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It Out
(... in your own way)
Youth Exchange about employability
22. - 31. 8. 2019, Kožichovice, Czech Republic
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“You know you are on the road to success

if you would do your job and not be paid for it.”
Oprah Winfrey

Work It Out is 10 day project, Youth Exchange, You will meet people from Czech Republic, Bul-
focused on the question how to find or create for garia, Lithuania, Romania, Italy, and Greece.
you a job which will bring you happiness.
What more, you reach deep inside your soul to
If you are between 18 and 24, deciding recognize what type of job would you like to do,
what to do in life, being unemployed or you will get in touch with a labor market and
not really satisfied with your job position, understand its inner logic, you will define your
wondering how to get a job which bring goal and plan a way how to reach it!
you not only money, but mainly satisfaction
instead of constant stress, boredom and dissa- This all in a playful international setting, using
pointment, it is for you. the elements of non-formal education like games,
workshops, simulations, coaching, etc.

>> Content
Day 1 Create trust
Day 2 Look into your core
Day 3 Name your dream
Day 4 Get inspired (excursion to companies)
Day 5 Share what you got
Day 6 Learn by teaching other
Day 7 Make a plan to reach your dream
Day 8 Make steps to reach your dream
Day 9 Be the change you want to see in a world
Day 10 Evaluate what you experienced
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ho can come
We are expecting 36 participants who are living in following countries:
Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Italy, and Greece.
We have space for 6 people per country: 5 participants and 1 group leader.

Group Leader Participant

• is 20+ years old • is between 18 and 24
• Youth Worker (trainer, social worker, • is unemployed or strongly dissatisfied
manager, pedagogue... or is somehow with their job or student finishing school
working with people) deciding about their future career
• ready to support us with carrying out the • is ready to actively participate through
project. the whole project

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This project is funded by Erasmus+.
Your travel will be reimbursed (see
more at next page).
We ask you to contribute participation By your participation you promise to de-
fee 50 € to support us with covering liver following:
all the expenses. If you cannot afford
to pay it, contact us and we will find
a way how to make your participation • write 1 article per country about the project
possible anyway.
• create a video-tutorial about specific topic of
labor market during the Youth Exchange
• implement a local project (workshop, presen
tation, video screening, etc.) for your local
community and provide us documentation
about it
• fill all the evaluation forms
>> Content
Country Organisation E-mail Reimburse-
ment limit
(per person)
Czech Republic Brno Connected 20 €
Lithuania Tavo Europa 275 €
Romania Centrul pentru Strategii de 275 €
Dezvoltare a Tineretului
Greece Solidarity Mission 275 €
Bulgaria 275 €
Italy YOBBO – Youth 275 €
Beyond Borders

Don’t purchase ticket yet! Fill the application form (next page) and wait for our confir-
mation whether you have been selected to participate.
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Where WHEN
Scout base Dobrá Voda 21st of August - Arrival day
(Good Water), 22nd - 31st of August - Youth Exchange
Kožichovice 1st of September - Departure day
between cities Brno and Třebíč

Do wou want to join?

fill the application form till 31st of May
and wait for our answer
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contact us
(Click on pictures
to find out more about team)

Vojtěch Žák Luis Miguel

project coordinator lead facilitator
00420 775 636 658 0034 697 755 615
Ask us anything :)

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Brno Connected is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) active in the field of non-formal education,
personal development and volunteering, both on the local and international level. We believe in unique
potential of every individual and we aim to support young-spirited people in discovering and fulfilling
their personal goals and dreams.
We focus mainly on local and international projects, programmes and workshops. We both create and
deliver them or we cooperate with foreign organisations as project partners. At the same time, we are
engaged in promotion and support of volunteering. We are part of International Synergy Group, an in-
formal network of organisations all around Europe, with whom we share a common vision: to create a
world that works for everyone.
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