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M/s. Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt. Ltd.

has Award
Winning Eco Green Technology of Paint Sludge Recycling.
MIPPL undertakes the recycling of paint sludge by its eco-
friendly innovative technology that converts it into
industrially useable primers.
Key Customers
Paint Sludge can also be converted / recycled to floor
coatings, structural primers and anti-corrosive metal
Performance & Protective Coatings
coatings as per need or specification of the user.
Hero MotoCorp Limited
This technology is sponsored by M.O.E.F. for
implementation in industrial clusters as a Green Manufactured by :
Technology for Recycling of Paint Sludge. We have been awarded for this unique eco-friendly & innovative
technological development.
INNOVATIVE Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt Ltd
TVS Motors Ltd
“Innovation for India Awards 2008” from Marico Innovation Foundation, Mumbai for our above In Technical Collaboration with
Technology Jury headed by Dr. R. Mashelkar March 2008. Dai Nippon Toryo Company Ltd., Japan
'Innovation of the Year Award,' by Faridabad Small Industries Association - 2008.
'Innovation of the Year' Award, by Faridabad Chamber of Commerce & Industries - 2008. Tata Motors Limited
'Innovation Award on Green Technology' by Manufacturers Association, Faridabad - June 2008.
'Corp-Excel Awards (National MSME Excellence Awards) 2008' by Corp Bank for excellence in
Management based on the Innovative Clean Technology, Presented by Sh. Pranab Mukherjee
December 2009.
“Parivartan 2011 Award” from Carbon Outlook - March 2011.
Bajaj Auto Ltd
Skoch Achiever Award 2014 from Skoch Group - March 2014.
'Best SME for Innovation Award' by Yes Bank - 2014.
'2nd SMEs Excellence Award 2014' by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
November 2014.
“5th National Award for Technology Innovation” by the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government
l Mahindra Two Wheelers
of India February 2015.

Industries Serviced

Chemical, Fertilizers & Cement

Agro chemicals, Fine chemicals, Fertilizer, Cement
Specialty chemicals and Pharmaceuticals manufacturing plants

Airport, Bridges
Metro Rail Projects, Stadiums

Aluminum, Copper

KISEKI Zinc & Steel manufacturing & processing plants

Oil & Gas

Performance & Protective Coatings Off-Shores Platforms, Pipeline
Refineries, Rigs, Jetties

Manufactured by : Power
Hydel Projects and Windmill
Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt Ltd Nuclear Power
Corporate Office : Plot No. 137, Sector - 24, Faridabad - 121005, Haryana Thermal Power
Phone No:- 0129 - 4054003/ 4054013, Fax No:- 0129-4054002

Web :,

KISEKI Product Details
Product Name Finish Features Uses
Structural steel, Pipelines, Storage tank exteriors, Pulp & Paper mills,
Colors : Smoke Grey, Black, A high performance 2 Pack Epoxy Finish
Kisoxy Finish Chemical Plants, Gas Plants, Oil Refineries, Power Plants, Fertilizer
White, Golden Yellow, Coating to meet stringent requirements
(3:1) Plants, Sugar Mills, Food & Pharmaceutical units, Mining & Machinery
PO Red
Units. Also Suitable for use on Concrete Walls & Columns.
A high quality 2 Pack Epoxy Primers used
Structural Steel, Pipelines, Storage Tanks, Equipments etc. of Refineries,
Kisoxy Primers (3:1) Colors : Grey / Red Oxide for high build up and anticorrosive
Petrochemical Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Power Generation Plants.
A high quality 2 pack Epoxy Primers Structural Steel, Pipelines, Storage Tanks Exteriors etc. of Refineries,
Kisoxy Zinc Rich Primer
Colors : Grey enriched with metallic zinc for high build Petrochemical Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Power Generation Plants, Mining
up and protection facilities & Bulk handling equipments.
Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants, Fertilizer Plants,
Colors : Smoke Grey, Light A high performance 2 pack aliphatic acrylic Chemical Plants, Chemical Wagon Exteriors, Transportation Industries,
Kisothane Finish
Grey, Black, White, Golden PU Finish Coating with excellent gloss to Offshore Structures, Infrastructure facilities and other Industrial
Yellow, PO Red meet tough requirements. installation. Recommended for use in new construction & maintanence
Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt Ltd Dai Nippon Toryo Company Ltd., Japan services over properly primed surfaces.

A Single pack Premium quality steel primer

Bridges, Cranes, Towers, Equipment, Tanks etc. and specially as a primer
for exterior & interior surfaces subjected to
About Maharani Innovative Paints About DNT Kiso ZP Primer Colors : Grey & Red Oxide
humidity, condensation, marine & costal
on general structural steel. It can be overcoated with conventional as
well as high performance top coats.
Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt. Ltd. is operating since 1986. An DAI NIPPON TORYO COMPANY LTD (DNT) Japan was established environment.
illustrious industrial paints and allied products' manufacturer that in 1929, is having its head quarters in Osaka, Japan. DNT is one of A general purpose anticorrosive protection Steel surfaces subjected to humidity, condensation & Industrial
Kiso ROZC Primer
adheres to international quality standards. the largest automotive paints manufacturing companies in the as per IS 2074
Color : Red primer for exterior and interior surfaces. environment. It can be overcoated with General synthetic Top coats &
Conforms to IS 2074 Aluminium Paints.
Maharani Innovative Paints has three manufacturing units namely world. The company has various manufacturing Plants and is
at Prithla, Sitarganj & Pune for Industrial Paints, Powder Coating, catering to the requirements of automotive manufacturing Premium quality primer with Zinc
Metal surfaces subjected to humidity & other environmental
Primers & other Allied Paints. giants having their production bases across globe. Kiso R/O Phosphate anticorrosive pigment for metal
Color : Red conditions.This enhances adhesion of subsequent synthetic enamels
Awarded ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001& OHSAS 18001. Metal Primer surfaces to take care of atmospheric
and other coatings.
DNT is pioneer in the field of Heavy Duty, Industrial, Automotive, corrosion due to salty humid conditions.
Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt. Ltd. has entered into a technical Refinishing, Protective Coatings; Marine & Architectural
collaboration agreement with M/s. Dai Nippon Toryo Company Coatings in additions to Powder Coatings & Home use Paints. Kiso Etch Primer
Aluminium and aluminium alloys, galvanised and zinc sprayed metal, tin
A two pack protection primer for non plate, chromium and cadmium plating, nickel etc. It is also used for
Ltd., Japan. This technical collaboration has improved technology Color:Yellow
DNT has become the leader in the field lapped corrosion (1:1) ferrous surfaces. promoting adhesion on plastic sheets and resin laminates.
of industrial paints manufactured by Maharani Innovative Paints
prevention coating that protects iron structures from rust,
Pvt. Ltd. and has put the company on the international platform. A single pack high performance coating
water-borne coating for buildings, and powder coating - all of Chimneys, Condensers, Stacks of Industrial Plants , Furnace Equipment,
Kisotherm based on Silicon Resin for protection of
Maharani Innovative Paints Manufacturing is supported by :- which are friendly to the environment. 250 0 to 600 0
Colors : Silver, Black
Steel at elevated temperatures of
Reaction Vessels, Hot metal stacks, Kilns, Flues, Exhaust systems, Hot
pipes and similar areas exposed to dry heat attack.
• Research and Development Team that is fully equipped with 250 0 to 600 0
all the modern testing facilities and excellent skilled Dai Nippon Toryo is actively engaged in a wide range of fields,
A premium professional quality paints with
manpower to develop products as per customer's and market from those closely related to everyday life, including electrical Kisomin Finish Colors : Black, White,
uniform appearance and long lasting Metals, Plasters, Concrete, Gypsum wall boards, Wood & hard boards.
home appliances, information-related equipment, to those as per IS-2932 Golden Yellow, PO Red
specification. properties
• An efficient Technology Support Team that is dedicated to supporting society's infrastructures, including the key
landmarks viz: Shinkansen "Bullet" Express Line, Tokyo Sky Tree, Kisomin Aluminium A Two Pack, Air Drying, Synthetic Resin
provide their assistance to the customers in using the Color: Aluminium All types of Metals
Finish (88:12) Based Aluminium Finish
products with maximum ease and utility. Tokyo gate bridge, Tokyo station city, Hospital coating system,
High-rise buildings, Gymnasium wooden flooring, Noevir Kisowood Sanding A Fast Setting Solvent Based NC Wood Cabinet makers, wood decoraters etc. to fill cracks, splits, holes, surface
• The Marketing and Sales Team that have a wide network all Sealers
Filler. deffects and imperfection in all types of wood.
stadium kobe and large-scale bridge construction. Sealer
over the country to cater the customer's requirements.
DNT is a corporation that colors the environment, supplying Transparent NC Clear Coat with Excellent All types of wood to get the desired gloss level, smooth finish and stain
Our Vision.. Kisowood Lacquer Glossy, Satin, Zero Matt Coverage, Levelling and Good Softness To
products with consideration for nature, community and lifestyle free performance.
Global Organization Living with its Values to Create Excellence Touch.
Our Mission.. under their philosophy of providing a full and healthy living
Epoxy, PU, NC, GP, A High Quality Moisture Free True Thinners
environment. Used to improve the flow in paint system and provide excellent levelling
Strive to Ethically Grow 10 Times by Creating Global Benchmarks in Kiso Thinners Stoving, QD , Universal For Epoxy, PU, Stoving, Nitrocellulose Base,
properties. Also used in cleaning of equipments.
all performance parameters focussing 100% Quality, Cost & & Speciality Thinner Alkyds, & Enamel Paints.
Delivery. A High Quality Clear Coat Offers Excellent
Used as a protective Top coat on metal parts like Bus Body & for all kind
Kisothane 2K Clear Automotive Aesthetics & Gloss, Appearance and Tough
of Automotive metal and plastics parts.
2 Pack High Gloss Paints for Automotive
Top coats on metal and Plastics, Bus Body, Chassis, etc. Specially
and Refinishes with Outstanding
Kisothane 2K Finish Automotive Designed for paint repairs. It is easy to apply, sand and offers good Film
Appearance, Weatherability and Good
Chemical Resistance.
2 Pack Fast Drying Primer Surface with
Excellent Adhesion, Hiding, Film Builtup, Automotive Metal Components, Plastics And Refinishes Like Bus Body,
Kisothane 2K Primer Automotive
Smoothness & Recoatibility. Easy to apply Chassis, etc. Specially Designed for paint repairs.
& Sand.
Multi functional low viscosity high flexibility hardners with rapid drying
Kisothane Hardner Automotive Aliphatic & Aromatic Type
property, and Excellent performance property.