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Tracxn - AVPI - Business Operations and Strategy - IIT/IIM/SPJain/XLRI/IMDI/FMS/NITIE [0-2 Years]

About Tracxn
Tracxn ( is a Bangalore based product company providing a research and deal sourcing platform
for Venture Capital, Private Equity, CorpDev and professionals working around the startup ecosystem.

We are a team of 600+ working professionals serving customers across the globe. Our clients include Funds like
Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, NEA; and Large Corporates such as ING, Societe
Generale, LG and Royal Bank of Canada.

We are looking for a motivated and self-driven individual to join as AVPI in Business Operations and Strategy
Team. You will work on initiatives that drive growth and improvements in the existing or new departments.

You will work with different departments. You will define and pick projects and get respective departments on
board. You will be responsible for leading these projects and owning their outcomes from start to finish. Your
responsibilities will include Design, Execution, Training, Performance Tracking, Making Improvements among
other things.

For ex: You may be required to kickstart sales outbound process. Or work with Marketing to get leads from Quora.
Or help Recruitment team design and run interview scheduling process.

What will AVPI, Business Operations and Strategy do?

Understand initiatives & deliverables

● Work with department heads and understand the key initiatives. Understand the potential outcomes the
department is trying to achieve through these initiatives
● Define deliverables and get different stakeholders on-board
● Ideate and come up with different possible solutions. Propose the most optimal one.

Design blueprint
● Divide the solution proposed into multiple projects. Prioritise projects on the basis of impact and effort
● Break down the projects further into actionable steps.
● Stitch the different steps together to form one comprehensive blueprint for the project
● Seek input from peers to iterate. Present the blueprint to the senior management to get them on-board

● Define approach for all the actionable steps
● Build required processes with focus on accuracy, efficiency and scalability. Try to automate as much as
● Define and set up KPIs to monitor the health of the project
● Prepare implementation guidelines. Identify resources to work with
● Ensure training of personnel involved and identify specific/periodic training programs if need be.
● Solve queries raised by the team. If similar queries are raised frequently incorporate in the implementation
guidelines and train the team.
Monitor & handover
● Set up monitoring protocol. Monitor KPIs
○ Escalate in case of any non-compliance to set guidelines, agreed Turnaround Time etc.
○ Identify issues, modify blueprint and processes related to it which may lead to better outcome.
● Once the processes are stable, handover to respective department head


● Top-notch academics from a Tier 1 college (IIT/ IIM/ SPJain /XLRI /MDI /FMS).
● Overall work experience of 0-2 years. Fresher can also apply.
● High intent of getting things done.
● Strive for excellence. Strong commitment to improve things every day.
● Ability to take decision based on sound logical arguments. Seek continuous feedback to deliver most
optimal solutions
● Exceptional problem solving skills. First principles person.
● Not fixated on any specific department but thrilled to solve new problems every day. ​In case you are
interested in a particular department only, this role may not be a good fit for you. ​Please write to us
at ​​. We have multiple openings in different departments and will try to match your
profile with suitable openings (if any).

What can you expect at Tracxn?

● Meritocracy Driven, Candid Culture. No Politics.

● Like Minded Intellectually Curious Colleagues.
● Learn to Design System & Processes for High Accuracy, Efficiency and Scalability
● High Paced Learning. Continuous Mentorship to help Achieve Peak Potential
● Learn to Manage Multi-Tier Reporting

● Neha Singh​ (ex-Sequoia, BCG | MBA - Stanford GSB)
● Abhishek Goyal​ (ex-Accel Partners, Amazon | BTech - IIT Kanpur)

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