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BEATA MAY 13, 2019 09:24PM

ANONYMOUS MAY 19, 2019 03:49PM On Monday, 13 May was my rst day of work placement.
Peter When I entered the company, I was warmly welcomed and
even a little dog. Then I had a conversation with Dora who
On my rst day of work placement I went to the restaurant
explained me everything, told me what projects they was
and was collecting dirty dishes.
doing and what I would do for 4 days on my work
I also spoke to manager, Chris.
placement. My rst task was to put in the Excel costs for the
He explained me uently and nicely what is this job based
projects that they organise, and the I had to rewrite notes to
the World. I met everyone who was in the of ce at the time
I found it stressful obviously but I had to adjust to it while
and I was shown around the company. It was a stressful day
people looking. I was working hard and giving my best.
but positive.

Well done. ― BEATA

by Sylwia Gut

My rst day at the Work placement I went in earlier than the
time I supposed to be in  so I need to sit at the reception till Well done. You managed it well. ― BEATA

my time is up Then This supervisor  walked in, Alex. rst of

all Told me what to do every morning when I come in in case
of any emergency re and what I will be doing  end of time I
will be on break Secondly She introduced me to the other My rst day in the Cowgate under 5's
stuff last but not the least  I have to introduced myself to the Center.
residents. It was a stressful day for me. 
After Rebeca showed me around the building, we went with
a small group of children to the park next to Arthur's Seat to
take advantage of the sunny weather. As Rebecca said
ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 02:49PM
earlier, Mondays are usually calm and that's the way it was.
Y hoang
My rst day, I come early than the time they give. Anthony-
the guy will work with me. He very friendly. We go on with
the basic in the shop. Fire larm, what I need to do on this
day. I meet and work with other for people as well. We will
work in the kitchen and server to people. The trouble
started when people have lunch. I do not know any thing
about the food: pannini,roll,.... everyone busy but I just do
not thing. I felt I make them more dif cult to work. But they
always nice to me. They well come and help me with all the
thing. I help them cut the vegetable and clean. It was very
long day for me. And I hope tomorrow will be better.

I'm sure tomorrow will be better. You are learning. ― BEATA

ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 10:36AM

My rst day in o ce - Sylwia

ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 12:20AM

Firts Day - Elizabeth

Today is Monday 13th of May and today was my rts day in
my work placement. In the morning I took the bus to get
there I felt exited and a little bit nervious. I arrived there at
8.30am I had something for breackfast and after that at 8.50
I went to the recepcion to let them now that I am around

I sat down on the recepcion when sudenly Ines appear, she

is one of the workers from the art and performance
department, and she told me that Ethelinda, the supervisor
in which I am under supervision, is in a meeting so she could
not recieved me in that moment.

After that she helped me carring my staff and my orange

juice which I was drinking in that moment because I was
using two crutches so my rts impression of her was very

Ines took me up stairs to the art and performing department

and she explainded me everithing that I will need to do until
Thursday.When she nished Ethelinda arrived from her
meeting and she asked me about if I got there good and If I
had any questions and also she told me that she will not be
there later because she needed to go to Sigthtill college.

Well I started to work but I was very confused about what to

do and how but Ines told me to do not be worry about it
because It was my rst day. In that moment I felt really calm
and lunch time arrived. 

After lunch lime I read everything againg and I took a deep

breath and I did some marketing work using photoshop ,
when I nished I asked Ines if everything was Ok with what I
had done but everyting was bad so I repeat it againg.

At the end of the day I could nish one of the task that I
need to do until Thursday, this task is a poster  which needs
to persuade people to buy tickets to go to the Spliced Award
NOORMISSUYAHYA MAY 15, 2019 08:37AM and I felt releave because everything starts with something.
Noor (WP) day-1
 I have attached the poster.
My rst day at Holiday Inn was very quiet actually.  I meant
to start at 9am-5pm but I made it before time by ten
minutes early and manger warmly welcomed me I really
appreciate it.  Then interdicted me to the other colleagues. 
Petrisha who’s originally from Peru but her family movie to
Spain (Barcelona) when she was ve years old.  So she works
as receptionist and she showed me how to sit up the rooms
in the computer and everything.  It’s quite small hotel but
they’ve got 78r, kitchen for just breakfast and small bar too.

Very good. ― BEATA

PSD document

Excellent! ― BEATA

ANONYMOUS MAY 14, 2019 11:14PM

First day- Angelika You are a strong person indeed!!!!!!!!!!!! ― BEATA

Hello, today was my rst day in Eagle Lodge Nursing Home.

I was really excited, because of this work. At the beginning ANONYMOUS MAY 14, 2019 10:40PM
the team leader Magda showed me the building around. She
First day - JJ
explained me that all of this peaple have dementio. 
On Thursday, 9 May I had my rst day of work placement. At
Suddenly, the rst ght with reality. The woman(resident of the beginning my supervisor Jamie showed me around the
this building) came to me and Magda and started ask "what shop. I learned how to handle the till, sort the assortment
she doing here? It is not her places". Many people would be and learned all the safety rules. After that I took care of
frighten.  receiving and checking donations. Also on that day I met
several other volunteers. The day was relatively calm and I
Also, in this moment Magda leave me alone in dinning room did not have too demanding tasks.
with residents and the rest of the stuff. She was quite sure, I
can make it. In a rst time I was really scared and confused. Well done. ― BEATA

New people, new duties... And conversation with residents

and stuff. The start was dif cult. First problem-residents
ANONYMOUS MAY 14, 2019 09:39PM
names and their preferention. Firstly, I felt like a stranger.
  My rst day-Oliwia
But, I am not a person who gives up quickly. 
Hi, today It was my rst time as a waitress. Chris, my
I just started to help them. Little question "coffee or tea?".  manager, explained to me duties and showed me how to
First one hours of work and rst little mistekes. behave in a stressful situations. Over 350 people was   at
breakfast. After 2 hours of training my hands stopped
 I will tell you more in next week about this day.  shaking. Everyone was satis ed because we nished an hour
earlier, all the duties that we were obliged. They thanked for
our help. I met really nice and helpful people there.

Well done. ― BEATA

ANONYMOUS MAY 14, 2019 09:10PM

KAROLINA R, My rst day in Nursery.

On Monday I've started a Work Placement in Nursery near
my at. Usually, the rst days are dif cult for someone but
my was pretty much ne. I've met many kids between 0-5
years. They were loveable and very curious who I am and
why I am there. We were drawing together and I got a wee
drawing from one girl named Grace. Also, we have very
wonderful weather so we've spend time in the garden.

ANONYMOUS MAY 14, 2019 09:00AM

DENNISE: First day

It was an amazing day. First of all, I meet with the manager
who was showing me all areas and she spoke about how
they manage everything such as health and safety and also 
what the company do. My rst area was with baby about 1-2
Fantastic ― BEATA years and after that they transfered for childrens about 3-4
years. The children was very confused about me but after 15
minutes, they started to speak me and played with me. I did
ANONYMOUS MAY 14, 2019 12:46PM
diverses activities like doing some planes for them, going
My rst day- Zaklina out to play in the park of the nursery, made lunch and snack
and singing with them. It was really funny and I love to share
My rst day was very interesting,but also a little
time with children. 
match.Children here have a lot of toys at which they can
develop their knowledge.I have been assigned several Polish
children who are a bit shy to speak in English.Also it was
sunny and hot day , so we spend that time outside.I learned
that I can not do everything for them I can only give them
advice and give them a chance to be independent.

Att:Dennise ― ANONYMOUS

ANONYMOUS MAY 14, 2019 09:00AM

WERONIKA: Save the Children First Day

It was very interesting day. I have been lernt how to tag the
item and use cash maschine.I spoke to clients and sorted
new staff from another shop. I met nice girl from France. I
have chance to speak with her and people to improve
english skills. I will meet Marta tommorow. It is my

You look great! ― BEATA


So, it's the 2nd day. You might think it's the same as the 1st day. What did you do? Did you meet any
interesting people? Any challenging situations? Or was it boring?
BEATA MAY 14, 2019 12:48PM

ANONYMOUS MAY 16, 2019 10:39PM

Different staffs on my second day it  was a bit of drama
couldn’t stop laughing in the morning  after giving them
breakfast  some of them called Robert Burns poems. 12. 00
 saving them with  they are lunch play some world-game,

ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 08:44PM

Day 2 - Sylwia
Today Tuesday, May 14th was a bit different because I had
more duties and was not as stressful as yesterday. I had to
translate the booklet into Polish language and it was a small
challenge for me but I succeeded. Miren was happy as well
as Gllen. I met a few people who were not in the of ce
yesterday. Later I helped with organizing the project with
another person from the of ce (I do not remember the
name). In the meantime, I printed documents for Gllan. I felt
needed because he asking me for it and not someone else. I
consider this day as ineresting and better than yesterday.

Excellent. ― BEATA

ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 07:12PM

Karolina R
Today, I've met polish children who were very polite and
loveable to me. The weather was wonderful, so kindergarten
workers took a wee pool and a tent outside. The kids were
splashing up the water so they had fun. Also, I had to put
sun cream on all the children and put the swimsuit on as
well. I'm getting used to it.
Fantastic experience ― BEATA


Day 2
The second day was very interesting, I met new people, I
read a book for children, and then together we made paper

Good job. ― BEATA

ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 02:40PM

Y hoang
The secondy in the work placement. Todqy I get on with the
kitchen. I know how to make pannini and roll. It help change
my day. I do not in trouble like the rst day. The cafe been
busy than yesterday. They very nice and friendly to me. I
don’t why but I fell today is shorter than yesterday.

The time went faste because you were enjoying more.


ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 08:59AM

Today, It was a bit different because we had 10 childrens
more than yesterday and also the weather was amazing. For
this reason we spend all the time outside which means I
helped to put sun cream, change shoes and wear with sun
hat. After that, we came back to the classroom and we
listened music from differents country like India, Scottish,
russian music, all the children was dancing a lot. Also, I
readed a lot of books that they wanted. It was funny day and
I enjoy a lot with them. 

Noor-Day 2

My second day was actually brilliant, we were just three of

us me Petrisha and Amanda who’s duty manager.  Before I
arrived (P) sat up all the rooms chick in, chick out & people
who haven’t paid their dopiset and left me I in charged with
it whole day.  I have two couple were complaining about
their booking but I had to rank Petrisha to sorted out the
problem.  I am so happy because I was very con dent on my
second day and now I know how to work as receptionist.

ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 01:09AM

Second Day- Elizabeth

Today is Tuesday 15th of May, my morning started in the You look absolutely involved :) ― BEATA
hospital I had to go to the physiotherapist and he gave me
good news, my knee is starting to heal even though It still
somenthing going on in my ligaments but now I am able to ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 01:40PM
walk just with one crutch and also that I might start to walk 2nd Day - JJ
without them next week. After that I went straight away to
my work placement. This morning I was sorting the assortment on the shelves.
Later, my task was to scan CDs and DVDs bar codes and
Because of that I arrived late but I told them that I would do pack them into packages, which I then sent to other shops.
it so I stayed 1 hour more in the evening. For the rest of the day I checked and tested vinyl records
and priced them. I also met three other Oxfam employees
When I arrived Ethelinda was there and she asked me about with whom I spent a nice time. As it was very warm outside,
my knee and she told me that she was happy to hear about the manager offered us ice cream :D
the good news. Also she asked me if I had any questios about
what I needed to do but everything was ne in that moment.

I started to work and I started to have results about what I

learnt the day before. I was faster and more con dent I have
been sending e-mails in our work group asking about
information that I needed to nalise the project and also I
did some research and I used photoshop again. 

This time the project was about creating a liitle book that
they will give to the people that are going to the event once
they get there, to know what will be going on during the

I went to my luch I came back and I nalished the task.

Ethelinda told me that I have done a good job today and also
I hope you had fun. ― BEATA
we chated a little bit. I think that she is very kind because
she always is asking me about how I feel everytime.
ANONYMOUS MAY 14, 2019 10:26PM
I can not attached what I have done today bacuse It is to big
for Padlet so I have attached a picture of me working on it.
The second day was a little different from the rst one.
Children came to me and they started to be more open. The
weather was beautiful, all day we spent outside. Kids learned
to ride a bike and how to be careful when theh are using
different things. At the end of the day we had a  lesson about
insects . We walked and we looked for them. They managed
to create a wee house for several earthworms. I really
enjoyed that day.
happy that the work that I did today will be changing the
lives of children and them future. 

You can be proud of yourself! ― BEATA

ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 08:49PM

Day 2 - Angelika

I wake up and I had a lot of energy to work. I came to Care

Home, I greeted everyone and I started my work. Firstly,
breakfast! Little help, 300 hundreds napkins folded by me.

  Of course, as always, something funny. One of the residents

forgot about something from his room. Guess what??
Yes, you probably will not guess. When he started eat his
breakfast, he realized he had no teeth. It isn't joke. The care
assistant has brought his teeth. After the matter. 

When we nished the rst part of day we were gone to

garden. We stayed there long time. The older man was
seated next to the plants and he started eat owers. 
How it is possible that someone has not seen it...???

 But, don't worry. There were even more interesting


Fantastic! And the weather was gorgeous indeed. ― BEATA

ANONYMOUS MAY 14, 2019 10:16PM

Today work was less stressful than yesterday. Since entering
my position I knew exactly what I need to do and how do 
way that Im not interrupt but help in our team. There were,
however, small obstacles like dropping cutlery from the tray.
It was easier with each hour. Everyone was positive and very
busy. I was learning how to address my clients, what are my
duties and nally I understood that to overcome fear, stress
and other bad feelings which I had before I going to my
position at this  work is one has to to do it and do not trying
to avoid  it because every step is only better for your  future
in any placement at jobs.  Oliwia 

You're doing brilliantly! ― BEATA

ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 07:56AM

It was long and very busy day :) We were working in a big
team 7person. All of us were developing and learning from
one another to help children in them future. I shared my
expertise and inspired to develop my skills for example
Challenging but rewarding, isn't it? ― BEATA
handling money and personal attributes..Moreover I lernt
how to working self-suf ciency
I met a old women which was living in North of Scotland so
we could spoke for wee while. She worked with me.  I am

Day 3
Wow! So, it's day 3 already. Describe what you did today. Were there any problems? If yes, how did
you solve them? And now the most important thing: WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT
YOURSELF? What did these three days at work teach you about your own skills, personality,
weaknesses or strenghts? Don't forget to attach a nice picture.
BEATA MAY 15, 2019 08:40AM

ANONYMOUS MAY 16, 2019 10:43PM

 Today was interesting I was in charge of baking  The
weather was good nice and sunny just sitting in the Sun
having some lollies and chat  singing kind of old song if I
could remember says (hello hello hello who’s your lady
friend hello hello hello 

ANONYMOUS MAY 16, 2019 05:46PM

Karolina R, day 3
Today I've been in 'Forest School' with some kids between
0-2,5 years. Unfortunatelly, I forgot about pictures..
I've made some good relationship with most of the toodlers.
They start to trust me and I feel like they treat me like a
nursery worker, which is good. Weather is still amazing so
we had so much fun in pool again. I am very pleased with
how respectful the kids treat adults. Also, I noticed that
most of the kids are brave and they want to be independent.
They not cry when they fall down they just say 'Ohh.. it's
nothing happen to me..I'm okay' and that's so cute when you
hear that kind of words from them.

What a lovely tree. ― BEATA

ANONYMOUS MAY 16, 2019 10:02AM

Third Day- Elizabeth

Today I started doing some corrections in the work project
that I did the day before. After that I started a new project
which consist in create a small information book about some
events that are coming soon. I created the front page, a
calendar with the dates and hours, and tables with
information about every event, I could not nished the back
page in which I will put some logos and the place but I will
do it tomorrow. 

I am so happy to be here that I even wake up every morning

at 6:50 in the morning and I do not care about it.
I have attached today the calendar and the tables that I did. ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 09:51PM

Day 3 - Sylwia
My 3rd day of work placement, I started from making
delicious tea in the of ce. Today, everyone came earlier.
Miren has come to explain to me what I have to do today. I
immediately started to work. Miren did a small library for
children from 8-12 years on Mental Health and asked me if I
would help her. I had to search for books and write their
price and where you can buy them. In the meantime, I
printed documents for Gllen. Later I got a survey from
Miren that the children's parents did and my job was to put
everything in Excel. It was very time-consuming because I
did it for most of the day. The only problem for me was that
sometimes I could not read what was written under a given
question. Nevertheless, this day was even better than the
previous ones.

Word document

So, it looks you've found the right place for yourself. ― BEATA

ANONYMOUS MAY 16, 2019 09:20AM

Today, I was learning  how to organized the children to eat,
It was so dif cult because all the time the children was
playing with the toys,singing , running, drawing, etc. The
supervisor show me that they have some groups and the
children needed to know.  And that's true because all the
children told me which group was. Also, when we was I am really glad to hear that. ― BEATA

preparing for playing outside, two kids started to ght amd

Inmediatly , I was trying to separate and called my
ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 09:46PM
supervisor and she inmediately came and she speak with
them very serious. This experience is so helpful for me now 3rd Day - JJ
and  the future because i would like to be a teacher. I got Today, as in yesterday, I dealt with vinyl records. Today I was
new skills like solve problems quickly, patient, waiting for a different stage of checking their technical
communicaion skills, organization skills and how to be more condition, and I mean listening to them thoroughly. I
creative.  understood the signi cant difference in playing music from
the gramophone and from playing music on the phone.
Music recorded on vinyl sounds much better and is more
pleasant to the ear. Unfortunately, as I saw today, even the
smallest scratch on the record can permanently spoil this
wonderful feeling.

I live vinyls too :) ― BEATA

ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 09:04PM

Day 3 Angelika

 This day started like a both previous.. . 

Breakfast... And then.. 
Well done! ― BEATA
Hmm where this residents gone. Ten of residents were gone When you work in the team you can get a lot of experience.
for a trip. Next ten people were in garden. I stayed with Every child should be able to make their mark on their world
maybe ten to fteen people. A huge room and each seat and I would like to help to do it.
assigned to one person. 

Suddenly, a small person with a nice smile appears in the

corner of the room. She invited me to sit next to her. It was I'm so proud of you - a wonderful student, a wonderful
one of the nicest moments during the whole practice. This mother and a very, very good human being. ― BEATA

lady was mentally and physically tter than most residents. 

She is now 89 years old. The conversation was interesting
ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 05:30PM
and endless. I sat and talked to her for a minimum hour. She
told me about herself and her life. At last a daughter came Day 3 - Zaklina
for her. One thing was stuck in my memory.  Well,another day. Today it was a bit calmer. This time I was
preparing the snacks for kids.The weather was again
Her words "In my time there were no smartphones, but if sunny,so most of the time chidren spend outside . During
you have your own, take a photo of us." these three days , I can see that I am improving my solving
probelm skills. A lot of kids are not used to share toys and so
many troubles come out. They are crying and they start to
take each other's toys. In that sytuations I had to know how
to solve this so that every child would be satis ed.

Well done. ― BEATA


Day 3
Today was peaceful, there were no problems. The children
spent time outside, so I watched them together with the
kindergarten teacher. I also helped to dress the children so
that they would be ready to go outside.

What a lovely experience. You should be proud of yourself, I've learned through these three days that you have to keep
Angelika. And your English! ― BEATA your eyes wide open.

ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 09:46PM

My 3rd day was fantastic, 
Firstly I involved to serve  customers , then I counted new
clothes came from another shop. I listened to music and
relaxed. Of course I was keeping eye for new clients coming
to shop. It was not busy day like yesterday. 
At some point in time few of volunteers came to help me :) I
did not meet them before. It was a girl from Aberdeen but
her parents from Hong kong. She was so cute. We spoke for
an one hour :D while we sorting out new things. Later I met
another volunteer half Irland and half German. It was
amazing experience, how many people you can met in few
hours, few days. We nd that there is working 72 volunteers That's good. I couldn't nd the entries for the rst two days.
from24 countries from around the world. Usually thera are a ― BEATA
young students in this shop. I think that I improved my
quality of service and made a good progress. I'd love to work
there as volunteers  in few months. First I need to sort out
my life a litlle bit. I took some of my clothes today to donate Noor-Day 3
this charity. It makes me happy if children will be happy
because they will have better future. I had somebody else today at reception and his name is
Albert.  I’ve never ever seen a tight person like him, even he
didn’t let me close to the computer WOW!  So I asked Blenda Oh well, things like that happen. But, you dealt with it very
who’s duty manager to nd something else to do.  Then she well. Hopefully your last day will be more interesting :)
gave me a job which was made sure every room has been
cleaned properly and transferred to the receptionist.  It it’s
well cleaned, the hows keeper would get 3P.  Of course I did ANONYMOUS MAY 15, 2019 03:10PM
other jobs too for example cutting the keys, marked
Y hoang
luggages and put them on the side till the guests get back.
Today I follow the lady to server the hot food and the toats.
 That’s all I did and mostly I got bored because I like being
Help them do the salad and desserts. Very busy today, we
have group of about 20 people come same with yesterday.
All the food nish early today. I can deal with all stuff and
work in the kitchen. In the break time we sit together and
have a nice time. They ask me about the college and life in
here. Some of them went holiday in Viet Nam. They like the
food and landscape. I proud about that. Easy day and I do
not had any problem. Very nearly to the last day, through
that I learn a lot. They give me more team works skill. Help
me improve my english and communication skill. Other
hand, I think I need work more on con dent skill and work

That's fantastic! I'm so happy that this day was much better
than the 1st one. ― BEATA


So, it's the last day. As usual, describe what you were doing, who you met and if you encountered
any problems. The most important question is - was it worth it? How did you bene t from this
particular work placement. Would you do it again? Would you recommend it to other students?
BEATA MAY 15, 2019 09:18AM

ANONYMOUS MAY 18, 2019 08:54PM On the last day, I did mainly what I did recently, namely I
Day 4 Angelika checked vinyl records and put the assortment on the
shelves. In addition, I was in the bank at the manager's
Today was my last day at the Eagle Lodge Nursing Home.
request for money exchange. I think that the work
This was the best day. I really enjoyed my work there. All of
experience was a great experience and brought a lot to my
days were similar, but also different. 
life. In addition to more knowledge of music and English,
thanks to these practices I became interested in vinyl and I
This day was quite unproblematic. We went bowling with
will de nitely come back to them as well as to trainee or
the residents. We sang a lot of songs, and it took as a lot of
volunteer at the music store :)
time. The time ied quickly.!!

The supervisor told me about 3 pm that I can go home. I

didn't want to. I stayed there 1,5 hours longer. This people
were amazing. When I said
 "Goodbye ", they started hug and kissed me. 

When I sat inside my car, I cried, because this wonderful

people. It was a very good experience for me, and I hope to
be able to work as a care assistant. I am proud of myself.

I know, that I will back there as soon as possible.

ANONYMOUS MAY 18, 2019 09:35PM

Last day - Sylwia

VID_20190516_140020 Today was my last day of work placement. This day did not
0:20 video different much from other day.  There were a few people in
PADLET DRIVE the of ce, so everyone was busy with their duties. Today I
was very focused and ready to work because I had to invent
some activities with water for children that will be used in
I'm so happy that you loved this place and, obviously, this
place loved you! ― BEATA the social club.  In the meantime, I was looking for medical
centres for Miren.  Every day something different happened
and I'm happy about it that I could help them. I would like to
ANONYMOUS MAY 18, 2019 06:56PM stay there longer but then I would prefer to do something
Last day - JJ more suitable for me. I met very nice and helpful people
whom I could talk only in English, and this is one of the main
reasons why I would come back there. I recommend this
place and if someone will have chance to be there, is should
be inetrested in what this company is doing and what
wonderful people work there.  

Absolutely fantastic! ― BEATA

ANONYMOUS MAY 16, 2019 06:08PM

Karolina R, last day in Nursery

Today was the last day of my wee adventure. I've been with
both groups for some sports avcitity in the Fet Lor Youth
Club next to the nursery. Kids were very satis cted. All of us
played football match and everyone had a little warm-up in
the morning. To be honest, all those days were very similar
but I'm really happy with how my work placement ran. I
learned how to speak rightly to the children and how to
treat them in proper way. It was wonderful experience and I
I hope you're more con dent now :) ― BEATA
would love to start seriously thinking about the child care
ANONYMOUS MAY 16, 2019 09:07PM

Weronika last day

Today was my last day of volueentering at Save the Children
charity shop. I am very happy what I have done to save
future for children. Basically I was working on till and serve
customers. I would love to give them how much I can from
me to make for children better life.
It was the best time for me when I can do something for
someone without  money. Just helping and work as a one
team. I would reccomend to everyone to think about
volueentering. Make better future for everyone!!! Every day
was simmilar but diffrent. Diffrent people, diffrent
customers but the same job.
That will be a good choice for you! ― BEATA
NOORMISSUYAHYA MAY 19, 2019 03:58PM ANONYMOUS MAY 16, 2019 04:38PM

Noor_D4 Dennise
My last day in Holiday Inn was very quiet.  We only had 27 Today, it was a busy day because a lot of children who had
check in and the fteen out of twenty seven were a group chicken pox , came back. We did a lot of activities like
from Canada.  However, one new thing I did was painting,drawing and they learn about the metamorphosis of
regrounding which is basically phone or go to the other the butter y. Also, I did some planes and boats for each
company’s website to nd out how many ability rooms have children. I really enjoy that time and the kids was really
they got and the rate as well.    Despite my rest day I did as happy with me. They give some gifts like painting and some
same as d3 there wasn’t much to do.  However it was pretty hugs. I am really appreciate. I think is a hardwork because
much  honor to had my work placement at Holiday Inn and I you need to be carefull all the time but it's really
have had a great experience.  I would love to do it again if I satisfactory. I  really recommend for another student to get
got a chance but I doubt it at same place!  I am really new skills and experiences like me.
appreciate for giving me this opportunity and a big thanks
to y'all who helped me to go through it.

Jejej No, they didn't infect me ;). ― ANONYMOUS

Oh well, I hope they didn't infect you :) ― BEATA