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22 Application

Perfect settings
Precise fault location in medium voltage cable systems
using CPC 100 and CP CU1

'Energieversorgung Hildesheim GmbH & Co. KG' (EVI)

supplies approximately 110,000 residents in the German
town of Hildesheim with natural gas, water and electric-
ity. Distance protection equipment consistently secures
the protection of the 20 kV medium voltage cable sys-
tem which runs throughout the city center. The protec-
tion settings were initially calculated based on the cable
parameters specified by the manufacturer. However, for
the last five years EVI has been measuring the actual line
impedances with OMICRON’S CPC 100 system utilizing
the CP CU1 coupling unit thereby gaining the precise
adjustment parameters. In the event of a fault, fault lo-
cations can now be identified far more precisely. This in
turn allows customers to be reconnected to the energy
supply much more quickly.
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OMICRON Magazine | Volume 1 Issue 2 2010

Application 23

Lower additional costs equipment," explains Reinhard Bretzke. It

The evaluation and introduction of was then also possible to adjust various
OMICRON measurement technology took sequence parameters to facilitate even
place in 2004 in a complex procedure faster fault tripping.
For fault localization, the measured fault involving real-life short-circuit tests. It has
location values of the distance protection since proven invaluable: "At EVI, measure- A comparison of faults in the 20 kV net-
relay are transmitted to the network con- ment of cable impedances is now so well work with the parameters calculated from
trol center. The precise line impedances organized that two staff members always the old setting data indicated that approxi-
for the positive and zero-sequence system perform a line impedance measurement mately 30 % of all faults would cause an
are required to be able to set up the following completion of repair and instal- over- or under-reach of more than 20 % of
distance protection equipment correctly, lation work on cable terminations or cable the cable run in the event of a short circuit
particularly in terms of single-phase faults. runs in the medium voltage network," due to the imprecise table line data. "This
The correction factor resulting from these adds Reinhard Bretzke, describing the makes it very clear," adds Reinhard Bretzke,
values is essential for accurate settings to approach. A time frame of 90 minutes is "why we often saw poor selectivity during
be applied. Experience has shown that scheduled in each case for this measure- single-phase faults and measured defective
correction factors calculated from the ment. "The application is very easy to use fault location values (because data was
data provided by the cable manufacturers and involves only minimal costs with the inaccurately transmitted) prior to calculat-
can lead to over-reach and under-reach of OMICRON CPC 100 which more than pays ing the line impedances."
the protection for single-phase faults and off," confirms Bretzke. Should the cable
ultimately to an inaccurate fault location run not be activated, EVI allows twice Extremely positive experience
display in the control center. In the past, the amount of time due to the necessary "We have had nothing but positive experi-
through seeing repeated inaccurate dis- switching operations. All projects planned ences in measuring all line impedances
play information control center staff lost in the 20 kV cable network now include and the resulting calculation of the set-
confidence in the information which made the costs of this measurement, making it a ting parameters for distance protection,"
it difficult for them to operate. This in turn standard component of building work. confirms Reinhard Bretzke. EVI now enjoys
often led to more protective sections be- extremely accurate determination and
ing switched off than was actually neces- Faster fault tripping possible display of the fault locations. This enables
sary to eliminate the fault. The inaccurate The measurements of the line impedances it to restore the supply to its customers far
fault location display of the protective were completed in mid 2007. Since then, more quickly in the event of faults in the
system also led to incorrect switching. the data recorded in the measurements network, because it allows more selective
of all 620 cable-runs flows into a calcula- and well-targeted switching operations.
More precise fault location, faster tion tool for setting and documenting the In addition, the precise transmission of
supply restoration protection parameters. "This data on the fault locations is a significant factor for
"We wanted to get rid of uncertainty by actual line impedances in the EVI network improved system understanding and in-
creating greater system reliability, and has allowed us to define precise param- creased confidence overall, particularly for
we also wanted to significantly improve eters for setting up the distance protection control center staff.
selectivity on the basis of the actual
cable parameters and achieve more ac-
curate, faster fault location," comments
Reinhard Bretzke, Head of Network
Service at EVI, explaining two of the key
reasons why the company decided to
Reinhard Bretzke
introduce its own measurements. "And,"
Reinhard Bretzke continues, "with this Head of Network Service
approach we can also get power restored Energieversorgung Hildesheim GmbH & Co. KG
much more quickly for EVI customers in
the event of a fault."
OMICRON Magazine | Volume 1 Issue 2 2010