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The City School

Chenab Campus, Faisalabad

Term: 2nd
Questionnaire for Kindergarten
Subject: Personal Social Emotional Development(PSED)
. 1. Who are we? 10. . Name two eids celebrated by muslims.
Ans: We all are Muslims. Ans: • Eid-ul- Fitar • Eid-ul-Adha
2. Whom do we all pray? 11. Tell the dua before eating.
Ans: We all pray to Allah.
3. What is the name of our last Prophet?
Ans: Holy Prophet (PBUH) is our last Prophet. 12. Tell the dua for enhancement in knowledge.
4. Tell the birth date of Last Prophet of Allah. Ans.
Ans: Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) was born on 12th Rabi ul Awwal 571 13. Tell the dua of drinking milk.
A.D. Ans:
5. Tell the death date of Last Prophet of Allah. 14. What is the prayer before going to bed?
Ans: Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) was died on 12th Rabi ul Awwal 630 Ans:
A.D. 15. Translate Tassmiyah.
6. What is the name of holy book of Muslims? Ans: In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most merciful.
Ans: Holy Quran is the holy book of Muslims. 16. Which hand we should use for eating and drinking?
7. What should we recite before starting anything? Ans: Right hand
Ans. We should recite ‘Tasmiyyah’ before starting anything. 17. When we meet someone, what should we say?
8. How many prayers do Muslims offer daily? Ans: Assalam-o-Alaikum
Ans: Muslims offer five prayers daily. 18. How many months are there in an Islamic year?
9. Name five prayers. Ans. There are twelve months in an Islamic year.
Ans: • Fajar • Zuhar • Asar • Maghrib • Isha 19. What should we recite when we are going upstairs?
Ans: Allah-o-Akbar
20. What should we recite when we are going downstairs?
Ans: Subhan Allah
Note: Memorization of Dua for travelling, Surah Ikhlas, 1st Kalimah and Durud are also included in quiz. (without translations)