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PSYC 198: Psychological Assessment

Activity No. 2

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A. utilize only “traumatic” stimulus words, in an

I. Directions: Encircle the correct answer attempt to diagnose associative disturbances
B. employ normative databases with samples
matched to U.S. census data
1. Projective tests are methods of personality
C. are based on the premise that certain key
words represent areas of conflict
A. futile
D. are usually based on cognitive theories of
B. directive
C. behavioral
D. indirect
7. The most widely used picture-story test is
2. Sentence completion tests:
A. Make-a-Picture Story Method
A. pose no problem for illiterate individuals
B. Children’s Apperception Test
B. are based predominantly on cognitive
C. Picture Story Test
theories of personality
D. Thematic Apperception Test
C. usually have a high degree of face validity
D. are not vulnerable to “faking"
8. When assessing people with disabling
conditions, an examiner must do all of the
3. Self-monitoring differs from self-report in
following EXCEPT:
A. create an appropriate setting for the test
A. with self monitoring behaviors are recorded
at the time and place in which they occur
B. transform the responses so they are
B. with self monitoring the responses are not
C. obtain certification in administering the test
C. with self monitoring it is up to the assessee
to members of a particular group
to decide what to report
D. transform the test into a form that can be
D. with self monitoring the assessee records all
the relevant behaviors but reports to the
evaluator only the important findings
9. The right to have test findings held
confidential by psychologists can be found
4. The Rorschach Inkblot Test:
A. can be purchased as either a black-and-
A. professional ethics
white or a multicolored set of cards,
B. all are correct
according to the examiner’s purpose
C. licensing regulations
B. none of the above
D. case law
C. was originally developed with highly
structured and comprehensive
10. Test developers do which of the following to
ensure that a test developed for national use
is indeed suitable for national use?
A. they have a panel of experts review the
administration and scoring instructions
D. is used widely by behavioral psychologists
B. they employ a large number of examiners
C. they try out the items and eliminate those
5. The Children’s Apperception Test (CAT)
that are biased
depicts ________ in its pictures.
D. they have a panel of experts review the
A. clouds and trees
items AND they try out the items and
B. monsters
eliminate those that are biased
C. animals
D. people
11. "Do not make-up data," "Do not use lies in
advertising," and "do not cheat on your
6. Word association tests such as that
partner" are all examples of:
developed by Jung:
A. ethics
B. rules 18. Francis Galton conducted research that led
C. traditions to the development of the concept of
D. laws correlation. What human characteristic was
Galton studying?
12. If someone can demonstrate that a A. color perception
psychologist did not act in a way that any B. height
other person in the profession would have C. weight
acted given similar circumstances, then the D. endurance
psychologist may be found liable for:
A. deception 19. Among school aged children, as age
B. fraud increases, so do reading skills. This is an
C. incompetency example of:
D. malpractice A. a positive correlation
B. a negative correlation
13. For over 3,000 years, open and competitive C. cannot determine based on the information
examinations were given in China. These presented
examinations tested: D. a zero correlation
A. proficiency
B. motivation 20. Deciles divide a distribution into ________
C. integrity equal parts.
D. personality A. none are correct
B. one hundred
14. History records which of the following as the C. ten
first personality test developed after World D. five
War I?
A. Edwards Personal Preference Schedule
B. The Personal Data Sheet
C. Bernreuter Personality Inventory
D. Mooney Problem Checklist

15. Which historical event was the impetus for

awarding federal funds to schools in an effort
to identify gifted and talented students?
A. the launch of Sputnik
B. World War I
C. the SAT scores of American youth during the
D. World War II

16. According to the "Standards for Educational

and Psychological Tests and Manuals," the
responsibility for the use of psychological
tests should lie with:
A. professionals with the necessary training and
B. professionals who have state certification to
administer a particular test
C. professionals with the highest academic
degree in psychology
D. all are correct

17. Percentiles divide a distribution into

____________ equal parts.
A. one thousand
B. ten
C. one hundred
D. five