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MAY 2019, VOL. 17 ISSUE 5


Do you need a vacation and need someone

to take care of your loved one this summer?
We can Help with our Summer Respite Care!
Temporary assisted living care from 3 days up to 3 weeks.
· Hotel like amenities Call To Schedule Your
· 3 meals served daily Complimentary Lunch Tour Today
· Activities, entertainment ... 225-647-2363 (BEND).
& transportation
· Nursing care assistance and
medication managements
*Book now until 7.31.19 and
receive 10% off your stay.

Assisted Living & Memory Care

326 East Industry Ave., Gonzales, LA 70737 • • 225-647-2363 (BEND)

Publisher / Editor
Mike Strong
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Sales Manager
Dottie Godberry
Staff Photographer SWEET EYES W/ TANYA...........12

Jimmy Dunkley DANCING FOR A CAUSE ...........24

BILL DELAUNE.......................... 30
Contributing Writers
Bill Delaune
Linda Melancon
SNO’S RECIPE........................... 45
Goosie Guice
Orhan McMillan
Kellie Seymour ON THE COVER: Dancing for a Cause. Last years winners. Dr. Aimee Russo Mounger, Leonard Augustus, Jr. .. Photo by Michael Tortorich
Tanya Stilley
Jimmy Dunkley
Patti Mouton
Jamie Lavigne
Andre’ Brock
Mariah Simoneaux

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If you would like to help sponsor a Dream Child

or Donate contact Freddye at 225.933.9339
South Louisiana Crawfish Boil Results
The Dreams Come True 1ST PLACE
South Louisiana TEAM VALLAZZO
Crawfish Boil was a
huge success despite the

weather. Around noon


the weather cleared and


the crowds returned to


support this event. This JARED MONCREAUX

year we added a Bass & TAFT KLEINPETER
Tournament and Corn BACK IN THE HOLE
Hole Tournament which
added to the success of JAMBALYA WINNERS
this event. Again we 1st PLACE
had 10 Dreams families
that not only came out to

enjoy the day but


pitched in to help.

Advanced division
MINI POT WINNERS (Bring your own partner)
1ST PLACE 1st – Colyell boys Adam
SELENA HIMEL Averett/Hunter Averett
2ND PLACE 2nd – Kynan White/
BART HIMEL 3rd – Chase Miques/
Johnny Ordonne

Social Division

1st – Gaylon Meyer/


Micah Pene

2nd – Bryan Landry/


Austin Landry
3rd – Sparky Burgess/
Daryl Argrave


1st – Hunter Averett/



2nd – Tyler Andras/ JOSH AMBROSE

David Picou
3rd – Kynan White/
Kristi Landry

“Get Ready for Memorial Day

During Our Anniversary Sale!

“Patio Furniture, Garden Décor, Umbrellas,

Grills, BBQ Tools & More!”






For All Our Information & Services: • 225.677.5545

GGC Books and Library Civic Involvement Chairman Janis D’Benedetto presented Ascension Parish Library System Director Angelle Deshautelles with four copies of We are the
Gardeners by Joanna Gaines. Pictured from left are Club President Jamie Trisler, Assistant Library Director Larie Myers, Deshautelles, and D’Benedetto. GGC members stand
in the background.

Gonzales Garden
Club Flower Show
The Gonzales Garden Club coordinator at the club’s May
held its Annual Floral Design meeting. The club appreciates
and Horticultural Exhibit at the the library’s accommodations
Gonzales library on April 3rd. as well as the public’s interest.

GGC Members Cynthia Cagnolatti and Janis D’Benedetto unfurl a newly acquired sign to be
used to highlight the location of the annual plant sale.

GGC Begins Wrap-Up of 2018-19

The April 3rd meeting of the the insect causing damage to
Gonzales Garden Club took your garden so the proper
place at the Gonzales Library. insecticide can be used.
Plans were made for their Once adjourned, members
April 26th plant sale, May 1st greeted the public at their
awards banquet and the June annual flower show then
3rd National Garden Club carpooled to Houmas House
Week outreach. The for a leisurely lunch and tour
Attending the GGC Flower Show are (from left) Members Patti Mouton, Conchita Richey, horticulture hint emphasized of the plantation gardens.
Janis Poche, Dale Bowman, Barbara McCormick, Janis D’Benedetto, Sandy Stewart, Mabel
Savoy, Priscilla Monson, Pam Fiegel, Cynthia Cagnolatti, Marilyn Rice, Myra Mire, Cathy
the importance of identifying
Venable, Rita Bourque, Mary Jo Pohlig, Lorraine Gautreau, Gwen Heck and Shirley Lyons.

Members presented twelve

floral designs reflecting the
theme “America, the Beautiful”.
Horticultural specimens on
display were labeled for
identification. Library visitors
voted for their favorite niches
for the People’s Choice Awards.
Winners will be announced by
the library’s public relations Chairman Janis Poche reiterates guidelines of the upcoming plant/bake sale.

Tour Chairman Janis D’Benedetto organized the Houmas House gathering for the club.

After this turkey

nuzzled Barbara
knee, she gave
him a hug and
petted him like a

Members prepare to order at Cafe Burnside, from front left: Mary Jo Pohlig,
Barbara McCormick, Dale Bowman, Mabel Savoy, Cathy Venable, Marilyn Rice, Myra
Mire, Jamie Trisler, (right rear) Shirley Lyons, Janis Poche, Sandy Stewart, Pam Fiegel,
Priscilla Monson, Janis D’Benedetto, Gwen Heck, Conchita Richey, and
Cynthia Cagnolatti. (not pictured, Patti Mouton)

“The Gonzales Garden Club is federated by National Garden Clubs, Inc.”


The GGC Residential Yard of the Month for May belongs to The GGC Commercial Landscape of the Month is Azalea Estates
Susan and Darrell Curtis on East Tiffany Street. at 2305 S. Purpera Avenue. The landscape offers various
flowering plants, scrubs, and trees for residents to enjoy and
offers them a place of serenity.

sharpen your mower’s

Follow the 1/3 rule.
Never remove more
than 1/3 of the leaf
blade when mowing.
For example, if you
keep your lawn at two
inches, mow when-
Start your engines, it’s lawn mow- ever the grass
ing season! Follow these best reaches three inches
mowing practices and helpful
Rotary Mower (Photo by LSU AgCenter)
or sooner. Grass that
hints to create a healthy, beautiful is continually allowed to grow too to grow faster and needs to be
lawn. tall between mowings creates mowed more often. While it’s
Mariah Simoneaux thin, weedy turf. easy to get in the habit of mowing
Set your mower to the proper every Saturday or Sunday, you
height. Correct mowing height reel mower to cut bermuda and Avoid overlay. Overlay occurs may need to mow more frequently
encourages root growth and zoysia lawns. With both mowers when grass clippings form un- when conditions are right.
builds dense, healthy turf that is sharp blades are key to a quality sightly clumps as you mow.
more competitive against weeds cut. Most mower blades will need These clumps can discolor your Mariah Simoneaux is the Horticul-
and other pests. Mowing height turf, lead to increased disease ture Agent serving Ascension and
is determined by the type of grass pressure and promote Assumption Parishes. For more
you are growing. The most popu- thatch, a layer of living information or to receive a copy of
lar lawn grasses in south and dead grass plant the Louisiana Lawn Best Manage-
Louisiana are St. Augustine and parts and pieces lo- ment Practices contact Mariah at
centipede. St. Augustine lawns cated between the soil MJSimoneaux@agcenter.LSU.ed
should be mowed to a height of surface and the green u or visit the LSU AgCenter web-
two to three inches. Centipede vegetation. To avoid site at
lawns should be mowed to a overlay use a well-de-
height of one to two inches. signed mulching
Lawns that are heavily shaded mower and follow the
should be maintained at the taller 1/3 rule.
end of the range.
Mow according to
Use the right mower. Rotary and
Reel Mower (Photo by LSU AgCenter)
growth, not the calen-
reel are the two basic types of to be sharpened at least once dar. Lawns in Louisiana are
lawn mowers. A rotary mower each year. Frayed and jagged warm season grasses. When
should be used to cut St. Augus- leaf tips are a sign that it is time to moisture is adequate during the
tine and centipede lawns. Use a hot summer months grass tends

2305 S. Purpera Avenue, Gonzales, LA • 225.644.1028

concerns. Hydro Ionized Mineral
Water offers deeper absorption for
better overall moisturization. The
products also feature Mint Water
that reduces excessive sebum while
offering greater pore care.

Just what I needed! I’ll have one

at just $28.00 for the entire kit
that included a: Multi Cleanser,
Waterclay Mask, Power Essential


shoulders that should have lasered sonic, I don’t have to replace the
I’m getting off long ago, but during my long rotating brush, nor do I have to
pinot noir nights of beauty surfing,
married! I found something a soap with
rave reviews, but did it cut the Skin toner,
Yes, in September, I’ll be married hyperpigmentation? Waterbank
on a tropical island in Fiji, but as I Hydrating Gel
plan the photographer, food, and This soap listed on Amazon had and Mini Pore
all the details, I think (and feel) the solid reviews, which is why I Blur Perfector.
emergence of a humid summer. purchased two bars for $14.95.
Oh no! I can’t enter this The reviews also stated this was I think the
engagement with oily skin, black easier than the lotion version, so critical takeaway
heads and a shiny forehead! I swapped my regular soap for a from this Pore
Exhale…thank goodness for the while to use this 100% natural, Care system is
convenience of online shopping, kojic acid-based soap. Well, the water which
especially with skin care products before photos is March 15th, and equals hydra-
that you don’t HAVE to try on the after is May 11. So, after tion. So, this
in the department store. almost two months of using this trial kit helps
soap, I see no difference! I with minimizing
After scouring the internet for guess I’m on to more intense pores but main-
many, MANY hours over many solutions to my stubborn tains balanced
lazy evenings watching reruns of hyperpigmentation. (Fig 2) hydration. No
Friends on Netflix, I found a few charge it! I love these so much, I wonder the system states it’s good
skin care items that I’d like to Traveling to Fiji for a wedding got some for my mom as well! for oily, normal and dry skin.
share with you! includes weight limits on
luggage…wait what?! Blow dryer, The stars of this kit are the mask
two sizes of curling irons, perhaps Laneige Pore
Kireina Skin my Claisonic? I am getting Care Trial Kit
and the hydrating gel. The mask
goes on in a thin layer, doesn’t dry
Lightening Soap married after all. I need my things! out like most clay masks, yet
Well, no, the weight limit on Next to attack increased oiliness, tightens and tones the pores
First of all, being majority English luggage is strict, so I must find pore size and blackheads…yuck! quickly. The hydrating gel is so
and French, I have freckles over my lightweight options for my day to Always happens this time of year, light and moisturizing, it doesn’t
day beauty maintenance needs. when the weather becomes hot and feel heavy on my skin…plus it
way more humid. Time to readjust smells amazing.
Innerneed Super Soft the skin regimen. I wanted to try
an entirely new system. I mean So, you win some and you lose
Face Cleanser Brush one that would reduce oiliness and some. I’m still on my journey
keep my skin looking matte all day for finding some of the best,
I lieu of the Clairsonic I found the (in preparation for the wedding lightweight, skin smoothing skin
Innerneed Silicone face cleanser on day vows and photos). care products to prep for my
Amazon for a mere $8.99 for a destination wedding.
pack of four! These colorful, I love being able to try mini sizes
lightweight facial cleaners are from Sephora and drug stores. Wishing you many blessings as
antimicrobial, flexible, and easily The first line I bought was we enter the summer Ascension
fit in between two fingers for Laneige, a brand headquartered Parish! God bless.
cleaning. (Fig1) This cleansing out of South Korea that uses its
brush was soooo gentle but thor- trademarked Water Science™ tech- xoxo- Sweet Eyes
oughly cleansing. Unlike the Clair- nology to address different skin

Dutchtown Physical Therapy Proud Sponsor of Dutchtown Primary.
Faces of Dutchtown Primary

Teacher of the Year: Dena Toncrey is a Kindergarten Teacher. We BMX Visitors: Our World’s Finest Chocolates fundraiser Student of the Year: Jake Albares is a fifth-grade student Bus Safety Drills: Many were involved in bus safety drills as
are very proud of the work she does every day to not only teach her culminated in a visit from BMX bike riders. who exhibits the qualities of a well-rounded young we prepared students for safety procedures. Enrichment
students but treat them with love and compassion. Students enjoyed a show of music and bike tricks. gentleman. He SOARS like a true Eagle! teachers taught lessons, bus drivers donated the use of their
buses. Teachers created a team to run the timed drills.

Important Summer Dates

for the 2019-2020 School Year:

Pre-Planning Days for Teachers:

Tuesday, August 6th and
Wednesday, August 7th

Meet and Greet: Wednesday,

August 7th from 2 pm to 4 pm

First Day of School for Students:

Thursday, August 8th
Middle School Connection: Mrs. Surla’s students visited our campus twice this year to Student Teacher and Father Duo: Corinne Hebert was a Support Staff of the Year: Annette Davis is the Facility
read to our Pre-K students for Christmas and Easter. The Pre-K students were excited to student teacher in Mrs. Johnson’s fourth grade classroom this Manager. She is the backbone of our building. She
share in their love for reading and look forward to future visits. year. Her dad, Jay Hebert, built a custom-designed cooler provides our faculty, staff, and students with a safe

Visit our website at

cart and donated it to the school. Her grandfather, learning environment.
Joseph Hebert, helped in the project.

"Your Community
Physical Therapy
Provider" for
over a decade.

Stephen Jackson, PT, DPT

(225) 744-3631 • fax (225) 744-3647


Where is that
Time to ‘Cycle’ maintenance. When you invest, needle going?
through Some
you usually don’t need to make a
lot of drastic moves, but you

should periodically “tune up” your
investment portfolio, possibly

with the help of a financial
professional, during regular
reviews. Such a tune-up may
involve any number of steps, but
If you’ve noticed an increase the main goal is to update your
in bicycle-related events lately, portfolio so it reflects where
it may be because May is you’re at in life – your goals, risk
recognized as “Bike Month” – tolerance, earnings and family
and some cities even observe a situation.
specific Bike Week. Of course, • Protect yourself from bumps in
bicycling is good exercise and an the road. All serious bicyclists –
environmentally friendly method and all bicyclists serious about
of transportation, but it can keeping their heads intact – wear
also teach us some lessons helmets when they are riding,
about investing. because they know the dangers
of rough terrain. Likewise, you
Here are a few to consider: need to protect yourself from the
bumps in the road that could
• Put the brakes on risky impede your progress toward
moves. To keep themselves safe, your objectives. For starters, life
experienced cyclists regularly do insurance can help your family
two things: They keep their meet some essential needs – pay
brakes in good shape and they the mortgage, educate children,
don’t take unnecessary risks, and so on – in case something ASCEN SION P ARISH
such as whipping around blind were to happen to you. And you
curves. As an investor, you can may need disability insurance to A N I M A L H O S P I TA L
combine these two actions by replace your income temporarily if
putting your own “brakes” on risky you became injured or ill and
moves. For example, if you’re can’t work for a while. Also, you 225.744.4905
tempted to buy some hot invest- might want long-term care
ment you heard about, you may insurance, which can help you
want to think twice before acting. guard against the potentially
Why? In the first place, most “hot” catastrophic costs of an extended
investments don’t stay hot for too stay in a nursing home or the
long, and may be cooling off by services of a home health
the time you hear of them. And care worker.
even more important, they might • Don’t stop pedaling. When
not be appropriate for either your going long distances, bicyclists
risk tolerance or your need to ride through rain, wind, sun and
diversify your portfolio. When you mosquitoes. They elude angry
invest, you can’t eliminate all motorists and they change flat
risks, but you can reduce them by tires. In short, they persist in
avoiding impulsive moves and reaching their destinations. As an
sticking with a disciplined, investor, you will pursue some
long-term strategy based on goals that you may not reach until
your needs and goals. far in the future, such as a
• Get regular financial tune-ups. comfortable retirement, so you
Avid cyclists keep their bikes in too need to demonstrate
good shape through regular determination and persistence by
continuing to invest, in good
markets and bad, through Crawfish are Starting
unsettling political and global
events – and even despite your to Come In!
own occasional doubts.
Whether you’re an avid cyclist
or not, following these principles
• Oysters By the Sack
can help keep your financial
• Fresh Shrimp
wheels moving along the road to
your goals.
• A Wide Variety
of Fish and Seafood
• Snow Crabs
• Turtle Meat

Ask for Sally’s stuff crabs.

Jamie Lavigne, Financial Advisor
Doug & Sally
You’ll love them.
4600 Sherwood Common Blvd, #103 • Baton Rouge, LA 70806-6609 • 225.292.4971 (O)
Six top seniors from Ascension French Settlement, Maurepas, ties, and plan to pursue their EATEL, with assist by Aubry
and Livingston Parish high and St. Amant, with a touch- studies at a Louisiana-accred- Henkel, Director of IS, IT, &
schools were honored on April screen, ultra-portable laptop ited college or university. PMO- who spoke on the tech-
25, 2019, at EATEL’s annual computer. The ceremony was These students must select a nology available at EATEL.
Technology Awards Ceremony, held in the lobby of EATEL’s major in one of the STEM cate- Superintendent of Ascension
now in its 33rd year. Focusing Administration Building (406 E. gories: science, technology, Parish Public Schools, David
on the importance of both tech- Worthey Street, Gonzales, LA). engineering, or math. The Alexander congratulated the
nology and academic achieve- EATEL’s Technology Award re- 2019 recipients were chosen winners with a brief speech on
ment, EATEL presented one quirements are that all appli- from a pool of applicants by a how proud he was of their
standout graduating senior cants must have an overall counselor from each school. achievements. Assistant
from each high school in its grade point average of 3.0 or The Awards were presented by Superintendent of Ascension
serving area, Donaldsonville, higher, actively participate in Monika Arnold – Digital Mar- Parish Schools, Denise Graves
Dutchtown, East Ascension, school and community activi- keting & Event Coordinator for also addressed the crowd stat-

ing, “I would like to thank give back to the community and are proud to continue the Mitchell Brooks -
EATEL for giving back to the through our education initia- tradition”. Dutchtown High School
community and supporting our tives. The youth of today, is our Dean Compton -
seniors as they embark on new future and providing them with The following students are St. Amant High
challenges.” tools for success is exciting the 2019 EATEL Technology Stephen Cole Bovia -
and rewarding. We are glad to Award recipients: Maurepas High School
Monika Arnold represented have the opportunity to support Keian Joseph -
Donaldsonville High School Jacey Rawls - French
EATEL and added, “EATEL our local parish schools with Settlement High School
takes pride in being able to this event for so many years Reece Bourgeois - East
Ascension High School

health professionals have about
driving and dementia. Framing the
issue as a discussion about safety
may help make it easier for the
person with dementia to
acknowledge a potential problem.
Using words like “retire” when
referring to firearms can be helpful,
as opposed to using language that
sounds like the person with
dementia is having something taken
away or kept from them.

By Linda Melancon What to do with the guns

themselves is a difficult question.
$100 off Termite Treatment When It’s One option is to lock the weapon
or weapons in a safe and store the
$25 off Initial Pest Control ammunition separately. However,
Time to Take having the guns remain in the
Pest Prevention Programs • Real Estate Certificates house - even if they are locked away
• Pre-Construction Soil / Borate Treatment
the Keys, It’s - can be risky. Another option is to

Local • Licensed • Insured • Bonded

remove the weapons from the
• Termite Treatment Programs • Mosquito Suppression Services Time to Take house altogether. In some states,
though, there are strict rules about
the Guns transferring gun ownership, so it
isn’t always easy to just give the
guns away. Passing down guns from
In Louisiana, having guns in the one family member to the next can
home is a given for many families. be tricky as well, due to your state's
The skill of shooting is passed down gun laws. It’s important for families
from generation to generation, to talk to an attorney and
whether it be for hunting or sport, familiarize themselves with state
and often an activity that family and federal gun laws before giving
members enjoy together. This can away guns.
225-644-7466 Ascension • 225-924-7096 Baton Rouge mean it is particularly difficult when ˘
Website a loved one ages and can no longer A conversation about guns can also
use the guns in the same capacity be part of a larger long-term care

It’s Easy to Advertise in Ascension Magazine.

they once did. Unfortunately, an planning discussion with an elder
law attorney, who can help families

A whole lot easier than catching 30 bass

activity and way of life that is
commonplace in many Louisiana write up a gun agreement that sets
homes can become dangerous forth who will determine when it is
when a loved one has dementia. time to take the guns away and
where the guns should go. Even if

Guns are a form of property that the gun owner doesn’t remember
are often passed down after the the agreement when the time
death of a loved one and research comes to put it to use, having a
plan in place can be helpful.
Mike Strong shows that 45 percent of all adults
aged 65 years or older either own a
gun or live in a household with Whatever your family chooses to
someone who does. For someone do, remember it is better to have a
with dementia, the risk for suicide conversation before having firearms
increases, and firearms are the most in the home becomes problematic.
common method of suicide among No one wants to think that their
people with dementia. In addition, loved one could cause themselves or
a person with dementia who has a anyone else harm, but the memory
gun may put family members or loss and confusion that can come
caregivers at risk if the person gets with dementia can be deadly if you
confused about identities of people are not prepared. Talk to your
they know. A 2018 Kaiser Health family about making gun safety a
News investigation that looked at top priority in the home and talk to
news reports, court records, an elder law attorney who can help
hospital data and public death you navigate a larger plan for the
records since 2012 and found more aging loved ones in your life.
than 100 cases in which people with
dementia used guns to kill or injure
The information provided is not intended to
themselves or others. be legal advice and does not constitute an
attorney/client relationship. You should consult
The best thing to do is talk about with an attorney for individual advice regarding
your own situation.
the guns before they become an
issue. Explain to your loved one Ms. Melancon is an attorney with Legacy Estate &
that it is not them you are worried Elder Law of Louisiana, LLC, with offices in
Baton Rouge, LA and Prairieville, LA. The
about, it is the dementia. When primary focus of her practice is estate planning,
someone is first diagnosed with probate, special needs planning and elder law. For
more information or to attend an upcoming
dementia, there should be a estate planning seminar, call her office at
conversation about gun ownership (225) 744-0027
similar to the conversation many

Dempsey Lambert, Councilman District 5,
Host Breakfast Fundraiser at Galvez Seafood

Thanks for the support of my

family and friends. We had a very
successful fundraiser to kick off my
2019 campaign.
I look forward to meeting with
all in District 5 to help move
Ascension Parish forward.
Please contact me with any
questions or concerns.
Cell #225-715-0680
Home #622-2703

I appreciate your continued

support on October 12, 2019
Early voting September 27th -
October 6th.

Dempsey Lambert
Feel free to contact me: E-mail • cell 225.715.0680 • 225.622.2703

10th Annivesary
The Arc of East Ascension • Barker Dirmann, President The Ascension Office. Tickets will also and Managing Editor). The Event
announces the 10th Annual Ascension Chamber of Commerce be available at: City Hall 120 South Chairwoman, PR/Marketing
Dancing For A Cause on Saturday, (Hannah Hinson) Irma Boulevard, Gonzales (225- Director for The Arc of East
July 13, 2019 at The Lamar Dixon • Joel Robert, Owner My Self 647-2841); Lamendola’s Super- Ascension, Sharon Morris, The Arc
Expo Center located at 931 St. Storage & Part Owner of The market, Gonzales,(225-647-4571); Executive Director Dr. Liz Fussell.
Landry Rd. Gonzales, LA. 70737. Cabin, Coffee House & The Village and through All Star Dancers. We look forward to seeing you
The Arc of East Ascension a (Joanne Chrutz) Tickets are also available the night there! For more information please
501(c)(3) non-profit organization; • Murphy Paul, Chief of Police East of the event: General Admission contact The Arc of East Ascension
tax-deductible receipts are avail- Baton Rouge Parish ($35) and ($40) at the door, VIP by calling 225-621-2005 or
able for qualifying donations. (Kris Cangelosi) ($150) and ($175) at the door. 225-621-2000 or email
Ten local dancers will be paired
with professional dancers to wow The 2019 Dancing For A Cause Go to our Dancing For A Cause
you with their performances. Honorary Chair is Lieutenant website @
Governor, Billy Nungesser. He to
The 2019 Star Dancers and represents the State of Louisiana vote for the dancer(s) of your
(Professional Dancers) are: by promoting our Seafood, State choice. Make your plans today to
Parks and vast tourism opportuni- be a part of the 2019 Dancing
• Dr. Samantha Gulino, Pediatrician ties. We look forward to hearing For A Cause.
& Part owner of Magnolia the Lieutenant Governor speak at
Pediatrics Magnolia Pediatrics (Dr. this event. This year the seafood Contributed by the Arc of
Le’Brian Patrick) Greg for our VIP event will be donated by East Ascension.
• Andrea (Andi) Carroll, Owner of Louisiana Seafood and catered by
Reform Fitness & Associate Dean Mike Anderson Seafood.
at LSU Law School\Family Law Additional performances will be
(Dewight Bell) provided by Center State
• Rachel Vallot, Branch Manager Your sponsorship for Dancing Performing Arts Academy and the
Pelican State Credit Union For A Cause raises funds and LSU Golden Girls.
(Van Vo) awareness for The Arc of East
• Megan Martinez Babin, Ascension, a non-profit
Assistant Administrator at organization, whose mission is to
Francois Bend Senior Living enhance the quality of life for
(Leonard Augustus, Jr.) persons with disabilities and their
families through services and
advocacy that support choice,
independence and dignity.

You are invited to participate in

Dancing For A Cause through
Table Sponsorship, VIP Single Ticket
Billy Nungesser
Sales, or General
Admission Ticket Sales.

All table sponsors are invited to at- Dancing For A Cause is culminated
tend a VIP reception at 5:30 p.m. with judges that critique each
Kiran Chawla on July 13. The main event starts performance. The 2019 Dancing
at 7:00 p.m. Table Sponsorships For A Cause Judges are in the
• Elizabeth Vowel, News Anchor range from $250–$10,000. Table selection process.
Channel 9 News Sponsorships include Two Step,
(Dr. Le’Brian Patick) Rumba, Salsa, Ballroom, Center The Arc of East Ascension is
• Hope Guedry, Owner Boot Camp Stage, and Stage. You get to proud to announce that WAFB
Code Pink choose. Sponsorships are available Channel 9 continues to be our
(Leonard Augustus, Jr.) today by calling Sharon Morris at Presenting Sponsor and our
• Ricky Dickmyer, Plant Manager 225-621-2005. General admission Emcees for 2019 are WAFB
Hexion (Jerisse Grantham) ($30.00) and VIP ($150.00) News Staff Kiran Chawla
single tickets will be on sale (Lead Investigative Reporter)
June 3, 2019 at The Arc of East and Greg Meriwether (Anchor,
Enhancing the quality of life for persons with disabilities and their families
through services and advocacy that support choice, independence, and dignity.
Here are our local community “celebrities” that will perform with
professional dancers in this star-studded event to benefit those
individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
* Denotes Professional Dancer
within our community

Rick Dickmyer Murphy Paul Rachel Vallot Barker Dirmann Megan Martinez Babin
*Jerisse Grantham *Kris Cangelosi *Van Vo *Hannah Hinson *Leonard Augustus, Jr.

Hope Guedry Elizabeth Vowell Dr. Samantha Gulino Joel Robert Andrea (Andi) Carroll
*Leonard Augustus, Jr. *Dr. Le’Brian Patrick *Dr. Le’Brian Patrick *Joanne Chrutz *Dewight Bell

Saturday - July 13, 2019 - 7:00 pm

Lamar-Dixon Expo Center
$30 per person ($40 at the door) VIP Tickets: $150 per person ($175 at the door)

Tickets available at The Arc of East Ascension

(1122 S.E. Ascension Complex Blvd.)
Lamendola’s Supermarket,
City Hall or any Star Dancer
For table and sponsorship info.
contact The Arc at 225.621.2005 or 225.621.2000
When You Want the Best. Go to the Best!
What sets Ichiban distinctively apart from the food, beverage and dining experience of
other sushi restaurants is flavor. You can Ichiban is carefully designed to elevate any
actually taste specific individual ingredients lunch or dinner. A cutting edge Japanese
in each roll. The flavors combine and inspired style featuring sexy, sultry dark
complement each other…they create a wood, polished metals and luxurious finishes
sensation like few other sushi restaurants adorning the interior. From whimsical crystal
have accomplished. It’s more interesting to fish lighting to a larger than life original tree
eat something with distinctive textures and sculpture, Japanese art inspiration is seen
personality than those with limited flavor inside as well as outside. Serving only the
denotations…relying on heavy sweet sauces. freshest Sashimi, meticulously hand crafted
sushi and world class Hibachi. Ichiban defines
Ichiban means ‘number 1’ in Japanese. the ultimate Japanese dining experience.
Mixing traditional with blazingly contemporary,

Come Join Us and
Enjoy Something New!
We have More than Just Sushi!
We have 8 Hibachi Grills
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with any
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217 N. Airline Hwy. • Gonzales, La 70737 • 225-647-2266

effectively handle the needs of the
company. While having a digital

4 Signs it is Time
presence is important, when your
digital presence is unattractive,

to Hire a
inconsistent or unlike your
website’s brand, it’s time to

Marketing Agency
reconsider if in-house marketing
is truly effective.

-Your budget is small

Having an agency lead your
by Orhan Mc Millan advertising initiatives is much
dezinsINTERACTIVE more cost-effective than having
someone in-house. Hiring an SEO
expert, social media guru, website
technician, public relations
specialist and project manager
in-house compared to hiring an
Whether your day to day sign that you’re in need of a new • You’re busy and you simply agency that has access to
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affordable execution plans for • Your brand guidelines are it makes sense to have someone
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Most companies find themselves that’s working, too. Collaboration or more way, it may be time to
Your brand guidelines pretty
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Additionally, staying stagnant is a the expertise needed to

Horse Nonsense, No Offense and
Commence-ments-Must Be May
by Bill Delaune
“Lad, there are 10,000 ways
to lose a horse race and only
one way to win one-and then
they can disqualify you…”
Great American Philosopher
Butch Ricca.

Boy, the merry month of May

took a nasty little turn-in more
ways than one-on Star Wars
Day (“May the 4th be with
you…”) when the Kentucky
Derby turned into a slip-and-
slide bumper car contest at the
top of the stretch. The Force
certainly was not with the
disgruntled bettors who lost
over 9 million dollars on the
race when the favorite
Maximum Security suffered a
breach and was disqualified.
And here at Ascension legal then but is now. stincts may have saved not Triple Crown events like the
Magazine, we were flooded Next, you have to listen to only his mount, but horse Kentucky Derby are our best
with a plethora of letters (Okay, my sour grapes because I had racing in general. chance to get people back to
two or three.) with questions 25 bucks across the board on But despite being shuffled the track. Then, with 175,000
about the first on-track d.q. in War of Will at 17-1 and he was back to an eighth place finish, rain-drenched patrons at the
145 years as well as some locked and loaded at the top of Gaff played the part of a good race and millions watching on
other pertinent May topics. the stretch. That’s when soldier and did not claim foul TV, the horse that crosses the
So without Freddy Adu, let’s Maximum Security veered because it is-the Kentucky finish line first is no longer the
reach into the old mailbag out into Will’s lane Derby. However, the outside winner.
and see what the postman chainreactioning him into horse Country House did and I liken this year’s race to a
has delivered… two other horses. after a gut-wrenching 22- fractured fairy tale I wrote in a
Dear Black Cat Bill, The jockey on War of Will, minute delay, was declared the rare Facebook post. It went
I’m sure with your buzzard Tyler Gaffalione, did a winner at 65-1. Maximum something like this…
luck that this year’s Derby masterful job of keeping his Security, the colt who led every After an early morning rain, a
must have cost you your first steed upright and prevented a step of the way and went junior high teacher of
born male child. What’s your possible multi-horse pileup and under the wire first was 20 high-spirited boys agrees to
take on this year’s race? probably emerged as a hero in placed 18th. let them go out for recess as
N. Quarry. the whole sordid controversy. Once again, horse racing did long as they don’t play in the
Dear N., After the disastrous season at not need another black eye. mud. Of course, the guys
First of all, there was one San Anita this spring where Unfortunately, the sport that I head straight for the mud hole
other disqualification in the over 20 horses broke down have loved since I was 9-years bumping and jostling each
Derby in 1968 when Dancer’s because of track conditions old- when Uncle Harry put a other along the way. The
Image came flying down the and brought animal activists 2-dollar bet for me on Tim Tam fastest one Max hits the slop
stretch to overtake Forward out to protest in droves, can in the Derby and I collected the first and naturally begins
Pass. But that was days later you see the PETA protestors whopping total of nine bucks slipping and sliding, banging
after the stewards determined if a major accident has making me the richest kid in into Will who is trying to
the winner was flying a little too happened at Churchill Downs? Prairieville- is dying out as a pass him.
high on a drug that was not It’s not an exaggeration to younger generation seeks Max regains his footing but
say that Gaffalione’s quick in- other forms of entertainment. Will collides with some other
boys including Country who with the opposition (Gave up has tapered off considerably in just a golf cart ride away from
gets a dab of mud on his new 19 the same game.). Then, in the last few weeks. But hitting my abode.
white paints. Will takes one for the series-saving 3-2 victory is contagious and maybe and First stop was a next door
the team and keeps his mouth over Arkansas, hurlers Landon outburst or two against low- affair honoring Cy Bahman, a
shut but Country runs and tells Marceaux and Todd Peterson seeded opponents in the Dutchtown grad who is not
the teacher and gets a gold combined to shut down the regionals will snap them out only the best bassoon and
star for his efforts. The rest of potent Razorback bats. Yet, of their doldrums. oboe player on the road but
the boys get severely punished their stellar effort would have Our third letter is from two of also our very first lacrosse star.
and recess is never the same been wasted if not for Antoine my Walk-On’s buddies who I was on my best behavior not
again. The End. Duplantis’s 3-run homer in the grossly overestimate my wanting to get hit by a double
And now the Preakness-the eighth inning as LSU went popularity… reed instrument or one of
second jewel of the coveted scoreless in the other eight. Dear Sweet William, those dip net-looking sticks.
Triple Crown-has lost its luster Maybe that win and the With all the people you know Next stop was down the road
with defection of Maximum return of a couple of key and coached and taught a bit where Brianna
Security and Country House- players will help conjure up a around here, you must get a Melancon-formerly of White
both of whom have announced little late-season “Mainieri ton of graduation party Road and also a Griffin
they are not running. Magic” for the season-ending invitations. How many soirees grad-was being toasted along
Where have you gone, series and the SEC did you make last weekend? with some of her soccer
Secretariat? Tournament. One thing you Well guys, despite an friends. Don’t let size fool
Letter number two comes have to admit-his teams unfortunate table dancing you-that little package of
from a member of one of my always seem to perform well incident a few years back and dynamite will bend one like
old LSU baseball tailgating around tourney time. the ensuing mailbox massacre, Beckham before your goalie
crew… Until then, I’m reluctant to I still have a few friends who can even move a muscle.
Hey, Wild Bill, join in on the “Pulmonary care a little about me. The final party was a double
Is Paul Mainieri-or Attack”. That resulted in three invites dipper featuring the beautiful
“Pulmonary” as we As for the Lady Tigers, their on Saturday, May 11-all on Griffin Girl captain Sydney
affectionately call him- early season hitting barrage White Road so I was always Templet and her older
coaching the Lady Tigers also? sister-the equally gorgeous
The last few games I watched, Jordan who finished Magna
neither squad could hit a Cum Everything from the LSU
bunch of bananas with a School of Business.
base fiddle. Anita Dubble. Let’s see-cold beer, good
Dear Anita, food and hot dancing girls with
My first letter today looks and brains-what’s
mentioned “buzzard luck”- not to like?
which is, of course, “Can’t kill Well, that’s it for the first
nothing and nothing won’t die”. half of May. I’m off to the
But I think this year’s Tiger Preakness to bet War of Will
team more closely resembles again and hope he doesn’t get
another saying that my knocked around like a pinball
Grandpa Bullion used to mutter this time. Then it’s out to Alex
in Cajun French when things Box to help the Tigers launch a
weren’t going to his liking. late season rally and secure a
Loosely translated, it regional host spot. And maybe
meant-“The kids go good, the one more graduation party if
dog goes bad.” Golfers are there’s one I missed.
well aware of that situation as And I promise not to table
it seems as soon as your dance or take out any
straighten out your driving or mailboxes.
iron play, your chipping and
putting go in the tank-or
vice versa.
With the 2019 Tigers, almost
every time the offense scores
Two Beauties and a Beast
some runs (Witness the 15 Congratulations recent grads
against Ole Miss.), the pitchers Sydney and Jordan Templet
start playing Home Run Derby join Wild Bill.

eating), but my favorite spring temperatures for days on end
time activity by far is turkey can be somewhat uncomfort-
hunting. I love it. If not for able at times but seldom is the
these few pastimes I could skip a threat to human life’s prevalent.
large portion of that season and The worst part of winter storms
possibly avoid all that horrible can be the disastrous ice storms
weather it brings. Yea, you do that take out trees and electrical
get some beautiful days, but power along with the closures
someone’s gonna have to pay of highways.
the price to get it. It kinda Presently we have one more
reminds me of getting rid of a line of severe weather potential
bad tooth. It’s gonna get better heading our way. Make it
when it’s gone but until then through this one, consider
you’ll go through the pain, yourself lucky and get ready for
suffering and mental process of the passage of another storm
getting it out of the way. event in the next week or so.
Our summer days in south Mother nature’s most upset
I Hate Spring Cold Fronts! Louisiana are very warm and moments include tornadoes,
cook- lightning, strong winds,
I enjoy the excitement of an out. No outdoor although thunderstorms are flooding rain and hail. Spring
approaching fall or winter cold adventures were in the common, they’re seldom severe storms bring all of these
front but I equally hate spring near forecast. in nature. The every now and frequently at the same time.
cold fronts. As I am writing this The spring season has never then hurricanes that we My thoughts and prayers go out
article, my attention keeps really been my favorite season of experience can be a catastrophic to communities that have been
getting distracted by the severe the year. Back when I bass event but with that being said, completely destroyed by these
storm warning noise that keeps fished a lot, April was my hard- the main threats of those events violent spring storms.
buzzing up on the television est time to catch these post are the same that every spring I’m already looking forward
screen. My job had generously spawn cold front passage brings, to next turkey season, but I
let us off work early because of creatures. In my opinion tornadoes and flooding. When promise you I do not look
the potential for severe weather February and March are the fall arrives it seems to bring forward to the weather that
in our area for this day. It’s better times to catch bass and a peaceful span of weather the next spring will bring....
Easter weekend and I’ve sac-au-lait. Yea, the bream and events that leads us into the
fortunately already limited out catfish bite turns on a little now winter season. Now I know that Till Next Time,
on turkeys for the Louisiana but even those bites will be this is not some folks most
season so my plans for this more consistent as the early favorite days. I guess the main Hang On To Your Hat-
weekend involves going to a summer nears. I do enjoy reason that I enjoy it so much is James “Goosie” Guice

World Champion Jambalaya Cook

crawfish boil, church, visiting gardening, and crawfish the fact that I’m a hunter by
with family and an Easter Day adventures, (catching and nature. Very cold freezing

Wally Taillon
Specializing in events of 300 and above!


Fundraisers • School Functions • Churches

with Kellie
Useless Random Facts

Entertainment Schedule
The world record for spitting a watermelon

seed is 65 feet 4 inches.

There's a systematic lull in conversation

every 7 minutes.
May 18th
In the Philippine jungle, the yo-yo was Scary Lane

first used as a weapon. May 31st
Matt Kayda Band

Meteorologists claim they're right 85% of the time
June 1st
The average American looks at eight houses Josh Garret Acoustic

before buying one.
June 8th

Virginia Woolf wrote all her books standing.
June 14th
The average person's left hand The Shakes

does 56% of the typing.
June 15th
When the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers David St. Romain
play football at home, the stadium becomes the

state's third largest city.

The microwave was invented after a researcher

walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar

melted in his pocket.

February 1865 is the only month in

recorded history not to have a full moon.

The average person spends 12 weeks a year

'looking for things'.

Ingrown toenails are hereditary.

The muzzle of a lion is like a fingerprint - no two

lions have the same pattern of whiskers.
1711 S. BURNSIDE • GONZALES • 644-8901
1 3 0 5 3 H W Y. 4 3 1 • S T. A M A N T
Thoughts from Bully



Polyester shirts, highheeled
shoes, cuffed plaid pants, and
the wildest patterned shirts


you’ve ever seen, were the
standard clothing items in my Later that night as Joe Savage
closet. Well maybe not in the was performing he pulled the
closet, more likely on the floor. snake out of this basket. He
I wouldn’t be caught picking up spun it around over his head.
dog crap in the yard wearing While spinning, the snakes tail
those cloths, today. went through some fire. The
That’s right in 1978 I was the snake then constricted around
State-of-the-Art head DJ at the showband night him and proceeded to crack 4
Equipment club in Baton Rouge known as ribs. I looked at the cocktail
‘The Cockpit’. The moteef was waitresses. They were high
Front End not a rooster fighting club, it ‘5’ing each other and took shots
was designed around airplanes. at the bar in the snakes honor
Alignments This was the greatest job for a honor. The next night the


junior at LSU. I played records club was sold out to see the


for a half hour between bands snake perform.
sets and oh what trouble I We had a Hypnotist, Mike
could find walking around the Harvey, that performed quite
hottest night club in Baton often. He’d do the standard
Rouge during the band sets. hypnotising stuff like, put them
I was once standing by my under and then say, “Your shoes
boss Robert at the entrance to are on fire and make them sing
the club. He looked at me com- as if they were Elvis. I once
plaining that I didn’t do any- clucked like a chick in front of
thing but spin records and why everyone and wasn’t sure if I
don’t I pick up some trash or was hypnotised but I did it. I do
something. I looked down and remember one guy that I am
saw a ball of green paper and positive he was under a spell.
picked it up, unrolled it and This guy was going through all
24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service looked at a $100 bill. I looked the standard motions. He
at Robert thanking him for kicked his shoes off when he
the advise. thought they were on fire but
Show bands were the rage when Mike Harvey told him his
then. At midnight the bands socks were on fire, he grabbed
would put on a Las Vegas type the top of his sock and whipped
show. One week a performer, his sock off and out of the sock
Joe Savage, from New Orleans flew, what looked like a big bag
came to town. This guy was of marijuana.
freaky. He sang Neil Diamond It twirled as if in slow motion
• All tires from ATV to Commercial Machinery • Emergency road service
songs all night and during his throught the air and landed in
• All brands to fit autos, trucks and assistance-Commercial Only midnight show, he’d set the the middle of the dance floor.
18 wheelers, including tractor/ • Locally owned and operated since 2004 stage on fire and pull out a The manger ran across the
construction equipment tires • New used and retreads 12 ft. Boa Constrictor. floor and swooped down on the
I first met Joe in the managers bag like a hawk on a mouse.
office. He was letting some of After the show the unsuspect-
the cocktail waitresses pet this ing customer was lead to the
beatiful white rabbit. Then back room, told the story and
when it was time to get dressed was let out the back door.
for the show and he took the I have many other stories and
rabbit and threw it in a big may write about them in
Locally Owned & Operated by wood box with that snake that the future.
Oscar and Linda Mire and sons then grabbed the bunny by the By the way I was 6’3” tall
head. The girls hated him as back then because I wore 4”
Call for Appointment • 225.644.8473
the snake swallowed. heeled patent leather shoes.
Join Us for Our 3rd Annual
Frog Rodeo Fundraiser
For More Information Contact Jacob Heath @ 504.782.0705
Anything Outdoors Helping Kids 3rd Annual Frog Rodeo will be June 15th, 2019 at
Doiron’s Landing, Stephensville, LA. Sign up at 7:00 pm, all boats must check in.
For sponsorship or any questions contact Jacob Heath 504-782-0705.

The frog rodeo will be sponsoring a 5 year old boy named Tyler. Tyler had surgery in
April to remove a tumor the size of a small basketball which ruptured inside of him.
They had to remove part of his bladder as well, a couple of days later they had to go
back in to repair the bladder that was leaking. A week later, he had another surgery
to place his port for treatment and remove a hernia. He is currently at St. Jude
Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN undergoing 6 months of treatment.

Swamp Chicken Daiquiri’s
Celebrates New Expansion
Swamp Chicken Daiquiri’s had a rock & roll good time
celebrating their new expansion with the band Party @ Joe’s.
The bar has now expanded their dancing area by removing a
wall and building a larger stage area to accamodate the bigger
band schedule set for this summer. The new band stand is
adorned with a Swamp Chicken Mural across the entire stage.

Let’s Get the Swamp Party Started
Upcoming Band Schedule
WEEKLY DRINK May 17th Cowboy Mouth July 13th South 70 Band
SPECIALS May 18th Supercharger July 20th Jo-el Sonnier
$2.00 DOMESTICS, June 1st Spunk Monkees July 26th Supercharger

$17 ULTRA)


Every Monday
& Friday

$10 Entry Fees

5pm-9pm / 2-4-1 Drinks,
Daiquiris, and Beers $100 payout Guarantee



$5 BLOODY MARY’S 13489 Highway 431• St. Amant, LA 70737 • 225-644-1151
Hours - Monday—Saturday 12:00pm–2:00am
2304 S. Burnside Ave Ste. 2
Gonzales. Louisiana
South Louisiana Crawfish Boil Queens
Queens for the festival:
2019-2020 Miss South
Louisiana Crawfish Boil is
Malorie Langlois
2019-2020 Teen Miss South
Louisiana Crawfish Boil
Cheyenne Procell
2019-2020 Junior Miss
South Louisiana Crawfish
Boil is Anna Melius
2019-2020 Debutante Miss
South Louisiana Crawfish
Boil is Aubree Guidroz
2019-2020 Very Miss Spe-
cial Miss South Louisiana
Crawfish Boil is Piper Wal-
2019-2020 Petite Miss
South Louisiana Crawfish
Boil is Emma Blanchard
2019-2020 Toddler Miss
South Louisiana Crawfish
Boil is Paisley Guidry
2019-2020 Tiny Miss South
Louisiana Crawfish Boil is
Brettlynn Guidry
2019-2020 Baby Miss South
Louisiana Crawfish Boil is
Amelia Myers

Our queens are the ambassa-

dors for the community, it's
culture in south Louisiana
crawfish boiling, and Dreams
Come True of LA. They rep-
resent with pride the organi-
zation that deemed them

good stewards of values and
promote the festival of The This past weekend on May 4,
South Louisiana Crawfish Boil- 2019 at Lamar Dixon Expo
ing Craft and Car Show as well Center in Gonzales our queens
as Dreams Come True. The was there along with some vis-
queens are under Director Des- iting queens came to the festi-
tiny Levert and Co-Director val for a visited Miss Gonzales
Joshlyn Shelby. Jambalaya Brooke Everett,

We are Growing to Fulfill Your

Full Service Salon Needs

44253 Hwy. 42 ( 1 m i l e f r o m P o r t V i n c e n t )


Eric Lambert

Spring is Here and Time

Our Front End Alignment
Equipment is State-of-the-Art

to Clean your Beds.


Call Ryan at 225.715.4594 225.647.3000 • 1311 N. BURNSIDE • GONZALES
Prairieville, La 70769 Mention this ad and receive a 10% discount


Miss Sorrento Boucherie Maci 50/50 raffle tickets and they


Marse, Teen Miss Sorrento participated in the ‘Queens’

Boucherie Ava Savoy, and crawfish eating contest. Malorie

Louisiana Miss United States won the crawfish eating con-
Agriculture Brianna Smith. test. Malorie, our Miss Queen,
was also one of the judges for
The events the girls help sell the crawfish boiling contest.

30 Years of Top Notch Services

Braud Company Welding & Industrial Supplies Abrasives Janitorial Equipment
has been providing material to industries for over Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes Marking Tools
thirty years. Our emphasis is on service.
Chemicals, Lubricants & Paints Material Handling
We take pride in same day delivery and
Display Units Measuring & Leveling Tools
customer service is always our number one
Electrical & Lighting MRO Supplies
priority and we deliver ontime, everytime.
Electrical Tools Plumbing Equipment

We have a well stocked walk-in sales counter

Fasteners, Clamps & Straps Pneumatics
Hand Tools Pumps
where you can purchase any quantity of an item. Oilfield Power Tools
HVAC Safety & Security

225.673.3370 • Toll Free 888.269.4315 •

College Teams Battle at 3rd Annual NAPTA
Troubleshooting Skills Competition in Gonzales, LA
— Teams of college process • ITI Technical College – Newby, NAPTA Executive Di- qualified entry level technicians
technology students from Morning Crew (Louisiana) rector. who will become top tier opera-
across the country competed • Kenai Peninsula Col- tors," said Gayle Cannon, the
in the 3rd Annual NAPTA Trou- lege, Kenai River – Kenai “NAPTA’s National Trou- competition Lead Judge who
bleshooting Skills Competition Kings (Alaska) bleshooting Competition is the has both industry and educa-
at River Parishes Community • Lamar Institute of Tech- only competition of its kind that tion experience.
College on April 26th and 27th. nology – LIT Shooters (Texas) builds capacity for students
The top ten four-member • Lone Star College, majoring in Process Technol- Event sponsors included Shell
teams participated in this com- Kingwood – 190 Proof (Texas) ogy. Building these critical Oil Company as Event Co-Un-
petition. A qualifying round held • Lone Star College, skills in console and field 0per- derwriter, BASF as Event Co-
at each local college deter- Kingwood – Process Tech ator roles is imperative for the Underwriter, Valero as
mined the top ten teams to ad- Coyotes (Texas) safety of Shell and the industry Platinum Sponsor, AFPM,
vance to the NAPTA Finals • River Parishes Commu- as we continue to see experi- INEOS and Voovio as Gold
Competition. Twenty one nity College, Gonzales – enced baby boomers’ transition Sponsors, Eastman Chemical
teams competed in the Qualify- RPCC – 1 (Louisiana) and the next generation of Company as Silver Sponsor,
ing Round. • San Jacinto College, skilled workers come into the and Simtronics, Systran Train-
San Jacinto College Central Pasadena – Rajun Ravens petrochemical an refining in- ing & Technical, and RISC as
Campus in Pasadena won the (Texas) dustry,” said David Esquibel Sponsors in Kind.
honor of Top Troubleshooting • San Jacinto College, with Shell Oil Company, co-un- Troubleshooting is a capstone
Team, their third year to com- Pasadena – Rockin’ Ravens derwriter of the event. course for Process Technology
pete in the event, placing first (Texas) “The Troubleshooting Skills programs. Process Technology
in all three years. ITI Technical competition is a great way for (PTEC) programs teach opera-
College, took second place, NAPTA is an organization of PTEC students to gain valu- tion skills required in industries
and College of the Mainland the Process Technology able skills they will need when such as petrochemical, power
took third place. (PTEC) education providers they enter the workforce. In ad- generation, pharmaceuticals,
The four-round Finals Compe- and their business, industry, dition to the technical skills stu- waste water/water treatment,
tition tested the teams’ trou- and community advisors coop- dents develop through this and related fields. PTECH pro-
bleshooting skills on eratively working toward their event, they are also gaining grams typically confer a two-
recognizing and resolving common goals. The River great value in learning how to year Associates degree.
problems with various energy Parishes Community College communicate effectively and Students learn about equip-
industry-related scenarios, Process Technology program work as a team.” said Christen ment, safety, quality, instru-
using computer-based simula- hosted the event. Campbell, Procurement Hub mentation, systems, and
tion and virtual plant environ- "NAPTA's 3rd annual Trou- Manager for BASF in Geismar, operations—all of which they
ment software. Students also bleshooting Skills Competition LA and keynote speaker at the must understand when trou-
got to meet with industry repre- was a tremendous success competition. bleshooting problems with a
sentatives during the Industry and again provided the ulti- "This competition showcases process.
Networking Hour held prior to mate opportunity for education the advanced troubleshooting
the Finals Competition. and industry to emphasize the skills that all of the participating
The teams competing were: importance of critical thinking students have acquired
• College of the Mainland in process technology. Thanks through their PTEC programs.
– Weir’s the Leak (Texas) to the support of our member- It is a testament to the dedica-
• College of the Mainland ship PTEC learning was taken tion of their instructors to pro-
– Steady State (Texas) to a higher level," said Eric vide industry with highly

something back to our at the jail to provide support to
Sheriff Webre community,” said Sheriff the instructors and tutored in-
Awards Scholarship Webre. “This would not be mates.
possible without the kind and
to College-bound generous support of
Teen Ascension Parish’s Honorary
Members of the Louisiana
Sheriff Bobby
Sheriff Bobby Webre
announced that Delaney Sheriff’s Association.” Webre Awards
Inabnet, a student at St. Amant Scholarships
High School has been named
the recipient of a $500 APSO’s Dawn to Local Grads
academic scholarship from the
Louisiana Sheriffs’ Scholarship
Shivers Memorial The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s
Program for the 2018-2019 Scholarship Office is proud to announce
school year. scholarship recipients. The three high-school seniors who
The Sheriff’s Scholarship is only limitations are that Recipient were awarded a $500 scholar-
made possible by the applicants be permanent Announced ship that can be used toward
Louisiana Sheriffs’ Honorary residents of Louisiana; the cost of college tuition, fees,
Sheriff Bobby Webre an-
Membership Program scholarships be utilized in or books.
nounces that Frederick Million
(LSHMP). Louisiana Sheriffs’ higher education within the Jr. of East Ascension High
provide scholarships to gradu- State; and students be enrolled School is the recipient of the
ating high school seniors from as full-time, undergraduate Dawn Shivers Memorial Schol-
each parish where the Sheriff students. Scholarships will be arship for the 2018-2019
is an affiliate of the Program. awarded in sixty-three parishes school year.
Qualities such as academic throughout the state. Students are selected based
achievement, leadership and “This is one of our finest on qualities of academic
character are considered in accomplishments that invests achievement, leadership, and
making selections of Sheriffs’ in Louisiana’s future and gives character. Students must at-
tach a transcript and write an
essay on someone who has in-
fluenced them.

“The purpose of the Dawn

Shivers Memorial Scholarship
fund is to honor APSO em-
ployee Dawn Shivers who
passed away in 2013 after a
long battle with cancer. We
want to continue her legacy as
a vessel through Christ and to
also encourage others who
may be fighting the same can-
cer battles to keep pushing
and stay strong,” Webre said.
Shivers started her career with
the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s
Office in 1998 as a correctional
officer at the Ascension Parish
Madison Zeringue, Ascension
Jail. She acted as a correc-
Catholic High School, Raegan
tional officer for more than 10
Nguyen, St. Amant High
years while also serving a dual
School, and Tre’von Mitchell,
role in transportation.
Donaldsonville High School,
In March 2011, Shivers joined
were all awarded $500 each.
the Inmate Programs Division
Cooking Gourmet at Home
8 ounces fresh Jumbo Lump crabmeat
1 small loaf French bread
1 Granny Smith apple
A lite and fresh dish for the summer 4 ounces Smoked Gouda (whatever cheese you like)
8 cherry tomatoes
1 ounce fresh basil
2 ounces extra virgin olive oil
2 lemons
Kosher salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste


First thing you want to do is get those toast points cooked. Set your oven on
375 and allow it to preheat. Take your French bread and cut it into ½ inch slices then lay them out on a
sheet pan/cookie sheet. Drizzle them with olive oil and bake for 5 minutes or until lightly browned.
Remove them from the oven and allow them to cool and get nice and crispy.

Next, grab your crabmeat and put it into a small mixing bowl. Drizzle the crabmeat with a little olive oil, the
juice of the lemon (no seeds), and salt & pepper to taste.

Crab & Apple Bruschetta Now get your cheese. Here we are using Smoked Gouda, but you can use any of your favorite cheeses. Shred
the cheese and set aside until it’s time to use.
Take out your cherry tomatoes and cut them in ½ and add them to the bowl of crabmeat

Thinly slice the basil leaves

Yield: 10-15 servings
The last ingredient to prepare is the apple. Remove the core of the apple either with an apple corer or simply
by cutting off each side of the apple. Cut the apple into small cubes and put them into the small mixing bowl
Prep: 15 minutes with the crabmeat and tomatoes, then drizzle with the juice of the last lemon (no seeds). This will keep the
apple from t
urning brown.
Cook: 10 minutes
Executive Chef
Sam Penton Serving: 4 Lay out your crispy French bread toast points and top them with the crabmeat, tomato, and apple mixture.
Sprinkle the shredded Smoked Gouda over the top then finish them off with the fresh basil.

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