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Hemp Bodycare & Hemp Food

One of the UK’s Leading Ethical Companies

Yaoh’s unique range of bodycare products all contain organic
hemp seed oil and are made fresh in small batches, ensuring that
the active botanical ingredients are at their optimum, making
some of the freshest natural bodycare products on the market.


• Free from Palm Oil – we use other more sustainably produced oils.

• Free from parabens - Parabens are found in most other bodycare products and act
as preservatives. Recently there have been scares associating parabens with breast
cancer tumours.

• Free for Sodium Lauryl Sulphates - Another common ingredient in mainstream

bodycare linked with cancers and also a known skin irritant. Yaoh avoids the use of
SLS in its ingredients in all its products.

• Free from chemical stabilisers and preservatives. Yaoh products are made fresh and
do not require the addition of these chemicals to keep our products stable.

• Rich in organic hemp seed oil - The hemp seed oil is absorbed directly into the skin
and works on a cellular level both repairing and preventing damage.

• Rich in essential oils and herbal extracts.

• Made fresh every six to eight weeks - Yaoh bodycare products are made in small runs
to ensure optimum freshness at all times.

• Vegan, not tested on animals, organic ingredients where possible. All our products
carry The Vegan Society Trademark.

• Our Shampoo, Shower Gel and Sunblock have all been ‘Best Buys’ in Ethical Consumer
magazine and have topped the ethiscore ratings on four separate occasions, coming
above all the other leading natural bodycare ranges!

• Yaoh is one of the UK’s leading ethical companies.

• Shampoo A gorgeous combination of lavender, on
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rosemary and thyme makes this shampoo

ideal for men and women alike.

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Ethical Consumer Best Buy 2010 S T BU

• Conditioner A superb conditioner rich in hemp oil, aloe vera and
essential oils, leaving a genuinely natural shine.
Suitable for all hair types.

• Shower Gel Free from harsh chemical additives and on

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preservatives this is ideal for regular use

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for an all over body experience.

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Ethical Consumer Best Buy 2007 S T BU

• Bubble Bath Richly scented with coconut and mango, reminiscent of
the tropics, this bubble bath is popular with everybody.

• Liquid Soap A seductive combination of raspberry, cranberry and

jojoba gives this soap a delicate citrusy tang.
• Lip Balms Available in five fantastic flavours including Coconut,
Spearmint, Mango, Blueberry, and Strawberries and
Cream. Made from candelilla wax and hemp seed oil.

• Moisturisers Available in three flavours, Original su mer m


i c al c

(Lavender, Thyme and Rosemary), Coco

Bean and Papaya.

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Ethical Consumer Best Buy 2006

• Body Lotion Ideal for most skin types, this all over body lotion is
irresistibly fruity as well as being excellent for your

• Salve Similar to a healing ointment, rich in hemp seed oil and

also an array of healing herbs. Excellent for dry and
damaged skin, nappy rash, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
• Sun Cream This awesome lotion is made from plant extracts only,
with all the best botanical extracts with known sun
block properties combined in one lotion, to provide a low
sunblock factor that is free from chemicals and minerals.

• SPF 15 An excellent plant based lotion with the addition of UVA

and UVB protection makes this an ideal choice for the
whole family.
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• SPF 30 A massively popular product, which provides

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comprehensive UVA and UVB protection.

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Ethical Consumer Best Buy 2009 S T BU

• Aftersun Rich in aloe vera and hemp seed oil and free from
irritants and unnecessary chemicals makes this the ideal
choice to rehydrate and nourish skin after sun exposure.
Yaoh has a variety of hemp food products available, all of which
are made from the finest quality organic hemp seed grown in
China and Canada. Hemp seed is rich in protein and essential fatty
acids omega 3’s and 6’s as well as containing a full trace mineral
spectrum. Hemp food is ideal for everyone regardless of their
current dietary status, and especially useful for those following a
veggie/vegan lifestyle.
Yaoh hemp food products are organic, vegan, raw. and gluten free.

De-Hulled Hemp Seed

Hemp seeds with the shells removed to leave just the
white meat of the seed. Ideal for sprinkling on salads,
smoothies etc.

Hemp Seed Oil

Available in 250ml and 500ml bottles, our hemp oil is
pressed fresh from the finest quality seeds before being
bottled, nitrogen flushed, sealed and chilled.

Hemp Protein Powder

With a protein content of 49% and a low fat ratio, this
gorgeous powder is packed to the rafters with nutrients
and is a genuine natural superfood. Very tasty, can be
used in smoothies, soups and stews.
Yaoh Hemp products are available from your local independent natural
health store or online from leading ethical websites and direct from - Mail order also available.
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