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Testing Sessions

Student Name Josie (case study) Grade 2nd

Date Test(s) Given Comments

1/8/18 QRI-6 Word *Pre-Primer 1=Independent (94%)

30 Lists
minutes *Pre-Primer 2/3=Instructional (80%)

*Primer=Instructional (80%)

*First=Frustrational (40%)

*The purpose of this assessment is to see which passage Josie should read for
the QRI-6 test. Josie had a good attitude while testing. The results inform me
that she should begin with the Primer or Pre-Primer level passages. I am going
to have her start with the Primer level.

I decided to give Josie the WTW assessment because I wanted to see her
Words Their strengths and weaknesses in Spelling. This assessment will help me to plan
Way Spelling for her word study instruction. Her results are:
Inventory *Stage=alphabetic (middle)=scored 5 on short vowels and scored 0 on digraphs
(would like to make this a word work focus)

4 words spelled correctly, 24 feature points, 28 total points

This test tells me that digraphs would be great to work on for word study.

Interest *The purpose of having Josie fill out the interest survey is to see what her
Survey interests are so I can choose many books that I feel she will enjoy. Josie wrote
(Owocki that she thinks she is “bad at reading.” She told me that she wants to learn
p.43) how to read better and she really likes animal books. This is helpful
information for the books I choose and hope to build her confidence.
1/11/18 QRI-6 *Narrative(Primer)=

30 Narrative (“A 85% accuracy (Frustrational)

minutes Night in the 37 wcpm (noted range is 10-52 P) comprehension=0/6 (Frustrational)
Expository *Expository(Primer)=

(“Who Lives 85% accuracy (Frustrational)

Near Lakes?”) 36 wcpm (noted range is 10-52 P) comprehension=4/6 (Instructional)
(Level=Primer) The purpose of the QRI-6 passages in narrative and expository is to find Josie’s
instructional reading level. Since she scored at the frustration level on both I
will need to have her try the Pre-Primer 2/3 levels.

*Scored 156/200
Frequency The purpose of this test is to see how many sight words Josie can automatically
Word read. Her score tells me that she needs some extra practice. Therefore, I am
Inventory planning to make sight word practice a part of her word study lesson every time
we meet. In my experience, repetition is key to sight word automaticity.
1/12/18 QRI-6 *Narrative=

30 Narrative 97% accuracy (Instructional)
minutes Passage,
76wcpm (noted range is 11-59 PP)
(“Lost and comprehension=5/5 (Independent)

100% accuracy (Independent)

65 wcpm (noted range is 11-59 PP)
Expository comprehension=4/5 (Instructional)
The results show that Josie is at the Pre-Primer 3 level instructionally. It is
Pre-Primer2 clear that her comprehension greatly improves when she doesn’t have to work
(“People at as hard at decoding. She had a good attitude while testing. I am planning on
 teaching her reading strategies with graphic organizers and metacognitive
thinking while modeling reading aloud.

Phonological *Scored 60/60 The purpose of this assessment was for me to experience it and
Awareness to see if Josie needs and PA practice. The results show that she understands
Assessment the sounds and how letters go together to make words. She did well with the
oral work and we will not be working on this.
1/17/18 “Names Test” *Scored 30/60=50%
30 level 1, form A
minutes (This was an The purpose of this test is to dig a little deeper to see if students can correctly
additional decoded the correct letter sounds. Some of the names don’t really make sense
assessment I and that is actually part of the test. I wanted to experience it because I have
came across never heard of it. I have only used the nonsense word test which I didn’t feel
and wanted to was a good tool since none of the words are real words. I felt it was a
try.) misleading test and doesn’t make sense which is the opposite of what we teach.
I thought this test was a little better because they are “names” rather than
words and we know how different names can be. Josie did struggle with some
of the names and was trying to change them into more common names. It also
showed she needs practice with digraphs and vowel patterns. Josie had a good
attitude overall, but seemed a little frustrated with it not making sense.
POST QRI-6 Word *Pre-Primer 1=Independent (100%)
2/8/18 *Pre-Primer 2/3=Instr. (90%)
minutes *Primer=Instr. (85%)

*First=Frustr. (70%)

*Some improvement in reading words in isolation, but no significant gains

overall. These are not the words Josie was practicing during word study
lessons. Josie tried her best and was quicker at the post test. The purpose of
retesting her was to see if she made any improvements and to see where she
should begin for the passages. I am going to start with the Primer passages in
hopes for growth.

*Stage=Early-middle within word pattern (scored 1/7 on long vowel patterns).

Words Their 7 words spelled correctly
Way Spelling
Inventory 36 feature points

42 total

Scored 7/7 on short vowels, digraphs and blends (our focus)

*Significant gains were made with spelling digraphs and blends. She went from
scoring a 0 to 7/7 on digraphs (exactly one month later). Josie appeared more
confident in spelling the words. This shows that she applied what she learned
during word study.
2/12/18 QRI-6 *Narrative (Primer)=

30 Narrative 98% accuracy (Independent)

minutes (“Fox & 75 wcpm (Primer=10-52) comprehension=5/6 (Instructional)

(“Living and *Expository (Primer)=

Not Living”) 91% accuracy (Instructional)

Passages 48 wcpm (Primer=10-52) Comprehension=3/6 (Frustrational)
(Primer) It appears that Josie is at instructional for expository at the Primer level.
Typically I would stop here and use Primer as her instructional level, however, I
am going to have her do the First grade level for narrative text to see how she
does(see results below). Josie was very cooperative and hardworking.
High- Score=190/200
Word Josie made significant gains while reading her sight words. She was confident
Inventory and quick while reading.
2/13/18 Names Test Scored 38/60=63% (noted in the description for the level 2 test a 63% is average
30 for a second grader). Some improvements were made. This assessment shows
minutes that she needs more work on her vowel sounds. Blends and consonant digraphs
are coming along. I analyzed this test myself as there is not a scoring guide for
this level. Josie still did not seem to like this assessment and she did try to
make sense of the names by saying common names that start with the same

*On the literacy interview Josie stated that reading is good and she likes
reading with expression because it is fun. She also said it is kind of
embarrassing at times because she doesn’t want to fail and it is hard when she
sounds it out and it is still wrong. She thinks she is getting better at reading.
completing PA
because pre-
test was

2/23/18 QRI-6 I decided to have Josie try the First grade passage because I wanted to see how
Narrative she would do since she was independent at the Primer level for the narrative
Passage, First passage. Also, because she seems to really enjoy working with me one on one.
grade, (“The Her results were instructional for oral reading (92%) and comprehension (5/6).
Surprise”) Her rate was 65 wcpm. Taking all of these assessments into consideration, I feel
that she is ready for instruction at the first grade level. When presenting
expository texts she will need more front loading for better comprehension and
hopefully more accurate oral reading.
Student Name Josie Grade 2nd

Tutoring Session #1 Date 1/15/18 (30 minutes)

Materials Purpose Procedure / Activity Evaluation of student

Word study
Sight word cards Practice sight words to Read sight word *First 100=92/100 correct
(1-100) build automaticity. (flashcards) *Appeared to enjoy the game
Sight word game and practice words.
Play “Cracker Stacker” *Josie was able to generate
sight word game. words with -sh, -ch, and -th
at the beginning of words.
Dry erase markers & Introduce digraphs: -sh, - Model words with Josie was able to read words
board ch, -th at the beginning of digraphs, write them, with digraphs. Josie
words read/say them, then she struggled to write the words:
writes them. shine, coach, shout, thorn,
and chew, but did spell wish
correctly. She easily
corrected her misspellings
with prompts including
“remember what we were
just doing?”
Book=“Honey for Narrative Read “Honey for Baby *While completing the
Baby Bear” Bear” and complete a graphic organizer Josie told
running record. When about the end of the book.
“My Story Write & retell to better finished, complete a While discussing the book,
Report” (graphic comprehend. retelling graphic she was able to retell the
organizer) organizer. beginning, middle, and end
with prompts. After our
discussion she chose to add
more details to her sketch.
Book=“Honey for Build fluency through Reread “Honey for Baby *Running Record:
Baby Bear” (a rereading text. Bear” 92% accuracy=
previous guided Discuss fluency and Instructional
reading book) expression. 48 wcpm
*After modeled prosody,
“Dinosaurs Before Model fluent reading at Josie did not change her
Dark”(level 2.6) grade level. Read aloud chapter1 from expression or tone. She did
“Dinosaurs Before Dark” read much quicker and more
while modeling prosody smoothly during the reread.
and metacognitive *Josie appeared to enjoy
thinking. listening to my read aloud.
We engaged in a great
discussion about what I am
thinking while I am reading.
She commented that it is
hard for her to think about
what is going on because
she is trying to read the
Reflection: Josie is a very eager worker and truly wants to improve her reading skills. I am helping
her build sight word automaticity through flashcards and games to keep it fun. I have started with the
first hundred words. Josie needs quick reminders to stop and think about her responses and if they
make sense. She appears to be worried about doing things quickly. She was very engaged and
enjoyable to work with. I will continue similar plans with a different book.

Tutoring Session #2 Date 1/16/18 (30 minutes)

Materials Purpose Procedure / Activity Evaluation of
Objectives student

Sight word cards Word study Read sight word (flashcards) *First 100
(1-100) Practice sight words to build words=100/100
automaticity. Play “Cracker Stacker” sight *Only missed “does”
Sight word game word game. for doze during the
Dry erase markers & Practice digraphs: -sh, -ch, - Model words with digraphs, *Was able to
board th at the beginning of words write them, read/say them, generate and read
then she writes them. words with
digraphs. Could
write wish, shine,
and thorn correctly.
Misspelled coach,
shout, and chew,
but was with the
Comprehension Read “The Lion and the *Running Record
Book=“The Lion and Narrative Mouse” and complete a 98% accuracy=
the Mouse” running record. Independent
(previous guided Draw and retell to improve 78 wcpm
reading book) comprehension.

Graphic When finished, complete a *Josie drew a

organizer=“Picture graphic organizer to build picture of the lion
Walk” retelling comprehension. The picture sleeping at the
walk graphic organizer is a beginning (correct).
drawing of the beginning, She drew a lion
middle, and end. waking up and
clawing the mouse
in the middle. She
drew a lion stuck in
a net and a mouse
freeing it at the end.
When she retold the
story orally she
called it a tiger.
When I asked her
about it, she
responded with “I
just felt like
changing it to a
tiger.” She
struggled with
dividing the story
into B-M-E, but
knew the overall
Book=“The Lion and Build fluency through Reread “The Lion and the *After modeled
the Mouse” (a rereading text. Mouse” prosody, Josie
previous guided Discuss fluency and attempted to read
reading book) expression. with some
expression as she
talked like the lion
in the story.
Book=“Dinosaurs Model fluent reading at grade Read aloud chapter2 from *Josie remembered
Before Dark”(level level. “Dinosaurs Before Dark” while the characters and
2.6) modeling prosody and the treehouse from
metacognitive thinking. chapter 1. Josie
was an active
listener during read
aloud. She gave
input while I was
describing what I
pictured in my mind
about the Pteradon.

Reflection: Josie was excited about working with me again. I am thankful that she is so cooperative
and eager to learn. She scored 100/100 on the first 100 sight words. Therefore, I will be using the
second 100 words in our next lesson. To keep things exciting I will also use the sight word game
“Pop.” Josie did well with her oral reading and even attempted to use expression. Josie needs to
continue to work on retelling. I will have her read an expository text in our next lesson. She appeared
to enjoy my read aloud with “Dinosaurs Before Dark” and was engaged in our discussions about
creating a picture in our minds while reading.
Tutoring Session #3 Date 1/17/18 (30 minutes)

Materials Purpose Procedure / Activity Evaluation of

Objectives student

Word study
Sight word cards Practice sight words to build Read sight word (flashcards) Scored 67/100
(100-200) automaticity.

Sight word game Play “Pop” sight word game. Missed kind, does,

Names Test Further assess phonics. Josie will read names on the Scored 30/60=50%
“Names Test” level 1, form A Struggling with
vowels. Has initial

“Systematic Practice digraphs: -sh, -ch, Lesson 26 from “Systematic Josie did well
Sequential Phonics -th at the beginning of Sequential Phonics They Use” manipulating the
They Use” by words by Patricia Cunningham letters to spell
Patricia *Make words with letters i, g, required words.
Cunningham h, n, s, t Initially she often
words=in, is, his, tin, thin, mixed some letters
swing, sting, thing, things around, but quickly
figured it out.
Unfortunately, lesson
26 has an error in that
letter w is not listed,
but swing is one of the
words to spell and the
final word is things.
Book=“Dolphins” Expository Read “Dolphins” and *Running Record
complete a running record. 92% accuracy=
Graphic Dig deeper and reflect to When finished, complete a *Josie wrote that she
organizer=K-W-L better comprehend the text. K-W-L graphic organizer. knows dolphins like to
Activate prior knowledge play, live in the ocean,
about dolphins, inquire what and eat fish. She had
Josie wants to know about some good prior
dolphins, and reflect on what knowledge about
the learned from the book. dolphins. She
wondered how they
She learned that they
have skin and a baby
dolphin is called a
Book=“Dolphins” Build fluency through Reread “Dolphins” When she reread, she
rereading text. Discuss fluency and facts. was 30 seconds faster.
She also noted that
they have blow holes.

Book=“Dinosaurs Model fluent reading at Read aloud chapter3 from *Josie was an attentive
Before Dark” grade level. “Dinosaurs Before Dark” listener and
(level 2.6) while modeling prosody and remembered the
metacognitive thinking. characters and
treehouse filled with
books from chapters
1-2. I modeled
thinking about how
they traveled to
prehistoric times by
wishing they could see
a real live pteranodon.
We also discussed
visualizing and how it
is important to create
a picture in your mind
while reading. Josie
predicted that they
might get eaten.

Reflection: Josie is improving with her automaticity while reading sight words. Out of curiosity I
chose to have her complete the Names test. It concluded that she has some struggles with vowels in
the middle of words. I also noticed that she compensated and said familiar names rather than what
the actual names were. She even said “Tom” for “Mot.” Josie was engaged in making words. She did
well with the process. I noticed that she frequently had letters mixed around, but took time to think
and fix them. I just gave her some wait time to make corrections. Josie was at the instructional level
while reading expository text. The K-W-L chart was beneficial to activate prior knowledge, give
purpose for reading, and to reflect on the text. I will continue to use K-W-L charts for expository text.
Rereading for fluency practice is beneficial for rate, but also Josie noted more things she learned after
rereading. Josie is also benefiting from grade level read aloud and metacognitive thinking. We
discussed visualizing and predicting during read aloud.

Tutoring Session #4 Date 1/22/18 (30 minutes)

Materials Purpose Procedure / Activity Evaluation of student

Word study *Scored 92/100 on the

Sight word cards Practice sight words to Read sight word (flashcards) second hundred sight
(100-200) build automaticity. words.

Sight word game Play “Pop” sight word game. *Missed “does” and "every”
while playing “Pop.”

“Systematic Practice digraphs: -sh, - Lesson 27 from “Systematic *Did well manipulating
Sequential Phonics ch, -th at the beginning Sequential Phonics They Use” the letters and sounds to
They Use” by of words by Patricia Cunningham spell the requested words.
Patricia *Make words with letters e, i, c, I could see and hear her
Cunningham d, h, l, n, r thinking it out.
words=Ed, red, rid, lid, led,
rich, inch, chin, child, children
Book “Tigers” Expository Read “Tigers” and complete a *Running Record
running record. 92% accuracy=

Graphic Dig deeper and reflect to When finished, complete a K- *Josie had prior
organizer=K-W-L better comprehend the W-L graphic organizer. Activate knowledge about what
text. prior knowledge about tigers, tigers look like including
inquire what Josie wants to they are big cats, have
know about tigers, and reflect stripes, big teeth, and big
on what she learned from the claws. Josie wanted to
book. know how they blend in
and hunt. Josie learned
that they sleep in the day
and their babies are called
Book “Tigers” Build fluency through Reread “Tigers” *Josie increased her rate
rereading text. Discuss fluency and by 24 seconds while
expression. rereading “Tigers.” I also
noticed she only made 2
errors, which is an
improvement from the 6
previous errors. She also
noted that tigers
sometimes eat monkeys.

Book=“Dinosaurs Model fluent reading at Read aloud chapter4 from *Josie was excited to hear
Before Dark” grade level. “Dinosaurs Before Dark” while the read aloud of chapter
(level 2.6) modeling prosody and 4. She had some good
metacognitive thinking. predictions including that
Discuss visualizing to better the dinosaur would be
understand. mean, however, she later
found out that it was very
nice. We also discussed

Reflection: Josie is showing improvement in sight word automaticity. She has also shown
improvement in classroom work including her weekly spelling test and weekly reading comprehension
test. I have also noticed she is showing greater confidence in reading as she is participating more in
class. Josie is a hard worker and I am pleased with her growth. I am eager to try some Words Their
Way lessons and will have Josie give it a try tomorrow starting with digraphs.
Tutoring Session #5 Date 1/23/18 (30 minutes)
Materials Purpose Procedure / Activity Evaluation of
Objectives student

Word study
Sight word cards Practice sight words to build Read sight word (flashcards) *Scored 97/100 on the
second hundred sight
(100-200) automaticity. words. She missed:
through, our, & large.
*She is getting very good at
Sight word game Play “Pop” sight word game. “Pop” and only missed the
word goes; she said does.

*Did well manipulating the

“Systematic Practice digraphs: -sh, -ch, - Lesson 28 from “Systematic letters and sounds to spell
Sequential Phonics th at the beginning of words Sequential Phonics They Use” the requested words. I
could see and hear her
They Use” by by Patricia Cunningham thinking it out. The words
Patricia *Make words with letters =e, hopped and shopped are
Cunningham o, d, h, p, p, s on this week’s spelling list
so we also reviewed the
words=ho, he, she, hop, pop, rule about doubling the
pep, shed, shop, hopped, final consonant. I heard
her say “consonant, vowel,
shopped consonant means double.”
*I wanted to try the Words
Words Their Way sort#13=s, h, Their Way sort so I had her
start with the -sh digraph.
sh digraphs She was quick to do the
sort and only said “hoodie”
for shirt, which is
Book=“The Biggest Narrative Read “The Biggest Fish” and *Running Record
Fish” (guided complete a running record. 93% Accuracy=
reading book) Instructional
60 wcpm

Graphic organizer= Identify setting, characters, When finished, complete a *Josie was able to
Story Chart BME, rate & why to better graphic organizer to build easily write down
comprehend text. comprehension. The Story the title, setting,
Chart identifies setting, and characters
characters, BME, rate, and correctly. She
why. looked back and
used a picture from
the beginning,
middle, and end of
the book rather
than coming up
with it in her mind.
She couldn’t
remember who had
the biggest fish and
asked, “Can I just
make up his name?”
I told her absolutely
not and she could
look for it in the
book. I also
stressed the
importance of
accuracy. She rated
the book as “great”
because she liked
the big surprise fish
at the end.
Book=“The Biggest Build fluency through Reread “The Biggest Fish” *Josie read with
Fish” rereading text. Discuss fluency and expression and was
expression. even more fluent
during her reread.
She appeared to
enjoy rereading.

Book=“Dinosaurs Model fluent reading at grade Read aloud chapter 5 from * Josie was an eager
Before Dark”(level level. “Dinosaurs Before Dark” while listener as I read
2.6) modeling prosody and aloud chapter 5. I
metacognitive thinking. modeled visualizing
what the triceratops
looked like. I also
tuned into the word
medallion and
discussed the
meaning and how to
find meaning with
the other words
(context clues) and
the picture. Lastly,
we predicted that
the “M” on the
medallion must
mean someone with
a “M” name lost it
when they went into
the book. Josie is
questioning who
that might be.
Reflection: Josie did an excellent job during our lesson. I really enjoy trying new things with her
including making words and sorting words. I can tell that Josie is great at hearing the sounds and
manipulating them. I can tell that she needs improvement in spelling the words correctly and
comprehending what she is reading. She has a lot of great things to say, but lacks important details. I
will continue the making words because it appears to be valuable. I will also continue WTW sorts, but
will also write and have her write some of the words. I want to see her applying what she knows to her
Tutoring Session #6 Date 1/24/18 (30 minutes)
Materials Purpose Procedure / Activity Evaluation of student

Word study
Sight word cards Practice sight words to Read sight word *Scored=198/200
(1-200) build automaticity. (flashcards) Missed: Our & large

Sight word game Play “Buzz” sight word Games are a fun way to
game. build sight word

“Systematic Practice digraphs: -sh, - Lesson 29 from Josie was excited to make
Sequential Phonics ch, -th at the beginning of “Systematic Sequential words. She did a great job
They Use” by words Phonics They Use” by manipulating the letters.
Patricia Patricia Cunningham She sounded out the letters
Cunningham *Make words with as she made the words.
letters=a, i, c, d, h, n, s, w
words=he, we, ash, dash,
dish, wish, inch, chin,

Words Their Way

sort#15=digraphs-h, sh,
Book=“Josie Cleans Narrative Read “Josie Cleans Up” *Running Record
Up” and complete a running 91% total accuracy
record. 50 wcpm

Graphic Organizer= Identify characters, plot, When finished, complete a *Josie liked this book
Story Stars-who, and setting to comprehend graphic organizer to build because it has her name in
when, what text. comprehension. The Story it. She has read it before.
happened, ending Star identifies characters, She did a great job of
setting, and plot. identifying the main
character, the setting and
the plot. She also made
predictions about what
would happen next.
Book=“Josie Cleans Build fluency through Reread “Josie Cleans Up” *I modeled her book, then
Up” rereading text. Discuss fluency and Josie reread the same book
expression. with expression and 42
seconds faster.

Book=“Dinosaurs Model fluent reading at Read aloud chapter6 from *Josie remembered the new
Before Dark”(level grade level. “Dinosaurs Before Dark” vocab. Word “medallion.”
2.6) while modeling prosody We also came across the
and metacognitive words gasped and shrieked
thinking. and tuned into them for
meaning. There were some
pictures in chapter 6 so we
discussed them and
checked to see if they
matched our visualization.
Reflection: Josie appears to be making gains every day. She easily read 198/200 words today!! She
was excited and after 2 clues came up with the final word “sandwich” while making words. The word
sort with -h, -sh, and -h appeared to be easy for her so I asked her to write some of the words on a dry
erase board. She quickly wrote: sheep, house, and shed, but struggled with shop and wrote “sope.” It
became a great lesson. We talked about her knowing the word, and being able to read it, therefore she
should take the time to spell it correctly and think it out. I also noticed she spelled of “ov” on her
graphic organizer. I am working hard to teach her to be thorough and careful because “she can do it.”
Tutoring Session #7 Date 1/29/18 (30 minutes)
Materials Purpose Procedure / Activity Evaluation of student

Word study
Sight word phrases Practice sight words to build Flash sight words phrases, *Scored 30/30phases
automaticity. note any misreadings. read correctly and

WTW sort 18 Identify words that begin with Words Their Way *Easily sorted the
s, t, st. sort#18=digraphs-s, t, st words only mistake was
that she had “6” flipped
upside down so she
said “I don’t know
where “9” goes.

“Systematic Practice long /a/ with bossy e Lesson 31 from *Josie did an excellent
Sequential Phonics at the end. “Systematic Sequential job of making words.
They Use” by Phonics They Use” by She modeled her
Patricia Patricia Cunningham thinking while placing
Cunningham *Make words with letters and needed little
letters=a, e, m, n, s “wait time” to fix words.
words=me, as, an, am,
Sam, man, mane, same,
name, names
Book=“Plenty of Comprehension Read “Plenty of Penguins” *Running Record
Penguins” (1.4 grade Expository and complete a running 86% total accuracy
equivalent) record. 30 wcpm

Graphic Organizer= Activate prior knowledge, When finished, complete *She was very
(Predict, Author’s demonstrate thinking while the graphic organizer to challenged by this book
Purpose), Before, reading, and reflect on the build comprehension and read very
while, after reading text after reading. laboriously.
Discussed punctuation
marks ., ?, !
Book=“Plenty of Build fluency through Reread “Plenty of *Reread 1:47 faster rate
Penguins” rereading text. Penguins” with very few errors.
Discuss fluency and She had fewer areas
expression. and read the continents

Book=“Dinosaurs Model fluent reading at grade Read aloud chapter 7 from *Josie is engaged while
Before Dark”(level level. “Dinosaurs Before Dark” I am reading. She is
2.6) while modeling prosody excited and eager in
and metacognitive predicting.

Reflection: Josie has been such an eager learner. I enjoy her excitement in everything I ask her to do.
I feel that the focus of word study, comprehension with some writing, and fluency practice (and
modeled) is really helping her to become a confident reader. I hope with more practice she will check
her work and make self-corrections more frequently. I feel like she really does know it, but some
things are just not yet automatic.
Tutoring Session #8 Date 1/30/18 (30 minutes)
Materials Purpose Procedure / Activity Evaluation of student

Sight word phrases Word study

Practice sight words to build Flash sight words *Josie said “the” for “my”,
automaticity. phrases, note any “there” for “where”, “all
misreadings. long day” instead of “all
day long”, & “want” for
WTW sort 22 *Pictures were slightly
Identify picture words that challenging for “blouse”
begin with pl, sl, bl Words Their Way and “blade” however, she
sort#22=blends-pl, sl, knew “pliers.” She was
bl easily able to sort the
*Josie appear to really
“Systematic enjoy making words. She
Sequential Phonics Practice long /a/ with bossy e does a great job of
They Use” by at the end. thinking it out. She
Patricia Lesson 32 from initially placed t with an
Cunningham “Systematic Sequential upside down “a” for “at”
Phonics They Use” by but fixed it. Then she
Patricia Cunningham made the word “eat” for
*Make words with “ate”. After I told her to
letters=a, e, k, m, r, t think about it, she was
words=at ate, rat, rate, ablate fix it. She knew the
mat, mate, rake, take, final word was market, but
make, market initially spelled it mrkate.
Book=“Red-Eyed Expository Read “Red-Eyed Tree Running Record
Tree Frog” Frog” and complete a 91% total accuracy
running record. 48 wcpm

Graphic Organizer= Activate prior knowledge, ask Before , during and Josie knows that tree-frogs
K-W-L questions, and reflect on the after reading, complete have sticky hands. She
text after reading. a K-W-L graphic wonders what they eat.
organizer. Activate prior After reading she found
knowledge about tree out that they eat moths.
frogs, inquire what
Josie wants to know
about tree frogs, and
reflect on what she
learned from the book.
Book=“Red-Eyed Build fluency through Reread “Red-Eyed Tree *When Josie reread she
Tree Frog” rereading text. Frog” was much more fluent. I
Discuss fluency, facts, also heard her mimicking
and real pictures. my thinking aloud and
questioning as I read. She
said “Wow! It only ate one
moth and was full; I
thought they at more than

Book=“Dinosaurs Model fluent reading at grade Read aloud chapter 8 *Josie appears to be
Before Dark”(level level. from “Dinosaurs Before engaged in my read aloud.
2.6) Dark” while modeling She is making a lot of
prosody and predictions while I am
metacognitive thinking. reading. She has been
able to retell after each
chapter and remembers
important details from
previous chapters. She
wanted me to read an
additional chapter. (I will
tomorrow doing our final

Reflection: Josie made some simple mistakes during word study today, but by simply giving her some
wait time she fixed them. I am thankful to have the opportunity to try some different procedures. I
really like the “Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use” by Patricia Cunningham. I like the
information that the Words Their Way assessment gives, but don’t know if the picture sorts are
helping Josie. She is strong with hearing and seeing the sounds and letters, but struggles when she
needs to make them or write them.
Tutoring Session #9 Date 1/31/18 (30 minutes)
Materials Purpose Procedure / Activity Evaluation of student

Word study
Sight word Practice sight words to build Flash sight words phrases, *Josie did a great job.
phrases automaticity. note any misreadings and She added an “s” to
review them. “page” and said “Now”
for “how’, but made very
few errors.
*Josie said the picture
Identify picture words that Words Their Way words to herself. I
WTW sort 26 begin with k, wh, qu, and tw. sort#26=blends-k, wh, qu, could see and hear her
and tw thinking it out by
making the initial
sound and talking to
herself as she sorted.
She sorted all of the
pictures correctly.
*Josie did a great job
manipulating the letters
while making words.
Practice long /a/ with bossy Lesson 33 from “Systematic She made “aet” for “ate”
“Systematic e at the end. Sequential Phonics They but remembered from
Sequential Phonics Use” by Patricia yesterday when I gave
They Use” by Cunningham her some wait time.
Patricia *Make words with letters=a, She easily made the
Cunningham e, d, r, t final word “trade” but
words=Ed, ad, at, ate, red, was not able to read it
Ted, rat, rate, date, trade without prompts.
Book=“Dixie Loves Narrative Read “Dixie Loves School Pet *Running Record
School Pet Day” and complete a 95% total accuracy
Day” (Josie’s running record. 63 wcpm
Summarize to better When finished, complete a *Josie was suppose to
Graphic comprehend text. summary graphic organizer summarize what the
Organizer=My to build comprehension. whole book was about,
Story Report but she focused on
Dixie letting the bird
out of its cage. We
discussed how there
were a lot of animals at
school for pet day and
then she was able to
Fluency Reread “Dixie Loves School Josie read at an even
Book=“Dixie Loves Build fluency through Pet Day” quicker rate while
School Pet Day” rereading text. Discuss fluency and rereading. She also
expression. made less errors.
Book=“Dinosaurs Model fluent reading at grade
Before Dark”(level level. Read aloud chapter 9 from *We finished the book.
2.6) “Dinosaurs Before Dark” We will discuss and
while modeling prosody and illustrate our favorite
metacognitive thinking. part at our next meeting
because we are out of
Reflection: I honestly have to say that I am a little sad that this was our last lesson. She has been
wonderful to work with throughout this experience. I am eager to see if she made some gains on
assessments. I know that she has made some gains including confidence, but I am hoping there are
some measurable gains. As a classroom teacher I wish that I could give every student this 1-1 learning
opportunity including the above level, on-level and below level students. I felt like we were able to
accomplish so much. I can fully understand the value and importance in interventions if done
correctly to meet students needs right where they are. Lastly, I let Josie choose a book as a prize for
all of her hard work and she chose a Magic Treehouse book.