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Unit 4 Game Name:

What you need: Recording Sheet, 2 number
cubes (one labeled 0–4 and “choice”; the other
labeled 2–6 and “choice”), ruler or straightedge

R ay
• possible
Your goal is to fill up as much space as
on the grid.
Area-Rama Recording She

• Use
On your turn, roll both number cubes.
the numbers you roll to make a
two-digit number. If you roll “choice,”
you can choose any number 0–9. 24

• area
The two-digit number represents the 16
of a polygon. On the grid, draw
a shape that has this area. Choose
62 5 4
from: triangle, rectangle, parallelogram (that 3 5

is not a rectangle), trapezoid (that is not a

parallelogram), and composite shape. Write
the area (the number of square units) inside the As the grid gets
shape. filled up, I will have
to draw shapes with
• until
Players take turns. No one can repeat a shape
all shapes have been used once. If a player
smaller areas! I use
mental math and
cannot make a shape with the given area, the area formulas to
player must pass. think about what
numbers to make
• over.
When two players in a row pass, the game is
The player who has covered the most
288 Unit 4 Game with the digits on the
number cubes.
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area wins.

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Area-Rama Recording Sheet

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Unit 4 Practice Name:


In this unit you learned to: Lesson

find the area of triangles, quadrilaterals, and other polygons. 23

solve problems with polygons in the coordinate plane. 24

use nets to find the surface area of three-dimensional figures. 25

find the volume of a rectangular prism with fractional edge lengths, for example:
the volume of a cube with edges ​ 1 ​inch is ​ 1 ​  cubic inch.
2 ··

Use these skills to solve problems 1–6.

1 There are 25 desks in a classroom. 2 A fish tank has the shape of a

Each desktop is the same as the one rectangular prism with dimensions as
shown below. shown. The tank is open at the top.
18 in.
3 ft

16 in. 2.5 ft
6.4 ft

How much glass was used to make

24 in.
the tank?
What is the total area of all of Show your work.
the desktops?
Show your work.

Solution: Solution:

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3 What three-dimensional figure does 6 Henry drew a diagram of the front of

the net represent? his house on a coordinate plane.

A square pyramid 26 25 24 23 22 21 O
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

B rectangular prism
C triangular prism Part A: What is the area of the front of
Henry’s house on the diagram?
D cube

4 The area of the triangle is Part B: There is a window with vertices

24 square feet. What is the at (24, 2), (24, 4), (22, 2), and (22, 4).
length of the base? There is a second window with vertices
at (4, 1), (4, 5), (6, 1), and (6, 5). The front
door has vertices at (21, 0), (21, 3), (1, 3),
3 ft
and (1, 0). Henry wants to paint the
front of his house, but not the windows
or the door. He drew the diagram so
A 8 feet C 21 feet that 1 square unit 5 9 square feet.
What is the area that Henry wants
B 16 feet D 36 feet to paint?
Show your work.

5 Mildred has two cubes. The length of

one side of the smaller cube is half the
length of one side of the larger cube.
How many of the smaller cubes would
it take to fill the larger cube?
A 2 C 8 Solution:

B 6 D 12

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Unit 4 Performance Task Name:

Answer the questions and show all your work on

separate paper. Checklist
You are on the planning committee for the city road race. Did you . . .
Your job is to plan a route for the race according to the label your
rules below. coordinate grid
• The race has to be more than 3 miles but less than correctly?
5 miles in length.
• The race should start and stop at the same place. label your
• No part of the race can run through Central Avenue. polygon’s­
vertices with
Here is a city map. Each city block (small square on the ­coordinates?
map) is 0.1 mile by 0.1 mile. check and justify
12th Ave. your work?

10th Ave.
8th Ave.

6th Ave. W E

4th Ave.
2nd Ave.

Central Ave.
Main 2nd 4th 6th 8th 10th 12th
St. St. St. St. St. St. St.

Use a coordinate grid to draw the race route. Label the

vertices of the polygon that you draw with coordinate
pairs. Show and explain why your route meets all of the
rules. Then write a description of the route using
directional words and street names.

Reflect on Mathematical Practices

After you complete the task, choose one of the following
questions to answer.
1 Use Structure  How did you use place value
understanding to determine the length of the
race route?

2 Persevere  What was your plan for finding a possible

race route?

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Performance Task Tips
Word Bank  Here are some words that you might use in
your answer.

coordinate pair polygon north

x-axis vertex south

y-axis perimeter east


Model  Here is a model that you might use to find the

O 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Sentence Starters  Here are some sentence starters that

might help you explain your work.

The race starts and ends

Start at , and travel

The perimeter of

312 Unit 4  Performance Task ©Curriculum Associates, LLC  Copying is not permitted.
Unit 4 Vocabulary Name:

My Examples
a closed plane figure whose sides are line
segments that intersect only at their

the face of a geometric figure from which
the height can be measured.

a flat “unfolded” representation of a prism
or pyramid.

surface area
the sum of the areas of the faces of a

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My Examples
triangular prism
a three-dimensional figure that has two
parallel triangular faces that are the same
size and shape.

a three-dimensiional figure whose
base is a polygon and whose other
faces are triangles.

My Words

314 Unit 4 Vocabulary ©Curriculum Associates, LLC  Copying is not permitted.