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AP Psychology Lesson Plan — Danku Week 36 Days 1-5

Weekday Monday 5/20 Tuesday 5/21 Wednesday 5/22 Thursday 5/23 Friday 5/24
Topic UNIT 11 TEST UNIT 11 TEST Sleep & Altered Sleep & Altered Sleep & Altered
States of States of States of
Consciousness Consciousness Consciousness
Objective Apply knowledge Apply knowledge Define Define Define
SWBAT of all unit topics of all unit topics consciously and consciously and consciously and
and subtopics to and subtopics to relate different relate different relate different
summative summative types of types of types of
assessment assessment consciousness consciousness consciousness
Administrative -hand out -hand out -take questions on -take questions on -take questions on
ScanTron ScanTron the exam review the exam review the exam review
-hand out test -hand out test

Subtopics -all Unit 11 topics -all Unit 11 topics -conscious -conscious -conscious
and subtopics and subtopics defined defined defined
-normal waking -normal waking -normal waking
consciousness: consciousness: consciousness:
flowing flowing flowing
consciousness, consciousness, consciousness,
daydreams, daydreams, daydreams,
divided divided divided
consciousness consciousness consciousness
-the unconscious -the unconscious -the unconscious
mind mind mind
-consciousness -consciousness -consciousness
during sleep: during sleep: during sleep:
sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and
dreaming dreaming dreaming
-stages of sleep -stages of sleep -stages of sleep
-dreaming & -dreaming & -dreaming &
dream dream dream
interpretation interpretation interpretation
-Extreme sleep -Extreme sleep -Extreme sleep
deprivation deprivation deprivation
-nightmares -nightmares -nightmares
-sleep disorders: -sleep disorders: -sleep disorders:
insomnia, sleep insomnia, sleep insomnia, sleep
apnea, narcolepsy apnea, narcolepsy apnea, narcolepsy

Guided -n/a -n/a -CrashCourse -CrashCourse -CrashCourse

Instruction, Psychology: Psychology: Psychology:
Activities & Consciousness Consciousness Consciousness
Differentiation -Consciousness -Consciousness -Consciousness
ppt ppt ppt
-Complete the -Complete the -Complete the
sleep lab in sleep lab in sleep lab in
Chapter 7 of Chapter 7 of Chapter 7 of
PsychSim PsychSim PsychSim
Skills & Use of -ScanTron -ScanTron -YouTube -YouTube -YouTube
Technology -application of -application of -Powerpoint -Powerpoint -Powerpoint
knowledge knowledge -Worth publishers -Worth publishers -Worth publishers
interactive media interactive media interactive media

Homework OB: 279-285 OB: 279-285 -OB 290-295 -OB 290-295 -OB 296-308

WB: 162-163 WB: 162-163 -WB 147-161 -WB 147-161 -WB 174-180
-work on Unit 12 -work on Unit 12 -work on Unit 12
vocabulary & test vocabulary & test vocabulary & test
review review review

-work on final -work on final -work on final

exam review exam review exam review