'Til Death Do Us Part Contest Pen Name(s):Diamond camera Title: 14 perfect little words Disclaimer: SM owns twilight

, smart carts and escalades own themselves, apple owns iPod and I’m just a person who likes to combine them for fun Summary: After an amazing proposal using 14 little blue boxes, will Edward’s and Bella’s wedding be as magical or will the boxes fall apart?

BPOV It’s been 14 months since I spent one magical night out on the town with the man I love. But for the past 14 months I’ve been in somewhat of a haze. Planning a wedding was not something I though I would ever be able to do. And here I was a day away from this lavish wedding to this incredible man. But I have spent the past 2 days sneaking away to hide in my closet crying and crawling into a ball on the floor wondering who the hell I was. I love Edward, don’t get me wrong but I never was the Cinderella wedding kind of girl. This wasn’t me. I preferred to lounge around in an oversized button down with my hair in a mess and glasses on top of my head. I know Edward loved seeing me in anything but seeing me all dressed up would make him light up like a child on Christmas. It felt good but I was sick of it, with work and him in med school I just felt like everything was following the A to B pattern that I never expected it to go on. I am sitting now in my closet in a tear stained white button down, mascara running down my face and a giant plastic bag filled with a wedding gown that made me feel like a shell. I wanted out. I needed out. I grabbed my big duffle from the closet and checked the time on my watch. 2:30 I had about 3 hours before he would be home. I grabbed a few pair of jeans, some shirts, toiletries a random hoodie. I put my laptop and phone in my backpack and grabbed a water bottle from the kitchen. I looked down and saw the ring on my finger. I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper from the drawer next to the front hall closet. I made sure not to let any of the tears fall onto the piece of paper as I wrote a note that was so painful to write but still needed to be said. I finished and slipped the ring off my finger placing it next to my signature. I grabbed my keys as I bolted to the curb. I hailed a taxi and I was off. I just needed to think

EPOV I was rushing home, we had our rehearsal dinner tonight and I had one class left until break. I knew Bella was tired so I expected to go home and wake her up with kisses and shower together. By 2:20pm I was getting antsy. At 4:45pm when my lecture ended I rushed to my car and went as fast as I could to get home. Tomorrow I was marrying Bella and we could really start our lives together. I got home and noticed Bella’s car was missing. Odd but who knows, maybe she was out with the girls, or was getting her nails done. I walked in and placed my keys in the bowl next to the door as I went to the kitchen. That’s when I saw it. Right on the counter was the engagement ring next to a note. Edward I needed to get away. I needed peace and calm I love you But I can’t do this I’m sorry Isabella I feel to the floor, the ring still grasped in my hand. I knew where she would go. There was only one place, but why? I called my mother and told her 3 words I never thought I would ever tell her. “Mom” “Edward, shouldn’t you be getting ready we only have….” “MOM! The weddings off…” I swear I could hear the phone drop. “ Mom she left, I’m going to go find her. Please tell everyone I’m sorry.” I hung up the phone and went to the closet to grab some clothing. I cringed when I saw the white bag with Bella’s wedding dress in it. At the bottom were some marks that looked like running mascara. Fuck! She was crying over the dress. I knew it! Alice and Rose had been pushing her. There would be days that after she would be doing wedding stuff with my sisters that she would come home and not look herself. I glanced down and noticed her duffle was gone. I ran back to my car and just started driving. I had to get there soon. BPOV

Final boarding call for flight 113 not stop to Seattle, last call ladies and gentlemen. I walked over, handing the lady my ticket and boarded the plane. I got to my seat and was lucky that there was nobody sitting next to me. I grabbed my headphones and threw on my hoodie. Carefully, I placed my earphones in so the stewardess couldn't see them and placed my head against the sunset behind the windows in the plane. Tears and sleep came to me quickly. By the time we got there I turned on my phone and only had one text. Charlie. Key is always where I left it. I love you Edward must have told him. I grabbed my one bag form the overhead bin and walked over to the rental car counter. I picked up a little smart car and drove home. While listening to my Ipod, I cried the entire drive home. When I pulled into the driveway off the slick streets of Forks, my legs dragged me up the stairs to get the key from under the compartment in the fake flowerpot. I opened the door and just went straight to my old room. Charlie hadn’t changed it even after I left and moved in with Edward. I kicked off my shoes and fell into my bed, sobbing so hard that my body shook. I don’t know how long I was crying but when I sat up the light had started to barley shine through my window. I got up and looked at the shell of myself in the mirror. I looked down at my empty hand. I went to my bag proceeding to grab jeans and a fresh shirt. Once I had my hoodie on, I went to the car. I needed to think and there was only one place around here where I could do that. I hoped into the little smart car and drove. When I was driving down the road, I saw another car and I almost left. But I had a feeling like there was no way that the car was there for the same reason I was. I got out of the car and walked until I saw the clearing with all of the lavender and wild daises that brought so much happiness to my life. I walked into the sunlight and lied down in the field while put on my ipod. I lied there and cried more. I felt nothing. I loved Edward but I couldn't marry him, not like how he wanted. I felt as if I had failed him. I fell asleep with the sun warming my body and the smell of lavender filling my nose. EPOV I got to the airport and had missed the last flight directly to Washington. Fuck. I had a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles then a 4-hour layover to Seattle. That should get me there about 5am, and in Forks around 6:15, 6:30 am. I boarded my flight to L.A and took out a pen and paper. I didn’t know if when I saw her I would remember what I wanted to say. I was being lazy and hadn’t written my vows, so I though now would be the best time to do it. I wrote, scribbled things out and wrote some more. I ended up filing my entire little moleskin notebook with chicken scratches. She was right, I do have the perfect doctors handwriting, strong yet completely illegible. When I touched down in Los Angeles I texted my mother telling her where I was and received a text from Charlie. She got to the house last night. She rented a smart car. The neighbors told me.

I texted him back I don’t know if I should go to the house or.. Before I could even send the next text I received one from Alice Go to the meadow, not the house. She was right. I sent a text to my mom and Charlie I’m heading to the meadow when I get there I stopped at the gift shop to grab a red bull, water, another notebook and some trail mix. God knows I hated airplane food. I tried to sleep on the way there but sleep wouldn’t come. I sat there waiting and when I got onto the plane with my leg bouncing, I realized my hands were gripping my hair so hard that I swear I would have ripped it all out. I changed on the plane into a fresh pair of jeans and a random thermal. You could never know the weather in Forks and after the plane landed ,I quickly grabbed my belongs while getting off the plane as soon as possible. I ran to the rental counter and rented the first car they had, not caring that it was an escalade. I just needed to get to the meadow and it was 6:15 when I got into Forks. I drove straight to the meadow. I got there about 6:30 and waited. I must have fallen asleep because the next time I woke up it was 10:00pm and I saw a smart car there. I felt her presence and knew she was there. BPOV I felt the lavender start to move and shift under me. the smell of something other than lavender invading my senses, it was musky. I opened my eyes but was blinded by sunlight. I shaded my eyes and looked up. “Hi” I sat up so quickly and started to move away. “Bella please don’t. I just want to talk” I felt my breath start to get quicker and quicker. Before I knew it he was holding me. “I’m so sorry” I kept repeating it as I sobbed into his shirt and he rocked me back and forth gently in his arms. “ What happened?” I could tell he just wanted to know if I loved him.

“ I love you, I just, I just couldn’t do it, the big white dress, the flowers, the shoes, the church, and it just was to much… I am so sorry Edward, I just, I needed to leave, and you must hate me” He pressed his lips to me with delicate pressure and held my head in his hands with such gentle care “Bella I love you, I will always love you, and I always have loved you. I would marry you in this field if that was what you wanted…” “It was” He looked at me like I had just said something in tongues. "You wanted to get married here?" “I wanted to just marry you, you and me, the justice of the peace, it wasn’t about the hullabaloo of everything." “Will you marry me?” I looked at him with the same look he had just given me “I already said yes Edward I just feel like it wasn't about you or me any more, and I felt like I was losing myself..” “Will you marry me.” “Edward I already told you I would.” “Good then stay right here and please don’t move!” He got up and ran to his car quickly and came back with his phone and 2 boxes. “ Our rings?” “Yes, mom are you there?” “Yes Edward but what is it that I am doing again.” “Just stay on the line” I looked and him and tilted my head to the side slightly, as if I was looking into his brain “You said you wanted to get married in the meadow, so we will get married in this meadow” Tears started to fall from my face and I felt his sweet lips start to slowly kiss them away. “ Edward I have the family here with me now what are you doing?”

“Hold on mom, I’m conferencing in someone” “Edward, I got your text, it still counts yes, but who will be your witness?” “Reverend, my family is on the phone as well.” “Ok let’s get to this” The reverend started the ceremony and we went through and then he asked if we want to recite our own vows or go though the traditional ones “I would like to read something I wrote. “ EPOV I took the 5 pieces of paper that I had ended up writing my vows on. Looking down at them, it just didn’t feel right. “Bella, no matter where, no matter how, no matter if we are rich or poor, I will follow you till the end of the world. You are my life, my other half. I care so much about you. I am so sorry you felt like you weren’t getting the wedding you deserved. If you had told me in the first place you wanted to get married in the meadow then I would flown us out here and married you in jeans if you wanted. I will love you no matter what, I do love you no matter what, I love you plain and simple.” I looked at her and took the ring out of the box and placed it on her finger. “Geez, you’re a tough act to follow” she whipped the tears with the sleeve of her hoodie then realized what hoodie it was. It was the one I had made her when we got engaged. “I love you Edward, I always have I always will, and I am so sorry for everything I put you through. Thank you.” I took the box and opened it with the silver ring I placed it on his finger “With the power vested in me, by the state of Illinois and Washington I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen, you may kiss the bride” We heard claps and whistles and a slew of finalys' and thanks gods from our family but it was Alice who spoke up. “HANG UP THE PHONE AND BRING HER HOME!!” I snicked and thanked them all then hung up the phone. “May I kiss you Mrs. Cullen?” She giggled and whipped away the tears that were flowing from her eyes.

“Thank you, thank you thank you” and then I kissed her with everything I had. I moved my hand from the side of her head to her neck and proceeded to kiss down her jaw line. I laid her down and grasping the zipper of her hoodie, unbuttoning them one by one then kissing her perfect breasts over her white tank top. I could feel the sun warming our bodies. I kissed up her arms, down to her wrists. “I love you Isabella Marie Cullen, forever.” She deepened the kiss and started clawing at my shirt. She started slowly grinding against me and I could smell her arousal mixed in with the lavender of the fields around us. Her hand started to slowly creep up my back under my shirt, sitting up quickly removing the article of clothing that she was trying to rip apart. I slipped the unzipped hoodie and button down shirt off of her and stared to kiss the curves to her perfect breasts but then stopped when I hovered over her heart. “Bella you have my heart, you always have,” I took her hand and placed it over my heart “ and I hope to have yours forever” she kissed the back of my hand the moved her hand and mine over my torso and pulled back so only her nails were scraping against me as we went lower, pass the abs and further passed my button on my jeans to the now prominent erection. The light touch of her fingernails against the denim sent shivers down my spine. She then pressed with a little more pressure making the back of my thighs start to shake with anticipation. My torso started to arch forward as my breath became more labored, as she was moving in a kneading motion apply more pressure on the tip as it pressed against the strained denim and my thigh. I looked down to see her hand moving my hand and became even more turned on. I leaned over with my free hand to stead myself, as I ground into her as she was gripping me through my jeans against her thigh. When I started moving further up her thigh, I felt her chest moving with her breath more and more as her hand started to move to my zipper. With my second hand free I leaned in to unzip her jeans at the same time and rested on my forearm. I moved into her jeans at the same moment that she did, both of maneuvering around underwear, trying to race to who can get to the others most desirable place. I reached hers first since she wasn’t wearing real underwear in my opinion. I slipped one finger in to fell how wet she was just as she reached my slit and slowly with the pad of the thumb, spread the wetness that she had caused. I kissed her hard, grinding into her hand and I reached further inside her and feet the exact spot I was looking for making her gasp away from our kiss with a sharp inhale of breath. Oh god Edward was all I could make from the almost inaudible whisper form my wife. “All I want if for my husband to make love to me in our meadow” I kissed her neck and moved myself away from her, causing her to loosen her grip on me, instantly missing the press of my wife’s hand. My wife, finally I kissed down the valley between her breasts with her sitting up when I reached her belly button, taking off her thin tank top. I kissed back to her belly button and moved to her ribs and kissed further down the hem of her jeans and as I slowly pulled them down her silky legs I kissed my way down ending with kissing the top of her foot, the moving to kiss up the inside of her thigh, stopping only inches form where she wanted me, only to repeat the same tortures kissing trail up the other leg. This time I moved further up and took the string of her

thong between my teeth, lifting her up and taking it down her legs and removing them. Her breath was so labored that I could see it from the sudden drop in temperature. I could see the goose pumps start to form on her skin and see her nipple peeking up through her bra. She quickly sat up, pulling my pants down with one hand and removing her bra with the other. Her breasts felt so warm in my hands as I kneaded them as she moved her other hand to my jeans pulling them to my knees so that I would have to lie down on top of her for her to remove them, along with my underwear. I quickly hovered over her leaning on my form arms and taking off my jeans and underwear with one hand in one shift down, and on my shift back up I sheathed into her, eliciting a breathy moan I loved to hear when Bella and I haven’t had sex in a while. While slowly and deeply grinding into my wife, I allowed one hand to move form her soft hair down her goose bumps covered neck and chest, slowly allowing the side of my hand to brush under her breast and down her ribs. When I got to her hip, I placed a small amount of pressure pressing her more into the ground so that on my next grind onto her I was able to rub against her clit as it swelled with each thrust into her. I moved my hand with the same amount of pressure further onto her pubic bone as I arched back, so that I was sliding into her on an angle. God it felt good to make love to my wife. The only sounds in the air were that of our heavy breathing, soft and guttural moans and the birds once in a while chirping. I moved a big quicker, creating a growing whimper from Bella. I felt her start to constrict onto me. “ What do you want baby, tell me what you Mrs. Cullen” with a big moan she whispered something that was beautiful to me. “I want my husband to cum with me, I’m so close Edward. Make your wife cum, OH GOD!” I felt it she was on the precipice, milking me to where I felt every ridge of me against all the soft silkiness of my wife, to where I could feel every hair on my body stand up

“Oh god, I’m cuming Edward, I love my husband, ohhhhhh god!!” and with that I let out a deep and gutful moan as I came into my wife as she road the peak of her orgasm. “ I love making love to you Isabella Cullen” “ I love you Edward Cullen, and I cant wait to make love to you for the rest of my life” and with that I cuddled my wife in the meadow as the sun warmed our body and as we fell into a soft slumber. When the reverend said those 14 perfect little words, I knew that at that moment in my life I had never been complete. I would hear it as I fell asleep with Bella in the meadow “I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen, you may kiss the bride”

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