free hydrogen formed reduces carbon layer of Earth is made of only eight chemical
dioxide to carbon and water, out of which elements: 47% – oxygen, 28%  – silicon, 9%
– aluminum, 5% – iron, 4%  – calcium, 3% –
are constructed organic matter further sodium, 3% – phosphorus, 2% – magnesium»
necessary for life. The following step is Bondarev V.P. [24, page 269].
fission of water through photosynthesis with
the purpose of extracting free hydrogen During evolution prokaryotes
for synthesis of organic molecules. It is denuclearized cells – became complicated,
interesting to note, that oxygen, remaining and included in its structure aerobic
as a byproduct goes to the atmosphere. bacterium capable of functioning inside
Thereafter, there appeared the ability the cell-owner, producing energy or other
to assimilate carbon dioxide, which had vital functions. Thus, the nucleus of a cell,
saturated pre-biological atmosphere of the responsible for processes, taking place
planet, and it also assisted in changing the in a cell, was gradually formed. There
structure of atmosphere, viz. to reduction appeared eukaryotes – nuclear cells. When
in content of carbon dioxide and rise in bacterium resembling filaments were
content of oxygen. The so-called cyanic- attached to the eukaryotes they managed
bacteria-cyania were the first elementary to form an organism capable of movement
organisms, which, using photosynthesis, in liquid environment, the task of search
made the atmosphere oxygen containing. of food and movement was facilitated with
Oxygen under the action of Sun's the view of protection. Approximately
ultraviolet radiation formed an ozone layer thus appeared predecessors of the present
in the atmosphere, capable of absorbing elementary organisms, and the first step, in
rigid short-wave radiation and therein grandiose ladder of evolution of plant and
created protection for complex organic animal worlds, was laid.
compounds and opened the path to their Bio-molecules, bio-substances, bio
unobstructed improvement. polymers, fibers are all building materials
The oxygen-containing atmosphere or, more precisely, building blocks
made it possible for living organisms for bearers of biological life. They are
to use highly energetic oxygen type of rather not blocks, but specialized, very
metabolism. complex structures, capable of executing
Organic compounds and elementary certain tasks: collect and accumulate
organisms, being born and dying, serve energy from external sources, manage
as the basic source of chemical substances chemical reactions, accumulate or remove
and elements, which would have not certain chemical elements or substances,
appeared in such quantities from chemical collect, accumulate and transfer genetic
processes in inorganic nature. Processing information, etc.
minerals to organic, oxygen and into The most elementary structures from
complex chemical compounds, organic life biomaterials are viruses. It is yet a cell
has built itself a house – biosphere, which and not a nucleus, but already something
covers the whole surface of the planet, independent, consisting of nucleonic acid


and a capsule. Viruses are capable of «The principle of compactness, inherent

active self-reproduction, live exclusively in cell metabolism, is especially expressed
inside a cell, using its resources, can cause in the structure of DNA. For example, DNA
illnesses of organisms at the intracellular of a man's ovule weighs 6·10-12 g and thus
codes properties of all proteins of man»
level: something like a latent electronic Bondarev  V.P. [24, page 358].
destruction mechanism -as a pyrotechnic
charge under the pilot's seat of a military In general, everything is all right with
plane, which in case of emergency can compactness in the structure of a cell. The
be blown by command from ground. The DNA double string on which all structure
sizes of viruses are from 10-8 to 10-7 m. and psychological essence of the future
The next representative of the man are written down, has length of about
elementary is bacterium. The size is from two meters, but is so thin, that it can be
10-6 to 10-5 m. placed in a cell of size several hundredths
This unicellular denuclearized part of a millimeter.
organism multiplies by division, is mobile, A cell is an elementary living
autotrophic – lives through inorganic system. It can exist quite successfully by
sources of carbon, is capable of living itself (unicellular). And can be a part of
both in the oxygen environment, and multicellular organisms – animals and
without oxygen. Actively participates in plants.
the formation and destruction of minerals, The structure of a cell consists of a
is one of the central agents in circulation nucleus with full genetic code of a cell, and
of matter in nature and formations of the a cytoplasm with floating, as the cell itself
biosphere. in the primary ocean, organelles and other
The following unit is the cell nucleus. structures responsible for all the processes
It is a compulsory part of unicellular of cell's vital functions.
and without exception all multicellular The science about the structure of
organisms. Its size is from 10-6 m to 1 mm. a cell – cytology – in detail provides the
The nucleus is concentrated with genetic structure of a cell, mechanism of its vital
materials, necessary for reproduction functions and has developed enough ideas
of similar cells by the cell, and also about its evolution.
mechanism of control over ability of the In the context of our task there is no
cell's vital functions. It is interesting, that necessity to state the basic provisions
the sexual cell of man, as well as many of cytology. For us following positions,
animals, consists practically of a nucleus firmly and for a long time ago accepted by
and is of size about 10-5 m that corresponds scientists-cytologists, are only important.
to the center of the bar. Although an adult is Cell is a living biological organism built
to five orders more, but the genetic package from complex biological compounds,
with information about man is precisely in consisting of bio-molecules, and on its
the scale center of the universe. basis are compounds from atoms and
It sounds as a compliment. However, molecules of inanimate nature. A cell is
the truth is there, as said earlier, the sexual an elementary, simple living organism
cell of a cachalot, fox and even an elephant and, by virtue of it, is the carrier of the
is placed. following properties distinguishing the

4.5. The Organic World

animate from the inanimate. all that is necessary for neutralizing external
Metabolism – ability to metabolism destructive influences.
with the purpose of acquiring energy and Life cycle of various cells in an
restoration of expendable cells and matter. organism has a huge dispersion by time of
Unlike inanimate nature consisting mainly half-decay of atoms.
of oxygen, silicon, iron, magnesium and
aluminum, living organisms consist 98% «There are 1014 cells in the organism
of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen of man. In some tissues the number of
formed in complex biological molecules  – cells remains a constant during the life of
polymers: nucleonic acids, fibers, an organism. In these tissues, rather less
differentiated cells divide, whose reserve is
polysaccharides and fats. The metabolism self supported, and one of the daughter cells is
is carried out through food and breath. differentiated. For example, in man nearly 70
Autotrophy – ability of some plants, billion cells of intestinal epithelia and 2 billion
through photo catalysis of sunlight, to erythrocytes perish daily. Quite differentiated
create from water and atmospheric gases cells make the cell cycle in many other
all nutrients necessary for them. tissues and then division of a cell cannot be
Heterotrophy – ability of mushrooms, completed to the end, but limited to doubling
of chromosomes; or does not begin at all, and
bacterium, animals and man to eat organic
the cell leaves the cycle at a certain moment.
substances and, owing to fermentable Some nuclei do not enter into a cycle during
disintegration. receive energy and the life of a differentiated cell (neurons, fibers
necessary elements from them. of skeletal muscles), thus life expectancy of a
Breathe – same form of metabolism cell corresponds to the life of an organism. The
uses oxidizing-reducing reactions as the minimum life expectancy of a cell (intestinal
source of energy. epithelia) of man is 1-2 days» Bondarev V.P.
Self-reproduction and vital-life [24, page 359].
cycle – ability to generate copies of self,
which go through a repeating life cycle: At an early stage of evolution (it is
birth, growth, attaining sexual maturity, probable, that it was two with superfluous
reproduction, bringing up posterity that billion years ago) unicellulars divided into
is characteristic only for animals, ageing, seaweeds, which gave rise to the line of
death. plants, and into elementary, from which
Heredity and variability – a subsequently animals originated.
mechanism, on the one hand, fixing the And somewhere 570 million years ago,
accumulated specific attributes, and on the when naked minerals of the Earth began to
other hand providing adaptability to the be covered by soil, there appeared animals
changing conditions of living environment. and plants.
Irritability and self-control – ability Plants are an isolated group of objects
to react energetically to external influences of the organic World, and they occupy the
and react selectively on them. The reaction ninth class on the organizational scale.
of an organism to changes of environment is The living, mainly multicellular organisms,
subordinated to the law of self-preservation, autotrophs, forming minerals, atmospheric
which is based on the mechanism of self- gases and sunlight in organic compounds,
control. The organism does automatically appeared on Earth not less 3.8 billion years


ago and at present total 350,000 varieties. mass of biosphere should be to the order of
With rare exception, plants do not move 1024 g.» Vernadsky V.I. [28, page 100].
during the life cycle because roots go into
the earth. However for plants the static As a result a superficial fertile layer
ontogenesis is made up by the rather of soil - humus forms on land, and in the
dynamic phylogenesis of the species. World.
Classes and types of plants constantly Ocean – a planktonic film on the
expand, move or decrease their area, surface and a ground film at the bottom is
occupying either one or the other territories formed.
of the planet, following the change in
climatic conditions and evolutionary «The planktonic film is an important
processes taking place in the biogenesis. part of the biosphere mechanism, despite its
thinness just as an important part is the ozone
Plants serve as the determining factor
shield with insignificant ozone percentage.
of existence and vital ability of animals Its area equals hundreds of millions of square
and man. Plants give them food, habitat, kilometers, and weight should be expressed by
oxygen to breathe, medicinal products. numbers of the order 10l5-1016 tons.
Plants also give man dress, fuel, building Planktonic and ground films cover the
materials, and minerals. whole of the hydrosphere. If the surface of a
Plants have played the main role plankton, maybe, in general, is close to the
in formation of the modern biosphere, ocean surface, i.e. it is equal to 3.6·108 km2,
then the surface of the ground film should
and first of all in creation of the oxygen exceed it considerably, as it follows all the
atmosphere of Earth. If suddenly plants complexity and all irregularities of the ocean
cease to be, herbivorous will become bottom relief Vernadsky V.I. [28, pages 156-
extinct and then predators. There will be 157].
neither meat, nor vegetables, nor cereals,
nor fruit. Man will be left only with salt Actually, the whole area of man is
as food. Without plants animals, and man completely located in the biosphere. The
cannot exist. boundaries of biosphere are wide
The Earth's surface warmed by Sun enough. Firstly, it is a spherical surface
for billions of years enables a multitude of covering the whole Earth, including land
biological objects to be born, live and die. and ocean. Secondly, it extends upwards
In the course of their life they participate from the Earth and into depths of the
in complex chemical reactions and leave planet. Spores of plants in the stratosphere
behind them products of exchange and and gas with oil in the bowels are signs of
their own remains. Expressing it more the presence of biosphere.
delicately, in general, my soul, you
understand, what covers our once naked «From the geoid level biosphere stretches
stony planet as a thick layer. upwards to the borders of stratosphere, and
getting to it; it hardly probably reaches the
«At last, in the external shell – in the ionosphere – the terrestrial electromagnetic
biosphere – a significant mass of its matter vacuum just being covered by scientific
is captured and collects in living organisms, consciousness. Below the geoid level the living
changes under the cosmic energy of Sun. The substance penetrates into the stratosphere
and on the top areas of the metamorphous

4.5. The Organic World

and granite shells. From the view of planet it and find balance on such complex
rises 20-25 km above the geoid level lowers processes, as energy interchange of
on an average to 4-5 km below this level. planet and atmospheric surfaces, cycling
These borders in time vary in places, on small
of substances in nature, forming and
durations extends far behind them. Apparently,
at sea depths living substance should penetrate preservation of biocoenosis.
to places deeper than 11 km, and their existence
deeper than 6 km has been established. In the «Sun has radically reworked and changed
stratosphere we just experience penetration the face of Earth; the biosphere has been
into it by man, always inseparable from other penetrated and captured. To a great degree
organisms – insects, plants, microbes; and thus biosphere is an exhibition of its radiations; it
the living substance has already gone 40 km composes the planetary mechanism, turning
upwards from the geoid level and is fast lifting them to new varied forms of terrestrial free
up» Vernadsky V.I. [28, page 246]. energy, which radically changes the history
and destiny of our planet» Vernadsky V.I. [28,
The whole biological chain from a page 43].
bio-molecule to man is based at a certain
place – in a thin layer of contact of the The biosphere, obviously, demonstrates
atmosphere with the surface of our planet. a number of attributes of animate intelligent
The name of this layer is biosphere. It is being, but on a number of other attributes
not all that simple with it. Biosphere is it is a product of a mineral-cosmic origin
not present, if there is no biological life, and phenomenon of inanimate nature.
and biological life is impossible without The conclusion arises by itself. The
a biosphere. If we remove biosphere, biosphere is in a providential location, the
there will remain only anaerobes, the meeting point of animate and inanimate
elementary and worms, living without nature and serves as some kind of a
free oxygen. And if we remove plants - placenta for the origin and development of
animals will die, structure of atmosphere biological life.
will change, ozone layer will disappear Like the woman who carries a child,
and the biosphere will cease existence. the biosphere carries life, protects it,
Biosphere is a continuation of the mineral creates all the necessary conditions for
world of the planet and, certainly, is an life, but also receives from biological life
inanimate phenomenon; and on the other all that is necessary for self-maintenance
hand, it integrally includes everything and development.
animate, including man, and moreover it And, as is known, it is impossible to
defines life and death of all living things change the meeting point, the surface of
on the planet. Processes of self-regulation planet with density above density of water,
act on biosphere, the evolutionary process with sufficient, but not a superfluous
is present, taking place in a certain stream of energy from its star, with a cycle
direction, and if definition of objectives time and inclination of the axis to ecliptic,
is not monitored, then in any case, the giving a uniform stream of external energy
unconditional predetermined, program and billions of years stability for evolution.
oriented nature are being monitored. Here it is my soul, life in Space. The
The biosphere possesses a most number of such places, so are the centers
powerful synergetic potential. To manage of life. Any thinking person will come to


such conclusion. breathe there, in addition active volcanic

and tectonic activity of the young planet.
«I am convinced that this life will cover Whoever happened to be in places of
not only our planet, but also that, which in the volcanic activity could imagine fumaroles,
Bible is named as the new sky and new earth. geysers, streams of sulfur, streams of lava,
I am convinced that such a complex being like
man, his organism, should be prepared for
black ash rains, hot hydrogen sulphide
enormous quantum of processes, which takes lakes, stench and shudder of earth, a real
place in the immense Universe. In order to hell.
create one intellectual being, apparently, it was In an evolutionary sense biosphere
necessary to start such a big uranium boiler as had since long passed the formation stage
our Galaxy, and may be, our entire universe» and is in rather a stable phase of existence.
A. Men [73, page 83]. Only man with his technogenic problems
of growth brings discord to the biosphere
On our chart biosphere is placed equilibrium.
between the 7th and 8th classes of the On hindsight at evolution of biological
organizational level. The location was life, it is shown with evidence the
obtained by projection of the biosphere orientation towards increase in complexity
value on the curve formed (fig. 26) on the of biological objects, and not any, but,
bar scale. namely in the direction of development of
The size of biosphere is constant and the first system, consciousness and reason.
equal to the size of planet – the carrier of
biosphere. «Among the infinite number of forms,
A quantitative estimation of biosphere where complication of life is dissipated,
can be given through volumetric or differentiation of nervous substance is
total mass of organisms and bio-matter. segregated, according to the prediction theory,
However bio-objects 50-90% is made as a significant trans-formation. It gives
of water, and therefore a more adequate evolution orientation and thereby proves, that
estimation through weight of dry matter. it is meaningful» Teilhard de Chardin [126,
The total biomass of the planet Earth's page 152].
biosphere constitutes 1015 kg of dry matter,
or 10-8 part of planet mass. «It is only possible to regret (and be
surprised), that, in spite of clarity of the
The age of modern biosphere of the facts, consensus does not yet reach that
Earth is not less than 3.5 billion years, recognition, that "the galaxy" of vital forms
and its formation began more than 4 draws in detail (as admitted by us) a wide
billion years ago. The Earth before the «orthogenetic» movement of deactivation in
biosphere looked entirely different from a direction of greater increase in complexity
what it is today. Naturally there was and consciousness» Teilhard de Chardin [126,
no vegetation and animals, as well as page 146].
soil and humus. There were stones and
not oxidized minerals. The atmosphere The plant kingdom and evolution of
constituted of methane, nitrogen, carbon biosphere have stimulated development of
dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and there was the animal kingdom.
no free oxygen in it. It was impossible to Animals, unlike plants, are capable of
moving, they are heterotrophs, being fed

4.5. The Organic World

exclusively with organic food, viz. plants In our chart man occupies the
or other animals comparatively weaker 11th penultimate class on the scale of
and lesser in size. organizational level.
The animal kingdom is also basically Remaining an animal by his physical
represented by multicellular organism; nature, man possesses a set of unique
however their variety is several times properties unknown to previous stages of
greater than plants and reaches 1.5 to 2 the organizational level.
million species. First of all, they are analytical capability,
Multicellular animals on land consciousness, abstract thinking and
appeared nearly 800 million years ago. An presence of speech. As a matter of fact, all
active mobile life, struggle for survival, these are one and the same – reason.
necessity of interaction served as the Secondly, they are man-made capacity
cause of development of the rudiment of and definition of objectives. As a result,
psychology in animals, abilities to perceive, it is the transition from adaptation to life
accumulate and transfer elementary environment to adaptation of environment
information necessary for preservation to his needs. The ability of social
and evolution of the species. The most arrangement of man is also included here.
«advanced» species of animals form the And thirdly, a not yet dominating,
group of primates, the predecessors of but existing ability of man to ethical
man. behavior, overcoming the animal instincts
Primates are mammals, five-fingered, of envy, enmity, egoism through unique
plantigrades, have seizing limbs, a big mechanisms of morals, reasonable self-
brain. a developed ability to communicate restriction, morals and feeling of self-
through a set of gestures and sounds, respect given to man. Or, to say in other
inclined to flocking and complex social words, the abilities of hearing the voice of
methods of self-organization. They the Creator and ability of following Him.
appeared on Earth more than 14 million Unlike the plant and animal kingdom,
years ago. Nearly 5 million years ago man has not yet passed the culmination of
there was a division of primates into his development. The evolutionary wave
two kinds  – monkeys and hominids on our planet is now in two areas -in the
(predecessors of man). The reason of the field of the social structure and in the field
division was bipedalism, which freed of morally-ethical establishment of man as
the front limbs of hominids that in turn, a species, as a unit on the organizational
after 3 to 4 million years allowed future level scale.
man to master fire and rudiments of labor It is not by accident that human
activity. Though anthropogenesis is far population is growing by leaps and
from complete, especially its initial stage, bounds, possibly, getting nearer to some
nevertheless it is possible to consider that limit unknown to us. About 1000 years
doubts in the animal origin of man have back there were 275 million of us, and by
been overcome. Today's science agrees 2000 it was 6 billion and this with absolute
with the evolutionary theory of origin monopoly in species. Man has no specific
of man from the bowels of the animal contenders. One species and three races
kingdom. That, certainly, was. are insignificant for incest.


The Lord has given us the ability to What for is this communication, how
think. It is possible to assume, what else it should be carried out, what particularly
will man be, but know exactly where the should man do is yet unknown, but the
winding path of evolution will lead us is whole meaning of appearance of man
only known to the Creator. as result of evolution is in carrying and
The phenomenon of man for us, people, developing spirituality in him.
is the most important and intriguing
mystery of the Creator. «…every incorrigible materialistic person
By our biological origin we are is a mortal Man, a living automatic device,
animals. And often we are convinced that in spite of him being bestowed with a big
it is so. brain power», – wrote Blavatskaya, and my
applauses to her [19, page 485].
«Man combines all animals in him», –
quite fairly remarks John Donn [46, page
The exclusiveness of abilities, sharp
difference from the living world, and
absence of competing analogues in the
By the way, another such remarkable
beginning led man to the idea of similarity
idea is attributed to him:
to God, that the universe has been created

for him and in his sake.
«It is our business to correct and restore
everything, to which string of understanding However the infantile sicknesses of
has been lost». [46, page 72] anthropocentrism, having gone through
sobering experience of social disasters and
On the other hand, such gifts of the impartial analysis of scientific knowledge
Creator as consciousness, reason, freedom gradually has come to naught.
of moral choice, authority over nature,
religious judgment of the World, lead to «Refusal from self-confident
the thought, that: anthropocentrism and opening of Space life
of the last decades, should affect significantly
man's claims of being master of the World
«…the link between divine and natural and manager of any life, subject of the mono-
world is man» Soloviev V. [103, with. 143]. dictatorship that defines ways of World's
development. But anthropocentrism received
Moreover, a belief is born, that man an unexpected reinforcement from modern
can be not only a link, but also should be astrophysics, which has formulated the so-
the link and has been created especially for called antrophic principle, according to which
it. the Earth has seemed to be structured under
parameters of man and so if the value of one

of fundamental constants had been different,
«And man as one, who belongs to both the human life would have been impossible.
worlds, by acts of intellectual contemplation In practice the assumption, that it is
can and should touch the divine world and, not the Universe that tuned to man, but
being still in the world of struggle and free man could have been generated in a unique,
floating anxiety, enter into contact with the narrow corridor of strictly defined conditions.
clear images from the kingdom of glory and Really, in fact in case of "imperfection" of the
eternal beauty» Soloviev V. [103, page 141]. Universe (i.e. impossibility in development of
intelligent life in it), it was simply impossible

4.5. The Organic World

for anyone to fix it. But the Universe has species and scientific-technical progress
unlimited time. And sooner or later there have led some thinkers to the conclusion
casually appears a combination favorable to us. on the regeneration of biosphere to
Then there we appear and are surprised of the
a «noosphere»  – an association of
Universe's perfection. Therefore, man should
be considered not as a crown of the whole consolidated thinking people, and as result
universe, but as one of the stages of its total - the advent of some collective Intelligence.
evolutionary process. In this respect closer to
the truth was not West with its traditions of «…geologically we experience at this hour
rationalism and anthropocentrism, but the East segregation in the biosphere of the kingdom
with its integrity and cosmicality, including of intelligence that changes radically its
man in the inseparable system of nature as a shape, and structure, – noosphere. The word
component part. «noosphere» and the corresponding concept
Nevertheless man is not simply a part has been created by E. Le Roi in 1928»
of the World, but a part that has realized the Vernadsky V.I. [28, page 380].
whole and capable of including in him this
whole at an ideal level. The consciousness The advent of noosphere is put in one
acts as the planetary factor, enabling the row with the deep processes of evolution
establishment of new attitudes of mankind, of Space, the Earth, life and biosphere.
as a uniform organism with Space that can
give the process of self-organization in nature
a targeted feature, and instead of the position «"Explosion" of scientific idea in XX
of either anthropocentrism or cosmocentrism century has been prepared by the whole past
approve synergism of man and Space» of biosphere and has the deepest roots in it
Samokhvalova  V.I. [2, page 53]. structure. It cannot stop and go back. It can only
be slowed down in its rate. The noosphere is a
biosphere advanced by scientific thought, that
The transitory role of man becomes had prepared for the gone hundreds millions,
more and more obvious. The Lord has can be billions, of years process, which created
created us for providential purposes, not Homo sapiens Faber, is not a short-term and
known to us yet. All that was before us passing geological phenomenon. Processes,
were made, so that we appeared. And having been readied for many billions years,
we are needed for advancing further the cannot be passing, cannot stop. Hence it
Creator's plan and then move aside or follows, that the biosphere will inevitably pass
anyhow, sooner or later to the noosphere, i.e.
become His assistants. that in history of people, occupying it, there
shall take place events, necessary for this
«Man is not the center of universe, as purpose, and not contradicting this process»
we innocently believed, but, is much more Vernadsky V.I. [28, page 277].
beautiful than the vanishing skyward top of
a great biological synthesis. Its man, and only
The theory of a noosphere does not
he, who was the last to appear in time, the most
fresh, the most complex, the most iridescent, appear as absolutely indisputable for us.
multi-colored from the consecutive layers of More likely, the basic object of evolution
life. Such is our fundamental vision» Teilhard will be the ethical perfection of man, every
de Chardin [126, page 231]. living person on the Earth. But the known
drawing together of people on the basis
The aggressive settling of man on of revolution in communication facilities
the planet's surface, full domination as is being made in full conformity with the


prediction of Vernadsky V.I.: Though we are unable to perceive it,

but to suppose it is not forbidden. Even
«This process – full settlement of biosphere the dog has a certain idea about its owner
by man – is caused by the course of history and about people in general. All the more
of scientific thought, inseparably connected man: he has been given reason, and reason
with speed of relations, with successes in is there or it is not. As a computer, which
techniques of movement, with the possibility
of instant transfer of thought, its simultaneous
can be either of an old design, low-power,
discussions everywhere on the planet» [28, or modern, highspeed, it essentially is the
page. 261]. same machine. Similarly intelligence for
both man and the Creator is of the same
However there will pass some time, nature. It means, we have an opportunity
and the peak of an evolutionary wave of comprehending the most complex
will pass further on the scale of the things, be it in the most general form.
organizational level as it had once passed The unit № 12 is at the border, at the
above all previous units of the material extreme right point of the organizational
world, and will reach an extreme, twelfth level scale; it means, this unit only in
point of the scale of organizational level. half belongs to the material world, and
The unit placed there is unknown to us, another half is outside of it. The same for
moreover it cannot comprehend the person the extreme elements: at the left -maximon
in full. and the Metagalaxy made of maximons.
As it is impossible for the cleverest If the unit № 12 by half does not belong to
animal to describe the human essence, so material World, then:
it is not allowed to us to know what is this • at first, it has an above biological
above the biological subject created on the nature;
basis of that, what man will become, when • secondly, not losing
his evolutionary maturity ends. communication with biosphere as the
point of its origin in the material World,
«We after death – 1 have trust in it – it is capable of being integrated into some
shall again become imperishable particle of other, non-material World and exist there
the conceiving light, which flows over the in parallel.
Universe.» Guberman I. [35, page 124]. Besides, it is possible to assume, that
important characteristics of unit № 12 will
This is Igor Guberman, a poet and be spirituality and morals, since at these
bearer of Russian-Jewish wisdom. He is not points, in particular, passes now the peak
a philosopher, but, unlike any philosopher, of evolutionary wave above man -the unit
is capable of accommodating in a tetrastich of a previous level on the organizational
the best philosophical treatise without the scale.
slightest detriment to meaning. But assumptions are assumptions,
And nevertheless, why then, beyond therefore everything that is on the chart
the boundaries allocated to man in the more to the right of man, we shall draw
class № 12 scale of complexity of the with a dotted line.

Until recently it was considered, boundary of its adaptive ca-pacities and
that nature strives to level, make even, begins to lose stability. This instant is
and reduce to a common denominator referred to as the bi-furcation point. At
everything that differs from standard. The the bifurcation point the system becomes
temperature is leveled, pressure reduces to susceptible to fluctuation viz., perception
an average value, moun-tains fall to ruin, of sig-nals, capable of playing the role of
all that is created by man from natural positive reverse communication, i.e. affect
materials with time converts back to the system in such a way that it applied new,
them. The law of entropy, i.e. irreversible more perfect opposing mechanisms to the
dispersion of energy and decrease in hostile environment. Surplus of various
complexity and orderliness of the systems, fluctuations, which are «not noticed» by the
rules over the world. system in usual conditions, at bifurcation
The principle of entropy, quite appli- points is perceived and is capable of
cable to thermodynamics, has been applied generating the next round of system self-
to the arrangement of the World. That, improvement and even its transition to a
altogether, is incorrect. The mountain, qualitatively new condition, i.e. generate a
certainly, collapses, but in fact it had once higher level of self-organizing system.
emerged from something. Synergetic evolution of nature’s sys-
And only in the 70’s of XX century it tems is now a fact obvious to science. At
has been scientifically proved that there present it is only possible to guess why and
are in nature cases of «occur-rences of the with what purpose the system evolves from
order from the disorder». Synergy, a new the bottom to top horizons of synergy, but
scientific direction, is the study of similar it is already clear how it occurs.
cases. It is possible to list the basic technological
The basic idea of synergy is the mechanisms of evolution:
possi-bility, and under certain conditions, • ability of systems to accumu-late
even inevitability, of origin of order and useful fluctuations during innu-merable
organization from disorder and chaos as a iterations of working cycles, so as to use
result of self organization. them at the necessary in-stant;
This approximately takes place as fol- • iteration of existence of the
lows. The initial system works at the usual systems itself - finiteness of the life cycle
order. Functioning processes, infinitely and simultaneously the capacity to self-
repetitive, focused on constant or poorly reproduction;
varying external conditions take place in • morphological adaptability that
it. allows divide the system, get united into
However there comes the moment several systems or complicate its own
when environmental conditions start to structure, depending on necessity;
vary considerably. The system ap-proaches • ability to choose, correct and rank


as per value optimization criteria during synergy level systems has been built on
adaptation; the principle of the Russian nested doll
• infinite ramification of the sys-tem (Matryoshka). A higher organizational
development ways, practically in the mode level system includes or regulates a system
of complete overrun of all possible choices of lesser synergy level.
and subsequent sifting of viable choices of Our graphic model of the material
systems through natural selection; world should also be commented in terms
• presence of an evolutionary of synergy.
wave  – period, when formation of the For the time being, we have before us
system takes place very sharply and ends a set of base units of the material World,
in location of a viable solution. Then organized by criteria of size and level of
comes the period of stability, when the organization.
system confidently handles its functions To me, my soul, I would like to show
and reliably protects itself from the hostile you their synergetic interrelation, how the
external environment; uniform and continuous evolutionary path
• nesting principle of systems – from maximon to man looks like, etc.
structural connection between differ-ent

5.1. Maximon – information, giving rise to matter

5.1. Maximon – information,

giving rise to matter
KEYWORDS: maximon, Hypermatrix, flash, invariance of max-imon,
program of building the material World.

Most likely, man is more foolish, than An incomprehensible brief flash of

he could be. There is an impression, that maximon executes two functions - bears
the Lord created a hundred watt lamp, but the building program of the material
reduced the voltage in the circuit by five World and serves as a build-ing material
times. Because of this the filament hardly of the first, smallest «nested doll» in the
illuminates the bulb. hierarchy of units of the material World.
But there are cases, probably by mis- Well here the moment has approached for
take, when a man comes to the World the first unpopular revelation. It is time to
with abilities, surpassing several times the explain, what can and should be the nature
allowed abilities. of maximon.
William Shakespeare is an eternal puz- It is still early to speak, whence it,
zle. He obviously, intuitively pos-sessed why, when and by whom it was cre-ated,
the omniscience accessible to angels. but it is already necessary to say, how it is
In his last play «The Tempest», there are arranged.
such words, inspired by light of Divine To you, my soul, already, probably,
wisdom, about the nature of material is clear, that now it will be about the non-
things: material World. Man reasonable as a
species, is extremely young. The picture of
« … how these easy dreams, the universe has opened only a small part of
So too magnificent palaces and towers, it to him and, certainly, this nearest, easiest
Topped by clouds, and temples, conceivable part is the material World. But
And the terrestrial sphere sometime
Will disappear, and as clouds, will vanish.
to consider that the universe ends with the
We ourselves are created from dreams…» material World is naivety and a gross error.
[129, page 722]. We are not surprised by the fact that sound
with frequency 21,000 Hz, inaudible to our
The evolution of material world begins ear, is perceived by mouse, that darkness
with maximon. Once again I remind: it for a human eye is not darkness for a cat.
is for certain known about maximon, its There are enormous Worlds or parts of the
size is equal 10-35 m - the minimum wave universe, which are not directly perceived
length, capable of existing in the material by our sense organs, however they exist and
World, and its life period is 10-43 sec. are no less important for organization of the
Our opinion is in that maximon is universe, than the part visible to us.
semi-material base element of the material Imagine a cube of dice, a three-
World and the full genetic code of material dimensional, volumetric figure with six
World, together with all its units is equal sides at right angle. Let the size of a
contained in maximon. side be equal 10-35 m, the minimum Planck


wave length (fig. 27). different.

Now we shall start adding similar We shall not say for the time being,
cubes to the three sides and build a design whence this information is received and
externally similar to Rubik’s cube, only how control signals and feedback are
the size of its side should be equaled 1025 built, but it is clear, that such questions
m, i.e. to the size of the Metagalaxy. And necessarily will arise and it will be
may be, our cube should be more, with necessary to find intelligible answers to it.
reserve for recession of Galaxies, or we Simply accept as a hypothesis, that
shall assume the ability in it to self in- maximon is a flash bearing certain en-
crement as required. ergy and some considerable volume of
And now we shall destroy the cubes, information. Spatially the flash is localized
but we shall leave the hidden volu–metric by boundaries of the Hypermatrix cell.
grid limiting their places. Thus: the object The flash energy does not go beyond the
is not present, but the place remains. The Hypermatrix cell. Probably, information
Cheshire Cat has left, but its smile remains. on the fact of flash is transferred to adjacent
Let's call this invisible, im-perceptible cells.
for man as the unchanging design of a It is very important to remember that
Hypermatrix. It is banal enough, but suits the size of a cell, duration of the flash,
by implication. So, the Hypermatrix fixes content of genetic part of information
all the places without exception, where is absolutely invariable with relation to
maximons can arise and repeatedly live location of a cell in the Hypermatrix.
their short life. That is, in any location of a Hypermatrix
The cell of a Hypermatrix corre- any cell gives birth to absolutely identical
sponding to a cubic expanse with side flashes – maximons.
equal to the size of maximon can be in two The operative part of information does
states either empty or filled with maximon. not change the universal and standard
We shall name these states accordingly as nature of maximon. Firstly, its volume
passive and active. is vanishingly small in comparison to
In the active state the cell of a volume of the genetic information, and,
Hypermatrix «is filled» with a form of secondly, working frequency, used for its
energy unknown to us, this is exhibited transfer, is below by many orders.
in the form of fantastically high frequency As it has been already said, the flash
fluctuations. continues for 10-43 seconds. After it has
In 10-43 seconds these fluctuations suc- ended, some time should pass for the cell
ceed in transferring information not only in order to restore the ability of making the
about the design and method of functioning following flash. What this interval is can
of the material World and all its units, but be only assumed, but, most likely; it cannot
also about the current condition of that be less than 10-43 seconds – the period
chain of objects into whose structure the of the flash itself. Time of information
given maximon at the moment is included. accumulation is usually more than the
The first part of the information we shall time of its transfer.
name genetic, and the second - operative. Obviously, there is an interdiction on
Their frequency characteristics are more frequent mode of flash occurrence

5.1. Maximon – information, giving rise to matter

Мx а
А. spice occupied by one maximon  М х

10 М х=10 m


10 М х=10 m
В. Hyper matrix  10 cells Maximons hold Metagalaxy

Cell numbers
1 2 3 4 ... n
Stage 1 Мx Time of Flare glow  10 sec

Stage 2 Мx Interval between Flaers in adjacent cells 0

Stage 3 Мx Cell restoration time 1047 сек

..... n

Stage n Мx
Speed of Flare “run” equals speed of light

С. Flare displacement — Maximon along cells of hyper matrix (along a straight line)

Fig. 27. Maximon and Hypermatrix


in the same cell. It is possible to assume, points of the graphic model of a material
that the mechanism of ex-pansion of the World.
Universe has been cre-ated exactly with The number of maximons, forming a
this purpose. photon, most likely is 1010, by analogy to
All objects in the Universe move in other M-scale units known to science.
sets of trajectories, but in relation to the Do you know my soul, how the image
motionless Hypermatrix their dominating tube, screen of the first TV is arranged and
trajectory is from center to the periphery, how an image appears on it? The glass
and speed of movement is comparable screen inside is covered with numbers
with the speed of light. of tiny luminescent dots. If you direct an
A similar order excludes the necessity electronic beam to this dot, it is lit and
«to illuminate» one and the same cell of a is visible and if removed, it ceases to be
Hypermatrix without interruption. visible.
If cells adjacent to each other are sin- A special device drives a beam from
gled out from a row of the Hypermatrix, point to point along a line, running, line
located on one line of length of 300,000 after line, the whole screen, and one more
km, and serially «switch-on» the flashes, device regulates the beaming force during
starting with the first cell, one after the moments of its passage of each dot,
another, then the «spark» will run over all somewhere more strongly, somewhere
of the line in a second. This is the limit of more poorly and somewhere will switch
speed of movement of objects in a material it off. The ray travels the whole screen
World. very quickly 24 times a second. Our eyes
Most likely, cells can «switch-on» possess inertia of perception, and for them
only in series and without misses. One has the screen is seen as a shining dynamic
completed work, the adjoining switches picture.
on. The variation in speed of «recession» I do not know, whether I have helped
«spark» on the chain is reached due to you or only have confused more, but the
delay in switching the following cell. One structure of a material World is similar to
has completed work and the following joins a volumetric TV, if one such existed. And
with a lag, as a result the «spark» runs its may be it has already been created?
path more slowly, with lesser speed, but Hyper matrix is a volumetric screen.
the total energy of the process in unit time Cells are phosphor grains, capable of
also falls. being substantiated in the form of flash
It is already clear to you: a set of large of maximons according to the signal of
number of flashes maximons, lined up external operating program.
definitely, gives rise to the first complex Flashes of maximons are organized in
unit of the material World – photon. such a manner that they give rise first to a
I remind: units of the first and second photon, and then, one after an-other, more
classes in the science bar are not de-scribed and more complex units of the material
yet, and the names «photon» and «nucleus World. At the same time the lowest level
of an electron» have a conditional nature. unit comprises of all the properties and
But it does not at all stir our belief on potential for the inevitable creation of
existence of cer-tain units in corresponding a unit of the following, higher level of

5.1. Maximon – information, giving rise to matter

organization. generated it, is and if there is no thought,

As a result it will turn out, that all there is no matter.
objects of the material world - from
photon to man and stars - with all physical «… Space and time with all its laws,
parameters and laws of ma-terial World are defining their interaction, are coded in the
some kind of volu-metric image, sliding energetic impulse itself. If it is not contained in
along a Hypermatrix with speed, close to the energetic impulse evolved to a maximum
movement, then there should be some orga-
the speed of light. nizer of this construction, besides an inge-
Strange? Improbable? nious one, as it is necessary for him to rather
Didn’t we subconsciously go to this? minutely adjust all laws of interaction. Who
You remember: is he, this architect? God? But even to God
such a work is beyond his power... Anyway,
«In the beginning there was Word, and the in allocating the candidature of God, I invo-
Word was with God, and the Word was God» luntarily affirm the idea, that energy of a
[Joh. 1 : 1]. quantum at its maximum speed carries all
parameters of the universe and laws defining
their development» [50, page 23] Zerkin N.V.
The thought and reason predominating
over matter, define its existence. But how
has it been engineered? It appears, very Look my soul; he has almost come to
simple: matter has been directly created, the same conclusion, as we have. To him it
combined, built from information. As a is «energetic impulse», to us – «maximon»,
result matter is that, what thought, which but the idea is the same.

5.2. Synergetic evolution of matter
KEYWORDS: Synergy, maximon, units, geo-placentary systems, design
reliability of the material World.
Well, what a name has turned out for over the expanse of a Hypermatrix
section 5.2. It is understandable: syn-ergy create the volumetric-physical image-
is not a simple thing. If you drop a cup, phenomenon of the first material object -
it will break and will cease to be a cup. photon. What is this - a volumetric picture
All complex things with ease roll to the or a physical object? They are both. The
simple and initial. But how is it possible dichotomy «substance-energy», habitual
for nature to manage uphill complexities, to us, is absent at low levels of matter.
how the simple and lowly organized Both the properties exist side by side and
add to something more complex, higher are capable of self-replacement.
organization? The corpuscular-wave theory, as well
With a cup everything is simple - it is as theory of relativity takes it origin from
made by man. He is clever, skilful. Well, here.
and who made man? Molecule? Atom? How many blinking dots, skittering
Perhaps, God? No. Or almost no. The in space on Hypermatrix cells, does one
material World is able to build itself and photon create – I do not know. Per-haps,
is made with inevitable ability to evolve, 1010 pieces, maybe, as much, as many
without foreign intervention in laws of maximons can be placed in a sphere of
matter. The matter is made with ability of diameter 105 maximons. And maybe,
self-creation. only one maximon is consistently shining
We understand evolutionary processes during 10-43 sec-onds at the required points
with difficultly because they take place in of the Hypermatrix, tracing a photon. I
another time scale. Our life period and all know nothing save, that as a result a rather
vital rhythms of man are many times less steady material formation - unit of the first
than the duration of evolutionary processes class on the M-scale, possessing its own
in the animal world and moreover in the physical properties, which are distinct
world of inert matter. from properties of maximon, and capable
But in fact it is a question of percep- of interaction with ones similar to it, result.
tion and nothing else. A man to a but- Here it should be noted, that there is no
terfly-day-fly seems to be constant in the and there cannot be static units. The same
age sense, and human life - simply infinite. photon is the photon’s volumetric image,
But we shall, for now, leave the prob-lem with all its material properties, constantly
of time bar and shall try tracking only the updated, equal to itself and moving in the
evolution of material world from origin of Hy-permatrix expanse.
the first maximon till date. The only thing, which the universe is
The birth and evolution of inert matter not rich in, is statics. Statics is not present.
or substance of the material World begins Perhaps, statics is the secret of
with maximon (fig. 28). nonexistence.
The flashes – maximons, «running» Material projections of photons fly in

Planet capable of Intervention
having atmosphere instant of
instant of man

organic life





(of carbon dioxide)

Galaxies Stars “Solar systems” 
. and star forming . Star, its planets
Metagalaxy . Galaxies . and satellites
. .
10 10

Systems of
10 10

cosmic bodies
Planets and their satellites
Stars Asteroids
Globuls Comets
Super new
Cosmic dust
Gasses stars Small cosmic bodies
Chemical elements and their compounds Cosmic dust

in different aggregate conditions White
Interstellar gas
dwarfs Black

Cosmic bodies
Plasma Radiation
Radiation Neutron holes
Gravitatio stars Energy
5.2. Synergetic evolution of matter


Chemical Inorganic compounds
Maximon Photon Electron Atom Molecule

Organic compounds

Interaction (force)

of matter

Fig. 28. Birth and evolution of non-organic matter


Hypermatrix space and interact with each ated atom and elementary chemical
other, showing the propensity to form compounds, there was a division of its
units of the subsequent level. But how does trajectory into quantitative and qualitative
it take place? vectors.
Photon is not simply a sum of a certain The inert matter began to grow in the
quantity of maximons. Certainly, photon first case quantitatively and form cosmic
has a complex internal arrangement, objects, and in the second there took place
design. Most likely, photon is more the process of complication of matter with
complex than a maximon to the same the aim of origin and development of
degree, as man is more complex than a cell biological life.
or a cell than a bio-molecule. Growth in volume of inert matter at
Under the scheme they are divided localized points of the future Me-tagalaxy
into two organizational level classes. The was accompanied by the phenomena of
internal arrangement of a photon gives it gravity, energy, radiations, appearance of
the opportunity and energy for interaction plasma, collection of gases and space dust
with ones similar to it. But how is their in globules, their growth and formation of
interaction arranged, how they «see» or stars.
«feel» each other? By the way, science in detail describes
It can be assumed, that photon as a evolution of stars and effective stage of
whole is constantly scanned by the part completion of their life cycle, confirms it
forming its maximons, which trace its with scores of ob-servations, but for some
dimensions, location, internal processes reason has neither an explanatory theory,
and transfer this information -»energy» nor practical observations of the process of
to the external Hypermatrix environment. birth of stars.
Actually, these signals are the «forces» of It is proved, that a star is a gaseous
interaction. cosmic body, where under action of forces
Each unit has a universe; each of its own gravitation a nuclear reaction
thing of the material World has its own of transition of hydrogen to helium takes
informative-energetic aura, connecting place with the release of huge quantity of
them with all other objects of the universe light and heat to the surrounding Space. In
through the absolute infor-mation-energy due course, after 5-10 billion years, when
conductor - Hyperma-trix. The unit of each the nu-clear reserve is exhausted, stars of
organizational level is arranged in such a relatively small mass are compressed and
manner that it holds in it the opportunity turn into white dwarfs, while bigger stars
and need to interact and create units of a at compression are not in a fit state to hold
subsequent level. the external mantle, and it blows up with a
Thus units of the subsequent electron huge light ef-fect.
level scale, atomic nucleus, atom and Such cases occur rather often and for
molecules are built. some reason, contrary to any logic, are
In parallel the familiar attributes of referred to as a super new stellar flash.
matter  – information, energy, mass, force, Well, what about it: a lot in this World
space, and time appear. carries the name, reverse to its nature. Why
At the moment, when evolution cre- do they name a star during the moment of

5.2. Synergetic evolution of matter

end of its life cycle as super new? And why engineer will use it in all related cases.
maximon, lesser than which nothing is The foetus in a woman’s womb,
present, is not named a minimon? Perhaps, and in any mammal, is protected by a
because it maximum small? spherical bubble. It separates the child for
After explosion the remaining nucleus the time being from the external world,
of stars, smaller in size turn to neutron creating inside the mother’s body a local
stars, and those that are bigger to black environment necessary for survival and
holes. development of the foetus. A planet is
We even do not want to imagine what the place of possible birth of biological
takes place with planets and satellites life. Spherical in its form, the planet
and everything that had arisen on them. is sur-rounded by a number of various
However we can assume, that for the spheres. At first the completely non living
remaining 4-5 billion years people of the magnetosphere – magnetic cover of the
Earth will come up with something. planet; then the lithosphere - land, terra
Stars, by what means they appear, firma on which we walk; atmosphere –
however, are not created anywhere, but thin layer of the gases held by planetary
in definite areas of the world space - in gravitation; hydrosphere – the World’s
Galaxies. Probably, in their centers, ocean.
probably, from gas and dust, which scatter
from the center of the Galaxy? «Barysphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere,
One to two percent of dust and gas are at-mosphere, stratosphere.
condensed in satellites of stars - in pla- This basic structure could vary several
times and become complicated in some
nets and the bodies rotating around the details. But in general it should be formed as
planets  – their satellites. such from the very beginning. This structure
Planets rotate around its star at varying served as the starting point for geochemical
distances from it and around its own axis, development…» Teilhard de Chardin [124,
exposing most part of its spherical surface page 72].
to light and heat.
At first, some time is spent on When all this is warmed by heat of the
stabilization of the system - may be, some central star, fed by active volcanic activity
hundreds millions of years, but thereafter of the planet itself and is accompanied by
during billions years the central star and lightning discharges, then with inevitability
planets exist in a rather stable mode and complex organic compounds appear,
nothing disturbs the origin and smooth capable of chang-ing the atmospheric
course of evolution of biosphere on one or structure and with the help of elementary
the several planets. microorganisms generate the biosphere.
All in the World is related, and how The biosphere, in turn, serves as a pla-
many analogies and, moreover, typical centa for origin and evolution of various
decisions are there cannot be counted. Well forms of biological life.
what to it: the Founder is not a magician How this occurred on Earth is now
and knows the price of a successful known to science more or less clearly (fig.
engineering solution. If a reliable solution 29). Nothing, well literally noth-ing, does
principle is found for any task, then a good prevent assume, that the same takes place


on planets of 1010 stars of our Galaxy and animal world developed and became more
planets of 1020 stars of the Metagalaxy, complex, and more recently, appeared
and, probably, not once. primates, Hominids and in the end man.
Thus, we remember about the It had already been for long noted by many
coacervate drops in the warm waters of the researchers, that the whole evolutionary
World ocean and how under influence of game of biological life is directed
electric discharges (lightning) well-formed towards development of nervous system
complex or-ganic compounds synthesize and intellect:
from them, how they combine, break
up, acquire ability to retain themselves, «… every form of instinct in its own way
manage processes of oxidation-reduction, aspires to become «reason»; but only on the
and as a result unicells are created. human line (for external and internal reasons)
At this earliest stage of biological life the operation was successful to the end»
division and formation of two empires - Teilhard de Chardin [124, with. 173].
vegetative and animal takes place.
For a long time all life existed only in With the advent of man and in
water, the plants in the form of sea-weeds, the process of his specific evolution –
sea animals – sponges and coelenterates. genealogy – the geo-placenta has widened.
And further as per the flow chart on fig. 29. The biosphere has become an object of
To tell the truth, I do not love very much, technogenic expansion of man. It changes
neither worms, nor insects, nor even fishes, to a great extent, and this gives the basis to
but it is necessary to accept, that they are consider, that there has arisen a new socio-
our primogenitors or distant relatives. technogenic plan of the geo-placenta -
As noted fairly by P.T. de Chardin, noosphere. The respectable, world famous
evolution «…on the way to progress, scientist, academician V.I. Vernadsky
makes billions and billions of attempts. placed human reason and its possibilities
This method of trial tatonnement in very high, but, in my opinion, he paid
combination with double mechanism of mankind an unde-served compliment,
duplication and inheritance (allowing connecting the activity of modern man
accumulate and im-prove more and more with reason. Skills and reason are different.
the once found favorable combinations of For the time being man brings more harm
the individuums involved in the process) to the planet, than advantage. Reason
generates extraordinary set of living without ethics is not a blessing, but a vice.
progenies, which form that which has been
«Vivification of the Universe, created by God
named as «tree of life» « [124, page 314]. is the highest purpose, and man was incu-
There are many schemes of evolution bated into the universe with this purpose, but
of the animal world. Each author as he can, he still executes this purpose very badly and
draws the schemes, covering hundreds takes very little participation in this execu-
of millions and even billions years. It is tion» A. Menn [73, page 80].
evident from them, how life gradually
got across from water to land and to Probably, when man shall learn regu-
atmosphere, how some kinds came back to late his ambitions by moral consid-erations
the initial sphere of its habitation, how the and correlate the direction of his activity

Nature’s plan Socio-
Biosphere plan
Atmo- Animo-
Water Land mass Noosphere
sphere sphere
Organic matter
Plant Animal
life life
Sponges Coelenterates

Arthropods Chordates


Terrestrial plants



Fig. 29. Birth and evolution of biological life on Earth



Skilled man
Intelligent man

Floating and birds
Civilized man

Water mammalians
5.2. Synergetic evolution of matter

with the Divine Plan, then there will arise unit formation of the following level of
animosphere, V.I. Vernadsky, – last geo- organization.
placentary shield with a spiritual nature. Within limits of the material world
The last because, having mastered it, man laws of material World only operate; in
will ripen for regeneration to a being of it there are neither miracles, nor magic.
the following super-biological level of But the material world itself, with its laws
organization… has been conceived and designed outside
Thus, the conclusion or basic idea is it. It has been con-ceived very cleverly
the following. One unique element serves and minutely. Despite the indescribable
in building the material World in all its complexity in design, its reliability is
diversity. amazing. It is absolute. There are a number
Maximon is a flash of energy, wave of mechanisms that level any deviations
impulse, limited by volume of a cube with from the set scheme of operation.
sides 10-35 m and duration of 10-43 seconds, My soul! You have already under-
in turns occupying the adjacent cells of a stood who we are, you and I?
motionless Hypermatrix, creates units of We are the Divine idea! We are woven
the material world of all levels of com- from Divine idea, and all of the material
plexity. World is from the same material!
Carrying the full genetic code of the But how gracefully it has been made:
material world, maximon directly forms the idea is only at the base of the design,
not only the first the lowest in organization at the junction of the material and non-
unit, but transfers it the ability to create material Worlds, and thereafter – full
units of subsequent levels. independence in development within the
The structure of unit of each level limits of laws of matter.
from 1st to 11th includes programs of

5.3. Synergy – the Process of Churning the World
KEYWORDS: synergy, churning the world, total enumeration of
versions, states of balance, evolution of the material world, specific
human evolution, morality, spirituality, awareness.

In order to get butter from milk, it is First of all, the process flows practi-cally
necessary to take a flat wooden spatula under conditions of unlimited number
(dasher) and shake (churn) milk with it of iterations. Tests without any visible
for quite long, until the first pats of butter success are repeated prac-tically infinitely.
appears; then the process will continue Secondly, we shall consider the action of
more quickly and soon all fat from milk «Law of total enumeration of versions».
will be churned to one pat of butter, if, Thus, we, at our own risk, shall name
certainly, it is non-skimmed milk. following regular pattern. Nature in each
Creation of the World is something of its aspect, in every corner of the material
similar to process of churning. It had been world infinitely sorts out combinations
noticed by Indians in high an-tiquity. of things and phenomena, putting them
The synergetic act is unique, but, as either this way or that, until it will not sort
all unique, has its unpleasant reverse side: out all conceivable variants. And what is
synergetic jump from the lowest to higher interesting: process of sorting comes to
degree of organization takes place seldom an end only when all variants have been
and only under the con-dition of a large passed.
number of repeated attempts - iterations. The third moment is elimination using
It is necessary to churn milk with a dasher the principle of viability. And, it operates
monotonously and for long that at some not only in animal or plant kingdom, but
time, probably, butter appeared. also in inanimate nature - everywhere the
T ime of maturity of synergetic transi- more viable and steady supersedes the less
tion, time of evolutionary processes stable and more vulnerable.
connected with it are not matched with The fourth circumstance is the genetic
time - lives of one live being. For many factor. Each unit is arranged such that
evolutionary processes of a million years it carries in itself two opportunities of
is nothing, a brief instant during which development excluding each other to the
nothing changes. following, higher stage of organization.
Nature pays a long, very long time One opportunity is the ability to create
for the opportunity of self-development almost unlimited in variety number of
without extraneous intervention. more complex structures of absolutely any
But how is this quantum leap upwards form and with new functions.
arranged? How can it occur, if you exclude The second opportunity is connected
intervention from the outside and any with primary presence in the genetic code,
mysticism? an image or design of the unique «correct»
Synergy has a mechanism, rather – a solution, adequate to the nature of units of
combination of several technologies. the subsequent level of organization and


general logic of the material world. The situations of the states of balance.
material World is given the full freedom Where the Buridan’s ass should go, when
to design units and sort variants of their from both of its sides and equally spaced
modifications, and in the genetic code of are identical heaps of hay? What dice to
a maximon there compulsorily exists a choose, if both have been thrown with one
«necessary» solution, - but not in details, number?
but only in the basic characteristics. Those The states of balance of competing
of the casual solutions, which are felt systems is a rare case, but it means «rare»
by congruous or close to the necessary at million iterations and billions years of
solution, from the point of view of system, evolution.
at once appear as most adequate both in The states of balance is exclusively
relation to the medium and to the system in the sense that at this moment all laws
and, as a consequence, more vital. and rules counterbalance each other and
And at last, the fifth property of thereby are nullified. The choice or exit
syn-ergy mechanism is the contactless from the situation can be any; either casual
control over observance of interests of the or expedient, freedom of system thus is not
supersystem. broken.
Here again, my soul, it is necessary Varying the exit vector from states of
to mention the area about which it will balance, the supersystem quite effectively
probably be possible to tell a little later. realizes its tasks without violating freedom
Material world is only a subsystem in the and independency of subsystems.
system of the universe, and its purpose and From the moment of creation and till the
tasks are in the hierarchical subordination present minute, the material world is in a
to tasks of the universe. At the same time continuous self churning; the process of
material world is independent and made Creation was, is and shall be.
with full freedom within the limits of laws Till now you and me, my soul, tried to
of its structure. The right and possi-bility understand, that which had been created
of self-development is the most important and that from where it origi-nated, and
attribute of a material world. Started once now we draw attention to the time aspect.
through maximons, it builds itself from How long ago and in what sequence were
simple units to com-plex, depending only the things sur-rounding us created?
on information incorporated in maximon. We shall, for now, not go deep into the
There is no puppeteer, who would set in problem of metrics of a time axis, ap-point
motion the material world and di-rectly scale for time and produce other similar
managed it. subtleties; we shall simply accept today as
Yes, the puppeteer is not present, zero on the line representing a time axis
strings are not present, but the problem and then eve-rything, that is to the left, is
of management and realization of final the past, and everything, that is to the right
interests of the supersystem is present, and is the future.
there is a mechanism of its solution. How According to different sources, the age
can such a thing exist? of the Universe is from 15 to 20 billion
Without problems! Oh, the Creator years, therefore we represent on fig. 30 a
is wise! Management is made through line, where on the right we mark «0», and

5.3. Synergy – the Process of Churning the World

on the left - «20 billion years». Just in case, F. Khojyla, to which he relates with a
though the act of Creation most likely took known share of skepticism, and modern
place about 15-17 billion years ago. scientific perceptions, the Universe, or the
Four stretches of five billion years on Metagalaxy, arose in unison in a fraction of
this chart separate today from the in-stant second from a uniform center (of unknown
of creation of the Universe. Five billion size) as a consequence of Big Bang. This
years ago our Sun was formed, and after took place not less 15 billion years ago.
some 300 million years was formed the That, which blew up, was yet impossible
Earth - one of the planets of the Solar to be named matter: it did not have the
system. basic attributes of matter - mass, space
In order to consider in detail the basic and time, but was very strongly heated and
events which have taken place for the last bore a huge charge of energy and light.
4.7 billion years of the history of the Earth, Then, having scattered and having cooled
we increase the scale to 1:100000000 down, this something formed substance,
years (Fig. 30). However this scale is so dust, gases and, basically, two elementary
great, that the moment of appearance of elements: hydrogen and helium.
the ancestor of man 4 million years ago Two billion years passed in formation
practically merges with the zero mark. of the first stars and their constella-tions -
Therefore we for the second time increase Galaxies.
the scale to 1:2000000 years, then the If one is to depend on the theory of
schedule covers the period of about the last maximon, offered by us on the theory of
100 million years (fig. 30). origin of matter and graphic model of the
In order to track evolution of man as material world, then such a script, more
a species in detail, it is necessary to in- likely, is possible.
crease the scale to 1:40000 years, and we The act of creation begins with origin
have considered the stretch of history for of the centers of generation of maxi-
the last 2 million years (fig. 30). mons. These centers are points in space,
And the final increase in scale up to corresponding to the location of nucleus of
1:1000 years allows see the stretch of the future Galaxies.
history for the last 10 thousand years The supersystem transfers to the
during which, in the scientists’ general future material world only two things:
opinion, civilized man existed and ac- max-imons, carrying energy and informa-
tively developed, viz. modern type of man, tion on the disposition or topography of
like you and me (fig. 30). receipt of maximons.
Well here again we have not managed All the rest is subordinated exclusively
without scales. It is otherwise impossi-ble. to laws and forces of the material World.
Our civilized history in comparison even The first procedure of synthesis of
with history of the Earth is painfully short matter is the formation of photons from
and cannot be viewed in a microscope. maximons, and from them nucleus of the
The differ-ence equal to 5·105 times is Galaxies. It has been already said, that the
close to the resolution of an electronic mi- term «photons» is conditional. What is this
croscope. formation; I do not know, but something
According to the theory of astronomer in size 10-25 m and two levels above in

Origin of Earth
Origin of Sun
Origin of Universe
Last 20 bin.
20 bln. years 15 10 5 4,7 0  As present

Last 4,7 bln. Scale: 1 point = 100 000 000 years

0 Т
4,7 bln. years

Scale: 1 point = 2 000 000 years
100 mln years
0 Т
100 mln. years

Last Scale: 1 poinr = 40 000 years

2 mln. years
0 Т
 2 mln. years

Scale: 1 point = 1 000 years

10 000 years
0 Т
10 000 years

Fig. 30 Total time axis decomposition of the material world

5.3. Synergy – the Process of Churning the World

organization, than maximon. Perhaps, began 4.5 billion years ago. Volcanic
they are enigmatic superstrings, which activity, weathering and erosion,
elementary particles consist of. sedimentary accumulation, squeezing and
The next step is synthesis of «nuclei compaction form magmatic, sedimentary
of electrons» - again a conditional name; and metamorphic types of rocks.
then elementary particles, nuclei of atoms, During the first 100 million years the
which form plasma, formation of stars primary oxygen-free atmosphere and the
from plasma and as a result registration of primary ocean of the Earth were formed.
Galaxies, as structures consisting of these The ocean was formed 4 billion years
stars. ago, but there existed no single green
The following, fourth step is the final leaflet, nor any small insect. The na-ked
formation of stars, planets. planet, permeated with the smell hydrogen
The fifth step - planetary systems and sulphide, gurgling mud fu-maroles,
biosphere. fountains of hot geysers, underground
Thereafter one after the other there rumble and tremor of solid ground, hot
passes eight steps of evolution of inert lava and ashes dimming the light of Sun
matter from a molecule to the genetic unit and the grey-red sky and atmosphere
«subject of spirituality». Such a script unsuitable for man.
appears to us to be the most logi-cal. About 3.5 billion years ago the first
But we shall continue consideration of unicells were formed in the ocean, not yet
the time aspect. plants and not animals, and began the first
The time axis segment, equal to age stage biological evolution of duration 1.5
of Earth (fig. 31), covers 4.7 billion years, billion years.
from the moment when the bundle of As a result 2 billion years ago there
cosmic gases and dust began to be formed appeared the first plants – seaweeds in the
to a spherical body and form the unique ocean. Then things began to develop more
structure of the solid core, surrounded by actively: all kinds of prehistoric water
a layer of molten iron in the shell of a solid fowls occupied the ocean already after 500
mantle. million years.
About 200 million years has passed on For a long period of 700 million years
all this tapping. Somewhere in this time organic life did not wish to leave the warm
interval there occurred a serious cosmic ocean to an unfriendly land. But you can’t
accident on our planet. The Earth was hit escape from fate, moreover, by this time
by an enormous asteroid that pulled out a owing to bluish green seaweeds oxygen
significant part of substance from Earth began to appear more and more in the
and carried it out to the near-Earth space. atmosphere. And soon, after 350 million
Combining under force of gravitation, years, high plants occupied all land after
these fragments formed our satellite - which say after 50 million years the
Moon. However the separation impulse atmosphere became standard and became
has not faded out to the end. With every what we see it today.
year distance to the Moon from the Earth If one is to increase the scale and ex-
increases by 4 cm. amine in detail the last 100 million years
The geological history of our planet (fig. 32) then right at the end of the scale


4,7 bln. years Formation of terrestrial globe

Beginning of geological history of the Earth

Oxygen free atmosphere


4 bln. years World’s Ocean


Simple unicellular organisms


Fig. 31 Taxis segment equal to age of the Earth


3 bln. years

2 bln. years First seaweeds


First animals

1 bln. years

First land animals

Scale: 100 mln. years

Seed plants

Paleozoic Modern atmosphere



0 Human

5.3. Synergy – the Process of Churning the World

near to today's time, literally not more 4 man and when about 200 thousand years
million years ago, we shall notice the first ago there appeared «rational man», then he
attributes of our appearance in the material started the total colonization of all climatic
World. belts of the planet, and nothing could
It was then that the first upright pri- stop him anymore, neither the weather
mate – hominid appeared. conditions, nor wild animals, paucity of
nature. Intelligence prompted him how to
«Ancient Indians specify a different survive in any conditions.
period - more than 18 million years, but what And absolutely a small stretch of
does it, in essence, change?» Blavatskaya E.P. his-tory – 10 thousand years - the Earth
[15, page 203]. carries on it an absolutely unknown earlier
attribute - «civilized man». The basic
There is such a technique even in some attributes of civilization - statehood, army,
contemporary animals to stand on hind religion, culture.
legs, extend by a column and thus more How young is mankind! Look, my
successfully monitor the conditions. This soul, all «dateless antiquity» on fig. 34.
is especially useful in conditions of tall What does this stretch mean in comparison
grass in the African savannas, whence we with billion years of evolution of biological
come from. It is useful also in searches of life on Earth? And what does it mean in
subsistence. comparison with the whole history of
As a result there arose an interesting material World? Simply funny!
side effect: the forelimbs became not so However, the categories big and
necessary for movement and became small applied to time are as relative, as
incompletely used. application to linear sizes. The small can
2 million 200 thousand years passed. be much more complex, important and
During this period the hominid had different, than the big!
learned to use free forelimbs for a lot of The insignificant segment of history
needful affairs, grown wiser and began of the last 10 thousand years is for some
to be referred to as «the skilled man». reason many times richer in events, than 3
Another 200 thousand years passed, and million years of previous specific human
man became anthropo-logically and by evolution.
appearance quite the same, as we are now! Imagine, my soul, such an image:
Man is imperfection itself in com- world’s dasher (forces of creation) makes
parison with the functionally specialized as though two simultaneous movements.
representatives of the animal world. Cycles of life and death of individual
Without canines, claws, bare skinned, people - rotation of the dasher about its
physically weaker than many animals axis – takes place approximately at the
surrounding him, he had only one same rate, as one million years ago. This
advantage, viz. the ability to think. repeating process as you know is referred
Whence such mutant came from is not to as ontogeny.
understood clearly to the end. Another matter is the speed of the
This unique ability developed for about dasher’s big circular movement, giving
1.5 million years (fig. 33) for the primeval rise to new species of man - phylogenesis.


Cretaceous period
80 mln. years

Fig. 32. Taxis segment of the last 100 mln. years

60 mln. years
Paleogene period


40 mln. years
Quartenary (anthropoge)

Neogene period

20 mln. years

Upright primate-
4 mln. years ago
2 mln. years

Skilled man
1,8 mln. years ago

5.3. Synergy – the Process of Churning the World

Skilled man

16 000 years Modern

anthropologic man

Fig. 33 T axis segment for the last 2 000 000 years

1200 mln. years
QUARTERNARY (anthropogenic)


80 mln. years

400 mln. years

Appearance of

intelligent man
40 000 years

Settlement of the
Earth by
intelligent man


For such a turn during millions years decreasing. The rate of species formation
there is a qualitative change of species. of man takes a burst like nature, if one is
In the similar cycle are included - origin, to examine history of evolution of man as
development of species, quantitative a whole.
growth, territorial expansion, replacement The rate of phylogenesis, once based
of preceding species, domination in on periods in millions of years, now
relation to competing species and then nears closer to periods comparable to life
gradual curtailment, surrender of positions expectancy of a separate person, aspiring
under the impact of the subsequent, more to be balanced with rate of ontogeny.
perfect species. Involuntarily there arises the assump-tion,
At the same time change in species that somewhere absolutely in the near
of man basically takes place along the future there is that point, where according
line of genetic adsorption. All essential to the Creator’s plan should reach «homo»
achievements of the previous species are in order to finish the species evolution,
included in the expanded list of properties occupy the system applicability and pass
and possibilities of the following species. above his head evolutionary wave of the
Having become civilized people, we in fact following, last unit of the material world.
have not lost bipedalism, neither skills of So, where is that species chain that
work, nor ability to phonic communication. connects our animal ancestor with us -
The science about the origin of man  – intelligent and civilized?
anthropology – has made detailed The remains of a monkey, which lived
representation about the stages of man’s about 30 million years ago, similar to man,
evolution from apelike ancestors to the were found in Egypt. It is shown in fig. 35
contemporary «king of nature». Though under No. 1. Similar animals were found
a lot of very important points remain by anthropologists in Africa in geological
unclear, the most important things have deposits 20 million years old – No. 2, and
been dis-closed and understood. in Asia and Europe similar finds are aged
Man is a product of long and complex 10 million years – No. 3. These animals are
evolution of animal world. The unique similar to certain contemporary monkeys,
species features of man - speech, work which basi-cally lived on trees, and moved
activity, reason, and sociality - are ob- on the ground on four legs - paws. They
tained and developed during the natural were the predecessors of primates -
development process. Man possesses such anthropoids.
abilities that are not present and have not Further there is a blank in the
been with any other species in all the anthropological data of length 5 to 10
history of development of biological life million years.
on Earth. Somewhere nearly 4 million years
It does not mean evaluation of their ago there appears anthropoids i.e.
quality or degree of their utility, but Australopithecus - upright hominids. On
their originality is unconditional. Man the scheme it is Nos. 5-9, 11, 12.
continues to evolve, and rate of evolution is Eating basically plant food, they were
steadily progressing, and interval between animals, but only, perhaps, with sepa-rate
occurrences of new species is rapidly anomalous for animal’s devia-tions. The

5.3. Synergy – the Process of Churning the World


1 000 years

Spiritual man
Slavic people and 1

Beginning of Europian
Jesus Christ 2

Lydia, Media, Persia

Carthage 3

Fig. 34 T axis segment for the past 10 000 years

Exodus of Jews from Egypt
Phoenicia 4
Moral man

Mycenae, Greece 5



Upper Egyprian Kingdom
Babylon and Assyria

Appearance of
civilized man




teeth of an Australopithecus were covered intellect. So, this species appeared too
with enamel that prolonged its life; it in Africa nearly 120 thousand years ago,
walked on back foot and its free forelimbs about 100 thousand years ago started the
possessed grasping abilities. beginnings of settlements in Europe, Asia
However, starting from the period and other parts of the world. Approximately
nearly 2.5 million years ago, there appeared 30 thousand years ago modern man
a competitor to Australopithecus viz. became a mono-species, relegating aside
hominid of species homo. Half animal-half Neanderthals and Homo sapiens and has
man, it was cleverer than Australopithecus confidently occupied the leading position
hоmо No.10, 13, 14, was able to use fire, in the world of biological creatures.
used meat in food, possessed rudiments of However, on this the evolution of species
speech and, the main thing, and actively has not only terminated, but has begun to
used man-made instruments for protection, unwind with increasing acceleration. And
hunting and arrangement. this fact demands special consideration.
And the gifted artist of those times How and why do the rate of species
conceded little to a contemporary art-ist. evolution of man changes?
Not having gone through next glaci-ations I suggest my soul, conduct micro-
and interspecies competition with homo, research on this account and find out the
Australopithecus disap-peared a million main rule.
years ago from the face of Earth. Let's put cycles of human species on
Homo, occupying the area, actively the time axis (fig. 36).
developed (No. 15 and 16) and 600 The cycle of existence of a species
thousand years ago gave a lateral branch of begins from the moment of appear-
development (No. 18): no more a monkey, ance of a new species, and then there
not an animal, but a humanoid - the is the period of expansion of the area of
Neanderthal man, named in honor of the dwelling of the species, its quanti-tative
place of first find in the Neanderthal valley increase and expansion of the occupied
in Germany. He possessed developed territory. Natural restrictions thus can be
speech, rudiments of religion, had pro- the opportunities of getting food, climatic
pensity to fine arts, occupied Europe and conditions, geological limitation of space,
Asia. However nearly 30 thousand years inter species competition.
ago he was completely superseded by The never ending evolutionary process
cleverer Homo sapiens with reason, who constantly gives rise to new species
came from Africa. and subspecies, until there appears a
The appearance of Homo sapiens is competitive variant. From this moment
dated to 200-140 thousand years ago, and starts the partial or full replacement of
the place of appearance - southern Sahara. the old species and occupation of the area
Moreover, analysis of DNA shows that by a new species. Thereafter the scheme
this species converges to one foremother, repeats.
progenitor of all people, who lived 200 During change of species for man,
thousand years ago. unlike animals, there takes place ac-
From anthropological point of view cumulation and summation of the specific
modern man is Homo sapiens, a man of mastered advantages. Any departure

5.3. Synergy – the Process of Churning the World

today HOMO
120 000 years SAPIENS SAPIENS
30 000 years Disappearance of Neanderthals 30 000 years ago
Homo 30 000
Homo sapiens №18
140 000 neanderthalensis 250 000 years
200 000 years ago
Homo heidelbergensis 700 000 years
(Africa, Europe) ago

300 000 Homo erectus

1 800 000 years (Africa)
1 000 000 years Disappearance of Australopithecus 1 000 000 years
ago ago
1 000 000 Homo habilis
2 000 000 years (Eastern Africa)

1 800 000 years Homo

ago rudolfensis
(Southern Africa)
Australopithecus 1 400 000
1 500 000 Australopithecus №12
№11 boisei 2 300 000 years
2 100 000 years robustus ago
ago (Southern Africa)
2 500 000 years Homo
ago (Africa)
Australopithecus 2 300 000
2 500 000 years №9
Australopithecus aethiopithecus 2 600 000 years
№8 (Eastern Africa) ago
ago afarensis
(Southern Africa)
Australopithecus 3 000 000
3 000 000 Australopithecus №7
№6 bahrelghazali 3 500 000 years
4 300 000 years afarensis (Africa) ago
ago (Africa)

3 900 000 Australopithecus

4 200 000 years anamensis Ardipithecus 4 400 000 years
ago (Eastern Africa) №4
ramidus ago
5 000 000 Gap in
10 000 000 years anthropology
10 000 000 years Afropithecus
ago (Africa, Asia, Europe)

16 000 000 Proconsul

20 000 000 years (Africa)
30 000 000 Aegyptopithecus
years ago (Egypt)

Fig. 35 Genealogy of Modern Man


towards specialization of species system, religion, law, army, education and

withdraws man from his basic species scientific activity, economy, medicine, art
defining features – capacity to think. and culture.
The accent to any other side reduces The technological, material basis of
survival rate and competi-tiveness of the new sharp progress during the last 10
the new species. Look yourself how the thousand years was the discovery by man
accumulation of species qualities took of the opportunity to extract ore and melt
place and you will be convinced in it. metal. Copper, lead, iron have equipped
As it has been already said, the erect the human being in such an unprecedented
primate - hominid - possessed bipedal-ism, way, that to talk about any competition
enamel on the teeth and seizing properties from animals is ruled out. The invention of
of the forelimbs. Having appeared 5 the alloy of iron-carbon mix has given rise
million years ago, he for the first time met to steel - the basic constructional material
a real competitor after 3 million years - a of today's civilization.
competitor by intellect. The question on materials, used for the
Man, who appeared 1,8 million needs of man, is actually settled. Modern
years ago, skilled, had learned to make technologies are in a condition to create
instruments for hunting, war and ar- practically any material with properties
rangement of everyday life, had a set in advance.
undeveloped speech, used skins of animals With processing and formation of
for protection against heat and cold, materials too there are no problems.
organized primitive dwelling in caves, Everything, that it is necessary for man to
where on walls he depicted himself and make from inert matter, is already being
animals. made or will be soon made. Such is the
A mere 200 thousand years ago ap- result of infinitely long struggle of man
pears Homo sapiens. It is in his prac-tice with living sur-roundings, with material
to use fire, rich speech, division of labor, nature of the material world.
making dresses from animal skins and However there are the things of other
leather, rudiments of medi-cine, first nature poorly connected or nearly not
steps in religion and morals - totems and connected with inert matter. Their value
taboo, use of meat in food, collecting and for the universe is huge, and for human
cultivation of cereals, rising cattle, display evolution they are even more significant,
of graphic art, and elements of social than the whole previous path.
arrangement. For last three millennia have appeared
The subsequent species - civilized three things, each of which has given rise
man - begins his history 10 thousand to a new human species.
years ago and now completely occupies The first: formal rules of moral norms,
all conceivable area of man on the planet ethics and morals have generated a moral
Earth. man.
What has increased and what forms The second: comprehension of
the species portrait of a civilized man?  – monotheism and the spiritual primate
Institutes, born with ability to think, above material has generated the spiritual
viz. the state as an institute of social man.

III Scale
Intelligent man  II 1:50 000 years
Hominid  upright primate  I IV
Last 5 mln.
years Т


8 000
2 000

1,8 mln.
900 000
200 000

to 3 mln.
from 5 mln.
Intelligent man  III
II 1:2 500 years

200 000 Т

2 000

8 000

200 000
200 000
100 000
Т=0 (Р.Х.)

Civilized man  IV

Moral man  V

Spiritual man  VI

Last Knowledgeable man  VII

8 000

2 000

1:200 years

8 000
1 320
Т=0 (Р.Х.)

Appeared Australopithecus
I Upright primate 5 mln. years ago
5.3. Synergy – the Process of Churning the World

II Skilled man 1 700 000 years Australopithecus HOMO

III Intelligent man 200 000 years Homo Homo
neanderthalensis sapiens
IV Civilized man 10 000 years

V Moral man 3 320 years HOMO

VI Spiritual man 2 000 years SAPIENS SAPIENS

VII Knowledgeable man At present

Fig. 36 Chronology of human species change


The third: beginning of the practice of clear.

total knowledge of man has generated the However I have been carried away
informed man. and have told nothing about the three last
It turns out, that four kinds of human human species (fig. 36).
beings now coexist: civilized man, moral What is a moral man and why the date
man, spiritual man and in-formed man. But of appearance of this species is so exact?
it is possible to look differently at things. Any new species carries in itself a cer-tain
The increase in the rhythm of occurrence essential antithesis of the previous species.
of new spe-cies, leading to their imposing The power and novelty of the civilized
on one other, probably, testifies approach man were and remain in the ability to build
of mankind to such a point, such a mo- mechanisms, regulating human living
ment, when man is to undergo radical and and human activity. The state, law, army,
final species changes resulting in practical education, science and even religion in the
conformity with plan of the Creator. part regarding its material arrangement
Analyzing the dynamics of reduction - all these are exclusive mechanisms of
in interval between occurrence of new external restriction and compulsion of the
species and considering approximate individual. I shall designate my attitude
duration of existence of species, it is at once: a similar component in the
possible to assume, that this point on the management of man and human society
time axis is somewhere between the years is inevitable and necessary, until man is a
2200 and 2300. mortal, biological being.
However, this is neither scientific, nor But man during evolution of his spe-
a responsible assumption. cies comes up with his reasonable head
With much greater confidence it is from the viscous depth of laws of animal
possible to assume, that in the his-torically life, where all is legal for the sake of
near future measured by hundreds of years, preservation of self existence and existence
a whole bouquet of new specific qualities of the species. The head seems to be in
will collect, aspiring to join in one time the kingdom of reason and ethics, and the
point and cover all human population. body remains in the power of physiology
The near future of mankind seems and animal instincts.
almost transparent, where «immemorial» The abilities of reason of speech gen-
problems of mankind - death and erate consciousness, reflection and, at last,
immortality, good and harm, admission necessity of moral choice at definition of
to integration into the control system of behavior strategy.
microstructure as “adult boys” are solved. The Old Testament Tree of Good and
The technological precondition of such Evil gives us simple and clear «history of
serious breakthroughs will obvi-ously be the question». As soon as man departed
the penetration of science and practice into from animal syncretic unity with nature,
the bottom scale of floors of the material before him appeared necessity of an
World - from the atom and electron to independent moral choice on conduction
maximons inclusive - and mastering of any action and even inactivity. The
oscillatory processes with frequencies of knowledge of good and evil means
at least to 1040-1050 Hz will be abundantly providing the ability of moral estimation

5.3. Synergy – the Process of Churning the World

and impu-tation in man’s duty of making a A crucial significance thus had the
moral choice. assistance of «the right hand of the
An interesting law: each step on the pharaoh» - Joseph, son of Jacob, founder
evolutionary ladder, on the one hand, of the people of Israel.
displaces us from the Creator, from the A young, beautiful and, importantly,
initial point of creation, and on the other wise Joseph was traitorously sold by
hand, allocates him with features and even his brothers to the passing merchants
functions of the Creator. into slavery to Potiphar, the captain of
My soul, does it not direct you to some bodyguards of the Pharaoh. But Joseph's
simple ideas? What is the Creator building beauty and decency allowed him to rise
on the basis of yesterday's semi animal quickly to the position of the first adviser
man? of the Pharaoh. In the beginning the Jews
The term ethics originating from the in Egypt lived not bad, but in 480 years the
ancient Greek «ethos» is a habitual usage, situation changed, and Jews were subject
which was used by Heraclitus, subsequently to heavy slavery as to not pose a danger to
has been put into scien-tific usage by Egyptians.
Aristotle. Then Cicerone translated it into And here then occurs a rare for history
Latin as «moral». Russian equivalent of super active explosion. All the people,
these synonymous terms - «morals», from to the last person, agree to throw their
the root «customs»; these terms in other dwellings and leave for the desert, where
languages are approximately constructed there is neither habitation, nor food, nor
in the same way. even water.
Nevertheless in language usage all Imagine! With small children, with old
three terms - ethics, morals, customs, - men to absolute uncertainty: they had in
adjoin, languidly transferring each other fact not wandered for already five hundred
accents in shades of value. years. And for what sake? For the sake of
Though for man the need existed in freedom from slavery – slavery external
a moral choice initially, but comprehen- and internal. For the sake of freedom.
sion of this fact and more so the ability And now imagine, what can transform in
to formulate the rule of self-restriction, a similar situation a crowd into people,
which everyone should carry in him and a nation. It is in fact not an army in a
follow them without external compulsion, campaign and not a country, where the
came to mankind not long ago. person is attached to a place and property.
In history nothing occurs suddenly. Only rules of self-restriction to which
Each specific change matures gradually, everyone voluntarily follows. Moral laws
through many attempts and displays, but - or death.
in memory of people is fixed one, often the Three months had hardly passed from
brightest fact on which the historical count the forthcoming 40 years of wander-ings
is made. in the desert, then Moses, an 80-year god-
1320 B.C. - Exodus of Jews from Egypt. inspired organizer of the Exodus, at mount
In due course in 1800 B.C., escaping from Sinai transferred to the Israeli people the
draught, Jews at the invitation of Pharaoh Ten Com-mandments, most part of which,
resettled in Egypt. in essence, are ethical rules.


1. Do not worship any gods, except for consciousness and behavior of man
the Lord. himself. While evolution has not lead man
2. Do not worship idols (do not wor- from the animal condition to the point of
ship images). his systematic, providential purpose, the
3. Do not use the name of the Lord in World is opposed to man’s incompleteness
vain. and punishes him.
4. Work six days, rest on the seventh. The world in its basis is spiritual, and
5. Respect father and mother. man, even the moral man, in his basis is
6. Do not kill. still a material animal.
7. Do not commit adultery. But there comes the moment, when
8. Do not steal. it is let known to man that spirit is above
9. Do not commit perjury. matter, that spirit reigns over matter and
10. Do not wish you not belonging. man.
Since then 3 thousand years have God-inspired commoner Jesus Christ,
passed, but nothing can neither be added, in effect, preached the primate spiri-
nor removed to the six last commandments, tuality.
which define the moral choice of a decent I’m the light in the world. Who follows
man - the moral man. me shall never go to darkness, for light,
A clear head and deep expert about bearing life, will always be with him». [In
problems of ethics, professor Guse-jnov 8 : 12].
A.A. [38] considers, that a mod-ern man «Light bearing life» - it is none other
holds in him three natures: moral, social- than Divine spirituality of the world. The
cultural and natural (animal-biological). task of people is to transit from life in
Their direct correlation with species of categories of matter and flesh to spiritual
«the moral man», «the civilized man» assimilations with the Creator.
and the previous species of semi animal
primates is obvious. «You judge all by flesh, and I do not judge
So, though the moral man is for the anyone. If I judge about something, then My
present not distributed everywhere and judgment is true for I am not alone, and the
has not fully mastered the ethical stan- Father who has sent Me, and I are to be judged
dards, but evolution has sparkled a new, together» [In 8: 15-16].
following side.
Morals are rules of self-restriction of The sense of Jesus’ mission consisted
man, directed towards suppression and in informing people on the Spiritual
control of animal part of his nature. beginning, and when leaving, leave in
But how much is this important and his place another Consoler - Spirit of the
how much is this inevitable, this ani-mal Truth, Spirit of the Sacred. Henceforth the
part? There is no doubt that evo-lution primate of the spiritual beginning in the
leads to reduction in man the value of World will define life of people.
animal component and growth of spiritual The last words uttered by Christ to his
component. pupils, summed up his mission in the
The world, where man lives, is full material world.
of hatred, the reason being inadequate «I have told it to all of you, so that you

5.3. Synergy – the Process of Churning the World

found peace through Me. You will suffer in the is assigned to us. However sour a fruit is during
world, but take heart: I have won the world» maturing, such we see our world. Its correc-
(In 16, 33). tion is our task and purpose. The compensa-
So it would be desirable, my soul, to say tion is the pleasure (taste of the ripened fruit).
on this theme more, but to that the turn will In human power it is to influence only on him
come in the book. In this or in another. and on nothing external. Therefore correction
But all the same it is necessary to say already is possible only by self-improvement of
now about man as a phe-nomenon of the everyone» Servitude [64, page 95].
world’s evolutionary process.
The evolutionary process, having The conception about evil as an imma-
created man, itself has undergone sudden nent property of the World is one of the
transformation. Evolution has in some measure
«been humanized», has entered man and has
many errors. Malice is a con-sequence of
by necessity transferred a part of its functions. inadequate behavior of man in the World.
«Man, - by the successful expression of Ju-lian Its basis is godlessness and unwillingness
Huxley, - opens, that he is not anything other, to follow moral restrictions in reply to
than the evolution, which has recog-nized desires which are given birth by animal
itself» Blavatskaya E.P. [18, page 227]. instincts and human ambitions. It is the
inability to resist the cele-bration of Vanity
Thus, with the advent of conscious- Fair.
ness, with development of intellect, before
man opens more clearly his providential «You know, that the life imminent is
role in the World. What does it consist in? enter-tainment and game, both flaunting and
I. Kant considers - in becoming happy. boasting among you; and competition in
multitude of property and children are like a
«The final purpose of mankind consists in rain, growth from which delights infidels; then
the highest moral perfection, which is attained it withers, and you see it as yellow; then there is
by means of man’s freedom, thank to which the straw, and in the last - strong punishment,
man gets the ability to the highest happiness. and pardon from the Allah, and goodwill, and
God could have made people perfect and life imminent - only deceptive use» the Koran
happy. But then such condition would not [61, page 382].
have risen from the immanent principle of
the universe. The immanent principle of the It is known: «As we harm ourselves,
World is freedom. Purpose of man consists, the enemy will not decide to harm us»
hence, in achieving the maximum perfection Shota Rustaveli [94, page 166].
through freedom. God wishes that we not only
be happy, but we also made ourselves happy»
[55, page 221]. How much evil has been done and how
much is still to be accomplished. Perhaps,
Yes, freedom and happiness of man are the Lord punishes us a little. But, I think,
good things, but will it not be too much to it is not possible to overcome stupidity by
create a universe for the comfort of man? force and rudeness.
Perhaps, the other way round, man should
«On the world if to look
do something?
absolutely calm,
then you see in softening weariness,
«The Creator has not finished creation of there are not enough that damnations are
our world. Its addition to the complete, whole worthy,


But more - sympathy and pity». convicted, and those acting under truth goes to
Guberman I. [35, page 506]. light that its business because they in the God
were made» [In 3: 19-21].
The exit and solution of the problem
has been known for a very long time. All our business is doomed in the end
Ancient Indians have opened to us, that to failure if their essence was contrary to
the world order and morals of man are the Lord; and, on the contrary, the most
connected inseparably. improbable plan and business will come
true, if in their basis is the Divine light.
«The word “Dharma” comes from the
San-skrit “dhar” (to support). It is responsible «… to people, obeying the command of
for the general order (the invariance principle the Lord God and not daring to break laws,
of a model) and preservation of the model all is possible over expectation and the reward
[World] in integrity … for them from God is future (after death) plea-
Dharma is unity of world order and morals of sure, on the other side, to people receding from
man … on the centrifugal vector, takes place exact execution of these commands, equally
riddance of spirit, whose energy gradually, the easy becomes insuperable and turn to
in process of distancing from the center, inevitable destruction all that, for what they
«mortifying», turns to matter (the main idea had undertaken as something un-doubtedly
of advaita) … matter can be named the lowest good» Flavy I. [118, page 6].
form of spirit … If to imagine the return
movement say from pe-riphery to the center, Well, and now about that human kind
it is easy understand, that the share of spiritual which is born today before our eyes. It is
will increase and share of matter will decrease. a question of information tech-nologies:
Moral in that case represents a bridge from computer networks, data-bases, systems
time immemorial connecting the World of
matter and consciousness» Eminova S.M.
of accumulation, processing and transfer
[132, page 6, 7]. of informa-tion.
Whether few any inventions have
You do not study morals; it is ob- been conceived by people? Why in-
tained, leaning on one’s own internal need. formation technologies are represented as
Pythagoras had said: so important?
The matter is that, as we shall see it a
«Do not look after about getting great little later, the universe in an overwhelming
know-ledge: from all knowledge the moral part is connected not with substance and
science, maybe, is the most needed, but you not with inert matter, but with handling
are not trained in it» [110, page 89]. of information. And matter is one of the
Imperfection of man and, the mainly, forms of existence of information.
unwillingness to see one’s imperfec-tion and From the moment of the beginning
the unwillingness to over-come is the source
of computer expansion, man becomes
of evil.
«… light has come to the world, - speaks the consumer of information streams on
Jesus, - but people have loved darkness more, various questions of the World surrounding
rather than light because their business were him.
malicious; for everyone, doing mali-cious, The awareness changes in a radical
hates light and does not go to light that his way, efficiency and quality of deci-sions
business because they were malicious were not taken increases, and, what is especially

5.3. Synergy – the Process of Churning the World

important, the relative den-sity and weight belief gives place to understanding the
of moral factor decrease on choice of nature of the Creator, brings to division of
solution variant. responsibility, partnership in His affairs
and gradual integration with spiritual
«And suddenly may be in nature is organized essence of the Creator.
Absolutely another, As the invention of iron served as
And not from here we leave, the cause of many technological and
But we come back there? «.
Guberman I. [35, page 510].
social innovations, which have generated
as a result the modern civilization, and
As a result there is a far-reaching information technologies, possibly, will
chain of consequences. Radical expansion serve as a footpath on ground floors of the
of knowledge about the World finally scale, will allow to pass three-four levels,
brings man to knowledge of the universe, reach the natural elementary base of
to understanding the technology and universe – maximon and may be pro-vide
idea of the Creator’s works. From here is the right to man to understand and, maybe,
the following step: the blind or intuitive even to participate in affairs of creation.


5.4. Space-time taxonomy of the

material World
KEYWORDS: time, space, taxon, space-time taxonomy, logarithmic
time scale, life cycle, self rhythm, time sensitivity threshold, object,
maximon mould of material object

How are time, space and material has not been drunk yet. What to do now?
objects related? It is considered, that they Should I count my mug or not count it?
do turn almost one into another! What if we were not at home, but at the
Not simple, oh how time and space are not conveyor of a beer factory? How many
simply arranged! In complete emptiness as hundreds of bottles would it be necessary
though they really are not present, or are to add during this time? And how many
present, but as much as you want – endless would have already been taken to the
and without limit. It still somehow can shops?
be understood. But number? The simple Possibly, the count duration should be
count! What problems can be there with it? much lesser than the rate of current changes
Here am I, and here is my friend, a cheery in quantity of objects to be counted.
fellow and cynic. We have each before And that open can, which is for the second
us a mug of beer. He sipped it, and I day kept at the window, would someone
inopportunely got lost in thoughts: «What finish drinking? I doubt it. The count time
stock of beer do we have? Is it simple to of objects should be much lesser than the
count, if we approach the question strictly life cycle period of objects to be counted.
in a formal way?» My neighbor finished drinking my beer
First of all: what is meant by beer and and, swerving her hip, left! My friend too
in what units it is to be counted - bottles, left somewhere above. Why did he not take
cans or in liters? Whether to consider a leave of me? And where has tomorrow's
bottle with nonalcoholic beer as beer? And packing disappeared?!
that pack of costly beer that is hidden in And if beer, similarly to maximon,
the anteroom for tomorrow's meeting with appeared and disappeared in time equal 10-
favorite woman, - to count it or not? 43
seconds? It would have been impossible
The identification problem of objects that to count or drink it. It means that each
are to be counted exists, and it cannot be object has its time range, and the one who
avoided. counts it should be in one and the same
While I counted, my friend had drunk time range with it.
the beer; it means, by one beer it had Well and certainly, there should be
become less. The neighbor from above spatial borders of the problem statement.
dropped in, evaluated the situation with a My wise true friend is at present climbing
sharp eye and took a sip from my mug. She the stairs. The beer, which he promised to
always was skilful at guessing the moment bring, is not yet on the table, but is already
when it is has already been poured, but in the house. Here he rings the doorbell. Is

5.4. Space-time taxonomy of the material World

it time to count his beer or still early? universe, which seems as slightly opened
– Hi! Have you brought the beer? to our understanding, is within the limits
– I changed my mind. With beer there of 95 degrees on common logarithmic
is no end of trouble. We shall better drink time scale.
vodka. The longest period constitutes about
– A good idea! And I have decided to 1021-1022 seconds. It is of the order of
change the paradigm - now I shall consider hundreds of thousands of billions years,
only that, which has been drunk! the least period - 10-73 seconds or frequency
– To change so be it! Marry, and wife of 1073 Hz.
will count you all! Pay attention, my soul, the basic part
My soul! It is clear to all that it is of the scale is in the zone of fraction of a
necessary to measure short processes and second. There is one interesting point - 10-23
phenomena by short periods of time, and seconds on the scale, almost symmetric to the
the long by longer periods. It is senseless maximum point. This is an elementary time
trying to find in the structure of time any unit. As it has been already said, the sense
gradation. The time scale is absolutely is such, that in the material, physical world
smooth, as any scale. Nothing disturbs us there can be no phenomenon or processes,
imagine infinitely decreasing or infinitely which in time is shorter than 10-23 seconds.
increasing values of time. Nothing does However the design of universe is
prevent us shift to the logarithmic form of manipulated only by a small part in forms
representation of the time scale with base of inert matter. A greater part of it is non-
10n seconds (fig. 37). material, and this non-material part is multi-
Why? On our diagrams, space is tiered, has a complex hierarchical structure
also represented in common logarithmic and all throughout consists of information.
metrics. Thus it will be easier for us to And where there is information, there are
establish relation between time and space. frequencies. The more the information and
But for now look at fig. 37. It has turned out more the speed of its transfer, the greater
to be a beautiful scale. Somewhere in the the frequencies required. At the top of the
middle is the mark 100 seconds, equal to hierarchical pyramid of the non-material
one second, further each step is an increase World frequencies of the order of 1073 Hz
or reduction by 10 times. The diagram is are most likely necessary.
the same, as on the scale axis of sizes. By Details, as always, will be later.
itself the time scale has no restrictions, but But let us return to counting the stocks
if creation is not finite, then it certainly is of beer. Failure in the attempt to strictly
cyclically limited. formalize the process of counting directs
The Creator has in store innumerable to some conclusions.
set of time cycles, frequencies, rhythms, A. The count object and subject should
waves and other ways periodic repetition be close to each other by the dimensional-
of processes, which are to be repeated, scale attribute.
viz. from palpation of human heart to B. The count object, subject and
pulsation of the Metagalaxy. But it is method should belong to one field of scale-
obvious, that among them are the longest time.
and shortest periods. That part of the C. The count procedure can be


Lg t, sec

400 000 bln. years .. 4х1014 years 1,2х1022 sec

100 000 bln. years .. 1014 years 3,1х1021 sec
10 000 bln. years..... 1013 years 3,1х1020 sec
1 000 bln. years....... 1012 years 3,1х1019 sec 102
1019 1 minute 6 х101 sec
100 bln. years.......... 1011 years 3,1х1018 sec 10 1
1 aec; 1 Hz  number of
10 bln. years............ 1010 years 3,1х1017sec 100
10 17 oscillations per second
1 bln. years............... 109 years 3,1х1016 sec 101
100 mln. years............. 108 years 3,1х1015 sec 102
10 mln. years.............. 107 years 3,1х1014 sec 103 Millisecond; 103 Hz
1 mln. years................. 106 years 3,1х1013 sec
1013 104
100 000 years............. 105 years 3,1х1012 sec
1012 105
10 000 years................ 104 years 3,1х1011 sec
1011 106 Microsecond; 106 Hz
3 10
1 000 years.................. 10 years 3,1х10 sec
1010 109 Nanosecond; 109 Hz
100 years..................... 10 years 3,1х109 sec
10 years....................... 101 years 3,1х108 sec 1012 Picosecond; 1012 Hz
1 year......................... 1х100 лет 3,1х107 sec 1015 Femtosecond; 1015 Hz
1 mounth.................................... 2,6 х106 sec Attosecond; 1018 Hz
106 1018

105 Elementary unit of time;

1023 1023 Hz
1 day....................................... 8,6 х104 sec
104 1043 Hz
1 hour............................................ 3,6 х103 sec
Region of

1053 1053 Hz

1063 1063 Hz

1073 1073 Hz
Fig. 37 Common logarithmic time scale, lgt, sec

5.4. Space-time taxonomy of the material World

successful, provided that the count object, structuring of the material world.
subject and method are related to one Strictly speaking, it is possible to choose
and the same dimensional-time field of gradation on 12 classes of the dimensional
the material World. Here at once there scale or any another multiple of taxonomy
is an internal excitement: what are these to it.
dimensional-time fields? Do they exist? However pay attention to the hint
Where are their borders? Is it delirium? given by the Creator. Along the M-scale
No, it is not delirium. Only time should passes the wave of stability (fig. 38) and
be connected with space, to be exact with lies on it in exactly six full fluctuations.
specific units forming hierarchy of the Fluctuations are a function of time.
material World. One sixth part of the M-scale - 10
Pay attention, my soul, to each unit, orders – a beautiful and typical number for
and in general to a material item, some the Creator. Contra-indication is also not
time characteristics are inherent. Here are visible, therefore we shall accept division
the most important of them. of the M-scale into six equal parts, in the
Life cycle – Тl.c – time from appearance centers, with the following units: Galaxy,
to disappearance; includes birth, active star, man, atom, electron, and photon.
part, formation and end. We have to define the life cycle time
Self-rhythm – Тs.r. – duration or for the six listed units. Then we have to
frequency of the basic life sustaining enter these values on the logarithmic chart
oscillatory process Temporary sensitivity «size - life cycle» in the coordinates «size
threshold - Рt - a very small time period, - time». Thereafter outline the dimensional
that its exception or addition practically and time borders of the areas surrounding
does not change the characteristic self- the centers found, and, thus, build a
rhythm. graphic picture of space-time fields of the
The observations accessible to material world.
us show, that all three parameters are Let's begin by filling the matrix of
mathematically connected. values. Initial data are very scant. Four
out of thirty parameters are more or less
Тl,c. = Тs.r.×1010; precisely known.
Life cycle of a star = 1017 sec.
Тs.r. = Тl.c.×10 –10 Self-rhythm of man «inhale-exhale» =
=~3.4 sec.
Рt = Тs.r.×10 –2 Self-rhythm of atom = 1011-1013 Hz.
Life cycle of maximon - 10-43 sec
The time of system life cycle As the corresponding dependences are
accommodates in it nearly 10 billion of its known to us, we can fill other parameters
self-rhythms, and the sensitivity threshold on four of the six lines.
usually constitutes one hundredth of time Further we construct the chart axes
of self-rhythm. Lg (m) / Lg (s) and enter the four points
Now it is necessary to understand described.
the space-dimensional gradation for Other points are obtained by the
the purposes of defining the space-time method of mathematical analysis or by


simple graphic extrapolation. at all the other field.

As a result on the chart we get six points Every square that we got is nothing other
- the centers of required fields - and two than a taxon or taxonomic category of the
extreme points corresponding to maximon material World.
and the Metagalaxy. The points obtained And taken together they give us the
are subordinated to a uniform mathematical complete taxonomic classification of the
function and precisely enough lie on a material world in the space-time aspect.
uniform curve of the second order. Now, my soul, let’s go through these
Let's mark on this curve the points newborn taxonoms. There are interesting
of intersection with the borders of six things, but even more black holes not
allocated classes on the M-scale. For this accessible to my understanding.
purpose we shall draw horizontal lines Let's begin with the middle. Biological
from corresponding points on the M-scale. taxon covers all biological objects from
Through the obtained points of intersection the cell nucleus to the biosphere. The
we shall drop perpendiculars to the time dominant unit defining the primary goals
axis. of taxon is man. Possibly, the role of
As a result on the logarithmic chart dominant in the future will be passed to
«Size-time» a chain of rectangles is unit by the «Subject of spirituality». The
formed that represent the space-time field, dimensional range - from 10-5 up to 105  m.
into which the material world is divided. Self-rhythm  – inhalation-exhalation of
Each rectangular contains specific objects man – 3.4 seconds. Life cycle of man is
of the material World. somewhere in the range from 80 to 600
The top and bottom parts of the years. You feel, how we do not gather
rectangle correspond to the dimensional additionally! The threshold of time
borders, and left and right - to time borders sensitivity is to the order of the one 100th
of the objects’ life cycle. part of a second. The complete range of
The picture has been obtained, what life cycles for objects inhabited by taxon is
further? What information can these from several days to 1 million years. What
squares carry, diagonally strung on some does it mean? I do not know. Perhaps,
curve? it is periods with the inclusion of life
Yes, relatively autonomous regions of cycles from bacteria strains to the time of
the material World have been obtained. change of biological kinds, and evolution
Figuratively expressing, the object, subject of biosphere? And may be, the life cycle
and rate of count organically fit in the period of the «Subject of spirituality»?
given field, and it means that beer within Everyone can have a peep at the law,
the limits of each field can be counted and and here try it to decipher it!
drunk without problems. The next one down the M-scale is atomic
Inside each space-time field there taxon. The self-rhythm of atom is known
exists or dominate laws and rules, and all precisely enough - it is the frequency of own
processes and events take place in its own fluctuations of atom in molecules. It is in the
specific rate. range from 1011 to 1013 Hz. The dimensional
And on the contrary: laws and rates of range of a taxon is from 10-15 to 10-5 m, which
one field are poorly suitable or do not suit is close to reality as it includes objects from

5.4. Space-time taxonomy of the material World

the atomic nucleus to the bio-molecule. part of the taxon strongly differ from each
The sensitivity threshold is around 10-15 other.
seconds. The segment occupied on the The photon, possibly, has life cycle
time scale is from one micro second to to the order 10-31 seconds, self-rhythm –
about several days. What does it mean, I 1041 Hz, time sensitivity threshold – 10-43
do not know. There are isotopes of atoms second. And for the maximon the same
with a half-life period of insignificant size, 10-43 seconds, constitutes the life
part of a second, but there are atoms, for cycle, self-rhythm – 1053 Hz, and time
example hydrogen and helium, capable of sensitivity threshold – 10-55 seconds.
existing billions of years. Fantastic numbers! And it is not the limit!
Electronic taxon covers objects in size We, my soul, are only approaching the
from 10-25 up to 10-15 m with the life cycle non-material part of the universe, and there
range from one micro second up to 10-21.2 absolutely other speeds and volumes of
sec. processing and transfer of the information
Average value of self-rhythm of electronic are required. You wish to understand the
taxon as per calculations constitutes Creator’s plan - be ready to accept things
10-23 seconds that as you remember, above your understanding. Eventually,
corresponds to an elementary unit of time. you and me are from biotaxon, and wish
It is interesting! It turns out that it has not to understand, how the other five taxons of
been casually impossible to define for the material world are arranged and That
electron, its place and energy in one point World which rules over them.
of space. The percentage of abstract or totally
Life cycle of an electron by calculation unclear things will only grow further.
is 10-13 seconds. What is it? Perhaps, it It is possible to ask from the Lord about
is the frequency of rotation around the one thing in our desperate voyage: to
nucleus of an atom? Anyway, the number understand at least in the most general
coincides with the bottom limit of self- terms the meaning of creation and our
fluctuations of an atom in a molecule. Is place in it.
it by accident? The sensitivity threshold is We still have two more taxons left. The
10-25 seconds. The range on time scale is stellar taxon covers space bodies, and
from 10-21 to 10-6 seconds. primarily the stars. The dimensional
Photonic-maximonic taxon includes the range of units is from 105 up to 1015 m. It
finest units in size from 10-35 up to 10-25 m. occupies the time interval from 1 million
On the time scale it occupies the up to 100 billion years.
segment from 10-43 to 10-21 seconds. It is Actually the star on an average lives a
a big segment to twenty with superfluous life cycle for (10-15) billion years. However
orders, besides a big part of the segment it is necessary to say that active part of life
is behind a threshold of elementary time cycle of a star is more likely known as (8-
unit, i.e. everything, that takes place in 10) billion years, and nobody knows how
this taxon though is done for the material long it takes for a star to be formed and
world, but, most likely, is still invisible for how the remains of a star live, viz. the
and imperceptible to material perception. white dwarf or black hole. More precisely,
The units, photon and maximon, forming I do not know that someone knew. The


self-rhythm of stars is as per calculations, Galaxies; we have passed 15th billion from
about one year, and the time sensitivity 3200 billion years. Converting to a good
threshold is one day. Perhaps, to the human life we turn out to be not older than
expert on solar rhythms it says something a three-month baby. I did not think of it.
and maybe not. Apart from other, it is Even more improbable is the business with
necessary to take into account that the Metagalaxy. Its life cycle somewhere is
calculations resulting here at the best can around 1021.6 seconds, which corresponds
be qualified as approximate. I simply do approximately to a period of 400,000
not have either the opportunity, or time for billion years.
a serious mathematical analysis. All this, The self-rhythm accordingly is about 40,000
my soul, is sphere of your action. years, and the sensitivity threshold is 400 years.
Galactic taxon has appeared the most What is here to say! Again repeatedly you
surprising. It covers the greater systems feel such insignificantly small before the person
of space bodies - Galaxies and the of God. And again the idea comes that the Lord
Metagalaxy with size ranging from 1015 is great. Each time He appears even bigger and
m up to «limit» – 1025 m. And it is known. more majestic, than we thought.
But as to time characteristics the chart has However I have already encountered
shown absolutely unexpected things for somewhere similar figures. Well certainly, they
me. were repeatedly mentioned in her works by
We, my soul, know, that our Sun Blavatskaya E.P. [17, page 90]. Referring to the
approximately is in the middle of star Secret doctrine Indian Brahmins, it specifies
sequence both by dimensions and three esoteric cycles, which are very close to
radiation capacity that the planet the Earth our calculated values: Day of the Brahma, Year
is somewhere in the middle between orbits of the Brahma and Century of the Brahma.
of other planets of Solar system, that our
system exists nearly 5 billion years and Calculated size Indian esoteric cycles
that it will exist approximately for as of life cycle as per Blavatskaya
much, that our Galaxy together with all (l. c.) E.P.
the Metagalaxy appeared nearly 15 billion
years ago and consequently, continuing the L. c. of the Metagalaxy Century of Brahma
logic, we can expect, that life cycle of the 400,000,000,000,000 yrs 311,040,000.,000,000 yrs
Universe is somewhere in the middle of its or 1021.6 sec. or 9.67·1021 sec.
path and as a whole constitutes may be 30,
may be 50 billion years. It is although huge L. c. of the Galaxy Year of the Brahma
numbers, but somehow is still clear. 3,200,000,000,000 yrs 3,110,400,000,000 yrs
However calculations show a completely or 1020 sec. or 9.64·1019 ~ 1020 sec.
different order of numbers.
The galaxy lives approximately for
L. c. of the star Day - Night of the
3200 billion years. Its self-rhythm is
10,000,000,000 yrs Brahma
three hundred twenty years, thus «beats or 3.1·1017 sec. 8,640,000,000 yrs
its heart», and the temporary sensitivity or 2.68·1017 sec.
threshold is 3 years. It turns out, that we are
living right at the beginning of life cycle of

5.4. Space-time taxonomy of the material World

M a t r i x o f m e a n i n g s

Т s.r.
T l.c. Life Pt
Size Self rhythm Time scale Dominant

range Threshold range

sec unit

Duration, Frequency, of time

sec sensitivity

22 12 9,6
1,24х10 sec 10 sec 10 sec Metagalaxy

400 000 40 000 400 years

from bln. years years 1018,4 sec
10 m 20 8 to
10 sec 10 10 sec
to 1025 m 10 sec 10 22 sec Galaxy

3200 10 years

bln. years 320 years


from 10 5 m 3,1х1017 sec 3,1х107 5

1013,2 sec
10 sec Star
to 1015 m 10 bln. years sec to
1 year 10 18,4 sec

Heart beat  pulse or


from inhalation  exhalation

3,1х109 104,8 sec
105 m 10 2
sec to Man
100 years 3,4 sec
to 10 5 m 10 13,2 sec


from 13 15 10 4,8 sec

1015 m 101 : 10 3 1011 : 1013 1011 : 10 13 10 : 10 Atom
sec sec Hz sec to
to 10 5 m 10 6 sec


10 6 sec
1025 m 10 13
sec 10 23
sec 10 23
Hz 10 25
sec to Electron
to 10 15 m
10 21,2 sec

from 1031 sec 1041 sec 1041 Hz 10 sec from Photon

1035 m 10 21,2 sec

to 10 25 m to
1043 sec 1053 sec 1053 sec 1055 sec 10 sec Maximon
synthesis  “S”, E

process  “D”,

release  “E”

dependan- Т s.r=
Direction of

and energy

cy Т s.r.
Т l.c. = Т l.c. Т s.r.:1 sec Pt = 2
on the = 10 10

scale Т s.r.х1010 10

Fig. 38. Space-time taxonomy



Logarithmic graph “Size  time”

1025 Galactic

1015 Sellar

Biological taxon


1023sec Atomic taxon
Elementary unit of time


Electronic taxon

Photon-maximonic taxon

1035 0 Time

1043 1031 1013 101 0 109 1017 1022 Lg(sec)


of the material World

5.4. Space-time taxonomy of the material World

Similarity is evident. The conclusion soul, which has been granted with the
arises by itself. The teachings of ancient ability to perceive.
Brahmins deserve the most intent Thus, before us is the majestic picture
attention. Such a dense point of contact is of the full range of existential taxons of the
hardly coincidence. But it is necessary to material World.
dig deeper a lot over there. I have a rather Their spatial and time borders are
not simple attitude to Blavatskaya and her known, but it is not known, how man can
books. Having read through practically all see, what takes place inside. Biotaxon is
her works, I have not yet understood two the only one that is accessible to our direct
main things: whence all this information study. Why? Because the observer  –
and why such eclectic form of presentation, man under existential characteristics is
which excludes the opportunity to make appropriate to biotaxon.
general idea about the subject? What In other taxons the scales of space
purpose is pursued in her works? To show and time are different. For their adequate
the author’s knowledge and understanding perception the observer should possess
of certain latent truths, which are not different existential scales, corresponding
allowed to be known to the reader? What is to taxon.
it - inability or unwillingness to structure Than that is easier! If it is necessary to
information? fix the flight of a bullet on a film, the frame
But one should not ignore her works. frequency is increased by one thousand
There one can find rather vague, but times. If we wish to see, what is happening
extremely interesting treatments on the with electrons on the electronic shell of the
history of man’s appearance on Earth. The atom, the subject of observation should
idea of ethereal man, noumenal World, have dimensions to the order of 10-20 m and
special role of the Moon in history of self-frequency about 10-23 Hz. Too small
man’s appearance, history of change and an observer? It is not at all. It is as much
evolution of human races - for certain greater than the maximon, as much man is
there is a fair share of truth in them. bigger than atomic nucleus.
However, my soul, it again is that case, The counter of beer bottles should in
when you should take upon yourself a part scale be proportional to the bottle, and its
of the research, which I am not capable of life period and time of calculation should
conducting any more. I will not accomplish be in scale proportional to storage and
it in time. Another life is required. drinking time of a bottle of beer.
The task for you is formulated thus. It In order to understand, how the units,
is necessary to find and study the primary forming the taxon, are organized, to trace
sources of Brahmin esoteric doctrines their life cycle and regulate them, we need
and impose it on our vision of world. The subjects of monitoring and control, having
result should increase the measure of dimensions and self-frequency equal or
adequacy of our representation about the close to it.
arrangement of the world. The idea, in general, is clear and
I do not doubt, and you do not doubt, basically logical, but the task is where to
- you will succeed, in fact you are I, and I get such counters: with one size of that of
am you. We are manifestation of the same an electron, and the other in size of a star


or the Galaxy. maximons. They completely repeat the

Think a little, my soul: is there a appearance of the item and its structure.
problem? It is a copy, collecting information on
What is your opinion, items of the material everything that takes place with the
World dangle in Space without control as subject and it is the channel of transfer
liked by anyone? And all roll, where the of information on the item, because
curve will take it out? maximon and the designs from it directly
It does not seem to be so. No. The communicate with the hyper-matrix.
Creator knows about each thing, at each It is natural, that the maximon mould
moment of time, absolutely everything. has the same sizes and same self-rhythm,
But what is the technology how it is as its prototype. And the hyper-matrix
done? is capable of perceiving signals of any
Most likely, it is very simple through frequency, from any existential taxon.
information moulds of things made from Therefore our task consists in learning
maximons. Imagine any object - atom, to hear the maximon frequency, and it will
man, or any man-made thing; let the whole open us secrets of all taxons of the material
of their volume be as if impregnated by World! And no microscopes are needed!
an invisible very rare «gas» consisting of

5.5. Boundaries of the material World
KEYWORDS: three-dimensional taxonomy of the material
World, definition of the material World, functions of taxons.

Well, it is time, my soul to sum up the world order, created by means of this
first results. supersystem, receiving from it necessary
We have proceeded from that the material resources, working for the purposes of
World, a part of the universe where we exist, the supersystem yet unknown to us,
has been created not by magic, but through subordinated to general control from
some technology basically comprehensible the supersystem, cyclically created and
to human understanding. Moreover, some destroyed by the supersystem both at
laws, rules and technological methods of various hierarchical levels, and as a whole.
creation have been studied already for Well like a patent formula! And how
a long time and are applied by people in convenient to criticize! All the weak points
their activity. are clearly visible. But it is easy to make
Our attention had been directed on corrections. Please, supplement, specify,
material objects and, accordingly, on and change the formulation. I agree. It is
research of the material World, although without insults and ambitions, for the sake
we gave and we realize that the universe of truth. Improve the definition!
consists of something more, that is not the The material World - probably, like
World of matter. any complex thing - can be measured by
Our nearest target is to define the many metrics, and under each metrics
material world. boundary values can be found, where it
What does it mean - to define some will fit well into. Theoretically it is so, but
object? for some reason we have managed with
It means, at least, the following: you to find only three parameters, suitable
to correlate the object with wider and for measurement: size, time and level of
already known concept, to describe the organization of matter. Three transparent,
borders and purposes, to list the structure interconnected parameters. It is already
forming elements and the scheme of their quite good. Are there more metrics, how
interaction, and also the scheme exchange many of them, what are they? The question
of resources of object with the medium. is open.
Well, it seems that we are in a condition of It was found out, that our metrics are
answering these questions. It is necessary in inseparable link with a set of structure
only to give the definitions a brief and forming elements (units) of the material
presentable form. World and the method of their interaction.
The material World is a big, open, It is established… What it, which I have
complex system with mechanisms of self- again blurted out, is!
creation, self-regulation, optimization, From a strictly scientific point of view
hierarchically structured, serving as a nothing has been established. All these are
subsystem of a higher level System – semi-scientific assumptions. The whole


book is one big hypothesis. The offer of a scale, that for the person, occupying only a
new paradigm is a new vision of the world square in it, it is completely not simple to
order. It is not any more a fantasy, but is understand it.
not yet science. It has been already poured, A thoughtful analysis during receipt
but is yet to be drunk. All is delicate, very and counting of beer lead us to the obvious
delicate! fact: for each scale of the linear sizes there
You, my soul, and my benevolent should correspond a certain time scale,
reader, know about it and forgive me time intervals.
on use of stylistics of scientific research It has appeared, that time of existence -
among normal human speech. And we do life cycle of the Metagalaxy is by 65 orders
not need a non-benevolent reader. Let him greater than life cycle time of a maximon.
write for himself a book and read it as he It is also a considerable range.
likes. Let him rejoice. As a result of all searches it has been
Thus, «it is established», that the possible to find three interconnected
material world consists of 22 structure parameters of the material World. It is
forming units, 2 out of which the maximon absolutely quite good. Three metrics - three
and the Metagalaxy belong to matter by a axes. Three axes - a three-dimensional
quarter and 1 - the subject of spirituality – picture! We draw three projections of
by half. taxons of the material world (fig. 39).
Notably nobody had ever seen four Beauty, but is clear only to the draftsman.
of the 22 units: they are maximon, Axonometry is the three-dimensional
hypothetical photon and electronic nucleus space image; clear to all (fig. 40). Here
and the subject of spirituality. About it is the image of the material part of the
maximon it is only known, what it should universe which cannot be seen human eye,
be in size, and what should be its maximum but which is open to the Creator’s vision.
life cycle. The whole material World is not less than
Strictly speaking, nothing about the six taxons. In principle, a more fractional
Metagalaxy too is known. It is so big, that division is probable, up to 144 taxons,
it is not visible. However it size can be but division by less than six taxons is not
defined theoretically. acceptable.
Practically the discovery of S.I. Each taxon has quite concrete borders
Sukhonos of the size-scale rhythm of on the three key parameters: size, time and
units of the material World does not attract level of organization (fig. 41). Moreover,
any doubt. Also the functional-structural there are three additional parameters,
hierarchy of objects of the universe is quite necessary for describing taxon: frequency
obvious. of self-rhythm, threshold of time sensitivity
Two connected metrics - the size and threshold of size sensitivity of the units
and level of organization - have allowed forming the taxon.
construct the distribution chart of system Self-rhythm and life cycle size, as a
forming units of the material World. (Who rule, are in the ratio 1 to 1010. The threshold
has forgotten, can go back to fig. 16.) of time sensitivity, i.e. the time segment is
Spatially-organizational panorama practically not felt by the unit by virtue
from 144 squares has been so different in of its small value usually constitutes

5.5. Boundaries of the material World

0.01 of its self-rhythm. The threshold material with other property that goes to
of dimensional sensitivity as per our construction of biological objects of the
approximate calculations cannot be above universe.
10-12 from the unit dimension. Biotaxon – region of the highest
Thus it was possible to make the table classes on the organizational level scale.
of boundary parameters of taxons of the Here the biological life from the lowest
material World (fig. 41). To who it is not level up to plants, animals and man is
boring, can have a look. born and evolve. And the biotaxon is
The taxons of the material World look crowned in full conformation with the law
like bricks, which hang in the air, drawn of negation by a certain super-biological
on the borders of size, time and level of being. Something that on one part is in the
organization. material biological World and on the other
Each «brick» has its task. «Bricks» part it is a non-material object. And it is
do not have common volumes, but there similar that for this sake of this point, for
are points of adherence, which passing the sake of this boundary unit has been
through the edges, parallel to the axis of constructed all the complicated design of
level of organization. the material World.
Photonic-maximonic taxon is From other, right side the biotaxon is
responsible proto-matter. In it deep supported by two «bricks» – star taxon and
outside the threshold of material time – galataxon. As a matter of fact, both these
10-23 seconds – takes place processes of taxons are responsible for space bodies out
preparation of matter in its pre-material of matter, which is born within the limits
kind. It is not so pure an idea, not yet of three first taxons of the left side.
noumenon, but not yet material object - Galataxon defines topology of the
neither weight, nor size, neither speed, nor Metagalaxy and structure of the Galaxies
path, nor time in material understanding is forming it. Here in the centers of Galaxies
yet present. Unless only at the edge, where appear maximons; proto-matter and sub-
taxon enters the zone of material time and atomic elements are formed. In all such
borders with the following taxon. centers, as always, are 1010. The Creator
Electronic taxon - here the electrons loves this number. I also like it.
and other subatomic elements of the atom Thus in the nuclei of 10 billion
and atomic nucleus are formed. These Galaxies proto-matter is synthesized first
units already bear all physical attributes of all, then sub-atomic elements of matter
of objects of the material World; however and, at last, full-fledged atoms, basically
they are not yet chemical elements, and so hydrogen and helium, which then scatter
not yet material substance. in space and are cooled. Crystals, gas, dust
Nuclear taxon – here the chemical are formed out of them - in general, all
elements and molecules from them are types of finely dispersed substance, which
formed. This is inert matter - substance of already is object of action of gravitational
which the material world is made of. Here forces.
the bio-molecules and their units down Starry taxon – here the atomic
to cellular structures and cell nucleus galactic dust is condensed in congestions,
are born. These are already building compressed in nuclei of the future

Lg (meter)
Front view Side view Lg (metr)


20 25
№6 №6 Galataxon



10 15
№5 Stellar taxon



(Subject of spirituality?)

Galactic nucleus

№4 №4 Biotaxon

Stellar nucleus


№3 Atomic taxon

Cell nuclear


Atom nucleus
№2 №2 Electronic taxon


(Electron cells)
№1 №1 Photonic-maximon taxon


Maximon ?
Lg (sec)

35 30 25 20 15 10 5

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 43 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 5 10 15 20 22
Organization level (12 classes)

Lg (sec)
Top view

№1 Lg (metr)

30 35 40 43

Top view


Lg (sec)

5 10 15 20 25



Front view

Organization level


22 20 15 10
Organization level

Fig. 39 Taxons “size-time-level of organization” in orthogonal projection


level scale
(12 classes)


11 7
10 7,5
7 s
clas 9
8 таксон

7 3,5 le

Log c ize
l s

time 6 a Lo g Lg(m)
e 3 s
pho Elec
Lg(sec) tro s clas
s5 1

max 2 clas
s s
taxo nic
clas n 1s
taxo imonic
n 4 0
0 clas 25
43 s 10 m
10 sec clas 15
3 10 m
2 10 m
10 sec
5.5. Boundaries of the material World

6 10 m
10 sec 1 15
4,8 10 m
10 sec 25
13,2 10 m
10 sec 35
22 10 m
18,4 10 sec
10 sec

Fig. 40 Material World in 3В taxonomy

Life cycle Organizational Threshold of Threshold of size
Taxon Units forming taxon Sizes, m Self-rhythm, sec
range, sec level classes time sensitivity, sensivity,m
description from 1 to 12) sec

from to from to from to from to from to from to

Photon- Maximon,
35 25 43 21,2 53 31,2 55 33,2 47 37
maximonic (Photon)?, 10 m 10 m 10 s 10 s 0 2 10 s 10 s 10 s 10 s 10 m 10 m
taxon (Electronic nucleus)?

(Electronic nucleus)?,
Electronic 25 15 21,2 6 31,2 16 33,2 18 37 27
Electron, 10 m 10 m 10 s 10 s 1 3 10 s 10 s 10 s 10 s 10 m 10 m
taxon Atomic nucleus

Atomic nucleus,
Atomic 15 5 6  16 5,2 18 7,2 27 17
Molecule, 10 m 10 m 10 s 10 s 2 7 10 s 10 s 10 s 10 s 10 m 10 m
taxon Biomolecule,
Cell nucleus

Cell nucleus, plant cell,
animals, 5 5  13,2 5,2 3,2 7,2 1,2 17 7
Biotaxon Biosphere, man, 10 m 10 m 10 s 10 s 7 12 10 s 10 s 10 s 10 s 10 m 10 m
(spirirtual subject)?

Star nucleus, Planet, Star,

Stellar Planetary system, 5 15 13,2 18,4 3,2 8,4 1,2 6 ,4 7 3
10 m 10 m 10 s 10 s 1 7,5 10 s 10 s 10 s 10 s 10 m 10 m
taxon Biosphere, Galactic

Galactic nucleus,
15 25 18,4 22 8,4 11,6 6 ,4 9,6 3 12
Galaction Galaxy, 10 m 10 m 10 s 10 s 0 3,5 10 s 10 s 10 s 10 s 10 m 10 m

Fig.41 Material World taxon boundary parameters

5.5. Boundaries of the material World

stars, heated up again up to very high now. But even if the hypothesis which has
temperatures, atoms drop the electronic been rolled out before us is true, all the
shell under gravity, and start the same it is incomplete, not self-sufficient.
thermonuclear reaction. The universe is not settled by the offered
Planets and their satellites are formed scheme.
in parallel, star-planetary systems are The borders of the material World have
built, like our Solar system. been found, but beyond them there should
On an average each Galaxy consists of still be something or someone. What
again the same 1010 stars and for each of purpose is served by the material World?
the 10 billion stars there is set of planets, Who has created it? Or at least who has
which accompanies it during a greater part thought about it? What is a maximon with
of the life cycle. On those planets, where its genotype of matter? What is beyond the
mass, speed of rotation and temperature borders of material World?
balance of the surface are successfully From where are energy and energy
combined, are formed the atmosphere, resource of the universe formed and
World ocean and biosphere. The presence where do they go? What is this subject
of bio-sphere is the first step and potential of spirituality in 12-th class of the
opportunity for evolution of biological life. organizational level?
Biosphere and biological activity serve The list of questions can be continued.
as the reason and catalyst of synthesis of Answers are not yet available, but one
complex chemical substances and their truth comes up in all the severe evidence.
compounds. Thus, the starry taxon is We have reached that side, where the area
connected with atomic taxon, and both of existence of the material World, native
of them from two sides prop up biotaxon, and clear to us, comes to an end, and
where somewhere on 11-th floor we are should find an entrance to such an area of
there with you, my soul. All is fine. It is the universe, which is absolutely unknown
a remarkable picture. A known logic is to us and consequently can be named
present in the arguments. Who knows it for now only through opposition – non-
is so or not so? To check it up is complex material World.

Now I know both where the entrance is components - moral-ethical and scientific-
and how to enter the non-material World. educational.
But how much effort and time had been The Lord keeps watch on that, that
spent in order to understand it! And who I one component does not break away too
was then, in the beginning, and how much much in development from the other. Any
have I changed now? How long has it been? serious mismatch is a danger to survival of
25-30 years? It has been more! And all this the species and contradicts the purposes of
time something had been taking place the system.
with the soul. Perhaps, long disinterested People on an average (including the
searches for truth - mandatory condition author) are much sillier, than could be
for access to understanding radiant truths by the objective potential capabilities
of the world order? But why then is this of human brain. Why? It is because the
book, my soul, what for you need my Creator does not allow us to be cleverer,
experience, if the entry ticket is a catharsis until we learn to respect each other and our
of everyone’s soul? Father, the Creator, so that we do not kill
However, there is also another side to each other and ruin the whole universe.
the problem. Perhaps, only the purity of So, my soul, the problem of your moral-
soul is not enough. ethical maturity is totally your personal
The non-material World is a rather problem, and only the Lord knows the
complex engineering structure. Anyhow, measure for it. And regarding technology
it is not simpler by any means than the and design of the universe, they can be open
material World. There are neither drop of for everyone, who is interested in knowing
mysticism, nor gram of magic, and there it. Therefore I shall tell you about all that
are its own laws, own rules, own design, has opened before me. And let your merits
and own technology. It is a whole science. before the Lord provide Him the basis to
But has this science be discovered by unblock your ability in understanding that,
everyone for himself really anew like the which has been discovered before you,
self-educated child prodigy? and give you the strength and wisdom to
The Lord protects us from our stupidity discover something for those who will be
and moral immaturity. after you.
The path to understanding world order And nevertheless, my soul, in the
is the path to omnipotence, to the Absolute, beginning I shall lead you to places of my
unconditional omnipotence, next to whom long search of entrance to the non-material
immortality and omniscience are no more World, because even the human embryo
than regular accessories from the category passes through all stages of the evolution
of technical means. of species. And it will be not harmful to
The conclusion is simple. Development you in understanding the results. It is a
of man as a species is made of two small retrospection – only a few pages.

6.1. How I searched for the non-material World in the wrong place and in the wrong way

6.1. How I searched for the non-material World in

the wrong place and in the wrong way
KEYWORDS: reflectivity of the Worlds, freedom and
necessity, path, truth, life, noumenal World.

If the material World is our native to present them in the form of children's
house, then the non-material World has cubes and add them on the floor by joining.
been entirely and completely created by Every research passes through the stage
the Lord for the Lord. It is possible to enter of children's games. The first magnifying
there, only if you are let in. But it is there glasses were on sale at fairs as a toy. A
that all secrets of the material world, life figure similar to letter Т (fig. 42) was
and death lie, there truth is. And that is obtained. The first association was Тeos,
why we wish to get there. the first letter from His name.
Beautiful, but the entrance to non-
«Show me, Oh Lord, Your paths, material World did not open. One more
teach me Your way. illustration to the formation of the material
Lead me to Your truth,
My God, my Savior,
World was got. Biological life, reason and
Every day I rely on You». spirit given birth by it, originate from inert
[14. Psalm 24: 4-5]. matter, but are opposed to it and located
along the perpendicular. It is already
And truly, try to find the entrance to known. And what is further there?
non-material World! Nobody in the course The two-dimensional scheme «level
of history of mankind has found it, and of organization - size» has obviously not
you try to find. It is not that simple. helped us. Perhaps, this scheme has some
But in actuality such cases existed, other measurements? Say for example,
and were not one. It was found out, but freedom and need. For different units there
people did not apprehend it. Or there was are absolutely their different measures. Let
no sanction to apprehend. us admit that man has such measure of
The first thing that once came to freedom, that to a majority it is a burden.
my mind was to rely on the units of the And to some it is not.
material World. Their composition had And does the star or atom have
been found out; obviously, they should freedom or not? It seems they have,
somehow intersect with the non-material but only a little and, most likely, not the
World; here you have to find, where this same by quality, as man has. But it is
intersection is. It should be said, that the there. That is why stars are not similar to
idea in itself appeared later to be correct, each other that are why any atom has an
but I approached it in a rather primitive- isotope – variants of design. On the top
mechanical manner. I argued thus. There of mechanical unrealized freedom is at
are units of the material World, about the molecule. And if so, then the variety
each of them it is known, with what other of molecules is practically infinite. And
units it adjoins and interacts. Let me try if it is thus, the variety of designs from





Atom nucleus
(Electronic Star tic







nucleus molecule
Cell Bio-


Organization level



ABOVE Subject of
BIOLOGICAL spirituality

Fig. 42 Connecting units of the material World, two

dimensional installation

6.1. How I searched for the non-material World in the wrong place and in the wrong way

molecules potentially is even more. And internal, spiritual sense of the word). Since we
so on along the ladder of the universe’s are each an eternal jewelry to the Creator. This
units. Obviously, each unit exists in some pearl is the spirit, image and similarity of the
part in the necessity zone, and some in the
And spirit without freedom is nothing. And
freedom zone. that is why, guarding the freedom of each soul,
In short, to the flat image (fig. 42) the Lord comes to the World in such a way,
I would attach a third axis «freedom – that man had the right, as well as the freedom
necessity». A terrible thing has turned out, to turn his back towards Him or with open
similar to tail of an air plane (fig. 43). heart» A. Men [74, page 25].
There, where necessity is brought to
naught, freedom begins. If the sum of these The measure of freedom, given to
values is taken as one, then different units man, is phenomenally great. Only God
will have different displacement from the has more of it. And freedom by nature is
zero mark. The Maximon and Metagalaxy such a thing, which, once given, is not that
completely are in the necessity zone. All simple to take it away.
other units of the material World, except
the subject of spirituality, belong in part «God cannot force anybody,
to freedom, and in part to necessity. The As he made man,
By placing a part of his spirit,
subject of spirituality completely lies in And with it the free-will of freedom»
the freedom zone, adjoining only by one I. Guberman [35, page 123].
of its side to the reference mark necessity
plane. Freedom has another side – responsibility
In general it is an absolutely nonempty for actions and decisions. All the biblical
picture. There is something to reflect upon, history of mankind begins from the moment
but it is the key to some other door, not of entrusting man the responsibility of choice
that, which we are in search now. between good and bad.
However it is high time now to discuss
a little about the category «Freedom». «The specificity of freedom is only in that
Somehow the freedom phenomenon, it man can make a choice between decisions –
seems, is penetrating the whole universe. correct or erroneous, and in the latter case
In the material World - in man - it plays a destruction awaits him. It means that freedom
huge role, but, maybe, even more is its role of choice is completely not the right to
in the non-material World. irresponsibility. On the contrary, it is a heavy
moral burden for, being in society, man answers
Spirit, freedom, moral choice, and not only for himself and the posterity which
purpose of man - relation of these concepts has not been born yet, but also for his group,
has been for long obvious to the bright friends, fellow tribesmen, for the ancestor’s
human minds. heritage, for well-being of descendants and,
last, for ideas forming his culture and even
«God comes to us without violence. God ideals, for whose sake it is worth living and not
always speaks in a whisper. He always calls a pity to die» L.N. Gumilev [36, page 632].
us. If you hear a loud voice, persevering,
anguished it is not God’s voice, it is human If there is the theme of moral choice,
voice, even, if it speaks about something then, obviously, there appears the theme
sacred, if it forces us (I mean the voice in the


e ss

on l eu
im n) uc s
ax to
n eu
M ic cl us
ho n
nu us
0 (P tro on cle
c t r ic
le ec om nu c
(E E
l t m r nu la
A to lla r tic y a
A te ta ac ag
S ax et
S al al
o G G M

e ed




Cell nuc
leus re
p he


s si
Fauna e ce

Man tu
piri 0
o fs
b je level

e ed

Fig. 34 Connecting units of the material World, three dimensional installations

6.1. How I searched for the non-material World in the wrong place and in the wrong way

of reward and punishment depending on the material World, and comes from the
correctness of the choice. Either in this outside. Whence? Who creates it and how?
or in that life, but it will be necessary to What for? Where and when? How long has
report and receive requital. this been lasting? How long it will be so?
Who had decided? Who had thought it up?
«When the hand turned to sunset, Who had created?
Feelings suddenly start to visit, Based on the array of questions, truth
That spirit is rented to us,
And it is better to return them without spots».
is somewhere near. So it is here we shall
I. Guberman [34, page 108]. dig!
If the material World had been created
Or here, even more precise: according to a certain plan, it means, it is
the Embodiment to which idea preceded.
«Years will fly as a fast fallow deer, It means the material World is the material
Will cover flesh with layer of loam, interpretation of a certain non-material
And God-Father with a mighty hand idea – noumenon of the World. It is not a
To my soul on… е will give» drawing and not a description. It is a model
I. Guberman [35, page 165]. or, more likely, the original of non-material
property, meant for material incorporation
Here I apologize to the reader for citing in the World of matter.
a poem, as though lexicon is inappropriate The material world is preceded by its
for our conversation. But the absence of idea – the noumenal World. It antedates in
division between low and high is one of the two senses, initially, when the idea already
most interesting paradoxes of the Universe, existed, but the embodiment had not begun
and the poet I. Guberman is given the yet, and constantly, when any event in the
exclusive gift of its understanding. material World is preceded by an event
All the same what is this – non-material prototype in the noumenal World.
World? Where is it - is it impossible to ask? But if idea is the noumenal prototype
Since the concept of space is an attribute of material World, then there is someone,
of matter. And is it possible to ask, what is who had conceived and created it. Who?
it made of? Or what is its design? Or how The answer in general had been known
it works? Also is impossible? Perhaps, it is since ancient times: Demiurge, the Creator
not there? In fact, neither to touch, nor to is a certain step in the hierarchy of Divine
see it is impossible. But what of it, even forces, responsible for construction of the
in the material World of things, which universe. At the same time, I think, not
man can never see and touch, even by only for the project, but also for realization
virtue of it being small or, on the contrary, and for support, including in the plan of
formidable. the material World.
But here one joint between that and Well certainly, there is the highest step
this World has been highlighted as a in the hierarchy of Divine forces, from
result of our last discussions. We have where the initial impulse originates and
established, that maximon carries in it gives birth to Demiurge.
all genetic program of the material World The vast citation from Plotin supports
and that this program is not created in us in the similar assumption:


«It is possible to consider as proven, that correspond to the subjects of spirituality:

from Initial there should form the other life, God - in the non-material World, subject
since he is the almighty force, an inexhaustible of spirituality  – in the material world.
almighty. The proof of it can be that even things
lying at the lowest stage of life, nevertheless «I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning
possess productive forces. We shall also note and the end, the First and the Last» (Open 22:
that origin process of things does not go on
an ascending, but on a descending line, so
the further it goes, the more the plurality,
whereas the (any) beginning at each step It turns out thus: the Lord comes,
always possesses a greater simplicity, than that creates the World and its crown - man. He
which originates from it. Therefore creator creates by being dissolved in them. And
of the sensual World cannot be the sensual man, collecting the best in him and joining
World itself, but only mind and the noumenal together the best from all people, gives rise
World; similarly the originator of the mind and
to the updated God.
noumenal World cannot be neither the mind,
nor the noumenal World, and the beginning is Something similar can be read in E.P.
even more simple, than that and the other. A lot Blavatskaya's works:
happens not from a lot, but from that, which is
not a lot, and this is because, if that life, from «Remember the doctrine: Human soul,
which mind originates, was in itself a lot, then the lowest Manas, is an unique and direct
it would not have been the first beginning, and intermediary between the individual and
it would have taken us to go still above to the Divine Ego. That, which goes on to formation
beginning of the really unique, which would of the individual on this Earth, called by the
exclude from itself any plurality and would be majority wrongly as individuality, is the
to the utmost simple, that is absolutely simple. sum of all its mental, physical and spiritual
But how can the plural, universal mind characteristic features, which, being embodied
arise from this absolutely simple beginning, on the Human Soul, create man as a result.
which itself, is obviously, not a mind? Now, from all these characteristic features,
If one is to admit that the mind lives such the clean thoughts are the only one that can be
life in blessing, and besides always similar, viz. embodied on the highest, immortal Ego. It is
continuous and unchangeable, then it means, it made by the Human Soul that again plunges
does not search for anything outside itself as to into its essence, into the source-father, mixing
itself prevails,  – prevails because it not only up with the Divine Ego during its life and
contains all real in itself, but also is one with it. reuniting with it entirely after death of the
That is why life is the most blissful, complete, physical person … Only that, which is worth
perfect, clear as in it all is the soul, all is the of the immortal God inside us and identical
idea and nothing that is deprived of soul and by its nature with divine quintessence, can
thought» Plotin [82, pages 57, 58]. survive, for in this case it is its own, i.e. Divine
Ego, «shadow» or emanation, which rise
But, if everything is so, it is logical to him and are absorbed by him again into
to put forward some more assumptions. itself to once again become a part of his own
A mirror-like similar non-material World Essence … Thus, from that individual, who
was, only his spiritual experiences, memory
should be added to the material world. In
of everything that is good and noble, together
total these two Worlds will completely with consciousness of «I», merged with
represent the universe. We shall name consciousness of all of other personal «I»,
the extreme points of these Worlds as preceding it, - survive and become immortal.
their «alpha» and «omega», and they There is no individual or separate immortality

6.1. How I searched for the non-material World in the wrong place and in the wrong way

for terrestrial peoples outside of that Ego, the cliché, a matrix for duplicating inert
which animates them. This Highest Ego is the matter in 1010 Galaxies and biological life
unique carrier of all alter egos on the Earth». in biospheres of 1020 planets of the Divine
[19, pages 486, 487].
Plotin considered noumens as
Pierre Teillhard de Chardin too arrives manifestation of the highest reality:
at the idea of future synthesis of the best
human individual consciousnesses into «…it should be agreed that knowledge
a unified consciousness and formation of and truth should be inherent in mind, and to
a qualitatively new consciousness from noumens - reality, and that knowledge of the
this of a renewed spiritual being at the essence of each thing is accessible to mind,
point «omega» that will correspond to and not just knowledge of qualities by which
completion of the evolutionary cycle: only the image or trace of the item are given
to us, instead of the item as it is in itself and
in which our subject does not merge with the
«Apocalypse is the revolution of
object, does not constitute one with it…
equilibrium, separation of the consciousness,
Thus, the mind, noumenal essence, truth
which eventually reached perfection, from
- all these, in our belief, constitute one and the
its material matrix, henceforth in all its force
same being, which is more obviously, a certain
have the opportunity to be based in the God-
great divinity, and more precisely, not other
omega» [126, page 295]. than a certain divinity, and all the set of those
divine essence, in which it vouchsafes open
Thus appears the through classification its life. But although this essence (mind) is,
of plans of the universe, where reign: undoubtedly, the divinity, it is only the second
Demiurge - Idea -Embodiment - Subject of divinity, which opens to us before we are
spirituality. Each plan needs to be named, honored to contemplate the first God, who is
in accordance with its function, and the still above…» [82, pages 71-73].
basic technological difference. It is time to
Anything of the material World
draw the scheme (fig. 44).
includes something that cannot be
In the Gospel from John it is told about
accommodated in the World of matter:
the case, when Jesus explains the direction
to the dull apostles: «I am your path, truth «…essence of life is not reduced to all
and life» (In 14, 6). He is the Messiah, the significant that we know about» G. Pomerants
Divine messenger, preached the Kingdom [83, page 25].
of God. In our terminology it is the non-
material World. Probably, the words path, Any material item and man including,
truth, life are keys to understanding the at all the seeming variety in its basis
structure of the non-material World. They originates from a certain ideal matrix -
go well as names for plans of the Universe. noumen:
God is the path, defines whether the World «The corporal man originates from an
is to be or to not be, and also its life vector. ideal man, who, being the only man, produces
Demiurge is the truth, the generator of set of human individuals, and all of them
laws and rules of the Universe, the builder equally are the essence of people just because
and the judge. something identical imposes one and the same
Idea – life, noumenal World – model, imprint. And it means that man-in-him, as


Non-material world Material world Plan of universe on the “Working

organization level axis frequency”
12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Spiritual Spiritual
bring I being II
Plan 1 “PATH” 10 Hz

Demiurge 63
Plan 2 “TRUTH” 10 Hz

Plan 3 “LIFE” 10 Hz

Plan 4 “WORLD” 10 Hz

world Division into system forming
units and taxons takes
Biological world place inside plan
Plant world

Animal world


Fig. 44 The Universe - sun of the material and non-material Worlds

6.1. How I searched for the non-material World in the wrong place and in the wrong way

every noumen and all of their integrity, is not created has its purpose in man; why the service
located in the multitude (separate things), but, of all that is created ascends on degrees from
on the contrary, (this visible) the multitude is the last up to man and through man - to the
contained in that super-sensual World or, more God-Creator» [95, page 483-484].
truly, as though is settled around it» Plotin [82,
page 176]. For certain there is some considerable
sense in accumulation of the feat of human
And in the end, the World, the material soul, in overcoming the internal evil,
World in all its structural levels – from the poured in man. No, neither the private and
space bodies consisting of plasma and not individual nature has such victories.
minerals, up to man and above human But human morals in some sense are a
essence. At the same time the subject phenomenon of the level of universe. For
of spirituality belongs both to the plan some reason it is quite necessary to the
«World», as well as the plan «path». system.
The peculiarity of the World of matter
is in its remoteness from the Creator, in «… streams of souls, ascending upwards
its almost full self-sufficiency. It has been … create an immortal treasury of human
only created and received the rules of souls» A. Men [73, page 80].
the game, the games of life. Thereafter it
develops and lives as it wants. But there is The religious thought has long known
a requirement: the face of the World should truth. Prophets, Christ, Apostles appealed
be turned to the Creator. Then it is good to for rescue of the World through rescue of
the World. the soul of each man. S.L. Frank briefly
But we shall return to the layout on formulates this idea thus:
fig. 44. Plans in horizontal partitioning
are laid well on the completed axis of the «So the rescue of soul and responsibility
organizational level, and on the vertical for rescue of the World form a continuous
are built in logical hierarchy of joint united double unity in religious task, facing
subordination or even management. We each human individual» [120, page 140].
get something in the form of a ring: from
God from the plan «path» down matter to If we consider, that the basic operating
man, then the subject of spirituality and frequency for the bottom plan «World» is
rise again to the plan «path». In total, the the frequency of maximon – 1043 Hz, – and
hierarchy has four floors. recollect the standard discrete increments
Here again Swedenborg insists that for world order as 1010, then the working
man is the crown of creation, created for frequencies of three higher levels are equal
communication, for transition from matter to 1053, 1063 and 1073 Hz.
to God: Why not? You have the protest feeling
growing in you? You do not agree? Look,
«That people are in essence such subjects how this paragraph is named. There is
and that they are in essence Divine perception, search, sifting of ore. A static outline
as though from itself, it has already repeatedly is obtained, where the hierarchy and
been proved. Through this connection the subordination of elements are visible, but,
Lord is inherent in any creation; for all that is certainly, there is no information on the


activity process. I am eager to understand independent of whatever stages of the

how it all works there. world order they are related, these are
Here we shall try to draw it (fig. 45). spiritual subjects, laden with a certain
According to our human perceptions, function and some degree of freedom for
God is eternal, immortal and absolute, and its best execution.
life, by definition, is transient. It can be, The witness and eyewitness of the
and may not be. Hence, the concepts above non-material World E. Swedenborg says:
life and non-existence are equal to God.
He is something, capable of give birth to «Angels, no less than man, have will and
everything. He is the complete indelible, reason. Their reason gets life from the heavenly
zero-measurement. He is freedom, which light, since the heavenly light is Divine truth
has been not limited by his own first and consequently Divine wisdom; their will
gets life from heavenly warmth, because
action. He internally is not differentiated, heavenly warmth is the Divine blessing and
similar to Himself, the Carrier and Source hence Divine love» [95, page 81].
of unified resource or universal potential
for creation of everything that He shall Obviously, Swedenborg for a while
want to create. He decides, to be or not to in some sense himself became an Angel,
be to the universe and He defines the Path otherwise he could not have seen anything.
to it. Frequency of information signals on
the plan «Path» is not less than 1073 Hz. «…Man cannot see through his eyes items
The mechanism forming Truth – laws of located in the spiritual World … In turn the
construction and functioning of noumenal angels and spirits cannot see anything in the
and the material Worlds is started through natural World» E. Swedenborg [95, page 382].
life. The plan «Truth» is controlled by
Demiurge - second stage of the spiritual The guardian angel of man is given to
hierarchy with frequency 1063 Hz. everyone and is capable of helping to cross
The truth emanates Blessing – a certain life, if man himself aspires to go along the
code of instructions on how and what to do paths of the Lord, but the angels cannot do
correctly. The blessing forms the basis of anything against the silliness and evil of
construction of noumenal World, drawing the convinced atheist:
the outline of life in the material world.
The main feature of the plan «Life» is «… Angels of all kinds of societies are sent
that subjects and objects of creation of the to people so that they protect and divert from
noumenal World are not separate. bad feelings and thoughts and inspire them in
In general, at this level the division is the process of free acceptance of kind feelings;
rather conditional from our human point of through these infusions and setting aside bad
intentions, whenever possible, angels manage in
view. Spiritual agents of the plan «Life» (in
some way affairs and actions of people. Being
theological lexicon they are referred simpler inside man, angels, so to say, live in his feelings:
- Archangels) freely pass from the role of more close to him, how much he lives in
subject to the role of object, lining up and blessing on truth, and away from him, if he his
perfecting the design of noumenal World, life away from blessing. But all these duties of
whose working frequency is 1053 Hz. angels are executed by the Lord through angels,
It can be said about Angels that for angels execute them not for themselves, but

6.1. How I searched for the non-material World in the wrong place and in the wrong way

Plan function No. Masters

Source of being “Path” God

1 /1073 Hz/


Being 2 “Truth”
/1063 Hz/
Integration vector
Integration vector

“Life” agents


ec of noumenal



/10 53 Hz/


Inert “World” Living

matter matter

“Subject of
spirituality” Spiritual
Embo- being
diment 4
of the material
Material world
world /1043 Hz/
forces of the

Fig. 45 Interaction of the Universe plans


at the behest of the Lord» E. Swedenborg [95, unit of the universe – the subject of
page 237]. spirituality, who steps over the border of
the material World and goes towards one
All the three plans – «Path», «Truth» of the plans of the non-material World,
and «Life» are the Worlds, consisting and may be, directly to the top, to the plan
entirely of thought, and from nothing «path».
more. Only streams of information, their May be to the initial «path» or, maybe,
processing and creation of designs for their to something new? The completion of a
processing and transfer of information. full cycle entails some change in quality.
How all these are arranged without Omega is some way differs from alpha? In
physical medium? I do not know. what and why is this difference, if it is?
Perhaps, in the non-material World The outline is not so good, only
there is something that carries out similar assumptions. The engineering concreteness
function? For certain it is. And it carries is absent. It is more an illustration to the
out perfectly. Such frequencies are not theological treatise. It is a weak outline.
reachable on material medium. Blind, random searches have very low
The noumenal image is packed in probability of success. It should have been
maximon and with its help crosses the understood a long while ago. The scheme
border of material World. First the lifeless is not worthy of a decent designer.
matter is created, from it the space bodies We searched not there and not so, though
are created, then on parts of planets arise not without advantage.
geo-placental spheres and life arises. In fact, my soul, we are engineers. So
Fundamental spiritual forces of the let us approach the problem as an engineer.
material World (in church terminology – What we have seen in the material World is
angels) look after the whole process. They, an open complex system, having common
as though, do not interfere, but, operating points with an unknown super system,
through the casual mechanism, supervise without which it cannot work.
the event. As a result in due course the It is here that we should search. And
business reaches the appearance of man hereafter build all the argument only in
and then the following above biological terms and concepts of a systems analyst.

6.2. The universe – a totally
self-closed system
KEYWORDS: totally self-closed system (TSS), customer,
Creator, universal resource, periphery of TSS, vector of influence,
initial plane of the vector of influence.

My soul! Are you not bored? Then how I imagine it, this same periphery.
let’s go further. Let’s now get into such We look at the diagram in fig. 46. In
wilderness, where nobody has ever been. the center is actually the system, consisting
There will be no citation. of two interacting parts: the noumenal
Everyone knows that systems can be World and the material World. Around it
in hierarchical joint subordination. One is is the periphery, providing the purpose,
subordinated to the other, at the bottom is technology and control. Although in
the last, on the top is the most important, the center a concrete complex system is
but in all cases there is someone, who had specified, the periphery is given in the
conceived and created the main system, most general way regardless to the subject
and there is an even more important of system.
manager, who ordered to create the main On the left is the beginning of all
system and gave money or some other beginnings – the system customer, a
resources for it. certain subject of intelligence and source
The Universe is such a system, of all resources, without exception, in
where everything goes into, including which the motive and plan are immanently
the Creator, and the manager, and inherent for attaining a certain purpose,
resources. Moreover, all this is made of using system as the means. The customer
one incorporeal material. has a certain universal mono-resource
It is the question about an essentially and, releasing it, starts the mechanism of
new or, probably, type of self-closed creation of periphery and system.
systems unknown to me, and which The Creator of the system is formed
is made of actually the system and its first. He devises how to arrange the
periphery. By periphery it is understood periphery and how to arrange the system
all subjects and all mechanisms, thanks to itself. At first He builds the hierarchy of
which the system appears, functions, leads purposes, functions and tasks, defines
to the set purpose and ceases its existence. the structure of periphery and the system.
Or one more definition: periphery covers And at last, chooses ways of functioning,
all the causes and effects of system combination of strategy and tactics of
activity, and there is nothing related to administrative decisions that provide
the system outside its periphery. optimum promotion in achievement of the
My soul, once again I shall say that criterion function.
a similar statement of the problem was Besides the Creator remains the direct
unknown to me, therefore allow me to say, conductor of a universal resource which,

Source of disturbance 
the system and DISTURBANCES
periphery itselves

Periphery of a totally Purposes, functions

self-contained System Management strategy
system laws
Management tactics

System System “Noumenal World Monitoring
customer creator Material World” block

Initial мониторинга

Universal resource  feature Operation Management of tactics
commands apparatus Correction
of strategy

Result corresponding to the initial

motivation of the system Customer

Fig. 46 Structure of a totally self-contained system

6.2. The universe – a totally self-closed system

flowing through him, is cast in forms of out on its own. Especially in case of such
elements of periphery and units of the two situations, external management is needed.
Worlds. The system works, consuming the
The basic elements of periphery are customer’s universal resource and as a result
system laws, management apparatus and issues something, for the sake of which it
monitoring block. The system laws are had been created. This something answers
description of its structure and regular the basic customer motive and goes directly
operating procedure. There it is said, what to him, gradually replacing the universal
should turn out as a result of system work resource, which is constantly spent. It is
and how it should manage by itself in order logical to assume, that something, being
to get the set result. born from the system, is basically the same
The monitoring block monitors the resource, but with some different quality
real system condition, which always Change in quality of resource takes
differs from that stipulated by the system place thanks to system qualities through
laws. which it had passed. Thus it is possible
The reason is that the system, ratio of to judge about the customer’s primary
its parts, interaction of information streams motive.
gives a number of by-effects unwanted For a totally self-closed system, the
for basic purposes of the system. These need for periodic renewal of the universal
disturbances lead to system deviation resource with the help of circulating it
from the regular operating mode. through self-created systems serves as the
The monitoring block constantly basic motive.
measures the current condition and In dynamics it is approximately like
compares it with the regular condition. this. The customer possesses a sufficient
A divergence is found out as a result. It universal resource and decides on system,
is analyzed and evaluated. In case, if the that it is time for it to be! The Creator is
divergence is significant, information on it then generated, who devises, how to build
is transferred to the management apparatus, the system and as how to operate it. The
where commands are formed and sent Creator’s idea, supported by the customer’s
to the system, which in turn corrects the universal resource, becomes embodiment.
system state of affairs and rectifies its The system starts to work and issues the
work to the required part. If any deviation customer universal resource-features,
repeats regularly, then something is not so i.e. a resource with some increment of
in the tactics or strategy of management. quality. The resource-feature gradually
And then the management apparatus sends takes the place of the initial resource until
commands to correct something in the it completely will not replace it. Then, it
technology of management. is possible that after some break, the cycle
The system is so arranged, that within repeats.
certain boundaries it can support itself, And still, at the same time, the class
save and lead in the set direction. However of totally self-closed systems includes only
freedom incorporated in the system and one system, only one copy – the system
the inevitable disturbances can get it into of universe. Why? It is by definition. You
such mode, from where it cannot come remember, it was said, that similar systems


comprise in them all that is necessary, and The vector of influence «being» defines: to
outside the system there is nothing, that be or not to be of the object? give life or
could influence them. But in the World take it away? When to be born and when to
there is the law of interdependence. Each die? What tendency prevails now?
thing influences the other and experience The vector of influence «universal
counter influence of things of the World. resource» feeds each creation of the
From here the conclusion: a totally self- Divine World, fills it with vital force, leads
closed system cannot exist in two and to blossoming, maturity and fades, when
more copies, and there is nothing, which it the predetermined term of life comes to
would not cover. Accordingly, it alone, the an end. Equally covers all things of that
unique covers all in the world, and the only and this World, and also the Creator of the
freedom, allowed to it, is the freedom to be system and system periphery.
or not to be. Vector of influence «scale of sizes»
My soul, it seems, that the engineering- sets the scale harmony of objects of the
system approach justifies in solving the universe, dividing them into 60 tenfold
riddle of universe. The outer darkness has orders and on 12 stages - ranges. Strangely
slightly thinned and it is possible to view enough the scale is related to objects of the
something. noumenal World.
At first, at the center of the outline (fig. The vector of influence «level of
46) are the material and noumenal Worlds, organization» defines the 12-stage
each representing the mirror reflection of taxonomy of noumenal and material
the other. Thus two points - maximon and Worlds, establishing their hierarchy and
Metagalaxy - are located in the “mirror” structure.
plane (fig. 47), something like a playing The scale and organizational vectors in
card. The game of Gods is a sacred Lila. aggregate give the functional coordinates
The idea and embodiment are the two for each thing of the universe.
sides of a uniform complex system - the The vector of influence «management»
central part of a totally self-closed system. directly influences objects of the universe,
Each unit, each point of the graph of universe if their activity comes in contradiction
experiences simultaneous influence in with the system purposes. The vector of
several directions, or, more precisely, influence "management" breaks up into
planes. I do not know how to better name three basic parts - standard, reflection and
these influences. It is something defining actually management commands.
the existence and functioning of the The standard is the law, description
system units. There are no forces present. of the regular, calculated condition
Perhaps, it is information? So there is all that, what it should be. Reflection is the
the information. operative information on real condition,
It is possible to say about these which always differs from the calculated
influences, that they influence units of in some way. Tracking the mismatch is
both the Worlds and that they are directed referred to as monitoring. And at last, the
specifically in relation to the object. Here management commands are the influence
and perfectly! We shall name them as on system with the purpose of bringing it
vectors of influence. to the regular condition.

6.2. The universe – a totally self-closed system

Scale classes
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Customer ?








Noumenal Idea

the universal




Universal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Scale




of passing



units Enbodiment
C o m p l e x i t y c l a s s e s



General direction



Result ?

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Fig. 47 Idea and embodiment - two sides of the one complex system (Universe plane)


If you, my soul, are a «system analyst», of world order.

forgive me for truisms. But I, in fact, It is because the Lord thinks in clear
cannot know, who you are by profession; terms.
may be, you grind lenses as Benedict If the universe plane (fig. 47) is
Spinoza, and think about high values. May considered as the diagonal plane of a cube,
be, you photograph half-naked maidens for to be exact of two cubes placed diagonally,
the covers of glossy magazines. It is also then all vectors of influence will find a
a good occupation. My business is just in place (fig. 48).
case explain plainly everything, so that it Two cubes, located diagonally with
is clear to anybody. its sides, position the directions of vectors
And one more vector of influence is of influence, thereby giving a schematic
time. It is a specific vector; it exists only as space idea about the periphery design of a
a derivative of the second order, through totally self-closed system of the universe.
influence on other vectors of influence. Why the vectors of influence are located
Obviously, in the non-material World in space so, and not differently? You try
too there is time, which may be a little bit somehow differently - nothing will turn
different, than in the material World, but out. The arrangement corresponds to their
queue, sequence exists there also, «earlier» internal logic.
and «later», «more quickly» and «more The design base is the universe plane,
slowly»… consisting of the noumenal and material Worlds.
The life and death of being alternate Through these Worlds passes the unidirectional
in time. The stream of resources varies vector «universal resource» along the trajectory
its capacity too in time. The scale of from the noumenal to the material World - such
linear sizes depends on the run effect of is the sequence of events: first the project, then its
Galaxies, expansion of the Universe also, embodiment. In the same direction is located the
certainly, in time. Management consists evolution vector of units of the universe.
of set of cyclically repeating procedures, The bidirectional vector of influence
system stabilizing parameters in time. «level of organization» starts from the zero
Even the level of organization of objects of line of organization scale, connecting both the
the universe is subject to influence of the noumenal and material Worlds, and its rays
evolutionary wave passing above it, also are directed towards the opposite extreme
a function of time. In general, it is clear, points of the universe plane.
that each thing of the universe is propped The unidirectional vector of influence «scale
up from different sides by a whole bouquet of size» also is located in the universe plane, but
of vectors of influence. But how is it to be is perpendicular to resource and organization
imagined? Is there any order? Whether vectors. The boundaries of its influence
it is possible to represent all this more correspond to values from maximon to the
precisely, than on the outline in fig. 46? Metagalaxy.
I will not trouble you with stories about Thus, three vectors of influence interact in
my long searches. the universe plane – resource, organizational and
Yes! Certainly it is, yes. And now, and scale. Their interaction is subordinated to the
further there will be rather simple and time vector of influence that finds its reflection
clear schemes - illustrations to explanation in the sequence and direction of evolutionary

6.2. The universe – a totally self-closed system


Vector of influence
e “Being  non being”
lue e”


f inf sourc
r o re

cto al

Ve ivers


a lw
3 en
2 um
Non being













Ev ecto

olu r


e 0
e nc
in flu 1
c tor le
Ve ca
“S ”
e 3



c tor


8 inf
2 lue
d 11 nc
9 orl 01 “M e
ia lw 91 an
r 8
M ate 6
7 ag
5 en
11 3
4 t”
12 0 1

Vector of influence
“Being  non being”

Fig. 48 Universe plane and vectors of influence


process. As a whole they create units of the computer in order that a simple and clear image
two Worlds and fill with them the universe appears on the display screen.
plane. There are designs from matter and designs
The bidirectional vector of influence from information. Both of these and others are
«life-nonexistence» is located on the vertical. created by someone. The Creator, in essence, is
From above, near the place where the source one – Demiurge, and his small copy – man –
of a universal resource is located, come being, also a product of Demiurge.
life, existence. From below, the opposite value Information designs are not bound by
of this vector comes towards – nonexistence, restrictions, which are inevitable for matter;
death, termination of existence. At each point therefore they can be much more complex and
of the universe plane there is life and death; varying, than any material design.
their sum is always constant and equal to Complexity of information designs practically
unit. But during each moment of time the has no limitations, if the question on nature of element
proportion of life and death varies. During base, on information carrier is dropped. This problem
the moment of birth it is almost only life, and in the universe order has been solved somehow, and
during the moment of death is almost only we shall proceed from this. We shall return to it later.
death. The vector of being is necessary to The real restriction of the sizes and
switch on and off the units of the universe. functional opportunities of information systems
Perpendicular to the vector «being- can only be their purpose. However complex the
nonbeing» is located the vector «management» purpose, an information system can be always
is located. Its task is to hold vital functions of created based on it, capable of realizing it.
units in the regular boundaries. Management So it is, but we do not know anything about
is a vector of complex composition, the purpose. Why the World was created? Do
consisting, at least, of three sub-vectors – you know?
standard (law), signal of actual condition I do not know, but would wish to know.
(monitoring) and actually the management In the non-material World, there are answers
signal. Their orientation may coincide or be to the questions whence we came and where
directed against, depending on the degree of we shall leave. There, I think, no questions are
a mismatch of regular and real condition. present: any soul is integrated in the information
My soul, pay attention, something field, which is the continuous answer.
similar to the sketch of a design has been But our soul needs an answer already in
got. Two cubes: one – noumenal World, and this life, as necessary for the polar explorer to
the other  – material World. These Worlds reach the pole, as for the climber to ascend to
are located on a single diagonal plane, Jomolungma, as for the geologist to drill the
and around them the planes of vectors of earth’s mantle. Well, what is strange here,
influence, through which, and may be from, God, we are Your children.
something comes to units of the universe that But, probably, there is only one way for
gives life to all the system. the mortal person to experience during lifetime
To our perception only the material half of the idea of creation: it is necessary to recreate
the universe plane is accessible. The rest, invisible the scheme of world order with such degree of
part of design is information. Can such a thing constructive accuracy that the scheme itself
be possible? Why not? Ask any programmer (if prompted, what the final point and purpose of
you are not a programmer), what takes place in a the universe system is.

6.3. Periphery design of the
KEY WORDS existence plane, non-existence plane, material World
control plane, noumenal World control plane, alpha point, omega point,
monitoring plane, periphery of the noumenal World, periphery of the
material World, key section, diagonal 7/12.

One more ascent to the top, where the not mere material aggregates. Maximon
understanding of world order opens up. and Metagalaxy are in equal capacity
One steep, but last ascent. aggregates of the noumenal and material
The layout of the material World Worlds, but the subject of spirituality along
as well as its mirror duplicate-ancestor with its material nature can exist outside
the noumenal World has already started matter, by the way outside the noumenal
spreading under us. But above and around World. Somewhere in an altogether
us is the most complex design of the system different and unknown World.
periphery. Here it is all that gives rise and An interesting design feature follows
forces the universe system to function. from this. The twelfth class of the
If the periphery is indeed arranged as organizational level axis is not an object of
shown in the key diagram (figure 49), then monitoring. Moreover, it is not an object
a more detailed drawing should be got. Let of control as well as an object of influence
us take the bottom cube – material world  – vector «Existence – non-existence». That,
and let’s try to depict it in detail (figure which is in the 12th class of material
50). The diagonal plane is occupied by the World, is only genetically connected with
diagram of material world aggregates. On matter. By definition this class has half-
the top is the existence monitoring plane. volume. The second half is absent. At
Information on the current situation of the threshold between the 11th and 12th
existence of the material world aggregates classes the aggregate begins to lose its
comes here. At the back is the control material features, and acquires some other
monitoring plane, where information properties. To the moment of reaching
on the real functioning of material the boundary of the 12th half-class the
world aggregates is reflected. Both the aggregate acquires 100% properties of
monitoring planes do not have thicknesses beyond-material object.
as if. It means that they are required The material World control plane and
only for reception and further transfer of the non-existence plane limit our cube on
information and are not intended for any the front and bottom side. Their function
analysis and processing of information. in the design of periphery is considerably
Question: what information? Well, it is complex. They include analysis elements
obvious, information from material World comparing the reference with the actual
aggregates. It is so, but three aggregates condition and output of commands. These
of the diagram do not completely belong planes occupy a thickness in the cube
to the material World. Maximon, corresponding to the semi material 12th
Metagalaxy and subject of spirituality are class in the organizational level scale. In


Scale-size boundary  max




A le light, life
F a B C
geme Sc H
nt C
D Mana
ge D
ment F E
Intention N N
Noumenal B

world J 

7\12 G Existence monitoring


Non being
C F  Monitoring functioning
Embodiment C J
Material Control H 7\12
world of the noumenal M

Noumenal A
world N




7\12 N


F I Control of
E Material world
Key plane 7/12 K
J Diagonal 7/12


E K Non being,
L darkness, death

boundary  min EHNK  Material World

Fig. 49. Spatio-planar circuit periphery of the Universe

6.3. Periphery design of the universe


12 H

11 T K
9 xy
8 e tag y
 M lax s “Empty
7 Ga cleu
6 nu place”
5 lax


E tor
r s

xi in
) Sta cleu

st g
2 us

en p
le nu

ce lan
1 on n
xim nic r
E tro Sta 12 M
Ma ec

s -
(El u Plaet
0 cle n tar
nu ne
Ato Pla stem




ctr m
Ato ial
Fuctioning monitoring plane