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Jflnord^ft A{ atinnal. glopufrlic fiedpn!. qnnpftrunil"
\> - Scsietw g!.epaefime te {U ,fikunifrmna - e'
-ll{ffixi^{L friuittc arul .l{atiarutL -.$iLauemad o{ tfr"tilatdd.
.ffsatfuu&st*: | ",U'aztfruestWre | ;Vwtfr.fimenim I 'ffru ",lis4rhe$te'
* - Sanpk cl tfie "ilkst and Swn - *
Afisni*usl ud
Sruliguwa ",Vs*wwl, I'es.ptu ,rl, ffiE .e#ul
Tfre iryue and 9e jilne rt shotnl 9*pfu - Stcim af tA& Effid
\* -I.S"L";{.}I.-\}

Jl(,frgttirs h {lme:ti*qn eoru u^hfg

Af atice e{ flufrlin {l^ecottda funxectisn
S nfptnatioaal, D sawrrg*t t
l8.Iumada al-Arvaal 1439 MCY
[l8 ]Iay 2018 CCYI
For the Record, To Be Read Into The Rccord
Notice to Agent is Notice to Principle - Notice to Principle is Notice to Agent.

This intclnational Con-cspondcncc anil Public Noticc is licrcby prcscuted and fbnvanlcd
to you rclatir.e to thc corrcctcd appcllation and prociaimcd l$ationality- lvirich aFfinns th*
political statu$ ilfld allegiance to my Ancestral Estatc and Auctent Pnncipals of Covctrrinctrt, iti
han:ronv rvith tlic Amcrican Ceiustittttiotr I 791.

You arc hercbv givcn honorablc Noticc. This corcction is made in accord rvith thc Fivc
Principals of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. cxercisin.q my na&lrai Subsilntivc
Rights and Rcligious Hcritagc; is sclf-cxccuting.

This rlcclaration and proclatlation also stauds as vcdfication that I Lcvanah Amor Bcy
has scat r..crification of my statlts coffcction to thc Moorish Amcrical Clonsulatc and the
rcgistration file numbcr is MACK000000003.

Attacircri is tirc Larvfui Noticc Namc l)cclaration Corrcction. Proctramation and

Pr.rblication anil thc IntcrnationaI Judicial Noiicc and Prociamation-

ln Honor Alwa
J Aru:
Imlrah Amor llc-v. Rcgional Consul Hcad of
*Iohammedan Yizir [Judgel. Canaanland
Nloorish American Consulates
1\'Ioo rish \Yorldwide Co ns ulates

Withor-rt Rcc o ursc. Witir Prcj u di cc. N ot thrvcs t Antcxcnl


.A.borigin:rl rird Iniliqcntus PcuDlci lJocilul!,nt\t NL'rli'+i.-'st A[rcrcin r North\-ycJt Aiii(il ., Nul1h Anlcali ,
'T clrplc ufthc \{out; antl Sun': \ln - Dtxlrcstic. Notr - Rcsidtnt. Non - Sut,ictt - Buing thc Rigirtiirl I Icirs'
.ofr; "#,,
Wmdtfr*?atml kfdlro a ?ot-"lqoffiad
1* - SuaaRrittrna %fi?ilC*thno- \*
fit*t*. Dt** al ttN %w o( * Wl
?lrtu t* I ?l*4 #e I 1td tu l'7h7lt' *a'
* *?*a*effiwaxlS***
7& ?,ru *rf Do r*1rtulfuNla-*a?r ol *.enf
\p- *I.S.L.A.M.-\*

I. Lcvanah Amor Bcy. bcing a dircct clcsccndant of thc Ancicnt Canaanitcs I Moabitcs. asscfi my
Birtluight Claim of Right and of Titlc- Standing squarciy and duiy Affirmcd, I do Dcclarc, and
Proclairn. upon Divinc Larv; upon Naturc's Lart,; upon Univcrsa] Lau': Llpon lny l\4oorish Birtluights;
rupon Intcrnational Lau'; ancl by Trcaty and Constitutional lsq,; Dcclarc. Proclaim and say:

I, Lcvanah Atlor Bcy. bcing prcr,.iously misclassiflccl and rnisidcntificd by pcrsons of thc Union
Statcs Socicty, U.S.A - doing busincss at North Amcrica. s'as falscly - dcsignatcd undcr thc colorablc,
Wald-sirip r1a111c, LEVANA GEORGIb{A CINTRA VENTOSA, and do hcrcby rcfutc thc said
Misclassifications and Frauds; making it knorryn to the Pubiic; and Publish my Corrt'ctcd Frcc National
Namc. Attributc and Titlc. I Dcclarc ar-rd Affiru my lruc. 'Propcr Pcrscn Status and Estatc' ar:d
asscrtivcly Rcclaim rny Righttirl Social ancl Cultural Lifc of thc Statc. Iltfy f)cclaration, Corrcction,
Proclamation and Publication arc in sanguincous and hannonious accord with my Moorish Nation of
Northrvcst Amcxcm r'North Amcrica - acknowlcdging my Birthrights- Having Lau'fully. Dutitirlly.
and Lcgally Obtaincd and Proclaitlcd tny Moorish Nationaliry and Birthrights. Namc and Titlc; in
harr.nony rvitir, in association rvith, and in Accorcl urith Divinc 1s1ar; thc archaic Clustoms; and thc
Lau,s. Rulcs, ancl flsagcs of "Thc Moorish Divinc and National Movcmcnt"; bcing Aboriginal and
Indigcnous, and bound to thc North Amcricair C'ontinctrt by Hcritagc, by Prirnogcniturc; by Birthright:
by Natural Birth; by Frcchold; and by Hcirship Inhcritancc.

N{y Right of Clairn is 'Dcclarcd' fbr thc Public Rccord. and I atn rcturning thc Europcan cognolncn.
brands, and fictitiotts misnomcr(s) back to thc Colonial posscssors of thcir consfftlct and pcdigrcc. I
arrr now Rightfully and corcctivcly Dcclaring, Publishing, and Proclaiming lny own Frcc National
Namc; Affinning rny Acflral. Rightflrl. and Civil 'in Fr.rll Lifc' Status; Conjoincd to my Moorisir
Amcrican Consanguinc Pcdigrcc and National Honor. Lct it bc Dcclarcd. Known. Publishcd, and
Rcsolvcd that: I Aur Lcvanah Amor Bcy, 'In Propriii Pcrsona' Sui Juris. Sui Hcrcdcs, In Solo Proprio
(heing itr mt ou'n prop€r' person), by trirtlri-qht; and by Hcirship Inhclitancc and \!'ITHOUT
Union States Socicty pcl'sons doing busincss at North Amcrica r'Northu,cst Amcxcm; pursuant to. but
not lirnitcd to:


(Zodiac Constitution and Birthrights of thc MoorisirAmcricans) - bcing Ati, Bcy, El,
Dcy and AI. affirmccl ancl supportcd by Articlc two (2). Paragraph tu,o (2).
N{oorish Arnerican Crcdcntials: Copyright AA 22,2141- TRUTH A-1.

4- UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION: Article III (3), Sectiontwo (2), Amendment

V (5) (Liberty Clause) and Amendment IX (9) (Reservation of the Rights of the


(75): Dated April 17, 1933 A.D. TITLED, "MOORISH-AMERICAN SOCIETY


HUMAN RIGHTS [Article Fifteen (15)].
ASSEMBLY - Part 1, Article 4, Article 5.

International Law: Moorish - Americans, being the rightfiil Heirs and Aboriginal and Indigenous
Natural Peoples ofthe Land, have and exercise the divine andnatural rights to proclaim ourAttributes,
Names, Titles and Nationality.

Moors / Muurs have and exercise our divine and natural rights to live in freedom, peace and
security as distinct People and to full guarantees against genocide or zmy acts of violence, including
the removal of our natural birthed seed or offspring from our families and communities under any
pretext.In addition, Moors have the individual rights to life, physical and mental integnty, liberry and
security of person.

Moors / Muurs have and exercise the divine and natural rights to revitalize, use, develop, and to
transmit to our future generations their histories, their languages, oral traditions, philosophies, writing
systems and literatures, and to desiguate and retain their own names for communities, places, and
person. States shall take effective measures, whenever any rights of Moors / Muurs may be threatened,
to ensure this right is protected, and also to ensure that they can understand and be understood in
political, legal and administrative proceedings, where necessary through the provision of interpretation
or by other appropriate means.

Wherefore, I, Levanah Amor Bey, being Heir to the I-and and 'Part and Parcel.' named herein, by
Birthright, by Freehold, by Primogeniture, and by Heirship Inheritance, stand with assured
competence, and make a Lawfirl and Legal Entry of Af6.davit and Public Notification of Nationality
Proclamation; Name Correction Claim; Declaration; Affrrmation; and Application - Herewith made
known and Published for the 'Public Record'.

AFre, and Sovereign Mmrish In Sui Heredes,
Iu Solo Proprio: Northwest Amexffi Africa / 'The North Gate'
Tomple ad Su; AII

In Persom
Proprio: Amexem Aftioa / North America / 'Ths North Gate'
ofthe Sun: All fughts Reserued.

A Free American In Propria Persona Sui Jwis, Sui Heredes
In Solo Proprio: Northwesl Amexem / / North America./ 'The North Gate'
Temple of t}e Moon md Sm: AI1


i qir" Month: Year: ttrt tp$f
I t*,
Ytzir /Minister / Consul: JVatural Person - In Propria Juris, Sui Heredes - In Solo Proprio:
Authorized Representative; All Rights Reserved, Free Moor / Muur
.4rorthwest 4mexem / .fforthwest (lffrca / -ttorth &tnerica I 'fhe itorth gate'


Aboriginal and lndigenous Peoples' Documents: Northwest Amexem / Northwest Africa / North America / 'The
'Temple ofthe Moon and Sur': Non - f)omestic, Non - Residenl Non - Subiect- Being the Rightful and

{.1----_5:: C
?Cffirrf flasml RtNAa - fufad qourr*ad
\> - S*aat *fr**aa 9* **flfam*am - \*
?frati Dhr* u, frwa ol & Wrl
?btua rtu I btu fiile I ?td fua l'?L1ld, *e'
1> - ?*ffl 4 eW* a*d S** *
?& ?* xf Da furo?ta*wtPalrkr-fu. ol*.4arJ
\* -I.S.L.A.M.*\>

\> - fiudicial Alatice and .?roclamation - e

.fo AII Elected. all non-elected
and to all appointed United States Republic Officials, Pubtic
Servants, and Officers of Trust, etc., doing trusiness as, of, and for the Federal, State, City, and
Municipal Governments; including their Personnel, their Contractors, and their other associate
Corpcrate Entities doing business at North America; and to all 'Third Party Interlopers' or
Contractors, etc.,: Concerning their Fiduciary Otlligations, their Official Oaths, and their l)uties
enumerated in the American Constitution, adopted for governance of The United States
Reputrlic; all Binding Treaties; the Established Larv of the Land; and all Statutorv and Civil
Law Codes of the Land, etc., Knorv All Men try These Publications and Presents:

'llpan rny Hcirship. inhcritcd Nobility. and npon ury Privatc Aborigrirai i Indi-{cuous. Propcr
Pcrson Status ancl Comnrcrcial Liabiliry, i, Lm.anah Arlor Bcy. bcing dLrly Affirmcd urrlct
Consanguinc Uniry; plcd-ec my National. Poiitical. and Spiritual Allcgiancc to r:ry Moabitc ,1 Moorisir
Nation - bcin-e thc arch:ric Aboriginals r Indigcncs of Atrrcxcm (Lhe standin-u sqttarcly
affinncd upon my Oath to thc 'Fivc Points of Liglit' - Lovc. Truth, Pcacc, Frcedom. and Jr"rslicc; do
scluarcly Affinl to tcli thc truth, thc rvholc truth, and nothing but thc truth; aud iraving knordcdgc and
finnly - cstablishcd bciicf upon ihc iristorical. lar.r,ful, and adjLrdicatcd Facts containcd hcrcin. Bcing
conrpctcnt (h l{1' Otrn P*ipet' Person)to Attcst to this Attirlavit upon u,irich l placc my Si-qflaturc;
Whcrcas, i Statc, Proclaim. and Dcclarc thc- firlloli,ing to bc tlltc, corrcct. certair, cotnpictc. nut
rnislcading, suprcmc" and not intcndcd to bc prcscntccl for auy misrcprcscntcd, 'colorctl' or impropcr
rrsc or purposc. to r.l'it:

Shut I Lcr anair Ainor Bcy. Arn a Noblc of thc Al Moroccan Ernpirc {Not'th Anrcriru) ln Propria
Pcrsona hny ov,n propet'sef): bcing \4oorish Amcrican - an Hcir and Dcsccndant of thc Alcicnt
Moabitcs ,'Moors. by Birthright, by Frcchold, by Prirlogcniturc and by Inhcritirncc; bcing Atroriginal
and Indigcnous to thc Landls) (Antexem ,i Anterica.e) Tcrritoriurn I-Icrcditartcnts of my Ancicnt
Moabitc / N'{oorish Forc-Mothcrs aircl Forc-Fathcrs - to n,it:

.fU" an Nloroccan (,4ruet'ictot) Contincnts - arc thc Lands of thc Moors; bcing North Atrcrica,
Soutir Arrrcrica; Ccntral Aucrica; including thc acljoining islands (Avrct'icttrtu / Aueru / Al fulorot).7
irave, I acknori,lcdgc, I clairn and I posscss. Lry thc sard trnhcritancc and Priurogcniturc. thc Frcchoid
Status thcrcto; all Unalicnabic ancl Substantivc Rigirts, to Bc, to Enjo-v. and to Act. distinct in try
Aboriginal Traditions, Custonls and Culturc; and dctcnlining my orvn political. social. trncl cc,onoinic
status of thc Statc. I arn tuming my heart, my allcgiancc. and my n:ind back to my Ancicnt Mothcrs
and Fathcrs - Moors i Muurs. rvith cognatc ironor, and by Divinc arc{ Natural Rigirt. Bcing Moorish
Amcricans. tirc dircct Hcirs and Dcsccndant*s of thc Ancicnt fuIoabitcs, $,c har.c and posscss thc Divinc
and intemationally rccognizcd Rights to our Hcrcditamcnts and Rcsourccs; and proclaim thc right to
dctcrurilc our own social, cconomic and political lifc ancl'Staius of thc Statc'l and in harnony r,r,ith
'Intcrnational Lall,'; ancl with such 'Rights of Claim' bcing abscnt of forcign - lalv tlucats. cocrcion.
or acquicsccncc to a Color-of-Lax,. a Color-of-Officc. nor to bc sr"rbjcr:tcd by any occr.rpyirg forcign
pcrsons to any irnposcd frands. 'nom clc nucr-rc' or Color,of-Authority.

rtLoor, / ,fulnorish Cmericans / thturs Havc, Proclaim ancl Posscss thc Unalicnablc Riglrts.
Substantivc Rights. and Birthright - Inhcritancc to our ancicntpcdigrcc traditions and Custorns. and
thc Rigirt of Claim to olrr Al N{oroccan Attributcs, Namcs. and Nationality. substantiatcd by. and
suppoficd by. Naturc's Larvs. by Divinc Law, by Primogcniturc" and by thc rccognizcd Laws of thc
Nations of thc Earth (htetnttlionttf ). Bcing thc truc, Ancicnt. Aboriginal / Indigcncs and Flcirs of thc
Land (Antexent i Antericril - 'Thc North Catc', bcing thc geogruphital heurt-ltltd (h{aghrib) of thc
Moroccan Ernpirc. Moors i Muurs arc thc 'l)c jurc' and rightful Frccholdcrs by Birtliright, by
Inhcritancc and by Primogcnitulc Starlls; and havc by thosc Inlicritcd Rights. Dcsccndiblc Claims.
lrlotc to all Comcrs, that u.c (Heirs of the Luucll Posscss thc Sccurcd Rights to Travcl upon thc Lnnds
of our Ancicnt Forc-\4othcrs and forc-Fathcrs. Llpon thc Public Roadrvays. upon thc Byrvays and upon
ihc Highu,ays of olu Contincntal Unitcd Statcs {reltttiug to the Orgetuic Lttncll and abscnt of the
gcnociclal, fi'aud - bascd cxtortion tributcs, and Human Trafficking imposcd by forcign 'colorcd'
Inquisitionists. or by thcir cotporation - imposcd cxcisc taxation constltcts. iuvcntcd by thc
rackctccring, anti-constitutionai. forcign Statcs" Lcgislators, constructcd ttndcr color and. stylcd to
abridgc and to stcal Substantivc Rights bcionging to thc Natural Pcoplcs. Thcsc Substantir.c Rigirts
arc supportcd by. and asscrtcd by, Royal Lau'; Moorish Larv: Moslcm l Nduslim Lar,v; Thc Lalv of thc
Grcat Pcacc; Thc Lau,s of Naturc; Divinc Law; Naturc's God; Thc Laq's of Nations; Thc Frcc Moorish
Crcat Scal Zodiac Constitution; Stare Dccisis; Rcs Jtrdicata: and bindingly Affirmcd by A-ticlcs III.
IV and Vl of thc Amcrican Constitution Cor.cnant of 1'774 - 1781 A.D : and Trcaty 1200 - l h,{. C.,
as lai,r,flilly atloptcd for Thc Unitcd Statcs Rcpublic. cstablishing its Rcpublican Fonn of Govcnuncnt.
Thc said Amcrican Constitution cstablishcd thc Pcoplcs' 'Sttprctttc Lau'of thc Land'stancling upon
thc principlcs ofmoral govcrlurcnt to sccurc thc Rights of thc Pcoplc, and to kccp limitcd Govcrnntcnt
opcrativcs bound and in chcck by Official Oath. and by Official Bond. Lct it bc knou,n that: '
fi'onr thc Ancicnts Oncs. /orr Pt'itttogenilorsi catnc thc Allodial Isonotli Principlcs rvhich cstablishctl
thc Suprcmc Lar*'of thc Landl'
€g-"p,, (Hikuptohl is'Thc Capital Empirc of tirc Domiuion of Afi'ica'. Thc Inhabitants of Afi-ica
arc thc Dcsccndants of thc Ancicnt Canaanitcs from thc Land of Canaan- Thc Moabitcs, frotn ttrrc Land
of Moab. r,vho rcccivcd pcnnission from thc Pharaohs of Egypt to scttlc and inhabit North-Wcst Afi-ica;
thcy r,vclc thc foundcrs and arc thc trrrc possessors of thc plcscut Moroccan Empire' This includcs
Algicrs, Tunis, Tripoli. N{auritania, and tirc Atncricas, r,vith thcir Cairaanitc, Hittitc and Amoritc
brcthrcn u.ho sojourcd frotl thc Land of Cauaan sccking ncr,r' hontcs. Tircir Dominion and
Inhabitation cxtcndcd from North-East and South-Wcst Africa. across thc grcat Atlantis, cvcn unto thc
prcscnt North America, South America and Central America; and also Nfexico and thc Atlantis
Islands (Amet"it:ctrtttl bcforc thc cafihquakc. rl4rich causcd thc grcat Atlantic Ocean.

Shu 'C**rt Seal Pyramid' is thc 'National Ertblcm and Insignia' of Thc Moorish Nation,'Etnpirc
of Nortlr Amcrica (geogrophitul lotutitlt). Thc Grcat Pyramid (equilutera{} is also thc arciraic symbol
tbr Civilization on thc planct Earth. Thc honorablc Moors' acklov'lcdgctncnt of our 'Crcat Scal'
indicatcs thosc Heirs who olvtt up to. w'ho srqrpot-t, and r,vho proclaim' our 'Frcc National
Covcrrrncnt'. Moors *,ho arc 'Activc' and NOT 'Pa-ssivc' in thc Social, Ciyilization. Culturc ancl
Custolx mattcrs, involving Lau,, Ordcr and Govcmmcntal Principlcs. arc ircrcby cntrcatcd to suppofi
this Affrnlation. Moors / Muurs who strivc torvard this cnd. rvitir ironor. arc cntrustcd by Noblc Drcw
Ali, to hclp in thc grcat humanitariau rvork of uplifting oursclvcs, our fcliorv-man, and hutlanity at
largc. Wc. thc conscious Hcirs, scck, at ali tiurcs, to bc cognizant of tirc civilization tl'orks, iilstructiolls,
and progrcssivc acts ncccssaq/ to tcach. to prcsclvc and to dcfcnd the Nationality and Birthrights of
All Moorish Amcricans {Al fuIoroctrur^r'/. ctc.

.fh" Nobl" Moors '/ Muurs (Heirs ,4pprtrenl)arc thc Natural Mcmbcrs I Citizcns of thc Ancicnt Al
Mcroccan Ernpirc (ltiorlh Anteriut t' 'The Not'th Gtrla') and arc by civic and sociai duty. bound to
rccognizc and to sllpport otr 'Grcat Scal' Sovcrcign N{oorisir National Fcdcral Covcl'nmcnt and
consanguinc Nation of thc Natural Pcoplc. In our rciation rl,itir othcrs. wc cotrmand thc cnforccmcnt
of our AI kloroccan Constitution. Thus, such organizcd communications and Or<lcrs arc rcfcrrcd to as
"Thc Crcat Scal Nartional Association of Moorish Affairs". Thc Frcc Moorisir Nation - inclusivc of all
thc Aboriginal / Indigcnc Tribcs and Proviuccs of thc Natural Pcoplc. ctc", arc tirc ri-uhtftil bcarcrs of
thc Attributcs, Narncs and Nokrlc Titlcs. Ali, El, Be-v. De-v. ancl Al.
Thc Frce fu{oors 1 Muurs. by
Frcchold hilrcritancc. rctain all Substantir,c Rights and Imilunitics; cnjoy thc cxcrcising of all
Substantivc Rights. and opc-ratc upoil conslunmatcd. Right-Law', Isonomi - Principlcs; iraving prc-
cxisting. r,cstcd Constitution and Trcary - sccurcd Rigirts and Immuuitics fiom forcign colporatc
TAXATION, and frorn forcign, Criminal and Civil Jurisrliction by, and of. thc colonial [Jnion Statcs
Rights Rcpublic U.S.A.. (pt'it,ate corpot'utiou und pet'sou.s) pursunnt to. but not limitccl to, Divinc
RighU thc Unitcd Statcs Rcpubiic Suprcmc Court; Intcmatioral Lawl and tirc 'Acts of Statc" to rvit:

"Every Sovereign State (Peaple) is houttd to respect the inclepenclence of everTt other Sovereign Stnte
(People) ancl the courts oJ' one cotcnt,T (People) will ttot sit in .judgnrent on the ects af the
governfirent ol'unothet', done witltin (the some or) its orvn tercitoty..."
.fhe pr.r.nt {Jtion Statcs h{unicipal aud Civil Lau,s anri Codcs iilposcd upon rhc Land arc a
privatc - lar,v. 'incoLporatcd unit of sclf-govcmnrcnt' cstablisircd by tirc political potvcrs of thc
'Ccncral Asscmbly' of cach Statc of thc Uniau limitcd and bountl by Articlc iV. and initiatcd at
Plriladclphia, Pcmrsylvania, Nofih Amcrica, in thc ycar Eightccn fifty-fi:ur { I 854 ). It govcrns 'ONLY'
thc rights and conduct of tlic allcgcd "WHITE PEOPLE". Christians and Jcq,s, of thc Eighfccn sixl_v-
tbrcc ( l 86-11 Union Statcs Rights Rcpublic. undcr thc Magna Charta (The Great Chu fiet') . thc Knights
of Colurnbus Codc. and thc Ku Klux Klan Oath. Forcvcr. thc said 'Llnion Statcs Rights Rcpublic'
dcnics citizcnship in thc Unitcd Statcs Rcpublic (U.S.A.) to thc l{{rir dcsccndants of thc Moorish Ntrtion
in thc Wcstcm Hcrnisphcrc, rvho havc bccn crroncously rcfbn'cd to. 'trrandcd as' antl mislabclcd as.
Ncgrocs, Blacks" Colorcds. and African Amcricairs. Latinos. ctc., ctc. hi addition, thc Suprcilc Court
of tlrc Unitcd Statcs (in the luntlntsrk c:ase) of "Drcd Scott ..,. Sandfbrd" 60 US {19 Hotrctrcl) 393
( I857 ) hcld that Nc'grocs-r,r,hcthcr hcld to slavcry or iicc- wcrc not inclutlcd and lvcrc not intcnclctl
to bc incltrdcd in thc 'catcgory' of 'citizcn' (subjccts) of thc Union Statcs Rights Rcpublic.
Rcsultantly. thc Truc Indigcnc Noblcs of thc Al \,Ioroccan Ernpirc (Frcc Moors). trcarcrs of thc
Attribr.rtcs / Namcs i Noblc Titlcs, Ali, El, Bcy. Dcy and Ai, arc cxcludcd from thc Union Statcs Rights
Rcpul:lic {{"1.5.A.) jr-rrisdiction. Thc Truc Nobics of the Al ]Vloroccan Empirc arc Sovcrcign. Privatc,
and Sclf--Govclrcd, by 'Rigirt-La\.v' Principics and custotns: and ONLY Obligatcd to thc 'Frcc
Mocrrish ZarJiac Constitution' - Circlc 7 - archaically cstablisircd by our Ancicnt Forc-Mothcrs ancl
Forc-Fathcrs. Such cxtcndcd allcgiancc and 'Obligation' includcs 'Thc Grcat Scal' and thc High
Principlcs ernd Moor-al Statdards. cmbodicd in ths Moorish National Fiag /Sl*ir{u,'d) - Love, Truth,
Peace. Freedom. and Justice. Thc TrLrc Al Moroccan Noblc Indigcncs of thc Land maintain a
Constitutionai and larvful, NON-OBLICATORY tax 'Status' and position. rclativc to all 'FOREIGN
ENTITY TAXATION' (httligenes Not Tmed) and maintain a NON- OBLICATORY rcspcct for thc
Union Statcs Rights Rcpublic lU.5..4.), its mcmbcrs. its lar.r,s; its oldinanccs. its codcs: it cttstours and
its traditions, pursrrant to: Tirc Frcc fu{oorish Amcrican Zotliac Constitution - Alticlcs IV and Vi; Thc
Trcary of Pcacc and Fricndship Bctu,ccn thc Unitcd Statcs aud Morocco -Scl'cntccn Eigirry-Scvcn
(1786 - 87) - supcrscdcd by thc Trcaty cf Eightccn Thirty-Six (183(t): Rcsoiution 75: Joumals of The
Housc of Rcprcscntativcs, adoptcil forthc [-]nitcd Statcs - April 17. 1933 A. D. - Moorish Amcrican
Socicry of Philailcfuiria and thc Usc of'Tircir Nirncs- Rcaffinnatiotts ltavc bccn t:radc via Thc Unitcd
Nations "Declaration of the Rights of the Chitd" Ccncral Asscnblt, Rcsolution 1386 (XIV). 14 U.N.
CAOR Supp. (,Vo. 16) at 19, U.N. Documcnt A14354 (1959); Thc Unitcd Nations "Universal
Declarations on Human Rights" Articlc XV. Gcncral Asscrnbly Rcsoiutiott 217 A (III) of 10"
I)cccmbcr 1948 A-D.; "Executive Order 13107"-Unitcd States Rcpublic, North Amcrica -Thc
Implcmcntation of Htunau Rights Trcritics; Thc National Constitution fbr thc Contincltai Unitcd
Statcs. Arliclc III. Scction 2; Atncndmcnt V - Libcr-ry Clausc. Amcndmcnt iX-Reservation of thc
Rights of thc Pcoplc: Thc Unitcd Statcs Dclrarturctrt of Justicc N{oorish Crcdcntials; Frcc Moorish
Zadiac Constitution, Truth A-1 Classificd. Thc Unitcd Statcs Copyright Ccrtiflcatc Numbcr
AA222l4l Clock of Dcstiny; Thc Moorish Nationality and Idcntification Card; Moorisir Holy Tcrnpic
of Scicncc i L4oorish Scicncc Tcmplc of Amcrica Idcntification Cards" ctc.

furthermore, i Assctt My full Birtiuiglrts - Sovcrcignty and Substarttivc Rights atrd try Right of
Claim to all Hcrcditamcnts - Bcing a Sundry Frcc N{oor r' Muur and a ( Beittgi distinguishcd
from all and any spurious constructs, crcatcd by thc forci*eucrs. or bv thcir agcncics. pttrstlittlt to:
X4oabitc / Moorish Pedigrcc; Thc Frcc Moorisir Zociiac Constitution; Thc Crcat Scal of tirc Moorish
Nation (Ah :!nliquo); Thc Trcaty of Pcacc and Fricndship - I 786 -87 i 1836; Thc Sundry Frcc Moors
Act of 1790; Thc 1781 Orgariic Unitcd Sratcs Constirution; Thc Moorisir Fcdcral Financicrs Act
(linion Stutes,4rnly: lE61 -1E63),' Thc 1854 Roman Catirolic L4agna Charta; thc Knights of Colurnbus
Codc; Thc Ku Klux Klan Oath; Thc Unitcd Nations Chartcr. fu'ticlc 5-5(c); Thc Rights of Indigcnous
Pcoplc: Part I, Articlcs 1,2.3.4,5; Part II. Articlc 6: Tirc tlnitccl Statcs Suprcmc Cottr-t -'Acts of
Statc'; Tirc tbrcign Sovcrci-qn In:rnunitics Act 28 USC 1601, ct Scqua., Thc Convcntion on
Intcmational Road Traffic -Day 19, Scptcmbcr 1949. Thc World Court Dccision, Thc Flaguc,
Ncthcriands - Day 21 . -Ianuary 19-5B A.D : I378 M.C. In rcfcrcncc to thc Rigirts of thc Natural Pcoplcs
and of thcir Substantirrc Rights. ctc.^ thc folloi,r,ing arc pcfiincnt and cstatrlisircd Suprcmc Court
Dccisions, (Store Decisis orrcl Res,htdicctlct)to nit:
f. .ftre Right to Travcl: Thc Right to NIodc of Convcyanccl Tirc Rigirt to Locomotion arc all
Absolutc Rights. and the Policc can not makc r.,oid thc cxercisc of Rights- State v. Armstead, 60 s.
778,779, and 7El:

Z. fne usc of thc highu,ays fbr thc pllrposc of lrar,cl and transpottation is not a rncrc prir.,ilcgc. L-lut
a collrnon and Fundarncntal Right of wiiich thc public and Natural Bcings cannot bc tlcprivcd.
Chicago ll,Iotor Coach v. Chicago 337 Illinois 200. I69 NE 22, ALR, Ligare v. Chicago 139 ILL.
46,28 HE 934, Boone v. Clark 214 SW 607,23 AM jur (lst). sec. 163:
f. .ftre Right to Park or Travcl is part of tirc Libcrty of nhicirthc Natural Pcr-son. citizcn cannot Lrc
dcprivcd r.r.ithout "duc proccss of lal" undcr thc 5tli Amcndmcnt of thc Unitcd Statcs Constitution.
Kent v. Dulles 357 US 116, 125:

4. "fn* Rigfrt of a citiz,--n to Trar,,cl u1:on thc public higirw'ays aircl to rransport onc's propcrry
thcrcon, cithcr by caniagc or automobilc. is not a mcrc pril,ilcgc. u4ricir a City may proiribit or pcrrnit
at u,ill, but a common Right. rvhich irc i shc has undcr thc Right to Lifc. Libcrty. and thc Pursuit of
Happincss- Thompson v. Smith 154 SE 579:

5. ,State Policc Pou,cr cxtcnds only to immcdiatc thrcats to public safity, hcalth. rvclfarc^ ctc..
Nlichigan v. Duke 266 US, 476 Led,. At .149: r.r.hich driving and spccding arc not. California v.
Farley Ced. Rpt. 89, 20 CA3rd 1032 (1971):
O. 9tre statc is prohibitcri frorn violatiirg Substantivc Rights. Ou,cns v. City. 4,15 US 662 (1980);
and it can not do by onc powcr (c-q. Policc Porvtrr) that i,vhicir is. for cxamplc, prohibitcd cxprcssly to
any othcr such (cg. Taxation i Emincnt Domain) as a trraficr of Lar,v. US and UT v. Daniels,
22 p 159, nor indircctly thatwhich is proiiibited to it dircctly. Fairbanks v. US l8l, US 283,294,
7, Sraveling iu au automobilc on thc pubtic roads not a thrcat to thc public safcty or hcalth
aird constitntccl no hazard to tirc public, and such a travclcr or'vcd uo othcr duty to thc public (cg. tirc
Statc): hc / shc and his / hcr auto. having cqual right to and on thc roadways r higiilva-vs as horscs and
rvagons. ctc.; this samc ri-eht is still Substantivc Rulc, in that spccding. rturning stop signs, travcling
witirout iiccnsc platcs, or rcgi-stratiotl, arc not tirrcats to thc irublic safcty. and ihus, arc not arrcstablc
offcnscs. Chrisf-y- r'. Elliot,2l6I l3l, 74IJE 1035' LRA. NS 1905-1910: California r', Farley'98
CED Rpt. 89. 20 CA 3d 1032 (1971).
8. ?,fnder thc Unitcd Statcs Rcpublic's Constitutional systcm of Govcrnmcnt and upon thc
individuality and intclligcncc of tirc citizcn, thc Statc docs not claitn to control onc's cotlduct to othcrs.
lcaving onc thc solc judgc as to all that affccts oncsclf'. Mugler v. Kansas 1213 US 623, 659-60:
9. tOhere Riglrts sccttrcd by thc Constittttion arc involvcd. thcrc can bc no mlc - rnaking or
lcgislation, rvhich rvould abrogatc thcrn. i\'Iiranda v. Arizona 384 LrS 436, 125:
fO. .fhe claim and cxcrcisc of Constitutional Rights cannot bc convcrtcd irito a crimc. It{iller v'
Kansas 230 F 2nd 486,489:

11. frar a crimc to cxist, thcrc must bc an iniurcd party (Corpus Dclicti). Thcrc can bc no sanction
or pcnalry ir-nposcd on onc bccausc of this Constitutir:nal Right. Sherer v' Cullen 481 F' 945:
12. 5f Tribunal (couff) tinds atrscncc of proof ofjurisdictioll ovcl- a pcl'son and subjcct maficr.
tlrc casc rnust bc dismisscd. Louisville v. Nlotle.v-' 2111 US 149.29S. CT 42. "Thc Acctiscr Bcars thc
Burdcn of Proof Bcyond a Rcasonablc Doubt".
13. ".8ack of Fcdcral Jurisrliction can not bc r+'aivcd or ovclcolllc by agr'ccmcnt of partics"' Griffin
v. Dlatthews,3l0 F Supra 341,342 (1969): and "Want of .Iurisdictioll may not bc cnrcd L'ry conscnt
of partics". Industrial Addition Association v. C.I,R.,323 US 3f 0. 313.

?.{/hereas, In light of thc forcgoing Jurisprudcncc 'Starc Dccisis' and 'Rcs Judicata' affinlcd and
dcclarcd by thc Suprcrnc Coufi Dccisions. by Facts. and by Larv. and countcr to thc ncgativc and
'cololnlrlc' social and political couditions institutcd by corporatc Statc Pcrsons of thc Union Statcs
Socicry, thcrc cxists a blatant 'WANT OF JUzuSDICTION' on thc part of tirc Uuion Statcs Rights
Rcpubiic (U.S.A.), and by its agcnts, pcrsonncl. contractors. and assigns' Maxitns and Axioms arc
lawfully, lcgally in forcc unclcr l'{ational and Intcmationai Law' attcnding to thcsc issttcs' And this
Affiant (Nttturctl B€ing - In Propritt Persona )docs not abandon any of rny Estatc Rights; do not waivc
any Substantivc Righii; clocs not transfcr 'Powcr of Attomc-v' to and forcigncr; ancl docs not
conscnt to any pubtic trial or ministcrial hearing in any 'colorablc' tribunal vcnuc or iuvolvcmcnt u'ith
any non-Artictc ttI, unconstittttional jurisdictio;. Tha Official Oaths and Bonds; tirc Obligations; and
thc Ficluciary dutics of all accuscrs aud proof-boun<I 'claimtrnts' to National Constitutiou ancl Trcaty
Law and Ordcr: thc Civilization Principlcs fixcd in Constitution Lar'v. still stands! Dcfinition and Truth
still Rulcs. NON-COIvIPLIANCE is a Fcdcral Law vioiation and Intcmational Law ofi-cncc and


tircrc is no qucstion that a 'Bencir Appearancc Sun:nons'. a Dctcntiorl, i1n Arrest and a
Ticket or Citation. issucd Lry a Police f0tficcr] or by otirers, against thc pcople. fbr traveling rvirh nc
dLil,cr's liccnsc. forcign drivcl's iicensc. not having currcnt rcgistration, or mandatory insur.ancc" r--tc..
u,irich carrics a finc or jail tiinc" is a pcnalty or sanction and is indc{-'cl "convcrling a right into a crimc";
thus violating Substantir.c Rights. It is rcasonablc to assums that thcsc Suprcmc Couft judicial
dccisions arc straigirt and to tire point, thiit thcrc is nc lau,fui n:cthod tbr gerr.cmment to prlt rcstrictions
or lin:itation-s on Rights belonging to thc Pcoplc.

.fhrt tlr" Organic Uiritcd Statcs Rcpublic Constitutiort ielerived /i.*rn Ancietri Afottbite / L,Ioot.islt
Icu| rcmains 'The Suprcmc Lar.r, of thc Land'; and ali Trcatics n:adc, or which shall be madc, under
tirc Authorjty of Thc Urrited Sttitcs Covcr:rrncnt, anci unde-r" its Flag of Pcace . plusuart to Unitcd Stiitcs
Codc, Titlc 4. Chaptcr 1. Any lar,v or colorablc proLrcsscs wirich arc Rcpugnant Io thc Constittition or
T::caty slrall rcmain forcvcr '*tlorable 'aird arc lt{ull and Void. Marbury r,. Madison 5 U.S. 137. li1.
17 6 (l BAI). Ariy Municipal Officcr{s}, Pcrson(s). Personnel. Ernplovec(s) or Contractor(s) 'who violatc
or abridge thc Rights of thc Natural Pcoplc or Citizens, are subjcct to suit or othcr tofi action, in thcir
pcrsonai and / or officiai capacit-v to rvit:

.fitle 18, Part 1, Chapter 13 S24f of {Jnited States Codes of Larv:

3.7't*t,o or'iltore per.totts t:ott.spire to ittjure, oppr€ss, threttten, or intimidctte #ily per:ian in ttnT Stctte,
Territoty, cot]'*r1ot'nteoilh, Passessian, or district iu the./i'ee exsrtise or en.fo1:nzent of oilt right or
privilege securetl to hirt hy the Canstittttiou or Lav's a/'the Unitett States, or beczuse o{ltis hrn'iug so
ererciset! lhe scune: tst'...
S{*no or ntot'e ller-\ons go in disguise on the highv,aj.), or on tlte premises of' ntather, with the
intent to pret)eilt ar lzincter his .fi'ee e.rercise or enjoyntettt of'any right rtr prit:ilege sa setured -
St uy sha[! be under this title or imprisotred not nzore th*n ten ]'ecrrs, or holh; and i./"death
resttks ji'o*t tlre acts comntittetl in violutiott ql- this secti{}n, nr i.f .s'urh u$s inclnde kie{n*ppittg ot' ttn
attempl to kidnap, aggravated -sexual ttbuse or an atte* to commil uggruvulect seruu! ttbuse, ar an
attenxpt to kil{, rhel'shnl! he.fined underthis titie or intprisoned lbr any tet'tn o{yeur,s or.fbr li/b, rn'
ballt, or rrcry be serutencetl to detttlt.

$itle 18, Part l. Chapter 13 $242 of United States Codes of Lau':

Wlrournr, unrler'color''un1, ltnr'. stcttute, ot't{inunce, regultttitstt, {}r cuslot?t, ,:'i!l/il1fi,^vubje<:ts
tlt?)1pers{}rt in r.rnt,State, Terrilot'\,, Contntontt,e*{th, Passessittt'r, or Distt'ict lo the deprit,ttlit:rt a.f'un-v'
rigltrs, privileges, or immwilies securetl or protecle{l hy 1l1s Conslitutian or Lrtv's ai'the United Stutes,
or tc t{ilfbrent punishntent.s, ytttirt.t, or pcttulties, ott {tcL.,olttll of'sttch person being an slien, ot' b1' vs1t"1s11
o/ his colar, ot t'ttce, that ure Ttresct'ihed lbr tlrc cilizens, shall he /inetl mder this title ot inrytrisr;ned
ttot t?1or€ tlicut one])edr, or hoth; gnd i/'hot/i\1, iujury resuh.t.front lhe ocls contmitled i* t;iolation of'
lhis sertion, or il such utts incluc{e the use. tillelnpted ttse, or thredenecl use of'u dungerotrs we(Ipott,
erp{osites, rtr fire, sltctll he.{inecl Lmc{er lhis title or intprisorted not tuttre tltan t€il Te{Ir-\ or.fbr li/-e, or
hoth, at'may be sentenced to t{eath-

.fheretbre, in prcscrviition of 'Tirc Rights of inciigcnous Peoples" anrl thc Prcscrvation of tire
Ri-qiits of tlic Pcoplc. in accord and dcfensc of thc Constitutior for tirc Unitcd Statcs Rcpublic of North
Arlicrica and its Rcpubiican Fonl cf Covcrnmcnt - bcing thc 'Snprcrnc Larv of thc Land'; and prilnal
to thc qontraclual liabilitics, Oath - bound Obligations, and Fiduciarv Dulics of thc Officcrs of thc
Courts - Fcdcrd. State, City, and l4unicipal. etc.. I helcby, IJcmand the cuforccr:rcnt of thc Dc jr-lrc
Larvs of thc Unitcd Statcs, and all Treatics madc undcr thc Authorit,y of Thc tlnitcd Statcs. in acccrd
u,ith Articlc VI of thc Colstitution; The Bilt of Right*s; Tire Dcclaration of thc Rights of thc Chii<i;
The Rigirts of lndieenous Pcoplcs; Thc Univcrsal Dcclar-ation of l{um:in Rights; Thc lJnitcd Natiots
Chartcr. Articlc 55(c); Thc Unitcrl Statcs Suprunc Court - 'Acts of Statc't Thc F'orcign Sovercign
lnununitics Aci 28 USC 1601; ct Scqua.. Thc Llonvcntion on'Intcrnational Road Traific'-DaV 19.
Scptcinbcr 1949. Thc World f-lourl Dccisions, Thc IIaguc, Nctircrlands, Day 21. January 1958 A.D -
1378 M.C.; and "Executive Order 13107" - Unitcd Stiitcs Rcpublic, North Amcrica: Thc
lmplementation of l{r-rman Rigirts Trc:rtie.s; The National Constitution firr thc Continent:rl tJnited
Slatcs, Ariiclc iII. Section 2; Arncndrncnt tr/ - Libcrty- Clausc; Amcndmcnt IX" ctc., ctc. I hcrcby,
Dcmand a Dismissal of any and all unconstitntional sanctions. claims, or othcr wauirnts or chargcs

rladc or issucd, rvirich arc dcvoid of truc idcntity pcrsorlagcs: a dcniai of 'Dr.rc Proccss' of a 'Trial' b.rr
a Jury of my or.r,n National Pccrs: or abscnt of a vcrificd and larvfui Indictmcnt, sanctionccl by an
asscmblcd Grand Jury; and that I bc ar.ailcd all larvful Constitutional - sccurcd safcguards, cstablishccl
by thc Suprcmc Lau,: with docuincntcd propcr Jurisdiction and Vcnuc confinncd and in placc.

?I/herefore all partics ol intcrcst arc Authorizcd by this Writ, pursuant to National anrl
Intcmational Lau,. to honor all Substantivc Rigirts and Constitutional Immunitics rcscrvcd for. and to.
tiris Abori-einal / indigcnous Frcc and Sovcrcign Moor,'Muur*. All Officiats arc to cnlist all availablc
and approprialc rrrcasurcs to cnslli'c. and assurc. that all My Substantivc Rigirts aird Constitutionally -
sccurcd Rigirts and Iryrmunitics arc not violated, not brcachcd, uor abridgcd. Thc Sovcrci-en. Natural
Bcing. nalncd ircrcin. is not to bc Arrcstcd nor hcid for- Dctcntion undcr any 'colorablc' circumstanccs!
You arc to notify thc activc Ministcrs of thc Aboriginal,/ lndigcnous Moorish Nationals of thc Tcr-ritory
(Organic Land). Tirc Natural Pcrson narrcd hcrcin is NON-OBLIGATORY and thus Exct:rpt ti'om
Customs, Tariffs. Taxation. 'Oq,ncr in Fcc' pcrmit-dcccption Constructs. and fron: any othcr
hinclrancc or rcstriction of His or Hcr Frccdoms. Ailodial Propctlics, Cornpcnsations, Ri-uhts of Travci,
or Frccdom of Movcrncnt on, in, or u,ithin, any mcntbcr or rlon-mcrlbcr Statcs of thc Unitcd Statcs
Union. ctc. Thc Moor i N4uur (bcercr of this Indigcnous Pcoplcs'Docurncnt) is to bc trcatcd rvith all
duc Rcspcct and 'Duc Proccss' Rights undcr thc Law. All availablc and appropriatc mcasurcs arc to
bc takcn to prcvcnt injusticc. irann. falsc arrcst, trumpcd -up chargcs, or attack on tirc Nafural Bcing's
Pcrson, Propcrty, Pcrsonalty, Convcyanccs. Frccdours. and i or Dignity.

€xplicit Rcscruation anrl usc of 'All Rigtrrts Rcscrvccl Without Prcjutlicc' is Notcd To All Fcdcral.
Sttrte. C-ity. iind N4unicipal Pcacc Officcrs; in harmony u'itir Statc's Stattttcs, and indicatcs thc
Rcscrvation of N{y Rights. Whcrcb5, I may Rcscrt,c My Substanfivc Riglrts and Constitutiona! -
sccurcd Rights aird Immunitics to 'NOT' bc Compcllcd to pcrfonn unilcr any Contracts or Agrccmcnts
tirat I havc not cntcrcd into knori,ingly, r,oluntarily, ri,illingly, or unintcntionally. I do not acccpt any
irctual or implicd 'Liabilitics' associatcd rvith any 'COMPELLED - BENEFITS' of any 'tttucvcalcd'
or dcccptivcly-irriposcd cornlrcrcial contracts. I, furlhcnlorc. do not sanction zrny 'uncortstitutional'
rulcs or policics, or acts of Misprision conmittcd by any U.S. Covcmmcnt or Statc Officials. at any
lcvcl. claimcd by any of thctn, in thL- namc of tirc Unitcd Statcs Rcpublic. nor do I asscut to any implicd
colorablc policics madc by allcgcd rcprcscntativcs. as bcing sanctioncd by thc Pcoplc and Citizens.
Considcr any fortlcrly-assulcd constructs allcgcd to be rclatcd to mc ets bcing misreprcscntatious and
tirusly 'Curccl' fbrthq,itli. Lct it be knorvn. ..:

Eepresent lrrcillls to 'Dcpict' to 'Portray'. to 'syrnbolizc' and to 'Stand for'- Lct it bc knotTr that
thc Union Statcs Socicty 'Bzir Associaiion' Lawycrs, Esquircs, and Attorncys of Europcan Colonial
dcsccnt. and fbrcign corporation. catr:tot dcpict, portray or s-vrnbolizc a Frcc Moor; as thcy arc not of
thc samc Nation Jurisdiction, Customs, or Nationai Pccrs; atd cannot sit in jr-rdgtrcnt of any Frce lv{oor
(Acts of Statc). Europcans arc not Indigcncs to thc Lancl (Arncricas) - Moors arc Aboliginal! Union
Statcs Lauycrs and Attomcys opcratc in Dcilo - politicai fonltrt, r'vhich is contraty to Articlc IV,
Scction 4 of thc Constitution for thc Unitccl Statcs- Nloors opcratc in a Rcpublican Form of
Covcmmcnt, conjoincd n,itir Isonotni Principics - bcing in hannony with thc Constitution" Moors
rcspcct Constitution Principlcs. Thc unconstitutional Tribunals opcrating under thc Union Statcs
Socicty coutlicts u'ith, and is rcpugnant to, "Duc Process" ttudcr- Constitution Principlcs, aud fr-rnctions
primarrily in'colorabic'proccdurcs. Thcreforc" no'Fair'"'Just'tritrl, or rcrncdy is availcd to the
Natural Pcoplcs of thc Land. tluough such 'coiorablc' proccsscsl Thcsc violating acts constituic a
'Conflict of Intcrcst'; a 'Conflict of Larv'; and clcarly cstablish thc 'Fcdcral Qucstions' of 'Divcrsiry
of Citizcnsirip': a Conflict of Itlcntity: and of Nationalit-v and Intcmational Larv, ctc,. Thus, a clcar and
documcntcd 'Ar.cnncnt of Jurisdiction i Quo Warranto' is also hcr-cby proclainrcd and advanced to all
parties of intcrcst, Oniy Moors cztn 'Prcscrtt' and 'Dcpict' thcmsclves as bcing h4oors i Al Moroccans,
and Aboriginal i Indigcncs of tirc Land! Thus, only Moors can 'Present' 'Sclf-!

J, Lcr.anair Amor Bcy. bcing a rcal. livc flcsh and blood, brcathing. Divine aniJ Natural Bcing -
born sangrrilcous o1'a natural, thinking and anirlafcd Motircr, do solcmnly, sinccrcly. and squarcly
Affirm that thc fbrcgoing facts containcd in this Constructivc and Actual Juclicial Noticc and
Proclamarion, by Atlirmccl Aflidavit. arc truc. This 'Noticc' is constntctcd to thc bcst of rny
knorvlcdgc, conjoincd to my Culturc. Customs and Bclicfs: bcing actual, factual, and rcstorativc in
naturc to 1rI/ ancicnt Traditions and Customsl prcscntcd as corrcct. and not misicading, ctc.; - bcing
thc Truth, thc wholc Truth, atd nothin-s but thc Truth- As rvith our ancicnt Traditions and Customs. I
cnlrcat to all:

Stibt {Ltn:e), fr(rrqq (Trutlt), Salaam (Pettce), J{.,rryurur, (Freedom),6d1l.Iusti<:ei,

entreat to all:

fi(iau (Love), thqq(Iruth), Salaam (Peace), fi(urryatm(Freedom), fi.dL (Justtce),

(trI Hghts Reserved Without Prejudice.

J am:
--rltatrral Perm - ia Froqrri Pmom, Sui JEis, aod Sui l{qeds - In $olo Boprio: AilRigksRewd

flboriginal / Indigenous, free Sovereign Moor - Natural the Land; 'In Propria Persona'
(lrtrot Pro Se, Nor Colorable)
*Moors / Murs: The Aborigiral md Indigenous Naturzl Peoples and True Heirs md lnheritors of the Lmds (Territories) (North Arnerica, Central America, South America,
and the Adjoiaing lslmds - A1 Moroc .i Amem / Americma).

.#ahxal Heredes - In $oio Proprio: All Rights Reserved

- - In Solo Proprio: All Rights Reserved
"r{atural Person - In Propria Persona Sui Juris,

**++* {.*
a .fry Special Appearance, before me on Day M
2018lr- of
CCY: 1438M-C., and in Honor, the Divine Natural Being, Levanah Bey that
She is a Descendant / Heir, Natural Person / Divine Being herein named, standing 'In Full
Life', existing in Her own Proper Person; meeting the primal 'law of evidence' as roquired and
defined in'Identity'; affrmed by Lawful, Substantive Right; by Birthright; and respectively
acknowledged - being of descendible age and competence; and being lawflrlly qualified and
competent to execute this Document of Affidavit. I therefore place my hand, my autograph
and my seal thereto.

t3 warrth'da a al- oulnralLkiaoilYem: l4b1 C.9r:lF.a

J e*,
Vizir / Minister / Consul: -Matural Person - In Propria Persona, Sui Heredes - In Solo Proprio:
Representalive; All Rights Reserved, Free Moor / Muur
Omexem / Jroffhwest &ftica l.,fforth Omerica I 'fhe ,Aor|dl,$ate'


Aboriginal ald Indigenous Peoples' Documents: Northwest Amoxem I Nor&west Atica /North America I 'The United States;
'Temple of the Moon and Sun': Non - Domestic, Non - Resident, Non - Subject - Being the Rightful Heirs ofthe Land.