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Word Formation | Negative Prefixes

Certos prefixos conferem à palavra um sentido negativo. Alguns deles são:

un- ir- mis- in- il-

Prefixo Significado Exemplos

un- É muitas vezes adicionado a palavras acabadas able – unable

em –ed e –able (sufixos). grateful – ungrateful
connected- unconnected

in- Transmite a ideia da falta de uma qualidade. accurate – inaccurate

Pode apresentar as variantes – il e -ir nas legal – illegal
palavras que começam em l ou r. reversible - irreversible

mis- Transmite a ideia de mal ou erro fortune – misfortune

understand – misunderstand
spell - misspell

A. Choose the correct form of the words

1. She was unable/inable to take the test because she was really sick. (able)
2. I can't go out today. I just got back from vacation and I really need to unpack/mispack. (pack)
4. Are you insane/ilsane? If you do this jump you're going to die. (sane)
5. So you are simply going to inregard/unregard everything I told you about him and just go
on this date. (regard)
6. I find it highly inprobable/improbable that he will come to your party. He doesn't like crowds.
7. The accident caused irreparable/inreparable damage to his car. (reparable)
8. The worst enemy in a relationship is untrust/intrust. (trust)
9. I'm absolutely sure it wasn't Kate. She's uncable/incapable of something like that. (capable)
10. I don't think the police will be able to unarm/disarm the drug dealers. (arm)
11. Oh, Mary, you're so ungrateful/ingrateful! He's always done so much to help you. (grateful)
12. It's extremely unlikely/inlikely I'll do well on this test. I didn't study a thing. (likely)
13. Her father unapproved/disapproved of her dating John. He thinks John is a bad influence.
14. I believe this information is inaccurate/unaccurate. This cannot be true. (accurate)
Word Formation | Negative Prefixes

15. I don't understand anything he says; he's so unarticulate/inarticulate. (articulate)

16. This table is missteady/unsteady. I believe one of the legs is crooked. (steady)
17. I'm not sure if it's illegal/unlegal. Why don't you ask your lawyer friend? (legal)
18. I love Jane! She's so fun and uncomplicated/incomplicated. (complicated)
19. Oh, come on. You must agree this is absolutely immoral/unmoral. (moral)
20. When you're done using the computer make sure to unconnected/inconnected it. (connected)

B. Match the words to their antonyms

a. adequate 1. inedible
b. literate 2. dishonest
c. edible 3. unsolicited
d. reversible 4. immeasurable
e. reliable 5. imperfect
f. legitimate 6. disloyal
g. honest 7. unrequited
h. solicited 8. irreversible
i. measurable 9. inadequate
j. perfect 10. unreliable
k. requited 11. illiterate
l. loyal 12. illegitimate

C. Write the opposites of words in the table below using the prefixes.
1. conscious 2.heard 3.employed 4. friendly 6. healthy
7. correct 8. kind 9.usual 10. fair 11. formal 12.convenient
13. punctual 14. satisfactory
15. successful 16. tidy 17. regular 18. pleasant
19. sensitive 20. expensive 21. 22. well 23. understand 24. polite
25. necessary 26. patient 27. happy 28. modest 29. direct 30. practical
31. legible 32. countable 33. mature 34. tolerant 35. conclusive 36. acceptable
37. 38.convenient 39. faithful 40. visible 41. sociable 42. desirable
43. resistible 44. common 45. popular 46. acceptable 47. legitimate 48. trustworthy
49. different 50. possible 51. relevant 52. placed 53.soluble 54.trustful
55.marired 56.personal 57.licite 58. mobile 59. sane 60. reconcilable
61. match 62. concern 63. balance 64. behave 65. lock 66. evitable
67. liberal 68. reparable 69. known 70. lucky 71. dependent 72. secure
73. interesting 74. selfish 75. certain 76. fortune 77. official 78. purity
79.religious 80. active 81. calculate 82. aware 83.real 84. easy
85. movable 86. lead 87. credible 88. helpful 89. aligned 90.interpreted
91.experienced 92. separable 93.expected 94. efficient 95. digestible 96. retrievable
Word Formation | Negative Prefixes

un- ir- mis- in- il-