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Account Holder : Account number:

(filled by Dukascopy)


The undersigned account holder (“Client”) hereby acknowledges and agrees that by derogation to
the terms and conditions applicable between him/her and Dukascopy Bank SA (“Dukascopy”) as per
the Marketplace Trading Agreement and any other document the Client signed with Dukascopy in
relation with his/her trading on the SWFX Marketplace trading system:

- The Client will not be credited nor debited any interest on any open position in his/her trading
account with Dukascopy past the closing of each business day (21:00/22:00 GMT
summer/winter time);

- Dukascopy will not charge any position rollover fee to the Client’s account either, regardless
of the period that a position remains open for;

- Those specific conditions (“the Exception”) shall be used strictly in good faith for Muslim
religious compliance reasons only;

- This Exception is granted to the Client at the sole discretion of Dukascopy and may be
revoked by Dukascopy at any time and with immediate effect in case of abuse by the Client
or damage caused to Dukascopy due to the Exception. In such case, Dukascopy shall not be
liable to the Client or any third party for its decision to revoke the Exception;

- In particular, Dukascopy does not accept that swap-free-accounts be used for any carry
trade, arbitration or any other strategy aiming at taking advantage of interest differences
between currencies;

- The Client acknowledges and agrees that in case of damage caused to Dukascopy such as
a loss due to rollovers of positions on swap-free-account(s), Dukascopy will have the right to
obtain compensation from the Client by debiting any of his/her accounts of the amount of the
damage. Should the Client’s account(s) have insufficient balance to compensate Dukascopy,
the Client undertakes to wire the requested amount to his/her account(s) with Dukascopy,
upon first request from Dukascopy.

Except where explicitly stated to the contrary, this form is governed by the terms of the applicable
account opening documents signed by the Client.

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