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Bewakoof, founded in 2012, by Prabhkiran Singh, is a lifestyle fashion brand that makes
creative, distinctive fashion for the trendy, contemporary Indian.
Bewakoof was created on the principle of creating impact through innovation, honesty and
thoughtfulness., is one of the fastest growing online-only fashion and lifestyle brand, mirrors the consumers it serves in its casual, impactful and stylish approach.
The brand promises of quirky behaviour of the up-and-coming young Indian consumers.
With over 3000+ style trends, 2 million followers on Facebook and 10 Bollywood movies
merchandise, is a name to watch out for in the fast fashion realm!

It has a team of 400 members, and 2million products sold till date. Bewakoof likes to
experiment freely, which allows them to balance creativity and relatability, and our
innovative designs. Their range of products is always fresh and up-to-date, and they clock
sales of over 1 lakh products a month. and cool fashion, the Mumbai-based company is
making high-street fashion economical, accessible and affordable for Indian fashionistas.
Through its unrivalled digital connect and cool, funky approach across social media
platforms, the company has made itself the online shopping
The innovation factor of Bewakoof extends to the operations as well. They are vertically
integrated, manufacture their own products, and cut out the middleman wherever possible.
This direct-to-consumer model allows Bewakoof to create high-quality fashion at affordable
A thoughtful brand, Bewakoof attempts to minimize their environmental footprint and
maximize their social impact. These efforts are integrated right into their day-to-day
operations, from rainwater harvesting to paper packaging to employee benefits to create an
accessible, affordable and thoughtful experience of online shopping in India.

Bewakoof believes in creating the kind of fashion, that makes them stand out as they are in
line with the latest local and global trends of the industry, but also at the same time offer
value for money functionality, with quality materials and comfortable and flattering prints.
Bewakoof tries to look into the psyche of their customers, and tries to get inspired by the
conversations and experiences around them while creating their graphics, to ensure that
they are relatable. They believe in constant and consistent innovation to ensure that their
fans get nothing short of the bets at affordable rates!
While most people do not know, they do not outsource the manufacturing of their products,
everything from the conception of the designs to the manufacture and the styling that
customers see on the photographs of the banners and product pages of their website all
happens in house! They go from yarn to product and since they're vertically integrated and
bring fashion from them directly to their doorstep without any middlemen that also further
ensures reliability because for Bewakoof it is not just about the money but about building
the trust and credibility in their fans about their brand. They also make sure to decrease the
impact on environment and are building initiatives that will help them with the same, for
now by optimizing our processes to use only as much as they need from nature, rain water
harvesting and recycling the water from their RO water facility, because they believe that
the spirit of Bewakoof is about creating an impact by breaking conventions and having a
different perspective!


Service design is a process in which the designer focuses on creating optimal service
experiences. This requires taking a holistic view of all the related actors, their interactions,
and supporting materials and infrastructures. Service design often involves the use of
customer journey maps, which tell the story of different customers’ interactions with a
brand, thus offering deep insights.
The Changing Nature of Services
In the past, a service and a product were typically two different things. Products were
tangible items you kept (like a car), while a service was something intangible you used (like
the postal service). Most companies would primarily offer one or the other.
Today, the lines are increasingly blurring. Where once the customer would buy their music
(either as a CD or MP3), today they are just as likely to use a service like Shopify or Apple
This is the reason companies are adding additional value to products by adding services to
them. Many companies are having to adapt to providing services for the first time, while
others are struggling to manage increasingly complex services with unfamiliar digital
Acc. to MARC STICKBORN and JACOB SCHNEIDER there are total five basic principle of
service design
1.User-centered, through understanding the user by doing qualitative research
2.Co-creative, by involving all relevant stakeholders in the design process
3.Sequencing, by partitioning a complex service into separate processes.
4.Evidencing, by visualizing service experiences and making them tangible
5.Holistic, by considering touchpoints in a network of interactions and users.

Service Design provides a systematic and creative approach to:

1.Meeting service organisations’ need to be competitive
2.Meeting customers’ rising expectations of choice and quality
3.Making use of the technologies’ revolution, that multiplies the possibilities for creating,
delivering and consuming services
4.Answering the pressing environmental, social and economic challenges to sustainability
fostering innovative social models and behaviours
5.Sharing knowledge & learning”

Swetha Amaresan (2018).7 Undeniable Reasons Customer Service Is Important to Your
Business. Retrieved from:
Customer service is of critical importance to every brand because it’s key to retaining the
customers close and extracting more value from them. By providing top-notch customer
service, brands can recoup customer acquisition costs and cultivate a loyal customer base
that will refer friends and colleagues.
According to the article the customer acquisition cost (CAC) is more for a company that
doesn’t invest a small percentage of its budget in customer service.
Customer service relays to customers the actual brand image.
For every brand, the ability to communicate directly with customers can totally
revolutionize and grow customer base as it gives insights into improving your products,
marketing, goals, employee training etc.
CEO Today (2018). The importance of customer service and brand image. Retrieved
According to a study, 80 % of the businesses believe that they deliver a superior service, but
only 8% of the shoppers agreed to this.
It’s crucial that a brand makes a good first impression as 48% of customers are likely to
become a loyal customer after their first purchase, if their services are good.
84% of the people make their first purchase from a given brand because of a referral,
therefore, first impression and excellent service is a pre requisite for establishing a loyal
customer base.
R. Tamilarasan (2007). A Study on Retail Store Service Quality Dimensions in Select Retail
Stores of Chennai City
Customers often look at something more than the assortment of goods, in this context, the
importance of a well-thought out customer service strategy becomes critical. In other
words, the total customer service or the total experience that a customer gets in the store
can stay unique. Very often, in retail, it is not what you sell that counts, but how you sell it
does matter.
This study after an in depth analysis of a variety of store dimensions and services quality
dimensions’ reveals that all these dimensions have to be improved to earn a competitive
edge and survive in the retail Business.
IMAGES Business of Fashion (2018). The t-shirts market in India. Retrieved
According to the latest reports from India’s leading management consulting firm Technopak
Advisors Pvt. Ltd., the size of the t-shirt market in India is estimated to be at Rs 23,211 crore
which is expected to grow at a promising CAGR of ~10 percent over the next decade to

reach Rs 61,954 crore by 2027. According to industry reports, in the present scenario, men’s
wear holds a key share in the market, followed by women’s wear and kids wear. At the
same time, the women’s segment is registering a faster growth that experts attribute to the
comparatively lower base of market size and increasing acceptance of casual clothing
among women. Also, t-shirts are finding a larger space in the Tier -V girl’s wardrobe too.
Virendra Pandit (2018). Lifestyle portal hits it off with the youth as it eyes
Rs 100-cr biz. Retrieved from:
Indian women are expected to spend $3 billion in online shopping over the next three years,
with nearly 90 per cent of the total on fashion and trends.’s latest product
category is specifically tailored to cater to this particular consumer base, which the company
hopes would help it increase its total sales revenue by up to 40 per cent. This could also
make the company demonstrate the online shopping behaviour of up-and-coming Indian
(2015). Trending Youth Life. Retrieved
The company used social platforms like Just dial and Facebook to promote their products as
well as website. The effect was clearly visible and in less than a few months, 75 thousand
fans on Facebook were engaged.
Other than the social media platform, the company also arranges extensive college
campaigns where students are asked to spread Beewakoofy around their college campus
and the company then provides a free Tees to them.
For further promotion of their products, the company has also tied up with many top brand
e-commerce sites to sell their products including Snap deal, India times Shopping and
Seventy mm.

Bewakoof is an online fashion brand that created distinctive fashion for modern Indians. The
company was started by 2 IITians in year 2012, Bewakoof brands, designs, markets and sells
all the merchandise through its e-commerce platform.
The main aim of the brand is to provide its customers with quality clothes and trendy funky
styles. The fashion they deal in is called the distinctive fashion because they have a different
approach towards it, their clothes stand out from other’s, they cater to young college and
school going students. The products come with printed cartoon characters that reminds
millennials of their own childhood, or quotes which they pick from real-lie conversations.
DELIVERY SERVICE is an online fashion brand they accept orders through online medium only,
the brand claims that the product will be delivered to the selected destination across India
within one week from the date of order.
If in between a customer has to change the address of delivery the company do not provide
any option for that, the customer has to simply inform the Bewakoof about the problem and
they cancel the order, there is no option to change the address after conformation of the
Placing an order is really easy, you just have to select the merchandise and click on buy,
once the payment is approved customers are informed about the confirmation of the order
on the screen. Customers also receive the e-mails and SMS on their registered contact about
the confirmation of the order, they once gain receive the information about the order after
the merchandise is shipped from its original location.

The range of clothes they offer to customers are very limited, for men they have T-shirts,
Shirts, Hoodies, Shorts, Joggers, and trousers. For women they offer T-shirts, Hoodies, plain
or graphic dresses, Joggers and Boxers.
The accessory department offers bag-packs, sliders, and gliders for men and women both.
Apart from the clothing and accessories they also sell printed mobile phone covers.

The site is equipped with a chat box option, where you can have a real-time cat with one of
the customer service executives. The option is available when you access the online portal
from a desktop or laptop.

The site allows the customers to tract the order in real-time access, the computer generated
system automatically updates the check points about the arrival of the package, the
information about the crossing of checkpoints is updated in the server and presented to the
customer in his mobile application or computer.

A proper size chart is provided in the website to select correctly fitting clothes, the clothes
are divided into categories according to common sizes (ES, S, L, XL, XXL). The common sizes
are properly explained so there will be no difficulty in finding the correct size.

PAYMENT OPTIONS allows the customers to pay using many options, almost all leading mobile
wallets are accessible, credit cards, debit cards, net banking and cash on delivery is
available. Merchant is providing many options to customers to pay from, this increases the
number of buyers as users of different payment method can buy the product easily.

RETURN AND REFUND has a return and refund policy valid for 15 days from the date of purchase.
The company check the packing, if the packing is intact than they pick up the product and
refund is initiated within 1-2 days in bewakoof wallet.
In the locations where they cant reach return procedure is different, customers have to
send the product back through speed post which takes 2-3 days ad then refund starts.
They do not return boxers and shorts due to hygine reasons.

Fan book is a service to reward the customers, according to this service customer have to
wear bewakoof’s merchandise, get themselves clicked and post their picture on Instagram
with the hashtag bewakoofofficial (#bewakoofofficial). Doing this they will automatically
participate in a weekly contest where they will stand a chance to will a goodie and their
picture will also be displayed on the fan book.

Bewakoof wallet is a service given to every customer who purchases any merchandise from It is a virtual account, bewakoof uses to provide cashbacks and discounts.
Whenever a customer returns some product the refund is not added in his bank account but
it is added in bewakoof wallet, cashbacks received by customers are added in bewakoof
wallet and customers win bewakoof coins on every purchase, these coins are also added in
bewakoof wallet.
The amount there in bewakoof wallet can be used to purchase merchandise from

Bewakoof delights are the set of offers provided by in regular basis. These
discounts include some regular offers and some special offers. Some of the offers are: -
Under 299 store: It is a set of collection under which the merchandise is sold under Rs. 299.
Bewakoof coins: On every purchase made from customer receives the
bewakoof coins worth 10% of the order amount.
Lucky size: The merchandise which are almost sold out and only limited sizes are available
are sorted separately from the others and are sold at a discounted price, they are lucky
Design of the day: Design of the day is a special graphic design which is updated every day at
3pm and it is sold at a discounted price for the next 24 hours. Design of the day never
repeats the same graphic.
Colour of the month: on 1st of every month a new colour is added in the Bewakoof
collection. This new colour is sold for the discounted price for the first 24 hours and then
sold at the actual price.

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There are some special offers given by Bewakoof under Bewakoof Delights:
100% cashback: on using PayPal as the payment method the customer will receive a 100%
cashback in his PayPal account, which amount could be used by the consumer to purchase
other things but it could not be encashed.

FACEBOOK PAGE (used as shop) has a Facebook page from very beginning because they knew that being a
youth oriented brand they have to be popular among their customers. In Facebook they
have 4.5 million fans who follow them.
Their Facebook account is used to display/launch new products, create a buzz among people
by posting pictures and offers, they also sell products through their Facebook page.
Shopping through Facebook is done using integrated links, when you click on the product
image you are redirected to their online portal.

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Instagram page
On instagram they have 822k followers, their socialmedia managers regularly post images of
products and memes to create a buzz about the brand. They take up the current topic
related to politics, movies, religion, ectera and present them in a scarcastic way which hits
people in at correct spot.
Because of these funny posts youngsters could connect to the brand easily and it also
increases the popularly of the brand easily. Because of these craetive strategies the brand is
so popular among youngsters.

MOBILE APPLICATION has a mobile application as well, which is available in google play store and
app store, customers can download the application which provides easy access to the online
portal to buy merchandise.
However, the application has many complaints about bugs and incompatibility with mobile
phone operating systems.

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OFFLINE STORES has recently opened its brick and mortar stores in Mumbai and Delhi,
company call them flagship stores but they are more like experience centres where
customers can experience the bewakoof’s vibe.
This is the step taken by bewakoof to expand its Omni channel presence. People can visit
the store, check the merchandise, its quality, size and then buy it. The store is even
equipped with digital kiosk so if the merchandise is not available in store they can buy it
online and can collect it from the store itself within 2 days.

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In the initial days the company used two major platforms Just dial and Facebook to market
and promote their products initially. For Bewakoof Facebook has been one of the most cost-
effective and impactful marketing partners and has provided them a truly holistic solution
Facebook helped them in building their brand in the initial days, boost sales, reach audience
on a massive scale and engage them.
The effect was clearly seen and in less than a few months, their Facebook page got
engagement of more than 75 thousand users.
To drive traffic to their official website marketing was done using the two most famous
Facebook pages. These pages kept the customers occupied for their engagement the
Facebook uses memes and trolls on their website.
1. “2 min Aaya Yaar Raste Mei Hoon”
The strength of the brand is their appealing and attractive trendy quotes that are printed on
different t-shirts and various products. It attracts the people in their first appearance.
WhatsApp helps to trigger 15% of online sales.
The company wanted to launch its sales process through a mobile messenger because it is
most feasible mode to connect with the customers in a shorter period of time. And for this
they used WhatsApp because in the present day it is more widely used by customers. conceptualized an interesting idea, which is to launch its ordering process on
WhatsApp. It created a simple platform to wherein to shop for a product, the person had to
mention the product name, his/her name and address and send a WhatsApp message to
7666655001, which is the official number for this service.
The first instance was if the customer knows what he/she wants, they were simply supposed
to ping and tell Bewakoof about their requirement. This was a usual matter of making online
Another instance that Bewakoof substantiated was that if by any chance internet’s slow
speed acts a hindrance for browsing the entire set of collection, then to retain their
prospective buyers, it was simply asked to ping Bewakoof. In response to their desired
product, they will send the images of what they have in store.
Last but not the least, if any customer gets lured by any of the product(s) offered by
Bewakoof on its online portal, which his/her was already using, then the aspiring customer
could send them a picture of that product. By doing this, Bewakoof will place the order on
that buyer’s behalf.

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Bewakoof brand began leveraging AdWords smart display campaigns and YouTube’s True
View for shopping ads.
They wanted to maximize their return on investment (ROI) while keeping minimum costs
and risks associated with adopting a new advertising platform. They also want ways to keep
cost per acquisition (CPA) as low as possible for each new customer.
AdWords smart display campaigns gave Bewakoof brand powerful machine learning
capabilities that targeted only the most ideal and users that are likely to convert. Whereas
with True View Ads, the company will only have paid if a customer clicks on or watched a
video to completion.
These two pronged strategy allowed the business to create a cost effective display that only
going to target convertible users.
Bewakoof mostly chose True view for shopping campaigns to ensure their videos Ads
provided info about their offerings, this allowed them to bring customers that much closer
to purchase.
These Ads used Bewakoof existing merchant centre product data to generate shopping
cards, allowing them to display up to six shopping cards on a video Ad at a time.
With the help pf True Ads, they saw a 4X ROI and a CPA 37 percent lower compared to other
video Ad platforms while reaching significantly more shoppers. They also achieved a 13X ROI
with smart display within 2 months of launch of campaign. Even with the help of Ad words
their market share is also increased.
The company also promoted their products, through tie up with many top brand e-
commerce sites to sell their products including Snap deal, India times Shopping and Seventy
mm. Because these are the sites where more customers shop so they can target more
In the starting they just started with the men collection but later own they launched women
collection, the products were good so word of mouth helped them a lot. If a man likes a
product line he tells it to 2 people, but if a lady likes a brand, she tells to at least 20 people
about it. They believed that the viral effect is much more in case of women’s category.
They focus more on design and timely delivery, which are the proposition on to grow viral.
In case of men’s category, the traffic is very organic and they denied on virality to grow, but
in case of women they spend very less in marketing because it is the word of mouth that

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Apart from this, the company also created some extensive college campaigns where
students are supposed to spread bewakoofy around the college campus and free tees
provides them from the company, and even they send students five Bewakoof posters and
students need to put them up in their college and once done they need to send the pic to
Bewakoof and they will ship them free tee. because the product is directly related to
millennial generation so this marketing strategy directly target the potential customers and
converted them into sales.
For this students’ needs to publicize in college, both through online and
offline mediums. And act as a campus contact for team for this they will get
a Certificate of Appreciation and get a chance to get a job/internship at if
you prove your mettle.
While buying from a new brand customer always think twice whether they are going to get
a good product or it is a fraud site for this thing they provided a replacement policy which
helps customers with ease of buying any item, they provided COD, this allow buyers to see
the product before making a purchase, customers can open the box and check before
accepting delivery. And even the speed of delivery is very fast delivery is done within 3 days
of the order.

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1. KIOSK INSTALLATION - If Bewakoof cannot establish brick and mortar stores because of
big investments, it can install retail kiosks in various malls. A retail kiosk (also referred to as
a mall kiosk or retail merchandising unit, RMU) is a store kiosk of varying size and shape,
which is typically enclosed with the operator located in the centre, customers approaching
the vendor across a counter.
The appeal of kiosks and carts is that they are relatively easy to set up, low maintenance,
highly accessible to a very targeted buying audience and are less expensive than opening up
a retail storefront. Bewakoof can install such kiosks in various malls and these kiosks will
have complete information regarding the products available, the customer can select the
merchandise and place their order instantly, henceforth, deliver the merchandise at the
customer's doorstep.
2. OPTION OF EMI PAYMENT - Various e-commerce sites like Amazon, Myntra provide EMI
option to their customers to buy products from there site. Giving such options makes it very
convenient for the customer to pay for something which they require a hefty amount from
them. When all the other major competitive e-commerce shopping websites are providing
this option then Bewakoof should also not lag behind in providing such services to their
customers which will help them increasing their customer base. The customer has to shop
for minimum fixed amount, then he’ll able to avail the EMI payment option on the total bill.
3. CUSTOMIZATION SERVICES - One of the major competitors of the brand Bewakoof is
brand "The Souled Store". This brand provides its customers the option of getting their
merchandise customised as per their wish. For instance - Customers can get their favourite
characters printed on the choice of their T-shirt, they can get personalised uotes written on
t-shirts, mugs etc. All these personalised services provided by the brand makes the
customer feel more connected to the brand.
Bewakoof should also imbibe such services and provide them to their customers. This will
not only increase their customer base but will also make the customers feel more related to
the brand.
4. RETURN POLICY - All the e-commerce shopping websites, whether it be Amazon or
Flipkart or Myntra, all the shopping portals have a return and exchange policy that extends
up to 30 days. While if we see Bewakoof's return and exchange policy it extends only up to
15 days, that is half of what its competitors are offering. Hence, Bewakoof should also
extend its return and exchange policy and make it applicable for the customers to be able to
return or exchange the product up to 30 days of merchandise.
5.EXCHANGE AND BUY – Since t-shirts don’t have a long life since either the print fades
away or the fabrics worn out, the brand can have a strategy in which it allows its customers
to exchange the old and used t-shirt at a given amount, and that amount will be balanced in
their future purchases. This will also count in their CSR deeds as they are promoting
sustainability through reusing and recycling old clothes.

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1. INFLUENCE MARKETING - Since the brand is not a high budgeted brand, it can collaborate
with various influencers on YouTube, Instagram etc. Influence Marketing is the new trend
these days that is followed by all the small and big brands. Influence Marketing directly hits
the youth segment of the market which is quite active on social media. They can send their
merchandise to youtubers and influencers on other social medias. While the influencers will
get product for themselves, Bewakoof will get promotion. Hence, the brand can collaborate
with various youtubers, fashion bloggers to promote their brand on social media which will
act as leverage in increasing the brand's presence in the market.
2. LIVE INTERACTION – The brand can go live on its website and other social media. It will
increase the brand’s interaction with the customer and customer will be able to relate more
with the brand. Bewakoof can go live in videos to launch its new collections, hear to the
queries of its customers. It can personally address to the grievances of the customer.
3. SOCIAL CAUSE CAMPAIGNS – The brand can address some social issues like sustainability
and incorporate their take towards sustainability like recycling and reusing old clothes, etc.
in their ad campaigns to attract more conscious customers since they are catering to youth
which is quite aware of such social agendas.

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