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Student: Tori Student D.O.B.: October 21, 2002

Parent: Matt Age: 13 years, 7 month

Date: December 4, 2017 Grade: 7.9

Examiner: Jessica Williams Location: Middle School library

Tori Student is a 13-year, 7-month-old seventh grader at Milwaukee Middle

School. Tori is a very friendly, social girl who makes friends easily and enjoys coming to

school each day. According to the MAP Reading Assessment used at Milwaukee Middle

School, Tori performed “Average” in Literary Texts, Informational Texts, and “Low

Average” in Vocabulary.

Tori does not have an IEP, nor does she receive any special services in school.

However, Tori is currently part of a Tier 2 classroom intervention program called “LLI -

Leveled Literacy Intervention,” and her intervention teacher asked that she be evaluated

to provide additional information for possibly qualifying Tori for an IEP and student

services for Reading. Tori’s intervention teacher reports that she enjoys participating

and helping others in her classes, especially group and partner work, but that she tends

to avoid reading and writing assignments. Tori was recommended for a Tier 3 reading

intervention program called “Read 180,” but Tori and her parents opted out of this

recommendation because they did not want her to miss social studies class.

According to the Burke reading interview, Tori employs several important

strategies when she feels she is not understanding what she is reading; she will sound it

out, re-read, or ask for help. She greatly dislikes reading out loud in class. The last book

she enjoyed reading was Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, which she read in

fourth grade. Tori reports that she does not read for pleasure outside of school. Tori’s

goal is to be able to read the Divergent series with her friends and to raise her grades in


An interest inventory revealed that Tori enjoys Functional Art class. She made a

beautiful purse out of duct tape, and she would like to work in fashion some day. She is

very proud of the pictures she takes and shares on her Instagram account. She is very

well liked in school, and she enjoys visiting the School Forest after school and taking

photographs of nature. Next year, she plans to get a job at a restaurant with her friend

and try out for the school POMS team.

Assessment Scores


Word List Pre-test Scores: Administered: 12/4/2017

● Independent - 4th grade

● Instructional - 6th grade

● Frustration - Upper Middle School

Additional Information and Data from QRI-6


Passage Title: Margaret Mead Level: 5th grade

Unfamiliar Text
WCMP: 68 Percentage accurate: 99% Level: Independent

Observed/Analyzed issues: Fluency=slow, choppy

Retelling: 6/18 ideas Percentage 33%

Correct Answers: 7/8 Level: Instructional

Correct Answers with Look-Backs: 7/8 Level: Instructional


Passage Title: How Does Your Body Take in Oxygen Level: 5th grade

Unfamiliar Text

WCMP: 61 Percentage accurate: 95% Level: Instructional

Observed/Analyzed issues: Fluency=choppy

Retelling: 7/30 ideas Percentage 23%

Correct Answers: 2/8 Level: Frustrational

Correct Answers with Look-Backs: 2/8 Level: Frustrational


Reading Achievement

Grade Level: 5th grade is Tori’s instructional level.

Word Analysis Skills

( + strength, - weakness)

● Initial Consonants +
● Ending Consonants +

● Consonant Blends +

● Consonant Digraphs +

● Short Vowel +

● Long Vowel +

● Vowel Digraph -

● Rimes -

● Initial Consonant Blends +

● Controlled Vowels -

● Schwa +


● Retelling -

● Explicit Questions +

● Implicit Questions -

● Familiar Text -

● Expository Text -

● Narrative Text +

Considerations for Student Learning

● Strengths – Tori knows her high frequency words. She is a persistent reader. She

re-reads and asks for help when she does not know.
● Needs – Tori needs to work on fluency, retelling with details, implicit questions, &

T3 vocabulary words. It will benefit her to read lower level text to increase fluency and

comprehension, as well as, gain some confidence in reading.

● Ideal Learning modes – Visual learning modes appeal most to Tori similarly to her

interest in photography.

● Attitude Toward Learning / Competence – Tori has a fairly positive attitude toward

learning. However, she does tend to avoid extra work and dislikes reading aloud/inde-


● Physical / Medical Considerations - N/A

Additional testing recommended

● Re-test with a topic familiar text.

● Have her complete a Words Their Way Spelling Inventory to determine deficiency

in word study.

● Conduct a Fluency assessment such as the one on page 141 in the RTI text-



· Word Study

Tori needs explicit teaching with vocabulary words including affixes, roots, and

using context clues. Tier 3 vocabulary words will benefit her when reading text with low

frequency, context specific vocabulary. Tori needs practice in syllabication with focus on

the middle of words.

· Comprehension Strategies, Narrative & Expository

It will benefit Tori by frontloading information prior to reading. Showing her pic-

tures that teach meaning will benefit her understanding. Tori needs explicit teaching in

metacognitive thinking by modeling. She also needs to use some of this thinking to

monitor her reading and checking for understanding, retelling, and synthesizing during

and after reading. Graphic organizers will help to model organizational ways of thinking

about the text (e.g. story maps, Beginning-Middle-End). Tori needs to work on self-

monitoring while reading to recognize her errors. Have her record and listen to herself

reading while following along to see if she can identify her own errors. Highlight/code

text while reading. Have Tori practice looking back to locate meaning in text.

· Fluency

Tori needs to read and reread text to increase fluency and understanding.

She needs to listen to modeled fluent reading by a proficient reader that pays attention

to prosody.

Echo reading and small group choral reading are good practices for building fluency.

Record herself so she can hear her fluency and she can fill out a rubric based on what

she hears.

· Integrated Writing Plan

It is important for writing to be integrated in with the text Tori is reading. It will

benefit her to write a summary of the text, write in graphic organizers, and write using

vocabulary. Other ideas may include reflection or text reviews.

· Text Suggestions

To support Tori’s interests it would be important to include some Science fiction

books. She would like to read Divergent and book titles such as “Ender’s Game” and

“City of Ember” are both at the 5th grade level. It is also beneficial for her to read narra-

tive and expository texts to increase vocabulary and best reading practice. Tori may

also enjoy books with topics such as photography or POMS.


Tori is a sweet,13 year old girl with typical interests. Based on the QRI-6 word

lists and reading passages, Tori is reading instructionally at the fifth grade level. Tori

avoids reading and writing when she can. It may be valuable to evaluate Tori with a fa-

miliar passage to see if her retelling improves. Tori will also benefit from the Words

Their Way spelling inventory assessment so we can pinpoint exact word pattern defi-

ciencies and better plan instruction to meet her needs.

Tori needs explicit teaching of vocabulary, especially Tier 3 words that are text

specific and not as common. She needs to be taught how to find meaning through

roots, affixes, and context clues. A stronger vocabulary will benefit her comprehension.

Also, front-loading with pictures and visuals will build her comprehension. Teacher

modeling of metacognitive thinking while reading aloud will improve Tori’s own thinking

while reading. Metacognitive thinking needs to be explicitly taught. Graphic organizers,

retelling, and reflections will also benefit comprehension of text. Encouraging her to

look back or highlight text for important information is recommended. While working on

building her fluency, Tori will benefit from explicit modeling from someone that demon-

strates prosody. Some helpful activities to build her fluency include echo reading, part-
ner reading, small group choral reading, and recording & evaluating her own reading. It

is also important to include writing in Tori’s plan. It will benefit her to write text reflec-

tions and summaries in her own words. It will also benefit her to write information from

text and to complete graphic organizers. If time allows Tori would benefit from helping

younger students so she gains some confidence and leadership in reading. At home it

is important to encourage reading. Some ideas may include reading with Tori, checking

out books of her interest with her, and having discussions about books with her. Due to

her interest in reading “Divergent,” please check out other dystopian science fiction

books such as “Ender’s Game” and “City of Ember.” Please keep reading positive and

motivational for Tori. These recommendations will ensure that Tori is on the path to be-

coming a more confident reader so she can fully enjoy reading.