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finish include proposed amendment!
to the Human Security Act.
Eyes passage of pro-People oth houses of C6ngress re- days before the 1?th Congress formal$
sume their sessions today adjourns sessions on June 7.
"Unless some important bill es'
capes me, what I latow is that one 01

annrnve qpveral
several Senate
priority measures in nine daYs in ra hid
bid fn
to approve SenatE President Vicente C. c. Sotto
pro-people measures iq nine III said thq priority measures they want
the ilnoortant bills tllat we have
r,o affiove is ure anti-terrorism ]4

sl l{cE

wateq, air, transportation, and power,"

Congress resumes... <1 the Senate leader stressed.
Sotto also expressed hope tlnt the
act," Sotto said. Commoriwealth Act No. 146 in order to Mealical scholarship Act, \trhich he au-
Sotto is referring to Senate Bill No.
address the confusion in the definition thored, would be given equal priority in,
2204, the Anti{errorism Act of 2019, ofa public utility and public services. the last three weekS before the Senate
which seeks to amend Republic Act Sotto said passage of the measure adjourns. I

No. 93?2, the Human Security Act, by

into lawwouldproi'ide Filipino cqnsum- The measure is cunently pending
redefiningthe acts ofterrorism that are ers more choices, better and lower in the Senate committee on heall.h and
punishable by law. prices on utility services. The bill is cur- demography, chaired bj Sen. Joseph
It was Senator Panlilo M. Lacson, rently pendirig on second reading. Victor "JY' Ejercito.
chair ofthe Senate Committee on Pub- "You have seen the problems that The bill seeks to address both issues
lic Order anal Dangerous Drugs, who we have encountered not only with of scarcity and misdistribu tion of physi-
sponsored the bill, telcos (telecommunication), with the cians ili the country througb the grant-
The Senate will also try to {inish airlines, most especiallywater. r\llthese ing of scholarships to dese rving medical
deliberations on the bill amending the fall under the category of the Public students provided that they would serve
Public Services Act, Senate Bill No. Services Act," Sotto said. the country frJtfrve years.
1754. "The amendments to the Public Ser- "Napaka-kAunti ng doKor sa Pilipi.
The bill primarily seeks to amend vices Act would address the issues on nas na nagpupunta sa mga barrio.

\ 4e\outtte Ng+tBt/ (L) nle1r ,a(q€ pL8 .. *>

Arg d,hiFn, mahal (We only have few HB 905t. "An Act Reorganizing The
doctors in the country that would eo to Cooperative Development Authority";
far-flung villages)," Sotto noted. HB 9023, ".An Act Strengthening The
, "Yan ang isa sa rnga dahilan, so Polltechnic University qf The philip-
if bng pagdudoktor sa Pilipinas ay pines By Declaring ItAs The National
gagawin nating libre, both private and Polytechnic University , And Appro-
public medical schools, dadami ang priating Fitnds Therefor,'; HB 9042,
dukbor (that is one of the reasons, that,s 'An Act Establishing The Scope And
why if we offer schola$hips. bothin pri- Procedure For Philippine Ship Regis-
vate and public medical schools, we will try, Recognition And Enforcement Of
have more doctors)," Sotto said. Maritime Claims, And Limitati,on Of
Other priority measures the Senate Liability'r ;.HB 8960, 'An Act pro;iding
is expected to taclde include the Budget ForA Single Classification Society Or
Reform Act, Rightsizing the National A Consortium Of Single Classifrcation
Government Act, amendments to the Societies For Certain Vessels,,; and
Salary Standardization Law (SSL), the HB 6138, "An Act Granting Tt:ivel Tax
Reformation of Children in Conflictwith Exemption To Dependents Of Mar-
the Law, which are all pending second ried Or Solo Parent Overseas Fil'iiiino
reading. Workers."
Also pending on second reading is The House of Representatives is
the measure seekhg to grant president awaiting the Senate s action on eigh{
Rodrigo Duterte emergency powers to measures, including the Securitv of
address the country's transportation Tenue Act; tabaho Bill or fRAIN 2:
woes, such as the proposed National mining, alcohol and tobacco taxes; and ,
tansport Act and the Tbafrc and Con- revision of the Constitution.
gestion Crisis Act. Atso included in thd list of mea-
Other priority measures of the Sen- sures already approved. bv the Lower
ate include the proposed .Mindanao Chamber and transmitted to Senate
Railways Authority, the Unifred Uniform for action are HB No. 8850. q measure
Personnel Retirement Benefits and amending The Juvenile Just"ice And
Pension Reform Act, and the Value for Act Of 2005 ': HB No. 8837. an
Money Procurement Act. act "Creating The National Commission
Pro-people bills OfSenior Citizens, and EB No.8961,,,An '
The House leadership committed ActMandatingThe Institutionalization,
yesterday to make the remaining nine- Development, ltaining, Organization
session days count by passing more And Administration Of Basic Reserve
pm-people bills. Officers Ttaining Corps (ROTC) In i.
Ilouse Majority Leader and re^ Grades 11 And 12 In public And private
elected Capiz Rep. l.redenit Castro said Educational Institutions.
all pending measures will all be treated Lelte first dishict Rep. ttdda Marie
as "a prioritJa" Kiltilsfuedt Romualdez appealed anew
"As may be warranted by the pres- to the Senate to pass the bill creating
ence of a quorum, all pending bills for the Department of Disaster Resilience
approval, either local or of dational (DD&.
significance is a priority" he said in an "I hope that our good senators will
lnterylew. include the approval of the proposed
After more than three-months of Department of Disaster Resilience in
respite to pave.way for the midterm their agenda," she said.
po[s, the 17th Congress buckles down House Assistant Majority Leader
to work anew. and will adjourn sine die Bernadette Herrera-Dy also urged lhe
on June 5- Senate to act on the House-approved
"Sb are committed to approve more bius.
pending measures for as long we can "If the Senate is able to approve
muster a quorum,,' Castro said. some oI those bills, the House would
At le€st nine measures are set to be swiftly act on them so they can bb sent
appmved on third and 6lal reading by to Malacanang at the soonest,,, she
the Lower Cbamber said.
These are Eouse Bill (HB).8909, House Assistant Majority Leader
"An Act Strengtening Drug preven- Michael Romero has urged president
tion And Contr.ol. Amending For The to sign into law the panl"awid pamilyang
Purpose Repubfic Act No. 916b. The Pilipino Program and Magna Carta for
"Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs the Poor bills.
Act Of2002"; HB 9025, ,,An Act Creat- "Working with ow colleagues in the
ing The Overseas Filipinri Workers House and the Senate, we placed our
(OFW) Sovereign FUnd,,; HB 9061. mark in these three significant pieces
"An Act Encouraging Corporate Social of legislation, especially the two anti-
Responsibility, Providing Incehtives poverty measures wherein we pushed
Thereof"; House Resolution 1i5b, for systems, processes, standards, and
"R4solution Expressing The Sense Of funding meani to make government
The House Of Representatives On The implement its social programs better
Need To Convene The National Secu-
rity Council In Order ThatANational
than ever before," he iaitl \l
P_olicy On The West Philippinp .gpa
Lawmakers.will convene on July
22, 2019, for the start of the tSth Con-
May Be Formulared And Defind$,,;.
. j. .
i gtress. (qt