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Name : Mega Dwi Fauzi Ningtyas

Class : 2D- DIII Chemical Engineering

NIM : 1731410031

Dealing with Radiation Dangers

We must add a few words of caution. Radioactivity is dangerous. It may cause

skin burns and it may destroy good tissues, as it destroys diseased ones. It may cause
illness that could be passed on to our children and grandchildren. In cases of severe
exposure it may even cause death.

In the early days of radioactivity scientists were not aware of these dangers.
Marie and Pierre Curie, after having worked for a while with radioactivity materials,
noticed that their fingers were reddened and swollen, and that the skins were peeling
off. Henry Becquerel carried a small tube with radium in it; his waistcoat pocket, and
was surprised to find a burn on his chest. Other early workers also reported burns and
injuries of various kinds.

The strange fact about radiation is that it can harm without causing pain, which
is the warning signal we expect from injuries. Pain makes us pull back our hands from a
flame or from a very hot object, but person handling radioactive materials has no way of
telling whetherhe is touching something too ‘hot’ for safety. Besides, the ‘burns’ or
other injuries that radioactivity produces may not appear for weeks. A person may have
been injured and not know it for some time.

Today scientists are aware of these dangers. They are steadily finding new
meeans of protecting themselves and others from radioactivity. It may well be that in
the race between production means of protection, the second will be the winner.

Our modern atomic laboratories are built for safety. Their walls are very thick.
The rooms in which radioactivity is handled are separated from others by heavy lead
doors. Large signs reading ‘danger’.


l. Create question and answer as many as possible from the text above!

1. What is the strange fact about radiation? Radiation can harm without causing pain,
which is the warning signal we expect from injuries.
2. What are the symptoms when exposed to radioactivity? Red skin accompanied
by coagulation and peeled skin.
3. Why radioactive is so hazard ? Because it can cause diseases that can be
transmitted to other people and can cause death.
4. What happened to Marie and Pierre Curie, after working for a while with
radioactivity? Their fingers were reddened and swollen, and their skins were
peeling off.

5. Who is the scientist affted by radiation? They are Marie and Pierre Curie.

6. Where is the scientist conducted experiments ? The scientists counducted

experiments in Laboratorium.

7. Why Henry Becquerel find a burn on his chest ? Because radiation is that it can
harm without causing pain

8. How to overcome radioactive so as not to endanger humans ? The scientists

build atomic laboratories that have very thick walls and roomswhere radioactivity
is handled properly.
9. How is modern atomic laboratory built for safety? Modern atomic laboratory
walls is very thick. The rooms in which radioactivity is handled is separated from
others by heavy lead doors.
10. How long does a burn produced by radioactivity appear? The ‘burns’ or other
injuries that radioactivity produces may not appear for weeks.

ll. Make sentences from the following words and based on types of sentence.

1. Radiation ( simple sentence)

- Radiasi dapat merusak organ tubuh kita.

- Radiation can damage our body organs.

2. Surprised (simple sentence)

- Dia sangat terkejut melihat kulitnya memerah.

- He was very surprised to see his skin reddened.

3. Fundamentally (simple sentence)

- Saat mengerjakan matematika, pada dasarnya kita harus mengerti rumus

rumusnya dahulu.

- When working on mathematics, fundamentally we have to understand the

formula first.

4. Radioactivity (compound sentence)

- Radioaktif sangat berbahaya dan dapat menularkan penyakit pada anak-anak
hingga orangtua.

- Radioactivity is very dangerous and can transmit disease to children and parents.

5. Colourless (compound sentence)

- Lukisan di pojok itu terlihat tidak berwarna tapi terlihat artistik.

- The painting in the corner looks colourless but looks artistic.

6. Imflammably (compound sentence)

- Etanol memilki wujud yang cair dan cairannyamudah terbakar.

- Ethanol has a liquid form and the liquid is inflammable.

7. Reweable (complex sentence)

- Biofuel merupakan energi yang terbarukan, meskipun digunakan terus menerus

dia tidak akan habis.

- Biofuel is a renewable energy, even though it is used continuously it will not run

8. Technology (complex sentence)

- Sebelum adanya teknologi yang canggih saya berkomunikasi mengunakan surat,

tetapi sekarang saya bisa berkomunikasi menggunakan handphone.

- Before there was sophisticated technology I used letters, but now I can
communicate using cellphones.

9. Significantly (compoun-complex s.)

- Saya ingin pulang tetapi penjualan tiket kereta api telah meningkat secara signifikan
karena liburan panjang jadi saya pulang naik bus.

- I want to go home but the sale of train tickets has increased significantly due to a
long vacation so I go home by bus.

10. Chemistry (compound-complex s.)

- Dia mengatakan kepada saya bahwa dia akan mengajari saya tentang kimia
ketika dia sudah pulang kerja, tetapi dia tidak melakukannya.

- He told me that he would teach me about chemistry when he got home from
work, but he did not do it.
Name : Mega Dwi Fauzi Ningtyas

Class : 2D- DIII Chemical Engineering

NIM : 1731410031



Describing Cause and Effect

Topic : Handphone

Topic Sentence : Four causes and four effects of using handphones in the modern

Outline :

 Cause :
1. cheap and practical
2. the need to access information
3. support social interaction
4. means of seeking entertainment
 Effect :
1. dependence
2. lack of socialization with the surrounding environment
3. misused
4. not good for health

The narration of cause and effect


Along with the development of the times, now technology has developed rapidly
and increasingly advanced. One of them is handphone. Handphone is an electronic
telecommunications device that has the same basic capabilities as a conventional fixed
line telephone but can be carried everywhere (portable) and does not need to be
connected with a cable. Some years ago the handphone only had certain items that
really needed it to run smoothly. As time goes by handphones can be owned by all
people from small children to parents. handphones are also equipped with several
application features in addition to calling and sending messages.
As for some causes people use handphones, which are cheaper and practical.
Although now almost everyone uses handphones and the market is very competitive.
Basically there are still many people who think handphones are expensive items. But
using a handphone in the long time is considered to be much cheaper than using a home
telephone. handphones are also more practical to be carried pevery where and can be
inserted in the pocket if you do not want to bother carrying it. Handphones can support
social interaction, with chat devices, handphones are very supportive for communicating
remotely without having to meet. Handphone also has applications that can
communicate with a face. Among teenagers handphones have become a necessity to
access the information needed using an application called Google. In that feature,
information can be found without restrictions. The need for access to information is
what drives people, especially young people, to use handphones. Communication
technology or mobile devices provide gaming, audio and video facilities. The facility
was all used by people to fill their free time when a lot of work was approaching.
If handphones are used continuously, it will cause dependency that cannot be
separated from handphones, especially children who are playing online games. Other
effects that can be caused if you usethehandphoneexcessively,itwillreducethe sense of
socialization with the surrounding environment because they are busy looking at their
handphones. For example, when the reunion gathering, each person is busy playing his
handphone, so it looks independent, even though they are together. Nowadays, there are
many people who want to make money through handphones. For example, committing
fraud through the message sending feature by extorting money. This abuse often occurs
in older people who are easily fooled. It turns out that in health science mobile radiation
is very dangerous for male fertility, pregnant women, and in children. To avoid the risk
of a shock, it may appear due to handphone radiation, it is necessary to do the methods
that are using loudspeakers when receiving a call or when calling. Don't put your
handphone too often in your pants pocket or shirt pocket.
Handpone is very useful for people today, because it is very helpful at work.
Helps maintain friendship with you without having to meet face to face. And providing
entertainment such as online game features, listening to music and also watching videos
in an application called youtube. But on the other hand as for the effects caused by the
use of handphones that is making dependence, lack of socialization with the
surrounding environment so as to make people more individualistic. Can be misused in
the case of fraud to profit and also affect equity.
In conclusion, in modern times cellphones are now urgently needed for people in
the world, because cellphones help users and make things easier. Not only that mobile
phones are also more practical and very helpful for long distance communication. But in
its use, it needs to be limited so it will not be a ffected the effects which has described