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Nguyễn Anh Thư



Is the war for the better or worse to the life of a Southerners?


“Gone With The Wind” is the movie about the life of a girl named Scarlett O’Hara.
Scarlett was the prettiest girl in Tara with many men admired, she used to be
careless and free by being the daughter of a rich Southerner. At her young age, she
had felt in love with a guy named Ashley Wilkes, which had given her many
powers to keep living through tough days in the future but also had made her love
life become miserable. After the war started, she had bumped into many troubles
that raised her to be smarter, more insidious and colder. The war had made many
people die or get injured, tear families apart, and turn Southerners into homeless
people with no money,food,etc. Scarlett was in the same situation but she is so
brave and stubborn that she would do anything to live, wait for Ashley to come
back and hope that one day he would love her. But she was wrong, and missed the
chance to face with her true feeling that she had already felt in love with Rhett
Butler – the smart gentleman who truthly loved her.
The American Civil War started on April 12, 1861 when Fort Sumter was attacked
by Confederate forces. It was a war between the North (Union) and the South
(Confederacy), and the main cause of the war was slavery and control of the
government. Obviously, the worse for the Southerners, I must say. Right from the
beginning of the movie, Rhett Butler had said about Southerners that : “ All we got
is cotton, slaves and arrogance!” In the movie, we can see that Southerners were
just playing around, attending parties, getting black slaves to do hard works and
getting no arms, but they still thought that they could beat the Northerners with
fully armed weapons? It is clear that the Southerners had the disadvantages in that
war and that was the reason why they had surrendered the Northerners at last.
During the war, Southerners had become very miserable. They did not have
enough food to eat and did not have home to go. Many people died in the war or
got badly injured that they could never stand on their legs once again. Men went to
the battlefield and fought for the people that they love. Women, elderly or kids
stayed at home to take care of the home front, take care of injured people, or hear
the news about their love ones and hope that they did not die. Gloomy sky covered
the Southerners. Although, Southerners deserved the war for what they had done
like trading human and being arrogance, many people had died meaninglessly to
bring glory home. Southerners are human too, they also had families and relatives
to worry about them and wait for them to comeback. Seeing every man sacrificed
or every pain that people had to suffered because of war by looking at the movie, I
felt sorry for them. But in every rough time, there are miracles. There were many
Southerners like Scarlett, brave and stubborn, who had survived through that war.
The war had changed the lifestyles, the minds and the bodies of the Southerners.
Many people had raised up from the poor, many people could finally come back
home, although, there had been many drawbacks after the war, but people in the
South was getting used to the new life.