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1. 9-10 Office Rental The office rental floor is

1. Floor Finishes 1. Floor Finishes
typically providing space for
- Poor existing carpet - Replace with new
any agencies either
condition. carpet.
government sector or private
2. Ceiling Finishes 2. Ceiling Finishes
sector that interested to rent
- Old condition - Replace the whole area
the floor to run for business. To
suspended ceiling of the ceiling board.
gain the interest, it must be
designed to meet the entire
3. Wall Finishes 3. Wall finishes
requirement as an office.
- Peeling existing - Repainting whole
painting. surfaces of the wall.
1. Replaced the old carpet with
4. Safety & security 4. Safety & security
the new one, so that the
- Security doors not - Replace with new
aesthetic value can be restored
functioning well. security doors.
and can give tenants the
comfort when used the office.

2. Replaced whole existing

ceiling board with new board to
ensure the safety of the tenants
during building operation.
3. Painting the entire wall
surface with new paint to
replace existing paint.

4. Install new security door for

the office to replace the
existing security door which is
not function very well.