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A. julibrissin
1 Hypocotyl segments were excised from seedlings and placed on B5 medium supplemented
with 0.4µM paclobutrazol uniconazole, or prohexadione calcium. Within a week there was
formation of callus from the B5 medium. After 10 days green nodules formed only at the distal
end of the explant. The shoots at the distal end of the A.juribrissin explants readily formed
adventitious roots when sub cultured onto fresh B5 medium. All the three gibberellin
biosynthesis inhibitors increases shoot formation from the explants. The greatest number of
shoots was formed at about 0.3-0.4 µM for all the three of the growth regulators. The number of
shoots per explant was increased 107, 79, and 168 % by 0.3-0.4 µM. However the addition of
GA3 to the culture medium decreased the production of shoots. The result indicated that
hypocotyl explants A. julibrissin can also produce several adventitious shoots within a month on
B5 medium and also the number of shoots can be increased with low levels of gibberellin
biosynthesis inhibitors in culture medium.

2 Growth retardant paclobutrazol was investigated using shoot tips cultures of cherries. Ordinary
proliferation medium of Snir (4) was used with three modifications: omission of GA3 and
addition of paclobutrazol (0.2, 0.4, and 0.8 addition. (In fresh weight). The cultures were kept
in a growth chamber at 25°± 2° C with 16-hr of light per day and 50µmol/s /m2 photosynthetic
photon flux. Paclobutrazol reduced the elongation of the sweet cherry shoots and affected the
number of developing buds. At the base of the treated shoots massive calluses were formed
.When tips of these cultured were transferred to regular propagation medium of GA3 ,a full
recovery were obtained. Paclobutrazol in combination with cold preservation was tested by
comparing cultures maintained at 0.5°± 0.5°C with and without paclobutrazol. The long, white
shoots that grew under these conditions were tender and susceptible to brown spots and necrosis.
The results indicated that it is promising to use paclobutrazol in the in vitro cold preservation
system, since it had reduced significantly the undesirable elongation of cherry shoots and had
maintained culture viability.