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Middle School Counseling Program Model

Core Curriculum Individual Planning Responsive Services Program Management

Provides core curriculum content Assists students in planning, Addresses the immediate needs The management of activities that
in a systematic way to all students monitoring, and managing their and concerns of students. establish, maintain, enhance, and
K-12. personal and career development. Provides individual and small support the school counseling
Work with students, teachers, and group counseling, and crisis program and the school.
Classroom Curriculum: parents. response.

Grade 6 Career Unit Areas Addressed: Direct Services: (Face to Face) Areas Addressed:
• Work Tasks Issues Addressed:
• Personality Types Educational • School Phobia Program Development
• Career Clusters • Interpretation of test data • Academic Issues Beliefs, Vision, Mission
• Begin Career • Assist with 504’s • ADHD Use of Data
Portfolio • Behavior Issues School Data Profile
Career • Anger Management Developing SMART goals
Grade 7 Career Unit • 7th grade career • Depression Annual Agreement
• Career Clusters conferences • Suicide Advisory Council
• • 4 year plan • Eating Disorders Calendars
• Multiple Intelligence • Registration • Sexual Orientation Program Assessment
• Your Ideal Career • Anxiety Use-Of-Time Assessment
• Personal/Social • Relationships Counselor Appraisal
8th grade Career Unit • Behavior Plans • Abuse/Neglect Professional Development
• Values Assessment • Goal Setting • Sexual Abuse Issues Website &Articles
• Choices Explorer • Student Placement • Domestic Violence
• Career Exploration • Grief/Loss/Death School/District Involvement
• 4year High School Plan • Separation/Divorce • 504 Coordinator
• High School Registration • Family Issues • Counselor Review Process
• Advisor/Advisee 504 Plan Meetings • Substance Abuse • Leadership Committees
• Orientation- Grade 5 IEP Team Meetings • Coping With Stress -School
• Career Fair-Grade 8 BLST Team Meetings Indirect Services: (On Behalf) - District
• Transitions- Grade 6-7-8 At-Risk Student Meetings • Referrals • Other Individual School
New Student Meetings • Consultation Committees
• Collaboration

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