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Holy Rosary Academy

San Nicholas 1st, Lubao, Pampanga

SY: 2016 – 2017
Senior High School DEPARTMENT

COURES MAP IN GRADE 11 Empowerment Technologies (for Strand)


The purpose of the course is to provide an appropriate Information and Communication Technology background for students who wish to enter occupations that require
using a variety of multimedia and Visual Design imaging and layout software like Google Sketch Up and AutoCAD. As well as introducing ICT, The various Focus Studies within the
course give students the opportunity to apply, and develop further, the knowledge, skills and understanding initially developed in the various Strands: Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) and visual Design: imaging and layout using Google Sketch up and Computer Aided Drawing ( AutoCAD).


Empowerment Technologies (for Strand) aims to enable students to:

•Develop skills in using the different types of multimedia and software.

• Appreciate the applicability and elegance of ICT.

•Provide students with Architectural knowledge to use in Planning, analysing, interpreting, Architectural Plans.

Content Standard
 The learners demonstrate and understand the concept and principles in manipulating the different types of software’s use in ICT analyzing technical drawings and floor
 The learners demonstrate and understand the concept and principles in the preparations of architectural layout and details analyze technical drawings and floor plan use
in Google Sketch Up and AutoCAD.
Performance Standards
 The learners shall be able to interpret and manipulate Layout Design software in ICT.
 The learners shall be able to prepare architectural layout and details using Google Sketch Up and AutoCAD.
Learning Competencies Content Techniques/strategies Values Integration Learning Activities Major Performance Task

The learners demonstrate an
understanding of: Information and  Diligent
communication technology Discussion
Covering the topics of:  Actual
 ICT in the context of  Hard Work Demonstration
global Demonstration
 The current state of
communication for  Perseverance
ICT technologies. Board Work
specific professional
- Web
track.  Patience  Hands on exercises
- Convergent Problem Solving
- Social mobile  Self – reliance
- Assistive media
 Online system and  Problem solving

The learners demonstrate an  Diligent
understanding of: Applied productivity tools Discussion
with  Actual
 The use of advanced  Hard Work Demonstration
advanced application Demonstration
tools and techniques techniques
found in common  Perseverance
These advanced tools and Hands on Discussion
productivity and
techniques currently
software  Patience  Hands on exercises
applications in include, Problem Solving using computers.
developing ICT but are not limited to:
 Self – reliance
content for specific
professional track. 1. Mail merge and label
2. Custom animations and

3. Hyperlinking in

4. Integrating images and

external material in word

5. Embedded files and data.

6. Advanced and complex

formulas and

The learners demonstrate an WEEKS 5-7

understanding of: Discussion  Diligent
Imaging and Design For the
 How to manipulate Online Environment Demonstration  Actual
text and graphics  Hard Work
covering Demonstration
and image to create the topics of:
ICT content Hands on Discussion  Perseverance
intended for online 1. Basic principles of
environment Problem Solving  Patience
Graphics and layout.

2. Principles of visual  Self – reliance  Hands on exercises

message design using using computers.
Info graphics.
3. Online file formats for
images and text.

4. Principles and basic

techniques of image

5. Basic image manipulation

using offline or open source

6. Combining text, graphics,

and images.

7. Uploading, sharing, and

image hosting platforms

Usable platforms/
currently include but are not
limited to:

1. Google Sketch Up
2. GIMP (open source/