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Statement of Purpose

Master Of Science Digital Society

I would immensely apply master program in science digital society at the University of
International Institute of Information Technology in Bangalore. I have a huge interest in
developing my skills in technology, design, entrepreneurship and innovation. I believe
this master program will provide me theoretical approaches, analysis, entrepreneurship,
and innovation in technology to achieve technological learning goals in various contexts.
I am interested in taking a master degree in India because India has a very interesting
culture and especially on its advanced technology. I have done some research on
various media saying more than 30% of Microsoft graduates are from India. India also
has participated in most important colleges in the world, Institutional Ranking
Framework (NIRF) in 2018.

I had accomplished my study in Information System for four years, and obtained a
bachelor degree in October 2015 from STMIK IBBI, Medan, Indonesia, focusing on
multimedia design. My field of study includes animation, website, and character graphic
Since I pursued my college degree, I had been a teaching practitioner in June 2012. I
decided to become a young teacher, at one private schools in Medan, for more than
four years. I was capable of teaching in the multimedia computer field on different level
of school; elementary school, junior high and high school. Doing both as a college
student and a teacher has molded and shaped my personality and my thinking horizon
both as a teacher to my fellow students and as a student for myself. During that period, I
had faced many obstacles which were all along the way ahead of me. I sometimes felt
that I wanted to give up, until I decided to take the brighter side of these obstacles. And
it truly did wonder to myself as I experienced these valuable aspects of life;
responsibility toward the work that I did, integrity for both my students and my college,
and most importantly to be so fortunate to have an early chance to experience a
professional work that later help me in many ways to pursue a professional career.
After graduating from my former college, I decided to jump up for my next try to work in
a real professional path career. And it got me to work at Singapore's Digital Media
company. My working experience in this company was quite enjoyable but on the other
side I still had the desire to really apply the knowledge that I had in multimedia computer
into something valuable and had a meaningful benefit to others. I worked for this
company for a year.
Then I took my next leap to one of the biggest companies currently in Alibaba group, I
was accepted and started working. I was assigned as a senior graphic designer in
Alibaba group, I thought “this is what "successful" people are”. But I felt the opposite
way. There was something else better about my potential that I'm still sure of to explore.
That's where I'm eager to keep learning for better. I forced myself to get out of my
comfort zone, by then, I left Alibaba group for working in a radio station in Toba
Samosir, Laguboti, North Sumatera, where I believed that I could occupy myself with my
potential to creation and innovation.
My future determination for myself, is to be able to become a specialist in technology.
Later, when I am able to achieve my master degree for the next five years, I am
planning to participate on increasing the importance and progress of technology in
remote areas in Indonesia. So the people are motivated and interested to learn more
about technology for Indonesia's progress in technology field. I have a strong desire to
introduce what technology is and how technology function on a daily basis and how the
progress of a country is due to the existence of technology. I plan to facilitate
technology in both computers and the internet in Balige, my grandfather’s hometown, as
one of remote areas in North Sumatera province. It will later take place as a community
learning center. I will play an important role in introducing and using technology, how to
develop it, make tutorials in the form of videos and books, I will then train teachers in
Balige, and also schools to apply one of the learning in technology to expand good
insight in the field of technology learning. I also plan to apply teaching and learning
methods in the field of technology, using audio-video, computer software, and the
internet, to motivate students and stimulate effective teaching and learning. The
Communication and Information Scholarship will enable me to learn more about how
technology can be successfully integrated in both the classroom and how that
technology can be used as a way to overcome inequalities in quality education in
remote areas, especially in Indonesia.

As one of the best universities in India, I passionately believe the Communication and
Information Scholarship at the university of the International Institute of Information
Technology in Bangalore will be a lifetime education for me to learn more about my field
of study and served as a bridge to achieve future goals.
Studying in India is a way to realize my future goals and the relationship between my
background studies and future goals. I am very confident that this country is clearly the
world's leading position in education. Advanced technology and information in this
country will greatly facilitate the achievement of extraordinary progress, fulfilling my
aspirations to become an excellent professional in the field of technology.