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There is a natural healing power in each one of us and when we're ready to make changes
in our lives, we attract that which we need to help us. Something inside of you has shifted
and the healing process has already begun. You might say to yourself, "I have already
began the healing process and I am getting well." When we want to begin to change a
condition, the very first thing to do is to say so literally. Say, "I am willing to release the
pattern within me that is creating this condition." Say that with me now. "I am willing to
release the pattern within me that is creating this condition." Say that to yourself over
and over every time that you think of your illness. The very minute you say it, you are
stepping out of the victim class. You are no longer helpless. You're acknowledging your
own power.

You're saying, somehow I may not understand it, but somehow I am beginning to
understand that I have created this, and now, I take my own power back and I'm going to
release it and let it go. The idea of perfect health is now filling your subconscious mind.
The image your subconscious mind now has of you is the perfect image. It now recreates
your body in this perfect image now held in your mind. Remember the most powerful
mental rule of all is, " What the mind expects to happen tends to be realized." Your mind
now expects you to have perfect health and is working to make this your reality.

From this time forward, I strongly suggest that you cease talking about your condition or
giving it a name. The only way it draws life is from your attention and fear of it. Release
your symptoms and allow your subconscious mind to prune those negative thoughts like
dead branches form a tree. Release the healing power and energy of your subconscious
mind and the truth of life will allow you to walk forward in the light of love, health,
happiness and all positive actions.

Now affirm as follows, "I am relaxed, at peace, poised, balanced and calm. The healing
intelligence of my subconscious mind which created my body is now transforming every
cell, every nerve, every tissue, every muscle, every organ, and bone of my well-being
according to the perfect pattern of all organs lodged in my subconscious mind. Silently,
quietly, all distorted thought patterns of my subconscious mind are removed and
dissolved and vitality, wholeness and beauty of the life principal are manifested in every
atom of my body. I am now open and receptive to the healing currents that are flowing
through me like a river, restoring me to perfect health, harmony and peace. All
distortions and ugly images are now washed away by the infinite ocean of love and peace
flowing through me, and it is so."

You must remember that sickness is due to your false beliefs, groundless fears and
negative patterns lodged in your subconscious mind. Further, be convinced that ailments
are do only to a distorted twisted pattern of thought which has taken form in your body.
This erroneous belief in some external power, external cause has now shown itself as a

sickness and can be changed by changing the thought patterns that created it. The basis
of all healing is the change of belief. The subconscious mind created the body and all its
organs. Therefore, it also knows how to heal it. It can heal and is doing so now as I
speak to you.

Diseases shadow the mind based on morbid thought images. You can call on all your
healing power within that created all the organs and glands in the first place and which
has a perfect pattern of every cell, nerve and tissue within it. Scientists inform us that
you build a new body every eleven months. So you're only eleven months old from a
physical standpoint. If you build defects back into your body by thoughts of fear, anger,
jealousy, and ill will you have no one to blame to yourself because you are the sum total
of your own thoughts. You can keep from entertaining negative thought and imagery.
The way to get rid of darkness is with light. The way to overcome cold is with heat. The
way to overcome negative thought is to substitute the good thought. Affirm the good,
and the bad will vanish.

Affirm often as follows; "I'm whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and
happy." You must remember, your subconscious mind expects an idea, it immediately
begins to execute it. It uses all its mighty resources to that end, to mobilize all the mental
and spiritual law of your deeper mind. This is true for good or bad ideas. So, if you use
it negatively, it brings trouble sickness and confusion. And when you use it
constructively, it brings guidance, freedom, peace of mind and wonderful health. Before
the healing can take place, it's necessary to eliminate any old resentments, hurts and
bitterness that may be lingering within you. It's impossible to allow healing until we
have forgiven. As the book of miracles says, "Would you rather be happy or would you
rather be right?"

I want you to imagine or visualize there is a small stage in front of you. And on this
stage is the person you resent the most. It could be someone from your past or present.
Living or dead. And you imagine or see this person clearly. Begin to see good things
happening to this person. Things that would be meaningful to him or her. And see him
smiling and happy. Say to him mentally; "I forgive you and I set you free." You set him
free and you become free. You become free of the past. You become free to create
happiness that is meaningful for you.

Now we're going to do a healing visualization. We will work with mental pictures to
dissolve whatever dis-ease is within you. You can create a mental picture of what you
feel is wrong with your body. The picture you could describe to a three-year-old child.
Like, there are bugs inside of me that are biting me. Or, there is a wall of mud moving
through me. Some picture image that is meaningful to you. And then, picture a method
of taking care of this problem. For example, someone could come along with a big spray
gun and kill all the bugs. Or the mud could be washed away with cool clear water.
Now, let us make a mental picture of your pancreas as it is now, not working up to its full
efficiency, lazy and lethargic. Now imagine a magician walks up to your pancreas and
touches it with a magic wand. And as he touches it, your pancreas becomes totally
healthy and operates efficiently and it maintains your blood sugar level at the proper level
at all times. Every day in every way you're becoming healthier and stronger. And your
feeling better and better. Now repeat the following words to yourself mentally; "Through
the power of my energized subconscious mind, I know and am aware of the fact that my
body and mind are inclined naturally toward perfect health. I know with certainty that no
disease is incurable since the power of my own mind is greater than any force on this
earth. I command that through the infinite wisdom of my subconscious mind the power
of my energized mind will be directed now to restore or replace any damage or diseased
cells within my body and return all my systems to a state of perfect and total well being."

"My pancreas will do whatever is necessary to keep my blood sugar levels at the perfect
level for me." Now, create your own mental motion picture to which we will now add
the miracle of sound. See yourself with friends and hear a discussion of the fact that you
have been cured of all disease within your body. Picture and imagine that now. Hear the
words. Now mentally see yourself in your doctor's office and hear your doctor state that
according to his findings and test results all disease in your body is in a state of perfect
health. Hear the words. See or imagine the doctor in your mind.

And now continue to allow yourself to go deeper into relaxation with every gentle breath
you exhale. Now, repeat the following words to yourself mentally. "In spite of the fact
that my conscious mind may be engaged in tasks of daily living, my subconscious mind
will continuously direct the power of my powerful mind for the purpose of restoring me
to complete and total perfect health. The miracle of subconscious healing and the power
of my energized mind will be a continuous process within me so that once I am returned
to a state of perfect health, I shall maintain and enjoy that state always." You are a most
powerful human being. By directing the healing power of your own subconscious mind
no illness, disease, or injury can withstand the power of your energized mind.

You have had within you from the moment of your birth the miraculous ability to restore
and maintain perfect health within yourself and you now have the knowledge available to
put that power to practical use. Every day in every way, you're becoming better and
more healthy. From this moment on, your blood sugar levels remain at the required level
for perfect health. Your subconscious mind will do whatever is necessary for this to be
your reality. Your body will produce the exact amount of insulin that it needs for this to
be your reality.

Emerge the client with further suggestions of maintaining the

proper blood sugar levels at all times.