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It was a great opportunity to be part and be trained in Central Azucarera Don

Pedro Inc. My 240 hours training which started last June 11, 2018 and ended last July

20, 2018 was a good preparation for me in the near future. My stay at the three

departments and a section of the plant namely the Boilers Water Treatment Plant,

Refinery, Environmental Management Section and Boiling House gave me so much

learning not only in my chosen field but also in other fields of work. With the help of my

supervisors and the workers of CAPDI, my knowledge about the processes and equipment

used in the operation was broaden. My training also helped me developed and improved

my skills that are not learned in the four corners of the classroom. I was able to

experience how to work with other people and how to handle problems.

At the end of my training, I know and I believe that what I’ve learned in CAPDI is

more than that of what I’ve expected. My prepared training plan was successfully

accomplished and it prepared me not only in the field of Chemical Engineering but even

in a wider horizon.