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Agilent 1200 Series

LC Systems and Modules

Agilent 1200 Series
Pure Liquid Chromatography

Agilent Technologies has taken its Agilent has been developing robust
world leading LC system and made and reliable LC systems for over
it even more flexible, smarter and 30 years. The Agilent 1200 Series
ultimately equipped for the future. represents the latest advance in
this evolution of excellent integrated
The new Agilent 1200 Series is finely solutions, designed to help you
tuned to give you a winning combination achieve uncompromised data
of speed, resolution and sensitivity, quality and higher productivity.
while the modular design ensures
that you get a configuration ideally Make a secure investment in the
suited to meet your application future of your lab with the scalable
requirements. and open architecture of the Agilent
1200 Series.

All the performance.

All the time.

Sensitivity and Performance
Optimized to give you complete confidence in your results

The seamless integration of each Mass selective detection HPLC-Chip/MS for reliable
module gives you unparalled accuracy for more confidence high sensitivity nanospray
and precision for both quantitative and
qualitative analysis. Highly sensitive By providing molecular weight The easy-to-use HPLC-Chip/MS
detectors deliver the lowest possible and structural information, which system significantly improves your
detection limits for even the most complements the spectral information nanoflow separations by eliminating
demanding applications. from a diode array detector, the Agilent all post-column dead volumes and
6000 Series LC/MS systems are the is ideally suited for high sensitivity
ideal solutions for scientists who need nanospray LC/MS with limited
Spectral information from additional selectivity and sensitivity sample amounts.
190 to 950 nm for their chromatographic systems.

The dual-lamp design and the Limit of Detection: 10 fg or 32 attomoles Sulfadimenthoxine

temperature control of the Agilent
1200 Series diode array detectors
ensure outstanding sensitivity.
Photodiode arrays with 1024
elements, programmable slit width
(1, 2, 4, 8, 16 nm) and the selection
of nine different flow cells enable
Serum sample with HPLC-Chip/6320 Ion Trap LC/MS,
optimization of resolution, linearity
EIC of 311.1 → Σ (155.9, 217.9, 245.0), 1 µL injection.
and sensitivity.

Limit of detection of anthracene at different data rates

with diode array detector.

Revolutionary HPLC-Chip/MS integrates capillaries,

nanocolumns and nanospray emitter on a single polymer chip.

Superior injection precision High resolution chromatography
and lowest carryover reveals more
The selection of different autosamplers Small particle size and long separation
provides for precision levels of columns are key for higher efficiency
< 0.5 % RSD over an injection volume and resolution. The Agilent 1200
range from 0.01 µL to 2000 µL. Series Rapid Resolution system fully
The unique flow-through design, exploits the power of Agilent ZORBAX
combined with the external needle Rapid Resolution HT columns with
wash and optional multiple wash 1.8 µm particles, providing a new
solvents, virtually eliminates carryover, dimension of information for complex
even for highly adsorptive compounds. samples.

Injection volume [µL]

Typical repeatability data for injection

volumes demonstrates the high
precision of the standard autosampler.

High resolution chromatography of a ginseng root extract with

the Agilent 1200 Series Rapid Resolution system and TOF detection,
with the average peak width of 0.13 minutes giving a peak capacity of 540.

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Speed and Throughput
Modular and scalable platform lets you decide just how fast you want to work

By choosing a system from the fast Agilent 1200 Series Fast cycle time for
quaternary/binary LC system through binary pump SL ultra-fast analysis
to the ultra-fast rapid resolution
system you can achieve new levels of • Configurable delay volume down • High performance autosamplers
productivity, processing more samples to 120 µL together with a flow enable fast injection cycles without
in less time, while maintaining and range up to 5 mL/min provides sacrificing lowest carryover
even improving data quality. universal applicability
• Valve solutions for alternating
Short columns with sub-2 µm • Electronic damping control column regeneration
particles offer a unique opportunity for lowest baseline noise
• Minimized run-to-run instrument
to dramatically reduce analysis time • Perfect choice for fast and and software initialization time
by increasing the flow rate without precise gradients using LC/MS,
losing separation performance. as well as UV-only systems
In order to take full advantage of
their power, you need a system that • Fully exploits the speed and
can do more than handle high back separation potential of ZORBAX
pressure. The answer is a fully Rapid Resolution HT columns
integrated solution, optimized
for system volumes, cycle times,
detection rates and temperature
control. mAU 0.246 - Butyrophenone
0.139 - Acetophenone

0.088 - Acetanilide

0.196 - Propiophenone

0.290 - Valerophenone

0.264 - Benzophenone

0.364 - Heptanophenone
0.330 - Hexanophenone

0.394 - Octanophenone

250 PWHH = 197 milliseconds

2.1 mm x 50 mm, 1.8 µm
Flow = 2.4 mL/min 150
Gradient: water/acetonitrile
0 min 35 %
0.38 min 95 % 100
0.46 min 95 %
0.47 min 35 %
Temperature: 95 °C 50
Pressure: 550 bar
Detection: DAD SL, 80 Hz data rate
Ultra-fast separation of a phenone
mix with the Agilent 1200 Series
Rapid Resolution system. 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 min
6 12 18 24 s

Complete ZORBAX Rapid High temperature enables Ultra-fast detectors with
Resolution HT column portfolio higher speed uncompromised sensitivity
The optimized particle size distribution The two independently controllable • Programmable variable wavelength
results in less back pressure which low volume heat exchangers detector VWD (55 Hz)
makes these columns the number one allow ultra-fast, high temperature
• Multiple wavelength detector
choice for all LC systems. separation with unique post-column
MWD (80 Hz)
cooling for the lowest possible
UV detection limits. • Diode array detector for full
spectral acquisition DAD (80 Hz)
• Five types of mass spectrometers,
all with fast spectral acquisition
that can keep up with the fastest

Peltier cooling/heating ranging from

10 °C below ambient up to 100 °C.

80 Hz full spectral sampling rate

provides resolution and peak capacity
gains of 90 % relative to 10 Hz
sampling rates.

The ChemStation explorer

enables fast data review.

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Reliability and Lifetime
Easy maintenance and intelligent system monitoring for increased uptime

With an installed base of more than Robust components Agilent system intelligence
60,000 LC systems, Agilent LC
technology is renowned for its • Long-life pistons and seals, • Early Maintenance Feedback (EMF)
reliability under all operating together with active seal wash, tracks system usage (such as lamp
conditions. The Agilent 1200 Series reduce the frequency of preventive burn time, solvent usage) and alerts
represents the next generation of LC, maintenance you for timely replacement of parts
designed for even greater robustness • Deuterium and xenon lamps with • Column identification module
and reliability together with enhanced a lifetime of over 2000 hours records column parameters (such
performance. as number of injections, particle
• Patented orthogonal spray design
Agilent pioneered technologies to size and maximum pressure) and
substantially reduces ion source
monitor and track important system provides a unique column signature
contamination and the need for
parameters with the goal of ensuring cleaning • Patented RFID tracking technology
that you achieve greater productivity in the DAD SL saves all relevant
and keep operating costs low. Easy maintenance meta data from the flow cells
• Demonstration videos on a and UV lamp
multimedia CD-ROM guide you • Control Area Network (CAN)
through maintenance procedures provides inter-modular, real-time
• Easily interchangeable ion sources communication for reliable
operation, regardless of PC
• E-Pac design significantly reduces
failures or network interruptions
assembly and disassembly time
• Software independent LC diagnostic
tool assists users and the support
experts interpreting the instrument
• Agilent system intelligence provides
a new generation of services with
on-demand remote connectivity
for a new level of productivity

Self-aligning, front access to replacement parts,

such as lamp and flow cells.

A unique embedded data recovery card for DAD SL offers you

“data-never-lost insurance”.

Customer support and services
Agilent provides customer-focused
products and services for all stages
in an instrument's life cycle, from
installation and upgrade to operation
and repair. The Agilent global network
of support services offers a broad
range of options for customized or
contract services, enabling you to
choose the package which best suits
your laboratory needs and budget

Agilent intelligent services

Using the remote capabilities of your
instrument, the latest generation
of Agilent services offers real-time
insight into instrument utilization
and performance. Backed by highly
skilled Agilent service engineers
and application scientists, these
intelligent services provide a whole
new level of performance.
• Agilent LC diagnostics instrument
status report includes all important
information, such as system At the push of a button, Agilent LC diagnostics generates
configuration, error log book, complete instrument status reports in pdf format.
EMF and guidance report
• Maximized lab productivity – secure
and streamlined communication
Intelligent Services Dedicated
between your lab and the Agilent
Gateway(s) Intelligent Services
support organization
Collects data from Enterprise Server
• Optimized return on instrument your instruments
capital – proactively monitor
instrument performance and Intelligent Services
utilization Gateway Controller
Gives you complete
control of data flow and
access privileges

Your Laboratory Network Support

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Open and Organized
Scalable and open software architecture with Agilent OL operating system

In parallel to the development of ChemStation for research and EZChrom Elite for maximum
enhanced analytical hardware, method development tasks flexibility and compliance
Agilent develops software solutions
designed to meet your specific needs. Agilent ChemStation enables you Agilent EZChrom Elite workstation
The Agilent range extends from to acquire, review and organize large is an easy to use software solution
single workstations through to client- amounts of data, giving you instant for labs with instruments from
server solutions and an innovative access to online instrument multiple vendors. It also provides
informatics framework to unite your modifications and results. The built-in high automation capability with
enterprise, ensuring that you can macro language makes it easy to advanced “smart” sequencing and
expand your operations easily customize and the software supports reporting capabilities with automated
and effectively. numerous add-ons. spreadsheet calculations.

Workstation software systems • Level 5 instrument control for your • Full compliance features
Agilent instruments
to improve your daily output • Integrated multi-vendor instrument
• Built-in diagnostics, maintenance control
Agilent workstations give you high
and Early Maintenance Feedback
level instrument control, data • Powerful and flexible reporting
(EMF) functions for maximum
acquisition and data management • SMART sequencing for flexible
capabilities, designed to help you automation tasks
increase productivity. All software • Control of LC/MS, GC/MS, CE,
systems are available with Installation CE/MS and generic A/D converters • Easy scale-up from workstation
Qualification (IQ) and Operational to client-server system
• Add-on modules for specific
Qualification (OQ). solutions, such as high throughput
• Reduce training costs purification software, GPC/SEC
Data Analysis, Analyst, LC/MS Easy
• Comply with regulatory guidelines
Access, ChemStation Data Browser
• Extend the system as lab needs grow
• Employ sophisticated level 4
and 5 instrument control

Agilent 1200 Series instant pilot

• Cost-effective, standalone solution • Comfortable operation in the palm • USB memory stick for method
for single instrument control of your hand or securely mounted and sequence storage, and transfer
on one of the 1200 Series modules to another 1200 system
• Full instrument control and display
of online signal(s), maintenance, • Large, high-brightness colored • Intuitive software with online
diagnostic and Early Maintenance screen tip-tool and context-sensitive help
Feedback (EMF) functions for ease of use

information on status
Parameters can be
of 1200 Series system
changed immediately
Signal plot(s) can be
Online tip-tool enlarged to full screen
shows limits instantly
for ease of use

Agilent OL ECM reaches Client-server systems expand
beyond the single laboratory your operations
The Agilent OL philosophy lets you As your facility grows, EZChrom Elite
communicate beyond the boundaries workstations can be easily scaled up
of a single lab. By implementing to client-server systems, enabling you
Agilent OL’s core component – to access and control your instruments
the Enterprise Content Management from any PC within the network.
system (ECM) – you can acquire and If you are working in a highly regulated
organize your data across laboratories environment, Agilent Cerity for
and departments. Pharmaceutical QA/QC provides
full workflow support of quality
• Saves all documentation and data
control operations.
in a single repository
• Organize and retrieve data
using advanced search engines
• Enables several people to rapidly
and easily review a complete
result set for a sample, including
graphical results

Easy scale-up from single workstation

to enterprise-wide solutions
within the Agilent OL operating system Agilent OL enables total content management of
for the laboratory. instruments as well as general laboratory information.

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Scalable Solutions
For future expandability and adaptability

Manual Isocratic LC System

Automated Quaternary LC System
Automated Binary LC System
Rapid Resolution LC System

Pure Agilent 1200 Series

HPLC-Chip/MS System
Nanoflow LC System
Capillary LC System
Preparative LC Systems

Module Selection Guide

Agilent 1200 Series pumping systems * settable flow range with degasser

Isocratic Pump Quaternary Pump Binary Pump Binary Pump SL

Flow range: 0.001–10 mL/min*, Flow range: 0.001–10 mL/min*, Flow range: 0.001–5 mL/min, Flow range: 0.001–5 mL/min*,
for isocratic analysis for gradient analysis for fast gradient analysis for ultra-fast and high resolution
(column ID: 2.1–9.4 mm) (column ID: 3–9.4 mm) (column ID: 2.1–4.6 mm) gradient and analysis
(column ID: 1–4.6 mm)

Preparative Pump Capillary Pump Nanoflow Pump

Flow range: 0.001–100 mL/min Flow range: 0.01–100 µL/min Flow range: 0.01–1 µL/min
(extendable to binary gradient) (extendable up to 2.5 mL/min)*, (extendable up to 2.5 mL/min)*,
for isolation and purification for gradient analysis for gradient analysis
(column ID: 4.6–50 mm) (column ID: 0.18–1 mm) (column ID: 0.075–0.1 mm)

Agilent 1200 Series column/valve organization

Thermostatted Column Thermostatted Column

Compartment Compartment SL
Temperature range: 10 °C below Temperature range: 10 °C below
ambient to 80 °C ambient to 100 °C Column/Valves Organizer

Agilent interfaces

35900 A/D Converter

for non-Agilent equipment

For more information you can download

Data Sheets from the Agilent website:

Agilent 1200 Series injection systems

Manual Injectors Standard Autosampler Micro Well-plate Autosampler High Performance Autosampler
Injection range: Injection range: 0.1 µL–100 µL Injection range: 0.01–8 µL Injection range: 0.1 µL–100 µL
loops for 5 µL–20 mL (extendable up to 5000 µL) (extendable up 40 µL) (extendable up to 1500 µL)
Sample container: vials Sample container: Sample container: vials and
vials and well-plates well-plates

High Performance Autosampler SL Dual Loop Autosampler PS Preparative Autosampler Thermostat for Autosampler
Injection range: 0.1 µL–100 µL Injection range: up to 10 mL Injection range: 0.1–5000 µL Temperature range: 4–40 °C
(extendable up to 1500 µL) Sample container: vials and Sample container: vials
Sample container: vials and well-plates

Plate Handler with automation

interface (scalable)
Shallow well-plates: up to 16 (80)
Deep well-plates: up to 4 (16)
Vial plates: up to 6 (24)

Agilent 1200 Series degassers

Vacuum Degasser Micro Degasser

Flow rate: up to 10 mL/min Flow rate: up to 5 mL/min
Internal volume: 12 mL Internal volume: 1 mL

Agilent 1200 Series fraction collectors

Micro Collector/Spotter Fraction Collector (AS) Fraction Collector (PS) Thermostat for Fraction Collector
Flow rate: up to 100 µL/min Flow rate: up to 10 mL/min Flow rate: up to 100 mL/min Temperature range: 4–40 °C

All the performance.

Agilent 1200 Series detectors

Variable Wavelength Detector Variable Wavelength Detector SL Multiple Wavelength Detector Multiple Wavelength Detector SL
for programmable single ë analysis, for ultra-fast, programmable single ë for multi-ë analysis for ultra-fast multi-ë analysis
1 signal, 13 Hz data rate analysis, 1 signal, 55 Hz data rate 5 signals, 20 Hz data rate 8 signals, 80 Hz data rate

Diode Array Detector Diode Array Detector SL Fluorescence Detector Refractive Index Detector
for multi-ë and spectral analysis for ultra-fast multi-ë and spectral for multi-signal detection and for refractive index range:
5 signals, 20 Hz data rate analysis, 8 signals, 80 Hz data rate online fluorescence spectra 1.00–1.75 calibrated

Agilent 1200 Series external valves

2-position/10-port valve 2-position/10-port micro valve 2-position/6-port valve 2-position/6-port micro valve

6-position selection valve 12-position/13-port valve


Agilent ChemStation

Agilent EZChrom Elite

Agilent Cerity for

Agilent 1200 Series Instant Pilot Agilent Workstations and Pharmaceutical QA/QC
Chromatographic Data Systems

All the time.

Agilent 6000 Series LC/MS systems

Flow range: 0.1–1 µL/min

Agilent 6100 Series Single Quadrupole Agilent 6410 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS Agilent 1200 Series HPLC-Chip/MS
LC/MS Systems Accurate MS/MS quantification with nanospray source
Nominal mass detection

Agilent 6210 Time-of-Flight LC/MS Agilent 6300 Series Ion Trap Agilent 6510 Quadrupole Time-of-Flight LC/MS
Ultra-fast accurate mass LC/MS Systems MS/MS structural information
Sensitive MSn with accurate mass

Ionization sources

Electrospray (ESI) Source Atmospheric Pressure Multimode Source (ESI/APCI)

Chemical Ionization (APCI) Source

Atmospheric Pressure Nanospray Source Pulsed Dynamic Focusing MALDI

Photoionization (APPI) Source (PDF-MALDI) Source

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Scalable Solutions
For multiple performance levels and future expandability

Speed and resolution Manual Isocratic LC System

Workhorse for demanding QA/QC
The performance of a liquid applications
chromatographic system with regards
to speed and resolution is influenced • Entry-level system for world-
by various aspects of the overall class LC technology
system. The automation capabilities • Easy and fast maintenance
and cycle times have a big impact
on speed, whereas column technology, • Flow rates up to 10 mL/min
temperature, gradient and detector for a wide range of column
performance will affect both speed dimensions and applications
and resolution. • Upgrade options from isocratic
up to automated quaternary
LC system
Manual Isocratic LC System
Automated Quaternary LC System
Automated Binary LC System
Rapid Resolution LC System

Speed and resolution
HPLC-Chip/MS System
Nanoflow LC System
Capillary LC System
Preparative LC Systems

Highest sensitivity detection, especially • Electronic Flow Control (EFC)
in combination with limited sample measures and actively controls
amounts, is a challenge in applications, the flow in real time for highest
such as proteomics and drug retention time stability
metabolism studies. At constant • Dedicated, thermostatted micro
injection volumes, decreasing the autosamplers designed for
column inner diameter creates reproducible injection of small
smaller elution volumes. This results sample amounts, as low as 10 nL
in higher concentrations, as well
as higher signals in concentration • Theoretical sensitivity r2
= 12
sensitive detectors, such as UV increase r2
absorbance or electrospray LC/MS. r = column radius


Automated Quaternary LC System Automated Binary LC System Rapid Resolution LC System
For routine method development For research, high-throughput Highest speed and resolution with
and high throughput gradient and fast applications uncompromised data quality
• High pressure gradient mixing • Up to 60 % more resolution
• Greatest flexibility for multi- for superior gradient performance and up to 20 times faster
solvent gradients by accessing even at lower flow rates compared to conventional LC
up to 4 solvents • Flow rates up to 5 mL/min
• Optimized delay volumes for
• Flow rates up to 10 mL/min fast chromatography provide universal applicability
support both standard bore • Full, uncompromised compatibility
• Flow rates from 0.05 to 5 mL/min
and semi-preparative applications with existing methods
provides ideal support for narrow
• Wide selection of autosamplers and standard bore applications • Ideally suited for use with
for full flexibility in injection ZORBAX Rapid Resolution HT
volumes and sample containers 1.8 µm columns
• Throughput of 2000 samples per day

Capillary LC System Nanoflow LC System HPLC-Chip/MS System

Enter the world of low flow Unsurpassed nanoflow performance For reliable high sensitivity
applications and stability nanospray LC/MS
• Up to 500 times more sensitive • Up to 3500 times more sensitive • Up to 3500 times more sensitive
compared to conventional LC compared to conventional LC compared to conventional LC
• Typical flow rates 1 – 100 µL/min, • Typical flow rates 0.1 – 1 µL/min, • No peak dispersion for
extendable up to 2.5 mL/min extendable up to 2.5 mL/min uncompromised chromatographic
• Advanced diode array detection • Compatibility with third-party MS
from 190 – 950 nm platforms • Sample preparation and
separation columns, connection
capillaries, fittings and nanospray
emitter directly integrated on the
polymer chip

For more information visit:

Preparative LC Solutions
For isolation and purification with highest recovery and purity

Preparative LC is the technique Micro Collection/ Purification System Purification System

of choice for isolation and purification. Spotting System Analytical Scale Preparative Scale
For lowest peak dispersion, Agilent flow rates up to flow rates up to flow rates up to
has developed dedicated preparative 100 µL/min 10 mL/min 100 mL/min
solutions for a range of sample
quantities and flow rates, optimized
for highest recovery and purity,
throughput and productivity. Flow rate

Purification System
• Automated delay volume calibration
• Integrated safety features
• Software solutions for different
user needs
• Smart fraction collection based
on time, peak and mass, or both

Micro Collection/Spotting • Active flow control for exceptional

System flow stability

Allows the collection of micro • Flexibility of collection in

fractions in different well-plate well-plates, Eppendorf tubes
formats and also provides users and MALDI targets
the advantage of combining • Liquid control for highest
chromatography with the power reproducible collection
of MALDI MS by direct spotting of small volumes
on MALDI targets.
• Fraction cooling prevents
evaporation and thermal

For more information visit:

Extensive LC Column Portfolio
A superior level of chromatography performance to match your separation needs

Maximize system performance and

reliability for all your separation needs
by combining the new Agilent 1200
Series system with Agilent ZORBAX
LC columns and LC supplies. Designed
with the same attention to detail,
quality and superior performance
you have come to expect from
Agilent instruments and backed by
over 30 years of chromatography
experience, you can count on Agilent’s
columns and supplies to deliver the
high quality results you need and
expect, time after time.

Unparalleled quality ZORBAX Eclipse LC Fast, high-throughput

and flexible choices within column family – an excellent separations maximize your
the ZORBAX LC column family first choice for your method resources and improve
• Wide selection of chemistries – development needs productivity
Eclipse XDB, StableBond, Extend, • Unsurpassed peak shape • Achieve higher speed without
Bonus-RP, Rx and more performance and superior, compromising the quality of your
• Column sizes from nano to reproducible separations of basic separation with Rapid Resolution
preparative scale compounds with Eclipse Plus and Rapid Resolution High-
Throughput LC Columns
• Security of reproducible performance • Flexible choices for a broad range
with unparalleled column life of conditions and a wide variety • Separations up to 20 times faster
over thousands of injections of sample types with 1.8 µm RRHT LC columns

• Individual column performance • Broad selectivity choices for • Lengths from 20 – 150 mm for high
reports to document column-to- enhanced resolution with six speed and high resolution analyses
column and lot-to-lot reproducibility different bonded phases (two
• 60% resolution improvement over
Eclipse Plus, four Eclipse XDB)
• Superior particle strength for even conventional LC
for the column that is best
the most demanding high pressure for your separation needs • ZORBAX RRHT columns are
applications available in 8 different bonded
• Quick and seamless method
transfer from analytical to prep
and to fast and ultra-fast LC with
particle sizes from 1.8 to 7 µm

For more information visit:

Complete qualification portfolio for highest level of operation

Agilent Qualification Portfolio is the Classic Edition Partner Edition

cost-effective way to maximize system
operability while minimizing regulatory Installation Qualification (IQ) Enterprise Edition managed by you.
exposure. With a complete qualification Ensures that new Agilent hardware Licensed self-delivery of qualification
portfolio designed to maintain the and software is installed correctly protocols using the Agilent Compliance
highest level of lab operation, Agilent’s from the moment it is unpacked to Engine allows you to complement
services account for all phases of the point it is ready for operation. Agilent’s Enterprise Edition service
a system’s life cycle and create by delivering the protocols when,
customized compliance programs Operational Qualification (OQ) where and how you want.
based on your needs. A comprehensive test of the complete
system to ensure basic accuracy and
precision of instruments, as well as Software Edition
uncovering potential problems before
they occur. Fast, accurate and comprehensive
qualification for Agilent software
Instrument Re-Qualification (RQ) provides evidence that it is properly
Ensures that the qualified status of installed and configured.
a complete system is restored after
a given component has been repaired.
Network Edition
Patent-pending, metrology-based
Enterprise Edition IQ/OQ and troubleshooting service
Organizations which utilize many for your network helps
different types and brands of analytical to maximize network uptime while
instruments can rely on Agilent as minimizing regulatory exposure.
their single source for instrument It is the perfect complement to
An independent 2004 LCGC qualification. data system implementation and
magazine survey ranked Agilent infrastructure validation.
No. 1 in general compliance Harmonized qualification protocols
services, hardware and method with comparable results provide
validation, and system suitability. a consistent approach to complete
instrument qualification needs,
now and in the future.

“I believe Agilent provides the

most complete range of compliance
validation services in the world”
Ludwig Huber, Compliance Fellow at Agilent Technologies

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All the performance.
All the time.

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