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The Government of India has launched Ayushman Bharat Yojana or Pradhan Manrti Jan

Arogya Yojana which is medical insurance scheme providing benefit of up to Rs 5 lakh per
family unit per annlrm to eligible beneficiaries. A11 public sector hospitals are deemed
empanelled under this scheme. Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research,
Chandigarh ('Institute') which is thus deemed a Memorandum of
empanelled has signed

Understanding iMOU) with National Health Agency OIHA), Government of India for the
irnplementation of Aypshman Bharat- National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPI\{).

AB-NHpM beneficiaries are eligible to receive treatment free of cost under the saio
MOU for all such ailments covered under the scheme but with in the limit/sub limit and
the sunn
package rates have
assured. For treatment purposes, 1395 packages have been identified and
been approved by National Health Agency (NHA). On completion of
treatment, a claim tbr

reimbursement will be filecl with the respective state health agency and the approved package

rate will be transferred to the treating hospital'

The package rates as approved have been hoisted on the PGI website for
information of
under the scheme is
the concerned. At no time during admission, a patient who is a beneficiary
to be charged for medicines, consumables and treatment. To keep the cost of treatment
affordable and inexpensive, the treating faculty shall ensure that
implants/consumables used a're
requirements are sogrced
of Indian origin and are as per policy of Government of India and the
through Jan Aushadi/Amrit Stores set up by the Government of
India with expenditure within

the package ceiling Prices'

for reimbursement
It is once again reiterated that there is "NO" provision in the scheme
provided by the National Health
over and above the approved 'package rates' which have been
treatment may exceed the defined
Agency(NHA), but there may be instances rvhen the cost of
over and above the approved
package rates. In such cases, approval for additional expenditure
package rates to treat the patient has to be obtained by the treating DepartmenVfaculth from the

State Health Agency A{ational Health Agency directly after providing full justification'.

Dated: ln.ot.Lo,g DIRECTOR

Endst. No. EV(e)rGI-MS//I{A-10A/201s I msrrt- W6 Dated: n I t I ry

-A copy is forwarded to the following for information and further necessary action:
1. All the Heads of Departments, PGIMER, Chandigarh.
2. Deputy Director, PGIME& Chandigarh.

4. PA to DPGyPS to Dean/PS to MS/PPS to DDA, PGIMER, Chandigarh
5. System Analyst for hoisting the Office Order on the otficial website of the 'Institute'.

Sr. Administrative Officer (H)