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What was supposed to be a normal track meet turned into a drastic change in senior Daniel

Karast’s life.

Daniel Karast met his long lost brother at a track meet. The brothers have spent the past

month getting to know each other and found out how similar they are. The boys both play

baseball and will both play for their school’s varsity teams at the regional playoffs at 10 a.m. and

4 p.m. Friday..

“Winning second was great, but finding Donald was incredible,” Karast said.“Best day of

my life.”

Before the track meet, Karastl believed he was an only child and had all the reason to.

With his birth parents dead after an automobile accident when Daniel was 13 months old and

with no living relatives, Daniel was deemed an only child.

“I never liked being an only child,” Karast said. “I always wanted a sibling.”

The boys spent the past month learning about each other and found out that they are

more similar than just by their looks. Both boys exceed in math, art, baseball and track.

“Both our parents get along really well, too,”Karast said. “We’ve basically became one

big family.”

The two families spent weekends together getting closer. While the boys compete

against each other in track and baseball, the families support them both.

“He’s so proud to have a brother, and the Stephens are lovely people,” Daniel’s mother

Jana Karast said.

The boys agreed they will play their best and support each other, no matter the outcome.

“I always knew one day I would find my brother,” Daniel’s brother Donald Stevens said.

“I had no idea he was 30 miles away this whole time.”