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Cover letter.

Isidora Soto Frias

Santa Monica 2367, Santiago de Chile.

Dear admissions department,

My name is Isidora Soto, I’m nineteen years old and I’m from Chile.
Since I decided to dedicate myself to dance professionally, I have received the help of
many teachers and the most of them recommended me this Institute, since we have
seen their study programs and the videos of their performers on social networks.
Mainly the qualities of its dancers captured my attention, since the dance in Latin
America is different. That's why I'm interested in your Institute, to receive tools from
other perspectives and thus combine my dance now with new things that I can
discover or create with the tools that you can give me.
Dance is an art where you study and learn all your life, learning will never end, I've
been in different countries where I learned different perspectives of dance, so in the
future I would like to create something that contributes to the contemporary dance.
The movement gives me life, I knew it since I was a child. I could not stop moving at
any moment, it's like an addiction.
Once you manage to feel your whole body while dancing, you cannot go back. I
consider that it is beautiful to be a conscious person of every single part of your body,
of every fluid that is in it, to be able to the feel inner and outer movement, to be able to
dance with the music or lead the music, to be able to move though own space or to let
the space move you. The freedom that the dance gives you to experiment and take
decisions. Over time I have discovered the great passion that I feel for dance and I
would love to take it to the maximum extent of my reach. I am interested in joining
XXX because it seems to me as an excellent place to expand my knowledge and
validate my essence as a dancer, Since I am in a stage of absorbing all the information
and tools that teachers and environments can provide me, in order to discover my
essence and be able to possess it. In this way, I will be able to surprise myself every day
by creating new things in my body and I will understand why I move as I move. In
addition, I have seen videos of XXX dancers, and I find them very interesting, they use
very beautiful qualities, I would love to be part of XXX to be part of the creative
process that teachers develop, and therefore to be able to share knowledge and
improve my dance to become a professional dancer.
I am very interested and excited to improve and create new things in my dance, for
that reason I am willing to work hard to discover new things.
I consider myself a very determined person, but if I could enter this Institute, I would
open new doors and possibilities to expand my dance. For me it would be an honor to
be able to participate in your Institute.
I hope to hear from you soon, thanks in advance for your attention. I will be attentive
to your comments.

Best regards, Isidora Soto.