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Hey, I want to give you a quick idea that may help you while you're learning.

My name is Martin because really gets figs. This is English all together where we
look at the psychology of English language learning to help you live a more
fulfilled life.

I never say if something is easy or harder, if you listen to me long enough, you'll
never hear me say that and the reason is because it doesn't matter if it's easy or
hard. One too, I know that it takes effort. Now, let me give you an example. Let's
say there's a 10 kilo weight right here and we have to lift the 10 kilo weight. For
some people they will lift it very easily. For some people it would be very
difficult for both of them. It takes effort. Now when we're doing a project where
we're doing an exercise, we're doing a lesson.

Speaker 1: I'm giving a lesson where I want you to make an effort, and I hear this
often from beginners or people who are starting to say, oh, this is difficult. This
is difficult. I've, I've noticed from students who are going to grow and going to
excel, even if they're beginners, I can see the spirit of a learner or the idea
that, oh, this person is going to continue their initial ideas. Not, oh, this is
difficult or this is too easy. If a person says this is too easy, usually those
people aren't going to continue learning for the long haul, for the long run. I
think it was Aristotle. I'm not sure. Or maybe hepatitis. He said, you cannot teach
someone who will, you cannot teach someone who already knows I'm saying it wrong
because you can't teach somebody who already thinks they already know it. So I'm
always careful to not say myself, oh, this is easy.

Speaker 1: Or I'm careful when I hear students say, oh, this is hard. It's not easy
or hard. What I look for as a teacher is, are you making an effort because growth
and change only happens with effort. And yeah, that's it. That's it. Um, and even
for myself, even with making these videos, I ask myself, did I make an honest
effort If I know that I made an honest effort after resting, when I recover, I know
that I will be better. And that's the whole mindset of growth mindset. We're trying
to get better because after you can pick up that 10 kilo, there's going to be a 20
kilo and after 20 kilo, there's going to be a 25 kilos. And keep on going little by
little by little. The fact is you do have limits, but also the fact is you don't
know what your limits are. So keep on going, you'll never find it. So that's the
little thought for today. Don't think is it easy or is it hard You want to
challenge that is if you want to grow. And if you don't want to, I respect that. I
wish you all the best. All right, so is Marcus really a sigs signing awkward
English all together You guys have a wonderful day. It's your life. It's your
English. I know that you can make it awesome. All right, peace.