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QUELLEN UND UNTERSUCHUNGEN ZUR GESCHICHTE DER DEUTSCHEN UND OSTERREICHISCHEN ARBEITERBEWEGUNG NEUE FOLGE Herausgegeben vom INTERNATIONAL INSTITUUT VOOR SOCIALE GESCHIEDENIS, AMSTERDAM Direktor: Prof. Dr. Fe. de Jong Bae. 1. EDUARD BERNSTEINS BRIEFWECHSEL MIT FRIEDRICH ENGELS herausgegeben von Helmat Hisch Ml, AUGUST BEBELS BRIEFWECHSEL MIT KARL KAUTSKY herausgegeben von Kad Kany Jr. II THE ETHNOLOGICAL NOTEBOOKS OF KARL MARX. (Studies of Morgan, Phe, Maine, Lubbock) ‘Transcribed and edited, wih sn Introduction by Lawrence Krader THE ETHNOLOGICAL NOTEBOOKS OF KARL MARX (SruIES OF MORGAN, PHEAR, MAINE, LUBBOCK) TRANSCRIBED AND EDITED, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY LAWRENCE KRADER SECOND EDITION 1974 VAN GORCUM é& COMP. BY. - ASSEN, THE NETHERLANDS Sal 9 Lawrence Knder bs 90 252 09249 Dedicated tinted in the Nethetlands by Van Gorcum Assen ee of Karl Korsch CONTENTS Foreword... ..-+ ++ +++ see ee ee eee Introduetion . . . « ee 1 Section _ 1. Marx's ’5 Excerpts Ancient Society. 6 “The State and Civilized Society... 2... 19 Marx’s Marginalia in the Morgan Excerpts .. 24 2, Marx’s Excerpts from Phear, The Aryan Village 31 s+ Marrs Excerpt from Maine, Lectareron th Early History of Institutions «os. 4 4: Man's Excerpts fom Labbock, The Ori ’ Grlsation .. .. . « 6 |. General Considerations of the Historical Phice- imeia of chese| Works ag 6. Community, Cie and Individualism . 58 i 7. Relation of Engels to Marx and Morgan... 76 | Addenda 1. Chronology. . 86 | 2. Varia, ats | ‘Technical Apparatus and Format . or | Part I. Mar‘'s Bxcerpts from Lewis Henry Morgan Aunt ge Part I. Macs Excerpts from. Joka Budd Phear, 3 The Argan Ville oe tees oy | Part IIT. Marx’s Excerpts from Henry Sumner Maine, Lee- tures on the Early History of Institutions... 285 Part IV. Man‘ Excerpts ftom John Lubbock, Tie Ort of Ciilisation : ee Noes. rst to Intoduction + 354397