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Group Members :
1. Muhammad Akmal Bin Mohd Rosdi (2018295902)
2. Muhammad Iman (2018683804)
3. Muhammad Hamizan Bin Muhamad Jais (2018427326)
With the progress of technology, the demands for a competent workstation nor a powerful
device capable of accessing,processing and creating data have rise to a level that catches the eye of
any computer based company. Even by having 5 big company such as Asus,Gigabyte,MSI,Illegear and
Hewlett-Packard or commonly known as (HP), consumer still looks for another source capable of
satisfying their needs in search for power and elegance.

The very foundation of this company,N-PC, is to provide the necessary tools for them with a
team of expertise in producing the world’s most advanced generation of computer with it’s own
operating system that excels in every aspect.With such high aim comes great obstacle that needs to
be overcome in order to achieve our goals. Such as gaining the trust of the society and avoiding
fraud worldwide.
No. Particulars Details
1. Name of Business N-PC
2. Owner’s Name Muhamamd Akmal Bin Mohd
3. Place of Business No. 666,
Jalan Kejannah ,
Bandar Temoh,
35400 Tapah,
4. Business Activites Sole Proprietorship
5. Accounting Period One Year
(1 May – 28 April)
6. Record Period One Month
(1 May – 31 May)
7. Capital Contribution RM 750,000
8. Business Status Ongoing
9. Bank Name & Address Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
Level 32,
Menara Bank Islam No. 22,
Jalan Perak,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
10. Account Number 123456789002
May Transaction
1 The owner deposited RM 750000 into bank.
1 Purchased office equipment worth RM30000 on credit from FOM sdn bhd.

1 The owner draw money from bank worth RM8000 for personal use.

1 Purchased building worth RM500000 on credit from X-Land sdn bhd

3 Bought goods worth RM 3000 on credit from Lee Seng, invoice no. 112
5 Goods worth RM750 returned to Lee Seng,credit note no.130
7 Paid RM500 to Lee Seng , cheque no 201
9 Sold goods worth RM5000 on credit to Ipin ,invoice no.123
10 Bought goods worth RM 4000 on credit from Mahatmi Gandhu, invoice no.117
12 Goods worth RM500 returned by Ipin,credit note no.151
14 Sold goods worth RM10000 on credit to Furqan ,invoice no.124
15 Received RM3000 from Ipin
16 Goods worth RM1000 returned by Furqan, credit note no.161
18 Goods worth RM400 returned to Mahatmi Gandhu, credit note no.131
19 Paid RM1600 to Mahatmi Ghandu, cheque no 202
20 Sold goods worth RM2500 on credit to Bill Windows ,invoice no. 125
22 Received RM5000 from Furqan
23 Goods worth RM150 returned by Bill Windows,credit note no.171
25 Bought goods worth RM1000 on credit from Mahather,invoice no. 136
27 Goods worth RM100 returned to Mahather, credit note no.139
28 Received RM1500 from Bill Windows.
30 Paid RM400 to Mahather, cheque no 203