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Today I will be talking about my future job that I want to apply for when i’m older and the

I’m looking forward to is being a middle school teacher. Middle school teachers have many
duties to attend whenever they are teaching such as creating lesson plans to teach students a
subject or work with students individually to help them overcome specific learning challenges.
Teachers also go over rules and procedures that are required during class and they also have to
supervise students outside of class such as during detention or lunch time to make sure kids are
doing what they have been told to do and also make sure no bullying or illegal things are
happening on school grounds there are plenty of more duties middle school teachers are required
to do but lastly teachers have to go over lessons they have planned to big group of people or a
small group of children for an individual lesson. Teachers work in many buildings due to how the
school is formated like a two story building or a two separated building, teachers have tenure
laws which means that provides them job security after a certain number of years of satisfactory
teaching and watching students develop new skills gain appreciation for knowledge can be very
rewarding it can also be very stressful, due to some schools having very big classes and lacking
the amount of technology and textbooks that are required to teach a class. Many schools have
teachers working for ten months and it’s very rewarding because you get a two month summer
break but you have to plan out for the next year and you also get small breaks such as
thanksgiving and winter break to celebrate the holidays with your family and also the students.
Becoming a Middle school teacher is not an easy process and there are many things you have
to do in order to become one. The first qualification of being a middle school teacher is to go to
college and graduate with a bachelor's degree with a minimum grade average because all
teachers have to be smart or average smart because they have to know many things about the
subject they are teaching about to their students in order for the students to learn something from
their class. Their are also a few extra classes you have to take in order to become a teacher
because you will need some sort of understanding of becoming a teacher and all teachers all have
some sort of training such as the completion of of a teacher preparation program and supervised
experience in teaching, which is typically gained through student teaching and you also have to
pass a background check. Teachers also have to show all their knowledge so they have to have a
passing general teaching certification test, as well as a test that demonstrates your knowledge in
the subject you would be teaching. It has been projected for the job outlook for middle school
teachers to grow by eight percent from 2016 to 2026 and the job outlook will increase due to the
increase of older teachers that will be retiring but despite expected increases in enrollment in
public school’s, employment growth for middle school teachers will often depend on the state or
local government budgets.
Not only do teachers focus on teaching but how much they are getting paid to help them
balance their life without any problems. The median annual wage for teachers on may 2018 was
estimated to be 58,600 thousand dollars. The lowest ten percent earned less than 58,600 thousand
dollars while the highest ten percent earned more than 93,180 thousand dollars. That's the
amount of money most teachers get paid for working for ten months while still having a two
month break. Not all teachers get their break though since some teach summer classes that they
get paid for.
In conclusion, I think the advantages of working as a middle school teacher are that we get the
opportunity to change many people's lives and impact on their future career and I feel that this is
a job I could see me having in the future because I would love to see how I impacted many kids
lifes and career and it would just make me feel accomplished.