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Congress resumes session, to rush anti-terror, endo bills

Congress will resume session to- called for a caucus of majority sena- man Security Act, including chang- chair of the Senate committee on
day with the Senate and the House tors before the plenary session in the ing its title to "Anti-Terrorism Act" public order and dangerous drugs,
of Representatives expected to rush aftemoon to finalize the legislative and strengthening what its authors in February
the passage of key bills before agenda of the chamber beTore the wamed were its weak provisions ttrat Also set for final approval is Senate
two chambers finally adjourn in 17th Congress closes on June 7. do not deter terror groups, Bill 1754 or the pr@bsed Public Ser-
three weeks. Sotto said one of the priorities is The measure was sponsored on vices Act, which is currently pending
Senate President Vicente Sotto III to pass the amendments to the Hu- the floor by Sen. Panfilo Lacson, Turn to Page 12

The proposed amendments oendine in the Senate commit- we'll have more doctots," Other measures expected
Congress r,omn"s"r to the Public Services Act
would address the issues on
tee on hialth and demography,
chaired by Sen. Joseph Victor
Sotto said.
The orooosed .Medical
to be tackled include the
proposed Budget Reform
:n second reading, The bill seeks to amend watel, air transportation and Ejercito. Scholarskp A,ct measule seeks AcU Rightsizing the Nation-
"You have seen the prob- Commonwealth Act No: of power, according to its au- "We have very few doc: to address both issues o( scar- al Government Act; Salary
.ems that we have encoun- 1935 to address the confusion thors. tors in the couniry that go citv and maldistribution of Standardization Law; andl
nred not only with telcos, with in the definition of a public Sotto also expressed hope to the barrios and the rea- oh'vsicians in the countrv Reformation of Childrcn-
:he airlines, most especially utility and public services, that the Medical Scholarship son is that its, (education) is ihr6ugh the granting of schoi- in Conflict with the Liw,
,,rater. Al1 these fall under the which will result in more Ac! which he authored, will exoensive. Now, if we made arships to deserving medical which are all up for second
rategory of the Public S#vices choices, better services and be given equal priority in the m6dical education - both in stud6nts provided that they reading.
{ct " Sotto told report_e-Is lower prices for ihe Filipino last three weeks. private and medical would serve the country for - Paolo Romero, Delon
)ast consumet The measriie is currently schools - in thb counlry free, five years. Porcalla \

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